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Who's Who Among 
North American Authors 

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Golden Syndicate Publishing Company 


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Copyright Applied For 1921 

Golden Syndicate Pub. Co. 

All rights reserved. 


Table of Contents 




' - -*,. ;- s 

* A. 


Alphabetical List of Books by Authors included in this 

volume 239-393 

Reference to Magazine Articles and to Government Reports.. 394-403 

Women Poets of America included in this Volume 404 

Names and addresses of Authors 405-440 

Where to place Manuscripts 441 


Abbreviations of Titles and Degrees 
used in this Volume 

A. B Bachelor of Arts. 

A. D. C Aide-de-camp. 

A. M. Master of Arts. 

Am. Amer :.. American. 

A. A. A. S American Association for the Advancement of Science. 

Atty Attorney. 

B. A Bachelor of Arts. 

Bart Baronet. 

B. D Bachelor of Divinity. 

Brig Brigadier. 

B. Sc Bachelor of Science. 

Capt Captain. 

Col Colonel. 

Com Commissioner, Committee. 

Cong Congress. 

Contr Contributor. 

Cor Correspondent. 

D. C. L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D. D .Doctor of Divinity. 

D. D. S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

D. V. M Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. 

E. M Mining Engineering. 

E. E Electrical Engineering. 

F. A. A. A. S Fellow of Amer. Assn. for Advancement of Science. 

F. A. C. S Fellow of American College of Surgeons. 

F. R. C. S Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons. 

F. R. G. S Fellow of Royal Geographical Society. 

K. B Knight of the Bath. 

K. C. B Knight Commander of the Both. 

K. C King's Counsellor. 

LL. B Bachelor of Law. 

L. H. D Doctor of Humanities. 

LL. B Bachelor of Law. 

LL. D Doctor of Law. 

LL. M Master of Law. 

Litt. D Doctor of Literature. 

M. C Member of Congress. 

M. D Doctor of Medicine. 

M. E Methodist Episcopal. 

P. E Protestant Episcopal. 

Ph. D Doctor of Philosophy. 

Rep Representative. 

Rt. Hon Right Honorable. 

Rt. Rev Right Reverend. 

Sec Secretary. 

Soc Society. 

Supt Superintendent. 

U. S. A United States Army. 

U. S. N United States Navy. 



The object of this work is so obvious that it would seem a foreword was 
hardly necessary, but to bring publisher and public closer together we wish to 
state briefly the aim and design of "Who's Who Among North American 
Authors. ' ' 

In the writing of magazine articles, club papers, or speeches for public 
assemblages, occasion often arises that points to the desirability of referring 
either to an author or to some of his writings. Very often the writer of such 
material also wishes to ascertain the facts of an author's life and his present 
residence. It is to give such information and to bring the author and public 
into closer relationship that this book has come into print. The publishers 
have been greatly encouraged from the inception of the work by the hearty 
accord and splendid words of encouragement that have come from all parts 
of this country, Europe, and even from resident authors in China and the 
islands of the sea. 

That there may be no misconception in the mind of the public the publishers 
wish to state emphatically that no financial consideration has prompted them 
to insert the name of any author. The authors who appear in this volume have 
done so wholly by invitation and there has never been nor ever will be a ques- 
tion of anyone being included in "Who's Who Among North American Au- 
thors whose work is not worthy to be ranked among the ; best of American 
writings. It is very true that we have been compelled to omit many whose 
writings would entitle them to a place in this volume who have not yet defi- 
nitely aligned themselves as authors in the sense of publishing their writings 
in book form; these we hope will sometime do so, and then will be available 
for this compilation. 

The names of some great authors will be omitted from this book that the 
public would naturally expect to find within its covers. It has been the policy 
of the publishers to insert only the names of those authors that have responded 
personally to the invitation by giving the facts of their own lives. Some of 
these prominent authors could not be reached, being in different parts of the 
world, or their answers received in time for publication. Next year we expect 
to incorporate such names as are missing in the present volume. 

We sincerely hope that despite all the faults which every first volume 
must have in the course of feeling its way to the best and most satisfactory 
manner of presenting its material, not alone the authors but also the public 
at larg-e will conceive a very real interest in "Who's Who Among North 
American Authors" and will aid us in the compilation of next year's volume 
by sending us the names and addresses of authors who may not appear in this 
year's edition. 

We wish also to call attention to the addenda to this volume as being especi- 
ally desirable, supplying reference not only to the published books of the au- 
thors who appear in this volume, but to the "Reference to Magazine Articles" 
which to the best of our knowledge appears in no other book. This <li; 

readers to the technical writings in the magazines of the country, giving the 
date of issuance and name of periodical in which they appeared. This sec- 
tion, we feel sure, will be especially appreciated by those writers or lecturers 
who desire such information and know not where to look for it. 

We would not close this little introduction without expressing our ap- 
preciation to the libraries of the United States, Canada and Europe for their 
splendid co-operation and encouraging response, as meeting a need that libra- 
rians found existed everywhere of facts relating to the life, work and residence 
of American authors. 



SMITH, ABBIE NORA: Author of stories for children; born Monroeville, Huron, 
Ohio; daughter Isaac and Elizabeth (Platt) S.; educ. Monroeville, graduate Monroeville 
(Ohio) High School, subseq. took four years course with Chautauqua Literary arid 
Scientific Circle, three years with Bay view Reading Circle; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Bobtail Dixie (1901, now in llth edition), King Gobbler (1906, 2nd edition), Dolly Days 
and Dolly Ways (1916), and a lullaby "Dolly's Sleepy Song," also contr. occasional 
articles to periodicals, winning first prize in national essay contest of the League of 
American Penwomen (Headquarters, Washington, D. C.) with her "Writing and Market- 
ing a Story." The earlier books, Bobtail Dixie and King Gobbler are used as sup- 
plementary reading in the public schools of California, Texas and many other states. 
In preparation The Little Mother; while in Texas was identified with Humane Society 
work, and has taken active part in suffrage work; CLUBS: American League of 
Penwomen; Women's Press; Short Story; Scribbler's League (L. A. Branches); 
ADDRESS 943 Heliotrope Drive, Los Angeles. 


Who's Who 

North American Authors 


ABBATT, WILLIAM: Author; born N. Y. 
City, Nov. 16, 1.851; son William D. and 
Agnes A. (Dean) A.; educ. Harrington 
Academy, West Chester, N. Y.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: The Crisis of the Revo- 
lution, 1898; The Battle of Pell's Point, 
1901; Editor Sargent's Life of Major 
Andre, 1902; Arnold's Expedition to 
Quebec, (by John Codman) 1903; and of 
many reprints of scarce Americana; also 
Magazine of History since 1905; HOME: 
Tarrytown, N. Y. 

cian; born Hancock, Me., Nov. 6, 1871; 
son Alonzo and Maria B. (Mercer) A.; 
educ. E. Me. onf. Sem., Bucksport, Me.; 
Bowdoin; Wilhelm Universitat, Berlin; 
studied in Vienna, Paris, Gottingen and 
London; DEGREES: M. D., A. M., pro 
merito; Sc. D., F. A. C. S.; married Sara 
Sargent, March 14, 1893; AUTHOR: 
Treatment of Scoliosis (trans, foreign 
langs.) ; public, confined mainly to scien- 
tific articles in various medical journals 
in Europe and America; subjects: De- 
formities of the Feet; Fractures of the 
Spine; Tuberculosis of the Hip Joint; 
Normal Movements of the Spine; The 
Restoration of the Normal Balance of the 
Body, etc., etc.; head surgeon Children's 
Hosp., Portland, Me.; consultant leading 
hospitals, and fellow Am. Coll. Surgeons, 
societe Internat. de Chirugie, Me. Med. 
Assn., etc.; HOME: 17 Storer St.; OF- 
FICE: 310 Y. ,M. C. A. Bldg., Portland, 

Med. Supt. St. Helena Sanitarium; born 
Spirit Lake, Iowa, Jan., 1880; son Chas. 
E. Abbott ; married Cora M. Abbott, M. D. ; 
schools: Spirit Lake High Sch., Am. Med. 
Missionary Coll; DEGREES: A. B., M. D.; 


AUTHOR: Principles and Practice of Hy- 
drotherapy; Elements of Hydrotherapy 
for Nurses; Essentials of Medical Elec- 
tricity; Technique of Hydrotherapy; OF- 
FICE: St. Helena Sanitarium; HOME: 
P. O. Sanitarium, Calif. 

yer; born Farmington, Minn., Sept. 15, 
1863; son Rev. Abiel Howard and Mary 
Ellen (Strickland) A., descendant of 
George Abbott of Yorkshire, England, 
who settled at Rowley, Mass., 1642; 
educ. Minn. Acad. and Univ. of Minne- 
sota; managing editor "College Junior 
Annual" and "The Ariel"; married Mary 
Louise Johnson, June 29, 1898; AU- 
THOR: Selective Cases on Public Corpo- 
rations; Selective Cases on Private Cor- 
porations; Notes, Authorities, and De- 
ductions on Corporations; A Treatise on 
the Law of Municipal Corporations ( 3 
vols.) ; A Summary of the Law of Public 
Corporations, by Charles B. Elliott, Re- 
vised and enlarged by Howard S. Abbott; 
An Elementary Treatise on the Law of 
Private Corporations; A Treatise on the 
Law of Public Securities; admitted to 
bar 1887; asst. general solicitor of Min- 
neapolis & St. Louis R. R. Co. and of the 
Minneapolis, St. Paul & Sault Ste. Marie 
R. R. Co.; sec. of Wis., Minn. & Pac. R. 
R. Co., 1888-1890, the latter year appeal 
attorney for Atchison, Topeka & Santa 
Fe R. R.; 1897 was apptd. special mas- 
ter in Chancery for the receiverships of 
the Union Pacific and auxiliary lines; 
since 1898 has been standing Master in 
Chancery of the United States District 
Court for Minnesota; lectured on public 
and private corporations in law school of 
the University of Minnesota since 1897; 
during 1907-1912 served as one of the 
commissioners on uniform legislation for 



Minnesota of the American Association; 
during 1888-1890 dir. the Minnesota Sav- 
ing Fund & Inv. Co; member Board of 
Directors of Minneapolis Trust Co. since 
1902; CLUBS: Minneapolis, Minekahda; 
SOCIETIES: American Bar Assn, Min- 
nesota Bar Assn, Delta Kappa Epsilon. 
Phi Delta Phi, Law Fraternity; AD- 
DRESS: 900 Sixth St., Southeast, Min- 
neapolis, Minn. 

ABRAMS, ALBERT: Consulting Physi- 
cian; born San Francisco, Cal., Dec., 
1864; Sch.: Uni. Heidelberg; DE- 
GREES: A. M., M. D., LL. D., F. R. M. S.; 
AUTHOR: Synopsis of Morbid Renal 
Secretions; Manual of Clinical Diagnosis; 
Consumption Its Causes and Preven- 
tion; Transactions of Antiseptic Club; 
Scattered Leaves of a Physician's Diary; 
Diseases of Heart; Nervous Breakdown; 
Hygiene, in a System of Physiological 
Therapeutics; The Blues; Diseases of 
the Lungs; Self-Poisoning; Diagnostic 
Therapeutics; Spinal Therapeutics; New 
Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment; 
Spondylotherapy (in Reference Hand- 
book Medical Sciences) ; Pres. Am. Assn. 
for Study of Psycho-Physical Research; 
originator of Spondylotherapy; discov. 
Abram's Reflexes and Electronic Reac- 
tions of Abrams; member Authors' 
Club, London, Eng.; HOME: 2151 Sac- 
ramento St., San Francisco, Cal. 

ABRAMS, LiE ROY: Professor Botany; 
born Iowa, Oct., 1874; son James 
DeWitt Abrams; married Letitia Patter- 
son, March, 1909; schs. Stanford Univ., 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., A. M. 
(Stanford), Ph. D. (Columbia); AU- 
THOR: Flora of Los Angeles and Vicin- 
ity; Trees and Shrubs of Southern Cali- 
fornia; CLUBS: Sigma Xi; ADDRESS 
Department of Botany, Stanford Univ., 

ADAMS, ARTHUR: Professor of English; 
born Pleasantville, N. J., May 12, 1881; 
son James Reading A.; educ. Rutgers 
College, Yale University; DEGREES: 
A. B. (Rutgers), A. M., Ph. D. (Yale); 
married Emma Steelman, June 22, 1910; 
AUTHOR: Syntax of the Temporal Clause 
in Old English Prose, 1907; Lake Gene- 
alogy, 1915; CLUBS: E. Q. B., Educa- 
tional, 20th Century; HOME: 73 Vernon 
St.; OFFICE: Trinity College, Hartford, 

ADAMS, CHARLES C.: Professor of For- 
est Zoology; director, the Roosevelt Wild 
Life Forest Experiment Station, New 
York State College of Forestry at Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.; born Clinton, 111, July 23, 
1873; married Alice Luthera Norton; 
educ. Illinois Wesleyan Univ., Harvard 
Univ., Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: 
M. S. (111. Wes. Univ.), B. S. (Harvard), 
Ph. D. (Univ. of Chicago), Sc. D. (111. W. 
Univ.) AUTHOR: Guide to the Study of 

Animal Ecology; and numerous papers 
publ. in magazines and by technical so- 
cieties; ADDRESS: The Roosevelt Wild 
Life Forest Experiment Station, Syra- 
cuse, N. Y. 

born Augusta, Me., Dec. 30, 1839; son 
Thomas (D. D.) and Catherine (Lyman) 
A.; twice married (first, Roah Elmira 
Shattuck, died 1866); second, Delia Ray 
Cooper, Dec. 25, 1868; educ. Western 
Reserve Coll.; AUTHOR: The Modern 
Farmer; Inhumanity of Socialism; Cri- 
tique of Socialism; Contr. to periodicals; 
Edit, writer San Francisco Chronicle; 
member 41st Ohio Inf., Civil War; 
CLUBS: Prsby., Commonwealth of Cal.; 
HOME: 954 Ashbury St., San Francisco, 

ABLER, FELIX: Professor and Lecturer; 
born Germany, Aug., 1851; son Rabbi 
Samuel and Henrietta A.; educ. public 
schs. of New York City, Grammar Lib., 
Columbia University, Heidelberg; DE- 
GREES: B. A. (Columbia), Ph. D. (Hei- 
delberg) ; married Helen Goldmark 
1880; AUTHOR: Creed and Deed; Mar- 
riage and Divorce; Religion of Duty; 
The Ethical Philosophy of Life; The 
World crisis; Essentials of Spirituality; 
Ethics of the Political Situation; The 
Moral Instruction of Children; Life and 
Destiny; founder of New York Society 
for Ethical Culture; Chairman Natl. 
Child Labor Commn; CLUBS: Authors'; 
OFFICE: 2 West 64th St.; HOME: 152 
West 77th St., New York. 

AIKEN, CONRAB: Poet and critic; born 
Savannah, Ga., Aug., 1889; married Jes- 
sie McDonald; schs. Harvard; DEGREE: 
A. B.; AUTHOR: Earth Triumphant; 
Turns and Movies; The Jig of Forslin; 
Nocturne of Remembered Spring; The 
Charnel Rose; The House of Dust (all 
poems), and a book of essays, "Scepti- 
cisms"; ADDRESS: South Yarmouth, 

AIKEN, EBNAH: Author; born San Fran- 
cisco, Cal., 1872; daughter Cornelius 
Preston and Ida Cornelia Robinson; 
edc. Miss West's Sch., Univ. of Calif.; 
married Charles Sedgwick Aiken, 1905; 
AUTHOR: The River, 1914; The Hate 
Breeders, 1916; Edn. Ano. Dis. of Citi- 
zenship, Dept. of Labor; HOME: 1468 
Greenwich St.; OFFICE: 204 Post Of- 
fice Bldg., San Francisco. 


Sociologist; born Orange, Conn., Jan., 
1876; son John Martin and Margaret 
(Thornton) A.; educ. Yale, Columbia, 
Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: Ph. B., Ph. D.; 
married Eloise Sorgen, 1908; AUTHOR: 
Slavery In Cuba, 1907; Lending a Hand 
in Cuba (chapter in) by A. W. Knight; 
CLUBS: Acad. of Pd. Sci.-Ala.; Anthrop. 


Asso.; HOME: West Haven, Conn.; OF- 
FICE: 510 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 


born Alna, Me., April, 1876; son Freling- 
huysen W. and Charlotte May (Houd- 
le.t) A.; educ. Lincoln Academy, New 
Castle, Me.; Bowdoin Coll; Harvard Med. 
Coll.; DEGREES: A. B., M. D., Sc. D., 
F. A. C. S.; married Louella Berry; AU- 
THOR: Bone Graft Surgery; Orthopedic 
and Reconstructional Surgery, Military 
and Civilian; co-author: Taylor's Ortho- 
pedic Surgery; Military Orthopedica; 
Skiagraphy in Orthopedic Surgery (Med. 
Rec., Dec. 28, 1907); Diagnosis Ortho- 
pedic Surgery Case Teaching; Osteomy- 
elitis (N. Y. Med. Jour., June 6, 1908); 
Epiphyseal Fracture of the Upper End 
of the Humerus (two cases successfully 
treated by a new method, post graduate, 
1908) ; A Study of the Anatomy and t he- 
Clinical Importance of the Sacro-iliac 
Joint (Amer. Med. Assn., Oct. 16, 1909) ; 
Fractures of the Tarsal Bones (N. Y. 
State Jour, of Med., Nov., 1911); A New 
Method for Osteo-Arthritis of the Hip 
(Amer. Med. Journ., June, 1908); A 
Further Report on a New Operation for 
Arthritis Deformans and Certain Other 
Deforming Affections of the Hip (Surg. 
Gyn. and Obst., March, 1910; (See adden- 
da on Ref. to Mag. Art. at end of book) ; 
house surgeon at Mass. Gen. Hosp., Bos- 
ton, Mass.; attended clinics in leading 
European cities; Colonel, M. R. C.; 


HOME: 40 East 41st St., New York. 

ALBEE, HELEN R. (Mrs. John Albee): 

Author; born Dayton, O., March 15, 
1864; educ. Dayton High School, Dayton, 
O.; married John Albee (an author) 
1894; AUTHOR: Mountain Playmates; 
Abuakee Rugs; Manual on Rug Making; 
3ardy Plants for Cottage Gardens; The 
Gleam; A Kingdom of Two; in 1907 es- 
tablished a craft-work known as Abna- 
kee Rug Industry to train women for 
home employment; SUMMER RESI- 
DENCE: Silver Lake, N. H. 

ALDEN, JOHN BERRY; Publisher, farm- 
er; born Henry County, Iowa, March 2, 
1847; son Zephania and Damaris 
(Thompson) A.; married 1874, Ellen 
Tracy (d. 1880); second, Ada Tracy, 
1882; AUTHOR: Peace and Prosperity 
via Justice and Practical Sense, 1919; 
Mr. Alden's opportunities for education 
were meager; he left Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, 
in the early days of the Civil War( be- 
coming a train boy on the C., B. & Q. 
railway) ; then a clerk, soon in charge, 
of a book store in Galesburg, 111., and 
later in Chicago; going into business for 
himself, he was known as the "boy pub- 
lisher" of "The Bright Side ' ana "'What 
Next?" young folks' periodicals; the 
Chicago fire took all of his possessions; 
coming east, he became in New York 
City, the business head of "Hearth and 
Home," first edited by Harriet Beecher 
Stowe and "Ike Marvel" and later by 
Edward Eggleston; in that work he was 
associated with "Orpheus G Kerr" (R. 
H. Newell), the Civil War humorist and 
poet, as editor. Mr. Alden's most im- 
portant venture was undertaken 1875, 
he started the "American Book Ex- 
change," designed to serve readers by 
the exchange of books; as a means of 
advertising the business, he published 
Chamber's Cyclopedia of English Litera- 
ture in handy volumes. Inside of two 
years he was making books "by the 
million," one bindery alone having a 
daily output of 7,000 volumes. He was 
the first to use the type-setting machine 
on a large scale, and the first to make 
books by a photo engraving process. He 
retired from publishing some years ago, 
has been living on a poultry farm near 
-Neshanic, New Jersey. 

ALEXANDER, CARTER: Educator; born 
Paris. Mo., July 22, 1881; son Cicero 
and Ellent Maria (Carter) A.; ed. Univ. 
of Mo.; Columbia; DEGREES: B. S. 
1905; A. B., 1906; A. M., 1908; Ph. D., 
1910; married Elizabeth MacVeigh Mor- 
ton of Kansas City, Mo., June 28, 1913; 
AUTHOR: Some Present Tendencies of 
Teachers' Voluntary Associations, 1910; 
School Statistics and Publicity, 1918; 
HOME: Nashville, Tenn.; Teacher rural 
schs. to 1900, successively sen. supt. 


Shelbyville, prin. High Sch. Columbia, 
prof. Educ. and Admins, and lecturer on 
subj. in summer schs. 

Kenton, Ohio, Jan. 25, 1850; son Abel 
H. Allen and Rebecca Allen; educ. 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ. and Cinn. Law 
School; DEGREES: B. A. and B. L.; 
married Emily B. Leigh, Oct. 22, 1884; 
AUTHOR: The Message of New Thought, 
1914; Three articles entitled "The Gods 
We Idealize," soon to appear in Nautilus 
Mag.; author of article on New Thought 
for the Encyclopedia of Religion and 
Ethics pub. in Edinburgh, Scotland, in 
1918; CLUB: Beta Theta Pi College 
Prat: HOME: 1310 Leland Ave.; OF- 
FICE: 155 North Clark St., Chicago, 111. 

as C. Frank Allen) : Civil Engineer and 
Teacher; born Roxbury (now Boston), 
Mass., July, 1851; educ. Roxbury 
Schools, Roxbury Latin School and Mass. 
Inst. Technology; married Caroline Eliz- 
abeth Hadley; DEGREES: S. B.; AU- 
THOR: Tables for Earthwork Computa- 
tion; Railroad Curves and Earthwork; 
Field and Office Tables; Business Laws 
for Engineers; HOME: 88 Montview St., 
West Roxbury, Mass. 

Editor and Publisher; born Brooklyn. 
N. Y., Nov. 2, 1862; educ. pub. schs. of 



Brooklyn, N. Y.; married (1st) Louise 
Blanche Foster, of Kingston, Jamaica, 
1886; (2nd) Alice Maude Appleton, of 
Halifax, N. S., 1892; AUTHOR: Birth- 
day Guide to Character Reading; As- 
trology and Socialism; Dr. Frank Crane's 
Opinion of Astrology (this book has been 
withdrawn from circulation). Many of 
his writings have been reproduced in 
periodicals devoted to astrology; has 
specialized in astro-meterology. He was 
instrumental in forming the ''Astrologi- 
cal Research Society" in Phila., Pa., in 
1905. At present dir. of Astrological 
Research Bureau. Dr. Allen is confident 
that he will yet produce such conclusive 
proofs of the influence of the planets 
upon the weather as will compel the 
heads of the U. S. Weather Bureau to 
engage in the serious investigation of 
the claims of Astro-Meteorology; if these 
claims be substantiated he asserts that 
it will be possible to predict definitely 
general weather conditions far in ad- 
vance, a service of incalculable value to 
farmers and others. ADDRESS: 49 
Francis St., Brookline, Mass. 

turer, Editorial Writer; born Milton, 
Ky., Sept., 1878; educ. Kentucky Univ.; 
married Anne Mary Meek; AUTHOR: 
My Ship's Aground; Back to Arcady; 
The Maker of Joys; The Golden Road; 
The Lovers of Skye; Brothers of Bag- 
dad; Painted Windows; The Great 
Quest; Repossessions; A Breviary of 
Beauty; HOME: 1006 So. 2nd St.; 
OFFICE: Edit. Dept. Illinois State Jour- 
nal, Springfield, 111. 

ALLEN, FRED HOVEY: Clergyman, Au- 
thor, Lecturer; born Lyme, N. H., Oct. 
1, 1845; educ. High School; Boston 
Univ.; Paris; Vienna; DEGREE: LL. D.; 
married Mary Cora Bumpus; AUTHOR: 
Glimpses of Parisian Art; Masterpieces 
of Modern German Art; Modern German 
Masters; Recent German Art; Great 
Cathedrals of the World; Famous Paint- 
ings; Grand Modern Paintings; Bowdoin 
Art Collection; Popular History of the 
Reformation; EDITOR: Life of Colum- 
bus; Life of Cortez; Life of Pizarro; 
American Scenery; European Scenery; 
Mountain, Lake and River; Heart of 
Europe. Founder and Editor of Law- 
rence (Mass.) Eagle; propr and editor 
Suffolk Co. Journal, Boston, 1867-1870; 
OFFICE: Hotel Majestic, 2 W. 72nd St., 
cor. Central Park West, New York, Mem- 
ber various lit., geograph. and art asso- 

born Walpole, N. H., Feb. 8, 1879; son 
(Rev.) Nathaniel Glover and Harriet 
Ann (Schouler) A.; educ. Grammar and 
High schs. (Newton, Mass.); Harvard; 
DEGREES: A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; mar- 
ried Sarah Moody Gushing, June 26, 


1911; AUTHOR: The Birds of Masssa- 
chusetts (joint author); also numerous 
articles on science and birds and mam- 
mals for various journals; Fellow A. A. 
A. S.; HOME: 4 Buckingham St., Cam- 
bridge; OFFICE: 234 Berkeley St., 

Genl. A. F. in Ger. ; born. Sharpsburg, 
Ky., April 13, 1859; son Sanford and 
Susan (Shumate); married Dora John- 
ston of Chicago, July 12, 1887; educ 
Peekskill Milit. Acad., Georgetown Coll., 
U. S. Milit. Acad.; AUTHOR: Recon- 
naissance of Copper, Tannana and Koyu- 
kuk Rivers; Military System of Sweden; 
Commd. 2nd Lt. 2nd Cav., June 13, 
1882; successive promotions to Brig, 
gen. 1917, maj. gen. Aug. 5, 1917; en- 
gaged in exploration of Alaska, 1885-6; 
mil. attache Russia 1890-5; Germany 
1897-8; active service Santiago Cam- 
paign as maj. and adj. gen. in Philip- 
pines as It. col. 43rd Reg.; orgn. of 
Philippine Constabulary, July, 1901, as 
its chief; appt. brig. gen. and chief of 
Constabulary by act of Congress, Jan.. 
1903; commander Camp Travis, Ft. Sam 
Houston, Tex., Sept., 1917; assigned as 
Commanding General, 90th Division, in 
Sept., 1917; commanded the 90th Divi- 
sion through American Offensives fall 
of 1918: Toul Sector in August, the St. 
Mihiel Sector in September, the Meuse- 
Argonne; promoted command 8th Army 
Corps in November, 1918; later com- 
manded the 9th, then the 7th Army 
Corps; in July, 1919, assigned to com- 
mand the American Army of Occupa- 
tion in Germany; awarded Distinguish- 
ed Service Medal, Grand Officer of the 
Legion of Honor, Croix de Guerre with 
palm, Grand Officer of the Crown of 
Belgium, Commander of the Order of 
Leopold of Belgium, the Belgian Croix 
de Guerre with palms; at the present 
time U. S. Representative for the United 
States on the Rhineland High Commis- 
sion and commanding the American 
Forces in Germany; medalist, Imperial 
Russian Geog. Soc. ; member Amer. 
Geog. Soc. of Cincinnati; ADDRESS: 
Coblenz, Germany. 

ALLEN, MARTHA MEIR: Writer; born 
Owen Sound, Canada, March, 1854; educ. 
Owen Sound schools and private tutors; 
married (Rev.) James E. Allen; AU- 
THOR: Alcohol, a Dangerous and Un- 
necessary Medicine; also many pam- 
phlets. Supt. Dept. of Med. Temperance, 
for Natl. W. C. T. U., since 1895; for 
World's W. C. T. U. since 1906; pro- 
moted pub. agitation against dangerous 
and fraudulent pat. medicines; led cam- 
paign against medicinal use of alcoholic 
liquors and against "soft" drinks cont. 
drugs; del. from U. S. Govt. to World's 
Congress on Alcoholism, London, Eng., 


1909; secured from A. M. A. resolutions 
in favor of prohibition, 1917; member 
A. A. A. S., N. Y. City Federation of 
Women's Clubs, Asiatic Soc., Methodist; 
HOME: 74 Beachknoll Road, Forest 
Hills, Long Island, N. Y. 

Sinclairville, N. Y., March 19, 1847; son 
Caleb Johnson and Emily (Haley) A.; 
educ. Sinclairville pub. sen.; married 
Lucina A. Smith, Dec. 24, 1872; AU- 
THOR: The Evolution of Governments 
and Laws; International Relations; Ju- 
dicial writings contained in Vols. 50 to 
60, inc., Kansas Reports. The Revised 
and Simplified Code of Civil Procedure 
of Kansas of 1909 is the work of a com- 
mittee of the Kansas Bar Association of 
which he was chairman. Contrib. various 
magazines and periodicals. CLUB: Kan- 
sas Authors' Club; HOME: 1310 W. 6th 
Ave.; OFFICE: Crawford Bldg., Topeka, 

AMBLER, CHARLES H.: Professor of 
History in West Va. Univ.; born New 
Mattamoros, Ohio, Aug. 12, 1876; son 
Lutellus and Rebecca E. (Wells) A.; 
educ. West Va. Univ. and Univ. of Wis.; 
DEGREES: A. B., M. A., 1904 and 1905, 
(West Va. Univ.); Ph. D. (Univ. of 
Wis.), 1908; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Sectionalism in Virginia, 1776-1861; 
Thomas Ritchie, a Study in Virginia 
Politics; Life and Diary of John Floyd; 
EDITOR: John P. Branch Historical 
Papers; Letters and Papers of R. M. T. 
Hunter; also pamphlets and articles; 
OFFICE: 471 Spruce St., Morgantown, 
W. Va. 

Engineer; born Delafield, Wis., April 
9, 1849; son of Archibald and Clarissa 
(Clarke) A.; educ. Lawrence Univ., Ap- 
pleton, Wis.; West Point Milit. Acad.; 
U. S. Naval War College, Newport, 
R. I.; DEGREES: A. M.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Handbook of Electrical Ap- 
paratus in Sea Coast Fortifications; 
Electricity and Its Application in Artil- 
lery Practice; attach^ to U. S. Embassy 
at St. Petersburg, 1897; member U. S. 
Ordnance Bd., New York, 1900-6; 
CLUBS: Pacific Union (San Francisco); 
HOME: Delafield, Wis.; OFFICE: 
Colonel in U. S. Army 

Dean; born Laurens County, South Caro- 
lina, Oct. 21, 1864; educ. Wofford Col- 
lege; Univ. Va.; Harvard; Berlin; Hei- 
delberg; Johns Hopkins; Paris; DE- 
GREES: M. A., Ph. D. ; married Jane 
Brooks Sullivan; AUTHOR: On the 
Sources of Ovid's Heroides; Selections 
from Ovid; OFFICE ADDRESS: Univer- 
sity of Florida, Gainesville, Fla. 

bech, Eng., 1869; son Joseph and Mary 



Jane (Thompson) A.; educ. Colgate 
Univ.; Univs., Berlin and Gottingen; 
DEGREES: A. B., B. D., D. D.; married 
Rosena D. Rowe, Apr. 5, 1899; AU 
THOR: New Thought, Its Lights and 
Shadows, 1911; Ecclesiology, 1902; 
HOME: Hamilton, N. Y. 


Writer; born Boston, Mass., Mar. 29, 
1876; daughter Commodore George 
(U. S. N.) and Anna (Weld) Perkins; 
educ. Boston (Mass.) schools, Mis 
Windsor's, George Washington Univ. ; 
DEGREE: Litt. Doc.; married June 10, 
1897, Larz Anderson, of Washington 
D. C., minister to Belgium, 1911-12. 
and Ambassador to Japan, 1912-13; 
AUTHOR: The Great Sea Horse; Cap 
tain Ginger's Fairy; Captain Ginger's 
Playmates; Captain Ginger Abroad the 
Gee Whiz; Captain Ginger Goes Travel- 
ing; Captain Ginger's Eater of Dreams; 
Captain Ginger's Sun Boy; Every Boy 
and Other Children's Plays; The Spel 
of Japan; The Spell of Belgium; The 
Spell of Hawaii and the Philippine 
Islands; Odd Corners; Zigzagging; Pres- 
ident and Pies. First commandant D. C 
Red Cross Refreshment Corps; insp. can- 
teens Am. Red Cross in France, 1917 
French Croix de Guerre, Belgian Medal 
of Elizabeth with Red Cross, Amer. Red 
Cross Medal with bar, Japanese Red 
Cross Medal, Japanese Red Cross Order 
of Merit, Order of Merit of Japan with 
3rd Class Order of the Crown. Dr. An- 
derson has traveled extensively, and her 
books of travel are widely read and 
copied as authoritative descriptive his- 
tory. SUMMER HOME: "Weld," Brook- 
line, Mass.; WINTER HOME: 2118 
Mass. Ave., Washington, D. C. 

born Albion, Dane Co., Wis., of Nor- 
wegian parentage, Jan. 12, 1846; son 
Bjorn and Abel Catherine (von Krogh) 
Anderson; DEGREES: A. M., Luther 
College, la., 1866; (hon. A. B., Univ. of 
Wis., 1885, LL. D., 1888); married Ber- 
tha Karina Olson, July 21, 1868; AU- 
THOR: America Not Discovered by 
Columbus; Norse Mythology; Viking 
Tales of the North; The Younger Edda; 
First Chapter of Norwegian Imjnigra- 
tion; Life Story of Rasmus B. Anderson. 
Translator: (from the Norse) Synnove 
Solbakken; Magnhild; The Fisher 
Maiden; Captain Mansana, and Other 
Stories; The Bridal March and Other 
Stories; Arne; A Happy Boy; (from 
Danish) History of the Literature of the 
Skandinavian North, From the Most An- 
cient Times to the Present, 1884; Emin- 
ent Authors of the Nineteenth Century; 
Nordisk Mythologi; Teutonic Mythology 
(from Swedish) ; Among Cannibals. Edit. 
The Norway Album (with Auber Fores- 
tier); Heimskringla (4 vols.); Norroena 
Library (16 vols.); also autobiography. 

Prof. Greek and Modern Langs., Albion, 
Wis., Acad., 1866; prof. Scandinavian 
langs. and lit., 1875-83, U. of Wis.; 
U. S. Minister to Denmark, 1885-9; 
editor and pub. Amerika (weekly) since 
Oct., 1898. Contrib. monographs to sev- 
eral encyclopedias; editorial staff Stand- 
ard Dictionary and periodicals. AD- 
DRESS: Madison, Wis. 

born Washington, Ga., Aug., 1840; 
daughter Judge Garnett Andrews; educ. 
Washington (Ga.) Seminary for Girls; 
grad. LaGrange Female College; Wes- 
leyan College (Macon, Ga.); DEGREES: 
A. B., hon. A. M.; AUTHOR: A Family 
Secret, 1876; Mere Adventure, 1879; 
Prince Hal, 1882; The Wartime Journal 
of a Georgia Girl, 1908; Botany All the 
Year Round, 1903; A Practical Course 
in Botany, 1911; also numerous tech- 
nical papers; CLUBS: Rome Women's; 
Torrey Botanical; mem. United Daugh- 
ters of the Confederacy; American Red 
Cross; Am. Asso. Adv. of Science; Am. 
Forestry Asso.; Am. Museum Nat. Hist.; 
HOME: 419 East First St., Rome, Ga. 

turer and educational worker; born 
Margaretville, Nova Scotia, Sept. 25, 
1867; daughter Wm. Wallace and Anna 
Maria (Brown) Phillips; educ. State 
Normal School, Salem, Mass.; Radcliffe 
College; also Harvard summer school 
several terms; DEGREES: A. B., Rad- 
cliffe, 1902; A. M., Radcliffe, 1920; mar- 
ried Edwin G. Andrews; AUTHOR: The 
United States and the World, The World 
Family, in "A Course in Citizenship;" 
The War What Should Be Said About 
It in the Schools?; One Hundred Years 
of Peace with Great Britain, in Memo- 
rial Day Annual of Wis. State Dept. of 
Educ.; Compiler of "Peace Day" bulle- 
tin, 1912, and the "Promotion of Peace" 
bulletin, 1913, of U. S. Bureau of Educ.; 
The Freedom of the Seas; Course in 
Foreign Relations; CLUBS: 20th Cen- 
tury, College, Womens City Club (all of 
Boston). Mrs. Andrews has been active 
in organizing parents' associations in 
Boston (Mass.) schools since 1902; lec- 
turer in America and Europe; writer on 
internatl. law and educ. topics; member 
leading assns. for educ. and sociol. pur- 
poses and of various peace organiza- 
tions; HOME: 405 Marlborough St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

ANDREWS, LINCOLN C.: Officer, U. S. 
Army; born Owatawa, Minn., Nov. 21, 
1867; son Charles T. and Mary (Clarke) 
A.; educ. U. S. Milit. Acad.; com. as 
officer in cavalry serv.; married Char- 
lotte Graves, Oct. 5, 1889; AUTHOR: 
Basic Courses for Cavalry, 1914; Funda- 
mentals Military Service, 1916; Man- 
power, 1920; Military Manpower, 1920; 
CLUBS: Univ. (New York); HOME: 



Grand Isle, Vt.; OFFICE: 21 Washing- 
ton Ave., Albany, N. Y. 

and author; born Shepherdstown, W. 
Va., July 15, 1879; son Matthew Page 
and Anna (Robinson) Andrews; educ. 
Washington and Lee Univ.; DEGREES: 
A. B. and A. M.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
History of the United States; Brief His- 
tory of the United States; A Heritage of 
Freedom; The American's Creed and Its 
Meaning; HOME: 849 Park Ave., Balti- 
more, Md. 

tist; born Cincinnati, O., Mar. 1, 1878; 
educ. Collegiate; DEGREES: A. B., 
A. M., L. L. B.; married Katherine 
Ridder; AUTHOR: Tristan and Isolde; 
The Unchastened Woman; has written 
poems for many magazines; also pro- 
duced the following plays here and 
abroad: The Embarrassment of Riches; 
The Woman of Impulse; The Kingdom 
of Content; The Glass House; The 
Washerwoman Duchess; Our Children; 
Madame Cecile; The Rape of Belgium; 
That Day; Daddalums; All the King's 
Horses; The Nightmare; HOME: 49 
West 58th St., New York City. 

ANTHONY, GARDNER C.: College Dean; 
born Providence, R. I:, Apr. 24, 1856; 
son David Chace and Sarah Clark (Car- 
penter) A.; educ. English and Classical 
Sch., Providence; spl. course in engring. 
Brown U. and Tufts, 1875-8 (hon. A. M. 
1889, Sc. D. 1905, Tufts); married 
Susan Pearson of Boston, June 2?, 1879; 
AUTHOR: Elements of Mechanical 
Drawing, 1893; Machine Drawing, 1893; 
Essentials of Gearing, 1897; Descriptive 
Geometry, 1909; practiced engineering 
1878-85; subseq. dir.; establ. R. I. Tech. 
Drawing Sch. 1887; dean Bromfield- 
Pearson Sch. and prof. Soc. Mech. Engrs. 
Soc. Promotion Engring. Edn. A. A. 
A. S.; Dean Engring. School, Tufts Col- 
lege; OFFICE: Tufts College, Mass. 

born Roseville, Arkansas, Nov. 27, 1877; 
daughter Ernest Augustus and Susan 
Jane (Cathey) A.; educ. Peabody Col- 
lege for Teachers, Nashville, Tenn., 
1895-7; Univ. of Heidelberg and Frei- 
burg, Germany, 1901-2; Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1905; DEGREES: Ph. B.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Mothers Who Must 
Earn; Feminism in Germany and Scandi- 
navia; Labor Laws of New York; Mar- 
garet Fuller: A Psychological Biography; 
CLUBS: Gamut, Women's City (New 
York). Miss Anthony was instructor 
Wellesley Coll., 1907-8; later engaged in 
research in economics with the Russell 
Sage Foundation, New York; mem. 
Woman's Suffrage Party of N. Y.; 
HOME: 3 Bank St., N. Y. City. 

ANTHONY, LUTHER B.: Editor and edu- 


cator; born Fort Scott, Kans., May 9, 
1876; son Capt. Jacob Merritt and Mary 
(Luther) A.; largely self-ed ; married 
Charlotte Sutherland of Jamaica, B. 
W. L, May 14, 1910; AUTHOR: The 
Dramatist, 1912; Dramatology, 1914; 
formerly well known actor and enter- 
tainer; dir. Drexel Orchestra, Phila., 
1898-9; dir. dramatics in schs. and 
colls., Bucknell U., Lehigh U., until 
1903; has const, nos. of plays with other 
playwrights, mgrs., actors and novel- 
ists; founded and edit. The Dramatist; 
founder and pres. Ins.itute of the 
Gamma Delta; contrib. dram. subj. lead- 
ing mags.; HOME: Easton, Pa. 

and Author; born New Kingston, N. Y., 
Apr. 10, 1851; son Robert and Betsy 
(Hamilton) Archibald; educ. Union Col- 
lege, Schenectady, N. Y., Yale (Divinity), 
New Haven, Ct.; DEGREES: A. B., 
B. D., D. D. ; married Julia A. Warren; 
AUTHOR: The Bible Verified; The 
Trend of the Centuries; Biblical Nature 
Studies; The Modern Man Facing The 
Old Problems; The Easter Hope or The 
Life Immortal; Dr. Archibald taught in 
academy, Pulaski, N. Y., 1872-3; B. D. 
Yale, 1876; Andover Theol. Sem. 1877-8; 
(D. D. Union, 1891); ordained Congl. 
ministry, 1876; held pastorates in Iowa, 
later in Mass., at present New Haven, 
Conn.; former pres. Home Missionary 
Soc., Iowa; dir. Mass. Christian En- 
deavor Union; del. to Nat. Congl. Coun- 
cil. Mem. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Boston Congl. Club., etc; OF- 
FICE: 108 Orange St., New Haven, 

Prof, of Mathematics, Brown Univ.; born 
Colchester County, Nova Scotia, Oct. 7, 
1875; educ. Mt. Allison University, Har- 
vard, Berlin Univ., Strassburg Univ., 
Sorbonne; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Carlyle's 
First Love, Margaret Gordon, Lady Ban- 
nerman; Euclid's Book on Divisions of 
Figures with a Restoration based on 
Woepcke's Text and on the Practica 
Geometriae of Leonardo Pisans; The 
Training of Teachers of Mathematics for 
the Secondary Schools of the Countries 
represented in the International Com- 
mission on the Teaching of Mathematics; 
editor: Bulletin of the American Mathe- 
matical Society, New York; Revue Sem- 
estrielle des Publications Math6matlques, 
Amsterdam; editor-in-chief American 
Mathematical Monthly; Fellow of the 
Am. Acad. of Arts and Sciences; OFFICE 
ADDRESS: Brown University, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

ARMES ETHEL MARIE: Author; born 
Washington, D. C.; daughter Col. George 
Augustus A. (U. S. A.) and Lucy Hamil- 
ton (Kerr) A.; educ. pvt. schs.; George 



Washington U.; AUTHOR: Midsummer 
in Whittier's Country, 1909; The Story 
of Coal and Iron in Alabama, 1910; re- 
porter, spl. feature writer for Chicago 
papers, to 1900; on staff Washington 
Post, 1900-3; later syndicate newspaDer 
and mag. work, Birmingham; on staff 
Birmingham Age-Herald; asso. editor 
Advance Mag., Birmingham Chamber of 
Commerce; retained by Ala. Coal Oper- 
ators' Assn. to look into a report upon 
sociol. problems of Ala. mining districts, 
1911; conducted campaigns for sociol. 
betterment, 1912-14; spl. writer for 
Boston Herald, 1916-18; compiling hist, 
records of Amesbury, Mass.; dir. Pub- 
licity Boston War Camp Community 
Service, 1919; 1920 member of Maga- 
zine staff Community Service (Incor- 
porated), 1 Madison Ave., N. Y. City; 
CLUBS: Boston Authors, New York 
Drama League; HOME: 74 MacDougal 
Street, N. Y. 

ARNOLD, LE ROY: Professor of English 
Literature; born Marshfield, Wis., May 
30, 1881; son Llewellyn A. and Frances 
(Smith) A.; educ. U. of Minn., Harvard, 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: B. A. 1904, 
M. A. 1905, Ph. D. 1911; actg. chmn. 
dept. of English lit., Univ. of Minn., 
1905-6; asst. in English, Columbia, 
1907-08;; prof. English lit., Hamline 
U., since 1909; married Kate Fairchild; 
AUTHOR: The Soliloquies of Shake- 
speare, 1911, Columbia U. Press; Wish- 
I-May-Wish-I-Might (play for children), 
1915; Masque of Minneapolis (prize 
pageant), 1916; Hurry, Hurry, Hurry 
(comedy), 1917. Lecturer at Brooklyn 
Institute; contr. to magazines; HOME: 
2628 Park Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.; 
OFFICE: Hamline Univ., St. Paul, Minn. 

at Law; born Beverley, Va., Nov. 3, 
1845; son Jonathan and Laura (Jack- 
son) A.; educ. Washington and Lee 
Univ.; DEGREES: L. L. B.; married 
Eugenia Hill, June 1, 1876; AUTHOR: 
Early Life and Letters of General 
Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, 1916; 
HOME: Elkins, W. Va., R. D. No. 1. 

born Vanlue, O., Feb. 12, 1873; son 
Augustus F. and Minnie (Ault); educ 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; Harvard; Boston 
Univ.; DEGREES: O. W. U., A. B.; Har- 
vard, A. M.; Boston, Ph. D.; married 
Jessie Biggs, Aug. 15, 1895; AUTHOR: 
Help from the Hills, 1910; A Syrian 
Pilgrimage, 1913; The Religion of Is- 
rael, 1918; The Religion of Judah 
1920; Apostles, Fathers, and Reformers 
1921; CLUBS: Clerical; Hamilton Co.; 
Golf; HOME: 519 Forest Ave., Cincin 
nati, O. 

&SHE, SAMUEL, A'COURT: Lawyer; born 
near Wilmington, N. C., Sept. 13, 1840 

son William S. Ashe; educ. Rugby Acad., 
Washington, D. C.; Oxford Naval Acad., 
Maryland, and Naval Academy, Annap- 
olis, Md.; DEGREES: L. L. D., Univ. 
N. C., 1916; married Hannah Emerson 
Willard, Aug. 10, 1871; AUTHOR: A 
Day With the Professor; The Charge at 
Gettysburg; The Mecklenburg Declara- 
tion; New Light on John Paul Jones; 
Memories of Annapolis; History of 
North Carolina; Biographical Hist, of 
N. C.; Mr. Ashe was capt. and asst. 
adjt. genl., Fender's Brigade, C. S. A., 
1862; ordnance officer Battery Wagner, 
1863; apt. commanding officer Fayette- 
ville Arsenal, 1863-65; chm. Dem. State 
Com. 1877-1880; editor Raleigh News 
and Observer, 1879-94; expert employee 
U. S. Senate Finance Com., 1909-17; 
mem. Alpha Chapter Phi Beta Kappa 
Soc. William and Mary College; mem. 
N. C. Branch Soc. Cincinnati; HOME: 
12 Boylan Ave., Raleigh, N. C. 


Clergyman; born Scotland, July, 1871; 
son Rev. J. W. and Emma (Gregson) 
A.; educ. Columbia University, Union 
Theological Seminary; DEGREES: A. B., 
A. M., D. D.; married Mabelle K. Edger- 
ton, 1902; AUTHOR: The Union of 
Christian Forces in America, 1915; 
CLUBS: City, Milwaukee; HOME: 684 
Marshal St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

ATWOOD, HARRY F.: Author and Pub- 
licist; born near Morgan Park, 111., Jan., 
1870; son O. E. and Martha (Town- 
send) A.; educ. Univ. of Chicago and 
Chicago Coll. of Law; DEGREES: Ph. B. 
and B. L.; married Maude Smith of 
Fok Lake, Wis., Aug. 23, 1905; AU- 
THOR: Back to the Republic; Keep 
God in American History; practiced law 
in Chicago since 1899; asst. U. S. Atty. 
for 3 years, afterward retained by Ch. 
of Commerce U. S. A. and Board of Local 
Improvements, Chicago; mem. 1st 111. 
Cav., Spanish-Am. War; CLUBS: Chi- 
cago Arts, Authors' League of New York, 
Union League; lecturer on hist, and po- 
litical subjects; HOME: 7351 Harvard 
Ave., Chicago. 


author; born San Francisco, Calif.; 
daughter Thomas L. and Gertrude 
(Franklin) Horn; great-grandniece Ben- 
jamin Franklin; educ. St. Mary's Hall, 
Benicia, Calif., and Sayre Inst., Lexing- 
ton, Ky. ; married George H. Bowen 
Atherton (now deceased); AUTHOR: 
The Doomswoman, 1892; A Whirl Asun- 
der, 1895; Patience Sparhawk and Her 
Times, 1897; His Fortunate Grace, 
1897; American Wives and English Hus- 
bands, 1898; The Californians, 1898; A 
Daughter of the Vine, 1899; The 
Valiant Runaways, 1899; Senator North, 
1900; The Aristocrats, 1901; The Con- 
queror, 1902; The Splendid Idle For- 



ties, 1902; A Few of Hamilton's Let- 
ters, 1903; Rulers of Kings, 1904; The 
Bell in the Fog, 1905; The Traveling 
Thirds, 1905; Rezanov, 1906; Ancestors, 
1907; The Gorgeous Isle, 1908; Tower 
of Ivory, 1910; Julia France and Her 
Times, 1912; Perch of the Devil, 1914; 
California an Intimate History, 1914; 
Before the Gringo Came, 1915; Mrs. 
Balfame, 1916; The Living Present, 
1917; The Sisters-in-Law, 1921; AD- 
DRESS: Goldwyn Producing Corpora- 
tion, Culver City, Calif. 

born Buffalo, W. Va., Feb. 15, 1852; 
son Thomas and Virginia Harris 
(Brown) A.; educ. Buffalo Acad., Univ. 
of W. Va., Univ. of Ky.; DEGREES: 
LL. B., M. S., Ph. D.; married Cordelia 
Meek, July 8, 1878; AUTHOR: Book- 
keeping for Farmers, 1894; A Catechism 
of Agriculture, 1913; Semi-Centennial 
History of the Patrons of Husbandry, 
1916; many articles and bulletins on 
Agricultural, economical and political 
subjects; Washington representative of 
the National Grange; Master W. Va. 
State Grange; HOME: 1831 Lament St.. 
N. W.; OFFICE: 103 7th St., N. W., 
Washington, D. C. 

fessor of Physics and Elec. Eng.; born 
Nelsonville, O., Mar. 7, 1867; son S. L. 
and Sarah Ellen (Dean) A.; educ. Prep, 
sch. of O. W.; Ohio Univ.; Univ. Mich ; 
DEGREES: A. B., M. S.; married Julia 
A. McDaniel, 1892; AUTHOR: Electrical 
and Magnetic Calculations, 1902, 1913; 
Elementary Manual of Laboratory 
Physics, 1910; (in prep.) The Physics 
of Common Things; occas. contrib. to 
tech. mags.; HOME: 26 Morris Ave.; 
OFFICE: Ohio University, Athens, O. 

born Merced, Calif., Aug. 26, 1877; son 
Thomas Albion and Sarah Jane (Year- 
gin) A.; A. B. Pacific Meth. Coll., Santa 
Rosa, Cal.; 1897, student in Garrett 
Bible Instit. (Northwestern Uni.); D. D., 
Rollins Coll., Winter Park, Fla., 1913; 
married Grace Olin of Evanston, 111., 
May 29, 1901; AUTHOR: The Church 
and the People's Play, 1913; The 
Church and Industrial Warfare, 1914; 
Men and Things; ordained Congl. minis- 
try, 1902; held first pastorate Atlanta, 
Ga.; secy. Social Service Comm. of 
Congl. Chs. in the U. S.; asst. secy. 
Federal Council of Chs. of Christ in 
America; formerly prof, sociology, At- 
lanta Theo. Sem., now trustee; member 
The Authors' Club, N. Y. City; HOME: 
Prince George Hotel; OFFICE: 70 Fifth 
Avenue, New York City. 


Editor; born Westmoreland Co., Va., 
Oct. 12, 1870; son William L. and Anna 
M. (O'Neill) A.; educ. National Law 


School, Washington; George Washing- 
ton Univ.; DEGREES: L. L. B. and 
L. L. M., M. D.; marrid Mary A. Douglas 
of Washington, D. C., Oct. 12, 1900; 
AUTHOR: Selling Latin America; For- 
eign Advertising; also various pam- 
phlets; mem. bar Supreme Court of U. S. ; 
edit, writer on foreign trade, Leslie's 
Weekly, and New York Commercial; 
prof, foreign trade, New York U.; mem- 
ber Med. Soc. State of N. Y.; Southern 
Soc. of N. Y. City; ADDRESS: Care New 
York Commercial, 20-24 Vesey St., New 
York, N. Y. 

man; born Glens Falls, N. Y., June 4, 
1849; son Francis Strong and Elizi 
(Denio) A.; educ. public schs. of Glens 
Falls; married Alice Stark, 1913; 
AUTHOR: Scythe and Sword; Heart of 
Golden Roan; Book of Hills; Jane Mc- 
Crea; The Christ; The Death of the 
Maid McCrea, and the Lover's Tragedy; 
Friendship's Crown of Verse; William 
McKinley (memorial poem); The 
Eagle's Bride (poem); also other poems 
and articles on prehistoric anthropology; 
CLUBS: Authors,, New York; Kappa 
Nu (Utica); HOME: 1 Hartford Ave., 
Glens Falls, N. Y. 

fessor; born Cuba, Lake County, 111., 
Dec., 1844; educ. Bethany College and 
Chicago Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., A. M. 
and L. L. D. ; married Mary D. Stuzakl- 
ser; AUTHOR: The Growing Miracle A 
practical Study of Hebrew Prophecy; 
ADDRESS: Bethany, Neb. 

and Clergyman; born Peru, N. Y., Apr. 
25, 1865; son of Rev. David and Kath- 
erine C. (Moore) A.; educ. Troy Con- 
ference Academy; Burleston, Vt., High 
School grad. 1885; Drew Theological 
Seminary grad. 1888; DEGREES: B. D. 
1893; married Olive Reynolds, Apr. 25, 
1889; AUTHOR: Drew Theological Sem- 
inary Alumni Record, 1895 (later ed. 
1905); Fifty Literary Evenings, 1897 
(sec. series 1904); History of the Eng- 
lish Bible, 1899; Index to the Exposi- 
tor's Bible, 1905; Jesus Christ Our Lord, 
An English Bibliography of Christology, 
1907; A Calendar of Christian Thought, 
1909; Methodist Heroes of Other Days, 
1916; Feature Words of Comfort, 1915- 
16; Feature "In the Highlands," 1916- 
20; contrbr. to McClintock & Strong's 
Cyclopedia, Cyclopedia of Sunday 
Schools, The New International Cyclo- 
paedia (in two recent editions). Ency- 
clopaedia Americana; also to many peri- 
odicals; mem. of The Troy Conference, 
M. E. Church; hon. mem. N. Y. Brown- 
ing Society; Free Mason; HOME: 727 
Simpson St., N. Y.; OFFICE: Garrett 
Biblical Institute, Evanston, 111. 



BABCOCK, BERNIE: Author; born Union- 
ville, O., April, 1868; educ. Public schools 
and Little Rock Univ.; married William 
Franklin Babcock, 1886; AUTHOR: The 
Soul of Ann Rutledge; An Uncrowned 
Queen; Justice to the Woman; The 
Daughter of a Patriot; The Martyr; At 
the Mercy of the State; The Man Who 
Lied on Arkansas; With Claw and Fang; 
Santa Glaus, the Stork and the Widow; 
Yesterday and Today in Arkansas; Lady 
Billy; The Devil or Old Glory (dramas); 
Mammy; The Battalion of Death; Th 
Prodigal Daughter; The Bride of King 
Solomon; Immortality; "The Daughter 
of a Republican' sold 100,000 copies in 
six months; interested in psychical re- 
search work; mem. Psychical Research 
Society of London and president of the 
Friends' Memorial for Psychical Re 
search in Arkansas; State rep. League of 
American Pen Women; officially identi- 
fied with local branch of the Drama 
League of America and of the Authors 
and Composers' Society of Arkansas; re- 
cently finished historical story featuring 
leading Biblical characters; now engaged 
upon a California story of mystery and 
romance; contrib. to many periodicals; 
descended from Huguenot ancestry; 
HOME: Pulaski Hgts., Little Rock, Ark. 

vost and Dean of Coll. of Arts and Lib. 
Sci., Univ. of 111.; born South Brookfield, 
N. Y., Sept. 8, 1864; son Gideon Perry 
and Lydia (Macomber) B.; educ. Univ. 
Minn., Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: B. 
Litt., 1889, Minn.; A. M., 1895, Ph. D., 
1896, Harvard; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Rise of American Nationality, 1906; 
Scandinavian Element in the U. S., 1914; 
CLUBS: Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of Ur- 
bana; HOME: 1204 W. Nevada St.; OF- 
FICE: Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, 111. 

born East Worcester, N. Y., June 10, 
1872; son William Wayne Babcock; 
educ. Univ. of Pa., Coll. Physicians and 
Surgeons, Baltimore; DEGREES: A. M. 
(hon.), Pa. Coll. of Gettysburg; M. D., 
Un. of Pa.; married Marian C. Watters, 
May 14, 1918; AUTHOR: Vol. 5, Prophy- 
laxis, Cohen's System Physiologic Ther- 
apeutics; Section on Spinal Narcotic and 
Sacral Anesthesia, Oxford Surg.; many 
monographs and short articles; CLUBS: 
Medical; HOME: Rydal, Pa.; OFFICE: 
2033 Walnut St., Philadelhpia, Pa. 

turer, Housing Reformer, Child Welfare 
Worker; born Evansville, Ind., April 8, 
1865; dau. Albion Fellows and Mary 
(Erskins) F.; edu. local sens.; married 
Hilary Edwin Bacon, Oct. 11, 1888; AU- 
THOR: Beauty for Ashes, 1913; Songs 
Ysame, 1897 (poems); Housing Pam- 
phlets and Indiana Housing Laws; 


CLUBS: Pres. Ind. Child Welfare Asso.; 
HOME: Evansville, Ind. 


Author; born Stamford, Conn., Feb., 
1876; educ. Smith Coll.; DEGREE: 
A. B.; married Selden Bacon; AUTHOR: 
On Our Hill; Square Peggy; Smith Col- 
lege Stories; Sister's Vacation and Other 
Girls' Stories; The Imp and the Angel; 
Fables for the Fair; The Madness of 
Philip; Whom the Gods Destroyed; Mid- 
dle-aged Love Stories; Poems; Memories 
of a Baby; Her Fiance; The Domestic 
Adventurers; Ten to Seventeen; An Idyll 
of All Fools' Day; In the Border Coun- 
try; Biography of a Boy; While Caroline 
Was Growing; Margarita's Soul (pseu- 
donym "Ingraham Lovell"; The Inher- 
itance; The Strange Cases of Dr. Stan- 
chon; The Luck o' Lady Joan; Today's 
Daughter; Open Market; compiled: Best 
Nonsense Verse; contr. of poems and 
stories to magazines; chairman of Publi- 
cation Comm., National Exec. Girl Scout 
Board, Official speaker and writer for 
organization; HOME: 116 E 63rd St., 
N. Y. City. 

fessor of Electrical Engineering, Univ. 
of Mich., Cons. Elec. Eng.; born Sheri- 
dan, Mich., Aug. 7, 1875; educ. Univ. 
Mich.; DEGREES: B. S. in Elect. Eng-, 
A. M., Ph. D. ; marjied Elsie M. Egge- 
man; AUTHOR: The Induction Motor; 
Dynamo Electric Machinery; CLUBS: 
Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, etc.; HOME: 
1019 Baldwin Ave.; OFFICE: Univ. of 
Mich., Ann Arbor Mich. 

born Locust Grove, Lewis Co., N. Y., 
Aug., 1863; educ. Mrs. Piatt's Seminary, 
Utica, N. Y.; Smith College (special stu- 
dent 4 years); married Vernon Bailey; 
AUTHOR: Birds Through an Opera 
Glass; My Summer in a Mormon Village; 
A-Birding on a Bronco; Birds of Village 
and Field; Handbook of Birds of West- 
ern United States; Wild Animals of Gla- 
cier National Park; HOME: 1834 Kalo- 
rama Rd., Washington, D. C. 

sician; born Elizabeth, N. J., Oct., 1870; 
son George W. and Emma M. B.; educ- 
Pingry Sch., Princeton Univ., College 
Phys. & Surgeons, Columbia Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., M.D.; married 
Minnie J. Wooden, Dec. 17, 1896; AU- 
THOR: Text-book of Histology, 1904; 
Text-book of Embryology, 1906; CLUBS: 
Clinical Soc., Elizabeth General Hospital, 
Union County Med. Soc., N. J. State Med. 
Assn., N. Y. Academy Med., N. Y. Patho- 
logical Soc., Alumni Assn. College Phys. 
& Surgs.; HOME: 1165 E Jersey St., 
Elizabeth, N. J. 

born Scituate, Mass., Dec. 9, 1865; son 
Charles Edward and Eudora (Turner) 




B.; educ. Scituate High School, State 
Normal Art Sch., Mass.; six study trips 
abroad; married Josephine Litchfield, 
Sept. 5, 1889; AUTHOR: The Flush of 
the Dawn, 1910; Twelve Great Paint- 
ings, 1913; Photography and Fine Art, 
1919; Art Education, 1914; CLUBS: 
Soc. of Artists, Cleveland; HOME: 1920 
E. 84th St.; OFFICE: Cleveland School 
of Art, Cleveland. 

educator; born S. Haven, Mich., March 
15, 1865; son Liberty Hyde and Sarah 
(Harrison) B.; reared on farm; DE- 
GREES: B. S., Mich. Agric. College, 
1882; M. S., 1886; LL. D., Univ. Wis., 
1907; Alfred Univ., 1908; Litt. D., 
Univ. of Vermont, 1919; married An- 
nette Smith, June 6, 1883; AUTHOR: 
Annals of Horticulture (5 vols.), 1889- 
93; Nursery Book; Plant-Breeding; rev. 
5th ed. by A. W. Gilbert; Survival of the 
Unlike; Forcing Book; Principles of 
Fruit Growing ; Principles of Agriculture ; 
Evolution of Our Native Fruits; Lessons 
with Plants; First Lessons with Plants; 
Botany, An Elementary Text for Schools; 
Practical Garden-Book (with C. E 
Hunn); Principles of Vegetable Garden- 
ing; The Nature Study Idea; Outlook to 
Nature! The State and the Farmer; The 
Training of Farmers; Beginners' Bot- 
any; Manual of Gardening (founded on 
Garden Making) ; Farm and Garden Rule 
Book (founded on the Horticulturists 
Rule-Book, first pub. in 1889); The 
Rule-Book, first pub. 1889); The Coun- 
try-Life Movement; York State Rural 
Problems, 1913, 1915; The Holy Earth; 
Pruning Manual (being 18th ed. of Prun- 
ing-Book, first pub. 1898); Wind and 
Weather (verse), 1916; Universal Serv- 
ice, What Is Democracy? and others; 
Ed. Cyclopedia of American Horticul- 
ture, 4 vols.; Cyclopedia of American 
Agricuture, 4 vols.; Standard Cyclope- 
dia of Horticulture, 6 vols.; Rural Sci- 
ence Series; Rural Text-Book Series; Ru- 
ral Manual Series: HOME: Ithaca, N. Y. 

Philosophy; born Georgetown, S. C., 
Aug. 1.8, 1867; educ. Univ. S. C.; DE- 
GREES: A. B., A. M., L. I., Ph. D.; mar- 
ried Minneola Davis, Aug. 1, 1895; AU- 
THOR: Love and Law, 1899; Race Or- 
thodoxy in the South, 1914; six years 
professor of education, Calif. University; 
OFFICE: Univ. of the South, Sewanee, 


born Springfield, Mass., May 7, 1873; 
son William L. and Ellen H. Bailey; 
educ. Williston Seminary and Yale 
Univ.; DEGREES: B. A., Yale, 1894; 
Ph. D., Yale, 1896; married Sheila Mac- 
kenzie Jewett, Sept. 15, 1905; AUTHOR: 
Modern Social Conditions, 1907; Statis- 
tics, 1917; Children Before the Courts 
of Conn., 1918; HOME: 25 Lynwood 

PI.; OFFICE: 200 Orange St., New Hav- 
en, Conn. 

BAKER, IRA OSBORN: Professor Civil 
Eng., Un. 111.; born Linton, Ind., Sept., 
1853; DEGREES: B. S. in Civil Eng., 
C. E., Dr. Eng.; AUTHOR: Treatise on 
Masonry Construction; Treatise on Roads 
and Pavements; Leveling; Engineering 
Surveying Instruments; CLUBS: Am. 
Soc. of C. E., Western Soc. Eng., Prom. 
Eng. Educ.; HOME: 1208 W. California 
Ave.; OFFICE: 201 Engineering Bldg., 
Urbana, 111. 

teacher; born Chester Co., Pa., Feb. 27, 
1837; son Samuel and Mary (Rake- 
straw) B.; educ. Penn. Pub. Schs.; First 
Pa. State Normal School; Pa. State Col- 
lege; Univ. Gottingen; course in chem- 
istry and geology, Pa. State Coll.; DE- 
GREES: Ph. D., U. of Goettingen, 1871; 
married Sophia Way of Chatham, Pa., 
March 25, 1876 (died. 1908); 2nd, Miss 
Mary E. Frances, Oct. 12, 1918; AU- 
THOR: Elements of Physics, 1881; A 
Short Course in Chemistry, 1883; Ques- 
tions in Physics and Chemistry, 1884; 
prof, applied mathematics, Agrl. Coll. 
(now State Coll.) of Pa., 1861-7; prof. 
Natural Science, First Pa. State Normal 
Sch., 1867-9 and 1871-86; assisted de- 
velopment phosphate industry of Fla.; 
prof. Natural Sciences, Rollins Coll., Fla., 
for 8 years, now retired on Carnegie al- 
lowance; mayor of Winter Park, Fla., 
1917-18; was private of Company D, Pa. 
Volunteers, organized for "emergency" 
when Gen. Lee's army invaded Pa. dur- 
ing Civil War; CLUBS: Linnean Soc., 
Lancaster, Pa.; HOME: Winter Park, 

BALDWIN, JAMES MARK: Professor at 
Toronto Univ., Princeton, Johns Hopkins, 
Mexico, Paris, and author; born Colum- 
bia, S. C., Jan. 12, 1861; educ. Princton 
Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., M. A., Ph. D., 
Princeton: D. Sc., Oxford and Geneva; 
LL.D., Glasgow and South Carolina; 
married Helen Green; AUTHOR: Hand- 
Book of Psychology, 2 vols.; Elements of 
Psychology; Mental Development in the 
Child and the Race; Social and Ethical 
Interpretations in Mental Development; 
Story of the Mind; Fragments in Philos- 
ophy and Science; Development and Ev- 
olution; Thought and Things, or Genet- 
ic Logic (Volfi. 1-3); Darwin and the 
Humanities; The Individual and Society! 
History of Psychology (2 vols.) ; Genetic 
Theory of Reality; American Neutrality; 
The Super-State; Ed., Psychological 
Review; Dictionary of Philosophy and 
Psychology. His books have been trans- 
lated into four European languages. 
HOME: 118 Rue d'Assos, Paris, France; 
OFFICE: Care Harris Forbes & Co., 56 
William St., New York. 




Public School Music; conductor, com- 
poser, organist; born Easthampton, 
Mass., March 27, 1872; son Lyman N. 
Baldwin and Harriet (Miner) B.; educ. 
Williston Seminary, 1890; married Mary 
Pierce Hosford, 1896; AUTHOR: Sonata, 
C Minor, Organ, 1902; compositions 
for organ Burlesca e Melodia, 1900; 
Sonata, C Minor, 1902; Hymn Before 
Action (Cantata), 1918; Little Tarpot, 
1020; Two Visitors, 1919; Anthems. For 
Schools, Progressive Melodies, 1914; 
Progressive Songs, 1916; Standard Song 
Classics, 1913; Seven Pamphlets, Musical 
Art Series; also many articles on School 
Music; dir. 14 years Choral Club (Male), 
Hartford, Conn.; organist and director, 
Immanuel Church; director of Music in 
public schools; prop, and director Insti- 
tute of Music Pedagogy (Summer 
School), Northampton, Mass.; HOME: 
81 Tremont St., Hartford, Conn. 

BALL, FRANCIS K.: Editor; born Mercer 
Co., Pa., Nov. 29, 1863; son Francis As- 
bury and Fanny Ann (Johnston) B.; 
educ. Drury Coll., Mo.; Oberlin Theol. 
Sem., Harvard; traveled and studied 
abroad; DEGREES: A. B. (Drury) ; A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D. (Harvard); married Janet 
Nettleton of Oberlin, O., July 21, 1891; 
AUTHOR: The Elements of Greek; Hero 
Stories from American History (with A. 
F. Blaisdell); a German Drill Book; 
Short Stories from American History 
(collab.); A German Grammar; Intro- 
ductory Sketch of Homer's Iliad, the 
World's Greatest Poem; The American 
History Story Book (co-author) ; The 
English History Story Book (co-author) ; 
The Child's Book of American History 
(co-author); Heroic Deeds of American 
Sailors (co-author); Am. History for 
Little Folks (co-author); TRANSLA- 
TOR: Several poems of Heinrich Heine; 
The Epochs of German Agrarian Policy 
(from the German of Dr. Carl Johannes 
Fuch); professorships at Oberlin, Har- 
vard Univ., Phillips Exeter Acad., and 
elsewhere; instr. German, The Brown 
and Nichols Sch., Cambridge, Mass; 
mem. Am. Philol. Assn.; HOME: Brook- 
line, Mass.; OFFICE: 15 Ashburton PL, 

author, editor, reviewer; born Browns- 
burg, Va.; son Rev. Dr. James Hamilton 
and Margaret J. B.; educ. public schs., 
Washington and Lee Uni., Univ. of Va., 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES; A. B. 
(extra ordinem), Ph. D., LL. D. ; mar- 
ried Josephine Jackpon^ 1897; AU 
THOR: White Servitude in the Colony 
of Virginia, 1895; Slavery in Virginia - 
a History, 1895-1902; Southern Eco- 
nomic History (2 vols.), 1910; The Let- 

. ters of Richard Henry Lee, 1911-13; ed- 
itor Johns Hopkins Studies in Historical 
and Political Science; asso. editor Annals 

of American Academy of Political and So- 
cial Science; pub. lect. on In.ernat. Rela- 
tions; asst. prof. Biology, Tulane Univ.; 
prof. Mathematics and Physics, So. Female 
Coll., La Grange, Ga., 1890; inst. assoc. 
and assoc. prof. Hist., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Baltimore, Md.; prof. Am. Hist., 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md., 
1911-13; asst. prof. Polit. Sci., Univ. of 
Pa., Phila., 1913; prof. Polit. Science, 
Univ. of Pa., since 1913; adviser of 
group of instruction and training of 
"Consular and Diplomatic Service" in 
the Wharton Sch. of Finance and Com- 
merce, Univ. of Pa., since 1913; winner 
of "The C. Morton Stewart prize," Johns 
Hopkins Univ., 1892; winner of "The 
John Marshall Prize," Johns Hopkins 
Univ., 1902; ranched in Calif., 1888-89; 
traveled and investigated educ. and relig. 
work in Europe, Egypt, India, Straits 
Settlement, China and Japan, 1890-92; 
contrib. to daily and weekly newspaper 
press, periodicals and Illustrated Amer- 
ican; cont. to New International Encyc. ; 
reviser of MSS. for Century Co., pubs. 
CLUB: Delta Psi; HOME: 6864 Wood- 
bine Ave.; OFFICE: University of Pa., 

professor; born Washington, D. C., Dec. 
7, 1848; son Prof. Elisha and Betsy Ann 
(Watkins) B.; educ. Marietta College, 
1868: Union Theo. Sem., N. Y., 1872; 
Leipzig and Berlin Univs.; DEGREES: 
D. D., Marietta, 1885; LL. D., Western 
Reserve Univ., 1891; married Emma 
Frances Atwood, Aug. 17, 1875; AU- 
THOR: Inductive Logic 1896; Religious 
Education for Coming Social Order, 
1917; CLUBS: Century, "The Club"; 
HOME: 179 Long Hill St., Springfield, 

born Athens, O., May 26, 1853; educ. 
Williams College; DEGREES: A. B. and 
A.M.; married Lucy Bishop Pipe; 
AUTHOR: Three Kingdoms; World of 
Matter; Open Sesame; Reopen Sesame; 
Virgil's Eneid, tr. into English hexame- 
ters; joint author, American Plant Book; 
Barnes' Readers; One Thousand Blun- 
ders in English; HOME: 247 South St.; 
OFFICE: Berkshire Athenaeum, Pitts- 
field, Mass. 


Lawyer; born Boonesboro, Iowa, July, 
1858; son Richard H. Ballinger; educ. 
Williams College; DEGREES: A. B., 
LL. D. ; married Julia A. Bradley, Aug., 
1886; AUTHOR: Ballinger on Commun- 
ity Property, 1895; Ballinger Annotated 
Codes and Statutes of Washington, 1897; 
Fables, published in Leslie's "Judge," 
1916; CLUBS: Metropolitan, Washing- 
ton, D. C.; Chevy Chase, Rainier Arctic, 
Golf and County, Seattle; HOME: 1733 
39th Ave.; OFFICE: 901-7 Alaska Bldg., 



Seattle Wash. 

cialist in fungi and fishes; born Hanni- 
bal, Oswego Co., N. Y., Sept. 30, 1857; 
son Ransome and Mary Abigail (Green) 
B.; educ. Northwestern Univ., Univ. of 
Pa.; special studies in natural science; 
DEGREES: ScD., Litt.D.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: A Ride on a Cyclone 
1889; The Bachelor Girl, 1890; 
The Upper Ten, 1891; An Auto- 
matic Wife, 1891; Spectacular Ro- 
mances, 1892; over 300 poems; has also 
written many articles on growth and con- 
servation of mushrooms, and on the dis- 
tinction between edible and poisonous 
fungi; Recorder of U. S. Surveys of Ni- 
agara Falls and of Yellowstone River; 
has donated large collections of great in- 
terest to students of natural science to 
Northwestern Univ.; is owner of the Sci- 
ence News Service, literary work for 
which takes up nearly all his time; spec, 
presenting latest scientific discoveries in 
popular phraseology to reach the news- 
paper and magazine public; HOME: 
37 W. 68th St., New York. 

BANCROFT, JESSIE H.: Director phys. 
training; born Winona, Minn., Dec., 
1867; educ. Winona State Normal School, 
Minn.; DEGREES: Fellow Amer. Asso- 
ciation for the Advancement of Science; 
mem. National Institute of Social Sci- 
ences; unmarried; AUTHOR: School 
Gymnastics, Free Hand, 1896; School 
Gymnastics with Light Apparatus, 1900; 



Games for the Play Ground, Home, 
School and Gymnasium, 1909; The Pos- 
ture of School Children, 1913; Hand- 
book of Athletic Games, 1916; Spanish 
edition, Gymnastics, Free Hand, 1916; 
articles on Games and Phys. Training, 
Encyclopedia Americana, 1903; foun- 
der and president American Posture 
League, Inc. (a national health organiza- 
tion doing scientific work, 1914); foun- 
der and first president American Cooked 
Food Service, Ind., 1917 (a war meas- 
ure) ; lectrrer and misc. writer on health 
topics; HOME: 164 Sterling Place; OF- 
FICE: 131 Livingston St., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 

BANKER, HOWARD J.: Scientific re- 
search; born Schaghticoke, N. Y., April 
19, 1866; son Amos Bryan and Frances 
A. (Welling) B.; educ. Syracuse Univ. 
and Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D.; married Mary E. Wright, 
Aug. 23, 1894; AUTHOR: The Bancker 
or Banker Families, 1909; editor of The 
Underwood Families of America, 1913; 
pub. papers on scientific subj., chiefly 
botanical (see Addenda, Magazine and 
Report section); a preliminary contrbr. 
to a knowledge of the Hydnaceae, Bulle- 
tin of the Torrey Botanical Club, Vol 
28, pp. 199-222, April, 1901; Historical 
Review of the Proposed Genera of the 
Hydnaceae, Bulletin of the Torrey Bo- 
tanical Club, Vol. 29, pp. 436-448, July, 
1902; Observations on Phallus Reve- 
nellii, Torreya, Vol. 4, pp. 58, Jan., 1904; 
Notes on the Variability of Hypothele 
Repanda, Torreya, Vol. 4, pp. 113-117, 
Aug., 1904; A New Fungus of the Swamp 
Cedar, Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical 
Club, Vol. 36, pp. 341-343, 1909; A Cor- 
rection in Nomenclature, Mycologia, Vol. 
2, pp. 7-11, Jan., 1910; Steccherinum 
Septentrionala (Fr. ), Banker in Indiana; 
Proceedings of the Indianan Academy of 
Science, 1910, pp. 213-218; Type Studies 
in the Hydnaceae, Mycologia, Vol. 4, pp. 
271-278, 309-318; Vol. 5, 12-17, 62-66, 
194-205; 293-298; Vol. 6, 231-234; Co- 
education and Eugenics, Journal of He- 
redity, Vol. 8, 208-214, 1917; A List of 
the Scientific and Technical Serials in 
the Libraries of the State of Indiana; 
Proceedings of Indiana Academy of Sci- 
ence for 1913, pp. 2371364; mem. Sci- 
entific Societies; HOME: Cold Spring 
Harbor, N. Y.; OFFICE: Eugenics Rec- 
ord Office. 

born Greenwood, Ind., Dec., 1877; son 
James H. and Mary (Mangun) B.; educ. 
Central Normal College, Danville, Ind.; 
Indiana Univ., Harvard; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; married Mary Slack, 
July 26, 1906; AUTHOR: The Fauna of 
Mayfleld's Cave, 1907; also numerous 
articles in scientific journals; member 
Sigma Xi, Am. Soc. Naturalists, Am. Soc. 




Zoologists, Ecological Soc. of Am., etc.; 
HOME: Cold Springs Harbor, N. Y.; OF- 
FICE: Carnegie Laboratory. 

BARKER, ELSA: Author; born Leicester, 
Vt.; daughter Albert G. and Louise Ma- 
ria (Taylor) B.; educ. under private in- 
structors; AUTHOR: The Son of Mary 
Bethel (novel), 1909; The Frozen Grail 
and Other Poems, 1910; Stories from the 
New Testament for Children, 1911; The 
Book of Love, 1912 (poems); Letters 
from a Living Dead Man, 1914; War Let- 
ters from a Living Dead Man, 1915; 
Songs of a Vagrom Angel, 1916; Last 
Letters from the Living Dead Man, 1919; 
teacher, later took up journalistic work 
and lecturing on educnl. subjects; as- 
sisted production of Consolidated Ency- 
clopedic Library, 1901; on editorial staff 
Hampton's Magazine; CLUBS: Poetry 
Society of America; Poets' Club (Lon- 
don) ; OFFICE: Care E. P. Dutton & Co., 
681 Fifth Ave., New York City. 

born Fredericktown, Ohio, Oct. 1, 1849; 
son Joseph N. and Nancy J. B.; educ. 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ., Boston Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A. M., S. T. B., Ph. D.; married 
Alice L. Bixler, 1877; AUTHOR: Col- 
leges in America, 1910; Centennial His- 
tory of Ohio Methodism, 1896; The Sa- 
loon Problem and Social Reform, 1905; 
The Social Gospel and the New Era, 
1919; CLUBS: Puddington (Boston); 
HOME: 37 Kenwood Ave., Newton Cen- 
tre; OFFICE: 72 Mt. Vernon St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

and physician; born Medway, O., Oct.. 
1860; educ. Mt. Carmel. Til., H. S.; De- 
Pauw Univ.. Rush Med. Coll. and Jeffer- 
son Med. Coll.; DEGREE: M. D., Jeffer- 
son, Phila., 1884; married Annabelle 
Applegate, 1884; AUTHOR: Shacklet; 
Water-Dower from the Mississippi; Songs 
of Asbury; Lyceum lecturer on popular 
science; newspaper work of all forms; 
short stories in leading magazines of 
1898-1904; articles on economics in 
leading magazines, 1910-1915; HOME: 
Keokuk, Iowa. 

BARRON, LEONARD: Horticulturist; 
born Chiswick, England, Sept., 1868; 
son Archibald and Eleanor B.; educ 
Birkbeck Inst., London, Eng. ; Royal 
Horticultural Society, London, England; 
married Effie Maude Robinson, 1896; 
AUTHOR: Lawns and How to Make 
Them; Roses and How to Grow Them; 
mem. Canadian Club of N. Y.; sec'y of 
Second Internat. Confer, on Plant Breed- 
ing and Hybridization (New York); 
sec'y Internat. Confer, on Plant Accli- 
matization, New York; OFFICE: Editor 
Garden Magazine, Garden City, N. Y. 

BARRTf, J. G. H.: Priest, rector of the 
Church of St. Mary of the Virgin, N. Y 

City.; born Middle Haddam, Conn., April 
19, 1858; educ. Wesleyan Univ. and 
Berkeley Div. School; DEGREE: D. D.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Meditations on 
the Office and Work of the Holy Spirit, 
1908; The Christian's Day, 1910; Medi- 
tations on the Apostles' Creed, 1919; The 
Self-Revelation of Our Lord, 1914 Holi- 
Self-Revelation of Our Lord, 1914; Holi- 
ness, 1919; The Religion of the Prayer 
Book (in collaboration with Dr. Delany) 
1919; The Holy Eucharist, 1920; HOME: 
144 W. 47th St., New York City. 

and specialist in lands; born Providence, 
R. I., Nov., 1849; son Amos Chaffee Bar- 
stow; educ. public schools and Mowry 
and Goff's English and Classical Sch., 
Providence; married Clara Drew Sy- 
monds, Oct. 19, 1871; DEGREE: Hon.; 
AUTHOR: Good Government Co-opera- 
tive Societies; Creation of a World Cen- 
tre of Communication; Shall We Bar the 
Immigrant?; Applied Psychology; Shall 
Democracy Endure; Shall Democracy En- 
dure in the U. S.; mem. Soc. Academique 
d'Historie Internationale; fellow Royal 
Soc. Arts, London! hon. mem. Dallas 
(Texas) Chamber of Commerce; mem. 
ber numerous associations for social sci- 
ence advancement; has served on many 
commns. to bring about harmonious in- 
ternat. relations; formed one of com- 
mittee which presented statue of Lin- 
coln in London; HOME: Barstow, Texas. 




and chemist; born Bartley, N. J., Dec. 
6, 1849; son Samuel P. and Anna 
(EwaK) B.; educ. Princeton, 111., H. S., 
Cornell Univ., L. I. Coll. Hosp.; DE- 
GREES: B. S. (Cornell), 1873; M. D. 
(Long Is. Coll. Hosp.), 1879; married 
Mary Frances Harloe, Nov. 5, 1889; 
AUTHOR: Medical Chemistry (7 eds. 
1885-1909); Manual of Clinical Chem 
istry (3 eds., last in 1909); CLUB: Uni 
versity (Brooklyn): Home: 65 S. Port 
land Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BARTON, GEORGE H.: Professor of geol 
ogy; born Sudbury, Mass., July B, 1852 
educ. Massachusetts Institute of Tech 
nology; DEGREE: B. Sc.; married Ev. 
May Beede; AUTHOR: Outline of Lith 
ology; Outline of Dynamical and Struc 
tural Geology; various scientific articles 
in Scientific Magazine, and some popula 
articles; HOME: 89 Trowbridge St. 
Cambridge, Mass; OFFICE: 234 Berke- 
ley St., Boston, Mass. 

BARTON, SAMUEL. MARX: Professor o: 
Mathematics; born near Winchester, Va. 
May 9, 1859; son Joseph M. and Mar: 
B.; educ. University of Va.; DEGREES: 
B. A., Ph. D.; married Mary M. Tidball 
Dec. 27, 1897; AUTHOR: The Theory oi 
Equations, 1899; Plane Surveying, 1903; 
ADDRESS: University of the South, Se- 
wanee, Tenn. 

man and author; born Sublette, 111., June 
28, 1861; son Dr. Jacob B. and Helen 
(Methven) Barton; educ. Berea College, 
grad. 1885; Oberlin Theological Semin- 
ary, grad. 1890; DEGREES: B. S., M. S., 
M. A., B. D., D. D., LL. D.; married Es- 
ther T. Bushnell, July 23, 1885; AU- 
THOR: The Wind-up of the Big Meetin' 
on No Bus'ness, 1887; Life in the Hills 
of Kentucky, 1889; The Early Ecclesi- 
astical History of the Western Reserve, 
1890; History of the First Congrega- 
tional Church of Wellington, O., 1891; 
A Hero in Homespun, 1897; Sim Gallo- 
way's Daughter-in-Law, 1897; The Truth 
About the Trouble at Roundstone, 1897; 
The Story of a Pumpkin Pie, 1898; The 
Psalms and Their Story, 1898; Old Plan- 
tation Hymns; When Boston Braved the 
King, 1899; The Improvement of Perfec- 
tion, 1900; The Prairie Schooner, 1900; 
Pine Knot, 1900; Lieut. William Barton 
and His Descendants, 1900; What Has 
Brought Us Out of Egypt? 1900; Faith 
as Related to Health, 1901; Consolatiou, 
1901; I Go a-Fishing, 1901; The First 
Church of Oak Park, 1901; The Continu- 
ous Creation, 1902; The Fine Art of For- 
getting, 1902; An Elementary Catechism 
1902; The Old World in the New Cen- 
tury, 1902; The Gospel of the Autumn 
Leaf, 1903; Jesus of Nazareth, His Life 
and the Scenes of His Ministry, 1904; 
Four Weeks of Family Worship, 1906, 


(with Sydney Strong and Theo. G. 
Soares); His Last Week; His Life; His 
Friend; His Great Apostle, 1906-7; The 
Week of Our Lord's Passion, 1907; 
(alone) The Samaritan Pentateuch, 
1906; The History and Religion of the 
Samaritans, 1906; The Sweetest Story 
Ever Told, 1907; The Messianic Hope of 
the Samaritans, 1907; Life of Joseph E. 
Roy, 1908; Acorns from an Oak Park 
Pulpit, 1910; Pocket Congregational 
Manual, 1910; Rules of Order for Eccle- 
siastical Assemblies, 1910; Bible Clas- 
sics, 1911; Into All the World, 1911; 
Congregational Creeds and Covenants, 
1917; The Parables of Dafed and Sage, 
1917; The Romance of Rhoda, 1917; 
also chapter on "The Opening of the 
Great West," in Stepping Stones of 
American History; The Soul of Abraham 
Lincoln; The Paternity of Abraham Lin- 
coln; Four Hitherto Unpublished Gos- 
pels; Abraham Lincoln and His Books, 
1920; Life of Clara Barton (2 vols.) for 
pub. 1921; CLUBS: New York City, Uni- 
versity and Hamilton of Chicago, Clergy 
of New York City; OFFICE: First Con- 
gregational Church, Oak Park, 111. 

er and Editor; born Covington, Tenn., 
April, 1872; son Rev. George Booth Bas- 
kervill; educ. Vanderbilt Univ., B. A., 
1896; M. A., 1898; Univ. of Chicago, 
Ph. D., 1911; married Catherine P. 
Quarles, 1903; AUTHOR: English Ele- 
ments in Jonson's Early Comedy, 1911; 
Early Romantic Plays in England, 1916; 
Dramatic Aspects of Mediaeval Folk Fes- 
tivals in England, 1920; Asst. in Eng- 
lish, Vanderbilt U., 1898-9; teacher of 
English, State Normal Sch., Okla., for 
2 yrs.; sucessively instr., asst. prof., 
assoc. prof, and prof, in English, U. of 
Chicago, 1911-to date; editor Eng. 
Sect, of Modern Philology; OFFICE: 
University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

fessor; born Tarboro, N. C., Sept. 10, 
1867; son Richard Baxter and Mary 
(Wilson) B.; educ. Trinity Coll.; Johns 
Hopkins; DEGREES: A. B., 1888; 
Ph. D., 1894; married Jessie Lewellin, 
Durham, N. C., 1892; AUTHOR: Con- 
stitutional Beginnings of North Caro- 
lina, 1894; Slavery and Servitude in 
Colony of North Carolina, 1896; The 
Regulators of North Carolina, 1896; 
Anti-Slavery Leaders of N. Carolina, 
1898; Slavery in the State of N. Caro- 
lina, 1899; The Federalist System, 1905; 
Life of Andrew Jackson, 1911; A Short 
History of the U. S., 1913; The Plain 
Story of American History, 1915; The 
Middle Group of American Historians, 
1917; Editor, Writings of Colonel Wil- 
liam Byrd of Westover, in Virginia, Esq., 
1901; Prof, history, Trinity Coll., N. C., 
Smith College, Mass., since 1906; editor 
South Atlantic Quarterly for 3 yrs.; 




deliv. spec. hist, lectures Yale and at 
New York Univ.; mem. leading hist, and 
antiquarian societies; HOME: Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 

born New Jersey, Nov. 1859 ; son Thomas 
G. and Emeline (Zane) B.; educ. Har- 
vard, Phila. Div. School, Univ. of Penn.; 
DEGREES: A. B., Ph. D., S. T. D.; 
married Clara B. Ware; AUTHOR: The 
Old Testament from the Modern Point 
of View, 1899; The Hebrew Prophet, 
1904; Ezra-Nehemiah in the Internat. 
Critical Commentary, 1913; The Relief 
of Pain by Mental Suggestion, 1917; 
Good and Evil, 1918; I Samuel in The 
Bible for Home and School, 1919; 
HOME: 3 Chelsea Square, New York, 
N. Y. 

ology; born Winchester, Va., Jan. 1854; 
son Michael and Martha (Terris) B.; 
educ. Wittenburg College and Seminary; 
DEGREES: D. B., D. M., D. D., L. L. D.; 
married Elizabeth Clark, 1880; AU- 
THOR: Lutheran Movement An Inter- 
pretation; Is the Ministry an Attractive 
Vocation?, 1895; CLUBS: Men's Lit- 
erary Club of Springfield, Ohio.; HOME: 
Springfield, Ohio. 

born Baltimore, Md., Nov., 1861; son 
Robert P. Bayley and Emma D.; educ. 
Balto. City College; Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D. (Johns Hop 
kins); married Lucie Jacobs; AUTHOR: 
Elementary Crystallography; Minerals 
and Rocks, 1915; Descriptive Mineral- 
ogy, 1917; several monographs pub. by 
New Jersey and U. S. Geological Sur- 
veys; CLUBS: University, Urbana, 111.; 
Beta Theta Pi; Phi Beta Kappa; Sigm? 
Xi; several scientific societies; HOME: 
903 W. Nevada St.; OFFICE: 245 Nat 
Hist. Bldg., Urbana, 111. 

tucky, Feb. 4, 1854; son Rev. Charle 
Fisk and Harriette Adelia (Lockwood) 
B.; educ. America and France; DE- 
GREES: B. A., Center Coll., Ky., M. A. 
L.L.B., Columbia Univ.; Ancien eleve- 
de la Faculte de Droit de 1'Universite 
de Paris et de 1'Ecole Libre des Science: 
Politiques; AUTHOR: The Law of Re 
ceivers; Wills; Railways; Private Cor 
porations; Modern Equity Jurispru 
dence; Public Corporations; Modern 
Equity Practice; Injunctions; Insurance 
Contracts; Contributary Negligence 
decor: Chevalier de la Legion d'Hon 
neur, 1913; admitted Am. bar 1881 
practiced New York, London and Paris 
remained in last named with interval o 
1 yr. in St. Paul, Minn., when he prac 
ticed in that town in add. to editing 
Railway and Corp. Law Journal and lee 
turing at St. Paul Coll.; on return t 
Paris lectured on American law at Univ; 

of Paris and Lille; is mem. of legal 
assns. in Paris and New York; AD- 
DRESS: 24 Boulevard des Capucines, 
Paris, France. 

of Agriculture; Professor Horticulture, 
Iowa State Coll., Ames, Iowa; born Sum- 
mer Hill, Cayuga Co., N. Y., Sept. 15, 
1860; son Isaac Ambrose and Maria 
North (Wood) B.; educ. Homer (N. Y.) 
Acad., Ann Arbor (Mich.) High Sch., 
Iowa State Coll.; grad. work Rutger's 
Coll.; DEGREES: B. S., M. S.; married 
Norma Hainer, July 2, 1890; AUTHOR: 
Apples of New York (2 vols.), 1905; 
also numerous tech. bull., papers and re- 
ports; member Am. Soc. Hort. Science, 
Am. Pom. Soc., pres. la. State Hort. Soc 
fellow Royal Hort. Soc.; HOME: Hort. 
Cottage, Campus; OFFICE: Horticul- 
ture Dept., Iowa State Coll., Ames, Iowa. 

born Westmoreland, Va., 1842; son R. 
L. T. Beale; grandson of Capt. Robert 
Beale, 3d Virginia Continental Line; 
educ. Fleetwood Academy; Culpepper 
Military Institute; DEGREE: D. D.; 
married Mary Bouic, Dec. 3, 1879; 
AUTHOR: Hist. Ninth Virginia Cavalry, 
edit. Semple's History of Virginia Bap- 
tists; mem. Society of the Cincinnati; 
HOME: Hague, Va. 


omy; born Gala Water, Botetourt Co., 
Va., March, 1874; son Wm. Bennett and 
Willie Ariana (Carper) B.; educ. Vir- 



ginia Polytechnic Institute, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; DEGREES: B. S., M. D.; 
married Adelaide Leiper Martin; AU- 
THOR: The Racial Anatomy of the Phil- 
ippine Islanders, 1909; also papers on 
subclavian artery, the negro brain, the 
human ear, the teeth, the weight of the 
organs, the sitting height, brain weight, 
the growth of children, etc.; HOME: 
University, Va. 

BEARD, EMMA PATTEN: Writer, Author; 
born Syracuse, N. Y.; educ. Packer Col- 
legiate Institute and at Bradford, Mass.; 
AUTHOR: The Jolly Book of Boxcraft; 
The Jolly Book of Playcraft; The Jolly 
Book of Funcraft; Marjorie's Literary 
Dolls; Marjorie's Little Doll School; 
The Toyland Mother Goose; The Blue- 
bird's Garden; The Jolly Year; The 
Good Crow's Happy Shop; The Surprise 
Book; HOME: 179 East Ave., Norwalk, 

BEARD, JAMES THOM; Senior Assoc. 
Editor "Coal Age;" born Brooklyn, 
N. Y., Oct. 19, 1855; son Ira and Isa- 
bella O. B.; educ. Adelphi Academy, 
1874; Columbia Univ., 1877; DEGREES: 
C E, E. M.; married Amelia Elizabeth 
Lawson, 1887; AUTHOR: Mine Venti- 
lation, 1895; Mine Gases and Explo- 
sions, 1908; Design of Centrifugal Ven- 
tilators, 1899; Safety Lamps, History 
and Application, 1900; Blasting Manual, 
1908; Mine Gases and Ventilation, 1920; 
HOME: 58 Washington Ave., Danbury, 
Conn.; OFFICE: 10th Ave. and 36th St., 
N. Y. City. 

BECKER, CARL LOTUS: Prof. History; 
born Black Hawk Co., la., Sept. 7, 1873; 
son Chas. DeWitt and Almeda (Sarvay) 
B.; educ. Univ. of Wisconsin and Colum- 
bia Univ.; DEGREES: Ph. D.; married 
Maude Hepworth Ranney; AUTHOR: 
History of Political Parties in N. Y., 
1760-1776; The Beginning of the Amer- 
ican People, 1917; The Eve of the Revo- 
lution, 1918; The United States, an Ex- 
periment in Democracy, 1920; HOME: 
Upland Road; OFFICE: 249 Golden 
Smith Hall, Ithaca, N. Y. 

BEDELL, FREDERICK: Engineer and 
Physicist; born Brooklyn, N. Y., Apr., 
1868; son Edwin Forest and Caroline 
Louise (Cunningham) B.; educ. Yale; 
Cornell; DEGREES: A. B., 1890; Ph. D., 
1892; married Mary Louise Crehore, 
July 1, 1896; AUTHOR: Alternating 
Currents, An Analytical and Graphical 
Treatment for Students and Engineers 
1892, immediately translated into 
French and German, and used in tech 
schs. in France, Germany and America 
and the book is still regarded as a clas- 
sic among books on mathematical elec- 
tricity; The Principles of the Trans- 
former, 1896; Direct and Alternating 
Current Manual, 1909; Experiment 
with Alternating Currents, 1894; Alter- 


nating Currents, an Analytical and 
Graphical Treatment for Students and 
Engineers, 1892; Airplane Characteris- 
tics, 1918; The Air Propeller, 1919; 
The Airplane, 1920; has contrib. many 
articles to scientific and tech. journals 
and prepared the electrical def. for re- 
cent rev. Webster's Inter. Diet.; CLUBS: 
Sigma Xi; mem. American Physical So- 
ciety; fellow Amer. Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; mem. Amer. Inst. 
of Elect. Eng.; has presented papers be- 
fore the Physical Society of London, the 
British Assn. for the Advancement of 
Science, Amer. Soc. of Mech. Engineers 
and the Franklin Institute; OFFICE: 
Physical Laboratory, Cornell Univ., 
Ithaca, N. Y. 


years past Registrar General's Depart- 
ment, Toronto; born Toronto, Jan., 
1844; son John Belcher and Elizabeth 
(Graf ton) B.; educ. common sch. and 
Rockwood Acad., Royal Military Sch., 
Toronto; Sch. Tchr. Medicine, 2 yrs.; 
married S. A. Buchanan, 1910; former 
mayor of Southampton; pres. Veterans' 
Assn.; AUTHOR: What I Know About 
Commercial Traveling; The Mystery of 
Life; The Divine or Creative Power in 
Man; OFFICE: Parliament Bldg., Tor- 
onto, Can. 

BELL, EDWIN: Secretary Law Society of 
Upper Canada; born Chatham, Ont., Jan. 
14, 1860; son of J. H. Bell; educ. Chat- 
ham Collegiate Inst.; DEGREES: L. L. 
B., Univ. of Toronto, 1889; Barrister, 
1884; married Fanny Brooke, June 11, 
1890; AUTHOR: Principles of Argu- 
ment, 1910; Law of Mortgages; Land- 
lord and Tenant; Digest of Ontario Law, 
and various books on law; Assistant 
Crown Attorney, Toronto, 1910-1912; 
mem. of Law Society of Upper Canada, 
of which he is secretary; held municipal 
office, Chatham; CLUBS: Toronto Golf; 
Arts and Letters; HOME: 71 Woodlawn 
Ave., West, Toronto, Ont. 

and Statistician; born Springfield, Mass., 
Apr. 7, 1869; son Daniel Webster and 
Mary Wood (Tinker) B.; educ. Amherst 
'Coll.; Johns Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M.; married Annie Sargent, Oct. 
28, 1899, Ph.D.; AUTHOR: Municinal 
Monopolies, 1899; Municipal Ownership 
of Gas Works in the U. S. (monograph), 
1891; contbr. of technical articles and 
reports; member com. of Natl. Civic 
Federation on municipal ownership of 
public util, advisory bd. Valuation 
Bureau; CLUBS: Cosmos; City; Univer- 
sity; HOME: 5647 Kenmore Ave.; 
OFFICE: City Hall Square Bldg., 

BENEDICT, A. L.: Physician, Digestive 
Diseases; born Buffalo, N. Y., Aug. 25; 
1865; son Nathan Gregory (Jr.) and 



Gracia Skinner (Smith B.; stud. Univ 
of Mich.; med. course Univ. Penna; 
DEGREES: A. M., M. D., F. A. C. P.; 
married Vida Grenville Meister; AU- 
THOR: Practical Dietetics, 1904; Golden 
Rules of Dietetics, 1908; collaborator 
Reference Handbook of the Medica 
Sciences, 1915-17; collaborator, Fitch's 
Dietotherapy, 1918; HOME: 377 Elm 
wood Ave., Buffalo, N. Y. 

BENGTSON, NEL.S A.: Professor of Geog- 
raphy, Univ. of Neb.; born Navlinge 
Sweden, May 22, 1879; son August and 
Hanna (Johnson) B.; educ. Peru State 
Normal; Univ. Neb.; Cornell Univ.; 
DEGREES: B. Ed. B. A., M. A.; mar- 
ried Iva M. Maxcy, (Va.), June 14, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Physical Geography Manual 
1913; The Wheat Industry, 1915; Geog- 
raphy of Nebraska, 1917, (a supplement 
to Brigham and MacFarlane's Geog- 
raphy, Book Two) ; Commercial Hand- 
book of Norway, 1920; HOME: 529 So 
24th St.; OFFICE: Univ. of Neb., Lin- 
coln, Neb. 

BENNION, MILTON: Teacher; born Salt 
Lake Co., Utah, June, 1870; son John 
and Mary T. Bennion; educ. Univ. Utah; 
Univ. Chicago; Columbia and Wisconsin 
Univs.; DEGREES: B. S., 1897, U. of 
U.; M.A.,' Columbia, 1901; married 
Cora Lindsay, June, 1898; AUTHOR: 
Citizenship, 1917, 1918, 1919; HOME: 
2385 Seventh East St.; OFFICE: Univ. 
Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah. 

born Delaware Co., Iowa, July 8, 1875; 
son P. C. Benson; educ. Epworth Sem.; 
State Teachers' College; State Univ.; 
Iowa State Coll. and Chicago Univ.; 
AUTHOR: Three Text Books on Agri- 
culture, 1914, 1915, 1918; Agriculture 
and Farming Business, 1917; books 
on Agriculture in collaboration with 
Dr. George Herbert Betts of North- 
western University; Text on Food Con- 
servation; CLUB: Rotary (Springfield); 
HOME: 198 Ft. Pleasant Ave.; OFFICE: 
168 Bridge St., Springfield, Mass. 

BERG, ERNST JULIUS: Professor of 
Electrical Engineering; born Ostersund, 
Sweden, Jan., 1871; son Ernst Gabriel 
Berg; educ. Royal Polytechnicum, Swe- 
den; DEGREES: M. E., Sc. D,; married 
Gwendolene O'Brien, 1906; AUTHOR: 
Electrical Energy; First Course in Elec- 
trical Engineering; Advanced Course in 
Electrical Engineering; CLUBS: Mo- 
hawk; Mohawk Golf; HOME: 28 Lowell 
Road; OFFICE: Union College, Schenec- 
tady, N. Y. 

ant Professor Hygiene, and Bacteriolog- 
ist, Univ. of Penna.; born Montgomery 
Co., Pa., Dec. 27, 1860; son G. R. and 
Susan D. B.; educ. 111. Wesleyan Univ.; 


DEGREES: B.S., M.D., Ph.D., from 
Univ. Penna.; M. A., 111. Wesleyan Univ.; 
married Annie S. Hallman, June 5, 
1884; AUTHOR: Practical Hygiene, 
1899; Principles of Hygiene, 1901 and 
1917; CLUBS: Sigma Xi; HOME: 206 
So. 53rd St.; OFFICE: Univ. of Penna., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

BERKOWITZ, HENRY: Rabbi; born Pitts- 
burg, Pa., March 18, 1857; son Louis 
and Henrietta (Jaroslawski) B.; educ. 
Pittsburg Pub. and High Sens.; Cincin- 
nati Univ.; Hebrew Union Coll.; DE- 
GREES: B. L.; Rabbi and D. D.; mar- 
ried Flora Brunn, Oct. 18, 1883; 
AUTHOR: Judaism and the Social Ques- 
tion, 1887; The New Education in Re- 
ligion, 1913; Bible Ethics, 1883; First 
and Second Union Hebrew Readers, 
1883; The Pulpit Message, 1892; The 
Open Bible, 1895; Sabbath Sentiment in 
the Home, 1898; Intimate Glimpses of 
the Rabbi's Career; estab. corsp. method 
of instruction in Hebrew, etc.; lecturer 
to Hebrew Assns. and Educnl. Instit.; 
originator of Mobile Humane Soc. for 
protection of children and animals, also 
of Charities Bur. in Kansas City; fndr. 
and chancellor of the Jewish Chautauqua 
Society: Rabbi Cong. Rodeph Sholon, 
Phila.. 1892-1920; OFFICE: 1305 Ste- 
phen Girard Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

and Investigation, Housekeeping; born 
Washington, D. C., Dec., 1880; daughter 
Ernest Albert and Mary (Spaulding) 
Fenton; educ. Washington High School 
(Western); Vassar College; Univ. Chi- 
cago; DEGREES: A. B., Vassar, 1902; 
Ph. D., U. of Chicago, 1910; married 
Luther Lee Bernard, 1911; AUTHOR: 
Influence of Newspaper Presentation 
upon the Growth of Crime and other 
Anti-Social Activity, 1911; contrb. to 
mags, and journals; taught Eng. 3 yrs. 
Sociol. and Econ. 1 1 / 2 yrs., Mt. Holyoke 
Coll.; CLUBS: Alpha Zeta Pi; HOME: 
608 7th St., S. E., Minneapolis, Mich. 

BERNARD, LUTHER LEE: Professor of 
Sociology; born Kentucky, Oct., 1881; 
son Hiram Hamilton and Julia A. (Will- 
son) B.; educ. Univ. Missouri; Univ. 
Chicago; DEGREES: B. S., A. B., Ph. D. ; 
married Frances Fenton, 1911; AU- 
THOR: Transition to an Objective Stand- 
ard of Social Control, 1911; The Mind at 
Work, 1914, (joint author); contrib. to 
American Journal of Sociology, American 
Economic Review, Amer. Polit. Science 
Review, Forum Dial, New Republic, Na- 
tion, Advocate of Peace, etc.; HOME: 
608 S. E. Seventh St.; OFFICE: Univ. 
of Minn., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Work; born Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 13, 
1868; son Seligman Bernheimer; educ. 
public schs., Phila.; Univ. Penna; DE- 
GREES: Ph. B., 1887; Ph. D., 1896 



(Univ. Penna) ; married Lillian Davis, 
Aug. 18, 1915; AUTHOR: The Russian 
Jew in the United States; Boys' Clubs; 
HOME: 2612 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Professor; born W. Sumner, Me., Oct. 
15, 1865; son William Drake and Joann 
Floyd (Lawrence) B.; educ. Colby Coll.; 
Newton Theol. Instn.; Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: A. B., Ph. D., D. D.; mar- 
ried Edith Van Wagner, July 1, 1913; 
AUTHOR: The Letters of the Room 
2 Collection in the British Museum, 
1896; New Old Testament, 1897; New 
Lexicon of the New Testament, 1897; 
The Book of Proverbs (in Am. Com- 
mentary on the Old Testament), 1905; 
The Old Testament Among the Semitic 
Religions, 1910; contrbr. to encyclo- 
pedias and theol. journals; ord. min- 
istry, Baptist, 1889; pastor Liberty, Me.; 
for 3 yrs. afterwards special instr. in 
Semitic language; instr., asst. and since 
1898 prof, in Semitic languages, Chicago 
Univ.; in 1916 prof. O. T. subjects at 
Colgate Univ.; HOME: Hamilton, New 
York; OFFICE: Department of Old Tes- 
tament In erpretation and Semitic Lan- 
guages, Colgate University, Hamilton, 
N. Y. 

BETTEN, FRANCIS S.: Clergyman; In- 
structor of History; born Wocklum, Ger- 
many, April 16, 1863; son Francis Sales 
and Clara (Mertens) B.; educ. Germany; 
AUTHOR: The Roman Index of Forbid- 
den Books; The Ancient World (text- 
book) ; co-author Betten-Kaufmann's 
Modern World (text-book); collaborator 
of several periodicals; CLUBS: Ameri- 
can Catholic Historical Assoc.; American 
Historical Assoc.; OFFICE: St. Ignatius 
College, Cleveland, Ohio. 

University Teacher; born Iowa, April 
1868; son Christopher and Lucinda B.: 
educ. Cornell College; Chicago Univ. 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A. B. 
M. Ph.; Ph. D.; married Anna M. Free 
love, 1893; AUTHOR: The Mind and Its 
Education, 1906; Social Principles o 
Education, 1912; The Recitation, 1910 
New Ideals in Rural Schools, 1911; Bet 
ter Rural Schools, 1914; Class Roon 
Method and Management, 1917; Father 
and Mothers, 1915; My Chance t( 
Achieve. 1915; How to Teach Religion 
1919; Prof. Psychol., Cornell College 
1902-18: prof. Religious Educ., Boston 
Univ., 1918-1919; prof. Religious Educ 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, 111 
1919; CLUBS: University Club of Evan 
s+on; OFFIC7: Hatfield Hall, North 
western Univ., Evanston, 111. 

Union Theological Seminary, N. Y.; bor 
Ratingen, Germany, Aug. 28, 1877; so 
Julius and Lina (Hevendehl) B.; educ 


Royal Gymnasium, Dusseldorf; Union 
Theological Sem.; Columbia Univ.; Univ. 
of Basle, Halle, Berlin; DEGREES: 
B.D. (Union Theol. Sem.); Ph.D. (Col- 
umbia U-); unmarried; AUTHOR: Crit- 
ical and Exegetical Commentary on 
Obadiah, Joel, Jonah, in The Interna- 
tional Critical Commentary, 1911, 1912; 
CLUBS: American Oriental Soc.; N. Y. 
Oriental Soc.; Soc. of Biblical Literature 
and Exegesis; HOME: 606 W. 122nd 
St.; OFFICE: Broadway at 120th St., 
New York City. 

Technical Journals; born Mar. 6, 1853; 
son Christopher B.; farmer, of Went- 
worth Co.; educ. pub. schs., Ontario; 
married Augusta Sutton, May 23, 1896; 
AUTHOR: Anecdotal Life of Sir John A.. 
Macdonald (former premier), Canada; 
A Memorial Volume (reference book); 
Canadian Railway Problem (a reference 
book) ; Hydro Electric Development in 
Ontario, 1920, (history of the Hydro 
Electric Power Commission of Ontario, 
220 pp., ill.); pamphlets Reciprocity 
(Treaty between Canada and U. S.); 
Canada's Approaching Peril (re-destruc- 
tion of forests, transl. into French by 
Monsigneur Laflamme, Laval Univ., un- 
der title of Sauvons nos Forets) ; Cana- 
da's Wool and Woolens; var. pamphlets 
on industrial questions; founder of The 
Canadian Engineer; Canadian Textile 
Journal; Pulp and Paper Magazine of 
Canada: Canadian Miller; Canadian 
Chemical Journal; HOME: 471 W. 
Marion St., Toronto, Ont. 

Chemistry; born Cornwall, Vt., Dec. 8, 
1878; son W. Harrison and Mary Lu- 
cinda (Cook); educ. Middlebury Col- 
lege, Johns Hopkins Univ., Chicago 
Univ., Leipzig, Berlin, Cambridge; DE- 
GREES: A. B., Ph. D.; married Edith 
I. Snell, 1907; AUTHOR: Laboratory 
Manual Inorganic Chemistry; Fluidity 
and Plasticity; contbr. to many scientific 
periodicals at home and abroad; mem. 
Univ. fraternities and several scientific 
assns.; chmn. Lafayette Research Com.; 
HOME: 602 Clinton St., Easton, Pa. 

BISHOP, SETH SCOTT: Physician and 
Surgeon; born Fond du Lac, Wis., Feb. 
7, 1852; son Lyman and Maria B.; educ. 
Pooler Inst., Beloit College, Univ. of the 
Citv of New York. Northwestern Univ.; 
DEGREES: B. S., M. D., D. C. L., LL. D.; 
married Jessie A. Button, Mar. 23. 1885; 
AUTHOR: Diseases of the Ear: Diseases 
of the Nose, Throat and Ear, 1897; The 
Ear and Its Diseases, 1906; contbr. of 
several hundred monographs; one of the 
editors of the New York Medical Times; 
has been on the edit, staffs of several 
other journals; held professorships in 
colleges for many years: prominent in 
American and Internatl. Med. Congress; 



mem. A. M. A.; Beta Theta Pi; Mason; 
Odd Fellow; HOME: 1726 Ridge Blvd., 
Evanston, 111. 

born Hartford, Conn., Jan. 7, 1847; son 
Elias and Catherine (Kelly); A. B., 
Yale, 1867; married Mary Dearborn 
4f Jackson, July 28, 1886; successively 
student of architecture, journalist, news- 
paper proprietor, univ. instr. in modern 
languages (Yale), and U. S. Consul 
(1 yr. Genoa, 4 1 / yrs. Palermo, in 
Italy), resigned consulate 1910, since 
devoted to literature, mainly fiction and 
travels; mem. Soc. Colonial Wars; 
AUTHOR: Detmold, 1879; The House 
of a Merchant Prince, 1882; Choy Susan 
and Other Stories, 1884; Old Mexico 
and Her Lost Provinces, 1884; Fish and 
Men in the Maine Islands, 1885; The 
Golden Justice, 1887; A House Hunter 
in Europe, 1893; The Brown Stone Boy 
and Other Queer People (re-issued as 
Queer People), 1902; Sergeant Von 
{anonymously), 1889; The Yellow Snake 
(re-issued as Tons of Treasure), 1902; 
A Pound of Cure, 1894; Writing to 
Rosina, 1894; The Faience Violin 
(transl. from French of Champfleury), 
1893; CLUBS: Authors; HOME: Brook- 
lyn, Conn. 

Clergyman; born Barre, Mass., July 30, 
1848; son Clark S. and Elizabeth 
(Clark) B.; DEGREES A. B., Harvard, 
1864; A. M., 1867; S. T. B., 1870; 
Ph. D., Leipzig, 1885; married Emma 
A. J. Gibson, Sept. 1, 1870 (died 1902); 
2nd, Clara Webster Parker, of Yonkers, 
N. Y., Feb. 24, 1906; AUTHOR: Sim- 
ilarities of Physical and Religious 
Knowledge, 1876; Crisis in Morals, 
1891; Religion and Science as Allies, 
1895; The Ethics of Evolution, 1900; 
New World and New Thought, 1902; 
The Open Secret or Life's Deeper Forces, 
1912; What is Bahaism?, 1912; or- 
dained 1870 (Unitarian); held various 
pastorates to 1903; since that date prof, 
religious philosophy, Theological Schools 
and Colleges; lecturer on philosophy of 
religion, Lowell Inst., Boston, 1876. 
1883; CLUBS: Authors'; ADDRESS: 
2 Arthur St., Yonkers, N. Y. 

Normal School; born Hartsgrove, Ohio, 
June 18, 1867; son Milton and Ruana 
B.; educ. Ohio Wesleyan; Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: A. B., A. M.; 
married Lovilla C. Procious, Aug. 12, 
1897; AUTHOR: History of the Con- 
stitutional Convention of North Dakota; 
editor Literature for the Study of Lan- 
guage; has written several articles deal- 
ing with educ. subjects for periodicals; 
HOME: Ellendale, N. D. 

BLAKE, JAMES VILA: Clergyman; born 


Brooklyn, Jan. 21, 1842; son Hamlin 
and Elizabeth (Dexter) B.; DEGREES: 
A. B., Harvard, 1862; B. D., 1866; 
married Abbie Frances Hovey, of Haver- 
ill, Mass., 1869; AUTHOR: Manual 
Training in Education, 1886; Essays, 
1887; Poems, 1887; Legends from Story 
Land; A Grateful Spirit, and Other Ser- 
mons, 1890; Happiness from Thoughts, 
and Other Sermons, 1891; Natural Re- 
ligion in Sermons, 1892; St. Solifer and 
Other Worthies and Un worthies; More 
Than Kin, 1893; An Anchor of the 
Soul, 1894; Sonnets, 1902; Songs, 1902; 
Discoveries, 1904; Church Worship, in 
Readings, Songs and Prayers; Unity 
Services and Songs; Unity Festivals; 
The Months, 1907; So Like Her Father 
(drama), 1909; A Merry-go-round (com- 
edy), 1910; The Lady Bertha's Honey 
Broth (drama), 1911; assisted in com- 
pilation of Unity Hymns and Chorals, 
1907; occupied several Unitarian pas- 
torates, chiefly in Mass, and 111., from 
ordination in 1867 to 1916; HOME: 
122 N. Ashland Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

born Galesburg, 111., Nov. 8, 1848; son 
Jonathan and Mary B.; educ. Wheaton 
Coll.; Chicago Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: 
A.B., 1870; D.D-., 1896 Monmouth Coll.; 
married Dr. Frances Carothers of 
Des Moines, la., Feb. 18, 1896; AU- 
THOR: Getting Things From God; Light 
on the Last Days; An Old Testament 
Gospel; Visions and Voices; HOME: 
Wheaton, 111.; OFFICE: Wheaton Col- 
lege, Wheaton, 111. 


Clergyman; born Madawaska, Me., Apr. 
28, 1845; son Alexis and Marie Leocade 
(Quelette) B.; educ. College du St. 
Sauveur (St. Anne, 111.); Immanuel 
Hall (Chicago); Nashotah Theol. Sem- 
inary (Wis.); St. John's College (An- 
napolis) ; DEGREES: B.D., D.D., M.J.D.; 
married Annie Van Ness Maltby, 
Apr. 2, 1877; AUTHOR: The Observance 
of the Lord's Day, 1879; Catechism on 
Confirmation (in Japanese), 1880; Vo- 
cabulary of Moral, Religious, Biblical, 
and Ecclestiastical Terms in Japanese 
with Chinese Equivalents, 1883; Some 
Characteristics of the Chinese People, 
1896; Buddhism in Japan, 1899; The 
Financial Problem in the Small Parishes 
and Mission Stations; Japan the Great 
Britain of the East; Souvenir Sketch of 
the Church of St. Sacrament, 1892; 
Field of Labor: Missionary to Japan, 
1873-85; has also visited other Oriental 
countries and Europe, besides making 
many trips through America; incumbent 
Ch. St. Sacrament, Bolton Lake George, 
1885-95; St. Mark's, Philmont, N. Y., 
1885-1911; The Good Shepherd, Punta 
Gorda, Fla., 1911-1921; lib. and mem. 
of Council of Asiatic Society of Japan, 
1878-85; now life member of same; 



principal St. Paul's Sch., Tokio, Japan, 
and warden of St. Margaret's Sch., To- 
kio, Japan; prof. Ecclstcl. History, Hom- 
iletics, Liturgies and Canon Law in the 
Trinity Div. Sch., Tokio, Japan; chap- 
lain Grand Lodge, Odd Fellows (New 
York), 1898-1900; pub. chmn. Red 
Cross and Assoc. Charities, Punta Gorda, 
Fla., 1918-1921; treas. Punta Gorda 
Tourist Club; hon. mem. Punta Gorda 
Commercial Club, 1921; charter mem- 
ber Clericus, Hudson, and University 
clubs (all of New York); HOME: Punta 
Gorda, Fla. 

man; born Ste. Anne, 111., June 23, 1856; 
son Alexis and Marie Leocade (Quelette) 
B.; educ. Kankakee High Sch.; Hobart 
College; General Theol. Sem.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., D.D., (Hobart 
College) : married Mary Lucretia 
Cross, June 2, 1884 (deceased); AU- 
THOR: For His Sake; Holy Noel; Cru- 
cifixion; French Drill; Life and Poems 
of Wm. Cullen Bryant; Sacred Wreath; 
Church and Pastoral Card Record; Good 
Friday Three Hour Service; O God of 
Nations; National Peace Hymn; Holy Or- 
ders 1885; Rector various New York 
churches in 1908, incumbent Church of 
the Beloved Disciple, Phila., Pa.; 
CLUBS: Odd Fellow; Mason; Phi Kappa 
Psi, and many societies; HOME; Upco- 
hall, Lee Co., Fla. 


Painter; born New York City, Dec. 15, 
1848; son William Henry and Eliza 
(Dodd) B.; educ. Latin Sch. (Boston); 
Inst. of Technology (Boston); DE- 
GREES: M. A. (Yale); Litt. D. (Colum- 
bia); both honorary; married Evan- 
geline W'ilbour, July 5, 1881; AU- 
THOR: Mural Painting in America; ed. 
and commentator (with Evangeline Wil- 
bour Blashfield and Albert A. Hopkins) 
of 70 Lives from Vasari's Lives of the 
Painters, 4 vols.; HOME: 48 Central 
Park S.; STUDIO: Carnegie Bldg., New 

fessor in Charge of Engineering; born 
Carrollton, Ky., July 2, 1875; son John 
Jacob and Anna Elizabeth B.; educ. Ky. 
State Univ.; Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: 
B. M. E., M. E., K. S. V., Ph. D.; mar- 
ried Martha R. White, Dec. 26, 1908; 
AUTHOR Elements of Drawing, 1912; 
Elements of Descriptive Geometry, 1906; 
The Small College and Technical Educa- 
tion, 1917; contbr. of articles on Edu- 
cational, Engineering and Industrial re- 
lations; member A. S. M. E., S. P. E. E., 
A. A. P. S. S., Sigma Xi, Sigma Beta Pi, 
Sigma Tau; member Industrial Relations 
Staff of John D. Rockefeller, Jr., 1920- 
21; prof. Mech. Eng., head of engring 
dept., Swarthmore Coll., since 1908; 
HOME: Swarthmore; OFFICE: Swarth- 


more College, Pa. 

BLOCK, LOUIS JAMES: Teacher; prin- 
cipal Marshall High Sch.; born Tachau, 
Bohemia, Sept. 10, 1851; son Lazarus 
and Fanny (Gostorf) B.; educ. Wash- 
ington Univ., St. Louis; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: Dramatic 
Sketches and Poems; Many Moods and 
Many Minds; The New World and Other 
Verse; Capriccios; The World's Tri- 
umph (play); The Judge (play); 
CLUBS: City; Cliff Dwellers; Chicago 
Literary; North Central Assoc. Coll. and 
Sec. Schls., N. E. A.; HOME: 201 S. 
Maple St., Oak Park; OFFICE: Marshall 
High School, Chicago, 111. 

born Bangor, Maine, Apr., 1869; daugh- 
ter Ransom Burritt Fuller and Louise 
(White) F.; educ. Elmhurst, R. I., Con- 
vent Sacre Coeur; married Edward 
Everett Blodgett Mar. 17, 1891; AU- 
THOR: The Aspen Shade, 1889; In 
Poppy Land, 1889; Fairy Tales, 1895; 
At the Queen's Mercy, 1897; The Giant's 
Ruby, 1903; When Christmas Came Too 
Early, 1911; Magic Slippers; Strange 
Story of Mr. Dog and Mr. Bear, 1915; 
Peas Blossom, 1917; public speaker; 
wrote letters to families of men killed 
during war at Red Cross National Head- 
quarters, Washington, D. C.; CLUBS: 
Mayflower Club (Boston; Am. Chrmn. 
Women's Repub., Div. 1st, Middlesex 
County; HOME: Redgables, West New- 
ton, Mass. 

born Chicago, 1887; son Sigmund and 
Carola (Buber) B.; educ. Harvard Coll.; 
Univ. Chicago, 1908-09; Univ. Leipzig, 
1913-14; Univ. of Gottingen, 1914; DE- 
GREE: Ph. D.; married Alice Sayers, 
1909; AUTHOR: Introduction to the 
study of Language, 1914; Tagalog Texts, 
1918; HOME: 804 W. Oregon St., Ur- 
bana, 111. 

born Bielitz, Austria, Feb. 23, 1855; 
educ. Furman Univ.; Johns Hopkins 
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; Berlin; Leip- 
zig; DEGREES: M. A., Ph. D., LL. D.; 
married Rosa Zeisler, June 20. 1885; 
AUTHOR The Atharva-Veda, 1899; Cer- 
berus, the Dog of Hades, 1905; A Con- 
cordance of the Vedas. 1907; The Re- 
ligion of the Veda, 1908; Rig-Veda Repe- 
titions (2 vols.), 1916; professor San- 
skrit and comparative philology, Johns 
Hopkins, since 1881; member various 
Oriental and philol. assns.; edited from 
original Sanskrit Mss., and transld. the 
Artharva-Veda in the Sacred Books of 
the East (edited by Max Muller) ; with 
Prof. Richard Garbe, edited the Kash- 
mirian, or Paippalada-Veda, 1901; has 
philology and ethnology to various lit. 




journals; ADDRESS: Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Baltimore, Md. 
contr. articles treating of Sanskrit litera- 
ture and history and with comparative 

Commissioner of District of Columbia 
born Cleveland, Ohio; daughter of Wil 
liam Jarvis and Florence B.; educ. pri 
vate schools New York and Cleveland 
studied in Europe; DEGREES, A. M 
(Yale), LL. D. (Western Reserve Univ.), 
(Smith), D. H. L.; AUTHOR: Under the 
Red Cross Flag, 1906; prominent in Rec 
Cross work during War, decor, by King 
of Italy (Gold Crown), King of Sweden 
Emperor of Japan (Fifth Order); 
CLUB: Congressional; HOME: 1801 P 
St.; OFFICE: Municipal Bldg., Washing- 
ton. D. C. 

BOAS, FRANZ: Professor of Anthropol- 
ogy, Columbia Univ.; born Minden, Ger- 
many, July 9, 1858; son M. Boas and So- 
phie (Meyer) B.; educ. Gymnasium, Min- 
den University; Univ. of Heidelberg, 
Bonn and Kiel; DECREES: Ph. D.; Sc 
D. (Oxon), LL. D. (Clark); married Ma- 
rie A. E. Krackowizer, March, 1887; 
AUTHOR: The Mind of Primicive Man; 
The Growth of Children, 1896; Kultur 
und Rasse, 1913; Changes in Form of 
Body of Descendants of Immigrants; ex- 
ploration and scientific investigations: 
Baffin Land, 1883; Pacific Coast of N. 
America, 1886-1915; has held lecture- 
ships and professorships in Anthropol., 
Chicago Expn., Columbia Univ., now 
prof. Anthropology, since 1899. Colum- 
bia, and curator dept. Anthropology, Am. 
Mus. Nat. Hist.; HOME: Grantwood, 
N.'J.; OFFICE: Columbia Univ., N. Y. 

gist; born near Belvedere, 111., Feb. 21, 
1882; son Henry B. and Eliza M. (Ste- 
venson) B.; educ. Northwestern Univ., 
Univ. Chicago; DEGREES: A. B., 1908; 
A. M., 1909; Ph. D., 1911; married 
Edith M. Pritchard, Aug. 9, 1911; AU- 
THOR: The Relation of Fatigue to In- 
dustrial Accidents, 1912; Introduction 
to the Social Sciences, 1913; Introduc- 
tion to Sociology, 1917; Essentials of 
Social Psychology, 1918, 1920; Essen- 
tials of Americanization, 1919, 1920; 
numerous articles in sociolog. publica- 
tions; CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Sigma Rho; OFFICE: Univ. of S. Cal., 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

of Economics; born Yonkers, N. Y., 
March 16, 1870; son Richard Walker and 
Mary (De Angelis) B.; educ. Princeton, 
Columbia, Univ. of Halle, Univ. of Ber- 
lin; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; 
married Stella Marshall, Sept. 15, 1900; 
AUTHOR: Die Finanzverhaltnisse der 
Einzelotaaten der Noramerikanischen 
Union, 1897; Housing of the Working 

People of Yonkers, N. Y., 1898; Eco- 
nomic History of the United States, 
1907; Business Economics, 1909; Finan- 
cial History of Ohio, 1912; Readings in 
the Economic History of the United 
States, 1916; Centennial History of Illi- 
nois (joint-author of vols. 4 and 5), 
1918; Direct and Indirect Costs of the 
War, 1919; War Costs and Their Financ- 
ing, 1920; contr. articles on finance 
and economics leading periodicals; asst. 
prof, economics, Indiana Univ., 1898- 
1900; prof. Economics, Oberlin Coll., 
1900-5; asst. prof. Economics, Prince- 
ton; prof. Economics, Oberlin Coll.; 
head of Dept. Economics, University 
Illinois; chief of Commodity Division of 
Bureau of Research, War Trade Board, 
1918, and asst. Foreign Trade Adviser, 
Dept. of State, Washington, D. C., 1919- 
20; CLUBS: Univ. (Urbana), Cosmos 
Washington, D. C.; HOME: Urbana, 111.; 
OFFICE: University of Illinois, Urbana, 

sity Professor; born Tomah, Wise., May 
9, 1866; son Edwin Latham and Rosa- 
line A. B.; educ. State Normal School, 
Milwaukee, Wise.; Univ. of Wisconsin; 
Univ. of Leipzig; Clark Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B. S., M. S., Ph. D.; married 
Olive A. Foster, Aug. 23, 1893; AU- 
THOR: Secondary School System of Ger- 
many; Principles of Education; CLUBS: 
Mason, Acacia; OFFICE: University of 
Washington, Seattle. 





born Tomah, Wise., July 20, 1870; son 
Edwin Latham Bolton; educ. Univ. Wis- 
consin, 1895; U. of Penn., 1899; DE- 
GREES: B. L., Ph. D.; married Ger- 
trude Janes, 1895; AUTHOR: Guide to 
Archives of Mexico, 1913; De Mezieres, 
1914; Texas in the Middle 18th Ce i- 
Southwest, 1916; Father Kinos Histori- 
tury, 1915; The Pacific Ocean in His- 
tory, 1916; Spanish Exploration in the 
cal Memoir of Pimeria Alta, 1912 (2 
vols) ; The Colonization of North Amer- 
ica, (with T. M. Marshall, 1920); The 
Spanish Borderlands, (in press, 1920); 
With the Makers of Texas, 1904; 
CLUBS: Theta Delta Chi; HOME: 1526 
Scenic Ave. ; OFFICE: University of 
California, Berkeley. 

NEY: College Professor; born N. Y. 
City, Oct. 1891; son Charles and Caro- 
line B.; educ. Western Reserve Univ.; 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., 
M. A.; married Adelina Russell, 1919; 
AUTHOR: At Large in Germany, 1915; 
Falling Leaves, 1916; After College 
What?, 1917; contbr. to professional 
journals; CLUBS: Sigma Nu; Archeo- 
logical Soc. Amer.; HOME: 3408 Lowell 
St., Washington, D. C.; OFFICE: George 
Washington University. 

born Greenfield, O., Apr., 1842; son 
Henry Johnson and Martha (Findley) 
B.; educ. Muskingum College, Xenia and 
Allegheny Seminaries; DEGREES: D. D., 
A.M.; married Mary E. Smith, Apr., 
1865; AUTHOR: Saving the World, 
1902; The Psalmody Question, 1908; 
Pamphlets: The Constitutional Right of 
the Bible to a Place in Our Public 
Schools, 1875; The Ecclesiastical Posi- 
tion and Work of Woman, 1878; In- 
strumental Music in the Worship of God 
Divinely Authorized, 1881; Christianity 
and the Industrial Problem, 1912; fre- 
quent occasional contbr. to religious 
press; for four years regular fortnightly 
contbr. to The United Presbyterian; 
HOME: 91 Monroe St., Endicott, N. Y. 

rian; born Litchfield, Conn., Mar. 8, 
1860; son Dr. David Elmore and Ade- 
laide (McKinley) B.; educ. Yale; DE- 
GREES: A. B., 1881; Ph. D., 1883; 
grad. fellow phys. science, 1881-4; mar- 
ried Lucy Sawyer, June 23, 1885; 
AUTHOR: Young Folks' Cyclopedia of 
Games and Sports (with John D. Cham- 
berlin, Jr.), 1890; The American Public 
Library, 1910, (rev. ed. 1917); The 
Different West, 1913; Earmarks of Lit- 
erature, 1914; The Making of an Amer- 
ican's Library, 1915; Classics of Amer- 
ican Librarianship, (edited) 2 vols., 

issued 1915-17; Library Essays, 1920; 
A Librarian's Open Shelf, 1920; assoc 
editor Standard Dictionary, 1894; editor 
Science Dept. Literary Digest, 1891 to 
date; formerly high school teacher, edi- 
tor, staff writer for cyclopedias; from 
1895 has been engaged in public libra- 
rianships, chief librarian, head of circu- 
lation dept. of various public and mu- 
nicipal libraries, New York, Brooklyn, 
St. Louis, mem. of num. educ. literary 
and archeolog. societies; CLUBS: Au- 
thors' (New York); HOME: 76 Vande- 
venter PI., St. Louis; in summer, Litch- 
field, Conn. 

keeper and Writer; born Corunna, Mich., 
Feb., 1857; daughter J. M. (D. D.) and 
Hannah (Red way) Arnold; educ. De- 
troit public schs. ; Northwestern and Ann 
Arbor Univs.; DEGREES: B. Ph.; mar- 
ried Willis Boughton, Ph. D.; AUTHOR: 
Memoirs of J. M. Arnold, D. D.; Quest 
of a Soul, and Other Verse; HOME: 
364 E. 21st St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BOUGHTON, WILLIS: Teacher, Lecturer, 
Author; born Victor, N. Y., April, 1854; 
son Myron and Jane (Farnam) B.; mar- 
ried Martha Arnold, July, 1884; educ. 
public schs.; Univ. of 111.; Univ. of 
Mich.; Dickinson College, Shefield, 111.; 
Ohio Univ.; Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; AUTHOR: Al- 
len's History of Civilization (co-author), 
1889; Mythology in Art, 1890; History 
of the Ohio University, 1892; History of 
Ancient Peoples, 1896; The Poets of 
America, 1891; The Brook Farm Com- 
munity, 1891; Ode to Learning; Amer- 
ican Literature in Outline; English Lit- 
erature in Outline; Chronicles of Eras- 
mus Hall Academy; editor of Tennyson's 
"Idylls of the King." Irving's "Life of 
Goldsmith;" Text-books: Tennyson's 
Gareth and Lynette, Lancelot and 
Elaine, and The Passing of Arthur; see 
addenda for magazine articles; 8 years 
prof, at Ohio Univ. and lecturer of Univ. 
of Pa.; for past 22 years teacher of 
English in Erasmus Hall High School, 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; has been giving annual 
courses of lectures for Brooklyn Inst. of 
Arts and Sciences for past 15 years; 
also in Brooklyn Teachers' Assn., N. Y. 
Univ., Adelphi Coll. and other institu- 
tions. His song, "United States, Amer- 
ica," was much sung in New York dur- 
ing war time. Editor of The Courier. 
Ann Arbor, Mich.: CLUBS: Beta Theta 
Pi; Mason; HOME: 364 East 21st St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

BOWIE, WILLIAM: Geodesist and civil 
engineer; born Annapolis Junction, Md., 
May 6, 1872; son Thomas John and 
Susannah (Anderson) B.; educ. St. 
John's Coll., Md.; Trinity Coll., Conn.; 
Lehigh Univ., Pa.; DEGREES: B. S., 



1893; M. A., 1907; Sc. D., 1919, Trinity 
Coll.; C. E., 1895, Lehigh Univ.; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Taylor Wattles, June, 
1899; AUTHOR: Primary Base Lines at 
Stanton, Texas, and Darning, N. M.; App. 
10, C. & G. S. Report for 1910; Effect 
6f topography and isostatic compensa- 
tion upon intensity of gravity, (co- 
author with John F. Hayford); Trian- 
gulation along 98th Meridian; Texas- 
California arc of primary triangulation; 
Determination of time, longitude, lati- 
tude and azimuth; Fourth general ad- 
justment of precise level net in United 
States, etc., (co-author with H. G. 
Avers); Primary triangulation on 104th 
meridian and on 39th parallel in Colo- 
rado, Utah and Nevada; Precise leveling 
from Brigham, Utah, to San Francisco 
California; Investigations of gravity and 
isostasy; Report on connection of arcs 
of primary triangulation along 98th 
meridian in United States and in Mexico 
and on triangulation in southern Texas; 
Grid System for progressive maps in the 
United States; Our Present Knowledge 
of Isostasy from Geodetic Evidence, 
Journal of Geology, July-August, 1917; 
also number papers scientific and en- 
gineering journals; CLUBS: Cosmos. 
Washington, D. C.; HOME: 1733 Church 
St., N. W.; OFFICE: U. S. Coast and 
Geodetic Survey, Washington, D. C. 

BOWMAN, ISAIAH: Author; born Water- 
loo, Ont., Dec. 26, 1878; son Samuel 
Cressman and Emily (Shantz) B.; educ. 
Harvard; Yale; DEGREES: B. S., Ph. 
D.; married Cora Olive Goldthwaite, 
June 28, 1909; AUTHOR: Forest Physi- 
ography, 1911; South America, 1912; 
Andes of Southern Peru, 1917; The 
New World: Problems in Political Geog- 
raphy, 1921; editor Journal of Geog- 
raphy; contrib. articles on Amer. Geog. 
and Geol. to periodicals; mem. Explor- 
ers' Club of New York; Sigma Xi; 
HOME: 46 Lewis Parkway, Yonkers, 
N. Y.; OFFICE: Broadway at 156th St., 
New York. 

BOWMAN, JAMES CLOYD: Professor of 
English; born Leipsic, Ohio, Jan. 18, 
1880; son Martin V. and Lydia (Hull) 
B.; educ. Ohio Northern Univ.; Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: B. S., B. Litt., M. A.; 
married Mabel Edna Fessenden, 1911; 
AUTHOR: The Gift of the White Roses 
(3rd edition), 1914; The Knight of the 
Chinese Dragon, 1915; On the Des 
Moines, 1921; Essays for College Eng- 
lish, 1915; The Promise of Country 
Life, 1916; Thoreau's Walden, 1917; 
Essays for College English (second 
series), 1918; Stevenson's An Inland 
Voyage and Travels with a Donkey, 
19J8; CLUBS: Iowa Press and Authors'; 
National Council of Teachers' of Eng- 
lish; Mason; HOME: 508 Lynn Ave.; 
OFFICE: Dept. of English, Northern 
State Normal, Marquette, Mich. 


President; born Allegheny, Pa., Mar. 8, 
1862; son Joseph Reed and Martha J. 
(McGonayle) B.; educ. Marietta Coll.; 
studied in Europe six summers; DE- 
GREES: M. A., Fed. D.; married Mary 
Arnold Gates of Marietta, O., Sept. 1, 
1887; AUTHOR: The Government and 
Civil Institutions of Ohio; teacher in 
public and high schools, supt. of schs., 
dean of Coll. of Educ., and mem. of 
Board of Sch. Examiners of that State; 
CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa; Alpha Sigma 
Phi: HOME: Patterson Place, Oxford, 
Ohio; OFFICE: Western College, Ox- 
ford, Ohio. 

State Normal School; born Bridgewater, 
Mass., Sept. 27, 1852; son Albert Gard- 
ner and Isabelle Whitten B.; educ. 
State Normal Sch., Bridgewater, Mass.; 
Amherst College; DEGREES: A. B., 
1876; A. M., 1881; married Katharine 
C. Allen, Oct. 11, 1877; AUTHOR: 
Nature Study by Months, 1898; 
75th Anniversary State Normal School 
Subjects, 1915; History of State Normal 
School, 1919; CLUBS: many educational, 
Masonic, civic organizations; HOME: 
68 Summer St.; OFFICE: State Normal 
School, Bridgewater, Mass. 

BOYLE, JAMES ERNEST: Professor of 
Agricultural Economics; born Boyle, 
Kans., Nov. 22, 1873; son John and 
Mary Ann (Searl) B.; educ. Univ. of 
Nebr.; Univ. of Kans.; Univ. of Wise.; 
DEGREES: A. B.," A. M., Ph. D.; mar- 
ried Effie M. Lytle, 1902; AUTHOR: 
The Government of North Dakota, 1910; 
Beginner's Civics for North Dakota, 
1912; Speculation on the Chicago Board 
of Trade, 1920; Rural Problems, 1920; 
CLUBS: Am. EC. Assn.; Am. Ac. Politi- 
cal and Soc. Sci.; HOME: 207 Fall Creek 
Drive, Ithaca, N. Y.; OFFICE: Cornell 

and business man; born Morehead, 
Minn., Aug. 19, 1877; son of J. Burritt 
Smith and Marcia A. (Bradford); S. ; 
educ. Univ. Wisconsin; Univ. Penna.; 
DEGREES: B. A., Ph. D.; married Flor- 
ence B. Mott. 1906: AUTHOR: Commis- 
sion Government in American Cities, 
1911; CLUBS: Cosmos; Y. M. C. A., etc.; 
HOME: 8 Argyle Ave., New Rochelle; 
OFFICE: 10 E. 39th St., N. Y. City. 

Boston, Oct. 9, 1863; son Gamaliel 
q. v.) and Clara Crowninshield (Kins- 
man) B.; educ. public schools, private 
tutors, Harvard Coll., 1882; married 
Helen Hubbard Ford, of Wellesley Hills, 
.Mass., Oct. 30, 1886; AUTHOR: Types 
of American Character (essays); A 
Pageant of Life; The Private Tutor; 
Between Two Masters; Matthew Porter; 



Lee, the American; Confederate Por- 
traits; Union Portraits; Portraits of 
Women; A Naturalist of Souls; AD- 
DRESS: Wellesley Hills, Mass. 

BRADLEY, ALICE: Writer and Lecturer; 
born Bradford, Mass., June 28, 1875; 
daughter Albert Emerson and Kate 
(Cole) B.; educ. Boston Cooking School; 
high school, Hyde Park, Mass.; special 
courses Mass. Inst. Tech., Teachers' 
Coll. (Columbia); unmarried; AUTHOR: 
A Candy Cook Book, 1917; Many book- 
lets; Food Values and Economical 
Menus, 1917; CLUBS: Boston Woman's 
City; N. E. Home Economics Assn.; 
American Home EC. Assn.; principal 
Miss Farmer's School of Cookery, Bos- 
ton, Mass.; HOME: 11 Dell Ave., Hyde 
Park, Mass.; OFFICE: 30 Huntington 
Ave., Boston, Mass. 

born Kinderhook, Mich., Apr. 12, 1884; 
son Albert Cooper and Ada (Smith) B.; 
educ. Univ. of Michigan; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; AUTHOR: Winning 
the Southwest; Story of the Pony Ex- 
press; Story of the Santa Fe, 1920; 
teacher of history in various high schs., 
later asst. and assoc. prof, history, 
Municipal Univ., Toledo; also for some 
t-ime instr. in English, Michigan Univ.; 
mem. several assns. for adv. of hist, 
educ.; ADDRESS: The Toledo Univer- 
sity, Toledo, Ohio. 

born Chicago, Apr., 1885; daughter Wm. 
Hastings and Lina (Rickcords) B.; 
educ. Chicago pub. schs.; Smith College; 
DEGREES: A. B.; married Herbert E. 
Bradley, June 21, 1910; AUTHOR: The 
Favor of Kings; The Palace of Darkened 
Windows; The Splendid Chance; The 
Wine of Astonishment; The Fortieth 
Door; The Innocent Adventuress; Short 
stories in magazines; CLUBS: Fort- 
nightly; Chicago Woman's; Cordon; 
Little Room; HOME: 5344 Hyde Park 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

Professor; born Tipton County, Tenn., 
Aug., 1869; son Sidney J. and Mollie 
(Hambleton) B.; educ. Bethel Coll.; 
Univs. of Va., Chicago, Leipzig, Berlin; 
DEGREES: B. A., M. A., Ph. D.; AU- 
THOR: On Southern Poetry Prior to 
1860, 1900; CLUBS: "39" (Local); Phi 
Beta Kappa; Sigma Nu; Lambda Pi; 
HOME: Greenville; OFFICE: Furman 
University, Greenville, S. C. 

BRAIN, BELLE MARVEL: Author; born 
Springfield, O., Aug., 1859; daughter 
William G. and Mary (Dyer) B.; educ. 
Cincinnati and Springfield, Ohio, high 
schools; unmarried; AUTHOR: Fuel for 
Missionary Fires, 1895; Weapons for 
Temperance Warfare, 1895; The Morn- 
ing Watch, 1897; Quaint Thoughts of 

an Old-time Army Chaplain, 1898; Fifty 
Missionary Programs, 1901; Transfor- 
mation of Hawaii, 1898; Fifty Mission- 
ary Stories, 1903; Missionary Readings, 
1901; All About Japan, 1905; Adven- 
tures with Four-footed Folks, 1908; 
Love Stories of Great Missionaries, 
1913; Holding the Ropes, 1904; Re- 
demption of the Red Man, 1904; 1914 to 
1918 Associate Editor of The Missionary 
Review of the World, resigning on ac- 
count of ill health; HOME: 38 Union 
Ave., Sohenectady, N. Y. 

Lecturer; born Somerset, O., Oct. 26, 
1860; son Isaac and Elizabeth ( Love- 
berry ) B.; acad. educ.; DEGREES: 
LL. D. ; married Mina E. Marquis, of 
Indianapolis, Dec. 25, 1882; 2nd, Grace 
Lee Crutcher, Dec. 18, 1907; AUTHOR: 
Lord's Supper; Turning Points of Life; 
Marriage and the Home; The False and 
the True; America or Rome; Soul Sav- 
ing Sermons; Anglo Saxon Supremacy; 
contbr. to periodicals; ord. min. Chris- 
tian (Disciples); pastor of churches in 
various cities of Ohio, Colo., Ind. and 
Mo., later trav. evangelist and lecturer; 
legislative com. of Evangelical Alliance; 
CLUBS: Lyons; Travelers; ADDRESS: 
1204 W. Okmulgee St., Muskogee, Okla. 

lege Dean; born Columbia, S. C., Apr. 
22, 1882; son Edward MacKnight and 
Margaret Sophronia (Dickerson) B.; 
A. B., Atlanta Bapt. Coll. (now More- 
house Coll.), 1901; A. B. U. of Chicago, 
1906; A. M., Harvard, 1908; married 
Hilda Damaris Prowd of Kingston, Ja- 
maica, B. W. I., July 20, 1912; AU- 
THOR: A Short History of the American 
Negro, 1913; History of Morehouse Col- 
lege, 1917; Richard Le Gallienne A 
Study of His Poetry, 1917; The Negro 
in Literature and Art, 1918; By-Ways 
of Romanticism, 1918; several booklets 
of verse; contr. to lit. journals; prof. 
Atlanta Baptist Coll.; prof. English, 
Howard Univ., Washington; dean and 
prof. English, Morehouse Coll.; AD- 
DRESS: Cambridge, Mass. 


Physician; born Avon, N. Y., Mar. 4, 
1848; son Elijah Brayton and Helen 
(Parker) B.; grad. Chicago Normal 
Sch.; DEGREES: B. S. and A. M., Butler 
College, Indianapolis; married Jessie M. 
Dewey; AUTHOR: Birds of Indiana; 
Mammals of Ohio; joint author with Dr. 
David Starr Jordan of Palo Alto, Calif., 
of Fishes of the Southern Appalachian 
Region, with twenty species new to 
science; prof. Dermatology, Syphilology 
and clinical medicine in the Indiana 
Medical College, the Medical Dept. Pur- 
due Univ.; consultant to the Indianapolis 
City Hospital and Dispensary, the Dea- 
coness Hospital, and St. Vincent's In- 




firmary, Indianapolis; chrmn. Section 
Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery at the 
Denver meeting of the American Medi 
cal Assn., 1898; pres. Indiana State 
Med. Assn., 1901-2; edit. Indiana Med. 
Journal and of the Transactions of the 
Indiana State Medical Assn. since 1892; 

born Pittsburgh, June 10, 1848; son 
George and Rhoda Ogden (Edwards) 
B.; educ. Auburn Theological Sem.; 
Hamilton College; DEGREES: A. B., 
1867; D. D., 1882; LL. D., 1914; mar- 
ried Mary Elizabeth Kendall, June 16. 
1870; AUTHOR: Abraham, the Typical 
Life of Faith; History of the Prepara- 
tion of the World for Christ; Heresy 
and Heresy; The History and Use of 
Hymns and Hymn Tunes, 2 edits.; Pre 
paring to Preach, 1911; one of his pam- 
phlets, More Light, has been many 
times translated; HOME: 123 Dithridge 
St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

of Biblical Alliance; born Germany, 
May 8, 1873; son Louis and Hermine 
(Kummer) B.; educ. Baldwin-Wallace 
Coll.; Nast Theological Sem.; Univ. of 
Wise.; DEGREES: A. B., B. D., Ph. D.. 
D. D.; married Lydia E. Filter, Oct. 11, 
1904; AUTHOR: Studies in the Gospels. 
1910; contr. Bible Diet., 1915; The 
Servant of the Lord, 1904; CLUBS: 
Natl. Educ. Assn.; instr. Univ. of Wise., 
1904-08; prof Greek and Hebrew, 
Baldwin-Wallace College, 1908-10; pres. 
Baldwin-Wallace College, 1910-18; secy. 
Biblical Alliance, 1918; HOME: 839 
Booth St., Milwaukee; OFFICE: Gay 
Bldg., Madison, Wis. 

born England, Aug., 1879; son George 
J. Brett; educ. Kingswood (Eng.); DE- 
GREES: M. A. (Oxford, Eng.); F. R. 
S. C.; married Marion G. Kernick, 1911; 
AUTHOR: The Philosophy of Gassendi, 
1908; edited Representative English 
I'oems, 1908; Government of Man, 1912; 
A History of Psychology (3 vols.); 
CLUBS: Arts and Letters; HOME: 127 
Albany Ave.; OFFICE: Univ. of Toronto, 

born Boston, Mass., Sept., 1861; son D. 
Chauncey Brewer; educ. Boston Latin, 
Willeston Sem.; Williams Coll.; Prince- 
ton Coll.; Boston Univ. Law.; DE- 
GREES: A. B., LL. B.; married Gene- 
vieve Withrow, 1888; AUTHOR: Rights 
and Duties of Neutrals; CLUBS: Univ.; 
HOME: 41 Bay State Rd.; OFFICE: 
40 Central Ave., Boston, Mass. 

born Windham, Conn., Sept. 5, 1848; 
son Rev. Joseph and Sarah Jane (Bunce) 
B.; educ. Hopkins Grammar; Yale; Ber- 
keley Div. Sch.; DEGREES: B. A., 

M. A., D. D.; married Alice Tucker 
Stephenson, June 20, 1893; AUTHOR: 
The Key of Life, 1894; Aspects of 
Revelation, 1901; The Catholic Ideal of 
the Church, 1905; The Kingdom of God 
and American Life, 1912; member 
Graduate Club, (New Haven); HOME: 
98 Woodland St., Hartford, Conn. 

tor in General Science, Phillips Acad- 
emy, Andover; born Lawrence, Mass., 
Oct. 11, 1866; son John L. and Ada 
Augusta (Tenney) B.; educ. Harvard 
College; DEGREES: A. B., A. M.; mar- 
ried (1st) Alice S. Rollins, 1893; (2nd) 
Lilian E. Dodge, 1912; AUTHOR: The 
Life and Letters of Josiah Dwight Whit- 
ney, 1909; Swimming, 1910; The Nu- 
trition of a Household (jointly with 
wife), 1915; The Child's Guide to Liv- 
ing Things, 1912; Vocational Guidance 
to the Professions, 1918; Studies in 
Religion for Young People (jointly with 
others) (in preparation); editor and 
joint author of various unsigned scien- 
tific and educational works; HOME: 
Andover, Mass. 


Editor, Publisher, Artist; born Bay- 
shore, N. Y., Sept. 7, 1870; son Henry 
D. and Clotilda T. (Smith) B.; educ. 
public sen., C. C. Institute, Pennington 
Sem., Princeton Univ.; married Eleanor 
V. V. Cator, 1916; AUTHOR: Success 
Secrets; What To Do With the Trusts; 
What's What in America; 100 Helps to 
Live 100 Years; contr. daily column to 
Brooklyn Eagle; mng. ed. Motion Pic- 
ture Mag., also Motion Picture Clas- 
sic; pres. Brooklyn Grand Opera Co.; 
CLUBS: Salamagundi; HOME: Roslyn, 
N. Y.; OFFICE: 175 Duffield St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

BRICKNER, WALTER M.: Surgeon; born 
New York City, Aug., 1875; son David 
and Sara M. (Ritterband) B.; educ. 
College of the City of N. Y.; Columbia 
Univ.; DEGREES: B. S., M. D., F. A. 
C. S.; married Perla S. Abrahams, 1903; 
AUTHOR: The Surgical Assistant; 1,000 
Surgical Suggestions, 1911; numerous 
articles on surgical subjects in maga- 
zines; editor-in-chief American Journal 
of Surgery, since 1905; CLUBS: N. Y. 
Acad. of Med.; Military Order of the 
World War; American Legion Civic, N. 

Y.; was Major, Medical Corps U. S. Army, 
1917-1919; HOME: 151 Central Park, 
West, N. Y. 

and Writer; born Lawrence, Mass., Nov., 
1857; son William Hall and Martha 
Hannah (Neal) B.; educ. pub. schs., 
Lawrence; Harvard, 1881; DEGREES: 
A. B., Harvard; married Lucy Stanwood 
Blanchard, Nov. 8, 1883; d. 1892: 2nd, 
Annie Page Campbell, June 7, 1893: AU- 



ness; Mother Wild Goose; Guess; Gulli- 
ver's Bird Book; Guess Again; Bridg 
man's Kewts; Lawsonized Lyrics; Seem 
So's: The Santa Claus Club; 'Fraid Cat; 
contbr. stories and illustrations chil- 
dren's mags.; HOME: 42 Summit Ave., 
Salem, Mass. 


Writer; born Lexington, Mass.; educ. 
Mass. Normal Art School. Boston; 
George Washington Univ.; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; AUTHOR: Tlu 
Study and Enjoyment of Pictures; In 
Memoriam; Sven Magnus Gronberger: 
Story of David Edstrom; Ellen Key: 
contrb. to art and other magazines 
travelled extensively in Europe, studying 
art and archaeology; on stall of LF 
France magazine; CLUBS: Writers' 
logical Sec.: Fine Arts; Columbiar 
Women (Geo. Wash. Univ.), etc.; AD 
DRESS: George Washington Univ. 
Washington, D. C. 

BRITTEN, CLARA M.: Author, Poet 
Dramatist; born New Orleans, Jan. 9, 
1882; daughter Moses W. and Mary A 
(Pryor) McMonagle; descendant of olr 


Spanish family, Castillo, which settled in 
New Orleans in 18th century; educ. pub. 
schs. of Ann Arbor and Univ. of Mich.; 
married Deward A. Britten, Feb. 2, 


1901; AUTHOR: A Flirtation; An Af- 
ternoon Gossip; Heaven Is Not Far 
Away (song); Verses from the Heart; 
has done stage and lyceum work 
throughout principal cities of U. S.; 
contbr. poems to San Antonio Express, 
New Orleans Picayune, Christian En- 
deavorer, Detroit Sunday News, Tribune; 
CLUBS: Detroit College; Northwestern 
(Detroit) Woman's; Drama League of 
Am.; Associated Actresses of Am.; 
Natl. Assn. of Elocutionists; Mich. Au- 
thors' Assn.; Episcopalian; HOMES: 
Detroit and San Antonio, Texas. 

born Cleveland, Ohio, Apr. 10, 1836; 
son E. A. and M. M. B.; educ. Allegheny 
College, Pa.; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., 
Ph. D.; married Louisa A. Williams, 
Dec. 1, 1861; AUTHOR: Commerce of 
the Great Lakes, 1891; History of the 
Pacific Slope; Progress of the United 
States from 1790 to 1890.; The Hawaiian 
Islands, Their History, Products, and 
Commerce, 1892; mem. Loyal Legion; 
HOME: Corner Broadway and Locust; 
OFFICE: Vine St., Macon, Ga. 

sor of Art History, Indiana State Univer- 
sity; born Saginaw, Mich., July, 1870; 
son George Byron and Abby Davis 
(Mansfield) B.; educ. Harvard College, 
Mass. Inst. Technology; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M.; married Ruth Steele, Aug., 
1910; AUTHOR: The Newell Fortune, 
1906; Somes House, 1909; Architecture 
and Allied Arts, 1914; Dante, How to 
Know Him, 1916; Great Artists and 
Their Works, by Great Authors, 1919; 
Notes on Drawing and Engraving, 
1920; CLUBS: Harvard; National Arts 
N. Y.); Arts (Washington, D. C.>; 
University (Indianapolis); HOME: 512 
E. 8th St.; OFFICE: Indiana Univer- 
sity, Bloomington, Ind. 

Waverly, N. Y., Dec., 1848; son W T il- 
liam Brooks; educ. Waverly High; Col. 
gate College; DEGREES: A. B., A. M.; 
married Emma Jahn, Mar. 29, 1912; 
AUTHOR: Battle Ballads, Old Ace, 
and other poems; California Buttered 
Toasts; Cream Toasts; Patriotic Toasts; 
The Grave Digger; Father Goose Melo- 
dia; novels: John Garden; The Alconda; 
The Prospector; CLUBS: Lotos, N. Y.; 
Press Club, San Francisco; Union 
League, San Francisco; HOME: 2535 
Hillegass Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

BROOKS, JOHN PASCAL: Civil Engineer, 
College President; born Kittery, Maine, 
Sept. 24, 1861; son Jas. W. and Anna 

A. (Wilson) B.; educ. Phillips Exeter 
Acad.; Dartmouth Coll.; DEGREES: 

B. S., 1885; M. S., 1894; Sc. D., 1915, 
(Dartmouth); married Belle C. Pear- 
son, June 4, 1903; AUTHOR: Handbook 



for Surveyors (with Mansfield Merri- 
man); Handbook of Street Railway Lo- 
cation, 1897; Reinforced Concrete, 1911; 
HOME: Potsdam; OFFICE: President 
Clarkson College of Technology, Pots- 
dam, N. Y. 

BROOKS, VAN WYCK: Writer; born 
Plainfield, N. J., Feb. 16, 1886; son 
Charles Edward and Sallie B. (Ames) 
B.; educ. Harvard; DEGREES: A. B., 
1907; married Eleanor Kenyon Stimson, 
Apr. 26, 1911; AUTHOR: The Wine of 
the Puritans; The Malady of the Ideal, 
1913; John Addington Symonds: a Bio- 
graphical Study, 1914; The World of 
H. G. Wells, 1915; America's Coming- 
of-Age; Letters and Leadership, 1918; 
The Ordeal of Mark Twain, 1920; 
HOME: Westport, Conn.; OFFICE: The 
Freeman, 116 W. 13th St., New York. 

Educator; born Laporte, O., Mar., 1835; 
son Samuel Brooks and Sophia (John- 
son) B.; educ. Oberlin College; DE- 
GREES: A. B., 1857; A. M., 1861; 
D. D., 1893; married Adelia Sophia 
Jones, Jan. 17, 1860; AUTHOR: Pam- 
phlet History of Tabor College, 1886; 
Glimpses of Four Score Years, 1915; 
HOME: 200 S. Vermont Ave., Los An- 
geles, Calif. 

BROOKS, WILLIAM P.: Agriculturist; 
born S. Scituate (now Nowell), Mass., 
Nov., 1851; son Nathaniel and Rebecca 
P. (Gushing) B.; educ. ungraded S. 
Scituate sch.; Assinippi Inst. ; Hanover 
Acad.; Mass. Agrl. Coll.; Fredrichs 
Univ., Germany; N o g a k u Hakuski, 
Japan; DEGREES: B. S., Ph. D., Hon.; 
married Eva Bancroft Hall, Mar. 29, 
1882; AUTHOR: Agriculture (3 vols): 
Soils and How to Treat Them (i) ; 
Manures, Fertilizers and Farm Crops 
( (ii) ; Animal Husbandry (iii) ; Five 
editions pub. Home Correspondence 
School; until Oct. 1, 1918, director and 
agriculturist, Massachusetts Agrl. Expt. 
Station; resigned on account health; 
made consulting Agriculturist Expt. Sta- 
tion; CLUBS: Fellow Amer. Assn. Ad- 
vancement of Science; Soc. for Promo- 
tion of Agrl. Science; HOME: Amherst, 


Philologist; born Avon, N. Y.; son Rev. 
Fortune Charles and Sarah (Lewis) B.; 
educ. Hobart College, 1889-93; Har- 
vard, 1893-95, 97-99; DEGREES: A. B., 
A. M., Ph. D.; married Octavia Cren- 
shaw, 1907; AUTHOR: Iwain, Harvard 
Studies and Notes VIII, 1903; Macbeth 
(Vol. Ill in Tudor Shakespeare, 1911); 
CLUBS: Cliff Dwellers; HOME: 625 
Coif ax St.; OFFICE: Northwestern Uni- 
versity, Evanston, 111. 

Presbyterian Board Foreign Missions; 


born Holliston, Mass., Dec., 1856; son 
Edwin T. and Elizabeth (Marsh) Brown; 
educ. Wabash College and Lane Theolog- 
ical Seminary; DEGREES: D. D., Lake 
Forest Coll., 1891; Yale, 1913; LL. D., 
James Milliken Univ.; Maryville, Carrol 
and Mo. Valley Colls., 1916; Wabash 
Coll., 1917; married Jennie E. Thomas, 
July 10, 1883; AUTHOR: The New Era 
in the Philippines, 1903-4; New Forces 
in Old China, 1904; The Foreign Mis- 
sionary, 1907; The Nearer and Farther 
East, 1908; The Why and How of 
Foreign Missions, 1909; The Chinese 
Revolution, 1912; Rising Churches in 
Non-Christian Lands, 1915; Unity and 
Missions, 1915; Russia in Transforma- 
tion, 1917; The Mastery of the Far 
East, 1919; HOME: 36 Gramercy Park, 
East; OFFICE: 156 Fifth Ave., N. Y. 

BROWN, BERTRAND: Editor, Commun- 
ity Service, Inc.; born Norborne, Mo., 
July 13, 1888; son Elizabeth Catherine 
and John C. B.; educ. Oberlin Coll.; 
Columbia Univ.; New York School of 
Social Work; DEGREES: A. B., Oberlin 
Coll., 1912; A.M., Columbia Un., 1915; 
AUTHOR: The Men We Lodge, 1915; 
Humanizing the Greater City's Charity, 
1917; War Camp Community Service 
Calls; composer of songs, (words and 
music): All For You, 1919; Before You 
Came, 1920; Maybe, 1920; I Never 
Knew, 1920; also over 25 others, pub. 
and unpub.; CLUBS: Amer. Acad. of 
Pol. and Soc. Science; Amer. Assn. for 
Labor Legislation; N. Y. Young Repub- 
lican Club; pres. of Alumni Assn. of 
N. Y. School of Social Work; HOME: 
564 Riverside Drive; OFFICE: 1 Madi- 
son Ave., New York City. 

born Obion Co., Tenn., Feb. 13, 1866; 
son Calvin S. and Margaret A. (Martin) 
B.; educ. Vanderbilt Univ.; Univ. of 
Colo.; Univ. of Paris; Univ. of Leipzig; 
DEGREES: B. S., M. S., D. Sc., Ph. D.; 
married Maud Morrow, 1905; AUTHOR: 
Tennyson's Enoch Arden and the Two 
Locksley Hall poems; The Later Eng- 
lish Drama; Latin Songs with Music; in 
prep.: The Archaeology of Mississippi; 
univ. professorships in Modern Lan- 
guages, Colo., Miss.; ADDRESS: Univer- 
sity, Mississippi. 

ing Engineer and Professor of Civil En- 
gineering; born Austinburg, O., Oct. 4, 
1856; son George Pliny and Mary Louise 
(Seymour) B.; educ. Cornell Univ.; 
Univ. Mich.; DEGREES: C. E., 1879; 
A. M. (Hon.), 1913, Univ. Mich.; mar- 
ried Cora Stanton, 1878; AUTHOR: 
Handbook for Cement Users (several 
editions), 1901-05; Directory of Amer- 
ican Cement Users (several editions), 
1901-08; Highway Engineering in prep- 



aration for pub. 1921 or 1922; for about 
20 years editor of Municipal Engineer- 
ing Magazine and author of numerous 
papers in this and other engineering 
periodicals and of many reports in 
State Board of Health reports of N. Y.; 
CLUBS: Fortnightly; mem. several na- 
tional and State societies; past. pres. 
some; HOME: 803 Lincoln Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Valparaiso University, Valpar 
aiso, Ind. 

Editor of Architectural Review, 1908- 
1919; born Minneapolis, Minn., Jan. 
1876; son Frank Buckman and Emma 
Clara (Hollidge) B.; educ. art schs. in 
America, and in Europe; married Mabe 
Stowell Franklin, Nov., 1912; A.UTHOR: 
Letters and Lettering, 1908; The Orders 
of Architecture, 1910; CLUBS: Architec 
tural; Boston Soc. of Architects; Am 
Institute of Architects; Studio Club; 
HOME: 16 Brimmer St.; OFFICE: 9 
Mt. Vernon Square, Boston, Mass. 

"Al Priddy") : Community Organizer; 
born Oldham, Eng., Dec. 5, 1882; son 
Samuel and Mary Jane B.; educ. Taylor 
Univ.; Bangor Theol. Seminary; Dar,- 
mouth College; DEGREES: A. B. (Dart- 
mouth); married Ethelind Gartland 
Knight, Jan. 1, 1908; AUTHOR: 
Through the Mill, 1912; Through the 
School, 1913; Man or Machine 
Which?; Congl. minister and lecturer; 
HOME: 747 Boston Ave., Bridgeport 
Conn.; OFFICE: Community Service, 
1 Madison Ave., N. Y. 

born St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 15, 1862; 
son Matthew Wilson and Emily (Lynch) 
B.; educ. chiefly private tuition, later 
medical colleges; DEGREES: D. D. S., 
M. D., C. M., A. B., F. A. C. S.; married 
Elizabeth Kathleen Selby Jones. 1884; 
AUTHOR: The Surgery of Oral Diseases 
and Malformations; occasional verse; 
has specialized in reconstructive plastic 
surgery for disfigured soldiers; CLUBS: 
Army and Navy, Mason, etc.; HOME: 
349 Prospect Ave., Milwaukee; OFFICE: 
445 Milwaukee St., Milwaukee. 

BROWN, JULIA: Author; born Lawrence- 
burg, Ind., May 9, 1855; daughter 
Henry L. and Sallie A. (Bush) B.; un- 
married; educ. Wesleyan College, Cin- 
cinnati, O.; AUTHOR: The Enchanted 
Peacock, 1911; The Mermaid's Gift, 
1912; many magazine stories and letters 
to newspapers; first story written, "The 
Pink Topaz," pub. in St. Nicholas Mag., 
1909; ADDRESS: 6 Elm Park Man- 
sions, Chelsea, S. W. 10, London, Eng- 

born New York, Dec., 1865; son John 
Crosby and Mary E. (Adams) B.; educ. 


Yale; graduated Union Theol. Sem.; 
Univ. Berlin; Union Univ.; DEGREES: 
A. B., 1886; A. M., 1888; Ph. D., 1901; 
D. D., 1903; married Helen Oilman 
Noyes, Mar. 30, 1892; AUTHOR: Mu- 
sical Instruments and Their Homes, 
1888; The Essence of Christianity, 1902; 
Christian Theology in Outline, 1906; 
Life of Morris K. Jessup, 1910; The 
Christian Hope, 1912; Modern Theology 
and the Preaching of the Gospel, 1914; 
Is Christianity Practicable?, 1916; contr. 
to Hastings' Dictionary of the Bible; 
Hastings' Encyclopedia of Religion and 
Ethics; Political Science Quarterly; 
Constructive Quarterly, etc.; mem- 
ber of Editorial Board Hibbert Jour- 
nal; CLUBS: Century, Yale Univer- 
sity, Am., Alpine, Authors'; HOME: 49 
East 80th St.; OFFICE: Union Theolog- 
ical Seminary, 3041 Broadway, N. Y. 

of M. E. Church, Lecturer, Author, Poet; 
born Adelaide, Ont., Canada, May 14, 
1866; son John Hay ward and Elizabeth 
(Smith) B.; educ. public schools of 
Ontario; Albion Coll.; Mich. Univ.: Ga^- 
rett Biblical Inst., Evanston, 111.; Theol. 


Sem. of Northwestern Univ.; married 
Margaret Henderson, Aug. 7, 1888; 
AUTHOR: Valley of the Ontonagon; 
Birth of Arbutus, May, 1909; Indian 
Legendary Poems and Songs of Cheer, 



1912; Oniata, the Lily of the Forest, 
Echoes of the Forest (poems) ; American 
Indian Legends; was born on a farm 
that was part of old homestead taken 
up by his grandfather, John Brown, who, 
with his wife, Charlotte (Hay ward) 
Brown, came from Bristol, Eng., and 
settled at Middlesex, Ontario, about 
1850; on his material side descended 
from English and Irish ancestry; sev- 
eral mother's brothers served with dis- 
tinction in British army; CLUBS: Gar- 
rett Biblical Institute Alumni Assn.; 
Michigan Pioneer and Historical Soc.; 
mem. executive board Michigan Authors' 
Assn.; HOME: Dexter, Mich.; OFFICE: 
87 Ann Arbor St., Dexter, Mich. 


Publisher; born Nottingham, N. H., Oct. 
8, 1851; son John C. and Martha L. B.; 
educ. public sch.; married Nellie M. 
Barber, 1891; AUTHOR: A Daughter of 
Maryland, 1895; The Woodranger, 1899; 
Two American Boys in Hawaii, 1899; 
The Woodranger Tales (4 vols.), 1899- 
1903; New America and the Far East 
(12 vols.), 1903-15; The St. Lawrence 
River, 1905; Japan: The Place and the 
People, 1905; China: The Country and 
the People, 1912; Ruel Durkee (re- 
vised edition), 1919-20; Amoskeag Man- 
ufacturing Co., 1911; History of Hills- 
borough, N. H., (2 vols.), 1920; Rh'.r 
of Broken Waters: The Merrimack, 
1920; Legends of Yesterday, 1919-20; 
Indian Nights Entertainments, 1920; 
edited and pub. over 20 vols. historical 
works; author nearly fifty juvenile 
books under own and other names; 
editor American Young Folks, 5 yrs.; 
Granite State Magazine, 10 yrs.; regu- 
lar contbr. Golden Days, 10 yrs.; been 
supt. of schools; now in active schoo' 
work; CLUBS: School Board and His- 
torical Societies; HOME: 329 Massabesic 
St.; OFFICE: 64 Hanover St., Manches- 
ter, N. H. 

BROWNE, RILMA M.: Author and Pub- 
lisher, Teacher; born Manchester, N. H.; 
daughter George Waldo and Nellie M 
Browne; educ. pub. schs., Manchester 
unmarried; AUTHOR: The Indian Story 
Hour; The Franconian Gateway; Stand 
ard Readings; has taught in public 
schools, now with Standard Book Co. 
in educnl. and other work for children 
HOME: 329 Massabesic St.; OFFICE 
64 Hanover St., Manchester, N. H. 

BRUNER, LAWRENCE: University Pro 
fessor (semi-retired); born Catasaqua 
Pa., Mar. 2, 1856; son Uriah and Amelia 
(Brobst) B ; educ. public schs., Acad 
and Un Nebraska; DEGREES: B.Sc. 
married Marcia Dewell, Dec. 25, 1881 
AUTHOR: Introduction to Study of En 
tomology; Destructive Locust of Argen 
tina, 1st rep. 1898; 2nd rep. 1900; Lo 
custs of Paraguay, 1906; Vol. II 


Orthopt. Biol. Cent. Americana; Salt 
Orthopt. of Brazil; Locusts of Peru; 
Preliminary Catalog of Philippine Or- 
thoptera; has written several mono- 
graphs and reports on study of bird and 
insect life; collab. New Elementary 
Agriculture; HOME: Auburn, Calif.; 
OFFICE: Univ. Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebr. 

Writer; born Matteawan, N. Y., Sept. 6, 
1879; 'son George J. and Rachel A. 
(Hendrickson) B. (now Mrs. W. S. 
Geddes); educ. various priv. prep, schs.; 
Amherst Coll.; DEGREES: B. A. (Am- 
herst); AUTHOR: The Eleventh Elegy 
of Sextus Propertius, 1900; The As- 
sumption of Hannele, 1911; The Camp- 
er's Own Book (Vol. I), 1912; The 
Camper's Own Book (Vol. II), 1913; 
Poems of Country Life, 1912; Sam 
Houston, 1917; mem. edit, staff New 
International Encyclopedia (1900-3); 
edit, staff International Year Book 
(1900); edit, staff Encyclopedia Amer- 
icana (1903-04); edit, publications of 
Univ. Soc., (educ. publishers) (1904- 
13); connected as editor and compiler 
numerous important works; contr. lead- 
ing periodicals and newspapers; CLUBS: 
The American Historical Assn.; The 
Canadian Camp (N. Y.); Authors (N. 
Y.); HOME: Brookfield Center, Conn. 

born Cambridge, Dorchester Co., Md., 
Feb. 27, 1884; son D'Arcy P. and Nan- 
nie Phelps (Wallace) B.; educ. Johns 
Hopkins and Univ. of Md.; DEGREES: 
A.B., 1903; LL.B., 1905; Ph.D., 1908; 
C.P.A., 1917; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
The Development of the English Law of 
Conspiracy, 1909; Students' Text on 
Federal Jurisdiction and Procedure, 
1911; Admiralty, Carriers, Shipping, 
1914; also numerous monographs, ar- 
ticles and book reviews; spec, in com- 
mercial, shipping and admiralty legal 
practice; HOME: 521 Roland Ave., Ro- 
land Park, Md.; OFFICE: Continental 
Bldg., Baltimore, Md. 

born Granville, O., Mar. 21, 1855; 
daughter Marvin M. and Emma (Cul- 
bertson) Munson; educ. Granville (O.) 
Female Coll.; Chicago Coll. Pharmacy; 
Denison Univ.; Cornell Univ.; DEGREE: 
B. S.; married Charles W. Bryant, Sept. 
16, 1875; AUTHOR: Pictures and Their 
Painters; The Life of the Bible as a 
Book; What Pictures to See in Europe 
in One Summer; Famous Pictures of 
Real Boys and Girls; What Sculpture 
to See in Europe; What Pictures to See 
in America; American Pictures and 
Their Painters; Famous Pictures of Real 
Animals; pioneer in pharmaceutical 
work for women in Ohio State; member 
several learned societies, actively inter- 
ested in educnl. influence and in censor- 


ship of motion pictures; HOME: 24 
Manhattan Ave., New York. 

BUCK, GERTRUDE: College Professor; 
born Kalamazoo, Mich., July 14, 1871; 
daughter George M. and Anne (Brad- 
ford) B.; educ. U. of Mich.; Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: B. S., Univ. of 
Mich., 1894; M. S., 1895; Ph. D., 1898; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Organic Educa- 
tion (with Miss H. M. Scott), 1899; 
A Course in Argumentative Writing, 
1899; A Course in Expository Writing 
(with Elizabeth Woodbridge), 1899; 
The Metaphor A Study in the Psy- 
chology of Rheloric, 1899; A Brief Eng- 
lish Grammar, 1905; Ruskin's Sesame 
and Lilies, in Longman's English Classic 
Series, 1906; A Course in Narrative 
Writing (with Elizabeth Woodbridge 
Morris), 1906; The Social Criticism of 
Literature, 1916; contbr. educnl. and 
rhetorical subjects in educnl. journals; 
CLUBS: English Assn.; Natl. Council of 
Eng. Teachers; Mod. Lang. Assn. of 
America; D. A. R.; HOME: 112 Market 
Street; OFFICE: Vassar College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

born Burlington, Vt., Nov. 5, 1864; son 
M. H. and Elizabeth (Wright) B.; educ. 
Univ. Vermont; Andover Theol. Sem.; 
DEGREES: A. B., D. D.; married Helen 
E. Willard, 1889; AUTHOR: Christ and 
the Eternal Order, 1906; Personality 
and the Christian Ideal, 1909; Mys- 
ticism and Modern Life, 1915; Progres- 
sive Religious Thought in America, 
1919: CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa; Berke- 
ley; HOME: University Terrace; OF- 
FICE: Pacific School of Religion, Ber- 
keley, Calif. 

BUHLER, MARY EDITH: Literature and 
Research; born Adams Co., Miss., Feb. 
1864: daughter John Robert and Mary 
Meux (Reynolds) B.; educ. New Orleans 
schs; unmarried; AUTHOR: The Grass 
in the Pavement (verse), 1918; CLUBS: 
Pen and Brush; N. Y. Microscopical 
Soc.; HOME: 352 East 140th St., N. Y 

BULKLEY, L. DUNCAN: Physician; born 
New York City, Jan. 12, 1845; son Dr. 
Henry D. and Juliana (Barnes) B.; 
educ. New York pub. schs.; Anthon 
Grammar Sch.; Yale, 1866; DEGREES; 
A. M., Yale, 1869; M. D., College Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1869; mar- 
ried Kate La Rue Mellicr, May 28. 1872; 
AUTHOR: Archives of Dermatology, 
1875-1883; Eczema, 1881; Syphilis in 
the Innocent, 1894; Compendium of 
Diseases of the Skin, 1912; Cancer, Its 
Cause and Treatment (Vols. I and II), 
1915, 1917; The Medical Treatment of 
Cancer, 1919; CLUBS: University; Yale; 
Quill; HOME: Riverdale, N. Y.; OF- 
FICE: 10 E. 60th St., New York. 


BURCH, EDWARD P.: Consulting En- 
gineer; born Wisconsin, 1870; educ. 
Univ. Minnesota; DEGREES: Engineer- 
ing; married Harriet Jackson of Min- 
neapolis, 1896; AUTHOR: Electric Trac- 
tion for Railway Trains, 1912; Tele- 
phone Rates in Detroit, 1916; CLUBS: 
American Institute of Electrical En- 
gineers; OFFICE: 1729 James Ave., S., 

fessor, Hunter College, N. Y. City, 
Biology and Anthropology; born Little 
Valley, N. Y., Jan. 19, 1855; son Rev. 
Chalon and Emma (Johnston) B.; educ. 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Fellow 1881-82; 
DEGREES: Ph. D., Columbia Univ.; 
Sc. D., A. M., and A. B., Hamilton; 
married Irene S. Hamilton, 1884; AU- 
THOR: History of Pre-Clusian Botany, 
1902; Biotian Asters, 1906 articles and 
parts of works in collaboration: CLUBS: 
Century; HOME: Park Hill South, Yon- 
kers, N. Y.; OFFICE: Hunter College, 
N. Y. City. 

and illustrator; born Jan. 30, 1866; son 
Thomas H. and Caroline (Brooks) B.; 
educ. Mass. Inst. Technology; DEGREE: 
B. S.; married Estelle Loomis, 1914; 
AUTHOR: Vivette (1897); The Burgess 
Nonsense Book; The Lively City o'Ligg, 
1899; Goops. 1900; A Gage of Youth, 
1901; The Romance of the Common- 
place, 1902; More Goops, 1903; The 
Reign of Queen Isyl (with Will Irwin); 
The Picaroons (with Will Irwin), 1904; 
The Rubaiyat of Omar Cayenne; Goop 
Tales; A Little Sister of Destiny, 1905; 
Are You a Bromide?, 1906; The White 
Cat, 1907; The Heart Line; The Maxims 
of Methuselah; Blue Goops and Red, 
1909; Lady Mechante; Find the Woman, 
1911; The Master of Mysteries, 1912; 
The Goop Directory, 1913; The Maxims 
of Noah; Love in a Hurry; Burgess Un- 
abridged. 1914; War, the Creator, 1915; 
The Romance of the Commonplace, 
1916; Mrs. Hope's Husband, 1917; 
edited The Lark, 1895-1897; CLUBS: 
The Players; Bohemian; HOME: 250 
West 94 A h St ; OFFICE: The Players, 
16 Gramercy Park, New York. 

Dean; born Giles Co., Tenn., Aug. 26, 
1844; educ. Amherst; Princeton; Univ. 
of Berlin, Germany; Columbia Univ.; 
DEGREES: A. B., A. M., (hon. Ph. D., 
LL. D.. Ph. D., J. U. D., LL. D.); mar- 
ried Ru+h Payne Jewett, Sept. 2, 1885; 
AUTHOR: Political Science and Com- 
parative Constitutional Law (2 vols.); 
The Middle Period; The Civil War and 
the Constitution (2 vols.); Reconstruc- 
tion and the Constitution. 1902; The 
European War of 1914, 1915; The 
Reconciliation of Government and Lib- 
erty, 1915; The Administration of Pres- 



ident Rutherford B. Hayes, 1915; contbr. 
to Political Science Quarterly of New 
York and other reviews; admitted to 
bar, 1869; was prof, polit. science Am- 
herst and Columbia Univs. ; HOME: 
"Athenwood," Rhode Island Ave., New- 
port, R. I. 

and Lecturer; born Sandwich, Mass., 
Jan. 14, 1874; son Thornton and .Caro- 
line F. B.; educ. public schs. of Sand- 
wich; married Fannie P. Johnson, Apr. 
30, 1911; AUTHOR: Bedtime Story- 
Books (20 vols.); Mother West Wind 
series (8 vols.); Green Meadow series 
(4 vols.); Tommy and the Wishing- 
Stone; The Burgess Bird Book for Chil- 
dren; The Burgess Animal Book for 
Children; The Boy Scouts of Woodcraft 
Camp; The Boy Scouts on Swift River; 
The Boy Scouts on Lost Trail; The Boy 
Scouts in a Trapper's Camp; contbr. to 
magazines; CLUBS: Boston (Authors; 
Players, N. Y.; ADDRESS; 61 Wash- 
ington Road, Springfield, Mass. 

and Author; born Thornville, O., Jan. 3, 
1873; son Jos. Walker Burkett and Anna 
(Klinger) B.; educ. Thornville pub. 
sch.; Ohio State Univ.; DEGREES: 
B. Sc,, M. Sc.; married Laura Weisman, 
1900; AUTHOR: A History of Ohio 
Agriculture, 1899; Agriculture for Be- 
ginners, 1903; Cotton, 1904; Soils, 
1908; Our Domestic Animals, 1908; 
Farm Stock; Farmers' Veterinarian; 
Farm Crops; Soils and Crops (joint); 
Farm Animals (joint) ; Between Two 
Lives (play); The Hill Readers (joint); 
editor Amer. Agriculturist; The County 
Life Education Series of University 
Grade Text; formerly prof. Agr., New 
Hampshire Coll.; prof. Agr. N. C. A. M. 
Coll.; director Kansas Experiment Sta- 
tion; lecturer; CLUBS: Alpha Zeta; 
Kappa Sigma; Advertising; Ohio Soc. of 
N. Y. ; HOME: 660 Riverside Drive; 
OFFICE: 315 Fourth Ave., New York 

BURNAP, GEORGE: Landscape Architect, 
Park Consultant, Editor; born Hopkin- 
ton, Mass., 1885; educ. Mass. Inst. of 
Technology, Cornell Univ., Am. Acad. at 
Rome, Italy (Austin Fellow); DE- 
GREES: B. S., M. A.; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Parks, Their Design, Equipment 
and Use; for six years landscape archi- 
tect of Public Buildings and Grounds, 
Wash; designer East Potomac Park, Me- 
ridian Hill Park, Montrose Park and 
many other parks of the National capi- 
tal; consultant to Park Department of 
Hagerstown, Maryland; St. Joseph, 
Missouri; Omaha, Nebraska; Council 
Bluffs, Iowa, and other cities; at present 
in private practice with main office at 
Washington, D. C.; editor Park Inter- 
national Magazine; CLUBS: member 


Chicago Univ., Technology, New York 
City and National Press; HOME: 1129 
Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C.; 
OFFICES: 808 Seventeenth St., Wash- 
ington, D. C.; 48 East 41st St., New 
York City. 

born Newton, Mass.; daughter George F. 
Root, composer of "Tramp, Tramp," etc.; 
educ. Waltham New Church School and 
Chicago publ. and pvt. schs.; married 
when very young; widow; AUTHOR: No 
Gentlemen, 1881; A Sane Lunatic, 1882; 
Dearly Bought, 1884; Next Door, 1886; 
Young Maids and Old, 1888; The Mis- 
tress of Beech Knoll, 1890; Miss Bagg's 
Secretary, 1892; Dr. Latimer, 1893; 
Sweet Clover, 1894; The Wise Woman, 
1898; Miss Archer Archer; A Great 
Love, A West Point Wooing, 1899; Miss 
Pritchard's Wedding Trip, 1901; The 
Right Princess, 1902; Jewel, 1903; Jew- 
el's Story Book, 1904; The Opened Shut- 
ters, 1906; The Leaven of Love, 1908; 
Clever Betsy, 1910; The Inner Flame, 
1912; The Right Track, 1914; Instead 
of the Thorn, 1916; In Apple Blossom 
Time; HOME: Cooper Carlton Hotel, 
Chicago, 111. 

Librarian; born Oramel, N. Y., Jan. 30, 
1857; son Dr. Wm. J. and Jane (Lin- 
coln) B.; educ. Cornell Univ.; Univs. 
Leipzig, Paris, Zurich; DEGREES: A. B., 
Cornell; LL. D., Wise.; Litt. D., Western 
Reserve; married Martha Martin, 1907 
(died Jan.. 1909); AUTHOR: Narra- 
tives of the Witchcraft Cases, 1914; 
Original Narratives of American His- 
tory; papers and articles; CLUBS: Town 
and Gown, University, Ithaca; HOME: 
217 West Avenue; OFFICE: Cornell 
University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

born Mount Pleasant, Pa., Aug., 1844; 
educ. Phillips Acad, Andover, Mass.; 
Yale Coll.; Union Theol. Sem.; DE- 
GREES: A. B., D. D., LL. D.; married 
Clarissa DeForest, Oct. 18, 1871; AU- 
THOR: The Religions of the World, 
1886; The Gospel of Gladness, 1892; 
The Morning Cometh, 1893; The Re- 
ligion of the Future, 1894; Hints and 
Helps (3 vols.), 1894 The Early Church, 
1897; The Verilies of Jesus, 1903; Con- 
cerning the Scriptures, 1904; The Evo- 
lution of a Christian, 1906; The Cloister 
Book, 1909; In David's Town, 1910; At 
the Gate Beautiful, 1911; The Home 
Sanctuary, 1911; The Old Time Rel- 
ligion, 1913; We Would See Jesus, 
1914; The Apostles' Creed, 1915; Paul's 
Campaigns, 1918; The Resurrection and 
the Life Beyond, 1920; The Gospel of 
Certainty, 1899; The Spirit of the Age, 
1895; The Church in the Upper Room, 
1912; Christus und der Fortshritt, 1908; 
A Quiver of Arrows, 1902; The Lure of 



the City, 1908; The Wondrous Cross, 
1896; For Christ's Crown, 1896; The 
Golden Passional, 1897; God and the 
People, 1899; The Unaccountable Man, 
1900; The Church in the Fort, 1901; 
Christ and Progress, 1903; Christ and 
Men, 1905; The Wayfarers of the Bible, 
1907; The Sermon: Its Construction and 
Delivery, 1913; The Wonderful Teacher, 
1916; Why I Believe the Bible, 1917; 
The Laughter of God, 1918; HOME: 
Madison, N. J.; OFFICE: Marble Colle- 
giate Church, N. Y. City. 

BURROUGHS, JOHN: Author; born Rox- 
bury, N. Y., April 3, 1837; son Chauncey 
A. B. and Amy (Kelly) B.; educ. dist. 
sch., Roxbury; Hedding Lit. Inst., Ash- 
land, N. Y.; Cooperstown Sem.; DE- 
GREES: Honorary at Yale, Georgia and 
Colgate Univs.; married Ursula North, 
1857: AUTHOR: Wake, Robin; Winter 
Sunshine; Locusts and Wild Honey; 
Fresh Fields; Indoor Studies; Birds and 
Poets, with other papers; Pepacton, and 
Other Sketches; Signs and Seasons; Riv- 
erby; The Light of Day; Ways of Na- 
ture; Literary Values; Far and Near; 
Leaf and Tendril; Time and Change; 
The Summit of the Years; The Breath of 
Life; Whitman; A Study; Under the Ap- 
ple Trees; Field and Study; Accepting 
the Universe; Camping and Tramping 
with Roosevelt; Bird and Bough; Squir- 
rels and Other Fur-Bearers; Bird Stories 
from Burroughs; In the Catskills; A 
Year in the Fields; has often been com- 
pared to Thoreau as an interpreter of 
nature, and is the dean of living writers 
in the field he has made his own. Born 
in a little farm house among the Cats- 
kill mountains, at an early age he was 
compelled to earn his living by teaching 
school. He was inspired for his life 
work by reading a volume of Audubon 
which came into his hands when he was 
about twenty-five, deepening his passion 
for the study of birds and nature; 
HOME: West Park, N. Y. 

ing writer; managing ed. of magazine, 
"The Earth Mover"; born Anderson, 
Ind., March 7, 1862; son Pierce and El- 
len Gertrude (Lapham) B.; educ. pub. 
sens. Aurora, 111.; AUTHOR: The Bash- 
ful Man (light essays), 1902; The Boys 
of Bob's Hill, The Bob's Cave Boys, 
1909; The Bob's Hill Braves, 1910; The 
Boy Scouts of Bob's Hill, 1912; Camp 
Bob's Hill, 1915; Raven Patrol of Bob's 
Hill; constr. story with the war prepara- 
tion as a backbround, The Trail Makers, 
1919; CLUB: Advertising; HOME: 209 
Downer Place; OFFICE: Farnsworth 
Ave., Aurora, 111. 

retary Young Women's Christian Asso- 
ciation; born Newton Center, Mass., 
April, 1865; daughter Ernest D. and 


Frances Mary (Townson) B.; educ. Univ. 
of Chicago; DEGREE: B. A.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Education of Women 
in China, 1911; Notable Women of Mod- 
ern China, 1912; Education of Women 
in Japan, 1914; Comrades in Services, 
1915; Woman Workers of the Orient, 
1918; CLUB: Women's University, N. Y. 
City; HOME: 5525 Woodlawn Ave., Chi- 
cago; OFFICE: 600 Lexington Ave., N. 
Y. City. 

tor, U. S.; mem. of Congress; born Jef- 
ferson, Ohio, Dec., 1851; son William 
and Elizabeth (Grant) B.; educ. Grand 
River Inst., Iowa Coll., Oberlin Coll.; 
DEGREES: A. B., Oberlin; LL. D., Ober- 
lin; LL. D., N. Y. U.; LL. D., Dartmouth; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Crises and De- 
pressions, 1902; Corporations and the 
State, 1910; The Life of John Sherman, 
1906; Political Tendencies, 1919; 
CLUBS: Authors, Metropolitan, Bankers, 
Union League; Union, Cleveland; Metro- 
politan, Univ. of Wash; OFFICE: 602 
Society for Savings, Cleveland, O. 

BUTLER, JOSEPH G.: Manufacturer; 
born Temperance Furnace, Mercer Co., 
Pa., Dec. 21, 1840; son Joseph Green 
and Temperance (Orwig) B.; educ. pub. 
sens; married Harriett Voorhees Inger- 
soll of Honesdale, Pa., Jan. 10, 1866; 
AUTHOR: Life of McKinley, 1900; First 
Trip Across the Continent, 1904; First 
Trip Abroad, 1906; Presidents I Have 
Seen and Known, 1910; A Journey 
Through France in War-Time, 1917; 
Fifty Years of Iron and Steel, 1917; has 
large collection of original Indian por- 
traits, painted by Burbank, Remington, 
Sharp, Craig and other well-known art- 
ists; owner of Art Museum, 524 Wick 
Ave., Youngstown; connected with vari- 
ous mfg. companies, chiefly iron, steel, 
for many years, now dir. Iron and Steel 
Inst., Pittsburgh; HOME: Youngstown, 

born Maine, Broome Co., New York, Mar. 
26, 1850; son Dr. William and Nancy 
(Smith) B.; educ. Cortland Acad., Ham- 
ilton College, College of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Columbia; DEGREES: A. B., 
A. M., M. D. Ecole de Medicine, Paris, 
France; married Mary E. Bradford, 
1874 (died);2d. A. M. Clarke, 1918; 
AUTHOR: Mental Diseases, 1910; 
CLUBS: Brooklyn Med.; 32 degree Ma- 
son, Aurora Grata, Kismet Temple, Roy- 
al Arch Mason; ADDRESS: 507 Clinton 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

fessor; born Beerfelden, Germany, April 
5, 1862; son Simon and Bella Pauline 
(Saalheimer) B.; educ. Univs. Wurz- 
burg, Leipzig; DEGREES: Ph. D., Univ. 
Heidelberg, 1896; married Ellen Clune 



of Warkworth, Ont., Jan. 11, 1897; AU- 
THOR: Die Hebraische Elias-Apoka- 
lypse, 1897; Outline of Neo-Hebraic 
Apocalyptic Literature, 1901; The 
Prophets of Israel, 1914; Are There Any 
Maccabaean Psalms?, 1914; The Book 
of Job (in press), Where Did Deatero- 
Isaiah Live? (Jrn. Bibl. Lit., 1919); 
Blood Revenge and Burial Rites in An- 
cient Israel (Jrn. Amer. Oriental Soc., 
1919); CLUBS: American Oriental Soc.. 
Soc. Biblical Literature; HOME: 252 
Loraine Ave., Clifton; OFFICE: Hebrew 
Union College, Cincinnati, O. 

and Surgeon; born Evansville, Ind., Nov. 
12, 1853; son Dr. William H. and Anne 
(Holland) B.; educ. High Sch. Berlin, 
Germany; Williston Seminary; DE- 
GREES: M.D., Northwestern U. Med. 
Sch.; married Lucy Richard Larned, Nov. 
9, 1882; AUTHOR: To Panama and 
Back, 1908; Manual of Gynecology, 
1895; CLUBS: Authors, London, Eng.; 
Univ., Chicago; HOME: 1411 Hyde Park 
Blvd., Chicago. 

BYNNER, WITTER: Literature; born 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Aug., 1881; son Thomas 
Edgarton and Annie Louise (Brewer) B.; 
educ. Brookline High School; Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A. B.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Young Harvard, 1907; Tiger, 
1913; The Little King, 1914; The New 
World (poem), 1915; Iphigenia in Tau- 
ris, 1915; Spectra (with Arthur Davidson 
Ficke) ; Grenstone Poems, 1917; The Be- 
loved Stranger; A Canticle of Pan, 1920; 
CLUBS: Players, Harvard, N. Y.; Au- 
thors, London; HOME: 16 Gramercy 
Park, N. Y. City. 


thor, novelist; born New Orleans, La., 
Oct. 12, 1844; son George W. and Re- 
becca (Boardman) C.: educ. Pub. Schs., 
New Orleans; DEGREES: Hon. LittD., 
Washington and Lee Univ.; Litt.D., Yale; 
A.M. and D. Litt. Bowdoin Univ.; 
married Louise Bartlett, Dec. 7, 1869 
(died Feb., 1904) ; 2d Eva C. Stevenson, 
Nov. 24, 1906; AUTHOR: Old Creole 
Days, 1879, 1880, 1895; The Grandis- 
simes, 1880; Madame Delphine; The Cre- 
oles of Louisiana; Dr. Sevier; The Silent 
South; Bonaventure; Strange True 
Stories of Louisiana; The Negro Ques- 
tion; John March, Southerner: Strong 
Hearts: The Cavalier; Bylow Hill; Kin- 
caid's Battery; Posson Jone and Pere 
Raphael; Gideon's Band; The Amateur 
Garden; CLUBS: Authors, New York; 
HOME: 23 Dryads Green, Northampton, 

Social Ethics, Harvard; Prof, of Medi- 


cine, Harvard Medical School; born 
Brookline, Mass., May 21, 1868; son 
James Elliott and Elizabeth (Dwight) 
Cabot; educ. Harvard; DEGREES: A. B. 
1889; M. D. 1892; married Ella Lyman, 
1894; AUTHOR: Clinical Examination 
of the Blood, 1896; Physical Diagnosis, 
1901; Social Service and the Art of 
Healing, 1909; Differential Diagnosis, 
1911; What Men Live By, 1914; Lay- 
man's Handbook of Medicine, 1916; OF- 
FICE: 1 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

CAHAN, ABRAHAM: Literature and Jour- 
nalism; born Vilna, Russia, July, 1860; 
son Shachna and Sarah C.; educ. Teach- 
ers Coll., Russia; Law. Sch., N. Y. City; 
married Anna Braunstein, of Kieff, Rus- 
sia, 1887; AUTHOR: Yekl, a Tale of the 
New York Ghetto; Imported Bride- 
groom; White Terror and Red; Rise of 
David Levinsky; HOME: 1815 Seventh 
Ave.; OFFICE: 175 East Broadway, 
New York. 

CAJORI, FL.ORIAN: Professor History of 
Mathematics, Univ. California; born St. 
Aignan, near Thusis, Switzerland, Feb., 
1859; educ. Univ. Wisconsin; Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; DEGREES: B. S., M. S., 
Ph. D., Sc. D. (Hon.), LL. D. (Hon.); 
married Elizabeth G. Edwards, 1890; 
AUTHOR: History of Mathematics, 
1894, (2d ed. 1919); A History of Ele- 
mentary Mathematics, 1896 (2d ed. '17) ; 
A History of Physics, 1898; A His- 
tory of the Logarithmic Slide Rule, 1909; 
William Oughtred (A Biography), 1916; 
A History of the Conceptions of Limits 
and Fluxions in Great Britain, 1920; 
The Teaching and Historv of Mathemat- 
ics in the U. S., 1890; Introduction to 
the Modern Theory of Equators. 1904; 
Collaborator of vol. iv. of M. Cantor's 
Geschichte der Mathematik; many arti- 
cles in scientific and educational periodi- 
cals; CLUBS: Faculty, Berkeley; HOME: 
2844 Webster St., Berkeley, Cal. 

cian; born Savannah, Mo., Dec. 3, 1870; 
son W. W. and Camilla (Kellogg) C.; 
educ. Kansas Univ., and Bellevue 
Med. Coll.: DEGREES: B. S., M. D.; 
married Elizabeth Perkins, 1913; AU- 
THOR: The Roentgen Rays in Thera- 
peutics and Diagnosis, 1904: CLUBS: 
New York; HOME and OFFICE: 480 
Park Ave., N. Y. 

Electrical Engineering; born Ithaca, 
N. Y., Dec. 25, 1868; son Geo. Chapman 
and Rebecca Stanly (Wilmarth) C.; 
educ. Cornell Univ.; Nat. Polytechnicum, 
Zurich, Switzerland; DEGREES: A. B., 
Cornell, 1890; M. E. in E. E., Cornell, 
(1891); married Louise Taf t Orton, July 
12, 1900; AUTHOR: Electrical Engi- 
neering Problems, 1913; Electrical En- 



gineering Test Sheets, 1911; CLUBS: 
Fellow A. I. E. E.; I. E. S.; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Sigma Xi; Eta Kappa Nu; 
HOME: 206 16th Ave., Columbus, O.; 
OFFFICE: Ohio State University. 

CALFEE, JOHN EDWARD: President of 
Normal; born Arcola, Mo., Feb. 7, 1875; 
son James B. Calfee; educ. Park Coll.; 
Mo. Univ.; Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: 
A. B., LL. D.; married Margaret Irene 
Ballantyne; AUTHOR: Rural Arithme- 
tic (co-author); The Path of Labor; 
mem. Council of Women for Home Mis- 
sions, New York; CLUBS: Rotary ; OF- 
FICE: 86 Victoria Road, Asheville, N. C. 

Writer, Ethnologist, Lawyer; born Anna, 
Wis., June, 1857; son John F. and Abi- 
gail (Welles) C.; educ. hgh. sch., acad. 
and Iowa State Coll.;; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Tales of West (2 vols.): My 
Host, the Enemy; Wooing of Tokala; 
Indian Legends; 200 Short Stories for 
Youth's Companion; Syndicate Serials 
for boys which ran for 30 years in Sun- 
day papers in middle West and South- 
west; 1st, A College Lark; 2d, Up the 
Missouri; 3d, Captured by Crows; 4th, 
Off to the Southwest; CLUBS: Amer. 
Authors, Longfellow, etc.; HOME: Por 
terville, Calif. 

fessor; born Hartford, Conn., March, 
1863; dau. Wolcott and Charlotte (Whi- 
ton) C.; educ. Smith Coll., Clark U., 
Harvard, Columbia: DEGREES: B. A , 
1885; M. A., 1887; Litt. D., 1909; LL. D., 
1910; unmarried; AUTHOR: An Intro- 
duction to Psychology; The Persistent 
Problems of Philosophy; A First Book 
in Psychology: The Good Man and the 
Good; CLUBS: Amer. Psychological 
Assn.; Philosonhical Assn.; HOME: 22 
Bellevue St., Newton, Mass. 

CALKINS, RAYMOND: Clergyman; born 
Buffalo, N. Y-, Aug., 1869; son Rev. 
Wolcott and Charlotte Grosvenor (Whi- 
ton) C.: educ. Newton Mass. Hgh. Sch., 
Harvard Coll.; DEGREES: Divinity 
School A. B., A. M., D. D.; AUTHOR: 
Substitutes for the Saloon (under aus- 
pices "Committee of Fifty" of N. Y.); 
Hymns of the Church, 1912; Let Not 
Your Heart Be Troubled; Idle Words; 
The Christian Idea in the Modern 
World; The Social Message of the Book 
of Revelation; HOME: 19 Berkeley St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

cate of Peace (founded 1834); born Fa- 
bius, N. Y., Sept. 27, 1869; son Chas. E. 
and Jennie (Aylworth) C.; educ. State 
Normal, Cortland, N. Y.; Brown Uni.; 
Yale, 1893-94; DEGREES: A. M., Ph. 
B.; married Mabel W. Soule, June 29, 
1897; AUTHOR: School Readers Series; 


Beginners' English; Business Men's Eng- 
lish; many pamphlets on International 
Relations; CLUBS: Cosmos, Arts Club, 
Monday Evening, (Delta) K. E.; HOME: 
3612 Newark St., N. Y.; OFFICE: 613 
Colorado Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

sity Professor and Dean; born Bedford, 
Ind., Nov., 1864; son Martin I. and So- 
phia O. (Tannehill) C.; educ. Normal 
Sch., Indiana Univ., Johns Hopkins; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M. (Ind.), Ph.D. (Johns 
Hopkins); married Maud Louise Fulch- 
er, Sept. 4, 1907; AUTHOR: Neutrality 
of the American Lakes, 1898; Cuba and 
International Relations, 1899; American 
Relations in the Pacific and the Far East 
1901; Confederate Diplomacy, 1901; The 
American Expansion Policy, 1903; Intro- 
duction to American Foreign Policy, Vol. 
I; The Monroe Doctrine and the Inter- 
American Relations; The United States 
and Canada; A Study in International 
History; Evolution of Seward's Mexican 
Policy; History of West Virginia; contr. 
various hist, monographs and revs., 
to encycs. and to "The South in the Mak- 
ing; of the Nation"; editor West Virginia 
University Studies in American History; 
HOME: 136 Willey St., Morgantown, 
W. Va.; OFFICE: West Virginia Uni- 

cian, Author, Inventor; born South 
Shields, Eng., Aug., 1857; s. Edwin Cal- 
lender, M.R.C.S.; educ. Wright Pvt Sch., 
Addison Coll. Prep. Acad., Winterbottom 
Inst., Mechanics Inst., Lit and Philo- 
sophical lust. (Newcastle) ; married Ella 
Cordelia Andrews, 1880; AUTHOR: Pre- 
lim. Courue for Piano; First Year of 
Pianoforte Study; Biographies of Musi- 
cians ; 100 Masterpieces of Music; Prison 
Flower (Romance) ; Summer Provinces 
by the Sea (Travel), written and illus. 
for the Canadian Government; Inventor 
of Pneumatic and Electric Organ Ac- 
tions; Combination Stop Actions for 
Oryan; Telephone Exchange Systems 
(automatic) ; apparatus for evolving or- 
namental designs automatically; HOME: 
4429 Baltimore Ave.; OFFICE: Metro- 
politan College of Music, Philadelphia, 

of Zoology; born Philadelphia, Pa., Jan., 
1871; son Graham and Mary S. (Powell) 
C.; educ. Phila. Pub. Schs., Univs. Pa., 
Berlin and Jena; DEGREES: Ph. D., 
1895: married Amelia C. Smith, 1901; 
AUTHOR: A Year of Costa Rican Nat- 
ural History (with Amelia S. Calvert). 
1917; Odonata (in Biologia Centrali 
Americana, 1901-08); written over 100 
technical articles, chiefly on entomology, 
in newspapers, journals, etc.; assoc. ed. 
Entomological News, 1891-1910; editor 



of same 1911 to date (Philadelphia); 
CLUBS: Entomological, Zoological, and 
other scientific societies; HOME: Chey- 
ney, Pa.; OFFICE: Zoolog. Laboratory, 
Univ. of Pa., Phila., Pa. 

CAMP, WALTER: Author and Manufac- 
turer; born New Britain, Conn., Apr. 7, 
1859; educ. Hopkins Grammar Sen.; 
Yalei DEGREES: A. B., M. A. Yale; 
married Alice Sumner; AUTHOR: The 
Substitute; Jack Hall; Old Ryerson; 
Uanny Fists; Captain Danny; Danny the 
Freshman; Drives and Putts; Bridge 
Don'ts; Auction Don'ts; Auction Up-to- 
Date; Yale, Her Campus; Keeping Fit All 
the Way; American Football; Football; 
Football (with DeLand), Book of Col- 
lege Sports; Athletes All; contr. various 
mags, find periodicals; editor sports de- 
partments; CLUBS: University, Yale, 
Aero. International, Sporting, Coffee, 
Local, Authors' League, Graduates and 
New Haven Country, etc.; pres. New Ha- 
ven Clock Co.; HOME: 34 Hillhouse 
Ave.; OFFICE: 133 Hamilton St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

and Housewife; born Delaware, O., May, 
1854; educ. Cottage School and Ohio 
Wesles^an Female Sem., Delaware, O.; 
Miss Nourse's School. Cincinnati, O.; 
married Franklin Little Campbell, May 
19, 1874; AUTHOR: The Fiddling Girl, 
1912; Proving of Virginia, 1913; The 
Violin Lady, 1914; M. K., Her Adven- 
tures in a Dull Old World (in collabora- 
tion with Mr. Charles Francis Stocking) 
in press; CLUBS: Advance, Sigma Chi, 
Mothers; HOME: 24 Montrose Ave., 
Delaware, O. 

Mathematics, Armour Institute of Tech- 
nology; born Nova Scotia, Apr. 26, 1867; 
son George C. and Ellen Esther (Gunn) 
C.; educ. Dalhousie College, Halifax; 
Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: B. A., Dal- 
housie; B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Harvard; 
married Lou Rena Bates, Mar. 26, 1906; 
AUTHOR: Elements of Differential and 
Integral Calculus; Elements of Differen- 
tial Equations; actuary of the Illinois 
Pension Laws Commissions of 1916 and 
1918: also of Pension Laws Commission 
of Milwaukee; Consulting Actuary since 
1908; CLUBS: University; Faculty; 
Evanston Golf; HOME: 1209 Hinman 
Ave.; OFFICE: 76 W. Monroe St., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

anist; born Detroit, Mich., Dec. 16, 1859; 
son James Valentine and Cornelia 
(Hotchkiss) C.; educ. Univ. of Mich.: 
Tubingen, Berlin; DEGREES: Ph. M., 
Ph. D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Elements 
of Structural and Systematic Botany, 
1890; Structure and Development of 



Mosses and Ferns, 1895; Lectures on 
Evolution of Plants, 1899; A University 
Text-Book of Botany, 1902; Plant Life 
and Evolution, 1911; has contr. many re- 
ports and monographs to scientific soc.; 
CLUBS: Authors' (London) ; HOME: 
Stanford University. 

CAMPBELL, GABRIEL: Prof, of Philoso- 
phy; born Ayrshire, Scotland, Aug. 19, 
1838; son Robert and Annie (Muir) C.; 
educ. Mich. Nor. College, Univ. of Mich., 
Chicago Theol. Sem., Univ. of Berlin; 
DEGREES: M. Pd., D. D.; married Lou- 
ise McMahon, 1865; AUTHOR: New 
German Course, 1868; also numerous 
pamphlets on philosophy; capt. Co. E, 
17th Mich. Inf., in Civil "War; later en- 
tered Congreg, ministry; HOME: Han- 
over, N. H. 

gressive Agriculture; born Vermont, 
July, 1850; son John and Mary M. (Hop- 
tkins) C.; eiuc. common sch.; married 
Elizabeth M. Turney Dec., 1902; AU- 
THOR: Campbell's Soil Culture Manual, 
1902; Campbell's Soil Culture Manual, 
1907; Campbell's Progressive Agricul- 
ture, 1916; now in prenaration a series 
of four volumes, title, Progressive Agri- 
culture, to treat on such topics as Till- 
age and Its Relation to Increased Pro- 
duction; Tillage in Defiance of Drouth; 
Increasing Fertility by Tillage; Tillage in 
Defiance of Hot Winds; Tillage and Its 
Effect Upon the Qualitv of Grain; aleo a 
number of bulletins: HOME: 4219 Ter- 
race St.. Oakland; OFFICE: 981 South- 
ern Pacific Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

President; born Clifton, Ohio. Dec., 
1863; son W. A. and Mary A. (Turner) 
C.; educ. Westminster College. Xenia 
Theological Seminary; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., D. D.; married Margaret 
Swartwood Julv 21, 1892; AUTHOR: 
Studies in Old Testament History, 1909; 
HOME: Sterling, Kansas. 

CANBY, HENRY SEIDEL: College Profes- 
sor: born Wilmington, Del., Sept. 6, 
1878; son Edward Tatnall and Ella Au- 
gusta (Seidel) C.; DEGREES: Ph.B., 
Yale, 1899; Ph.D., 1905; married Mar- 
ion Ponsonby Gause of Wilmington, Del., 
June 15, 1907; holds professorial rank 
at Yale, editing Yale Review and advis- 
ing in literary composition; AUTHOR: 
The Short Story, 1902; The Short Story 
in English, 1909; English Composition 
in Theory and Practice (in collab.), 
1909; A Study of the Short Story, 1913; 
College Sons and College Fathers, 1915; 
Facts, Thoughts and Imagination (in 
collab.), 1917; Our House, 1919; Edu- 
cation By Violence, 1919; Everyday 
Americans, 1920; also short stories; lit. 
and critical essays in periodicals; editor 


of the Literary Review of the New York 
Evening Post, 1920; member Modern 
Languages Asso. of America; CLUBS: 
Graduates, Elizabethan, Authors, Play- 
ers; OFFICE: New York Evening Post, 
N. Y. 

Editor, Lecturer; born New York, Oct., 
1868; daughter Henry and Mary C. 
Hungerford; educ. priv. schs.; widow; 
AUTHOR: Oklahoma Romance, 1902; 
Styles and Periods in Furniture, 1907; 
The Tapestry Book, 1910; Jacobean 
Furniture, 1914; HOME: 14 East 69th 
St., New York City. 

M. E. Church South; born Carroll Coun- 
ty, Ga., Aug., 1857; son Samuel C. and 
Martha Beall Candler; educ. Villa Rica 
Acad. and Emory Univ.; DEGREES: 

A. B., A. M., D. D., LL. D.; married 
Sarah A. Curtright, Nov. 21, 1877; AU- 
THOR: History of Sunday Schools, 
1880; Christus Auctor, 1902; Great Re- 
vivals and the Great Republic, 1905; 
High Living and High Lives, 1903; Wes- 
ley and His Work, 1909; Practical Stud- 
ies in the Fourth Gospel, 1912; OFFICE: 
548 Ponce De Leon Ave., Atlanta, Ga. 

born near Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Nov. 20, 
1859; son Lewis and Betsy C.; educ. 
Univ. Iowa; Divinity Sch. of U. Chi- 
cago; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., B. D., 
D. D.; married Sarah Elizabeth Clyde, 
July 19, 1878; AUTHOR: Divine Heal- 
ing and Doctors, 1898; Evolution and 
Man, 1902; The Bible in Modern Light, 
1904; The Church Libertyville, 1906; 
Early Church, 1908; History of the B. Y. 
P. U. A., 1913; In the Midst of the Years 
(poems), 1915; HOME: Cannon Falls, 

CARD, FRED WALLACE: Farmer; born 
Sylvania, Pa., Feb. 17, 1863; son Thos. 
M. and Hannah L. (Baker) C.; educ. 
Mansfield State Normal Sch.; Cornell 
Univ.; DEGREES: B. S. in Agr., 1892; 
M. S. in Agr., 1893; married Addie M. 
Williams Sept. 10, 1884; 2d, Maude I. 
Clements, April 26, 1907; AUTHOR: 
Bush-Fruits, 1893; Farm Management, 
1907; Assoc. prof, of horticulture, Univ. 
of Nebr., 1893-1898; prof, of horticul- 
ture, later prof, of agriculture, Rhode 
Is. College of Agriculture and Mechanic 
Arts, 1898-1907; HOME: Sylvania, Pa. 

born Cincinnati, O., Oct. 27, 1857; son 
Samuel Doak and Martha Louisa (Fen- 
ton) C.; educ. pub. and high schs., Cin- 
cinnati; Farmer's College, College Hill; 
Denison University, Grantville, O:; DE- 
GREES: Ph. B., LL. B.; married Mary 

B. Bidwell at Portland, Ore., Sept. 24, 
1883; AUTHOR: Prepared and pub. Di- 


gest of Oregon and Washington Reports, 
1888; contr. to History of Portland, Ore., 
1890; now engaged in editing a three 
volume History of Oregon; engaged in 
practice of law continuously at Port- 
land, Ore., since Sept. 24, 1883, except 
1888-89 in Detroit, Mich.; sr. mem. firm 
Carey & Kerr; Oregon counsel for 
Hill Railway Lines and others; vice- 
president Oregon Elec. Ry.; munici- 
pal judge, Portland, 1892-95; one of 
founders and dir. Multnomah Law Li- 
brary; v. p. Am. Bar Assn., 1894-1914; 
pres. Ore. Bar Assn., 1912-13; pres. State 
League Rep. Club, 1895-96; Garfield 
Rep., 1894-98; del. nat. state, congres- 
sional and co. convs.; mem. Rep. Nat. 
Com., 1904-5; chmn. Rep Congressional 
Com., 1894-98; trustee Portland Art 
Assn.; mem. Am. Acad. Polit. and Social 
Science, Am. Soc. for the Jud. Settlement 
of Internat. Disputes; chmn. state comm. 
on Reform in Jud. Procedure; mem. Am. 
Soc. Internat. Law; v. p. Arts and Crafts 
Soc.; trustee Ore. Hist. Soc.; mem. S. A. 
R.; Mason (32d); CLUBS: Arlington 
(pres.), Commercial, University; OF- 
FICE: 1410 Yeon Bldg., Portland, Ore. 

Professor; born Ohio, Dec., 1873; son 
George W. and Chloe M. (Hotchkiss) C.; 
educ. Case School of App. Science; Univ. 
Wisconsin; DEGREES: B. S., M. E., 
A. M.; Ph. D.; married Nellie G. Chit- 
tenden July 5, 1898; AUTHOR: Eco- 
nomic Influence Upon Educational Prog- 
ress in the U. S., 1820-1850, 1908; Edu- 
cation and Industrial Evolution, 1908; 
History and Problems of Organized La- 
bor, 1911; The Industrial Situation, 
1914; Elementary Economics, 1920; Or- 
ganized Labor in American History, 
1920; writer in economic and educational 
journals; contr., edit., The Bay View 
Magazine, 1919-21; HOME: Greencastle, 
Ind.; OFFICE: De Pauw University. 

CARNEGIE, DAVID: Civil and Ordnance 
Engineer; born Aberdeen, Scotland, Feb., 
1868; son David and Margaret Carnegie; 
educ. Gordon's College, Aberdeen; Royal 
School of Mines and College of Science, 
London; DEGREES: Fellow Royal Soc., 
Edin.; mem. Inst. Civil Engrs., and E. & 
E.; married Frances Ellen Lloyd, 1896; 
AUTHOR: Liquid Steel, 1913 (1st ed.); 
(2d ed. 1918); transl. French and Ger- 
man; Can Church and Industry Unite? 
1920; CLUBS: British Empire. London; 
HOME: Chateau Laurier, Ottawa, Can- 
ada, and Woodlands, Beckenham Hill, 
Kent, England. 

ture; born Attleborough, Mass., Oct. 16, 
1845; son Rev. George M. and Sarah L. 
(Walcott) C.; educ. Brown University; 
DEGREES: Ph. B., 1866; Litt. D., 190:, : 
married Lydia E. Snow Nov. 12, 1873; 


AUTHOR: A Woman of Shawmut, 1891 ; 
America in Hawaii, 1898; The American 
Advance, 1903; Long Ago in Greece, 
1906; Roger Williams, 1909; The Pil- 
grims and Their Monument, 1911; The 
Mayflower Pilgrims, 1918; CLUBS: Bos- 
ton Press Club; HOME: Milton, Mass.; 
OFFICE: 3 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

wright; born Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 13, 
1872; son Franes Childs Carpenter; 
educ. pub. schs.; married Helen Alden 
Knipe, 1907; AUTHOR: The Chasm, 
1903; Captain Courtesy, 1906; The Code 
of Victor Jallot, 1907; The Easy Mark, 
1912; The Cinderella Man, 1917; plays 
produced The Dragon Fly (with John 
Luther Long), Philadelphia, 1905; Cap- 
tain Courtesy, Los Angeles, 1906; Re- 
membrance, Chicago, 1906; The Barber 
of New Orleans, New York, 1909; The 
Challenge, Washington, 1911; The 
Tongues of Men, N. Y., 1913; The Cin- 
derella Man, N. Y., 1916; London, Eng- 
land, 1919: The Pipes of Pan, the Three 
Bears, N. Y., 1917; Bab, dramatization, 
N. Y., 1920; CLUBS: The Players, The 
Lambs, New York City; Franklin Inn 
Club, Philadelphia; HOME: (summer) 
The Salt Box, New Hartford, Conn.; 
(winter) 75 West 55th St., N. Y. City. 

sor Columbia Univ.; born Utica, N. Y., 
July 15, 1853; son William Penn and 
Sarah A. Carpenter; educ. Cornell Univ.; 
Univ. of Freiburg, Germany; DEGREES: 


University, West Campus; OFFICE: 
Wesley Hall, Vanderbilt University, 
Nashville, Tenn. 

CARROLL., MITCHELL: Educator, Edi- 
tor; born Wake Forest, N. C., June, 
1870; son Rev. John L. and Sarah G. 
(Mitchell) C.; educ. Richmond College, 
Johns Hopkins University, Univs. of 
Leipzig and Berlin; DEGREES: M. A., 
Ph. D.; married Caroline M. Benedict 
Sept. 6, 1897; AUTHOR: Greek Women, 
1907; Early Christian Women, 1907; 
The Attic Orators, 1900; Aristotle's Po- 
etics, In the Light of the Homeric Scho- 
lia, 1895; CLUBS: Cosmos, Arts 
(Wash.), National Arts (N. Y.) ; HOME: 
2333 20th St.; OFFICE: Editor Art and 
Archaeology, The Octagon, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

versity Professor; born Osawatomie, 
Kansas, Apr., 1859; son James H. and 
Jane (Grant) C.; educ. Univ. Kansas, 
Berlin, Munich, Harvard; DEGREES: 
A. B., A. M., Ph. D. ; married Katharine 
K. Morton, 1910; AUTHOR: Schillers 
Wallenstein, 1894; many other text- 
books; Each in His Own Tongue, and 
other poems, 1909; Cornill's History of 
the People of Israel (transl. 1901); 
Letters to American Boys, 1904; Kansas 
in Literature, 1900; many scientific arti- 
cles in periodicals; CLUBS: Authors, 
Unitarian, Poetry Society of America; 
HOME: Stanford University, Calif. 

A. B., Ph. D. ; married Anna Morgan 
Douglass. 1884; AUTHOR: Grundiss der 
Neuislandischen, Grammatik, 1881; con- 
tr. to World's Best Literature, John- 
son's Encyclopedia and many journals 
and mags.; CLUB: Century; HOME: 
417 West 117th St.; OFFICE: Colum- 
bia University, N. Y. 

CARRE, HENRY BEACH: Professor of 
Biblical Literature and Biblical Theol- 
ogy; born New Orleans, La., June 9, 
1871; son Walter Willie and Elvira Ad- 
ams (Beach) C.; educ. Tulane Univ., 
Louisiana; Vanderbilt Univ.; Univs. Ber- 
lin and Marburg, Germany; Univ. Chi- 
cago; DEGREES: A. B., 1895; B. D., 
1898; Ph.D., 1913; married Mary O. 
Vaughan, Nashville, Tenn., Mar. 22, 
1906; AUTHOR: Paul's Doctrine of Re- 
demption, 1914; commercial career to 
1889, subseq. entered ministry, M. E. 
Ch.: active worker in temperance cause; 
prof, theol., overseas with Y. M. C. A.> 
1918; special investigator for Anti-Sa- 
loon League of Amer. of temperance 
movement in Northern Europe, April- 
Dec., 1919; CLUBS: Mem. Soc. Bibl. Lit. 
and Exegesis, Sigma Chi, Phi Beta Kap- 
pa (Alpha of La.) ; official representative 
of Sigma Chi Fraternity overseas, Apr., 
1918-Dec., 1919; HOME: Vanderbilt 


born Oakfield; daughter Rev. Henry W. 
and Amelia H. (Miller) S.; educ. private 
schs.; married Rev. James Carter Sept. 
20, 1885; AUTHOR: A Golden Sunset, 
1889; Lays of the Lake, 1911; CLUBS: 
D. A. R.; HOME: Lincoln Univer- 
sity, Pa. 

CARTER, JAMES: Clergyman; born New 
York, Oct. 1, 1853; son Walter and Eliza 
Ann (Thomson) C.; educ. pub. schs. and 
J. H. Patton's Sch.; DEGREES: A. B.; 
married Emma Amelia Smuller Sept. 30, 
1885; AUTHOR: Songs of Work and 
Worship, 1889; Autobiography and Rem- 
iniscence, 1901; CLUBS: Columbia Uni- 
versity, Clergy of N. Y., Automobile of 
Philadelphia; HOME: Lincoln Univer- 
sity, Pa. 

Economics; born Kirkville, Iowa, Mar. 
25, 1865; son John H. and Margaret 
Jane (Bartow) C.; educ. Iowa Wesleyan, 
U. of Sou. Gal., Johns Hopkins, Cornell; 
DEGREES: A. B., Ph. D., LL. D.; mar- 
ried Flora F. Kirkendall, 1888; AU- 
THOR: Distribution of Wealth, 1904; 
Sociology and Social Progress (edited), 
1905; Principles of Rural Economics, 
1911; The Religion Worth Having, 1911; 



Essays in Social Justice, 1915; Selected 
Readings in Rural Economics, 1916 
Principles of Political Economy, 1919 
CLUBS: Oakley, Harvard, Cosmos 
HOME: 7 Kirkland Road, Cambridge 
Mass.; OFFICE: Harvard University. 

So. Bapt. Theol. Sem.; born Hermitage 
Tenn., Apr. 10, 1868; son Alexander Jef 
ferson and Almeda Adaline (Binkley) 
C.; educ. Richmond (Va.) College, So 
Bapt. Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: M. A. 
Th.D., conferred D.D. 3 times, LL.D.; 
married Alice H. Shepard, 1897; AU- 
THOR: Missions in the Plan of t h e 
Ages, 1909; Missions and Modern 
Thought, 1911; All the World in All the 
Word, 1918; Acts A Commentary 
1917; The Bible a Missionary Message 
(in press); managing editor "The Re- 
view and Expositor"; member Board ol 
Missionary Preparation (New York) ; ha 
traveled and studied in Europe; HOME: 
1445 First St.; OFFICE: 9 Norton Hall 
Louisville, Ky. 

CARY, AUSTIN: Forester; born E. Machi- 
as, Me., July, 1865; son Charles anc 
Mary Gary; educ. Bowdoin College; DE- 
GREES: B. A., A. M.; married Lelie J 
Chisholm, Seattle, Oct. 8, 1916 (died 
May, 1917): AUTHOR: Manual for 
Northern Woodsmen, 1909; HOME 
Brunswick, Maine; OFFICE: U. S. For- 
est Service, Washington, D. C. 

CASE, ERMINE COWLES: Professor His- 
torical Geology and Paleontology; born 
Kansas City, Mo., Sept., 1871; son Theo- 
dore Spencer and Julia (Lykins) C.; 
educ. Kansas Univ., Cornell Univ., Univ. 
Chicago; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., M. S., 
Ph. D. ; married Mary M. Snow, 1899; 
AUTHOR: 98 scientific articles, 6 mono- 
graphs; CLUBS: A. A. A. S., G. S. A., 
P. S. A., Am. Soc. Mammologists, Wash- 
ington Acad., S. C.; HOME: Ann Arbor; 
OFFICE: University of Michigan. 

CASE, JAMES THOMAS:: Surgeon and 
Roentgenologist; born San Antonio, Tex., 
Jan. 5, 1882; son James Henry and Fan- 
nie Elizabeth (Robertson) C.; educ. 
Univ. Calif.; Amer. Med. Missionary Coll 
(Univ. Illinois Med. Sch.); DEGREES: 
M. D., F. A.; C. S.; married Helena M. 
Kellogg, 1908; AUTHOR: X-Ray Ex- 
amination of the Alimentary Tract (4 
vols.), 1915; Roentgenologia del Apa~to 
Digestive (Spanish) (4 vols.), 1919; In 
preparation, Chest Clinic (by James T. 
Case, M. D., and J. S. Pritchard, M. D.) ; 
Diverticula of the Alimentary Tract; 
Surgeon Battle Creek Sanitarium; Dir. 
Roentgen Laboratory of the Battle Creek 
Sanitarium; Prof. Roentgenology, of 
Northwestern Med. Sch., Chicago, since 
1912; hon. mem. British Roentgen Soc.; 
Societe med. des hopitaux de Paris; 

Societe de Radiologie medicale de 
France; Academy of Medicine of Porto 
Rico; Academia Nacional de Medicina 
do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Chief of the 
X-Ray Service of the American Forces 
in France, 1917-18; Pres. American 
Roentgen Ray Society, 1919-20; CLUBS: 
Chicago Athletic; HOME: 124 Manches- 
ter St.; OFFICE: Battle Creek Sanitar- 
ium, Battle Creek, Mich. 

CASE, NELSON: Practice of Law; born 
Wyoming County, Pa., Apr. 22, 1845; son 
Chauncey and Mary (Roberts) C.; educ. 
county dist. sch., Clark Seminary, Au- 
rora, 111.; Normal University, Normal, 
111.; law dept. Michigan Univ.; DE- 
GREES: LL. B., Mich. Univ. in course 
1866; LL. D., Baker University, honor- 


ary, 1909; married Mary E. Claypool 
Feb. 22, 1872 (died Feb. 1, 1892); 2d 
Georgianna Reed,_May 31, 1900; AU- 
THOR: History of Labette County, Kan- 
sas, 1893; European Constitutional His- 
tory, 1902; Constitutional History of 
the U. S., 1904; The Story of the Little 
Town: An Historical Romance; prac- 
ticed law in Oswego from 1869 to 
date; practice ext. to all State and Fed- 
eral Courts of U. S.; active promoter 
of educ. advance in state; has been 
prom, church and temperance worker; 
edit. Oswego Independent for 3 years; 
held official positions in Kansas and 
other states; CLUB: Kansas Authors'; 
Kansas State Bar Assn.; HOME: Osweg 



born Hatfield Point, N. B., Can., Sept 28 
1872; son George F. and Maria (Jack- 
son) C.; educ. Acadia Univ. ; Yale Univ.; 
Univ. Marburg (Germany); DEGREES: 
B. A., M. A., Ph. D., D. D.; AUTHOR: 
The Historicity of Jesus, 1912; The Ev- 
olution of Early Christianity, 1914; The 
Millennial Hope, 1918; The Revelation 
of John 1919; CLUB: Quadrangle; OF- 
FICE: Faculty Exchange Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Chicago, 111. 

CAULFEILD, A. H. W.: Physician; born 
Eden, Ont., Canada, Nov., 1870; son H. 
J. Caulfeild; educ. Upper Canada Coll.; 
Univ. of Toronto; DEGREE: M. S.; mar- 
ried Mrs. M. H. Harinan, Dec., 1917; 
AUTHOR: Bacillus Perfrigens; Toxin 
and Antitoxin; Production Journal of 
Infectious Diseases, 1920; Certain Bac- 
teriological and Serological Aspects of 
Epidemic Influenza (Jr. Canadian Med- 
ical Assn., 1920); Preliminary Report 
Upon the Methods for the Production of 
Antistreplococcal Sera. (Journ. Pathol- 
ogy and Bacteriology, 1916) vol. xxi; 
Factors in the Interpretation of the In- 
hibitive and Complement Fixation Reac- 
tions in Tuberculosis (Proc. of Royal So- 
ciety B., vol. 84, 1911; Investigations on 
Pulmonary Tuberculosis (Journ. Med. 
Research, 1911, vol. xxiv, No. 1); 
CLUBS: York, Toronto Golf, Toronto 
Hunt; HOME: 13 Spadina Rd., Toronto, 

CHALMERS, JAMES: Clergyman; educa- 
tor; born Strathroy, Ont., Nov. 22, 1859; 
son Andrew and Catherine (Doyle) C.; 
educ. Eureka (111.) Coll., Wheaton (111.) 
Coll., Western Mich. Coll.; DEGREES: 
A. B., Ph. D., D. D., 1902; LL. D., 1904; 
married Elizabeth Anderson, 1889; AU- 
THOR: Bible Emblems and Oriental Im- 
agery, 1900; Seven Churches, 1913; ed- 
ited Macaulay's Milton and Addison, Irv- 
ing's Sketch Book, Tennyson's The 
Princess, Scott's Lady of the Lake; prof. 
English at various normal schs. and col- 
leges, pastor Congl. Church; HOME: 43 
Winter St., Framingham, Mass. 

tional Executive and Editor; born Oak 
Lawn, 111., Oct., 1870; son James A. and 
Sarah Elma (Leavitt) C.; educ. Cook Co. 
<I11.) Normal, Columbia Univ., Univ. Cal- 
ifornia; DEGREES: B. S., A. M.; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Educative Hand 
Work Manuals (2 vols., 1901-1905, out 
of print) ; Bibliography of the Manual 
Arts, 1902-1911 (out of print); The 
Conditions and Tendencies of Technical 
Education in Germany, 1908; Standards 
in Education, 1908; The Continents and 
Their People (6 vols. in collaboration 
with Jas. F. Chamberlain); The Growth 
of Responsibility and Enlargement of 
Power of the City School Superintend- 


ent, 1913; Ideals and Democracy; Thrift 
and Conservation, 1919; CLUBS: 
Commonwealth, Faculty; HOME: Pasa- 
dena; OFFICE: Flood Bldg., San Fran- 
cisco, Calif. 

Banker; born New York, Oct. 1878; son 
George W. and Hattie L. (Cummings) 
C.; educ. Springfield (Mass.) High Sch., 
Yale Coll.; DEGREES: A. B., A. M.; 
married Edna M. Williams, Jan., 1918; 
AUTHOR: Principles of Bond Invest- 
ment, 1911; Work of the Bond House, 
1912; director Canada Foundries and 
Forgings Co.; International Abrasive 
Corp.; Rubay Body Co.; Gt. Eastern Pa- 
per Co.; Struthers Wells Co.; CLUBS: 
International Sporting; Yale; Green- 
wich Country; Indian Harbor Yacht; 
HOME: Overlook, Greenwich, Conn.; 
OFFICE: 115 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

born Mass., May 21, 1870; son Edward 
and Sarah Jane C.; educ. North 
Abington High School, Phillips Ex- 
eter Acad., Harvard Univ.; DEGREE: 
LL. B. (Harvard); married Frances 
Mansfield Harvey, 1894; AUTHOR: The 
Blow Behind, 1903; In the Shoe-String 
Country, 1906; The Philippine Problem, 
1913; The Private Character of Queen 
Elizabeth, 1920; CLUBS: Harvard, Bos- 
ton; The Pilgrims, London; HOME: Vil- 
la Bella Vista, Calle Villalonga, El To- 
rreno, Mallorca. 

born New Orleans, March 28, 1860; son 
Joseph A. and Maria (Charles) C.; educ. 
pub. and pvt. schs.; post-grad. Tulane 
U., 1890-2; fellow Johns Hopkins, 1893- 
1894; married Ellen White Taylor, 1883; 
AUTHOR: Twenty Lessons in Bookkeep- 
ing, 1885; A Primary Speller, 1888; A 
School History of the United States, 
1887; A Higher History of the United 
States, 1889; Search Questions in Amer- 
ican History, 1890; Constitutional His- 
tory of Hawaii, 1896; West Florida (His- 
torical Cartography), 1898; An Intro- 
duction to Louisiana History, 1896; A 
Baratarian Elaine, 1900; Under the 
Stars and Bars, Drama, 1907; The 
Legend of the God Votan, 1909; 
The Territory of Louisiana, 1803-12, and 
Modern Louisiana, 1876-1910 (vol. Ill of 
The South in the Building of the Nation), 
1910; Crossing of the Mississippi 
(Chronicles of America, series) 1917; 
for many years engaged educ. work as 
teacher in high schs., later as univ, prof. 
Home: 1505 Arabella St., New Orleans, 

Magazine Writer, Editor; born Chelten- 
ham, Gloucestershire, Eng., July 18, 
1870; educ. priv. educ., England, Chel- 
tenham County sch.; DEGREES: Col- 



lege of Preceptors, and Soc. of Science 
Letters and Arts, London; married Len 
ora C. Flood, Sept. 8, 1894; AUTHOR 
An American Boy at Henley; Henley'u 
American Captain, 1912; Henley on the 
Battle Line, 1913; All for God; The 
Stalwarts; also 300 or 400 short stories 
in mags.; CLUBS: mem. of Cumberland 
Co. Boy Scout Board, Vineland Hospita. 
Asso., Vineland; Chamber of Commerce; 
trustee of V. Historical Society and ol 
First Unitarian Soc. all local clubs; 
HOME: Vineland, N. J. 

Professor; born Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb., 
1888; son Rev. Dr. Charles B. and Flor- 
ence Adelaide (Johnson) C.; educ. Univ. 
Rochester, Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: 
B. S., A. M., Ph. D., Columbia Univ.; 
married N. Estelle Peck, 1911; AU- 
THOR: An Introduction to the Study of 
Social Evolution, 1911, 1913, 1917, 
1919; Education and the Mores; An His- 
torical Introduction to Social Economy, 
1917; Field Work and Social Research; 
Learned Societies: Am. Statis. Assn.; 
Am. Assn. for Labor Legislation; mem. 
Am. Sociol Soc.; Nat. Committee for 
Mental Hygiene; A.A.A.S.; Eugenics Re- 
search Assn.; Fellow Amer. Statis Assn.; 
HOME: 63 Dryad's Green; OFFICE: 
Smith College, Northampton, Mass. 

CHAPIN, HENRY DWIGHT: Physician and 
Author; born Steubenville, O., Feb., 
1857; son Henry Barton and Harriet 
Ann (Smith) C.; educ. Chapin Collegiate 
School, Princeton and Columbia Uir'vs 
DEGREES: B. Sc., M. D., M. A.; AU- 
THOR: Theory and Practice of Infant 
Feeding, 1902 (3 eds.); Vital Questions, 
1905; Diseases of Children, 1909 (4 
eds.) Health First: The Fine Art of Liv- 
ing, 1917; CLUBS: Century, of 
N. Y., Sons of Revolution, Soc. Colonial 
Wars, pres. Babies' Welfare Federation 
of N. Y., Hospital Social Service Asso. 
of N. Y., Working Women's Protection 
Union of N. Y., v. p. Havens Relief Fund 
Society of N. Y.; HOME: 51 West 51st 
St. New York. 


Home-Making and Writing; born Selma, 
Ala., March 4, 1875; daughter Major T 
H. Hopkins and Mary Glass Hopkins; 
educ. priv. schs. and Shorter College, 
Rome, Ga.; DEGREES: Full grad. of 
Shorter; married Dr. John T. Chapman 
1894; AUTHOR: Love's Way in Dixie: 
The Fusing Force, 1911; 89 short stories 
leading mags. ; CLUBS: Authors' League, 
League Amer. Penwomen; HOME: 219 
Lapsley St., Selma, Ala. 

and Lecturer; born Lakeside, O.; daugh- 
ter Dr. Mary Wood Allen; educ. Lake 
Erie College, Univ. of Michigan; AU- 


THOR: The Moral Problem of the Chil- 
dren; How Shall I Tell My Child, 1912' 
In Her Teens, 1914; now writing scen- 
arios on scientific subs, for educ. films; 
CLUBS: Michigan Women's Press Asso', 
Woman's Forum, N. Y. City; HOME- 
220 W. 42nd St., New York City. 


Teacher; born Hartford, Ontario, Oct. 
24, 1875; son Alexander Maxwell and 
Mary Ann (Mealley) C.; educ. McMaster 
Univ., Chicago Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., 
B. Pd., Ph. M., Ph. D.; married Jessie 
Blount Allen, Dec. 21, 1907; AUTHOR- 
Methods of Teaching, 1909; Teaching 
the Common Branches, 1915; Editor 
Beverly Education Series; CLUBS: Sig- 
ma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Delta Kappa, 
Pittsburgh Athletic Assn.; HOME: 5839 
Morrowfield Ave.; OFFICE: Carnegie 
Inst. of Tech., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

?HASE, GEORGE HENRY: Teacher; born 
Lynn, Mass., June, 1874; son Amos 
Breed and Sarah Augusta (Chase) C.; 
educ. pub. schls. Lynn, Mass., Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., 1896; A. M 
1897; Ph. D., 1900; Harvard Univ ; 
married Freedrica Mark, 1908; AU- 
THOR: The Loeb Collection of Arretine 
Pottery, 1908; Catalogue of Arretine 
Pottery in the Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston, 1916; CLUBS: Harvard Club of 
Boston; HOME: 12 Shady Hill Square; 
OFFICE: Harvard Univ., Cambridge, 


born London, Eng., April, 1864; son 
Samuel and Jane (Evans) C.; educ. Lon- 
don Elementary Schools; married Isabel 
White of Utica, N. Y., 1917; AUTHOR: 
Yosemite Trails, 1911; California Coast 
Trails, 1915; California Desert Trails, 
1919; The California Padres and Their 
Missions, 1917 (in collaboration with 
Charles Francis Saunders); Cone Bear- 
ing Trees of the California Mountains, 
1911; HOME: Palm Springs, Riverside 
Co., Calif. 

IHASE, STUART: Certified Public Ac- 
countant and Writer; born Somersworth, 
N. H., March 8, 1888; son Harvey S. and 
Antoinette (Rowe) C.; educ. Newton 
(Mass.) High, Mass. Inst. Technology; 
Harvard; DEGREE: B. S., Harvard 
(cum laude) ; married Margaret Hat- 
field; AUTHOR: A Honeymoon Experi- 
ment; Contr. to the Forum; The New 
Republic, The Survey; The Liberator; 
The Independent; Reconstruction; The 
Searchlight, etc.; technical article on ac- 
counting in the Journal of Accountancy, 
entitled "What Is a Reasonable Profit," 
June, 1920; CLUBS: Harvard Club, N. 
Y.; Fabian Club, Boston; HOME: 1736 
Columbia Road; OFFICE: Federal Trade 
Court, Washington, D. C. 



CHAUSSE, ALCIDE: Architect; born St. 
Sulpice, Canada, Jan. 7, 1868; son 
Edouard Chausse and Rose de Lima 
(Rivet) C.; educ. St. Mary's Academy, 
Montreal, Que.; married Rose de Lima 
Renaud, Sept. 8, 1894; AUTHOR; Code 
of Building By-Laws, 1906; Supplement 
to Code of Building By-Laws, 1913; 
numerous papers, reports on Fire Pre- 
vention and on Architecture; CLUBS: 
Canadian, Knights of Columbus; HOME: 
Villa Iris, Boulevard Gouin; OFFICE: 
7 Notre-Dame St., West, Montreal, Can- 

Treas. National Association Wool Manu- 
facturers; born Ottawa, Kans., Oct. 31, 
1876; son Rev. F. B. and Caroline E. 
(Reed) C.; educ. Univ. of So. Calif, Pu- 
get Sound Univ, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 
Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: S. B., Univ. 
of Penna, 1902; A. M., Univ. of Penna., 
1908; married Marie Louise Richards, 
1911; AUTHOR: Advertising as a Busi- 
ness Force, 1912; The First Advertis- 
ing Book, 1916; The Wool Industry, 
1919; The Elements of Marketing, 1920; 
CLUBS: Harvard of Boston, City; 
HOME: 33 Dover Road, Welleslay, 
Mass.; OFFICE: 50 State St., Boston, 

man; born Tarborough, N. C., March 27, 
1850; son Rev. Joseph Blount and Eliz- 
abeth Toole (Parker) C.; educ. Trinity 
Coll., Hartford, Conn.; DEGREES: B. 
A., 1869; M. A., 1872; D. D., Univ. N C., 
1890; D. D., Sewanee, 1899; D. D., Trin- 
ity Coll., 1916; married Annie Huske 
Webb, Dec. 17, 1874; 2d, Elizabeth 
Lansdale Mitchell, July 19, 1899; AU- 
THOR: History of the Church in the 
Confederate States, 1912; a number of 
historical essays and monographs; prac- 
ticed law from 1872-1878; ordained dea- 
con April 21, 1878; priest, May 30, 1880; 
consecrated bishop Oct. 15, 1893; 
HOME: Ravenscroft, Raleigh, N. C. 

of Forestry, U. of Minn.; born Washing- 
ton, D. C., Nov., 1878; son Rufus T. and 
Lucie B. C.; educ. Washington H. S., 
Cornell, Yale Forest School; DEGREE: 
A. B., Cornell; married Frances Porter, 
1907; AUTHOR: The Farm Woodlot 
(with J. P. Wetling), 1912; Scott Bur- 
"ton, Forrester, 1917; Scott Burton on the 
Range, 1920; HOME: 2163 Carter Ave.; 
OFFICE: University Farm, St. Paul, 

born Madison, O., May 15, 1868; son In- 
crease and Artemisia (Lincoln) C.; educ. 
Univ. Rochester, Cornell Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A. B., Ph. D.; married H. Aeri- 
on Stiles of Middlebury, N. Y., June 26, 
1902; AUTHOR; Electric Arcs, 1913; 


CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; 
HOME: Hamilton, N. Y. 

cate and King's Counsel; born April, 
1880; son W. W. L. and K. A. C.; 
educated Eliock and Abingdon; DE- 
GREES: B.A., B.C.L., McGill Univ.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR; The Amber Val- 
ley (poems), 1914; various essays in lit- 
erature, politics, philosophy and eco- 
nomics; CLUBS: University, Pen and 
Pencil, Arts, etc.; HOME: 45 Lincoln 
Ave.; OFFICE: 705 Dominion Express 
Bldg., 145 St. James St., Montreal, Can. 

versity Professor and Director; born 
New Haven, Conn., Feb. 18, 1856; son 
Horace Horatio and Emily Eliza (Doane) 
C.; educ. Sheffield Scientific Sch., Yale, 
Heidelberg U., U. of Toronto, U. of Pa., 
U. of Birmingham, Wash. U.; DEGREES: 
Ph. B., 1880; LL. D., 1903; Ss. D., 1904; 
married Gertrude Louise Baldwin, 1877; 
AUTHOR: Digestive Proteolysis, 1895; 
Studies in Physiological Chemistry, 4 
vols., 1884-01; Physiological Economy 
in Nutrition, 1905; The Nutrition of 
Man, 1907; contrib. articles on physiol. 
to journals; ADDRESS: 83 Trumbull 
St., New Haven, Conn. 


("Larry)": Author; born Montclair, 
N. J., March 23, 1862; son Henry A. and 
Henrietta (Gano) C.; educ. Montclair, 
N. J., and New York; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Ranch Verses, 1893; now in the 
14th ed.; Bermuda Verses, 1909; Laf- 
ferty's Letters, etc.; began as reporter 
for N. Y. newspaper; went to Texas in 
1883 as traveling salesman and corr. 
with borrowed capital of 50 was very 
successful as a salesman; 1887 started 
the Chittenden Cattle Ranch at Anson, 
Jones Co., Texas, with his uncle, late 
Hon. S. B. Chittenden of Brooklyn; soon 
after bought his business; owns farm 




and large ranch of many thousand acres 
with colony 30 families, town site, rail- 
road and other interests in Texas and 
New Jersey; contrib. verse and other 
matter to various periodicals pseudon- 
ym "Larry Chittenden," "Poet Ranch- 
man"; founded The Christmas Cove 
Maine Autograph Library; HOME: 
Chittenden's Ranch, Anson, Texas, or 
Montclair, N. J. 

CHRISTIAN, EUGENE: Author; born Mc- 
Minnville, Tenn., May, 1860; son Wil- 
liam Thornton and Harriet C.; educ. 
country schs.; DEGREE: F. S. D. (con- 
ferred in England by the Society of Sci- 
ence, Letters and Art); married Mary 
Griswold, April, 1889; AUTHOR: En- 
cyclopedia of Diet (5 vols.); Encyclo- 
pedia of Cookery (4 vols.); Christian's 
Little Lessons in Scientific Eating, Un- 
cooked Foods; Sun-Cooked Foods; Eat 
and Be Well; How to Live 100 Years: 
Meatless Menus; Meatless and Wheat- 
less Menus; Christian's 12 Lessons on 
Weight Control; Christian's 5 Lessons 
on Purifying the Blood; How to Make a 
Beautiful Complexion; HOME: 55 Bow 
St., Forest Hills, Long Island; OFFICE: 
Broadway at 71st St., New York. 

CHUBB, EDWIN WATTS: Dean, College 
of Arts, Ohio University; born Lebanon, 
Pa., Aug. 25, 1865; son Rev. S. S. and 
Catherine (Watts) C.; educ. Albright 
College, Lafayette College, Univ. Berlin; 
DEGREES: A. B., A. M., Litt. D.; mar- 
ried Eve Downer, 1892; AUTHOR: Eng- 
lish Words, 1901; Stories of Authors, 
1910; Masters of English Literature, 
1914; Sketches of Great Painters, 1915; 
CLUB: Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: Athens, 

(now Emeritus), Cornell University; 
born Ansonia, Conn., July 1851; educ. 
Newburgh, N. Y. Free Academy, River- 
view Academy, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.; 
DEGREES: C. E., 1873; M. C. E., 1878; 
married Elizabeth P. Holley, June 15, 
1881; AUTHOR: Mechanics of Engineer- 
ing; Solids, 1887; Mechanics of Engin- 
eering, Fluids; Notes and Examples in 
Mechanics, 1892; Hydraulic Motors, 
1905; Diagrams of Mean Velocity of Uni- 
form Motion of Water in Open Channels, 
1907; Mechanics of Internal Work, 
1910; CLUB: Town and Gown of Tthaca, 
N. Y.; HOME: 9 South Ave., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Carnegie Institute; born Caldwell Co. 
Mo., 1858; son William and Emily 
(Scott) C.; educ. common and prep, 
schs.; DEGREES: Litt. D., A. M., LL. 
D.; married Bertha Jean Reinhart, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Oliver Cromwell, A History, 
John Marmaduke; Beowulf (poem); 
Corporate History of Pennsylvania Rail- 

road; Lines West of Pittsburgh; Pen- 
ruddock of the White Lambs; The Amer- 
ican Verdict on the War; dramatic 
works; The Brayton Episode; The Two 
Mrs. Lorings; contr. to various period- 
icals; identified with railway develop- 
ment and the steel industry; secretary 
Penn. R. R. Western Line; vice-pres. 
Union Steel Casting Co.; CLUBS: Au- 
thors', New York, etc.; ADDRESS: The 
Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa. 

CHURCHILL, LIDA A.: Author, Editor. 
Lecturer; born Harrison, Me.; daugnter 
Josiah and Catherine (Hilton) C.; educ. 
common and priv. schs.; mostly self-ed- 
ucated; unmarried; AUTHOR: The 
Magic Seven; The Magnet; The Master 
Demand; The Truth About Our Dead; 
A Grain of Madness, A Romance; by re- 
quest one of the speakers of the Calif. 
New Thought Committee on New Thought, 
and Occult subjects at the World's Fair 
at San Francisco, Calif, 1915; selected 
as one of the lecturers, International 
Congress of New Thought Organizations 
at this Exposition; founder and leader 
of International Heart's Desire Circle, 
which is spreading all over the world; 
HOME: 523 W. 122d St., New York City. 

fessor of Romance Languages; born Bur- 
lington, N. J., Sept. 23, 1874; son Hor- 
ace and Edith Anna (Woolman) C.; 
educ. Princeton, Harvard, Paris; DE- 
GREES: A. B., A. M., Ph. D.; married 
Mary C. S. Morgan, Oct. 5, 1910; AU- 
THOR: Introduction to Pronunciation 
of French, 1906; Exercises on French 
Sounds, 1911; La Alegria del Capitan 
Ribot, 1906; Byron and Espronceda. 
1909; Blanca de Borbon, 1907; Begin- 
nings of Byronism in Spain, 1910; Lord 
Byron's Experiences in Spain; various 
articles; HOME: 20 Institute Road; OF- 
FICE: Clark University, Worcester, 

born Grovesend, Ont., Canada, Dec. 26, 
1847; son Walter and Catherine C.; 
educ. Baptist Coll., Woodstock, Ont., and 
Univ. of Mich.; DEGREES: B. S., M. S.; 
married M. Lucretia Clappison, Aug. 21. 
1872; AUTHOR: Practical Physics, 
1889; Physical Laboratory Manual 1894 
and 1903; Laboratory Guide, 1913; in 
collab. with Dr. H. S. Carhart Elements 
~,f Physics, 1892; High School Physics, 
1901 and 1907; First Principle of Phys- 
ics, 1912; Physics with Applications, 
1917; Practical Physics, 1920; CLU 
Mich. Schoolmasters'; Mich. Union, 
U. of Mich.; HOME: 221 North Ingalls; 
OFFICE: High School, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

of the Episcopal Church; born Amhersl 
Co., Va., Dec., 1871; son W. K. and A. 
W '(Clay) C.; educ. Roanoke College; 
Uiiiv of the South; married Minnir M. 



Marlow, July 17, 1902; AUTHOR: Ray 
in the Mountains, 1916; CLUBS: Moun- 
tain City and E. Q. B.; HOME: Sewanee, 

CLARK, BARRETT H.: Writer; born To- 
ronto, Canada, Aug. 26, 1890; son S. H 
and Anna Maud (Fralick) C.; educ. 
Univs Chicago and Paris; married Ce- 
cile M. Smith, Aug. 28, 1916; AUTHOR: 
The Continental Drama of Today, 1914; 
The British and American Drama of To- 
day, 1915; Contemporary French Dra- 
matists, 1915; How to Produce Amateur 
Plays, 1917; European Theories of the 
Drama, 1918; transl. and edited, The 
Labyrinth, 1913; Four Plays of the Free 
Theatre, 1914; Three Modern Plays from 
the French, 1914; Four Plays by Emile 
Augier, 1916; Lovers, The Free Woman, 
and They, 1915; Masterpieces of Mod- 
ern Spanish Drama, 1917; Two Modern 
Belgian Plays, 1917; HOME: Briarcliff 
Manor, N. Y. 

Church History and Preacher; born 
Hartford, Wis., Jan. 30, 1862; son Rev. 
Anson and Mary Lanman (Hooker) C.; 
educ. Beloit Coll. Prep. Sch.; Williams 
Coll; Andover Theol. Sem.; Royal Univ. 
Berlin, Germany; DEGREES: A. B., 
Williams, 1884; D. D., Williams, 1914; 
married Helen Munson Cobb, June 29, 
1893; AUTHOR: History of Centre 
Church, Haverhill, Mass.; History of 
Bangor Theological Seminary; CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa; Soc. of Bib. Lit., and 
Exegesis; Am. So. of Church; HOME: 
306 Union St; OFFICE: Bangor Theo- 
logical Seminary, Bangor, Maine. 

CLARK. FRANCIS E: Founder United Soc. 
Christian Endeavor; born Aylmer, Prov. 
of Quebec, Sept. 12, 1851; son Charles C. 
Symmes; on father's death was adopted 
by his mother's sister whose name he has 
since assumed; Educ. Dartmouth; And- 
over Theol. Sem. DEGREES: D. D. 1889; 
LL. D. 1902; married Harriet E. Abbott. 
AUTHOR: Our Vacations; Life of Will- 
iam E. Harwood, Portland; Our Busi- 
ness Boys; Looking Out on Life; Danger 
Signals; Young People's Prayer Meeting; 
Ways and Means; Christian Endeavor 
Saints; Our Journey Around the 
World; The Mossback Correspond- 
ence; Fellow Travelers; The Everlasting 
Arms; The Great Secret; World Wide 
Endeavor; Old Lanterns for New Paths; 
A New Way Around An Old World; 
Training the Church of the Future; 
Christian Endeavor Manual, Edited 
(with Intro, selections); The Presence 
of God, (Bishop Jeremy Taylor); Liv- 
ing and Loving, (Prof. A. Tholuck) ; The 
Kingdom Within, (Thomas a Kempis) ; 
The Golden Alphabet, (Master John Tau- 
ler), 1899; Christian Endeavor in All 
Lands; The Continent of Opportunity; 


The Gospel in Latin Lands, (with Mrs. 
Clark) ; Similes and Figures from Alex- 
ander Maclaren; Old Homes of New 
Americans; The Holy Land of Asia 
Minor; In Christ's Own Country; The 
Charm of Scandinavia, (with Sidney A. 
Clark) ; Christ and the Young People; In 
the Footsteps of St. Paul. Has travelled 
widely in furtherance of the work of the 
movement; OFFICE: Mt. Vernon and 
Joy Sts., Boston. 

CLARK, JOHN BATES: born Providence, 
R. I., Jan. 1847; son John H. Charlotte 
(Huntington) C: educ. Prov. Pub. Sch.; 
Brown Univ.; Amherst Coll.; Univ. 
Heidelberg; Univ. Zurich; DEGREES: A. 
B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., Princeton, 
Amherst, Christiana; married Myra A. 
Smith, Sept. 1875; AUTHOR: Philoso- 
phy of Wealth; Distribution of Wealth; 
Essentials of Economic Theory; Control 
of Trusts; Problem of Monopoly; also 
about 100 monographs and articles in 
economic journals; CLUBS: Century; 
Barnard; Acad. Arts and Sciences; Swed- 
ish Royal Acad., Arts and Sciences; 
HOME: 465 West End Ave., OFFICE: 
407 West 117th St., New York City. 

teaching; born Northampton, Mass., Nov. 
1884; son J. B. and Myra (Smith) C: 
educ. Amherst College; Columbia Uni- 
versity: DEGREES: A. B. Amherst; A. 
M. Ph. D. Columbia; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Standards of Reasonableness 
in Local Freight Discriminations, 1909; 
The Control of Trusts, 2nd ed. 1911, 
(joint author with J. B. Clark), Read- 
ings in the Economics of War, 1918; 
(joint author with W. H. Hamilton and 
H. G. Moulton); CLUBS: Quadrangle; 
City Club of Chicago; HOME: Quad- 
rangle Club; OFFICE: University of Chi- 

CLARK, KATE UPSON: Writer, editor, 
lecturer; born Camden, Ala., Feb. 22, 
1851; daughter Edwin and Priscilla 
(Maxwell) Upson; educ. Milwaukee, 
Downer College; Wheaton, (Mass.), Col- 
lege; Westfield (Mass.) Normal School; 
DEGREES: Litt. D. Wheaton, 1918; 
married Edward P. Clark, Jan. 1, 
1874; (died Feb. 16, 1903); AUTHOR: 
Bringing Up Boys, 1900; White Butter- 
flies, 1900; How Dexter Paid His Way, 
1901; Move Upward, 1902; Up the Witch 
Brook Road, 1902; The Dole Twins, 
1906; The Adventures of Spotty, 1907; 
Donald's Good Hen, 1907; Art and Cit- 
izenship, 1907; contr. Harpers Magazine, 
Weekly and Bazar; The Atlantic Month- 
ly; St. Nicholas; The Youth's Compan- 
ion; Little. Folks; The Christian Herald; 
The Independent; The Outlook; The Con- 
gregationalist; Leslie's Weekly; and 
other perodicals; Pres. Wheaton College 



Club of N. Y.; CLUBS: Meridian; Cos- 
mopolitan; Browning; Wheaton College; 
Authors League; etc. HOME: 68 Dwight 
Place, Englewood, N. J. OFFICE: 133 
East 40th St. N. Y. City. 

CLARK, MELVILLE: Harp Virtuoso; harp 
manufacturer; born Syracuse, N . Y., 
Sept. 12, 1883; son George Waldo and 
Lillie L. (Backer) C.: unmarried; educ. 
Grammar and High Schs.; business col- 
lege; AUTHOR: Instructions for Play- 
ing the Harp, 1910; CLUBS: Kiwanis; 
Rotary; Citizens; Masonic; Bellevue 
Golf; Treasurer, Opera Assn., Syracuse; 
HOME: Onondaga Hotel; OFFICE: 416 
S. Salina St., Syracuse, N. Y. 

Public Speaking; Dramatic Reader; born 
N. Y. City, July 24, 1861; son M. S. 
and Elizabeth (Goldsmith) C.; educ. New 
York City; DEGREES: Ph.B., Univ. Chi- 
cago; married Annie Fralick, Aug. 17, 
1888; AUTHOR: How to Teach Reading; 
Principles of Vocal Expression; Hand- 
book of Best Readings, Interpretation of 
the Printed Page; ADDRESS: University 
of Chicago. 


Chemist; born Boston, Mar. 19, 1847; 
son Henry Ware and Abby Mason 
(Fisher) C.; educ. Lawrence Scientific 
School, Harvard, 1867; Columbian; 
Manchester; Aberdeen Univ.; Univ. Cin- 
cinnati; DEGREES: S.B., D.Sc., LL.D.; 
married Mary P. Olmsted, Sept. 9, 1874; 
AUTHOR: Weights, Measures and Money 
of All Nations; Elements of Chemistry; 
Constants of Nature; Report on the 
Teaching of Chemistry and Physics in 
the United States, 1881; Elementary 
Chemistry (with Louis M. Dennis) 1902; 
Labratory Manual of Elementary Chem- 
istry (with same) 1902. Also bull- 
etins U. S. Geol. Survey and papers on 
chemistry and mineralogy; Prof. Chemis- 
try and Physics at Univ. of Cincinnati, 
1874-1883; HOME: 1717 20th St., N. 
W.; OFFICE: U. S. Geol. Survey Wash- 

and lecturer; born Philadelphia; daught- 
er Hugh A. and Jane M. (Searle) C.; 
educ. Priv. Sen. in Philadalphia; course 
at the Univ. of Penna; AUTHOR: Brown- 
ing's Italy, 1907; Browning's England 
1908; Guide to Mythology, 1908; Long- 
fellow's Country, 1909; Ancient Myths in 
Modern Poets, 1909; Hawthorne's 
Country, 1910; Poets New England 
1911; Browning and His Country, 1912; 
with Charlotte Porter, editor of Poet- 
Lore of the Camberwell Edition of Rob- 
ert Browning's Works; the Foxhead 
Edition of Elizabeth Browning's Works; 
The Pembroke Edition of Shakespear's 


Works; AUTHOR: Hermes at School 
(play performed by the American Drama 
Society) ; Starrylocks in Butterfly Land 
(play with music); performed in Bos- 
ton; Dramatic arrangement of Brown- 
ing's Balaustion's Adventure and Aris- 
tophanes' Apology (performed by the 
Boston Browning Society, at Plymouth 
Theatre, Boston); contr. of poems, etc., 
to newspapers and mags.; composer of 
songs, Community and incidental music 
to plays; mem. Poetry Soc.; Boston 
Browning Soc.; New York Browning 
Soc.; Director of The Symposium; 
HOME: 11 Queensberry St., Boston, 

magazine representative; born Washing- 
ton, D. C., Jan. 13, 1879; son Frank 
and M. J. D. Claudy; educ. Public 
Schools; Wash. High School; married 
Clara Fitch Duvall, Apr. 7, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Tell Me Why Stories of 
Mother Nature, 1912; Tell Me Why 
Stories of Animals, 1914; Tell Me Why 
Stories of Color and Sound, 1915; Pi- 
rates by Force, 1917; Battle of Baseball; 
contr. to 110 magazines and newspapers; 
Washington Correspondent Scientific 
American; Printer's Ink; Motor Life; 
Editorial Staff Woman's Home Compan- 
ion; Editor Adam's Impressions (house 
organ); Cathedral Calendar (fraternal 
organ); Director Publicity, National 
Highways Association; CLUBS: National 
Press; Capitol City Chess; HOME: 13-3 
Park Road; OFFICE: 403 McLachlen 
Bldg., WashingtOQ, D. C. 


Lawyer; born S. Egremont, Mass., Jan. 
31, 1860; son Rev. James Bradford and 
Elizabeth H. J. Cleaveland, author of 
poem "No Sects in Heaven"; educ. pvt. 
tutors; Yale (LawDept.); DEGREES: 
Yale (Law Dept.), LLB. '81 and M. L. 
'88; married Frances E. Dowkontt, Apr. 
8, 1912; AUTHOR: Probate Law & 
Practice of Connecticut, 1915; (co- 
author); CLUBS: Graduates; American 
Bar Asso.; Mass. Soc. of Mayflower Des- 
cendants; International Law Asso; 
Judge of Prob. for Dist. of New Haven 
for six terms, viz from Jan. 1895 to 
Jan., 1907; Rec'd 158 votes for Gov- 
ernor of State of Conn, in Conn., Repub- 
lican State Conv. 1902; Cflrmn. Commit- 
tee New Haven County Bar of moral 
qualifications of applicants for admis- 
sion to the Conn. Bar; Dir. Union and 
New Haven Trust Co. HOME: 350 Elm 
St.; OFFICE: 129 Church St., New 
Haven, Conn. 

and Teacher; born Norfolk, Va., Feb. 
1876; daughter John Dalton and Sarah 
Hawley C.; educ. Burr and Burton Sem- 



inary (Manchester, Vt.); Radcliffe Col- 
lege; unmarried; AUTHOR: A Turnpike 
Lady, 1907; The Spinster, 1916; Fel- 
low-Captains, 1916; Portraits and Pro- 
tests, 1917; Interested in the beginning 
of a general reform movement; HOME: 
Manchester, Vt.; OFFICE: Brookwood 
School, Katonah, N. Y. 


Professor of Geology; born Milan, 111., 
July, 1869; son David J. and Margaret 
(Betty) C; educ. Gates Coll; U. of Chi- 
cago; Oberlin; U. of Web.; Yale; DE- 
GREES: B. A.', Ph. D., Yale; Married 
Helen Davison, 1910; AUTHOR: Physic- 
al and Historical Geology, 1916; Devon- 
ian of Wisconsin; Practical Application 
of Geology, 1920; Natural Bridges of 
North America and Their Origins; The 
Black Belt of Alabama, 1920; A Pene- 
plain in the Coastal Plain, 1920; Jour. 
Geol., Nov., 1920; The Fossil Faunas of 
the Cayuga Lake Section; Fossils and 
Stratigraphy of the Wisconsin Devonian; 
The Teaching of Historical Geology, 
1920; The Paleolithic Period, (Ency. 
Amer. 1919); The Neolithic Period, 
(Ency. Amer. 1919); CLUBS: Williams 
New York City; Am. Acad., Arts and 
Sciences, G. S. O., etc.; HOME: Will- 
iamstown, Mass.; OFFICE: Williams 

alogist; born Paris, Stark Co., O., Jan. 
16, 1860; son John (Cameron) and 
Sarah Elizabeth (Flickinger) ; educ. in 
Akron, 0.; High Sch. ; Buchtel Coll.; 
married 1st, Rosa A. Garfield of Busti, 
N. Y., Aug. 11, 1881; mar. 2d, Kate 
Fowler Lott, June 28, 1887; AUTHOR: 
Famous Funny Fellows; Life of Mark 
Twain; Life of Theodore Roosevelt; Life 
of Admiral Dewey; The Gilded Lady; 
House of the Hundred Doors; The Clem- 
ens Chronology, 1913; Alexander Family 
Records, 1914; Bell Family in America 
1916; Bells in the Revolution, 1916; 
Black Family Marriages in the U. S., 
1916; Hamilton Family in America, 
1913; Harmons in the Revolution, 1912; 
Harrison Family Records, 1917; Hop- 
kins Family Marriages in the U. S. 1916; 
Hunter Family Records, 1914; Lamb 
Family Marriages in the U. S., 1916; 
Lincoln Family Magazine, 1916-1917; 
Logan Family Records, 1917; Mc- 
1917; Logan Family Records, 1917; Mc~ 
Clure Family Records, 1914; Miller Fam- 
ily Magazine, 1916-17; Mills Family Mar- 
riages in the U. S., 1916; Mitchell Family 
Magazine, 1916-17; Montgomery Family 
Magazine, 1916-17; Penn Familv of 
Virginia, 1915; Roosevelt, 1914; Turn^ 
er Family Magazine, 1916-17; Wallace 
Family in America, 1914; Weaver Fam- 
ily Marriages in the U. S., 1916; form- 
erly eng. in journalism, leading Ohio 


papers; Edit. Collections of Short Stories 
and Anecdotes; Historian and Genea- 
logist Clemens, Cameron and Montgom- 
ery families; HOME: Pompton Lakes, 
N. J. 

yer and Author; born Canton, N. Y., 
Aug. 13. 1845; daughter of Erin and 
Laura (March) C.; educ. Public Schs. 
and Medina Acad.; DEGREES: LL.B., 
LL.M.; unmarried; AUTHOR: See- 
Saw, 1887; His Honor, 1889; was first 
woman admitted to practice law in Da- 
kota; pioneered temperance work for W. 
C. T. U.; Made the first Democratic 
speech ever made by a woman in U. S.; 
36 years ago; made speeches in last Dem- 
ocratic campaign; political speaker as 
Independent Republican, later as Demo- 
crat; member Woman's Natl. Press As- 
sn.; D. A. R.; HOME Kensington, Md. 

lecturer; born Abbeyville, S. C., May 28, 
1855; son George Brownlee and Eliza 
Ann (Black) C.; edue. John Hopkins 
and Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: A. B. 
Wofford Coll., Spartanburg, S. C., 1876; 
A.M., 1889; LL.D., Er&kine Coll., Due 
West, S. C., 1912; married Sallie C. 
Hutto; AUTHOR: How Zach Came to 
College; On the Old Plantation; Teacher 
Publ. Schs. and Colleges for many years 
and well known on the lecture platform; 
HOME: Spartanburg, S. C. 

cator; professor of English; born, Eau 
Claire, Mich., Sept. 27. 1875; son Dr. 
Henry and Mary (Johnson) C.; educ. 
Mich. State Normal Coll.; Univ. Michi- 
gan; DEGREES: A. B. 1903; Univ. Mich. 
A.M., 1904; Harvard 1907-08; married 
Laura Minturn, 1911; AUTHOR: Illus- 
trated Lessons in Composition and Rhe- 
toric, 1912; Teacher's Manual Composit- 
ion, 1914; Written and Spoken English, 
1917; Children's Literature, 1920 (with 
Prof. Chas. M. Curry); HOME: Muncie, 
Indiana; OFFICE: Indiana State Normal 
School, Eastern Division. 

editor, lecturer; born Painted Post, N. 
Y., Feb., 1869; son George N. and Ruth 
(Wright) C.; educ. Columbia, Chi- 
cago, 111.; married Ida Martin, Dec. 22, 
1897; AUTHOR: Our Ferns in Their 
Haunts; Fern Collector's Guide, 1902; 
Fern Allies of North America, 1905; Lab- 
ratory Botany for the High School, 1909; 
Agronomy for High Schools, 1912; Lab- 
ratory Manual and Notebook in Botany, 
1913; Experimental General Science, 
1917; HOME: 207 Whittey Ave., Joliet, 

of English Bible and Philosophy of Re- 



ligions Alleghany College; born Union- 
town, Pa., 1858; son of Simon Peter 
and Mary Ellen (McCormack) C.; educ. 
Allegheny College; Boston Univ.; stud- 
ied abroad; DEGREES: Ph. D., S. T. 
B., D. D., Litt. D. ; married Ernestine 
Craft, 1883; AUTHOR: Commentary on 
Daniel and Ezekiel, 1900 (translated into 
Hindustian, and published in Lucknow) ; 
The Stars and the Book, 1904 (trans- 
lated into Chinese and published in 
Shanghai); Studies in Immortality, 
1905; Recent Discoveries in Palestine, 
1915; (4th edition) ; New Archeological 
Discoveries and Their Bearing on the 
New Testament, 1920 (4th edition) ; con- 
tr. to various archeological, educational 
and regilious publications; hon. sec. 
Egyption Exploration Fund; mem. Bibli- 
cal Archeol, soc.; Am. Oriental Sec.; 
Victoria Inst.; HOME: Meadville; OF- 
FICE: Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. 

COBLENTZ, VIRGIL: Chemist; born 
Springfield, O., Mch., 1862; son John P. 
Coblentz; educ. Wittenberg College; 
Phila. Col. Phar.; Univ. Goettingen, 
Strassburg, Munich, Wuerzburg, Berlin; 
DEGREES: A.M., Ph.D.; married Anna 
Bauer; AUTHOR: Medical-Phar. Chem- 
istry; The Newer Remedies; Volumetric 
Analysis; Handbook of Pharmacy; con- 
tr. many articles to chem. jours., U. S. 
and abroad; CLUBS: Chemists; HOME: 
Deal Beach, N. J.; OFFICE: 5 Belkman 
St., N.'Y. City. 

farmer and editor; born Jefferson Coun- 
ty, Wise., May 7, 1846; son E. W. and 
Mary J. (Mulks) C.; educ. common 
schs.; DEGREES: A. M., L.L.D.: mar- 
ried Lou. Jenkins, 1869; AUTHOR: 
Swine Husbandry; Alfalfa; Swine in 
American Book of Alfalfa; also about 
30 vols. on agri. pub. by State of Kan.; 
formerly Sec. Kansas Dept of Agri.; 
HOME: Topeka, Kans. 

born New Brunswick, Canada, July 3> 
1872; son George R. and Loretta A. 
Cody; educ. St. John Grammar School; 
DEGREES: B. A., M. A., Kings Col- 
lege, Windsor, N. S.; married Jessie 
Margaret Flewelling, Sept. 19, 1905; 
AUTHOR: An Apostle of the North, 
1908; On Trail and Rapid, 1910; The 
Frontiersman, 1910; The Fourth 
Watch, 1911; The Long Patrol, 1912; 
The Chief of the Ranges, 1913; If Any 
Man Sin, 1915; Rod of the Lone Patrol, 
1916; Under Sealed Orders, 1917; The 
Unknown Wrestler, 1918; The Touch 
of Abner, 1919; Glen of the High 
North, 1920; CLUBS: The Canadian, 
HOME: 252 St. James Street, St. John, 
N. B. Canada. 

COE, GEORGE ALBERT: Educationist; 


Author; born Monroe Co., N. Y., Mar. 
26, 1862; son Rev. George W. and Har- 
riet (Van Voorhis) C.; educ. Univ. of 
Rochester, Boston Univ., Univ. of Ber- 
lin; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., Ph. D., 
LL. D. ;; married Sadie E. Knowland, 
Sept. 3, 1888; AUTHOR: The Spirit- 
ual Life-Studies in the Science of Re- 
ligion; The Religion of a Mature Mind; 
Education in Religion and Morals; 
Psychology of Religion; A Social 
Theory of Religious Education; cont. 
to religious and educational maga- 
zines; HOME: 606 West 12d St., New 
York City. 

COHEN, JULIUS HENRY: Lawyer; born 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Sept. 1873; son Henry 
Cohen and Elizabeth (Wolf) C.; DE- 
GREES: LL. B., N. Y.'Univ. 1896; 
married Ida Strasburger, 1900; AU- 
THOR: Law and Order In Industry, 
1916; The Law, Business or Profesion, 
1916; Commercial Arbitration and 
the Law, 1918; An American Labor 
Policy, 1919; CLUBS: Bankers, Har- 
monie, Fairview Country, City, Au- 
thors, HOME: 2 West 88th Street; 
OFFICE: 111 Broadway, New York, 

writer; born Washington, D. C., Feb. 
1865; son Stoddard Benham and Ellen 
Cornelia (Hunt) C.; educ. Detroit High 
B.A., M.A.; married Harriet W. Fowl- 
er, 1896; AUTHOR: Outlines of Gen- 
eral History; Imaginary Obligations; 
Constrained Attitudes; Editor: New In- 
ternational Encyclopedia; acting pro- 
fessor history, Amherst Coll., 1890-1; 
lecturer history, Columbia, 1891-5; 
prof, economics, N. Y.; edit, historical 
and scientific sections several encyclo- 
pedias; contr. Harpers Weekly, New 
York Republic, Vanity Fair and other 
magazines; CLUBS: University, N. Y. 
City; Coffee House, N. Y. City; HOME: 
443-4th Ave., New York City. 

COLBY, J. ROSE: Teacher; born Cherry 
Valley, O., June, 1856; daughter Lewis 
and Celestia (Rice) C.; educ. Univ. 
Michigan; Radcliffe Coll.; DEGREES: 
A. B., 1878; A. M., 1885; Ph. D., 1886; 
Univ. Michigan; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Some Ethical Aspects of Later Eliza- 
bethan Tragedy, 1886; Literature and 
Life in School, 1906; Editor of George 
Eliot's Silas Warner and Scott's Quen- 
tin Durward, with introduction and 
notes; various educational or liter 1 rv 
articles in publications of Soc. for the 
Scientific Study of Education; Bi- 
Monthly Education; The Elementary 
School Journal; and educational bulle- 
tins; HOME: 302 W. Mulberry St.. 
Normal, 111.; OFFICE: Illinois State 
Normal University. 



Professor and Accountant; born Bos- 
ton, Mass., Feb. 10, 1866; son Albert 
Birney and Mary Elizabeth (Morse) C.; 
educ. Portland, Maine High; Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., AU- 
THOR: An Old Man's Romance, 1895; 
Accounts; Their Construction and In- 
terpretation, 1908; The American 
Hope, 1910; Accounting and Auditing, 
1910; Cost Accounting for Institutions, 
1913; Problems in Accounting, 1915; 
Accounts; Their Construction and In 
terpretation, (rev. ed.) 1915; Capital- 
ism and State Control of Capital, 1920 ; 
Fundamentals of Accounting, 1920; 
pamphlets and magazine articles; 
HOME: Fresh Pond Lane; OFFICE Har- 
vard University, Cambridge, Mass. 

COLEMAN, GEORGE W.: Religious and 
Civic Work; born Boston, Mass., June 
16, 1867; son George and Mary (Car- 
ville) Coleman; educ. Grad. English 
High Sch. (Franklin Medal) Boston, 
1885; DEGREES: Hon. A. M., Colby 
College, 1911; married Alice Blanchard 
Merriam, June 30, 1891; AUTHOR: 
Searchlights, 1909; The People's Pray- 
ers, 1914; Democracy in the Making, 
1915; dir. Ford Hall Meetings, Boston; 
pres. Open Forum National Council; 
1911-13 pres. Asso. Adv. Clubs ot 
World; 1915 pres. Boston City Council; 
1917 Delegate at large to Mass. Const. 
Conv. ; dir. for many years Boston Y. 
M. C. A.;^1917-18 pres. Northern Bap- 
tist Conv.; as chrm. Baptist War Com. 
spent four months in War Zone 1918, 
during which time served as Y. M. C. 
A. Sec'y. in front trenches; went up in 
air-plane and lunched with Lloyd Geo- 
rge. For eleven months served in 
Washington as Director of Informa- 
tion, U. S. Dept. of Labor; many years 
Advertising Mgr. 4 and then Publisher 
of Christian Endeavor World; for five 
years, director of Publicity for the W. 
H. McElwain Co.; since 1915, giving 
entire time and energies to religious 1 
and civic work, especially in the pro- 
motion of the open forum movement; 
CLUBS: Boston City; Twentieth Cen- 
tury; Pilgrim Publicity Asso.; Adver- 
tising (New York); HOME: 177 West 
Brookline St.; OFFICE: 1244 Little 
Bldg., Boston, Mass. 

professor; born Portsmouth, Va., Dec. 
28, 1868; son J. H. and Henrietta 
(Guinn) C.; educ. Bucknell Univ.; Col- 
gate; Univ. Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., B.D., Ph.D.; married Emma 
Kunkle, Nov. 2, 1899; AUTHOR: 
Changing View-Point in Religious 
Thought, 1900; Ministry of David Bald- 
win (novel), 1906; contrib. to periodi- 


cals; Chautauqua' lecturer; CLUBS: 
University; Am. Hist. Assn.; HOME: 
Lewisburg, Pa. 

and University President; born Lodi, N. 
Y., Nov. 11, 1867; son Rev. Isaac H. and 
Frances (Miller) C.; educ. Hamilton 
Coll.; Columbia Coll. Law School; DE- 
GREES: A. B. 1889; A. M. 1892; LL. D. 
George Wash., 1917; Hamilton, 1918; 
New York, 1920; Syracuse Univs., 1920; 
D.C.L., Wesleyan, 1920; L.H.D., Hobart, 
1920; Litt.D., Wash, and Jeff., 1921; 
married Frances Beardsley Ross of 
Auburn, New York, September, 13, 
1893; AUTHOR: Collier on Bankruptcy, 
1898; Collier's Annotated Rules in 
Bankruptcy, 1899; Collier on Civil Ser- 
vice Law, 1901; The Trusts, 1900; At 
the Court of His Catholic Majesty, 1912; 
The Law and the Higher Law, 1918; 
College Influences Before the War and 
After the War, 1920; contbr. to mags, 
and revs.; law stud, and elk. in N. Y. 
and Brooklyn offices, 1889-90; admitted 
to bar 1892; lect. on law of bankruptcy, 
N. Y. Law Sch., 1903-5; pres. N. Y. 
State Civil Service Comm., 1901-3; ap- 
ptd by President Roosevelt, Mar., 1903, 
spl. asst. atty. gen. of U. S., 1904; E.E. 
and M.P. to Spain, Mar. 6, 1905-June 9, 
1909; lecturer on international law, 
New York Law School, 1912-1918, 
Wells College, 1915; on diplomacy, 
George Washington University, 1916- 
18; Apptd. by President Wilson, pleni- 
potentiary and head of Am. delegation 
to Internat. Conf., Christiania, Norway, 
1914, elected pres. George Washington 
Univ., Dec. 4, 1917; during the World 
War, chrmn* of the Extension Comm. of 
Red Cross, Cayuga Co., N. Y. and active 
speaker in the War Loan campaigns; one 
of the collab. on "The Inquiry" conduct- 
ed in 1917-18 to obtain data for use at 
the World Peace Conference, extensive 
traveler; Decorated, Grand Cross Royal 
Order Isabella the Catholic, (Spain) 
1916; Grand Officer Order of Crown of 
Siam, 1921; mem. Phi Beta Kappa; Chi 
Psi; Am. Soc. Internat. Law; Am. Soc. 
Judicial Settlement International Dis- 
putes; American Academy of Political 
and Social Science; Nat. Assn. for Con. 
Government (mem. Exec. Com.); Span- 
ish American Atheneum (one of the 
founders) ; Archaeological Institute of 
America (Councillor of Washington 
Chapter) ; Literary Society of Washing- 
ton; Auburn Lodge No. 431 F. and A.M.; 
CLUBS: University, N. Y. City; National 
Republican (New York City); Metropo- 
litan (Washington, D. C.); Chevy Chase 
(Washington, D. C.); Owasco Country 
(Auburn, N. Y.); Editor-in-Chief Semi- 
centennial Catalogue Chi Psi Frat., 
1892; and the Purple and Gold quarter- 
ly mag. of same, 1890-2; editor Ameri- 



can Bankruptcy Reports, vols. 1-12, 
1899-1905; HOME: Auburn, N. Y.; OF- 
FICE: George Washington University, 
Washington, D. C. 


Editor-in-Chief Rural New Yorker; born 
Plymouth, Mass., Apr. 21, 1857; son 
Joseph W. and Rebecca W. (Richard- 
son) C.; educ. Michigan Agri. Coll.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., LL.D., M.Agr.; married 
Lulie D. Sullivan, 1888; AUTHOR: An- 
dersonville Violets, 1889; The Busi 
ness Men; Chemicals and Clover, 1892; 
The Farmer's Garden; The Child, 1912; 
Story of Hope Farm; HOME: Woodcliff 
Lake, N. J.; OFFICE: 333 W. 30th St., 
New York City. 

born Wooster, O., Dec. 26, 1858; son 
Henry Franks and Lydia C. Beall (Was- 
son) C.; educ. Johns Hopkins, 1880-3; 
DEGREES: Ph.B., Ph.D., 1886; married 
Jeannette M. Gasche, Dec. 30, 1886; 
AUTHOR: Text-Book of Algebra, 1893; 
Practical Elementary Algebra, 1908; 
Practical Algebra, First Year Course, 
1910! Second Course, 1911; Advanced 
Algebra. also math, and prohibi- 

tion pamphlets; oontbr. to math, publs.; 
Univ. prof, maths, and astronomy; 
CLUBS: Author's League of America; 
Most of recent writing has been along 
the line of M^ J ~'~ aguage Reform; 

HOME: 217 Division St., Stevens Point, 

Librarian; born Washington, Conn., 
May, 1868; son Willis S. and Lucy P. 
(Gibson) C.; educ. Gunnery School, 
Washington, Conn.; Yale Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., Yale, 1890; Ph.D., Yale, 
1893; married Amy Richards, Sept., 
1917; AUTHOR: Bennie Ben Cree, 
1900; The Debatable Land, 1901; The 
Delectable Mountains, 1901; The Belted 
Seas, 1905; The Cruise of the Violetta, 
1906; Harps in Babylon, 1907,; CLUBS: 
University; Authors; Poetry Soc.; 
HOME: 123 E. 57th St.; OFFICE: Uni- 
versity Club, 54th St. & 5th Ave., New 
York City. 

sity Professor; born Phenix, R. I., Mar. 
29, 1869; son Stephen and Clara A. 
(Turner) C.; educ. Worcester Acad., 
Brown Univ., Univ. of Berlin, Univ. of 
Strassburg, Clark Univ.; DEGREES: 
Ph.B., M.A., Ph.D.; married Eva M. Col- 
lins, 1895; AUTHOR: Learning Process, 
1911; Human Behavior (with W. C. 
Bagley), 1913; An Introduction to High 
School Teaching, 1917; also many art- 
icles in scientific journals and maga- 
zines; CLUBS: City (N. Y.) ; Univ. 
(Providence); HOME: 372 Lloyd Ave.; 
OFFICE: Brown Univ., Providence, R. 



COMEY, ARTHUR M.: Chemist; born Bos- 
ton, Mass., Nov., 1861; son Elbridge C. 
and Josephine L. (Messinger) C.; educ. 
Harvard; Heidelberg; DEGREES: A.B., 
Ph.D.; married Kate Coleman, Sept. 
1885; AUTHOR: Dictionary of Chemical 
Solubilities; CLUBS: Chemists; Cosmos; 
HOME: Upland Ave., Chester, Pa.; OF- 
FICE: Chem. Dept. Du Pont Co., Wil- 
mington, Del. 


Schoolmaster; born Detroit, Mich.. Dec 
22, 1863; son B. Newell Comfort; educ. 
Trinity College, Hartford, Conn.; mar- 
ried Anne E. Calhoun, July 16, 1888; 
AUTHOR: Arnold's Tempter; A Tale 
of Benedict Arnold; CLUBS: Board of 
Commerce; HOME: 367 E. Grand Blvd; 
OFFICE: Cass Technical High School, 
Detroit, Mich. 

born Kalamazoo, Mich., Jan., 1878; son 
Silas H. and Jane (Levington) C. ; educ. 
Detroit Public Schs. ; married Edith M. 
Duffie, 1900; AUTHOR: Routledge Rides 
Alone, 1910; Fate Knocks at the Door, 
1912; Down Among Men, 1913; Mid- 
stream, 1914; Red Fleece, 1915; Lot 
and Company, 1915; Child and Country, 
1916; She Buildeth Her House; The 
Hive, 1918; Son of Power, 1920; also 
many short stories in leading mags. 
HOME: 5133 Pasadena Ave.; OFFICE, 
4993 Pasadena. Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

Economics; born Hollandsburg, Ohio, 
Oct., 1862; son John and Clara C.; educ. 
Oberlin; Johns Hopkins; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., LL.D.; married E. B. Downey 
Dec., 1890; AUTHOR: Distribution of 
Wealth, 1893; Social Reform, 1894; 
Proportional Representation, 1896; Reg- 
ulation of Output, 1904; Trade Union- 
ism, 1905 (rev. 1920); Races and Im- 
migrants, 1907; Documentary History 
of American Industrial Society, 1910; 
Labor and Administration, 1913; Prin- 
cipals of Labor Legislation, 1916 (rev. 
1920); History of Labor, 1918; Indus- 
trial Goodwill, 1919; Articles and ad- 
dresses, 1919, Industrial Relations; 
Health Insurance; Employment Manage- 
ment; CLUBS: University; Dir. Ameri- 
can Bureau Ind. Research; mem. Theo. 
Com., 1911-13; mem. U. S. Com. on 
Ind. Relations, 1913-15; Pres. Am. Econ. 
Assn., 1917; HOME: 816 University 
Ave. Madison; OFFICE: University of 

mer: born Madison, Wis., Feb. 12, 1855; 
son Charles H. and Mercy (Bronson) C.; 
educ. Univ. Michigan; Univ. Wisconsin; 
DEGREES: Ph.D., LL.B., Sc.D., LL.D.; 
married Esther C. Everett, 1894; AU- 



THOR: Method of Least Squares, 1889; 
Textbook of Astronomy, 1895; Field 
Astronomy for Engineers, 1902, 1908; 
The Sumner Line as an aid tD Naviga- 
tion, 1919; Publications of the Wash- 
burn Observatory, vols. 6-12; 1889- 
1909; num. articles in the tech. jour- 
nals of astronomy; OFFICE: University 
of Wisconsin. 


Writer: born Nichols, N. J.; daughter 
S. Alpheus and Jean Smith; educ. 
Plainfield Acad., N. J.; married Philip 
Comstock, 1885; AUTHOR: Molly, the 
Drummer Boy; Cedric, the Saxon; A Boy 
of a Thousand Years Ago; A Little 
Dusky Hero; Tower or Throne; When 
the British Came; Then Marched the 
Brave; The Queen's Hostage; Janet of 
the Dunes; Joyce of the North Woods; 
Camp Brave Pine; A Son of the Hills; 
The Place Beyond the Winds; The 
Vindication; The Man Thou Gavest; 
Unbroken Lines; CLUBS: Pen and 
Brush; HOME: Hatfield House, 103 E. 
29th St., New York City. 

born Rochester, Apr. 30, 1858; son 
Nicholas and Mary (Rohr) C.; educ. St. 
Paul's School; Wilson's Academy, New- 
ark Academy, Muhlenberg Coll., Luth. 
Theol. Sem., (Phila., Pa.); DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D. S.T.D. D.D.; married 
Catherine Heech, Oct. 31, 1895; AU- 
THOR: Maennlicher Ruhm, 1879; 
Christmas Programmes, 1900; Christian 
Narratives, 1901; The Influence of Apos- 
tolic Doctrine, 1905; Erroneous Views 
of Our Life, 1906; Epicurean Philosophy 
and Its Influence on Modern Thought 
1915; Conversations with God, 1901: 
Jacob's Dream, 1919; (In preparation) 
Gospel Tidings; Ordained pastor of Evan. 
Luth. Church by the New York Minister- 
ian at Rochester, N. Y.; pastor of Con- 
cordia Church of Rochester, N. Y. since 
1882; organized churches at E. Roches 
ter, Brockport, Byron Centre, W. Hen- 
rietta, Kerdoll, Charlotte Mission, and 
Concord of Greece, N. Y.; editor of 
Hausfreund in R., for 18 years; mem 
Chi Phi Frat. since 1877; pres. Atlantic 
Auxiliary of the Intersynodical Evan 
Lutheran Orient Mission Society; HOME: 
104 Rockingham St., Rochester, N. Y. 

COOKE, EDMUND VANCE: Author; plat- 
form lecturer; born Ontario, Canada, 
June, 1866; son Edmund and Matilda 
(Vance) C.; educ. Common Sens, and 
outside classes only; married Lilith C. 
Castleberry, 1897; AUTHOR: A Patch 
of Pansies, 1894; Rimes to be Read, 
1897; Impertinent Poems, 1903-1907; 
Chronicles of the Little Tot, 1905; Told 
to the Little Tot, 1906 ; I Rule the House, 
1910; Little Songs for Two, 1909; The 
Story Club, 1912; Just Then Something 


Happened 1914; The Uncommon Com- 
moner; Basbology 1911; A Morning's 
Mail; First gained recognition when he 
was 12 years old, writing a weekly 
newspaper in which departments of the 
paper were all properly maintained 
news, fiction, joke and verse, and altho 
only his mother and sister saw the paper 
(it was written in longhand) it was 
brought out weekly on a regular publica- 
tion day. A poem prepared for this pa- 
per by its writer led the mother to urge 
the boy sending it to a Cleveland paper. 
It was accepted and public recognition 
followed. CLUBS: City Advertising 
Club, Cleveland; Author's League; 
HOME: 11338 Mayfield Road; OFFICE: 
Lakeside Ave. and West 3rd, Cleveland. 

COOLEY, ANNA MARIA: Assoc. Profes- 
sor Household Arts; born New York 
City, Sept., 1874; daughter Charles Wal- 
lace and Emma (Davin) C.; educ. N. 
Y. Normal College; Jenny Hunter, Kin- 
dergarten School, Teachers College, N. 
Y. City; DEGREES: B.S. Columbia Uni- 
versity; unmarried; AUTHOR: Shelter 
and Clothing, 1913; Foods and House- 
hold Management, 1913; Clothing and 
Health, 1916; Food and Health, 1916; 
The Home and the Family, 1916; Teach- 
ing Home Economics, 1919; Household 
Arts for Home and School, Vols. 1 and 
11, 1920; Domestic Art in Woman's 
Education; Occupations for Little Fin- 
gers, 1905; CLUBS: Women's City; 
American Home Economic Association; 
HOME: 202 W. 79th St.; OFFICE: 
Teachers' College, 525 W. 120th St., 
New York City. 

COOLIDGE, ALGERNON: Physician; born 
Boston, Jan., 1860; son Algernon and 
Mary (Lowell) C.; educ. Noble's, Boston; 
DEGREES: A.B. Harvard, 1881; M.D. 
Harvard, 1886; married Amy P. Loth- 
rop, Dec. 15, 1896; AUTHOR: Diseases 
of the Nose and Throat, 1915; CLUBS: 
Saint Botolph; Harvard; Country; 
HOME: 487 Commonwealth Ave.; OF- 
FICE: 613 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

sor of History, Harvard University; Di- 
rector of the Harvard University Libra- 
ry; born Boston, Mar. 6, 1866; son 
Joseph Randolph and Julia (Gardne^) 
C.; educ. Harvard; U. of Berlin; Ecole 
de Sciences Politiques, Paris and Frei- 
burg, in Baden; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., 
LL.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: The 
United States as a World Power, 1908; 
The Origins of the Triple Alliance, 1917; 
Editor of English Edition of The Secret 
Treaties of Austria-Hungary, 1879-1914; 
CLUBS: Somerset; HOME: Brookline. 
Mass.; OFFICE: The Library of Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass. 

COOLIDGE, EMELYN L.: Physician to 



Children; born Boston, Mass., Aug., 
1873; daughter George A. Coolidge; 
educ. Cornell Univ. Med. College; DE- 
GREES: M.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
The Mother's Manual, 1904; The Home 
Care of Sick Children, 1916; Editor of 
the Babies' Dept. of the Ladies' Home 
Journal since 1902; CLUBS: Cornell 
Medical; Women's Medical; HOME: 
850 West End Ave., N. Y. City. 

born Kingsbury, Ind., Oct. 28, 1860; dau- 
ghter Prof. Isaac Phillips and Margaret 
Jane (Marr) Roberts; educ. Cornell 
Univ., Leland Stanford Univ., New York 
Sch. of Philanthropy; DEGREES: M.S., 
Ph.D.; married Dane Coolidge, July 30, 
1906; AUTHOR: Almshouse Women; 
Statistics of College and Non-College 
Women; Chinese Immigration, 1909; 
Why Women Are So, 1912; The Resi- 
duum of Relief, a Study of the Aged 
and Infirm in San Francisco; Sage 
Foundation, 1913; Instr. in History and 
Economics, Wellesley Coll., 1886-90; 
Asst. and Asso. Prof, of Sociology, Stan- 
ford Univ., 1896-1903; Head Worker 
San Francisco Settlement; Research 
Asst. Carnegie Institution, 1904-8; Re- 
viser of Warner's American Charities, 
1908-18; Pres. Cal. Civic League, 1915- 
17; Member Board of Trustees, Pacific 
Colony for the Feebleminded, 1917; 
Prof, of Sociology, Mills College, 1918; 
HOME: Dwight Way End, Berkeley, 

lecturer; clergyman; born Henderson, 
N. Y., May 24, 1869; son Ira Sedgwick 
and Julia Augusta (Dix) C.; educ. Roch- 
ester Theol. Sem. 1898; Columbia, 1907; 
Spl. study Harvard and U. of Chicago, 
1898 and 1901; DEGREES: A.B., Brown 
Univ., 1894; A.M., Columbia, 1907; 
married Elizabeth Coodnow, Feb. 3, 
1912; AUTHOR: College Men and the 
Bible; Ten Reasons for Bible Study; 
The Bible and Modern Life; World Wide 
Bible Study; Why Go to College?; The 
Man of Egypt; Bible Study in the Work 
of Life; The Modernizing of the Orient; 
American Ideals; The Brazilians and 
Their Country; Understanding South 
America; Editor Educational Founda- 
tions since 1915; contbr. travel ar- 
ticles to magazines; lecturer on travel 
and other topics; mem. Author's 
Players adventurers; Circumnavigators; 
HOME: 242 East 48th St., New York 

COOPER, LANE: Teacher; born New 
Brunswick, N. J., Dec. 14, 1875 ;SOP 
Jacob and Mary (Linn) C.; educ. New 
Brunswick, N. J., Public Schs. ; Rutgers 
Preparatory School; Rutgers College; 
Columbia; Yale; Berlin and Leipzig 


Univs.; Coll. de France; unmarried; 
AUTHOR and Editor: The Prose Poetry 
of Thomas De Quincey, 1902; Theories 
of Style, 1907; Literature for Engineers, 
1909; (with others) A Manual of Ameri- 
can Literature, 1909; The Power of the 
Eye in Coleridge, 1910; A Concordance 
to the Poems of William Wordsworth, 
1911; The Function of the Leader in 
Scholarship, 1911; Aristotle on the Art 
of Poetry, 1913; Methods and Aims in 
the Study of Literature, 1915; A Con- 
cordance to the Works of Horace, 1916; 
Louis Agassiz as a Teacher, 1917; The 
Greek Genius and Its Influence, 1917; 
Contbr. to periodicals; co-editor Cornell 
Studies in English; CLUB: Town and 
Gown; ADDRESS: 171 Gold win Smith 
Hall, Ithaca, N. Y. 

COPE, HENRY F.: Educator; born Lon- 
don, Eng., June 17, 1870; son Albert and 
Elizabeth (Davies) C.; educ. elem. schs.; 
London; S. Kensington, Dept. Sciences 
and Arts, London, and pvt. tutors; DE- 
GREES: A.B., (hon.) A.M., D.D.; mar- 
ried Elizabeth Erwin Hornby, N. Y., Aug. 
9, 1893; AUTHOR: The Bonanza Bible 
Class, 1904; Sunday School Management, 
1905; Hymns You Ought to Know, 1906; 
The Modern Sunday School in Princi- 
ple and Practice, 1907; Levels of Living, 
1908; The Friendly Life, 1909; The Effi- 
cient Layman, 1910; The Evolution of 
the Sunday School, 1911; Efficiency in 
the Sunday School, 1912; Religious 
Education in the Church, 1917; The 
Home as a School; The School in the 
Modern Church; Editor Adams' Primer 
on Teaching, 1905; The Aims of Reli- 
gious Education, 1906; The Materials of 
Religious Education, 1907; Education 
and National Character, 1908; Educa- 
tion for Democracy; edit. mag. Religious 
Education, 1906; mem. Religious Edn. 
Assn.; CLUBS: Union League, City; 
Chicago Literary; ADDRESS: 1440 
East 57th St v Chicago, 111. 

X)RBIN, JOHN: Writer; born Chicago, 
May 2, 1870; son Calvin R. and Caro- 
line Elizabeth (Fairfield) C.; educ. 
Ogden Grammar and Ninth Division 
High School (Chicago), Harvard Univ., 
Balliol College of Oxford; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M.; married Amy Foster, 1899; 
AUTHOR: The Elizabethan Hamlet; 
Schoolboy Life in England; An Ameri- 
can at Oxford; A New Portrait of 
Shakespeare; The First Loves of Perilla; 
The Cave Man (novel); Which College 
for the Boy?; Husband and the Forbid- 
den Guests; The Edge (novel); Dra- 
matic Critic N. Y. Times, 1917, edi- 
torial staff since 1919; contbr.* to 
periodicals; CLUBS: Harvard; Uni- 
versity (New York); HOME: 131 East 
15th St., N. Y.; OFFICE: New York 



COBIAT, ISADOB H.: Physician; born 
Philadelphia, Pa., Dec., 1875; son Harry 
and Clara (Einstein) C.; educ. public 
and High School; Tufts College Medical 
School; Graduate School; Harvard Uni- 
versity; DEGREES: M.D.; married Etta 
Dann, 1904; AUTHOR: Religion and 
Medicine (co-author), 1908; Abnormal 
Psychology, 1910 (2d ed. 1914); Hys- 
teria of Lady Macbeth, 1912 (2d ed. 
1920); What is Psycho-Analysis, 1917; 
Meaning of Dreams, 1914; Repressed 
Emotions, 1920; CLUBS: Kernwood 
Country; Harvard Liberal; Mass. Med. 
Society; New England Society of 
Psychiatry; Boston Medical Library; 
American Medical Assn.; .American 
Medico-Psychological Association; Ame- 
rican Psychological Assn.; American 
Psychopathological Asso.; American 
Psycho-Analytic Soc. ; American Jewish 
Historical Society; Soc. for the Study of 
Internal Secretions; HOME: 416 Marl- 
borough St., Boston, Mass. 

cian; born Orange, Ohio, Apr., 1854; son 
William and Ann (Avery) C.; educ. 
Oberlin; Wooster Univ.; DEGREES: M.- 
D., L.R.C.P. Lond; married Amanda M. 
Leisy, 1895; AUTHOR: Treatise on the 
Acute Infectious Exanthemata, 1901; 
The American Tropics, 1908; The People 
of Orrisdale and Others, 1918; Reminis- 
cences, 1920; CLUBS: Union, Country, 
Gun; HOME: 3618 Euclid Ave., Cleve- 
land, O. 

COTTEB, JOSEPH S., SB.; Principal of 
School; born Nelson County, Ky., Feb., 
1861; son Michael and Martha Sanders 
educ. Elementary Sch. of Louisville, day 
and night; married Maria F. Cox, July 
22, 1891; AUTHOR: Links of Friend- 
ship (poems), 1898; Caleb, the Degen- 
erate (poetic drama), 1903; A White 
Song and a Black One (poems) 1909; 
Negro Tales (prose stories), 1912; mem. 
several organizations for betterment of 
conditions among negroes; HOME: 2306 
Magazine St.; OFFICE: S. Coleridge 
Taylor School, Louisville, Ky. 

Faculty of Education; Prof, of the Hist, 
and Phil, of Education; born Bellaire, 
Ohio, Mar., 1871; son Theodore Graigver 
and Anna Eliz. (Brookie) C.; educ. Ohio 
State Univ., Harvard Univ., Columbia 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B. (Ohio State), 
A.M. (Harvard), Ph.D. (Columbia); 
married Edith Logan Snyder, Nov. 28, 
1907; AUTHOR: The Learning Process, 
1907; The Principles of Education, 
1920; CLUBS: number of edu. fraterns.; 
HOME: 212 Hicks Ave.; OFFICE: 120 
Academic Hall, Columbia, Mo. 



Reader; born Chicago, 111.; daughter 
Henry Benjamin and Laura Fales 
(Strong) C.; educ. National Kindergar- 
ten College, Chicago; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Kindergarten Stories for the 
Sunday School and Home, 1902; Kin- 
dergarten Bible Stories, 19^05; Old Testa- 
ment Stories for Litle Children, 1910; 
The Sunday Story Hour , 1917; well 
known throughout U. S. for her recitals, 
esp. Bible readings and famous stories; 
CLUBS: Authors', Boston; Browning, 
Boston, (sec.); HOME: Brookline, Mass. 

CBAM, GEOBGE F.: Geographical Pub- 
lisher; born Lowell, Mass., May, 1841; 
son Joseph T. and Anna D. (Blanchard) 
C.; educ. Wheaton College; married 
Martha A. Hiatt, Oct. 4, 1865; AUTHOR: 
Tale of the Crusades; Many different 
atlases and maps; CLUBS: Assoc. of 
Commerce; HOME: 4168 Drexel Blvd.; 
OFFICE: 111 N. Market Street, Chicago. 

and Naturalist; born Hampton Falls, N. 
H., June 22, 1871; son William A. and 
Sarah Elizabeth (Blake) C.; educ. 
Country Schs. of Hampton Falls, N. H.; 
married Esther L. Sanborn, June 30, 
1909; AUTHOR: Little Beasts of Field 
and Wood (2 vols.); American Animals 
(joint author) ; More Little Beasts of 
Field and Wood; contbr. to various 

publs.; member Annias Club of Hamp- 
ton Falls; HOME: Hampton Falls, N. H. 

CBANE, WALTEB B.: Mining Engineer; 
born Grafton, Mass., Feb. 5, 1870; son 
Richard Reed and Arethusa Thorndyke 
(Barrett) C.; educ. Univ. of Kan., Col- 
umbia Univ. (N. Y.); DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; married Margaret Gray, 
Dec. 28, 1898; AUTHOR: A Treatise 
on Gold and Silver; Index of Mining 
Engineering Literature (2 vols.); Ore 
Mining Methods; wrote more than 150 
articles and papers on mining eng. prac- 
tice; supt. Bureau Mining Experiment 
Sta., Ala.; HOME: 3732, Kanawha St., 
Chevy Chase, Washington, D. C.; OF- 
FICE: Bureau of Mines Sta., Birming- 
ham, Ala. 

CBAWFOBD, ISABEL: Missionary to N. 
A. Indians; born Cheltenham, Canada, 
May, 1865; daughter Rev. John Craw- 
ford, D.D., and Sarah Hackett C.; educ. 
Governess Grade Schools; Can. Lit. In- 
stitute; Prairie College, Can. and Mis- 
sionary Training School, Chicago; AU- 
THOR: Kiowa; Has had extensive ex- 
perience in frontier life, first came in 
touch with the Indians on the frontier 
line along the Saskatchewan; later ex- 
perienced similar life and conditions in 
North Dakota; app. by Board of W.A. 
B.H.M.S. to work among the red men of 
U. S after graduation from Baptist Miss. 



Tr. Sch. of Chicago, in which work she 
has been continually engaged to the pre- 
sent time. HOME: Red House, New 

Mech. Engineering; born Cincinnati, 
Ohio, June 29, 1859; son Peter and 
Mary A. (Woods) C.; educ. Cincinnati 
High School, U. S. Naval Acad.;RANK: 
Asst. Engineer, U. S. Navy; Ensign U. 
S. Navy; married Matilda Mathis, Dec. 
1904; AUTHOR: The Steam Engine and 
Other Heat Motors, 1907; Chapter on 
Evaporation in Spencer's Handbook on 
Cane Sugar Mfg.; mem. Soc. Naval En- 
gineers, La. Engring Soc.; HOME: 1445 
Henry Clay Ave.; OFFICE: Tulare Uni- 
versity, New Orleans, La. 

CREW, HENRY: Teacher; born Richmond 
Ohio, June 4, 1859; son William Henry 
and Deborah C.; educ. Princeton and 
John Hopkins; DEGREES: B.A. and 
Ph.D.; married Helen C. Coale, 1890; 
AUTHOR: Principles of Mechanics, 
1908; General Physics, 1909; CLUBS: 
University, (Chicago and Evanston), 
Westmoreland Golf; HOME: 620 Libra- 
ry Place, OFFICE: Science Hall, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

CROMWELL, ARTHUR D.: Professor of 
Agriculture; born Pope joy, Iowa, Sept. 
29, 1869; son Frank C. and Elizabeth 
Clinesmith) C.; educ. Ackly, Iowa High 
Sch.; Hastings, Neb. Coll.; Univ of Pa.; 
DEGREES: M.Ph.; married Sarah 
Wright, June, 1895; AUTHOR: Agri- 
culture and Life, 1915; Practical Child 
Study; Student's U. S. History Outline; 
frequent contbr. to Agricultural and 
Educ. papers; formerly engaged in 
teaching Agric. to teachers in Port Rico 
on behalf of U. S. Govt.;HOME: West 
Chester, Pa.; OFFICE: Prof, of Agri- 
culture State Normal 

born Foxcroft, Maine, Dec. 8, 1850; son 
Orin B. and Eliza A. Crocker; educ. 
Norway Academy; Ypsilanti Seminary; 
DEGREES: D. D., S. T. D.; married 
Florence Kollock; AUTHOR: The 
Church of Today; The Winning of 
Religious Liberty; The Church of To- 
morrow; Jesus Brought Back, 1889; 
Different N. T. Views of Jesus, 
1890; Problems in American Life; New 
Bible and New Uses, 1896; Growth of 
Christianity, 1897; Supremacy of Jesus, 
1904; Religious Freedom in American 
Education; Shall I Drink?; Discov. and 
descr. the origin of Scientific Charity in 
Hamburg, Germany, 1787 (see Lend a 
Hand magazine (E. E. Hale) Jan. and 
Feb., 1888.); helped to org. Assoc. 
Charity in Madison, Wise., St. Louis, Mo., 
Helena, Mont.; influential in founding 
system of Fellowships in Univ. Wiscon- 


sin, first instit. west of Buffalo; Hand- 
book on Unitarian Church, recog. stan- 
dard authority; large circulation and 
translated into Finnish, Japanese and 
Hungarian; served as chaplain of Mont- 
ana Senate, 1892; secured passage of 
law creating state Board of Charities 
and sent as its first president; Authority 
on John Wise; The Father of American 
Democracy (died 1725) who kept reli- 
gious progress open in New England, 
HOME: 20 Parker St., Lexington, Mass. 

CROSS, ARTHUR LYON: Professor of His- 
tory; born Portland, Me., Nov. 14, 1873; 
son Emerlous D. and Charlotte (Noyea) 
C.; educ. Harvard Univ., Univ. of Berlin, 
Freiburg; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.B.; un 
married; AUTHOR: The Anglican Epis- 
copate and the American Colonies, 1902; 
A History of St. Andrew's, Ann Arbor, 
1906; A History of England and Greater 
Britain, 1914; A Shorter History of Eng- 
land and Greater Britain, 1920; contbr. 
to historical publs.; HOME: University 
of Mich., Ann Arbor. 

CROSS, E. A. (ALLEN) : College professor; 
born Illinois,July, 1875; son Thomas J. 
and Minnie (Carson) C.; educ. So. 111. 
Normal School; Un. of Illinois; Cornell 
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: 
A.B. (U. of 111. 1905); A.M. (U. of 
Chicago, 1906); married Mae Miller, 
June 30, 1899; AUTHOR: The Short 
Story, 1914; Story Telling, (with Nel- 
lie Margaret Statler) 1918; HOME: 
1721-13 Ave.; OFFICE: State Teachers 
College, Greeley, Colo. 

CROSS, IRA BROWN: Economist; born 
Decatur, 111., Dec. 1, 1880; son Bradford 
and Orietta (Clemmons) C.; educ. UD. 
of Wis.; Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ.; 
DEGREES: A. B., 1905; ,M.A., 1906; 
Ph.D., 1909; married Blanche Julia Mob- 
ley, July 14, 1911; AUTHOR: Coopera- 
tive stores in United States, 1906; Es- 
sentials of Socialism, 1911; Labor in 
California, 1915; Collective Bargaining 
in San Francisco, 1917; contbr. to sev- 
eral periodicals, specializing in indus- 
trial and statistical subjects; HOME. 
1418 Le Roy Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

man; born Richville, N. Y., Aug. 21, 
1844; son Rev. Gorham and Sophia 
(Murdock) C.; educ. Oberlin Coll.; 
Union Sem.; DEGREES: D.D., Oberlin 
and York (Nebr.) Coll.; married Emma 
A. Bridgman, Aug. 12, 1869; 2d Martha 
R. Hanchett, Oct. 21, 1913; AUTHOR: 
Home Duties, 1886; Clear as Crystal, 
1887; Crystals and Gold; My Childrens* 
Ancestors; Twinsburg Genealogies; AD- 
DRESS: Twinsburg, O. 


University professor; born Andrews, 



Ind., June 6, 1868; son Edwin Blanchard 
and Kate (Coryell) C.; educ. Ind. U.; 
Columbia; DEGREES: A.B., 1891; A. 
1 M., 1902; Ph.D., 1905; married Helen 
Van Uxem, of Richmond, Ind., June 15, 
1892; AUTHOR; Syllabus of Lectures 
on the History of Education; School 
Funds and Their Apportionment; Certi- 
fication of Teachers; Changing Concep- 
tions of Education; Improvement of 
Rural Schools; Rural Life and Educa- 
tion; State and County Educational Re- 
organization; Public School Administra- 
tion; History of Education; Readings in 
the History of Education; Public Edu- 
cation in the United States; and (with 
E.G. Elliott) State and County School 
Administration, Vol. II; Sources; lec- 
turer on Educ. at Columbia, Chicago 
and Harvard Univs.; ADDRESS: Stan- 
ford University, Calif. 

NOLDS: born Golden Ridge (maternal 
homestead) near Willow Grove, Kent 
Co., Delaware, Dec. 4, 1855; son Robert 

, Baynard and Sarah Gilder (Reynolds) 
U., of Scotch and Irish descent; educ 
public schools, Fulton Sem. Del., U. of 
Virginia, 1872-77; grad. Maryland Col. 
of Pharmacy '78, pres. of graduating 
class and recipient of three prizes; grad. 
from Col. of Physicians and Surgeons, 
Baltimore (now absorbed by U. of Mary- 
land) in 1883; remained since as teach- 
er in materia medica, botany and phar- 
macognosy; married Lizzie Gardner, 
April 26, 1894; 2nd Helen Taylor, 
Dec. 20, 1919; AUTHOR: Phar- 
maceutic Botany, 1892, 1905, 1910, 

, 1915; Materia Medica and phar- 
macology, 1896, 1900, 1903, 1906, 
memories of her Student Life and Pro- 
fessors, 1908; Materia Medica Compend, 

. 1905; articles, essays, etc. in technical 
journals; was Commissioner of Phar- 
macy and Practical Chemistry during 
term of three Governors Jackson, 
Brown, Lowndes member Am. Acad. 
Med.; Am. Asso. of Science; Maryland 

... Pharmaceutical Assoc.; Zeta Psi Fra- 

. ternity; Nu Sigma Nu Fraternity; Mar- 
garet J. Bennett Home, etc.; CLUB: 
University; HOME: 11 E. Chase St., 
Baltimore, Md. 

nal Surgeon and Gynecologist; born 
Bridgewater, Ont., Nov., 1868; son Rev. 
Thomas and Mary (Greene) C.; educ. 
Collegiate Inst. Toronto; M. B. Univ. 
Toronto; married Emrna Jones Beck- 
with, Aug. 22, 1901, (died Sept. 14, 
1918); 2d. Mary Bartlett Dixon, Apr. 6, 
1920; AUTHOR: Cancer of Uterus, 
1900; Adenomyoma of the Uterus, 1903; 
Adenomyoma of the Uterus, 1908; Myo- 
mata of the Uterus, 1909; Embryology, 
Anatomy and Diseases of the Umbilicus, 


Together With Diseases of the Urachus, 
1916; Contbr. Med. Jour. Gynecol., 
Pathology and Abdominal Surgery; 
CLUBS: Maryland, Balto. Athletic; John 
Hopkins; Woodmont Rod & Gun; Au- 
thor's Club of England; HOME: 20 East 
Eager St., Baltimore, Md. 

born Mar. 1858; son Michael and_ Bar- 
bara C.; educ. Wooster, Ohio; DE: 
GREES: Ph.D.; married Isabelle Games 
1886; AUTHOR: First Book in Physics, 
1904; Textbook of Physics, 1906; Gen- 
eral Physics, Freshman Physics; Mech- 
anics and Heat, 1909; General Physics, 
Electricity, Electro-magnetic Waves and 
Sound, 191 : 4; Laboratory Manual of 
Physics, 1907; First Book of Physiology^ 
1904; Second Book of Physiology, 1905; 
Third Book of Physiology, 1906; HOME: 
Oxford, O. 

CULTER, MARY McCRAEi Writer; born 
New Albany, Ind., Apr., 1858; daughter 
Rev. John and Catherine (McCrae) C.; 
educ. Western College for Women, Ox- 
ford, O.; married Bradford M. Cutler; 
AUTHOR: What The Railroad Brought 
to Timken, 1897; Four Roads to Happi- 
ness, 1900; The Girl Who Kept Up, 
1902; A Prodigal Daughter, 1908; A 
Jolly Half Dozen, 1910; has published 
sixty serials, innumerable short stories 
and newspaper articles, about 1000 
poems and songs; HOME: R.D. 3, Box 
103, Orange, Calif. 

of the School of Journalism and Profes- 
sor of English at Columbia University; 
born Bolton, Lancashire, England, Jan. 
1865; son Thomas Cunliffe; educ. Owens 
College (now Univ. of Manchester); 
Univ. of London; DEGREES: B.A., 
1884; M.A., (Classic), 1886; M.A., 
Modern Languages, 1888; D. Litt., 
1893; married Jane Butler Ers- 
kine, 1897; AUTHOR: The Influ- 
ence of Seneca on Elizabethian Tragedy, 
1893, Ed. The Complete Works of 
George Gascoigne, 1907, 1910; Century 
Readings in English Literature, 1910, 
1918, 1921; ( with Gerhard' Lomer) Writ- 
ing of Today, 1915, 1919 (with Tucker 
Brooke and H. N. MacCracken) Shakes- 
peare's Principal Plays, 1914; Poems of 
the Great War, 1916, Early English 
Classical Tragedies, 1912; (with Pierre 
de Bacourt) French of Today, 1917; 
(with A. H. Thorndike) Revised Univer- 
sity Edition of the Warner Library, (30 
vols.) English Literature During the 
Last Half of Century, 1919; CLUBS: 
Century, N. Y. City; HOME: Riverdale 
Ave., Riverdale, N. Y,; OFFICE: Jour- 
nalism Bldg., Columbia Univ., N. Y. City. 

CURTIS, DAVID A.: Journalist and 
Author; born Norwich, Conn., Ooct. 19, 



1846; son David R. and Sophia L. Cur- 
tis; educ. pvt. sen. (very little schooling, 
at work at 14 yrs.); AUTHOR: Science 
of Draw Poker; Queer Luck; Stand Pat; 
Old Man Greenhut and His Friends; 
Finality; CLUBS: Press, N. Y.; AD- 
DRESS: Press Club, N. Y. 

Lecturer; born Olivet, Mich., Feb., 1870; 
son Samuel and Mary Ann C.; educ. 
Olivet Coll.; Yale and Clark Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., (Yale); Ph.D., (Clark), 
1898; married Charlotte Scudder, Nov. 
25th, 1902; AUTHOR: Education Throu- 
gh Play, 1915; The Practical Conduct 
of Play, 1915; The Play Movement and 
Its Significance, 1917; Recreation for 
Teachers, 1918; Play and Recreation 
for the Open Country; HOME: 284 N. 
Professor St., Oberlin, O. 

CURTISS, PHILIP: Author; born Hart- 
ford, Conn., Apr., 1885; son Philip and 
Olive (Welch) C.; educ. Trinity College, 
Sorbonne, Paris; Univ. of Madrid, Spain; 
DEGREES: A.B.; married Maudie Valli, 
1916; AUTHOR: The Ladder, 1914; Be- 
tween Two Worlds, 1916; Crater's Gold, 
1919; CLUBS: Players, N. Y.; Univer- 
sity, Hartford; HOME: Norfolk, Conn. 

ist; Metallurgist; born U. S. Consulate, 
Rome, Italy, June, 1867; son Edwin C. 
and Emma (Crow) C.; educ. Worcester 
Polytech. Sch.; Harvard; Freiberg Sch. 
of Mines; (Saxony) Heidelberg; DE- 
GREES: B. S., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Sarah Dunn Hoppin, June 20, 1901; 
AUTHOR: Corrosion and Preservation 
of Iron and Steel, 1910; Chemistry and 
Civilization, 1920; and many scientific 
pamphlets; fellow A.A.A.S.; CLUBS: 
Metropolitan, Cosmos, Chevy Chase and 
Racquet; HOME: 1314 16th St. N. W.; 
OFFICE: 1845 B St. N.W , Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

cator; born Auburn, Me., Oct., 1865; 
son David N. and Eliza H. C.; educ. 
Bates College, Tufts, Harvard, Oxford; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Abby B. Corbin, Feb. 17, 1904; 
AUTHOR: Beginner's History of Philo- 
sophy, 1910; Translation of Windel- 
band, History of Ancient Philosophy, 
1899; The Truth in Christian Science, 
1902; What is Christianity?, 1905; 
contbr. of various articles on educ. sub- 
jects; HOME: 35 Temple St., West 
Newton, Mass. 

Acadia University; born Amherst, Nova 
Scotia, Spr., 1874; son William Free- 
man and Abbie Ann (Trefry) C.; educ. 
Acadia Univ., Yale Univ.; DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D.; mar- 


ried Minnie W. Brown, B.A., July, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Psychology of Alcoholism, 
1907; i Psychological Phenomena of 
Christianity, 1909; Three Thousand 
Years of Mental Healing, 1911; The 
Christian Life, 1906; HOME: Wolfville, 
Nova Scotia. 

cian; born Morristown, N. J., Feb. 27, 
1859; son Aug. W. Cutler; educ. Rut- 
gers College; DEGREES: B.S., Rutgers, 
1879; M.S., 1882; M.D., Columbia, 
1882; married Cora Carpenter, Jan. 
30, 1884; AUTHOR: Differential Me- 
dical Diagnosis, 1886; Differential Diag- 
noses of the Diseases of the Skin, 1890; 
Essentials of Physics and Chemistry, 
1885; Lectures on Dermatology, 1894; 
also many contr. to the med. jrnls.; 
CLUBS: N. Y. Athletic Club; Sons Am. 
Rev.; HOME and OFFICE: 135 West 
76th St., New York City. 

man; born Elizabeth, N. J., Apr. 23, 
1874; son Edw. .Morse Cutler; educ. Col- 
umbia Univ.; Union Theol. Sem.; mar- 
ried Lilian M. Metcalfe, Nov. 25, 1903; 
Old First, 1916; The 55th Artillery, C.A. 
C., 1920; CLUB: American Legion; 
HOME: 73 Moore Ave.; OFFICE: Fed- 
eration of Churches, Worcester, Mass. 


versity President; born Hampden-Sid- 
ney, Va., June 19, 1855; son Robert 
Lewis (professor) and Lavinia (Morri- 
son) D. ; educ. Hampden-Sidney College, 
Univ. of Va., Berlin, Gottingen; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Ph.D., Hon. LL.D.; mar- 
ried Mary Brent, August 24, 1881; AU- 
THOR: Reports of N. C. Agriculture 
Experiment Station, 1880; Reports of 
Univ. of Tenn. Station, 1887; Old Col- 
lege and New, 1894; A National Depart- 
ment of Science, 1897; A National Uni- 
versity, 1897; Washington's Interest in 
Education, 1900; History of Agricultur- 
al Education, 1900; Man in the Demo- 
cracy, 1904; The Meaning of the Solid 
South, 1909; Washington Educationist, 
1911; The South Renationalized by Edu- 
cation, 1911; Fighting for a New World, 
1919; formerly Prof. Chemistry Univ. of 
N. C.; was Asst. Sec'y Agri. (Cleveland) ; 
discovered presence of phosphate in 
Eastern Carolina and of workable 
tin in North Carolina; Fellow A. 
A.A.S., member Jury Awards, Paris Ex- 
position, 1900; Officier d' Instruction 
publique French Acad.; Chevalier Le- 
gion d' Honneur of France; member N. 
E.A., Washington Acad. Sciences, etc.; 
CLUBS: University (Cincinnati) Univ. 
(N.Y.), Univ. (Chicago), Literary (Cin- 
cinnati), Cosmos, (Wash.); HOME: 



3421 Middleton Ave.; OFFICE: Univer- 
sity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

of History; born Memphis, Tenn., Mar. 
29, 1860; son Virginius (author of "Don 
Miff" and "Gold That Did Not Glitter") 
and Ellen Maria (Heath) D.; educ. 
Univs. of Va., Munich, Berlin, Heidel- 
berg; DEGREES: M.A., Ph.D.; married 
Lily H. Davis, Nov. 28, 1899; AUTHOR: 
The Causes of the French Revolution 
1888; John Randolph, A Character 
Sketch, 1898; prof, history Ind. Univ. 
1886-1889; subseq. prof, history Univ 
of Virginia; CLUBS: Colonnade (at 
Univ. of Va.); ADDRESS: University 

DAGGY, MAYNARD LEE: Publicist and 
Lecturer; born Greencastle, Ind., Nov 
27, 1874; son Ella Lee and Charles W. 
D.; educ. DePauw Univ., Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Indiana Law Sch.; DEGREE: Ph. 
B.; AUTHOR: Principles of Public 
Speaking, 1904; lecturer since 1895; 
prominent in Lyceum work; charter 
mem. Internatl. Lyceum Assn., Am. Soc. 
of Sociology, Acad. of Pol. Science; 
CLUBS: Kiwanis, Cosmopolitan, Phi 
Gamma Delta; HOME: 9 East Huron 
St.; OFFICE: 35 South Dearborn St., 

DALTON, TEST: Author; born Chicago, 
Sept., 1877; son Nathan F. and Mary 
(Test) D.; educ. Butler College, India- 
napolis University, Harvard; DEGREES: 
A.B.; married Ida May Morris; AU- 
THOR: The Role of the Unconquered; 
Mayfair; Orlena Tremaine; dramatic: 
Navarre; Letoriere; The Bright Lights; 
the Eleventh Hour; "System" Marma- 
duke; Three-Fourths; It Begins at 
Home; Not According to Hoyle; Little 
Theatre Plays; essays: The Land of 
Hope; CLUB: Press, New York; AD- 
DRESS: 1204 East Pratt St., Indiana- 
polis, Ind. 

DAMON, LINDSAY TODD: Professor of 
English; Editor of English Textbooks; 
born Brookline, Mass., Nov. 8, 1871; son 
David and Hezediah Damon; educ. Bos- 
ton English High, Harvard College; DE- 
GREES: A.B.; married Julia O'Neill, 
June 30, 1896; AUTHOR: Composition 
and Rhetoric (with Robert Herrick) ; 
edi. over 100 volumes; CLUBS: Univ., 
A. E. Art, Providence, R. I.; Harvard (N. 
Y. and Boston) ; ADDRESS: Brown Uni- 
versity, Providence, R. I. 

gist; born New Haven, Conn., Nov. 16, 
1849; son James D. Dana and Henrietta 
(Silliman) D.; educ. Hopkins Grammar 
School; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., Ph.D., 
(Yale); married Caroline Bristol, Oct. 
2, 1883, (died 1916); AUTHOR: Text- 


book of Mineralogy; Text-book of Ele- 
mentary Mechanics; Dana's System of 
Mineralogy, 6th edit.; Minerals and How 
to Study Them; Catalogue of American 
Localities of Minerals; cont. to Scientific 
publs. and reports; CLUBS: N. H. Coun- 
try Club; ADDRESS: 24 Hillhouse Ave- 
nue, New Haven, Conn. 

DANA, RICHARD HENRY: Lawyer; born 
Cambridge, Mass., Jan., 1851; son Rich- 
ard Henry Dana, Jr., author; educ. Miss 
Delano's School; Grammar School, Cam.; 
St. Paul's, Concord, Mass.; DEGREES: 
'A.B., F.S.L.B., Harvard; married Edith 
Longfellow (daughter of the Poet) Jan. 
10, 1878; AUTHOR: Double Taxation 
in Massachusetts, 1885; Introduction 
and Notes to Speeches in Stirring Times, 
1905; Hospitable England in the Seven- 
ties, 1921; Introduction and concl. chap- 
ters to Two Years Before the Mast 
and to numerous pamphlets; CLUBS: 
Union, Boston; Harvard, Boston and N. 
Y.; University, N. Y.; Author's Exchange 
Boston; HOME: 113 Brattle St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; OFFICE: 10 Post Office 
Sq., Boston. 

DANIELS, MABEL W.: Composer of 
music; born Swampscott, Mass.; educ. 
Radcliffe College,' studied composition 
with George W. Chadwick and with Lud- 
wig Thuille in Munich; awarded two 
prizes by National Federation of Musical 
Clubs for songs; AUTHOR: An American 
Girl in Munich Impressions of a Musi- 
cal Student; composed "The Desolate 
City" and conducted it at McDowell 
Festival of 1913, later at San Francisco 
Exposition; also duets, songs, part-songs 
and "Peace With A Sword" for chorus 
and orchestra, first produced by the Han- 
del and Haydn Society in Symphony 
Hall, February, 1919; some years Di- 
rector of Music at Simmons College, now 
President of the Radcliffe Musical Asso- 
ciation; ADDRESS: Brookline, Mass. 

falo, N. Y., May 27, 1885; son Gustav 
and Nellie M. (Taylor) Dannreuther; 
educ. Public and High Schs., N. Y. City; 
Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, 
N. Y.; DEGREES: M.D. (1906), F.A.C.S. 
(1919); married Anna Rogers Tower, 
1911; AUTHOR: Minor and Emergency 
Surgery, 1911; numerous monographs on 
surgical and gynaecological topics; Uro- 
Genital Diagnosis in Gynaecology; Chap- 
ter in Bandler's Medical Gynaecology 
(fourth edition); The Functional Effi- 
ciency of the Kidneys; Chapter in Heitz- 
mann's Chemical and Microscopical Ex- 
amination of the Urine, (fourth edition) ; 
asso. Professor of Gynaecology, N. Y. 
Post-graduate Medical School and Hos- 
pital; Attending Gynaecologist, St. Eli- 



zabeth's Hospital; Attending Female 
Urologist, Lutheran Hospital of Manhat- 
tan; Alumnus of Jersey City Hospital; 
Fellow of American College of Sur- 
geons; CLUBS: New York Athletic; 
Belleclaire Golf; New York Automobile; 
HOME: 2020 Broadway, New York City. 

LAND: Author; born New Philadelphia, 
Ohio, April 29, 1867; daughter Lewis 
R. and Lucy (Warner) McClelland; educ. 
at home and Oberlin; married Georg* 
Daulton, 1900; AUTHOR: Wings and 
Stings; Autobiography of a Butter- 
fly; Dusk Flyers; Fritzi; From Sioux 
to Susan; The Gentle Interference of 
Bab; The Marooning of Peggy; The 
Capers of Benjy and Barbie; Uncle 
Dave's Children; contbr. fiction to mags.; 
ADDRESS: "Bittersweet," Woodstock, 
Ulster County, New York. 

Banker; born Austin, Minn., June 14, 
1872; son G. H. Davidson; educ. North- 
western Military Academy; married Lil- 
lian Dow, Oct. 10, 1906; AUTHOR: 
Formosa Camphor; Island of Formosa, 
Past and Present; articles on Manchuria 
and on Siberian Railway, etc.; CLUBS: 
Explorer's, N. Y.; Ranchmen's, Calgary; 
HOME: 801 Royal Ave., Calgary; OF- 
FICE: Royal Bank Chambers, Calgary, 
Alberta, Canada. 

DAVIS, CARL HENRY: Obstetrician and 
Gynaecologist; born Oregon, Aug. 6, 
1883; son Henry Clinton and Clara Bell 
(Penland) D.; educ. Univ. of Oregon, 
Univ. of Chicago, Rush Medical College; 
DEGREES: A.B., S.B., M.D.; married 
Elizabeth Green Upham, Sept. 6, 1919; 
AUTHOR: Painless Childbirth; Entocia 
and Nitrous Oxid; Oxygen Analgesia; 
and reports to scientific societies see Ad- 
denda: magazine articles and reports; 
CLUBS: University and Milwaukee Ath- 
letic; HOME: 825 Lake Drive; OF- 
FICE: 141 Wisconsin St., Milwaukee, 

born Wheelock, Vt., July 30, 1886; son 
Alexander W T arner and Caroline (Bur- 
roughs) D.; educ. Dartmouth, Harvard, 
Theo. Sem., U. of Leipsig, la. Col.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Ph.D., D.D.; married 
Grace Emiline Tinker 1896; AUTHOR: 
John Robinson, the Pilgrim Pastor; An 
Invested Life Butler Winfield Fir- 
man; The Pilgrim Faith; Using the 
Bible in Public Addresses; At Mother's 
Knee; Meeting the Master; pastor Cong. 
Ch. since 1896; Pres. Chicago Theol. 
Sem. since Aprl. 15, 1909; CLUBS: Uni- 
versity, Quadrangle; mem. Phi Beta 
Kappa; Theta Delta Chi; HOME: 5757 
University Ave., Chicago. 


DAVIS, PHILIP: Lawyer; born Russia, 
June 28, 1876; son Dave Ben D. ; educ. 
High Srh., Hull House, Lewis Inst., Uni- 
versity Chicago, junior years; Harvard 
College, senior years; Boston University 
Law School; DEGREES: A.B., L.L.B.; 
married Belle Shomer, 1905; AUTHOR: 
Field of Social Service; Immigration and 
Americanization; Street-Land; Its Lit- 
tle People and Big Problems; CLUBS: 
Harvard of N. Y.; Boston City; HOME: 
551 Winthrop St. W., Medford, Mass.; 
OFFICE: 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

DA VOL, RALPH: Printer and Farmer; 
born Taunton, Mass., Aug., 1877; son 
Ezra and Arabella M.; educ. Harvard 
and George Washington; AUTHOR: Two 
Men of Taunton; American Pageantry; 
Raw Materials of the World; CLUBS: 
Cosmos (Washington); Authors (Bos- 
ton); HOME: Taunton, Mass. 

DAWES, ANNA L.: born North Adams, 
Mass., May 14, 1851; daughter Henry 
L. Davis and Electa (Sanderson); educ. 
Maplewood Institute, Pittsfield, Mass.; 
Abbot Academy, Andover, Mass.; AU- 
THOR: How We are Governed; Modern 
Year; Life of Charles Sumner; CLUBS: 
Monday Morning, Pittsfield; Abbott 
Acad., Andover, Mass.; Smith Coll.; 
Country, Pittsfield; etc.; ADDRESS: 
Pittsfield, Mass. 

gist; born Leon, la., Feb. 20, 1873; son 
Wm. Edw. and Ada Eliza Sarah (Adams) 
D.; educ. Oberlin, 1897, Oberlin Theol. 
Sem., 1899; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
B.D.; married Frances Etta Ackerman 
of N. Y., Phila. and Seattle, May 1, 1895; 
AUTHOR: The Birds of Ohio; The Birds 
of Washington (2 vols.) ;Congl. Min- 
ister, 1899; later engaged in publishing 
business, at present Dir. Mus. Compara- 
tive Oology. , Santa Barbara, Calif.; 
CLUBS: A.A.A.S., various Assns. for 
study of ornithol. and allied subs.; AD- 
DRESS: "Los Colibris", Mission Can- 
yon, Santa Barbara, Cal. 

DAY, JAMES ROSCOE: Chancellor, Syra- 
cuse University; born Whitneyville, Me.; 
son Thomas and Mary Plummer (Hill- 
man) D. ; educ. Monmouth Acad.; Maine 
Wesleyan Seminary; Kent's Hill; Bow- 
doin College; DEGREES: A.B., D.D., 
S.T.D., D.C.L., LL.D., L.H.D.; married 
Hannah E. Richards; AUTHOR: The 
Raid on Prosperity, 1908; My Neighbor, 
The Workingman, 1920; magazine arti- 
cles, reviews, etc.; Ordained M. E. min- 
istry, 1872; Chancellor Syracuse 
since 1893; declined episcopate M. E. 
Ch., 1904; CLUBS: University (Syra- 
cuse); HOME: 701 Walnut Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Syracuse Univ., Syracuse, N. Y. 

DAZEY, CHARLES T.: Writer; born Lima, 



111., Aug., 1855; son Mitchell Dazey and 
Albina C.; educ. public schools; Ky. 
Univ.; Harvard College; DEGREES: B. 
A., Harvard; M.A., Illinois College; 
married Lucy Harding, July 12, 1887; 
AUTHOR: In Old Kentucky; The Old 
Flute Player; Photoplays; Manhattan 
Madness; Wolf Lowry; The Midnight 
Trail; Peggy Leads the Way; The Mys- 
terious Client; The Testing of Mildred 
Vane; The Redemption of Dare Darcey; 
Shifting Sands; Trailed by Three; State 
plays: In Old Kentucky; The Suburban; 
The War of Wealth; Home Folks; The 
Stranger, etc.; CLUBS: Lambs; HOME: 
2400 Spring St., Quincy, 111.; OFFICE: 
Lambs Club, New York City. 

sician; born Knoxville, Tenn., Feb. 7, 
1876; son Thomas O. and Josephine 
Heiskell) D.; educ. S. W. Presbyterian 
Univ.; Vanderbilt Univ.; DEGREES: M. 
D., Vanderbilt Univ., 1898; married Mary 
E. Moselcy; AUTHOR: Practical Study 
of Malaria; Endemic Diseases of the 
Southern States; CLUBS: numerous 
medical organizations; ADDRESS: Du- 
gan Stuart Bldg., Hot Springs, Ark. 

chologist; born Nashua, New Hamp., 
Aug. 15, 1869; son Cornelius V. N. and 
Louisa F. Eaton; educ. Nashua High 
School; Dartmouth; Columbia; Harvard; 
DEGREES: Litt.B., Dartmouth; A.M., 
Harvard; M.D., Harvard; M.D. and Ph. 
D., Columbia Univ.; married Blanch 
Velina Brown, June 18, 1893; AUTHOR: 
The Emotion of Joy; A Text-Book of 
Human Physiology; Moto-Sensory De- 
velopment; Observations on the First 
Three Years of a Child; The Physiology 
of Exercise; The Relations of Mind and 
Body; The Influence of Joy; How to 
Learn Easily; The Psychology of Cloth- 
ing; EDITOR: Our Senses Series; The 
Life of the- Child Library; Assoc. Editor 
Medicine and Surgery; Collaborator 
Journal of Abnormal Psychology; Asso- 
ciate Compiler Psychological Index; 
Historian Mass. Soc.; Founders and 
Patriots of America; Professor of. Psy- 
chology and Education, Sargent Normal 
Sch.; Consulting Psychologist and Phy- 
siologist, Forsyth Dental Infirmary for 
Children, Boston; Asst. Physic, for Dis- 
eases of Nervous System, Boston City 
Hospital; CLUBS: Boston Authors' Lea- 
gue of America, etc.; ADL 
bridge, Mass. 

sor Stevens Institute of Technology; born 
New York City, June 27, 1881; son 
Francis and Wilhelmina D.; ednc. pub- 
lic schs., New York; City Coll., New 
York; Columbia University; DEGREES: 
B.S., M.A.; married Christine Schwartje, 


Oct. 5, 1906; AUTHOR: Articles on 
Color, Mathematics and Engineering in 
New Encyclopedia Americana; contr. 
technical and educ. articles to periodi- 
cals; HOME: 520 Hudson St.; OFFICE: 
Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J. 

sor of Psychology; born Dover, Maine, 
Sept. 25, 1863; son Edward Delabarre 
and Maria (Hassell) D.; educated at 
Brown University, 1882-1883; Am- 
herst College, 1883-1886; University 
of Berlin, 1887-8; Harvard Univ., 1888- 
90; Freiburg in Baden, 1890-91; .Univ. 
of Paris, 1891-2; DEGREES: A. B., 
Amherst, 1886; A.M., Harvard, 1888; 
Ph.D., Freiburg, 1891; married Dorothea 
Cotton, Men. 14, 1907; AUTHOR: Ueber 
Bewegungsempfindungen, Epstein, Frei- 
burg, 1891; and numerous scientific bul- 
letins, for which see Addenda, maga- 
zine articles and reports; contr. Papers 
on Psychology, in various psychol. jrnls.; 
HOME: 9 Arlington Ave.; OFFICE: 
Brown Univ., Providence, R. I. 

DELAND, MARGARET: Author; born 
Pittsburg, Pa., Feb., 1857; daughter 
Sample Campbell; educ. private schs.; 
Rutgers College; married Lorin F. De- 
land, 1880; AUTHOR: The Awakening 
of Helena Ritchie; The Iron Woman; 
Old Chester Tales; Around Old Chester; 
Dr. Lavendar's People; Many Waters; 
Philip and His Wife; John Ward, Preach- 
er; Florida Days; Sydney; The Wisdom 
of Fools; The Common Way; An En- 
core; The Voice; The Partners; The 
Hands of Esau; The Rising Tide; contbr. 
to leading magazines; HOME: 35 New- 
berry St., Boston. 

Episcopal Church; born Fond du Lac, 
Wis., June 24, 1874; son Edmund and 
Evelyn Selden; educ. pub. schs.; Beloit 
College Acad.; Harvard; Western Theol. 
Sem.; DEGREE: D.D.; AUTHOR: Dif- 
ficulties of Faith; Ideal of Christian 
Worship; Value of Confession; The Re- 
ligion of the Prayer Book; Associate 
Rector Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 
New York City; Editor American Church 
Monthly; CLUBS: Harvard; ADDRESS: 
144 West 47th St., New York City. 

Yonkers, N. Y., Mch. 30, 1874; daughter 
of Henry and Kathryn Osterheld; educ. 
Halsted Seminary in Yonkers, N. Y.; 
married Edwin Willard Deming, Oct. 22, 
1892; AUTHOR: Indian Child Life; Red 
Folk and Wild Folk; American Animal 
Life; CLUB: National Arts, N.Y.C.; 
HOME: Redding, Conn. 

born Naugatuck, Conn., Sept. 6, 1866; 
son Charles O. and Josephine (Day) ; 



educ. Ann Arbor High Sen. ; TJniv. of I 
Michigan; Episcopal Theolog. Sch., Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; DEGREES: A.B., 1893; 
B.D., 1896; married Anna Blake Hay- 
den, Nov. 17, 1903; AUTHOR: Introduc- 
tion to the Prayer Book; Manual of 
Order of Sir Galahad; The S. S. Under 
; Scientific. Management; CLUBS: Theta 
Delta Chi; Boston City; Oakley Coun- 
try; HOME: 5 Follen St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; OFFICE: 1 Joy St., Boston, Mass. 

DePUY, E. CORA: Author and Journalist; 
born Mt. Morris, Livingston Co., N. Y. ; 
daughter Philip S. and Milancy (Chand- 
ler) DeP. ; educ. High School; Raisin 
Valley Seminary; Univ. of Michigan; 
married Alfred Chipman, Dramatic Au- 


thor, N. Y. (d 1908); AUTHOR: Pebbles 
and Pearls; The Story of the Stars; Au- 
thors and Poets of Mich.; short stories; 
The Little Girl Who Picked Up Coal; A 
Christmas Eve., etc.; has written several 
novels; at one time editor The Literary 
Century ', pub. Ann Arbor, Mich.; held 
editorial position on Ann Arbor Demo- 
crat and Daily Times; New York Jour- 
nalist and others; Descendant on fath- 
er's side from old French nobility 
whence came the names of le Puy 
Cathedral in France; Relates (thru fa- 
ther) to Chauncey M. Depew; father's 
first cousin was Rev. Wm. Henry De- 
Puy, editor of "People's Cyclopedia"; 


descended on mother's side from Annis 
and Wm. Chandler, who came from 
England and settled in Mass., 1637; 
on Chandler side related to Bancroft, the 
historian; Louise Chandler Moulton, the 
poet; U. S. Sen. Zach Chandler and 
President Rutherford B. Hayes who was 
mother's cousin; CLUBS: League Am. 
Pen Women (State Rep.); Int. League 
Press; Int. Edit. Assn.; Press Rep. 
Mich, authors Assn.; ADDRESS: 325 
Ferry Ave., Majestic Bldg., Detroit, Mich. 

DeRAN, EDNA SMITH: Author, Poet, 
Lecturer; born Pyrmont, Ohio, Nov. 6, 
1870; daughter John C. and Rachael 


W. S.; educ. publ. schls.; Natl. Normal 
Univ. Lebanon, B.; and Madame Baur's 
Conservatory of Music, Cincinnai.t O., 
where she studied piano, violin and or- 
gan; married H. C. DeRan; AUTHOR: 
Verses by the Wayside; The Grief Shad- 
ow Between; Am I My Brother's Keep- 
er?; The Heritage of Hope; The Dawn 
of Day; Ashes of Yesterday; teacher 
Holbrook Normal Coll. Fountain City, 
had charge with her husband of Green 
Springs Normal College; later removed 
to Fremont, then to Kalamazoo, Mich.; 
CLUBS: Author's Assn. Michigan. 
HOME: 857 West Philadelphia Ave., 
Detroit, Mich. 



Editor, Lecturer; born Union, Iowa 
May, 1867; son John and Laura (Hall) 
educ. Albion Sem.; Cornell College 
Iowa; Univ. of Halle; Univ. of Pennsyl 
vania; DEGREES: B.A., LL.D., Corn 
ell College; Ph.D., Univ. of Penn.; mar 
ried Hattie Evelyn Scovel, 1889; AU 
THOR: Disabled Soldiers and Sailors 
The Normal Life; Misery and Its Causes 
The Principles of Relief; The Famil; 
and Social Work; Social Forces; Econo 
mics; The Practice of Charity; Efficienc: 
and Relief; The Spirit of Social Work 
Assoc. Ed. The Survey; formerly Gen 
eral Sec. N. Y. Charity Org. Soc.; Direc 
tor N. Y. School of Philanthropy; Prof 
essor of Social Economy Columbia Univ., 
Special Representative American Rec 
Cross, San Francisco, 1906; Dayton 
1913; Special Agent American Embassy, 
Petrograd; Chief of the Bureau of Ref- 
ugees and Relief of the American Red 
Cross, Paris, etc.; CLUBS: The Century 
Ass'n. N. Y.; HOME: 542 West 112 St. 
New York City; OFFICE: 105 East 22 
St., N. Y. City. 

DICKINSON, ASA DON: Librarian and 
Editor; born Detroit, Mich., May, 1876; 
son Asa DeZeng Dickinson and Harriet 
Sprague (Hyde) D.; educ. Brooklyn 
Latin; Columbia Law; N. Y. State Libra- 
ry; married Helen W. Dickinson, June 
6, 1908; AUTHOR: Punjab Library 
Primer; Ed. Children's Book of Christ- 
mas Stories; Europe At War; The Kais- 
er; Children's Book of Thanksgiving 
Stories; Stories of Achievement, (6 
vols); Children's Book of Patriotic 
Stories; Waifs and Strays by O. Henry; 
Children's Second Book of Patriotic 
Stories; on staff Brooklyn Pub. Library; 
' librarian Union Coll. Library, Schene- 
tady, N. Y.; Leavenworth (Kan.) Free 
Pub. Library; Librarian Wash. State 
Coll. Library; Editorial staff Doubleday, 
Page and Co.; organized Punjab libra- 
ries for Govt. of India; CLUBS: Philo- 
biblon, Lenape, Penn. Library; HOME: 
4439 Spruce St., Phila. Pa.; OFFICE: 
Univ. of Penns. Library. 

man; born West Springfield, Mass., Dec. 
21, 1857; son Henry K. and Angeline 
(Dunham) D.; educ. Amherst, Yale; DE- 
GREES: B.A., B.D., D.D.; married Mary 
Lord Thorn, Jan. 20, 1886; AUTHOR: 
The Christian Reconstruction of Modern 
Life; ADDRESS: Box C., Calhoun, Lown- 
des Co., Alabama. 


married Helen A. Snyder, June 15, 1904; 
AUTHOR: Excursions in Musical His- 
tory; Book of Troubador Songs; Nativity 
Play; The Prince of Peace; Symphony 
for Organ in Five Movements; Sacred 
Chorus Series; Choral Numbers; Histor- 
ical Organ Recital Series; publisher No- 
vello; H. W. Gray Co., N. Y.; OFFICE: 
412 Fifth Avenue. 

DICKINSON, EDWARD: Professor; born 
West Springfield, Mass., Oct., 1853; son 
Henry Dickinson and Angeline (Dun- 
ham) D.; educ. Amherst College, grad. 
1876; DEGREES: Amherst, A.B.; Ober- 
lin, Litt. D.; married Jennie M. Kellogg; 
AUTHOR: Music in the History of the 
Western Church; The Study of the His- 
tory of Music; The Education of a Music 
Lover; Music and the Higher Education; 
The Students' Book of Inspiration; stu- 
died umsic in Boston and Berlin; studied 
at U. of Berlin; organist Spring- 
field, Mass.; organist and teacher of 
music Elmira, N. Y.; dir. of Music, El- 
mira, N. Y. Coll.; prof, of history and 
criticism of music at Oberlin Coll. and 
Conservatory; contbr. to American 
Ideals addresses to the City Club, Chi- 
cago and to College Teaching, a collec- 
tion of 28 essays by College and Univ. 
Professors on Edunl. Hist, and Methods; 
Prof. Dickinson was the first man to 
hold a full professorship in a first-class 
college for the teaching of musical his- 
tory and appreciation alone, and is per- 
haps unique in being the only college 
professor at present devoting his whole 
time to this work; ADDRESS: Oberlin, 

DICKINSON, HELEN A.: Author; born 
Port Elmsley, Canada, Dec. 5, 1875; 
daughter Benson S. and Harriet M. Sny- 
der; educ. Queen's University, Ontario; 
Heidelberg University, Germany; DE- 
GREES: M.A., Ph.D.; married Clarence 
Dickinson, June 15, 1904; AUTHOR: 
A Study of Henry D. Thoreau; Masters of 
German Art; Excusions in Musical His- 
tory;; The Prince of Peace; A Book of 
Troubador Songs, with Clarence Dick- 
inson; also fifty metrical translations of 
poems from the Latin, Italian, French 
and German; HOME: 210 West 107th 
St., New York City and Cornwall-on- 
Hudson, New York. 

ductor, Composer; born LaFayette, Ind. 
May 7, 1873; son Rev. Wm. Cowper 
Dickinson and Annie D.; educ. Miami 
University; Northwestern University; 
DEGREES: M.A.; Mus. Doc.; Litt. D.; 

cian; born Jersey City, N. J., Feb. 21, 
1861; son Horace and Jennette D.; educ. 
Polytechnic, Brooklyn, and in Switzer- 
land and Germany; DEGREES: M.D., 
F.A.C.S.; married Sarah Truslow, 1890; 
AUTHOR: over 80 separate articles on 
obstetrics and diseases of women; Co- 
editor Am. Text-Book of Obstetrics; con- 
sultant in obstetrics, Brooklyn Hosp.; 
and Meth. Epis. Hosp., Fellow Am. Coll. 



Surgeons; Pres. Amer. Gyn. Soc.; Lt. Col. 
Medical Adviser to Gen. Staff 1918; mem. 
Gen. Staff; CLUBS: Hamilton, Brooklyn; 
1917; CLUBS: Hamilton, Brooklyn; 
Cosmos, Washington; HOME: 428 West 
116th St., N. Y. 


Executive Secretary; born Hayesville, 
Ohio, Aug. 15, 1879; son Frank and 
Addie L. (Arnold) D.; educ. Ohio Wes- 
leyan U. ; Drew Theological Sem.; Union 
Theological Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., 
B.D.; married M. Edna Saylor, Nov. 9, 
1903; AUTHOR: Child Life in Mission 
Lands; Junior Studies in the Life of 
Christ; A Modern Disciple of Jesus 
Christ David Livingstone; Thy King- 
dom Come; Missionary Education in 
Home and School; The Church and the 
Community; CLUBS: Monday; Adel- 
phi; American Academy of Social and 
Political Science; Old Colony; Phi Beta 
Kappa; Religious Educ. Assn.; Co- 
operative League of America; AD- 
DRESS: 45 West 18th St., New York 

. .DIXON, AMZI CLARENCE: Minister of 
Gospel; born Shelby, N. C., July 6, 1854; 
son Rev. Thomas and Amanda Dixon; 
educ. Wake Forest College, N. C.; South- 
ern Baptist Theological Sem.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., D.D.; married Mary S. 
Faison, July 1, 1880; AUTHOR: Hes,- 
ven on Earth; Milk and Meat; Evange- 
lism Old and New; Present Day Life and 
Religion; The Bright Side of Life; The 
Bright Side of Death; The Glories of 
the Cross; Back to the Bible; Through 
Night to Morning; The Young Convert's 
Problems; The Christian Science De- 
lusion; Reconstruction; Victory one 
hundred individual sermons; ordained 
at Bear Marsh Baptist Ch., Dublin Co., 
N. C.; pastor various churches in N. C., 
Md., N. Y., and Mass., later at Metropo- 
litan Tabernacle, London, Eng., for 
eight years; now lecturing three months 
each year in Bible Institute of Los Ange- 
les, Calif., and nine months in ministry 
at large; HOME: Ridgecrest, N. C.; 
OFFICE: Bible Institute, Hope St., Los 
Angeles, Calif. 

Schools; born Athens Co., Ohio, Nov. 29, 
1865; son Marshall A. and Sarah Hoop- 
er D.; educ. Marietta College; Ohio 
State Normal College; Ohio University, 
Athens, O.; DEGREES: A.B. (Marietta 
Coll.); B. Ped. (Ohio State Normal 
Coll.); M. Ped. (Ohio Univ.); married 
Bertha A. Mason, Mar. 12, 1891; AU- 
THOR: Aims and Means in Education; 
The Place of Vocational and Industrial 
Education in Our Public School System;; 
Freedom in Evolution; lectures on his- 
tory from 1215 to 1919, with 316 slides; 


Outlines and Suggestions for Patriotic 


Instruction; articles, pamphlets, poems, 
etc.; in preparation a text-book on his- 
tory for Junior High Schools; issued 
while in State Dept. "Outlines and 
Suggestions for Patriotic Instruction" in 
pamphlet form; CLUBS: Schoolmaster's 
(Nebr.); HOME: University Place; OF- 
FICE: 124 West 22nd St., Lincoln, Neb. 

DIXON, JAMES MAIN: College Professor; 
born Paisley, Scotland, Apr. 20, 1856; 
son Rev. James Main and Jane (Gray) 
D.; educated Ayr Academy; Edinburg 
University; St. Andrews University; 
DEGREES: M.A., St. Andrews (with 
first-class honor) ; L.H.D., Dickinson 
Col.; married Clara B. Richards, Mch. 
26, 1885; AUTHOR: Dictionary of 
Idiomatic English Phrases; Spiritual 
Meaning of In Memoriam; Illustrated 
History of Methodism (with J. W. Lee 
and N. Luccock) ; Twentieth Century 
Life of John Wesley; Matthew Arnold 
(in Modern Poets and Christian Teach- 
ing) ; A Survey of Scottish Literature 
in the XIX Century; Manual of Mod- 
ern Scots, 1921; Monographs on 
Japan in Johnson's Universal and in 
last edit. Chambers encyclop.; mem. and 
ex-sec. Asiatic Soc. of Japan; historian 
Celtic Club, Los Angeles; prof, of Eng- 
lish for 13 years in Imp. Coll. and in 
Imp. Univ., Tokyo, Japan; decor, by Em- 
peror of Japan, later prof, of Oriental 



Studies and Comp. liter., Univ. So. Cal.; 
HOME: 427 N. Ardmore Ave.; OFFICE: 
University Southern Calif., Los Angeles, 

DOANE, DUANE HOWARD: Agricultural 
Engineer; born Mexico, N. Y., July, 
1883; son Duane G. and Nellie Powell 
D.; educ. grade sen., Omaha, Neb.; High 
Sch., Joplin, Mo.; Univ. of Mo.; DE- 
GREES: B.S. in Agr., M.S.; married 
Eureth R. Grant, of Shebina, Mo., Nov. 
1911; AUTHOR: Sheep Feeding and 
Farm Management; The Story of Lime; 
connected with Office of Farm Mgmt., 
U. S. Dept. Agr.; state leader of farm 
advisors for Mo.; Jointly employed by 

U. S. Govt. and U. of Mo.; charter mem. 
Farmhouse and charter mem. chapter 
Alpha Zeta; pres. Interstate Agrl. and 
Industrial Congress, St. Joseph, Mo., 
1914; HOME: 420 Homer St.; OFFICE: 
Fraternal Bldg., Poplar Bluff, Mo. 

(Biology) born Cape Vincent, N. Y. y 
Jan. 15, 1863; son Jasper Newton Dodge 
and Charlotte Augusta (Wright) D.; 
educ. public sch. of Detroit, Mich.; Univ. 
of Mich.; DEGREES: B.S. (Biology), 
1886; M.S., 1889; married Louise Wol- 
cott Hooker, July 18, 1895; AUTHOR- 
Introduction to Elementary Practical 
Biology; Revision of Orton's Compara- 
tive Zoology, Orton-Dodge General Zo- 
ology; editorial contbr (invertebrate 
zoology) Century Dic> 'onary Supple- 
ment; Fellow Roch. Acad. Sci.; CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa (honorary) ; Delta Upsi- 
lon; Genesee Valley; Univ. (Rochester); 
bacteriologist Roch. Health Bureau; Am. 
Assn. Adv. Sci. (Fellow) ; Mem. Am. Nat- 
uralists; HOME: 330 Oxford St.; OF- 
FICE: Univ. of Rochester, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

Dentist; born New York, May 19, 1843; 
son Dr. Joseph Smith and Julia A. D.; 
educ. Columbia Univ., 2 years; traveled 
and studied abroad, 1859-60; DEGREES: 
M.D., (Coll. Phys. & Surg. Columbia); 
D.D.S., Phila. Dental Coll.; A.M.; Litt.D.; 
AUTHOR: Christus Victor a Student's 
Reverie (Poems) 1889; Mystery of the 
West, (Poem); John Murray's Landfall, 
(Poem) ; A Flower of the Field; contbr. 
to religious magazines; also of tech. 
articles on dentistry to prof, journals; 
Hon. mem. Delta chapter of Phi Beta 
Kappa of Mass.; HOME: Morristown, N. 

Lawyer; born Beyrout, Syria, June, 
1869; son D. Stuart and Ellen Phelps 
D.; educ. Yale '91; Oxford '96; DE- 
GREES: Barrister-at-law, London, Eng.; 
married Ethel Adlard, May 15, 1905; 
AUTHOR: Piers Gaveston A chapter 


of early Constitutional History; From 
Squire to Prince; The Real Sir Richard 
Burton; King Charles I A Study; The 
Purple Iris; The Sea of Love; As the 
Crow Flies; A Strong Man Armed; Three 
Greek Tales; The Crescent Moon; Red 
Gold; The Disdainful Maiden; Studies 
of the English Sovereigns; ADDRESS: 
The Reform Club, Pall Mall, London, 
S. W., Eng.; HOME: The Grange, Wen- 
togue, Conn. 

of the Church of the Unity, St. Louis; 
assoc. prof, of Philosophy in Washing- 
ton Univ.; born Jacksonville, Mo., Aug. 
20, 1865; son Dr. Shelby M. Dodson; 
educ. Univ. of Mo.; Univ. of Calif.; Stan- 
ford Univ.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., Univ. Mo.; A.M., Ph. D., Harvard; 
married Nellie E. Wheeler, June 24, 
1891; AUTHOR :Bergson and the Mod- 
ern Spirit, 1914; The Sympathy of Re- 
ligions, 1917; Our Composite Ideal; 
CLUBS: Town and Gown; Contempor- 
ary; Mo. Athletic Assn.; OFFICE: 
Church of the Unity, St. Louis, Mo. 

DONEY, CARL GREGG: University Presi- 
dent; born Columbus, O., July 24, 1867; 
son Abram C. and Emily V. Doney; 
educ. Ohio State Univ.; Ohio Wesleyan 
Univ.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., 
LL.B., A.M., Ph.D., D.D., LL.D.; married 
Jennie A. Evans, 1893; AUTHOR: 
Throne Room of the Soul; The Efficient 
Church; CLUBS: Salem Commercial, 
N. W. Harvard; HOME: 1216 State St., 
OFFICE: Willamette Univ., Salem, Ore. 

Professor; born Pittston, Pa., Dec. 10, 
1869; son Cornelius Donnelly and Ellen 
Neville; educ. St. John's Academy, Pitts- 
ton; Fordham University, N. Y.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M.; AUTHOR: Model 
English, 1919; Newman's Second Spring, 
(edited); Art of Interesting; Shepherd 
My Thoughts, verses, 1918; The Holy 
Hour in Gethsemane, 1917; Watching 
an Hour, 1913; Mustard Seed, 1914; 
Chaff and Wheat, 1915; The Heart of 
the Gospel, 1916; The Heart of Revela- 
tion, 1916; member Jesuit Teaching 
Order; ADDRESS: Fordham University, 
Fordham, N. Y. 

sor of Latin; born Grand Rapids, Mich., 
Jan., 1860; son Leonard and Johanna 
(Quintus) D.; educ. Univ. Mich.; Univ. 
Bonn, Germany; DEGREES: A.B., A. 
. M., Ph.D.; married Jennie E. Pease, 
1885; EDITOR: Colloquia Latina; Easy 
Latin for Sight Reading; Viri Romae; 
Caesar's Gallic War (with James B. 
Greenough and M. Grant Daniel); Sec- 
ond Year Latin, with same; Helps to 
the Study of Classical Mythology; 
Cicero, Select Orations; Latin Com- 



position; Revised (co-edit) Allen & 
Greenough's Latin Grammar; Latin 
Composition for Secondary Schools; 
Latin for Beginners; Caesar in Gaul 
(with F. C. Eastman); contbr. to 
magazines; HOME: 420 Forest Ave.; 
OFFICE: Mich. State Normal College, 
Ypsilanti, Mich. 

tor and Author; born Belmont, Wis., 
Mar. 1, 1863; daughter William Daniel 
and Janet (Moyes) D.; educ. Wis. 
State Normal; Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: Ph.B., (U. of 
Mich.); Ph.D., (U. of Chicago); AU- 
THOR: The Tree Dwellers; Industrial 
and Social History Series; The Place of 
Industries in Elementary Education; 
The Early Cavemen; The Later Cave- 
men; The Early Sea People; Industrial 
and Social History; Bobby and Betty 
at Home; The Story of the Early Sea 
People; contbr. of articles and reviews 
on education and sociology; lecturer ex- 
ten, dept. Univ. of Chicago; work as a 
writer was outgrowth of work in educa- 
tin as teacher and supervisr; Sev. yrs. 
in charge of supervision of teachers in 
Normal Schs. and Normal Dept. U. of 
Utah; CLUBS: Nat. Edn. Assn.; Amer. 
Assn. of Collegiate Alumni; Authors 
League of Amer.; HOME: 5730 Drexel 
Ave., Chicago. 

NEWMAN: Physician; born Hilton Head, 
South Carolina; son Dr. William 
Mathews and Sarah Ann (Thorne) D.; 
educ. Public Schs. of Phila.; West Phila. 
Acad.; Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: A.M., 
M.D., F.A.C.S., (Fellow Am. Coll. Surg.) ; 
AUTHOR: A Cluster of Pearls, 1888; 
The Age of Mental Virility, 1908; The 
Sum of Feminine Achievement, 1917; 
What Billingsgate Thought, 1919; The 
American Illustrated Medical Dictionary 
(ten editions to date); Modern Obstet- 
rics, 1896; American Pocket Medical 
Dictionary, 1898; History of the Second 
Troop, Philadelphia, 1917; Lineally de- 
scended from Gov. John Winthrop of 
Mass., William Thorne of Lynn, Mass., 
1636; Lambert Janse Dorlandt of Nev/ 
Amsterdam, 1663; Capt. John Inskip 
and his brother Judge Abraham Inskip 
of Phila.; Colonial period, etc.; Founder 
and Charter member of Illinois Soc. of 
Order of The Founders and Patriots of 
Amer.; Charter mem. 2nd City Troop 
of Phila.; Maj. Med. Reserve Corp U. 
S. Army; mem. Amer. Legion, Hyde 
Park Post, Chicago; Fellow Amer. Med. 
Assn.; Amer. Acad. Med.; Coll. Phys. 
of Phila.; mem. Assn. Med. Milit. Surgs.; 
mem. Alpha Mu Pi Omega Med. Frat., 
etc.; CLUBS: Union League; Medical; 
University, Phila,; HOME: 4720 Sheri- 
dan Road; OFFICE: 7 West Madison 


St., Chicago. 

DOTY, MADELEINE Z.: Author; born 
Hayonne, N. J., Aug., 1879; daughter 
S. W. Doty; educ. Brearley-Smith 
Coll.; N. Y. Univ. Law School; DE- 
GREES: B.L., L.L.B.; married Roger 
N. Baldwin, Aug. 9, 1919; AUTHOR: 
Society's Misfits, 1916; Short Rations, 
1917; Behind the Battle Line, 1919; 
CLUBS: Woman's International Lea- 
gue; Intercollegiate Socialist Society; 
HOME: Sparta, N. J.; OFFICE: 110 
Waverly PI., New York City. 

DOUGLAS, ALICE MAY: Author; born 
Bath, Me., June 28, 1865; daughter 
Joshua Lufkin and Helen (Harvtj ) D.; 
educ. BaCh Public Schs.; Bath Hifcl Sen., 
1884; unmarried; AUTHOR: Gema 
Without Polish, 1889; Phlox; Maj Flow- 
ers; The Pine and the Palm, (verse); 
Serials: Quaker John in the Civil War; 
Self Exiled from Russia; How the Little 
Cousins Formed a Museum; The Peace- 
makers; A Friend Indeed; Jewel Gath- 
erers; Olive Leaves (songs); Peace 
Bells (songs); contbr. to magazines; lec- 
turer on temperance and peace corns.; 
State supt. Peace and Arbitration of Me.; 
member W.C.T.U.; State Primary supt. 
of Me. S. S. assn. (1st in U. S.); vice- 
pres. of Me. Epworth League; dist. sec. 
of Woman's Home Missionary Soc. of 
Me., M. E. Conference; conf. sec. and 
supt. of Young People's Work of the 
Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. of Me. 
conf.; org. and was sec. of Me. Branch 
of the Am. Sch. Peace League; founder 
of Peace Maker's Band; org. a large 
number of bands of mercy in the schools 
of Me.; HOME: Bath, Me. 

sor of Romance Languages; born Jer- 
sey City, May, 1866; son Alfred Sayre 
and Caroline La Vere D.; educ. Coll. 
City, N. Y.; Columbia; DEGREES: A. 
B., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: First Book in 
French; Frederick Mistral; English- 
French Handbook for U. S. Soldiers; 
teacher of French and other Romance 
langs. Coll. City of N. Y.; Cavaliere della 
Corona d'ltalia; mem. Nat. Soc. French 
Teachers; Modern Lang. Assn. Amer.; 
Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur; 
CLUBS: Alliance Francaise of N. Y.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 802 West 
181st St., New York City; OFFICE: 
College of the City of New York. 

DOWNEY, JUNE E: Professor Psycho- 
logy; born Laramie, Wyo.; daughter of 
Stephen W. and Eva Owen Downey; 
educ. Univ. Wyoming; Univ. of Chica- 
go; DEGREES: B.A., Univ. of Wyo.; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Heavenly Dykes; Graphology 
and Psychol. of Handwriting; Control 



Processes in Modern Handwriting; 
many contbr. to Univ. of Wyoming 
Bulletins and other Journals; writing 
chiefly scientific and tech., a few popu- 
lar articles and poems; CLUBS: Amer. 
Psychol. Assn.; A.A.A.S.; HOME: 1003 
Grand Ave., Laramie, Wyo.; OFFICE: 
University of Wyoming. 

DRAKE, 1VURANT: Professor of Philo- 
sophy, Vassar College; born Hartford, 
Conn., Dec. 18, 1878; son James M. E. 
and Maria N. Drake; educ. Harvard 
Univ.; Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A. 
B., 1900; A.M., 1902; Ph.D., 1911; 
married Anna White, 1908; AUTHOR: 
The Problem of Things in Themselves, 
1911; Problems of Conduct, 1914; Pro- 
blems of Religion, 1916; Shall We Stand 
By the Church? 1920; Essays in 
Critical Realism: A Co-operative Study 
of the Problem of Knowledge, 1920; 
Also seven syllabi; some sixty mag. 
articles and reviews; mem. Am. Phil- 
osophical Asso.; mem. Council and of 
Advisory Committee of the Religious 
Education Assn.; HOME: 162 College 
Ave.; OFFICE: Vassar College, Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. 

Journalist; born Terre Haute, Ind.. 
Aug. 27, 1871; son John Paul and Sarah 
(Schanab) D.; educ. Public Schs. and 
Univ. of Ind.; married Sarah Osborne 
White, Dec. 28, 1898; AUTHOR: Sis- 
ter Carrie; Jennie Gerhardt: A Travel- 
er at Forty; The Titan; The Genius; 
Plays of the Natural and Supernatural; 
A Hoosier Holiday; Free and Other 
Stories; The Hand of the Potter; 
Twelve Men; Hey, Rub-a-Dub-Dub; The 
Financier; The Bulwark (in prepara- 
tion); ed. Smith's Magazine, 1905-6; 
rngr. ed. Broadway Magazine, 1906-7; 
editor-in-chief Butterick Publications 
1907-10; one of most arresting figures 
in American letters; organized Nat 
Child Rescue Campaign; HOME: 165 
West 10th St.; OFFICE: The John Lane 
Co., New York. 

and Teacher; born Yarmouth, Me., Jan., 
1866; son Julius A. and Annetta G. D.; 
educ. Public Schs. Denver, Colo, and 
Oakland, Calif.; Harvard Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Alice M. Reed, Mar. 17, 1898; AU- 
THOR: The Power of Silence, 1895; 
The Perfect Whole, 1896; In Search of 
a Soul, 1897; Voices of Hope, 1898; 
Methods and Problems of Spiritual 
Healing, 1899; Voices of Freedom 
1.900; The Christ Ideal, 1901; Educa- 
tion and the Philosophical Ideal, 1900; 
Living by the Spirit, 1900; A Book of 
Secrets, 1902; Man and the Divine 
Order, 1903; Health and the Inner Life 
1906; A Physician to the Soul, 1908; 


The Philosophy of the Spirit, 1908; 
A Message to the Well, 1910; Human 
Efficiency, 1912; The Religion of the 
Soirit in Modern Life, 1914; Handbook 
of the New Thought, 1917; The Great- 
est Truth, 1907; The Victorious Faith, 
1917; The Heart of It, a compilation, 
1919; The World' War, 1918; On the 
Threshold of the Spiritual World, 1918'. 
The Spirit of the New Thought, 1917; 
A History of the New Thought Move- 
ment, 1919; The Open Vision, 1920; en- 
gaged railroad business, newspaper 
work early in career, later asst. in 
the History of Philosophy and Ethics, 
Harvard, 11 yrs. and later prof. of 
Philosophy, Ursinus College; since 1897 
popular lecturer on applied philosophy 
and ethics; service in France with A. 
E. F., Y. M. C. A. secy, (loaned to 
the French Army for service in the 
Foyer du Soldat, 1918); HOME: 139 
Mison Terrace, Brookline, Mass. 

man; born New Haven, Conn., Dec. 
1861: son Edward L. and Rebecca 
Staples D.; educ. High School, Newbury- 
port, Mass.; DEGREES: A.B., Harvard, 
1884; B.D., Epis. Theol. Sem., 1889; 
D.D., Trinity, 1904; married Paulina 
Cony Allen, 1913; AUTHOR: The 
Apostle's Creed Today. 1917; God's 
Responsibility for the War, 1917; 
CLUBS: Harvard (Boston); Amer. 
Acad. Arts and Sciences; HOME. 12 
Phillips PI. Cambridge, Mass. 

DRUM, WALTER S. J.: Professor of 
Scripture; born Louisville, Ky., Sept. 
1870; son Capt. John Drum; educ. 
Canisius Coll.; Marquette Univ.; Bos- 
ton Coll.; Woodstock Coll.; Uuiv. of 
St. Josephson, Beirut, Syria; DE- 
GREES: A.B.; AUTHOR: Pastoral Me- 
dicine, 1905; Pioneer Forecasters of 
Hurricanes, 1905; Divinity of Christ, 
1918; forty-three articles in Catholic 
Encyclopedia; thirteen articles in Ency- 
clopedia Americana; contbr. to Hornile- 
tic Monthly, Queen's work, America, 
Expository Times; Biblical Asso. Editor 
American Ecclesiastical Review; HOME: 
Woodstock College, Md. 

DRURY, WELLS: Journalist; born New 
Boston, 111., Sept. 16, J851; son Squire 
Thompson adn Rebecca (Newton) D.; 
educ. Olympia High Sch.; Christian Col- 
lege, Monmouth, Ohio; married Ella Bi- 
shop, May 23, 1883; AUTHOR: Berke- 
ley, a City of Progress; To Old Hang- 
town or Bust; California Tourists Guide 
and Handbook (joint author) ; edited 
various Oregon and California papers 
later on editorial staff San Francisco 
Examiner and city editor of that paper 
1907; CLUBS: Hillside. Elks and Fac- 
ulty; HOME: 1520 Euclid Ave.; OF- 
FICE: 2108 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. 



DUANE, ALEXANDER: Physician; born 
Malone, N. Y., Sept. 1, 1858; son Gen. 
Jas. C. Duane, U. S. A.; educ. St. Marks, 
Portland, Me. High School; DEGREES: 
A.B. (Union) 1878; M.D., Coll Phys. 
and Surg., N. Y., 1881; Sc.D. (Union) 
1919; married Susan W. Gait, July 14, 
1891; AUTHOR: Student's Medical Dic- 
tionary, 1893, (4th ed. 1902); Fuchs' 
Text-bock of Ophthalmology, 1892 (6th 
edit. 1919); Motor Anomalies of the 
Eye, 1897; Rules for Signaling on 
Land and Sea (adopted by U. S. N. Dept. 
for instruction of Naval Militia of U. 
S.), 1899, (2nd ed. 1901); contbr. Med. 
terms to Webster's International Dic- 
tionary, 1890; Murray's New Diction- 
ary of the English Language (London); 
Foster's Encyclopedic Dictionary oi 
Medicine, 1888-94; to works of de 
Schweintz and Randall, 1899-; Posej 
and Wright, on diseases of the Eye, Ear, 
Nose and Throat, 1902, and Posey 
and Spiller, Eye and Nervous System, 
1906; Week's Diseases of the Eye, 
1910; contbr. some 60 articles to Med. 
jrnls: CLUBS: University; HOME: 139 
East 37th St., New York. 

born Philadelphia, Pa.; daughter Rev. 
Henry Ogden and Emily Stuart 
Du Rois; educ. Rye Seminary; Summer 
and extension courses at Columbia 
Univ.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Elinor 
Arden, Royalist, 1904; The Lass of the 
Silver Sword, 1909; The League of the 
Signet Ring, 1910; The Girls of Old 
Glory. 1918; Comrade Rosalie, 1919; 
HOME: 789 West End Ave., New York 

born 1878; educ. College of Cambria; 
Theological Seminary, Liege, Belgium: 

Nans in the Far North, 1920; French 
edition; Les Soeurs Grises dans 1'Ex- 
treme Nord du Canada; in preparation. 
To the Polar Ice; mem. of the Congre- 
gation of Missionary oblate of Mary 
Immaculate, founded in France, 1816 
by Mgr. dil Mazenod, Bishop of Mar- 
seilles; \\ith University of Ottawa, 
1903-1913: preaching and writing thru 
IT. S. and Western Canada; 1915-1916 
at mouth of Mackenzie River, Arctic 
Ocean; ADDRESS: Scolasticate of 
Mary Immaculate, Edmonton, Ottawa, 

sor of Physics; born St. John, N. B., 
Canada, May, 1864; son Alexander Duff; 
educ. St. John High Sch.; Univ. of New 
Brunswick: Univ. of Edinburgh (Scot- 
land); DEGREES: M.A., D.Sc., LL.D.; 
married Isabel S. Mclntosh, 1894 (de- 
ceased): AUTHOR: Elementary Ex- 
perimental Mechanics; Text 'Book of 


Physics; Physical Measurement; CLUB: 
Cosmos (Wash.); Worcester; HOME: 52 
Fruit St.; OFFICE: Worcester Polytech- 
nic Institute, Worcester, Mass. 

geon; born Madras, India, Nov. 29, 
1850; son John Welsh Dulles; educ. 
West Chester Military Acad., Lawrence- 
ville, N. J.; DEGREES: M.D., Univ. 
Penn., 1875; married Mary Bateman, 
Oct. 5, 1881; AUTHOR: Accidents and 
Emergencies (8 eds.); Mechanism of 
Indirect Fractures of the Skull; Mem. 
A.A.A.S.; Soc. Am. Authors; Coll. of 
Physicians: Phila. Acad. Surgery; Soc. 
Mayflower Descendants; Hist. Soc. Pa.; 
Nat. Geog. Soc.; ADDRESS: 4107 Wal- 
nut Street, Philadelphia. 

DUNLAP, BOUTWELL: Lawyer, Histor- 
ian, Eugenist: born Sacramento, Calif., 
Nov. 14, 1877; son William and Sarah 
Jane (Robinson) D.; educ. Univ. of 
Calif.; Catholic Univ. of Am.; DE- 
Bibliography of the Chinese Question 
in the United States of America (joint 
author), 1909; Augusta County, Vir- 
ginia, in the History of the United 
States, 1918; number of articles and 
brochures on history and eugenics; 
member International Jury Award for 
Eugenics, Panama-Pacific Exposition, 
1915; member com. of organization of 
International Congress of Genealogy, 
Panama-Pacific Exposition, 1915; hon- 
orary commissioner of Argentine Re- 
public to Panama-Pacific Exposition, 
1915; admitted to Calif, bar, 1907 and 
practiced in San Francisco; Democratic 
Can. for Congress 1st Calif. Dist., 1904; 
Consul of Argentine Repub. at San 
Francisco, 1909 to Jan. 1, 1917; Hon. 
Consul of Argentine Repub. at San 
Francisco since Jan., 1917; chosen ar- 
biter by the newspaper proprietors in 
their dispute with the Typographical 
Union, San Francisco, 1914; mem. 
Comm. of Organiz. of Inter. Congress 
of Genealogy, Panama Pac. Exp., 1915; 
OFFICE: 609 First Nat'l. Bank Bldg., 
San Francisco. 

DUNLAP, KNKiHT: Professor of Experi- 
mental Psychology, John Hopkins 
Univ.; born California, Nov., 1875; son 
Elon and Calista (Knight) D.; educ. 
California Pub. sens.; Univ. Calif.; Har- 
vard Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.B.; M.D.; 
A.M.; Ph.D.; married Mary Durand, 
1906; AUTHOR: A System of Psycho- 
logy. 1912; An Outline of Psycho-bio- 
logy, 1914 (2nd. ed. 1917); Personal 
Beauty and Racial Betterment, 1920; 
Mysticism, Freudianism and Scientific 
Psychology, 1920; HOME: 500 West 
33d St.. OFFICE: The John Hopkins 
University, Baltimore, Md. 



DUNN, WALDO HILARY: Professor of 
English. Literature; born Rutland, O.. 
Oct. 4, 1882; son Arthur Marion and 
Isabel (Fowler) D.; educ. Yale; Glas- 
gow Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., 1906; M. 
A., Yale, 1909; Litt. D., Glasgow, 1916; 
married Fern D. Greenwald, June 11 
1907; AUTHOR: The Vanished Em- 
pire, 1904; The Modern Short-Story (in 
collab. with Lucy L. Notestein), 1914; 
English Biography, 1916; ADDRESS: 
The College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio. 

Editor; born Rutland, Vt., Dec., 1875; 
daughter Walter C. and Miriam Barrett 
D.; educ. Rutland High Sch.; Smith 
College; DEGREE: A.B.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Betty Wales Series, com- 
prising, Betty Wales, Freshman; Betty 
Wales, Sophomore; Betty Wales, Jun- 
ior; Betty Wales, Senior; Betty Wales, 
B.A.; Betty Wales & Co.; Betty Wales 
on the Campus; Betty Wales Decides; 
Nancy Lee Series comprising: Nancy 
Lee's Spring Term; Nancy Lee's Look- 
out; Nancy Lee's Namesake; HOME: 15 
Washington St., Rutland, Vt. 

thor; born on Noddle Island, East 
Boston, Mass., Mar. 16, 1860; son 
George Cox and Elizabeth Lucinda 
(Currie) D.; educ. Prescott Sch., Bos- 
ton; Boston Latin Sch.; ill health pre- 
vented completion of course; married 
Frances F. Scribner, June 1, 1893; 
AUTHOR: Pencilings; On and Off 
Shore; The Fiji's Mate; A Sailor Boy's 
Log: Those Northville Boys; Dr. Eva 
Wesley, M. D.; Rays of Sunshine; Year 
Book with one ray of cheer for each 
day of the year; His Third Wife; The 
Chanty Man (sea songs) ; contbr. to 
magazines and journals; interested in 
temperance work; editor Templar's 
Gazette and Templar's Album; noted 
as one of the foremost of New Eng- 
land poets and writer of juvenile 
stories; is known throughout civilized 
world as writer of many Gospel Hymns 
and popular songs; also as a writer of 
humorous verse, including the famed 
Mudville Ballads and the bseball 
classic, Casey at the Bat; HOME: Rowe, 

OVER, RUTH OMEGA: (Mrs. Smith 
Johns Williams); Writer; born Hern- 
don, Va., Sept., 1885; daughter Elisha 
and Mildred H. Dyer; educ. Central 
H. S., Washington; (grad.) State Nor- 
mal; Columbia Univ.; married Smith 
Johns Williams; AUTHOR: Correlated 
Lesson in Language and Occupation 
Work; The Sleepy-Time Story Book; 
That's Why Stories; Cut-out Book; 
Day-time Story Book; engaged in 
teaching, later special educ. and sup- 
ervisory work in training of teachers; 


ADDRESS: The Citadel, Charleston, 
S. C. 

DYER, WALTER A.: Author; born Ros- 
lindale, Mass., Oct. 10, 1878; son E. 
Porter Dyer and Martha A. (Fearing) 
D.; educ. Springfield, Mass. High Sch. 
and Amherst College; DEGREES: A. 
B., 1900; married Muriel W. Childs, 
June, 1, 1907; AUTHOR: The Lure 
of the Antique, 1910; The Richer Life, 
1911; Pierrot, Dog of Belgium, 1915; 
Early American Craftsmen, 1915; The 
Humble Annals of a Back Yard, 1916; 
Gulliver the Great, and Other Dog 
Stories, 1916; Creators of Decorative 
Styles, 1917; The Five Babbitts of 
Bonnyacres, 1917; Handbook of Fur- 
niture Styles, 1918; The Dogs of Boy- 
town, 1918; Ben, the Battle Horse, 
1919; Sons of Liberty, 1920; (in collab. 
with Brig.-Gen. A. W. Catlin) ; With 
the Help of God and a Few Marines, 
1919: CLUBS: National Arts Club, N. 
Y.; HOME: Rock Walls Farm, Am- 
herst, Mass. 


(Ohiyesa) ; Physician, Author, Lectur- 
er; born Redwood Falls, Minn., Feb., 
1858; son Many Lightnings (Jacob 
Eastman) Santee Sioux, and Nancy 
Eastman, half-blood Sioux; educ. Kim- 
ball Univ. Acad.; Dartmouth; DEGREES 
B.S., M.D.; married Elaine Goodale, 
June IS, 1891; AUTHOR: Indian Boy- 
hood, 1902; Old Indian Days, 1906; 
Red Hunters, 1904; Wigwam Evenings, 
1907; Indian Scout Tales, 1909; The 
Indian Today, 1911; From Deep Woods 
to Civilization, 1915; Indian Heroes 
and Great Chieftains, 1918; Soul of the 
Indian, 1910; practiced medicine among 
Indiana and in St. Paul, Minn.; has 
been well known lecturer since 1904; 
with Mrs. Eastman conducts Campe 
Oahe in New Hampshire; CLUBS: Au- 
thor's League; Soc. of Am. Indians; 
HOME: Camp Oahe, Munsonville, N. H. 

and teacher; born "Sky Farm", Mass., 
Oct. 9, 1863; daughter Henry S. Good- 
ale; married Charles A. Eastman, 
June 18, 1891; AUTHOR: Apple Blos- 
soms, 1878; Berkshire Wild Flowers, 
1879; All Round the Year, 1880; Jour- 
nal of a Farmer's Daughter, 1881; 
Yellow Star, 1911; Indian Legends Re- 
told, 1919; Little Brother o' Dreams, 
1910; taught and supervised Indian 
Schools before marriage; for past five 
years has conducted camp for 50 girls on 
Granite Lake, Munsonville, N. H.; 
HOME: Oahe, Munsonville, N. H. 

ILTON: Doctor of Civil Law; born 



Kentville, N. S., Dec. 10, 1849; son 
William and Anna Augusta Willoughby 
(Hamilton) E.; educ. grammar schs., 
Kentville and at Harvard Univ; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Harvard, 1880; A.M., 
Dalhousie, 1904; (D.C.L. King's U., N.S. 
1905); unmarried; Deacon, 1884; 
Priest, 1885; P. E. Ch.; priest-in- 
charge of parish of Chestnut Hill, 
Mass., 1885-86; AUTHOR: The Heart 
of the Creeds: Historical Religion in 
the Light of Modern Thought, 1888; 
Acadian Legends and Lyrics, 1889; The 
Church of England in Nova Scotia and 
the Tory Clergy of the Revolution, 
1891; Tales of a Garrison Town (with 
Craven Langstroth Betts,), 1892; 
Acadian Ballads, 1905; Poems of the 
Christian Year, 1905; The Lotus of the 
Nile and Other Poems, 1907; The His- 
tory of King's County, Nova Scotia; 
Heart of the Acadian Land, 1910; The 
Famous Mather Byles, 1914; Introduc- 
tion to Longfellow's Evangeline, 1914; 
Letter-writing, its Ethics and Etiquette, 
1890; College Requirements in English, 
1900; an edition of Pope's Rape of the 
Lock, 1901 ; Editor (with an introduc- 
tion) Recollections of a Georgia Loyal- 
ist, written in 1836 by Mrs. Elizabeth 
Lichtenstein Johnstone, 1901; compiler 
of many educational works, and author 
of many hist, monographs; elected Fel- 
low of Roy. Soc. of Canada and now 
mem. many other lerned soc's; has been 
pronounced the principal literary man 
Novia Scotia has produced since Judge 
Haliburton, the notable historian and 
widely known author of "Sam Slick"; 
HOME: 48 Pinckney St., Boston, Mass. 

EAVES, LUCILE: University Professor, 
Director of Social Economic Research; 
born Leavenworth, Kan., Jan., 1869; 
daughter David William and Anna C. 
(Weir) Eaves; unmarried; educ. High 
School., Peoria, 111.; Stanford Univ.; 
Chicago Univ.; Univ. Calif.; Columbus 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B. (Stanford); M. 
S. (Calif. Univ.); Ph.D. (Columbia); 
AUTHOR: A History of California 
Labor Legislation: Labor Organizations 
In Great Britain and the United States; 
Food of Working Women in Boston; 
Training for Store Service, 1921; 
In press a bok dealing with vo- 
cational education and social work; 
CLUBS: Coll. Alumnae; Phi Beta 
Kappa; numerous learned societies; 
HOME: 111 Davis Ave., Brookline, 
Mass.; OFFICE: 264 Boylston St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

EDDY, H i:\llV TriJXER: University 
Dean; born Stoughton, Mass., June 9, 
1844; son Rev. Henry and Sarah Hay- 
ward (Torrey) E.; educ. Yale; Shef- 
field Scientific Sch.; Cornell; Berlin, 
Germny; College de France, Paris, DE- 
GREES: A.B., Ph.B., A.M., C.E., Ph.D., 


LL.D; marr. Sebella Elizabeth Taylor, 
1870; AUTHOR: Analytical Geometry; 
Researches in Graphical Statistics; Ther- 
mo dynamics; Neue Konstructionem 
Aus der Graphischen Statik, Mascimum 
Streve's under concentrated Loads; 
Theory of Rectangular Flat Plates Ap- 
plied to Reinforced Concrete Floor 
Slabs; Concrete Steel Construction 
(with C.A.P. Turner; contrb. to tech. 
journals ; has held professorship in 
mathematics, .astromony, physics, 
mechanics and engineering at leading 
Univs. including Cornell, U. of Penn., 
Cincinnati, Minnesota; HOME: 916 6th 
St., S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. 

EDELMAX, PHILIP E.: Electrical Engi- 
neer; born Duluth., July 16, 1894; son 
Meyer I. and Rose (Pulverman) E.; 
educ. West High School, Minneapolis; 
Univ. of Minn., Minneapolis; DE- 
GREES: S.B.Eng.; E.E.; AUTHOR: In- 
ventions and Patents, 1915; Experi- 
ments, 1914; Experimental Wireless 
Stations, 1912-14-16-20; Simple Water 
Testing, 1912; inventor of electrical de- 
vices now widely used; CLUB: Inst. 
of Radio-Engineers; HOME: 1802 
Hague Ave., St. Paul, Minn.; OFFICE: 
39 Cortland St., New York City. 


Banking; born Palmira, Colombia, Dec., 
1880; son James M. and Lizzie (Benja- 
min) E,; educ. public schools, N. Y.; 
private schools, England and Belgium; 
Coll. of the City of N. Y.; Harvard 
Law School; Univ. of Liege; DE- 
GREES: A.B., (C.C. N. Y.) 1900; 
L.L.B. (Harvard) 1903; married Violet 
Lindo, 1909; AUTHOR: Mining Laws 
of the Republic of Colombia, 1912; 
Colombia, 1913; Foreign and Home 
Law, 1916; Commercial Laws 'of 
Switzerland, 1917; CLUBS: Explorers; 
Harvard Lawyers; Ibero-American; 
Authors (London): HOME: 64 Groton 
St., Forest Hills, N. Y.; OFFICE: 44 
Pine Street.. N. Y. City. 

facturers' Agent; born Plantsville, O.. 
Jan. 30, 1869: son Richard Edgerlon; 
educ. Public Schs.; Bartlett; Ohio Acad.; 
Lebanon; Ohio Normal; Marietta; Ohio 
College; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; mar- 
ried Blanche Edgerton, (second cousin) 
1895; AUTHOR: Voices of the Morn- 
ing, 1897; Songs of the People, 1902: 
Glimpses of the Real, 1903; The Gardens 
of God, 1894; CLUBS: National Press: 
HOME: Fort Lyon; OFFICE: Room 
312, Ouray Bldg., 1142 Munsey Bldg., 
Alexandria, Va. 

born Eastport, Me., Sept., 1838; son 
Richard and Mary E.; educ. Harvard. 
DEGREES: A.B., M.D.; married Eliza- 




beth Clarke, 1867; 2nd Anna C. Rich- 
ardson, 1881; AUTHOR: Nature and 
Time in Care of Diseases; Physiology 
and Pathology of the Sympathetic or 
Ganglionic Nervous System; Therapeu- 
tic Handbook of U. S. Pharmacopoeia; 
Therapeutics and Materia Medica; 
Parson Gay's Three Sermons; Mug- 
wumps, by One of Them; contrib. to 
various Scientific and Prof, publica- 
tions; practiced medicine in Boston, 
Mass, many years; special, neurology; 
HOME: Springfield, Mass, 

rian; born Tottenham, England, Nov. 
1857; son Thomas #nd Rebecca E.; 
educ. Friends' School, Croydon; Floun- 
ders Inst., Ackworth; DEGREES: M.A., 
Penn.; Fellow, 1914; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Buddhist and Christian Gos- 
pels, Tokyo, 1905; Philadelphia, 1908- 
1914; Studies in the Christian Religion* 
1915-20; CLUBS: Oriental, (Phila., 
1904-16); HOME: 112 Elm Ave., 
Cheltenham, Pa.; OFFICE: 1300 Lo- 
cust St., Philadelphia. 

sor of Latin, Director of University 
Extension; born N. Y., May 3, 1859; 
son James C. and Louisa (Drew) E.; 
educ. Pub. School, No. 35, N. Y.; Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; AUTHOR: Macmillan's Shorter 
Latin Course, 1892; Cicero de Senec- 
tute; Introduction to the Study of 
Latin Inscriptions, 1895; Livy, Book 
XXI and Selections; The Equestrian 
Cursus Honorum; several articles in 
Harper's Dictionary of Classical Anti- 
quity, and New Internat. Encycl., Gen. 
Macmillan's Series of Latin Classics: 
CLUBS: Century; Asso. Nat'l. Repub- 
lican; HOME: 425 W. 146th St.; OF- 
FICE: Columbia University, N. Y. 

Editor, Song Writer; born Lawrence- 
ville, 111., Aug., 1864; daughter Wil- 
liam and Amanda C. Blackburn; educ. 
Chicago Univ., grad. in journalism and 
advertising; married M. A. Haskett. 
1892 (d. 1900), 2d. Frederick Ehler. 
July 14, 1907; AUTHOR: Firefly 
(poems); O.E.S. Blue Book, of which 
10,000 copies have been sold in the 
state; contbr. serials and short stories 
to magazines, besides a number of 
songs; taught in High Schs. of Ill- 
Montana and Oklahoma for fifteen yrs.. 
later edit, and publ. Hennessey Press 
Democrat: Specialized in feature writ- 
ing for Chicago and St. Louis papers; 
prominent in Order of Eastern Star, 
member for 32 years, Grand Matron 
O.E.S. from 1916; CLUBS: League 
of American Pen Women; Authors'; 
Womens' Study; Delphian Soc.; HOME 
Hennessey, Okla. 


EHRMANN, MAX: Author; born Terra 
Haute, Ind., Sept., 1872; son Max and 
Margaret Ehrmann; educ. De Pauw 
Univ.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: Ph. 
B.; unmarried; AUTHOR: A Farrago, 
1898: The Mystery of Madeline Le 
Blanc. 1899; A Fearsome Riddle, 1901; 
A Prayer and Selections, 1903; Break- 
ing Home Ties, 1904; The Poems of 
Mav Ehrmann, 1910; The Wife of 
Marobius, 1911; Jesus; A Passion Play, 
1915; David and Bathsheba, 1917; for 
a number of years gave public readings 
from his books; CLUBS: Author's, 
London; Authors' League, U. S.; 
STUDY: .1.28 y 2 S. 6th St., Terre Haute, 

sor; born Mundelsheim, Germany, Nov. 
25, 1872; son Christian and Elizabeth 
E.; educ. Theol. Sem.; U. of P.; Colum- 
bia: Univ. of Berlin; Gym.; Landsberg, 
Germany; New York Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., B.D., Ph. D., D.D.; mar- 
ried Lillian R. Robinson, Oct. 23, 1901; 
AUTHOR: Sidon, A Study in Oriental 
History, 1907; A Commentary on the 
Minor Prophets, 1907; Prophecy and 
the Prophets, 1909; The Worker and 
His Bible, 1909; The Christian View of 
the Old Testament, 1912; Books of the 
moreland Country; Univ. (Evanston) ; 
Evanston Council Relig. Fduc. (Pres.); 
Illinois Alpha Chapter Phi Beta Kappa, 




(Pres.); mem. Deutsche Orient Gesell- 
schaft, Deutsche Morganlandische Ges- 
ellschaft. Deutscher Palaestine Verein, 
Vorderasiastische Gesellschaft, Ameri- 
can Oriental Society, Religious Educa- 
tion Assn.. Soc. Biblical Lit. and Exe- 
gesis, Chicago Society Biblical Re- 
search, mem. International Lesson 
Comm., Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 2340 
Orrington Ave. ; OFFICE: Garrett Bib- 
lical Institute, Evanston, 111. 

S. Navy; born St. Inigoes, Md., Sept., 
1859; son James Fox Ellicott; educ. 
Priv. Schls., Baltimore and U. S. Naval 
Acad.: married Annie M. Williams, 
Dec., 1888: AUTHOR: Justified, 1895; 
Life of John Ancrum Winslow, 1901; 
novelettes, short stories, popular arti- 
cles, professional articles in ieadin? 
mags., also contrib. Proceedings U. S. 
Nnv?l Inst.. etc.: CLUBS: The Lambs, 
(N. Y.); The Arlington, (Portland); 
Army and Navy, Wash.. D. C.; HOME: 
St. Inigoes, Md.; OFFICE: Mare Island 
Navy Yard. Cal. 

Engineer; born La Salle County, 111., 
June. 1850; son John B. and Elizabeth 


(Sarles) E.; educ. Oberlin Coll., Ohio; 
Univ. ot Illinois, Urbana, 111.; DE- 
GREES : C.E. Univ. Illinois; married 
Lura M. Hullock, Jan. . 1, 1879;. AU- 
THOR- Practical Farm Drainage, 

1911: Engineering for Land Drainage, 
1903-11 (3d ed. rev.), 1919; special- 
ized in Drainage Engineering and Land 
Reclamation; was chief engineer U. S. 
Dept. Agric. 1902-13; insp. and studied 
drainage works in Northern Europe, 
1908; prepared several reports on 
drainage subj. for the U. S. Dept of 
Agr... 1903-11; prepared paper on 
Drainage of Irrigated Lands for the In- 
ternational Engineering Congress at 
San Francisco, 1915; reported on the 
drainage of the Province of Manitoba, 
Canada, 1918; since 1916 consult. En- 
gineer for the Elliott & Harrnan Engi- 
neering Co., Peoria, 111. -Wash.. D. C.; 
.CLUBS: Amer. Soc. Civ. Eng.; 111. Soc. 
Enn:.: Wash. Soc. Ens.; HOME: 6803 
5th St., N. W., OFFICE: McLachlen 
Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

mercial and Religious Journalist; born 
Indianapolis, Ind., Oct. 15, 1878; son 
James Perry and Frances (Dwinnell) E.; 
educ. Pub. Schls., Indianapolis, Ind.; 
Univ. Chicago, (1 summer term); mar- 
ried Bessie M. Estes, 1900; AUTHOR > 
Hints that Help in Business, 1908; 
Making Good in the Local Church, 
1913; Problem of Lay Leadership, 
1914: How to Fill The Pews, 1918; 
How to Advertise a Church, 1920; from 

1909 to 1914 was editor and business 
manager of Christian Men Magazine; 
backed by R. A. Long, million- 
aire, philanthropist, Kansas City; 
1914 to 1916 co-editor of the Christian 
Board of Publication, St. Louis, Mo.; 
also circulation and advertising mgr. 
same; won first prize of $1,000 in let- 
ter writing contest of big mail order 
house, 1919; circulation campaigns 
written are used by leading farm and 
religions journals; pres. E. E. Elliott 
Investment Company, specializing in 
organization and promotion of indus- 
trial and commercial institutions: since 

1910 has been Transportation and Pub- 
licity Secretary, International Conven- 
tion of Disciples of Christ; From 1909 
to 1914 Sec'y. Brotherhood of Disci- 
ples of Christ, suceeding Peter Clark 
Macfarland; traveled 15,000 miles 
yearly, speaking in every principal city 
from New York to the Pacific Coast, and 
throughout Canada; In 1919 and 1920 
ed. and publ. sec. Disciples World 
Movement in Missouri, a branch of 
Inter-Church World Movement, and the 
same for Kansas, Oklahoma and Ark- 
ansas; in 1916-1917 manager of pub- 
licitv for Men and Millions Movement 
of the Christian Church, 1919, Director 
Near East Relief, for Mo., one of the few 
directors raising entire quota; contbr. to 
Railway economic and religious jour- 
nals and mags, from boyhood; CLUBS: 
City Club of Kansas City; HOMK 1 iM 
S. Kensington Ave.; OFFICE: Second 



floor Bank Building, Kansas City, Mo. 

versity Professor; born Franklin Coun- 
ty, N. C., May 4, 1871; son O. L. and 
Mary (McKnight) E.; educ. Univ. ol 
N. C.; Clark Univ.; Harvard; Univ. of 
Berlin; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; mar- 
rifed Mary Heard, 1901; AUTHOR: 
Fundamentals of Farming and Farm 
Life (jointly with E. J. Kyle); CLUBS: 
K.A., Phi Beta Kappa, Fellow A.A.A.S.; 
HOME: The University of Texas, Austin, 

ist; born near Hannibal, Mo., Feb. 11, 
1870; son J. W. and S. Breckenridge 
E.; educ. Woodland Coll.; Plattsburg 
Coll., 'Mo.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; un- 
married; AUTHOR: In the Days of 
Jehu, 1898; King Saul, 1898; Shem, 
1899; Dread and Fear of Kings, 1890, 
1900; Garcilaso, 1891, 1901; Holland 
Wolves, 1892, 1902; Adnah, 1902; Red 
Box Clew, 1902; Stork's Nest, 1905; 
Soul of a Serf; Twin Stars; Arkansaw 
Cousins; Something Else, 1911; Fran, 
1912; Lahoma, 1913; The Third Dia- 
mond, 1913; The Woodneys, 1914; 
Little Fiddler of the Ozarks, 1913; Ag- 
nes of the Bad Lands, 1917; His Dear 
Unintended, 1918; Story of a Life, 
1918; Fated to Win, 1909; Photoplays: 
Emmy of Stork's Nest; The Garden 
Witch; Songs: When We've a Home; 
Fishing in the Ozarks; Old Mizzoury; 
Columbia (a cantata); Down in thp 
Ozarks; The Ellisan Year Books No. 1 
and 2; Travel Stories: Out West; In 
the East; Around the Gulf to Mexico; 
Overseas; musical composer, songs, 
cantatas, etc., words and music; found- 
ed Advance Society, a corresponding 
literary assn., members in 38 states and 
many foreign countries; mem. The El- 
lisan Literary Society named in honor 
of J. Breckenridge Ellis; held chair of 
English in Plattsburgh Coll. (Mo.) 
1886-1897; in Central Christian Col- 
lege, Albany, Mo., 1900-1902; CLUBS: 
Societe Acadamique d' Histoire Inter- 
nationale, Paris; Missouri Writers 
Guild (Pres.; ADDRESS: 500 W. Clay 
St., Plattsburg, Mo. 

ELL WOOD, CHARLES A.: University 
Professor; born Ogdensburg, N. Y., Jan 
20, 1878; son Gibson and Maria (Wai- 
rath) E.; educ. Cornell Univ.; Univ 
Berlin: Univ. Chicago; Univ. London; 
Oxford Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.D., Cor- 
nell Univ., 1896; Ph.D., Univ. Chicago 
1809; married Ida M. Breckenridge 
June 30, 1897; AUTHOR: Sociology 
and Modern Social Problem (eds. 1910 
1913, 1919, 100,000 copies sold up to 
1921; Sociology in Its Psychologica 
Aspects. 1912 (French transl. 1914) 
The Social Problem; A Reconstructs 


Analysis, 1915, 1919, (Japanese transl. 
1917, 1920); An Introductions to Social 
Psychology, 1"917; Also author num. 
monographs and papers; CLUBS: Fac- 
ulty Union; Fellow Am. Asso. for Ad- 
vancement of Science; Assn. Institute 
International de Sociologie, Paris, 
France; mem. Amer. and Brit. Sociol. 
Soc., etc.: HOME: 407 College Ave., 
Columbia, Mr.; OFFICE: University of 

College President; born Ohio, Mar., 
1857; son Jacob and Clara (Swingle) 
E.; educ. Thiel Coll.; Univ. Pa.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., Litt.D.; married Ida S. 
MacMullan, 1898; AUTHOR: History 
of United States, 1904; Side Lights on 
American History; One Volume His- 
tory of United States; Five Volume His- 
tory of United States; Chief Author of 
four vols. of the Ten Volume Photo- 
graphic History of the Civil War, con- 
taining the famous Brady War photo- 
graphs; General History of Europe for 
High Schools; has written more than a 
dozen books, which are used in many 
colleges and universities, including Col- 
umbia, Yale, Dartmouth, Univ. of Pitts- 
burgh, etc.; former head of Dept. of 
Hist, and Polit. Sci. in Ohio Univ.; 
now President Thiel Coll.; was mem. 
Constitutional Convention of Ohio, 
1912 and Pres. of Ohio Valley Hist. 
Assn.; CLUB: Greenville Golf; HOME: 
Greenville, Pa. 

EMCH, ARNOLD: Professor of Mathe- 
matics; born Gossliwil, Switzerland, 
Mar., 1871; son Albrecht Emch, Switz- 
erland'; educ. Cantonal Coll., Solothurn; 
Polytechnic of Zurich, Switzerland; 
DEGREES: Ph.D.; married Hilda Wal- 
ters, August, 1895; AUTHOR: Intro- 
duction to Protective Geometry and Its 
Applications, 1905; Kinematische Gel- 
enksysteme und die durch no erzeuzten 
Geometrischen Transformation, 1907; 
Ueber orthogonale Systeme und einize 
technische anivendungen, '98; CLUBS: 
American Mathemat. Soc.; Swiss Math- 
ematical Soc.; Swiss Naturforschende 
Gesellschaft: Swiss Alpine; Colorado 
Mountain; Illinois Univ.; Sigma Xi, 
(honorary); Scientific Soc.; American 
Mathematical Asso.; HOME: Urbana; 
OFFICE: University of Illinois, Urbana, 

donym ''Elise Emmons"); Poetess; 
born Boston, Mass., Dec. 29, 1867; dau- 
ghter R. W. Emmons; educ. Miss Eliza- 
beth Sewell's, Isle of Wight; Miss Anna 
Buckland's Schs.; AUTHOR: Summer 
Songs Among the Birds, 1919; Winter 
Songs Among the Snows, 1919; Spring 
Songs Among the Flowers, 1920; 
granddaughter Hon. Wayman Cross, 





one of pioneer founders of St. Louis, 
Mo.; volumes of poems have been ac- 
cepted by King and Queen of Eng., 
Prince of Wales, and Bishop of London; 
has crossed ocean 32 times; traveled 
extensively on Continent; Studied Rus- 
sian ror two years; deeply interested in 
psychic phenomena; HOME: Mt. Ver- 
non, Leamington Spa, England. 

born Berks, County, Pa., Feb. 5, 1877; 
son Milton G. and Katherine (Rhue) 
E.; educ. Pottstown (Pa.) High Sch.; 
Hill Sch ; Metropolitan Coll. Music, 
N. Y.); etc.; DEGREES: F.A.G.O.; 
married Ethel B. Heydinger, 1899; AU- 
THOR: Johannes Brahms, 1904; 
Hymns and Church Music, 1910; Ele- 
ments of Harmony, 1911; Elementary 
Theory, 1911; etc.; CLUBS: University 
and num. professional soc. ; HOMEJ: 
1006 W. Nevada St.; OFFICE: Univ. 
111., Urbana, 111. 

fessor of Practical Theology; born Fay- 
etteville, N. Y., July 1866; son Rev. Dr. 
W. J. and Henrietta (Rosenbury) E.; 
educ. Princeton Univ.; DEGREES: D.D. 
married Estelle Pardee, 1892; AU- 
THOR: Coming to the Communion; 
The Gospel of John, an Exposition; The 
Gospel of Mark; The General Epistles; 
The Acts; The Gospel of Matthew; Sun- 
day Afternoons With Railroad Men; 
Pastor Overbrook Presbyterian Church, 
Philn,, Pa., 1891-97; First Presbyterian 
Church, Germantown, Pa., 1897-1906; 
Professor Practical Theology, Prince- 
ton Theol. Sem., 1906; HOME 20 Li- 
brary Place, Princeton, N. J. 

EVANS, WILLIAM: Preacher, Teacher, 
Author; born Liverpool, Enq., Jan.. 
1870; son D. G. and Margaret E.; educ. 
Liverpool Coll.; Chicago Theol. Sem.; 
DEGREES: B.D., Ph.D., D.D.; married 
Laura C. Torgerson, May 2-5, 1892; AU- 
TFJOR: The Great Doctrines of the 
Bible; The Book of Books; How to Pre- 
pare Sermons and Gospel Addresses; 
Personal Soul-Winning; The Christian; 
Why I Am Not a Christian Scientist; 
Outline Studv of the Bible; How to 
Memorize; The Book Method of Bible 
Study; The Books of the Pentateuch; 
Romans and I and II Corinthians; The 
Gospels and The Acts of the Apostles, 
E]>ochs in the Life of Christ; The Book 
of Genesis; 14 years on Faculty Moody 
Bible Inst.; 3 yrs. Assoc. Dean Bible 
Inst., Los Angeles, Cal.; now Dir. 
Bible Confer. U. S. and Canada, also 
special lecturer at Northfield, Winona., 
Montrose and other well known Bible 
Confer, centers) for teaching of Evanae- 
lical truths; ADDRESS: Wheaton, 111. 

seum Director, Naturalist; born Monroe 


Co., la., Oct. 24, 1853; son Andrew 
and Nety (Gardner) E.; educ. Public 
sen*, in Indiana; Howard Coll.; India- 
na Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., 1886; A.M., 
18S8; Ph.D., 1892; married Meadie 
Hawkins, Oct. 24, 1875; AUTHOR: 
Fishes of North and Middle America 
(junior author with David Starr Jor- 
dan) 4 vols, 3528 pgs., 392 plates, 
1896-1900; American Food and Game 
Fisher, 1902; The Fishes of Porto 
Rico, 1902; The Aquatic Resources of 
the Hawaiian Islands (3 vols.) 1130 
pages, 73 col. plates, 157 half-tones, etc., 
1903; The Fishes of Alaska, 150 pages, 
42 plates (20 col.) etc., 1907; Lake 
Maxinkuckee; A Physical and Biologi- 
cal Survey (senior author with Howard 
Walton Clark), 2 vols., 1174 pgs., many 
plates, (40 col.), 1920; numerous other 
books, papers and magazine articles; 
CLUBS: Cosmos (Wabh., D. C.); Com- 
monwealth, (San Francisco); Faculty 
(Berkeley); HOME: 2715 Woolsey St., 
Berkeley: OFFICE: Museum, Calif. 
Academy of Sciences, San Franc:sco, 

scopical and Handwriting Expert; bom 
Oxford, Mich., Aug. 18, 1844; son Ed- 
mund C. and Frances E. (Davis) E.; 
educ. Mich. State Normal; Univ. Mich.; 
DEGREES: M.Pd., Mich. State Normal, 
1893; A.M., Northwestern Univ., 1879; 
LL.B., in course, Univ. Mich., 1868; 
LL.D., Univ. Mich., 1879; M.D., in 
course, Chicago Med. Cojl. (N.W.U.), 
1884; married Abbie L. Walker, 1870; 
(died May 28, 1917); 2d Nellie C. Bige- 
low, Mch. 5, 1919; AUTHOR: Leading 
Cases on Disabilities, 1876; Treatise on 
the Law of Fixtures, 1876-1906; Es- 
sentials of the Law, 1882, 2d edit. 
1915; Manual of Medical Jurisprudence 
1887, 1909; Editor; Black well on Tax 
Titles: Evans on Agency; Lindley on 
Partnership and other works; 
over 200 papers to law and scientific 
jours.; Fellow of American Soc. for Ad- 
vancement of Science; of the Royal Mi- 
croscopical Soc. London, England; pres. 
American Microscopical Soc. 1891 and 
1906; pres. Illinois State Microscopical 
Soc.. 1910-1911; hon. Fellow Chicago 
Acad. Medicine; hon. mem. New York 
Medico-Legal Soc. ; Chrmn. Committee 
Microscopy N. Y. Medico-Legal Soc., 
1906-1913; mem. American Philosophi- 
cal Society of Philadelphia; mem. Am. 
Phvsical S<"c.: Judge Probate Court, 
Mason Co., Mich. 1874-6; prof, law Un- 
ion College Law (N.W.U.); pres. and 
Dean of Kent College of Law, etc., 
1977-1903; lecturer on Medical Juris- 
prudence, Cornell Univ., 1886; lecturer 
on Medical Jurisprudence, Mich. Univ. 
1887-1892; called as expert witness for 
the first time in 1884, since then has 
been consulted and examined as an ex- 



pert witness in many important cases 
in the States and Federal Courts in 
many different States and in Canada 
CLUBS: member Masonic Order, has 
taken all the York-rite deg. ; HOME 
749 Tate Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 

EYRE, LAWRENCE: Playwright; <born 
Chester, Pa.; son Caleb C. and Con 
stance Isemberg (Stacey E.; educ 
priv. schs.; unmarried; AUTHOR 
Plays: The Things That Count, 1913 
Sazus Matazus, 1916, (the first ful 
length play of Negro Life to be produc- 
ed; presented by William Harris, At- 
lantic City, 1916); Driftwood, 1917; 
Miss Nelly of N'Orleans, 1919; Por 
O'Happiness, 1919; Martinique, 1920; 
CLUBS: The Players, N. Y.; HOME: 
3904 Locust St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Author; born Philadelphia, Dec. 1874; 
daughter Zephaniah and Harriette Hum- 
phrey; educ. Ferry Hall Seminary; 
Smith College; DEGREES: B.L.; mar- 
ried Wallace W. Fahnestock, Apr. 13 
1014; AUTHOR: The Calling of the 
Apostle, 1900; Uncle Charley, 1902; 
Over Against Green Peak, 1908; The 
Edge of the Woods, 1912; Recollections 
of My Mother, 1913; Grail Fire, 1917; 
The Homestead, 1919; The S\vord of 
the Spirit, 1920; HOME: Dorset, Vt. 

tor; born Hanover, N. H., Nov. 13, 1864; 
son Dr. Henry and Annie S. (Moyes) 
F.; educ. St. Johnsbury Acad.; Dart- 
mouth Call.; Freiburg Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Ph.D. Freiburg; Litt. D. 
Dartmouth; married Elizabeth Leland 
Moody, 1899; AUTHOR: Introductions 
to Sciology; Mythology of Greece and 
Rome: Handbook of Greek Religion; 
Athenian White Lekythoi, I. -II; HOME: 
26 Elmwood Ave., Cambridge; OFFICE: 
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass. 

FAIRCHILD, H i:\HY PRATT: University 
Professor; born Dundee, 111., Aug. 1880; 
son Prof, and Mrs. Arthur V. F.; educ. 
Doane (College; Yale University; DE- 
GREES: A.B. (Doane) 1909; Ph.D. 
(Yale) 1909; married Mary E. 
Townsend, 1909; AUTHOR: Greek 
Immigration to the United States, 
1910; Immigration, 1913; Outline 
of Applied Sociology, 1916; CLUBS: 
Graduate (New Haven); Pine Orchard 
Country; HOME: 185 St. Ronan St., New 
Haven, Conn.; OFFICE: 32 Waverly 
Place, N. Y. City. 

tus Profesor of Geology; born Montrose. 
Pa., Apr. 1850: son Herman C. and Mary 
A. ( Bissell) F.; educ. Cornell Univ.; 


DEGREES: B.S., D.S.C., (.Pittsburgh); 
married Alice Egbert, July 1875; 
AUTHOR: History of the New York 
Academy of Sciences, 1887; Revision 
of Le Conte's Elements of Geology. 
190P,; Henry Shaler Williams Among 
Geologists, 1018; Biographic Memoirs 
of Henry A. Ward, Grove Karl Gilbert 
and others. 1919; Post-Glacial Sea-Level 
Waters in Eastern Vermont, 1919; The 
Rochester Canyon and the Genesee 
River Base-levels, 1919; Musical Sands, 
H'20; A Nature Drama, 1920; Pleisto- 
cene Marine Submergence of the Hud- 
son, Champlain and St. Lawrence Val- 
leys, 1920; The Latest Glacial Features 
in the United States, 1920; Post-Glacial 
Uplift of Southern New England, 1919- 
1920; also monographs on geol. sub- 
jects; reports of proc. of Geol. Soc. of 
America, etc.; Member several learned 
societies; Fellow A.A.A.S., Geol. Soc. 
of America; Pres. Comnm. GoU. Assn., 
of N. Y. State, 1911; HOME: Rochester, 
N. Y.; OFFICE: University of Roches- 

of Political Sciences; born, Glasgow, 
Scotland, Oct., 1872; son James 
Mitchell and Margaret Simpson 
(Miller) F. ; educ. Harvard and 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B. 
(1895), A.M. ~(1896), Ph.D. (1898( 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Centralization 
of Administration in New York State, 
1S98; Municipal Administration, 1901; 
National Administration of U. S., 1905; 
Local Government in Counties, Towns 
and Villages, 1906 (rev. 1914); Essays 
in Municipal Administration. 1908; 
Taxation and Revenue Systems of Il- 
linois, 1910: County and Town Govern- 
ment in Illinois, 1912; Report of Illinois 
Efficiency and Economy Committee, 
191P; British War Administration, 
1919; CLUBS: City and University 
(Chicago^; Cosmos (Washington); Uni- 
versity (Urbana); Harvard (New 
York); HOME: Urbana, 111.; OFFICE: 
University of Illinois. 


Lecturer: born Toronto, Ont.. June 7, 
1875; son Hon. Sir S. Glenholme Falcon- 
bridge: educ. Jarvis Street Coll. Inst.; 
University Coll., Toronto; DEGREES: 
B.A.. (1896); M.A., LL.B., Unhrr 
of Toronto; married Elizabeth Porter 
Hamilton (deceased); AUTHOR: B;r 
ing and Bills of Exchange, 1907: < :M ed. 
1913); Law of Mortgages, 1919; K 
port sur le droit Commercial au ('-mad: 1 
redig6 pour le Cinquantenaire de la 
Societ6 de Legislation Compared, 1920; 
Handbook of Law of Sale of Goods. 1 : :' 1 : 
contbr. many articles on legal suli' 
to different law journals; CLUBS: Tor- 
onto; University of Toronto: t'niv. of 
Montreal; HOME: 22 Chestnut Park, 



Toronto, Ont. 

ing Civil and Military Engineer and for- 
mer officer of the U. S. Army, with a 
record of distinction; born Snow Hill, 
Md., Apr. 20, 1855; son William H. 
Farrow, M.D.; educ. Baltimore City Coll. 
1872: West Point; married Elizabeth E. 
Downing, 1897; AUTHOR: West Point 
and the Military Academy; Military 
Gymnastics; Mountain Scouting; Pack 
Mules and Packing; Military Encyclo- 
pedia; Camping on the Trail; American 
Small Arms; Minerals of Bland County, 
Virginia; Riots and Riot Duty; Manual 
of Military Training; Gas Warfare; 
American Guns in the War With Ger- 
many; also several hundred signed ar- 
ticles in the Encyclopedia Americana; 
Professional reports on the Panama Can- 
al and Canal Zone; after graduation 
from West Point, ordered to service in 
the Indian Country and continuously 
active in the field of Oregon, Montana, 
Dakota and Washington territory for 
many years; in 1879 captured the tribe 
of hostile Sheep-Eater Indians in the 
Salmon River Mountains in Idaho. For 
this and conspicuous bravery, energy 
and soldierly conduct in the- Nez Perce, 
Bannock, Piute and other Indian cam- 
paigns, in the Northwest, he received 
the encomiums of his superior officers, 
including the General commanding the 
Army, at that time (General William 
T. Sherman) and was recommended for 
numerous Brevet Commissions. Ap- 
pointed Instructor of Tactics at the 
United States Mil. Acad. at West Point 
in 1880; while there he compiled and 
published Farrow's Military Encyclo- 
pedia, now the standard military refer- 
ence work of the world. Former sec. 
of the Military Service Ins. at Gover- 
nor's Island; inventor of a complete 
system of small arms for military ser- 
vice; in 1885 he left the Military Aca- 
demy at West Point; has been enaged 
in the following prominent engineering 
operations: explorations of the mining 
districts in eastern Oregon and north- 
western Idaho, alone; the Snake River 
territory, and preparations of reports on 
same; railroad construction and tim- 
ber operations in the Adirondacks: di- 
rector of surveys and author of volum- 
inous reports on the Appalachian Fields 
of Virginia; examinations and reports 
on gold and copper deposits in the Black 
Hills of South Daokta: examination of 
the mica, deposits of Maine: examina- 
tions and reports on arsenical ore ae- 
posits in Putnam Countv, New York: 
examinations of mineral deposits and 
reports on same in Bland Countv, Va.: 
HOME: Asbury Park, N. J.; OFFICE: 
192 Broadway, N. Y. City. 

FAULKNER, HERBERT. W.: Artist: born 


Stamford, Con., Oct., 1860; son James 
W. and Sarah E.; educ. Sheffield Scienti- 
fic School: Yale Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.B., 
and M.E., (Mechanical Eng.); married 
Mary John, Sept. 12, 1895; AUTHOR: 
The Mysteries of the Flowers, written 
and illustrated in colors by author, 
1917; CLUBS: Salmagundi Club, N. Y.; 
Syndicat de la Presse Artistique, Paris; 
HOME: Washington, Conn. 

and Theol. Professor; born Grand Pre, 
Horton, N. S., July, 1857; son John and 
Elizabeth (Armstrong) F., educ. Aca- 
cia Villa Sch.: Acadia Coll; Drew Theol. 
Sem; Andover Theol. Sem; Univs. of 
Leipzig and Bonn; DEGREES: B.A., 
(1878), B.D. (Drew) 1881, ,M. A. (1890) 
D.D. Wesley Univ., (1897; Ac. C., 
(1902) LL.D., Pennsyl. C., Gettysb. 
C. U919); married Helen M. Under- 
wood, 1887; AUTHOR: The Hurst 
Short History of Christian Church 
(with Hurst), 1893; Short History of 
Chr. Church (with others), (2 vols.) 
1897, 1900; The Story of the Metho- 
dists, 1903; Cyprian, 1906; Erasmus, 
1908; Crises in the Early Church, 1912; 
Wesley as Sociologist, Theologian, 
Churchman, 1918; Value of Church 
History, 1920; Modernism and Chris- 
tian Faith, 1921; Articles on biography 
in McClintock and Strong; Article on 
Methodism in the New International 
Encyclopedia; Wesley as Churchman, 
series J. vol. 8, of Amer. Soc. Ch. Hist.; 
Luther arid Economic Questions, series 
II. vol. 2; Luther and Toleration, vol. 4; 
The Reformers and Toleration, also ar- 
ticles contr. to theolog. reviews; CLUBS: 
Madison; Fellowship; HOME: Madison, 
N. J. . 

FAVILLE, JOHN: Minister Congregation- 
al Church; born Milford, Wise., July 7, 
1847; son Elijah and Eliza F.; 
educ. Public Schools; Lawrence Col- 
lege; Boston University, Mass.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., A.B., M.S., B.D., D.D., 
Ph.D.,; married Louise G. Thayer, 1876; 
AUTHOR: I Believe in God the Father, 
1919; I Believe in Man the Brother 
(latter in press) ; Among his published 
writings are Authority in Religion, Tol- 
stoi and Immortality; The Ethics of the 
License System; The Nation and Liquor 
and Labor Problem; Men and the 
Church; The Christian Attitude for the 
Catholic and Protestant Churches; Our 
Over-Churched Communities; has been 
011 the lyceum platform for years as a 
lecturer with the following subjects' 
With Brains; Work; The Mission of the 
School; minister in Cong. Ch. thirty-five 
years; pastor of First cong. Ch. Apple- 
ton, Wise., where he orig. and org. the 
first "Men's Sunday Evening Club"; for 
nearly nine years he was pastor of the 
First Cong. Ch. of Peoria, 111., then re- 



called to ch. at Appleton, Wise.; after 
nearly ten years' of service he resigned 
to become mayor of Appleton under the 
Commission form of government; first 
pres. Anti-Saloon League of Wise.; only 
pres. Anti-Saloon League of Peoria, 
which was merged into the State League. 
Candidate for Congress on the Prohi- 
bition ticket in Wise, in, 1894; CLUBS' 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 600 N. Main 
St., Lake Mills Wise. 

FAY, AMY: Author; Concert Pianist and 
Teacher of Piano; born New Orleans, 
La., May 21, 1844; daughter Charles 
D. D. and Emily Hopkins F.; educ. 
acad. Cambridge, Mass., and Berlin; 
studied music in Europe 6 yrs.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Music Study in Ger- 
many; since her first public appearance 
in 1877 (with Theodore Thomas Orches- 
tra, Cambridge) has toured the U. S. 
with concert companies and given piano 
recitals, lectures and converzaziones in 
public school halls in New York State 
under auspices of the Board of Edn.; 
The Deppe Method of training for stu- 
dents of the piano was introduced by 
Miss Fay who is closely identified with 
clubs and public movements for further- 
ance of women's work in music; 
CLUBS: Woman's Philharmonic (N. 
Y.); HOME: 2 Willard St., Cambridge, 

President; born Champaign, 111., Jan., 
1873; son Henry B. and Margaret 
(Ewing) P.: educ. Adrian College; 
Oberlin; Drew Theological Seminary; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; married 
Annie Cairns, Oct., 1901; AUTHOR: 
The Kingdom and The Farm; Prayers of 
Comfort and Good Cheer, 1914; 
CLUBS: S.A.E. Fraternity; ADDRESS: 
Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. 

thor; born Poughkeepsie, N. Y., May 22 
1855; daughter Col. John de Peyster 
and Marianne Chandler (Lanman) D.; 
educ. Cooks' Collegiate Inst., Pough- 
keepsie, N. Y. ; married Morris Patter- 
son Ferris; 1879; AUTHOR: Dutch 
Nursery Rhymes of Colonial Times; 
Random Rhymes of Old Dutch Times; 
The Van Cortlandt Mansion; Colonia 
Dames; History of Fort Crailo; The 
Schepan's Dream; Legend of New Year' 
Eve; Grandmother's Cake Basket; St 
Nicholas' Church Legend; and contbr 
to several magazines; Ed. The Ameri 
can Author; Founder Daughters of the 
Cincinnati; HOME: Garden City, N. Y. 

born Galesburg, 111., Feb. 21, 1861; son 
Horatio Nelson and Charity Lamoreux 
(Taylor) F.; educ. Dartmouth College 
Amherst College; DEGREES: A.B. 
1883; married Sara Peck, Dec. 6, 1892 


AUTHOR: Children's Books Their Se- 
lection and Their influence; Rome; 
Fingerposts to Children's Reading; 
What is Success?; The Quest of the 
Four-leaved Clover; (with Mrs. Ella 
Flagg Young) Young and Field Literary 
Readers, 1914-5; The Changing Year; 
connected at different times with sev- 
eral large publishing firms, including 
Harper Bros., and Ginn and Co.; has 
traveled in Italy and is now well known 
as lecturer and magazine contributor. 
HOME: 5480 Blackstone Ave.; OF- 
FICE: 2301 Prairie Ave., Chicago, 111. 

FINDIjAY, HUGH: Professor of Horticul- 
ture; born Scotland, Sept. 28, 1880; son 
Francis and Christina (Morton) F.; 
educ. Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass.; 
Agric. College, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, N. 
Y., Columbia Univ., N. Y.; DEGREES: 
B.S.A.; married Mabel Chase, 1916; 
AUTHOR: House Plants, Their Care 
and Culture, 1916; Practical Garden- 
ing, 1918; Ed. of Hand Book for Prac- 
tical Farmer, 1920; Mother Nature; dir. 
War Gardens, Syracuse, N. Y., 1917; 
Dir. Agriculture, National Service 
School, Washington, D. C., 1918; Lec- 
turer and Organizer of Camp Farms, 
O.Q.M.F., Washington, D. C., 1918; 
Lecturer on Horticulture, A. E. F., 
Beaune, France, 1919; contbr. to Coun- 
try Gentleman; Rural New Yorker; 
Country Side Magazine; Independent; 
House Beautiful, and others; HOME: 
Morrisville, N. Y.; OFFICE: Columbia 
Univ., Dept. of Hort., N. Y. City. 

Superintendent of Public instruction for 
Pennsylvania; born W. Fulton, N. Y., 
Sept., 1866; son Michael and Ann 
(Welch) F.; educ. Cooperstown High 
Sch., N. Y.; Grad. State College for 
Teachers, Albany, N. Y.; DEGREES: 
M.A., Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D.; married 
Grace E. Browne, Dec. 10, 1894; AU- 
THOR: Finegan's School Law; and 
papers on Elementary Education, 1914; 
Elementary Education, 1917; Teacher 
Training Agencies; Uniformity of stan- 
dards in school administration; the es- 
tablishment and development of New 
York's School System; The policy of the 
state in determining the qualifications 
of her teachers; The organization of city 
school systems; The policy of the State 
on the supervision of her public schools; 
Medical inspection in the public schools; 
The obligations and opportunities of 
superintendents; The life and services 
of Andrew S. Draper; The survey of 
the Buffalo school system; Albany and 
the development of the city school sys- 
tem; The Organization of a model rural 
school; Fundamental principles in 
school administration; Important fea- 
tures in rural education; The township 
system and the consolidation of rural 



schools; Colonial schools and colleges 
in New York; The function of the mod- 
ern schools; Education and the State; 
Training for national service; The place 
of the nation in education; What service 
shall the public schools render?; Thrift 
in the public schools; CLUBS: Harris- 
burg; Country; Univ. (Albany); Ft. Or- 
ange; Harrisburg Chamber of Com- 
merce: mem. of New York State Bar 
Assn.: HOME: 611 N. Front St.; OF- 
FICE: State Dept. Public Instruction, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

FINKE, GEORGE: Evang.-Lutheran Pas- 
tor; born Germany, Jan., 1869; son Carl 
Finke and Antoinette (Koehler) F.; 
educ. German Gymnasium and Luther 
Seminary in St. Paul, Minn.; married 
Maggie Tamke, Oct. 7, 1892; (died 
Jan. 25, 1902); 2d. Delia Tamke of 
Oriska, N. D., June 16, 1903; (died 
1915); AUTHOR: The Verdict of the 
Monuments, 1902; (in preparation) The 
Eternal Gospel for Our Times; mem. 
Joint Synod of Ohio; HOME: Cameron. 

fessor of Mathematics and Physics; 
born Fairfield Co., Ohio, July 5th, 1865; 
son John P. and Louie Frederica 
(Stickle) P.; educ. Ohio Northern Uni- 
versity; Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Pa.; 
DEGREES: B.Sc., A.M., Ph.D.; mar- 
ried Hannah Cokely, July 17, 1890; AU- 
THOR: A Mathematical Solution Book; 
Editor and founder of the American 
Mathematical Monthly; Fellow A.A.A.S.; 
Am. Mathematical Soc.; London Math. 
Soc.; Circolo Matematico di Palermo; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi; HOME: 1227 Clay 
Street, Springfield, Mo. 

FISH, CARL RUSSELL: Professor of 
University of Wisconsin; born Central 
Falls, R. I., Oct., 1876; son Frederick 
PJ. Fish; educ. Tutors; Providence High; 
Brown Univ.; Harvard; DEGREES: 
A.B., (Brown) 1897; A.M., (1898); 
Ph.D., (Harvard) 1900; married Jeanne 
E. 1'Hqmmedieu, Aug. 7, 1919; AU- 
THOR: Civil Service and the Patronage, 
1909; Guide to Materials for American 
History in Roman and other Italian 
Archives, 1911; Development of Ameri- 
can Nationality, 1913; American Diplo- 
macy, 1915; Guide to the Study of 
American Diplomacy, 1919; CLUBS: 
Madison; University (Milwaukee): 
HOME: 244 Lake Lawn Place; OF- 
FICE!: University of Wisconsin, Madi- 
son, Wise. 

FISHER, MARY: Teacher of Modern 
Languages (now retired); born Mar- 
shall Co., 111., Apr. 12, 1858; daughter 
of John Fisher. Sheffield, Eng., and 
Agnes Ewing F., Glasgow, Scotland; 
educ. Chillicothe. 111.; unmarried; AU- 
T,HOR: Twenty-five Letters on English 


Authors, 1895; A Group of French 
Critics, 1897; A General Survey of 
American Literature, 1899; Gertrude 
Dorrance, 1920; The Journal of a Re- 
cluse, 1909; Kirstie, 1912; A Valiant 
Woman, 1912; The Treloars, 1917; 
HOME: 912 Mendocino Road, Berkeley, 

born Lyons, N. Y., June 13, 1854; son 
Rev. William Allen and Susan 
(Bradley) F.; educ. Pub. Schs. and U. 
S. Naval Academy; married Josephine 
Harper, Feb. 15, 1882; AUTHOR: Elec- 
tricity in Theory and Practice, 1882; 
War-time in Manila, 1913; The Navy 
as a Fighting Machine, 1916; From Mid- 
shipman to Rear Admiral (Autobio- 
graphy), 1919; The Art of Fighting, 
1920; Invention, the Master-Key to Prog- 
ress, 1921; CLUBS: Army and Navy of 
Amer., (pres.), Aero of Amer. (v.-p.); 
HOME: Stoneleigh Court, Washington, 
D. C. 

FISKE, Rt. REV. CHARLES: Clergyman 
(Bishop of Episcopal Church) ; born New 
Brunswick, N. J., Mar., 1868; son Wil- 
liam H. and Mary (Houston) F.; educ. St. 
Stephen's Coll. and General Theol. Sem.; 
DEGREES: B.A. (St. Stephens); D.D., 
LL.D., Syracuse University; (St. 
S. and Gen. T. Sem.); married 
Elizabeth Crampton, 1901; AUTHOR: 
Religion of the Incarnation, 1906; The 
Church: What It is and What It Teaches, 
1908; Sacrifice and Service, 1908; Back 
to Christ, 1917; The Experiment of 
Faith, 1918; The Faith by Which We 
Live, 1919; /The Perils of Respectabi- 
lity, 1920; CLUBS: University Syracuse, 
ADDRESS: 903 James Street, Syracuse, 

fessor; clergyman; born Holliston, Mass 
June 3, 1872; son George Batchelder 
ana Ida M. (Perry) F., educ. Amherst 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., B.D., 
Ph.D.; married Alice M. Stewart, Aug. 
1, 1898; AUTHOR: Boy Life and Self 
Government; The Challenge of the 
Country; Finding the Comrade God; 
also chapters in a dozen other books, 
and numerous magazine articles; Prof. 
Practical Theology and Religious Edu- 
cation, and Junior Dean Oberlin Gradu- 
ate Sch. of Theology; HOME: 278 West 
College Street, Oberlin O.; OFFICE: 7 
Council Hall, Oberlin College. 

Veterinarian; born Sanquirt, N. Y., 
July 1, 184; son Menzo and Cora F. 
educ. Sanquirt Acad.; Cornell Univ.; 
Hamilton Coll.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., 
D.V.M.: married Florence L. Adams, 
July 15, 1911; AUTHOR: Bacteriology 
and Diagnosis, 1912. 



FITE, EMERSON D.; Professor in Vas- 
sar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y., born 
Marion, O., Mar 1874; son Lemuel and 
Louisa (Smiley) P., educ. Yale Coll.; 
Harvard Graduate School; DEGREES: 
A.B., Ph.D.; married Alice L. Nye, 
1904; AUTHOR: Social and Industrial 
Conditions During the Civil War; Presi- 
dential Election of 1860; History of the 
U. S.; ADDRESS: Vassar College, 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 


born, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1876; son Wil- 
liam Wyvill and Mary (Keese) F., educ. 
Pratt Inst., Brooklyn; married Har- 
riet Lloyd LePorte, 1900; AUTHOR: 
The Golden Rod Story Book; The Colon- 
ial Series; The Story of a Fight; The 
Galleon Treasure; King Time; Along 
the Mohawk Trail; For Uncle Sam; 
Boss; In the Path of La Salle; Tom 
Blade: Boy Scout of the Moving Pic- 
tures; Uncle Sam's Outdoor Magic; Tom 
Slade at Temple Camp; Tom Slade on 
the River; The History of the United 
States from Appomattox to Germany, 
1918; The Boys' Book of Scouts; Roy 
Blakely, Scout, series 1918; EDITED: 
Every Girl's Library; Lossing's History 
of the United States in collab.;HOME: 
Hackensack, N. J. 

chanical Engineering; born Phila., June, 
1862; son Henry Flather; educ. Yale, 
Cornell; DEGREES: Ph.B., (1885); 
M.^.E., (1890); married Harriet F. 
Lum, 1890; AUTHOR: Dynamometers 
and Measurement of Power, 1892; Rope 
Driving, 1895; Transmission of Power, 
1904; Kinematics, 1902; Joint Author 
Steam Boilers, 1890; Thermodynamics, 
1915; Various Technical and Scientific 
articles in technical press; CLUBS: 
Author's, (London); HOME: 315 
Eleventh ave., S. E.; OFFICE: Univ. 
Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. 

FLEMER, ,1(OH\) A(DOLPH): Con- 
structing Topographical and Landscape 
Engineer; born New York City, Apr. 1, 
1859; son Charles and Martha (Linden- 
kohl) F., educ. Pvt. Sch. Roselle, N. J., 
1866-70; Latin School, 1870-74; Royal 
Poly. Sch., Cassel, Germany, 1874-78; 
Royal Tech. High School, Berlin, 1878- 
81; DEGREES: Constr. Engr.; married 
Cornelia Chaplin Matthews, Mar. 22, 
1887; AUTHOR: Treatise on Phototopo- 
graphic Methods and Instruments, 1906; 
contr. articles on photogr. Surveying 
to scientific journals, U. S.; Coast and 
Geod. Reports, etc; CLUBS: Fellow 
A.A.A.S., mem. de la Soc. Academique; 
d'Histoire Internationale; Soc. Engin- 
eers,; Nat. Geogr. Soc.; United Ameri- 
cans; Naval Hist., etc; 'with topog. sur- 
vey of the Dist. of Col., 1882-86; as- 
sist U. S. Coast and Geodetic survey, 


1886-1900; with F. and F. Nurseries, 
Springfield, N. J., 1900-03; Engr. to 
Commissioner for the Demarcation of 
Alaskan Boundary, 1904-06; Top. Engr. 
to Comm. on Imp. and Dev. of Jamaica 
Bay, N. Y.. 1909-10; ADDRESS: Nor- 
ma, Westmoreland Co., Va. 

in Union Theological Seminary, N. Y. 
City; born Xenia, Ohio, Jan. 30, 1877; 
son Daniel Fleming; educ. Wooster 
Coll; Columbia; Univ. of Chicago and 
Union Theol. Seminary; DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A., M.Sc., Ph.D., married Eliza- 
beth Cole, Aug. 9, 1904; AUTHOR: De- 
volution in Mission Administration, 
1916; Marks of a World Christian, 1919; 
Schools With a Message in India, 1921; 
joint author: Village Education in India, 
1921; CLUBS: Englewood Field; Profes- 
sional; was 12 years Prof, of Physics in 
Forman Christian College, Lahore, In- 
dia: pub. several books in India which 
are in circulation there; 1919-20 was 
Amer. rep. on Comm. sent by Amer. and 
British Missionary Socs. to investigate 
and formulate a report on Indian Village 
Education; HOME: Booth Ave., Engle- 
wood, N.J., OFFICE: Union Theol. Sem- 
inary, N. Y. City. 


Educator in History; born Gallon, O., 
Aug. 1869; son Enos H. and Elizabeth 
Jane F.; educ. Otterbein; Columbia; 
Jena, Berlin; Sorbonne; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., Litt. D., married 
Laura T. Page, 1899; AUTHOR: Loyal- 
ism in New York, 1900; Short History 
of New York State, 1902; History in 
Rhymes and Jingles, 1903; Rise of the 
Mediaeval Church, 1909; ADDRESS: 
Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

FLORY, JOHN SAMUEL a Educator; born 
Broadway, Va., Mar. 29, 1866; son Dan- 
iel Flory; educ. Mt. Morris College, 
Bridgewater College; Univ. of Va.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; married 
Susannah Wampler; AUTHOR: Literary 
Activity in the Brethren in the 18th 
Century, 1908; CLUBS: Raven Soc.; 
HOME: Bridgewater, Va. 

FOERSTER, NORMAN: University Edu- 
cator; born Pittsburg, Pa., Apr., 187; 
son Adolph M. Foerster; educ. Harvard; 
DEGREES: (Harvard) A.B., (\Y^ 
sin) A.M., married Dorothy Haskell, 
1911; AUTHOR: Outlines and Summar- 
ies, 1915; Co-editor Essays for College 
Men; Selected Literary Essays from 
James Russell Lowell; Chief American 
Prose Writers; American Ideals (with 
H. W. Pierson, Jr.); contbr. articles on 
literary subjects to various journals; 
CLUBS: Modern Language Assn. of 
Am.; HOME: Chapel Hill, N. C. 



De Wint Foote), author; born Milton, 
N. Y., Nov. 19, 1847; married Arthur 
D. Foote Feb. 9, 1876; AUTHOR: The 
Led Horse Claim; John Bodewin's Tes- 
timony; The Last Assembly Ball; The 
Chosen Valley; In Exile and Other Stor- 
ies; Cour d'Alene; The Cup of Tremb- 
ling and other Stories; The Little Fig 
Tree Stories; The Prodigal; The Desert 
and the Sown; A Touch of Sun, and 
other Stories; The Royal Americans; 
A Picked Company; The Valley Road; 
Edith Bonham; The Groundswell; her 
art work includes illustrations in black 
and white for books and magazines; 
spent much time in Colo., Cal., and Ida.; 
studied art in New York City; HOME: 
Grass Valley, Calif. 

born Springfield, Vt., Feb. 1868; son 
Rufus C. and Eliza A. (Spender) F., 
educ. Dartmouth; Union Seminary; N. Y. 
University; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., 
Litt.D.; married Maud Barden, 1890; 
AUTHOR: The Boy Problem, 1901; The 
Boys' Life of Christ, 1906; Ecclesiastes 
in the Meter of Omar, 1904; The Com- 
ing Generation, 1912; A Guide Book to 
Childhood, 1913; A Manual of Play, 
1914; A Manual of Stories, 1915; The 
Boy Problem in the Home, 1915; Child 
Study and Child Training, 1916: The 
Young Folks' Book of Ideals, 1917; The 
Young Folks' Treasury, (editor), 1918; 
The Fathers' and Mothers' League Ser- 
ies, 1919; The Boys' and Girls' Book- 
Shelf. 1920; Free Play, 1920; HOME: 
"Dreamolden," Media, Pa.; OFFICE: 
44 East 23rd St., New York. 

FORD, HENRY JONES: University Pro- 
fessor; born Baltimore, Md., Aug 25, 
1851; son Franklin and Annie Eliza- 
beth (Jones) F., educ. Baltimore City 
Coll.; DEGREES: L.L.D., (Univ. of 
Md.); married Bertha Batory, 1875; 
AUTHOR: The Rise and Growth of Am- 
erican Politics, 1898; The Cost of Our 
National Government, 1910; The Scotch- 
Irish in America, 1915; The Natural 
History of the State, 1915; Woodrow 
Wilson, the Man and His Work, 1916; 
Washington and His Colleagues, 1918; 
The Cleveland Era, 1919; Alexander 
Hamilton, 1920; journalist; editorial 
writer, Baltimore American, 1872; City 
Editor Baltimore Sun; Managing Editor 
Baltimore American, 1875-9; Ed. Staff 
New York Sun, 1879-83; City Ed. Bal- 
timore Sun, 1883-5; Managing Editor 
Pittsburg Commercial Gazette, 1885-95; 
Pittsburg Chronicle Telegraph, 1895- 
1901; Ed. Pittsburg Gazette, 1901-5; 
lecturer on Polit. Sc., Johns Hopkins, 
1906-7; Prof; politics, Princeton Univ.; 
(since 1908); 1911 appointed mem. 
State Board of Educ. under new law 
which created a small commission with 


large powers, superseding a large Board 
constituted on a scheme of district rep- 
resentation; was active member of 
Board until work had been completely 
organized, he retired; 1912, appointed 
Banking and Insurance Comm. of N. J., 
during seven months only, but reorgan- 
ized office and began proceedings for mu- 
tualizing the Prudential Life Insurance 
Co.; in 1932 he was sent to the Phil- 
lipines to investigate conditions, and 
made extended report, one of whose 
recommendations was a complete change 
of policy in the Moro country, which 
was put into effect; has given much 
attention to railroad problems; in June 
1920 appointed mem. of Interstate Com- 
merce Comm. by Pres. Wilson, entering 
upon the duties of that office June 14, 
1920; HOME: 2301 Connecticut Ave., 
N. W.; OFFICE: Interstate Commerce 
Commission Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

of New Testament; born W. Monaghan, 
Ireland, Sept., 1879; son Dean Haire 
Forster, Clogher Co., Ireland; educ. 
Royal Sch., Enniskillen; DEGREES: 
M.A., B.D., (Trinity College, Dublin); 
married Christine Kammerer, 1916; 
AUTHOR: Four Modern Religious Move- 
ments, 1919; HOME: 2728 Washington 
Blvd., Chicago, 111. 

born Athens, Ala., daughter John and 
Mary Greene F.; grand daughter Lady 
Agness Stewart of Belfast, Ireland; 
educ. High School; coll. of Oratory and 
in Woman's Dept. of Belles Lettres; 
Trinity Coll.; Dublin; Mile. Piquot's 
finishing schol, Blois, France; married 
Wiliam Clarence Foster; AUTHOR: The 
Eyes of a Child; A Royal Road; By The 
Way; To Friendship; Blessings; Prom- 
ises; Commands; Admonitions, Ans- 
wers; You and Some Others; The Net 
of Love a gift book for a friend; was 
pioneer in writing the personal messages 
in card form, which have become popu- 
lar all over the world; HOME: The 
Lean-to Studio, Zion, 111. 

almologist; born Chatham, N. Y., June 
17, 1859; son George (M.D.) and Anna 
Eli>a (Baxter) F. ; educ. Pittsfield, 
(Mass.) High School; Williams College 
(Tiffany, N. Y.); College of Physicians 
and Surgeons, (Tiffany, N. Y.); DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.D., F.A.C.S.,; married 
Constance H. Savage, Nov. 14, 1894: 
AUTHOR: Translation of Roemer's 
Ophthamology, 1912; Translation, Ad- 
am, Ophthalmoscopic Diagnosis, 1913; 
Translation Greeff's External Diseases of 
the Eye, 1914; Diagnosis from Ocular 
Symptoms, 1917; ADDRESS: 106 Cen- 
tre Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y. 


(formerly lawyer) ; born New York 
City, N. Y., Nov. 20, 1848; son Thomas 
and Hannah (Shoemaker) F.; educ. 
Columbia Univ.; Columbia Law School; 
DEGREES: A.B., L.L.B., A.M., L.L.D.; 
married Mary T. Reeves, Oct. 1872; 
AUTHOR: Slav and Saxon, 1887, 1890, 
1904; Life of Oliver P. Morton, 
1911; Protean Papers, 1903; Dor- 
othy Day, 1911; Masterpieces of the 
Masters of Fiction, 1912; Some 
Love Songs of Petrarch, 1914; 
Lyrics of War and Peace, 1916; 
Fighting the Spoilsmen, 1919; Today 
and Yesterday, 1920; CLUBS: City, 
(N. Y.); Cosmos, (Wash.); University, 
(Indianapolis); HOME: Richmond, 

Professor; born Westfield, Mass.; Fob. 
25, 1859; son Samuel and Maria 
(Jones) F.; educ. Am. School Classical 
Studies. Athens; Univs. Bonn and Ber- 
lin; DEGREES: Ph.D.; married Helen 
Bell, 1890; AUTHOR: History of An- 
. cient Greek Literature, 1902; History 
of Roman Literature, 1903; A History 
of Sculpture, 1916; Editor: Thucydides, 
Book V.; Menaechmi Plautus. 1889; 
Quintus Curtius, Books III. and IV.; Al- 
len and Greenongh's Ovid (joint au- 
thor) : Tuell and Fowler's Beginner's 
Book in Latin; Tuell and Fowler's First 
Book in Latin; Fowler and Wheeler's 
Handbook of Greek Archaeology; Trans. 
Plato's Euthyphro; Apology; Crito; 
Phaedo and Phaedrus in the Loeb Clas- 
sical Library, 1914; Prof. Greek for Am. 
Univs. and later at Am. Sch. Class. 
Studies. Athens.; HOME; 2033 Cleve- 
land Rd., Cleveland, Ohio. 

sity Professor; born Fishkill, N. Y., Mar. 
1867; son Hon. Milton A. Fowler; educ. 
Yale Univ; DEGREES: B.A., (1890) 
Ph.D., (1896); married Harriet Mansur 
Nesmith, July 14, 1897; AUTHOR; The 
Books of the Bible, (with Dr. M. C. 
Hazard), 1903; The Prophets as States- 
men and Preachers, 1904; Outlines of 
Biblical Literature and History (with 
Dr. F. K. Sanders), 1906; Studies in 
the Wisdom Literature of the Old Test- 
ament. 1907; History of the Literature 
of Ancient Israel, 1912; The Origin and 
Growth of the Hebrew Religion, 1916; 
Great Leaders of Hebrew History, 1920; 
CLUBS: Art. (Providence); Authors' 
(London); HOME: 127 Lloyd Ave., 
OFFICE: Brown University, Providence 
R. I. 

FRANCIS, JOH\ MORGAN: Journalist; 
born, Troy, N. Y., Apr. 1879; son Hon. 
Charles A. Francis, Ambassador to Aus- 
tria-Hungary; educ. Troy Acad.; Law- 
renceville School; Cornell Univ.; DE- 


GREB:S: A.B., married Florence Hast- 
ings Lovell, Apr. 16, 1903; AUTHOR: 
At the Portersville Post Office; Bills; 


Misplaced Decimal; Unconscious Bur- 
glary; Trouble by Mail; Bill, the Coach- 
man; The Hotel Mortgage; Who 
Wins the Bet?; Veal Breaded; 
Aunty; So There; Editor and 
pub., The Troy Times, Troy, N. Y.; 
contbr. articles on fishing and outdoor 
life to various mags; CLUBS: Troy; 
Kappa Alpha Society (Colleges) HOME: 
1621 Tibbits Ave.; OFFICE: Troy 
Times, Troy, N. Y. 

Lecturer; born Munger, Mich.. June I'!*, 
1881; son Charles A. Franck; educ. 
Univ. of Mich; Harvard, etc; DEGREES: 
A.B., married Rachel W. Latta, June 28, 
1919; AUTHOR: A Vagabond Journov 
Around the World, 1910; Four Moneh 
Afoot in Spain, 1911; Zone Policoman 
"88", 1912: Tramping Through Moxii-o. 
Guatemala and Honduras, 1916; V 
bonding Down the Andes, 1917; Roam- 
ing Through the West Indies. 1920; 
Vagabonding Through Changing < 
mrny, 1920: CLUBS: Explorers ( N. Y t; 
OFFICE: Century Magazim-. N. V City, 


Publicity man; born Franklin County. 
O., Sept. 24, 1877; son Albert II. and 
Carrie Louise < Allyin F.; educ. Pub. 




Schs. Columbus, O.; married Mary Edith 
Bell, Feb. 16, 1909; AUTHOR: Essen- 
tials in Journalism, 1912; The Specta- 
cular Career of Rev. Billy Sunday, 
1913; Billy Sunday, His Tabernacles 
and Sawdust Trails, 1917; with Ohio 
State Journal, 1903-7 and 1908-16; 
Exec. Secy. Nat. Anaesthesia Research 
Soc., 1920; Pres. Am. Asso. of College 
News Bureaus, 1917; CLUBS: Nat. 
Press (Washington) ; Nat. Arts (New 
York^; Athletic (Columbus); HOME: 
1930 Greenway North, OFFICE: 16 
East Broad Street, Columbus, O. 

fessor of Physics, Mass. Inst. Techno- 
logy; born Geary City, Kan., Oct. 27, 
1883; son Thomas H. and Cynthia 
(Curtis) F.; educ. Univs. of Kansas, 
Berlin, Harvard and Cornell; DE- 
GREES: B.Sc., M.S., Sc.D.; married 
Hattie Titus, Aug. 14, 1888; AUTHOR: 
(in collab.) Nichols and Franklins Ele- 
ments of Physics, 3 vols., 1896; Frank- 
lin and Williamson's Alternating Cur- 
rents, 1899; Franklin and Esty's Ele- 
ments of Electrical Engineering; Frank- 
lin and Esty's Dynamos and Motors; 
Franklin and Esty's Dynamo Laboratory 
Manual; Franklin and MacNutt's Prac- 
tical Physics; Mechanics and Heat; Ele- 
ments of Elec. and Mag.; Light and 
Sound; General Physics; Advanced 
Electricity and Magnetism; Calendar of 
Leading Experiments; Lessons in Me- 
chanics; Lessons in Electricity and 
Magnetism; Lessons in Heat; Statics; 
Elements of Calculus; Franklin's Elec- 
trical Engineering, 2 vols.; Electric 
Waves; Bill's School and Mine; HOME: 
41 Kirkland St.; OFFICE: Mass. Insti- 
tute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

er; born Boston, Mass., Feb., 1883; 
daughter Wyatt and Mimi (Scott) Mc- 
Gaffey; educ. Northwestern and Chicago 
U.; Lewis Institute, Chicago; DE- 
GREES: B.S.; married J. George Fred- 
erick, June, 1906; AUTHOR: The New 
Housekeeping; Household Engineering; 
Housekeeper's Food Chart; Pioneer in 
teaching application of business systems 
to management of home; estab. Apple- 
croft Efficiency Station, L. I., Consulting 
Household Editor Ladies' Home Jour- 
nal; HOME: Greenlawn, Long Island, 
N. Y. 

FREEMAN, ROBERT: Presbyterian 
Clergyman; born Edinburgh, Scotland, 
Aug., 1878; son Robert Freeman of 
Edinburgh; educ. Allegheny College; 
Princeton Univ., Princeton Theol. Semi- 
nary: DEGREES: B.A., M.A., D.D.; 
married Margery Fulton, July, 1909; 
AUTHOR: The Hour of Prayer, 1914; 
CLUBS: Annandale; Los Angeles Coun- 
try; San Gabriel; Twilight; HOME: 

675 Magnolia Ave.; OFFICE: Pasadena 
Presbyterian Church, Pasadena, Calif. 

FRINK, MARIA: (non de plume ''Grace 
Gold"); born Naples, N. Y., Feb. 20, 
1853; daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth 
Stephenson; educ. Naples Academy; 
Brown's Business College; Valparaiso 
Coll.; married Frank H. Frink; AU- 
THOR: How to be Happy, 1893 (eleven 
thousand copies sold) ; interested in 
temperance work, Christian Alliance 
Movement and Mission Work; filled 
position of City missionary three years; 
connected with Valparaiso for several 
years; went into book business owning 
and publishing the book "How to be 
Happy; originator of White Life Union; 
was local pres. for Foreign Missionary 
work; sec'y of Home Missionary Work; 
County pres. for W.C.T.U.; dist. supt. 
of Medal Contest work; seven years inc 
succession was chosen delegate to State 
Convention of W.C.T.U. where she took 
an active part and in other conventions 
was given place on program; mem. Nat. 
Christian Asso.; CLUBS: League of 
Michigan Author's Association; also 
American Pen Women (state rep.) ; 
affiliated with the Gen. Federation of 
Women's Clubs; HOME: 1328 Washten- 
aw Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

FROST, THOMAS GOLD; Attorney; born 
Galesburg, 111., Feb. 17, 1866; son 
Thomas G. Frost; educ. Knox Coll.; 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.M., 
LL.B., Ph.D., LL.D.; married Mary A. 
Kennedy, Oct. 25, 1893; AUTHOR: 
French Constitution of 1792; Law of 
Guarantee Insurance; Incorporation and 
Organization of Corporations; Federal 
Income Tax; The Man of Destiny 
(novel): CLUBS: Siwanoy Country; 
HOME: 5 Park Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; 
OFFICE: 51 East 42nd St., N. Y. City. 


Protestant Episcopal Clergyman; Inven- 
tor; born Owen Sound, Ont., Canada, 
Oct. 29, 1863; son William Frost and 
Louisa (Crawford) F. ; educ. Owen 
Sound Coll. Inst.; Toronto Univ.; Wye. 
Coll.: Baltimore Med. Coll.; DEGREES 
B.A., 1884; M.A., 1886, (Toronto U.); 
F.R.S.A., (England), etc.; married Con- 
stance Damaris Ings, 1889; AUTHOR: 
Old Dogmas in a New Light, 1896; 
The Philosophy of Integration, 1906; 
patented many inventions; now urging 
a claim against the U. S. Govt. for 
royalty on each gas mask used by Ame- 
rican soldiers as he had patent allowed 
on same June 30, 1915; CLUBS: Au- 
thor's (London); HOME: 1407 Eutaw 
Place, Baltimore, Md. 

er of Botany; born Washington, 111., 
Sept., 1869; son Catherine and Joseph 



F.; educ. Univ. of 111.; U. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: B.S., (U. of 111.); Ph.D., 
(U. of Chicago); married Elsie M. 
Anton, June 30, 1908; AUTHOR: 
Northwest Flora (with Rigg) 1912; 
Elem. Flora of Northwest (with Rigg) 
1914; Lab. Exercises in Elem. Bot. 
(with Rigg) 1910; CLUBS: A.A.A.S.; 
Bot. Soc. Amer.; OFFICE: University 
of Washington, Seattle, Wash. 

born New York City, Aug. 12, 1883; 
son Bernhard and Helene (Schwab) F.; 
educ Horace Mann High School; Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., '03; 
A.M., '04; LL.B., '05; LL.M., '06; 
Ph.D., '09; unmarried; AUTHOR: Po- 
lice Administration, 1909; Selection of 
Stenographers, 1910; Kings College 
Alumni, 1911; Service Instruction, 

tlH; Opportunities in Civil Service, 
L8; Pulse of Organization, 1920; 
UBS: Phi Beta Kappa; Am. Acad. 
Physical Education; Civil Service Re- 
form; Internat. Assoc. Criminal Iden- 
tification; Chicago Assoc. Detective 
S-rg.; Doherty Fraternity; HOME: 130 
East 110th St., New York. 

Editor Michigan State Historical Com- 
mission; born N. Irving, Mich., Nov. 
17, 1873; son Dr. R. A. and Delia F.; 
educ. Univ. Mich., 1905; Harvard, 1906; 
Yale, 1909-11; Univ. Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, summers 1905-1909; DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.A., Ph.D.; married 
Belle Vandervere, 1897; AUTHOR: 
Economic and Social Beginnings ol 
Michigan, 1916; Democracy and the 
Great War, 1918; collab. with C. H. 
Landrum, M.A., of Lansing, "The His- 
tory of Michigan in the Great War," 
which will be issued probably within 
the year; CLUBS: I.O.O.F., Lansing; 
HOME: 421 W. Ionia St.; OFFICE: 
State Capitol, Lansing, Mich. 

er man; born Rockland, Me., Feb. 3, 
185 G; son William O. and Bethiah 
(Snow) F.; grad. Rockland High Sch., 
1874; married (1st) Elizabeth N. Jones, 
Oct. 25, 1882: (2d) Kathleen Stephens 
of Baldwin, Kans., Mar. 29, 1892; AU- 
THOR: What Happened to Wiggles- 
worth. 1901; An Old Town by the Sea, 
1910; Contbr. to N. Y. World, 1899, 
humorous sketches "Unknown Husbands 
of Well Known Wives"; Editor Rock- 
land Courier-Gazette since 1874; post- 
master, Rockland, Me., 1912-14; lec- 
turer: CLUB: Author's (Me. Branch); 
S.A.R.; HOME: Rockland, Me. 


Explorer, Writer, Painter, Educator; 
born Cambridge, Mass., Dec. 13, 1874; 
son Atherton B. and Carletta E. (Wel- 


ilngton) F.; educ. De Veause Sch; Lang- 
ley House Sch.; Boston Publ. Sch.; Cor- 
nell and "Harvard Universities; Julian's 
Academy and Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris; married Eva C. Earll, June, 1899; 
AUTHOR: The Gateway to the Sahara; 
Tripoli In Barbary; Travels Through 
Sierra Del Fuego; also numerous arti- 
cles contbr. to World Work, Scribner's, 
etc.; on return from a successful stu- 
dent career in Paris Art Schools, was 
for eight years art instructor Cornell 
Univ., during this time exhibited sev- 
eral paintings and illustrated several 
books, and magazine articles; accomp. 
expeditions to Sierra del Fuego, the in- 
terior of D. Guiana, Venezuela, also 
along coast of Morocco; has cond. eth- 
nol. research among Amer. Indians; 
held World's Championship for rough- 
riding; CLUBS: Explorers' Salmagundi, 
Art; OFFICE: P. 0. Box 222 Back Bay, 
Boston, Mass., HOME: Pendleton, Ore- 

fessor and Dean; born Ridgeley, Md., 
Aug. 30, 1870; son John L. and Adelia 
C. (De Roncle) F.; educ. country sch. 
at Monsey, N. Y.; Pub. Schs. in N. Y. 
City and Jersey City; Hasbrouck Inst.; 
J. C. Stevens Inst. Tech., Hoboken, N. 
J.; DEGREES: M.E.; married Minnie 
A. Thompson, Nov. 3, 1894; AUTHOR: 
Valves and Valve Gears, vol. I; Steam 
Engines and Turbines; Valves and 
Valve Gears, vol 2; Gas, Gasoline and 
Oil Engines, 1905; Elementary Cams: 
Advanced Cams; History of Stevens In- 
stitute of Technology and Biographies of 
Trustees, Faculty and Alumni of Ste- 
vens: Notes on Engine Design; Notes 
on Planetary Gearing; Careers of Gra- 
duates in Mechanical Engineering; au- 
thor and lecturer on numerous tonics on 
engineering and its history; CLUBS: 
Am. Mech. E^g. Soc. for Promotion Eng. 
Fd".: HOME: 31 W. 11th St., New 
York; OFFICE: Stevens Institute, Ho- 
boken, N. J. 

HAERELK1N, ARXO C.: Preacher and 
Lecturer: born Saxony, Germany, Aug. 
27, 1861; educ. Gymnasium and Post- 
graduate studies: married Emma 
Grimm; AUTHOR: The Gospel 
of Matthew, 2 vols.; The Acts 
of the Apostles; The Harmony of the 
Prophetic Work; The Lord of Glory; 
The Pronhet Daniel; The Book of Reve- 
lation; The Pronhet Ezekiel; The Pro- 
phet Jr.i'l: The Pronhet Zechariah: 
The Jewish Question; Studies in Proph- 
ecies; The Masterpiece of God; The 
League of Nations; The Annotated 
Bible (6 vols.) ; The Glory of the Bible; 
CLUBS: Transportation Club, Biltmore 


GAGER., n . 

Hotel, N. Y. City; HOME: 228 N. Ful- 


ton Ave., Mt. Vernon, N. Y.; OFFICE: 
456 4th Ave., New York City. 

GAGER, C. STUAKT: Director, Brooklyn 
Botanic Garden; born Norwich, N. Y., 
Dec. 23, 1872; son Charles C. and 
Leora Josephine (Darke) G.; educ. 
Syracuse Univ.; N. Y. State Normal 
Coll.; Cornell Univ.; Harvard Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., 1895; D.Sc., (Hon.) 
Syracuse; Pd.M., N. Y. State Normal 
Coll., 1897; Ph.D., 1902, Cornell Univ.; 
married Bertha Woodward Bagg, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Errors in Science Teaching, 
1899; DeVries's Intracellular Pangene- 
sis (Eng. transl. from Germane 1 , 1910; 
Effects of the Rays of Radium on 
Plants, 1908; Fundamentals of Botany, 
1916; A Laboratory Guide for General 
Botany, 1916; Heredity and Evolution 
in Plants, 1920; editor Brooklyn Bot- 
anic Garden Record (Quarterly); Bus. 
Mgs. Amer. Jour, of Botany (monthly); 
Ecology (Quarterly); OFFICE: Brook- 
lyn Botanic Garden; HOME: 29 Linden 
Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Zoology; born Columbia, Tenn., Nov.. 
1866; son W. T. and E. R. Galloway; 
educ. Cumberland Univ.; Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D., 
Litt.D.; married Mary Armstrong, Dec. 
22, 1892; AUTHOR: Text Book of Zoo- 

logy; Biology of Sex for Parents and 
Teachers; Use of Motives in Moral and 
Religious Education; Sex and Life; 
Dramatization in the Church School (in 
press); Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem. Am. 
Soc. of Zoologists; pres. Microscopical 
Soc.; ten years editor of Transactions 
of Am. Microscopical Soc.; writer and 
lecturer on Scientific and educational 
subjects: HOME: New York; OFFICE: 
370, Seventh Ave., New York. 

gious Educator; born Sherborn, Mass., 
Mlrch, 1872; son William Brown and 
Harriet (Eaton) G.; educ. Brown 
Univ.; Episcopal Theol. Sch.; DE- 
GREES: Ph.B., B.D., D.D.; married 
Mary Tracy, Sept. 14, 1898; AUTHOR: 
History of Christianity, 1903; Winners 
of the World, 1909; Children's Chal- 
lenge to the Church, 1913; Exec. Sec'y. 
Dept. Religious Educ. of Prot. EMis. 
Church; HOME: 131 E. 19th jjt., 
OFFICE: 289 Fourth Ave., N. Y. City. 

born Athens Co., O., Sept. 23, 18>61; 
son Wilson and Emma C. Gardner 
(Brown); educ. Public Schools in Ohio; 
Coll. Phys. and Surg., Baltimore, Md.; 
DEGREES: M.D.; married Mary A. 
Maslin, 1897; AUTHOR: Text Book 
of Gynecology, 1912; CLUBS: Univer- 
sity; ADDRESS: 6 West Preston St., 
Baltimore, ,Md. 

olic Priest (Jesuit) ; born St. Louis, 
Mo., Dec. 27, 1876; son Alexander 
Garesche; educ. St. Louis Univ.; St. 
Louis Law School; DEGREES: B.A., 
M.A., L.L.B.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Your Neighbor and You, 1916; Your 
Interests Eternal, 1919; The Four 
Gates, (Poems) 1913; Your Soul's Sal- 
vation, 1919; The Most Beloved 
Woman, 1919; Children of Mary, 1919; 
The Things Immortal, 1919; Your Own 
Heart, 1920; The Paths of Goodness, 
1920; Life's Lessons (in preparation); 
Thr> Values Everlasting (in prepara- 
tion) ; A Vade Mecum for Nurses and 
Social Workers, 1920; The World and 
the Waters, 1918 (poems); War Moth- 
ers, (poems 1919; To Margaret Mary 
in Heaven, 1920; HOME: St. Louis 
University; OFFICE: The Queen's 
Work, Delvan Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. 

GARLAND, HAMLIN: Author and Lec- 
turer; born near West Salem, Wis., 
1860; son Richard H. and Isabelle 
Cbp.rlotte (McClintock) G.; educ. Cedar 
Valley Seminary (la.); Boston Sch. of 
Oratory; married Zulime Taft, 1899; 
AUTHOR: Main-Traveled Roads, 1890; 
A Spoil of Office, 1891; The Eagle's 
Heart; Money Magic; Cavanagh; 
Crumbling Idols, 1894; Rose of Dutch- 



er's Coolly, 1895; The Life of General 
Grant, 1898; The Trail of the Gold 

'Seekers; The Captain of the Gray 
Horse Troop, The Light of the Star; 

; Hesper; The Shadow World; Other 
Main-Travelled Roads; The Long 
Trail;; Cavanaugh; Forest Ranger; 
The Forester's Daughter; Short 
Stories; Victor Olnee's Discipline; 
A Sou of the Middle Border; 
when a youth lived on the prarie of 
Mitchell County, Iowa, the scene of his 
"Boy-life on the Prairie" and many of 
the stories in "Main-Travelled Roads"; 
has lectured on literary subjects in Bos- 
ton, and was some time instr. in Bos- 
ton School of Oratory; member Am 
Acad. of Arts and Letters; CLUBS: 
Century (New York City); originatoi 
and first pres. of the Cliff Dwellers; 
HOME: 71 East 92nd St., New York 

GARXKAU, HECTOR: Chief Librarian : 
Public Library of Montreal; born Otta 
wa, Ont.. Canada, June 9, 1871; sor 
Alfred and Elodie (Globensky) G.; 
educ. Ottawa College,; Laval Univ. : 
Montreal; DEGREES: L.L.B.; mar- 
ried Blanche de Lisle Pillet, Jan. 18 
1905: AUTHOR: numerous articles and 
reviews, Heures de Causeries (cantbr. to 
Le Monde) ; edited Histoire de Canada, 
par Francois Xavier Garneau (his 
grandfather) and Poisies d' Alfred Gar- 
neau (his father) ; Fellow of Royal 
Society of Canada; mem. Champlair 
Society (Toronto); Amer. Hist. Assn.; 
Societe de 1'Histoire des Colonies 
franchises; CLUBS: Canadian; Re- 
form (Montreal); HOME: 710 Univer- 
sity St.; OFFICE: Sherbrooke St., East 
Montreal, Que. 

. Author; born Albany, N. Y., Oct. 19. 
1853; son Anthony and Eliza A 
(Miers) G. ; educ. Boston and Paris: 
married ,Marietta Goldsmith, 1877; 
AUTHOR: Elizabethan Songs; Three 
Heroines of New England Romance: 
Victorian Songs; Carmen trans, frorr 
Prosper Merim'ee, 1896-7; omance and 
Reality of teh Pur'tan Coast; The Pil- 
grim Shore; lecturer on Art; has ex- 
hibited at Paris Salon and at leading 
art galleries in America; HOME: Col- 
onial Ct., Lee St., Cambridge, Mass., 
OFFICE: Studio Bldg., Boston. 

thor; born Germantown, Phila., Pa. 
Mar. 28. 1879; son George L. and 
Sophia Cooner (Gray) G.; educ. Univ. 
of Pa.: DEGREES: B.S., 1906; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Army Ballads 
and Other Verses, 1916; Trench Bal- 
lads and Other Verses. 1919; served 
in Philippine Insurection, 1899-02; al- 
so made trip around the world; with 


Am. Exp. Forces in France in World 
War, Co. G., 16th Infty., 1st Div., A.E.F., 
1917-19; CLUBS: S. R. Col. 
Soc of Pa.; HOME: 431 W. Stafford St., 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 

tor; born St. Louis, Mo., Oct. 1, 1874; 
son James Harvey and Judith Elizabeth 
(Garrett) G.; educ. Eureka Coll.; Yale; 
U, of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., Yale; 
Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago; married Annie 
G. Dye, 1900; AUTHOR: Wheeling 
Through Europe, 1900; Alexander 
Campbell's Theology, 1900; HOME: 
Chicago, II.. 

JATES, JOHN HOWARD: Judge Supreme 
Court: born Waterloo, Iowa, Oct., 
1865; son John C. and Adelia (St. John) 
G.; educ. East Waterloo H. S. ; State 
Univ. of Iowa; Columbia Coll.; DE- 
GREES: B.Ph. Law Dept.; married 
Mary Edna Carter, Nov., 1899; AU- 
THOR: Annotations South Dakota 
Constitution, 1915-17-19; Annotations 
Dakota Codes, 1877, (1918); HOME: 
S:oux Falls. S. D.; OFFICE: State 
House, Pierre, S. D. 

thor; born Mt. Vernon, 0., Sept. 12, 
1859; daughter Charles H. and Mary 
E. (Morehouse) Scribner; educ. Toledo 
Ohio High School and Univ.; married 
Chas. H. Gates, Oct. 12, 1881; AU- 
THOR: Little Girl Blue Lives in the 
Woods Until She Learns to Say Please: 
Little Girl Blue and Tommy Sweet 
Tooth; Little Girl Blue Plays "I spy"; 
Land of Delight or Child Life on a 
Pony Farm; The Turkey Doll; Nanette 
and the Baby Monkey; Nanette Visits 
Her Grandma; Capt. Billie Leads the 
Way to the Land of "I Don't Want To"; 
The Story of a Mince Pie; The Story 
of Live Dolls; More About Live Dolls; 
Story of the Lost Doll; Story of Three 
Dolls; The Live Dolls' House Party; 
Little Red, White and Blue; The Live 
Dolls' Busy Days; The Live Dolls' Play 
Days; The April Fool Doll; The Live 
Dolls' Party Days; Sunshine Annie; 
The Live Dolls in Fairyland; The Live 
Dolls in Wonderland; One Day in 
Betty's Life; CLUB: Writer's; HOME: 
488 West Bancroft St., Toledo, Ohio. 

GATES, SUSA YOUNG: Author, Editor; 
born Salt Lake City, Mar. 18, 1856; 
daughter Brigham Young and Lucy 
(Bigelow) Young; educ. Brigham 
Youne Acad. Provo.; Univ. of Utah; 
married Jacob F. Gates, Jan. 5, 1880; 
AUTHOR: John Steven's Courtship, 
1911; History of Lydia Knight. 1895; 
History of Y. L. M. I. A. 1908; CLUBS: 
Relief Soc.; Cor. Sec. and Ed. of R. S. 
Magazine; HOME: 672 N. 1st W. St.; 
OFFICE: 20 Bishop's Bldg., Salt Lake 
City, Utah. 



Professor; born Shanghai, China, Feb. 
22, 1858; son Rev. Samuel Rankin and 
Sarah S. (Mills) G.; educ. Blackheath, 
Ens.: Royal Acad. Instn., Belfast; 
DEGREES: B.A., Litt.D., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Sallie Pickett, 1891; AUTHOR: 
Songs of the Yellow and Blue (with 
F. N. Scott and A. A. Stanley) ; A 
Guide to the Literature of Aesthetics 
(with F. N. Scott); Classic Myths in 
English Literature; English in Second- 
ary Schools: Methods and Materials of 
Literary Criticism (with F. N. Scott); 
Representative English Comedies; The 
Poetry of the People, (with M. C. Fla- 
herty) ; (edited with intro.) R. E. 
Gibb's Songs of Content; The Star of 
Bethlehem; The Principles and Pro- 
gress of English Poetry (with C. C. 
Young); Songs of California (edited); 
Plays of Our Democratic Forefathers; 
Idols of Education; Beaumont, the 
Dramatist; Shakespeare and the Found- 
ers of American Liberty; Lyric, Epic 
and Allied Forms of Poetry (with B. 
P. Kurtz), head of English Dept. Univ. 
of Cal.; mem. several literary and 
philol. assns.; CLUB: Savile; London, 
etc.; HOME: 2328 Piedmont Ave., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

GEDDES, JAMES, Jr.: Professor of 
Romance Languges Boston University; 
born Boston, July 29, 1858; son 
James Geddes of Old Meldrum, Scot- 
land, and Laure (Sazy) G.; educ. Pub. 
Schs., Brookline, Mass.; DEGREES: 
A.B., Harvard, 1880; A.M., Harvard, 
1889; Ph.D., Harvard, 1894; married 
Mathilde Hug61, June 27, 1894; AU- 
THOR: Oral Instruction in Modern 
Languages; co-edit, several Spanish and 
Italian texts with introduction notes 
and vocabulary; Chevalier Order 
of the Crown (Italy); has held various 
appts.; also elk. U. S. Consulate, Trieste; 
later prof. French, Spanish, Italian at 
American Universities; CLUB: Univer- 
sity, Boston; HOME: 39 Fairmount St., 
Brookline, Mass.; OFFICE: Boston 
Univ., 688 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. 

GEHRS, JOHN H.: Professor of Agricul- 
ture State Teachers College, Cape Gira- 
deau, Mo., and Author; born Versailles. 
Mo., Feb. 2, 1882; son Judge Henry 
and Anna G.; educ. Univ. of Wis.; De- 
GREE: B.S., (U. of Mo. 1912); M.S. in 
Agric. Educ., 1915; married Amelia L: 
Luetjen, 1905; AUTHOR: One Hundred 
Exercises in Agriculture, 1915; Pro- 
ductive Agriculture; Principles of Agri- 
culture, 594 pp.; 11 published since 1915 
and noted for practical value to farmers 
in teaching increase of yield and reduc- 
tion in cost of production, improvement 
of plants and animals, management of 
soils, crops, etc.; HOME: Cape Gira- 


deau, Mo. 


GEORGE, MARIAN M.: Author; Teach- 
er, Editor; born Zanesville, Ohio, Dec. 

25, 1865; daughter Dr. Robt. Wallace 
and Elizabeth (Frazier) G.; educ. pub. 
schs., Illinois; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Library of Travel; Little Journeys; 
Plan Books (40) Character Building; 
(2 vols.); Songs in Season; How to 
Sleep; CLUBS: Friday Morning; Wo- 
mens Press; HOME: Summer, Laguna 
Beach Hotel; OFFICE: 502 Title Guar- 
antee Bldg.. Los Angeles, Calif. 

GEORGE, WILLIAM R.: Head of the 
George Jr., Republic; born West Dry- 
den, N. Y., June 4, 1866; son John F. 
and Eleanor (Baker) G.; educ. common 
sch.; married Esther Ida Brewster, Nov. 
12, 1896; AUTHOR: The Junior Re- 
public; Citizens Made and Re-Made; 
Founder Junior Republic and of the So- 
cial Sanitarium, a method for treatment 
of delinquents; founder Junior Munici- 
palitj r , a method of government for boys 
and girls between sixteen and twenty- 
one years; founder the idea of the pro- 
fession of Social Doctor for the treat- 
ment of social ills analogous to the pro- 
fession of medical doctor, for the treat- 
ment of physical ills; advocate of a 
method for the utilization of public 
school children to secure information 
which would be of value to their state 
or government; HOME: Freeville, N. Y. 



Chicago, 111.: daughter Erich Gersten- 
berg; educ. Alcott School, Kirkland 
School, Chicago; Bryn Mawr College, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Unquenched Fire, 1912; Conscience of 
Sarah Platt, 1915; dram, version of 
Alice in Wonderland, 1915; Overtones; 
(one act play) Beyond (one act play) 
1919; Fourteen (one act play) 1920; 
Pot Boiler (one-act play) 1920; A 
Little World; He Said and Sre Said; 
Attuned; The Buffer; Hearts; The Un- 
seen (plays); CLUBS: Chicago Arts; 
Woman's Athletic; The Casino; The 
Junior League; The Little Room; The 
Chicago Equal Suffrge Asso.; Soc. of 
Midland Authors; National Arts Club, 
N. Y.: Bryn Mawr; HOME: 539 Deming 
Place. Chicago, 111. 

lege Professor; born Shippensburg, Pa., 
March, 1881; son John J. Gettell; educ. 
State Normal School: Ursinus Coll.; 
Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; 
married Nelene Groff Knapp, April 18, 
1906: AUTHOR: Introduction to Politi- 
cal Science, 1910; Readings in Politi- 
cal Science, 1911; Problems in Politi- 
cal Evolution, 1914; CLUBS: Univer- 
sity; Amherst: Republican; HOME: 25 
College St.. Amherst, Mass.; OFFICE: 
Amherst College. 

ian Minister; born Garrison, N. Y., Mch. 
6. 1861; son Elisha and Louise Jane 
(Knapp) G.; educ. Phillips Exeter. 
Cambrid-re High School; Harvard Uni- 
versity: Crane Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: 
A.B.. S.T.. B., A.M.: married Maud 
Martin, 1899: AUTHOR: Aphrodite, 
1901; The Belle Islers, 1908; The De- 
mocratic Rhine-Maid, 1914; The Social 
Message of Ralph Waldo Emerson, 
1915; contr. short stories and poems 
to mags.; CLUBS: Brockton; Y. M. C. 
A.; Unitarian FellowshiD for Social 
Justice; HOME: 893 Center Street, 
Brockton, Mass. 

of Chemistry and Chemical Expert; 
born Canton. Mass., Aug. 1, 1864; son 
Augustus and Hannah P. (Drake) G. 
of Canton; educ. Canton, Mass., Inst 
of Technology; Univ. of Leipzig; DE- 
GREES: S.B.. A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Mabel F. Shenard. Sept. 2, 1897; AU- 
THOR: Gas and Fuel Analysis for En- 
gineers, 18 96- !'.-'<. 9 edns.; A Short 
Handbook of Oil Analysis 1897-1920 
8 edns; Engine room Chemistry 
1907-20, 3 edns.; CLUBS: American 
and German Chemical; A.A.A.S.; A.S.; 
T.M.; HOME: 41 Myrtle St., Belmont, 
Mass.: OFFICE: Mass. Inst. Techno- 
logy, Cambridge, Mass. 


ULLIES. ANDREW: Clergyman; born 
Glasgow, Scotland, Aug. 3, 1970; son 
Peter and Agnes (Clark) G.; brought 
to America 1870; educ. Genesee Wes- 
leyan Sem., Lima, N. Y.; Wesleyan U., 
Conn. 1895; DEGREES: A.B. cum 
lauds; D.D.; married Martha Elizabeth 
Smith, Sept. 25, 1895; AUTHOR: The 
Individualist's Gospel, and. Other Es- 
says; ordained M. E. ministry, 1895; 
pastor several M. E. churches in Vt., 
later in Boston; Chanlain State Senate 
Vt., 1898; HOME: Boston University, 
Boston, Mass. 

thor, Lecturer; born Hartford, Conn., 
July, 1850; daughter Frederc Beecher 
and Mary A. F. Westcott Perkins; educ. 
various schools; married Charles Wal- 
ter Stetson May 1884; 2d George Hough- 
ton Gilman, June, 1900; AUTHOR: In 
This Our World (verse) 1893; Women 
and Economics, 1899; Concerning 
Children, 1901; The Yellow Wallpaper, 
1899; The Home, 1903: Human Work, 
1904; What Diantha Did, 1910; The 
Man-Made World, 1910; The Crux, 
1911; Moving the Mountain, 1911; 
books have been translated into Ger- 
man, Dutch, Italian. Hungarian, Rus- 
sian, Japanese, Swedish; member of 
The American Sociological Society; for 
seven years 1910-1916 inclusive pub. a 
little monthlv magazine of some 21000 
words, written entirely by herself; con- 
tained books pub. serially, stories, ar- 
ticles, essays, allegories, verses, with 
editorial comment and review, and was 
circulated in many countries; lectured 
in all but six of our United States; 
made five lecture trips abroad speak- 
ing in England many times and in Scot- 
land, Holland, Germanv. Austria and 
Hnngarv PS well; HOME: 27 \V. 
136th St.; OFFICE: Charlton Co., 160 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 

Photonlavwright: born Eminence, Ky., 
daughter of William Spencer and Sara 
Elizabeth (Raines) G.: educ. Eminence 
Coll.; CMcaero Mus. Coll.; Cincinnati 
Coll. of Music; Morgan School of Ex- 
pre^sion: rhi>ngo Universitv; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Path of Dreams, 
(verse); Short Stories, poems, articles 
in Centurv. Collier's Ainslee. Munsey, 
Sat. Eve. Post and other standard mag- 
azines: Photoplays: The Broadway Bub- 
ble. (Vitaeraph); The Alibi (Selznich) 
etc.: CLUBS: Woman's Club of Central 
Kentuckv; HOME: 171 Ashland Av. >.. 
Lexington, Ky. 

born Casey County, Ky., Aug. 17, 1839; 
son Josiah and Sena (Kelly) G.; educ. 
Pub. Schs. and St. Charles Coll.; DE- 
GREES: D.D., (Emory Coll. Ga.); 



married Mary A. Holloway, Nov. 2, 
1865; AUTHOR: Light in Darkness, or 
Missions and Misionary Heroes, 1885; 
of which 50,000 volumes were sold; 
Methodist Church Members' Manual, 
1886; Lights and Shadows of Seventy 
Years, 1913; HOME: Kirkwood, Mo. 

Professor;, born Worcester, Mass., Aug. 
1878; son Lucius P. and Mary A. 
(Clarke) G.; educ. Amherst Coll.; Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 1900; 
M.A., 1903; Ph.D., 1908; married 
Fanny Whiting Reed, July 31, 1906; 
AUTHOR: Studies in New England 
Transcendentalism, 1908; Morale, 1919; 
HOME: 3 Whittier Place, Swarthmore, 

GOETSCHIUS, PERCY: Musician, Com- 
poser, Teacher, Author; born Paterson, 
N. J., Aug. 30, 1853; son John Henry 
Goetschius; educ. Stuttgart Conserv. of 
Music; DEGREES: Royal Prof. Stutt- 
gard; Doctor of Music, Univ. Syracuse; 
Married Marie Stephany, 1889; AU- 
THOR: Material Used in Musical Com- 
position, 1882, 1889, 1913; Theory 
and Practice of Tone Relations, 1892, 
1898, 1915; The Homophonic Forms 
of Musical Composition, 1898; Models 
of the Principal Musical Forms, 1895; 
Exercises in Melody Writing, 1900; Ap- 
plied Counterpoint, 1902; Lessons in 
Music Form, 1904; Elementary Count- 
erpoint, 1910; Essentials of Music His 
tory (with Dr. Thos. Tapper), 1914; 
The Larger Forms of Music Composi- 
tion, 1916; CLUBS: The Bohemians, 
(N. Y.); HOME: 537 W. 121st St., 
OFFICE: 120 Claremont Ave., N. Y. 

born Westchester, N. Y., Apr. 5, 1863; 
son Charles Henry and Eliza (Buxton) 
G.; educ. Grammar Sch. 51; Columbia 
Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.B., 1882; M.Sc. 
(Hon) 1910; married Marie Overton 
Corbin, 1912; AUTHOR: Summer Fal- 
low (poems) 1888; Star Glow and 
Song (poems 1908; Principles of Indus- 
trial Engineering, 1912; pub. Methods 
of the Sante Fe, 1919; (in collabora- 
tion with Marie Overton Corbin) ; Ur- 
chins of the Sea; Urchins at the Pole; 
served as major Ordnance Dept. U. S. A. 
from Oct., 1917 to May, 1919; in 
France, Aug. 1918 to Apr. 1919; cited 
for specially meritorious service with 
Am. Exped. Forces; CLUBS: Salmag- 
undi, N. Y.; HOME: DeBruce, N. Y. 

GOLDBEOK, EDWARD: Author; born 
Berlin, Germany, Apr. 21, 1866; son 
Carl Goldbeck; educ. Univ. of Berlin; 
married Lina Harbanell, Oct. 25, 1900; 
AUTHOR: Brief e an den Deutschen 
Kronprinzen, 1907; Deutschlands Zuk- 
unft; Buelow's Bluff; Der Kronprinz 


und die Lustige Vitwe; Die Bazillen- 
kutsche; Seine Hoheit der Bastard; 
Kruppel; Per Rote Lieutenant; Hinman 
Ave., Evanston, 111. 

ist and Writer; born San Francisco, 
Calif., July 4, 1883; son Max and Han- 
nah (Cohn) G.; educ. Pub. and High 
Sch.; Univ. Calif.; DEGREES: B.S., 
Coll. of Mining; married Irma Seeman, 
Oct. 17, 1916; AUTHOR: Foolish 
Questions, 1915; Chasing the Blues, 
1915; Boobs Abroad; CLUBS: Lambs: 
Friars: Illustrators; Dutch Treat; 
HOME: 420 West End Ave.; OFFICE: 
N. Y. Evening Mail, N. Y. City. 

GOLDSMITH, MILTON: Literature; born 
Philadelphia, May 22, 1861; son Abra- 
ham and Celia (Adler) G.; educ. High 
Sch., Phila. ; Univ. Zurich, Switzerland; 
DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; married Sophie 
Hyman, 1899; AUTHOR: Rabbi and 
Priest, 1885; A Victim of Conscience, 
1903; Practical Things, 1915; I Won- 
der Why, 1920; Prince Charming, 
1920; and of over 20 juvenile story 
books: also of following plays: The 
little Brother, 1919-1920; The Prior 
Right, 1910; The Reign of Reno, 1912; 
Jay Caesar, Esq., 1900; CLUBS: Ameri- 
can Authors Soc.; Chautauqua Soc.; 
HOME: 353 West 85th St. New York. 

GOLDSMITH, ROBERT: Writer and Lec- 
turer; born Kingston, N. Y., May 24, 

1S82; son Abraham Marshall and Sarah 



Jane (Tootill) G.; educ. Phillips And- 
over Acad.; married Edith Darrow of 
Chatham, N. Y., Dec. 25, 1907; AU- 
THOR: A League to Enforce Peace, 
1917; special edit, on staff, first of 
Russell Sage ^Foundation, then of 
Rockefeller Funodation; contbr. of arti- 
cles and poems to Collier's, Leslies, 
Independent, Review of Reviews, Book- 
man and Smart Set; has been assist, 
ed. Collier's Weekly; mgr. collection 
Dept. Harper Bros.; Mgr. Lecture 
Creation Dept. Interchurch World 
Movement; founded Civic Church at 
Little Rock, Ark., and Contemporary 
Club of Little Rock; dir. of pub. the 
League to Enforce Peace; ten years 
Lyceum and Chautauqua Lecturer; 
CLUB: Clergy (X. Y.); Common- 
wealth (Montclair); HOME: 59 Brook- 
field Road, Upper Montclair, N. J. 

COMPERS, SAMUEL: Editor, Author and 
President American Federation of 
Labor; born England, Jan. 27, 1850; 
son Samuel and Sarah (Root) G.; educ. 
in Pub. Schs., until ten years of age 
when entered factory and attended pub- 
lic evening school until 14 years of age; 
married Sophia Julian, 1867; (died 
1920; second Mrs. Gertrude Ainslee 
Gleaves Neucheler, 1921; AU- 

THOR: Labor in Europe and America; 
American Labor and the War; Labor 
and the Common Welfare; Labor and 
the Employer; edit. American Federa- 
tionist; also written number of pam- 
phlets; noted as World's labor leader; 
presided over Int. Comm. of Labor Leg- 
islation of the Peace Conference in 
Eurone during war period; was instru- 
mental in mobilizing 4,000,000 union- 
ized workers of Amer. Fed. of Labor 
for the Govt. of U. S. 3 days after war 
was declared on Germany by U. S.; 
President Amer. Fed. of Labor; and 
mem. of Nat. Geo?. Soc., Washington, 
D.C ; Cigarmaker's Inter. Union, 1st 
Vico President; Cigarmakers' Local No. 
144; Benev. Prot. Order of Elks; Free 
and Accepted Masons, 32nd Degree; 
Comm. of One Hundred Fed. Regula- 
tion of Pub. Health; Mystic Shriners; 
Civic Fed.; Stephen A. Douglas Lodge. 
Odd f ellows; Civic Forum; Immig. and 
Restriction League; Amer. Pol. Sci. As- 
sociation; Nat. Tuberculosis Assoc.. 381 
4th Ave., New York City; Lincoln Mem. 
Farmprs' ASPO ; Ame^. Acad. of Pol. and 
Pocinl Sci.. Phila.: Friends of Russian 
Freedom: Nat. Asso. for study and Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis, Director; Nat. 
Good Po^ds Congress, mem.: Lincoln 
Univ. Endow. As^oc.- Peace Societv of 
City of Nc"- York; Comite' Permanent 
International des Assurances Sociales 
i Workmens' Insurance); Advisory 
Board Nat. Soil Fertility League, Chi- 
cago. 111.: Internal. Congress on Hy- 
giene and Demography; Amer. Agri. 



Assoc.; Mother's Day Internat. Assoc., 
mem. Advis. Comm.; Nat. Comm. on 
Prison Labor, Councillor; Luther Bur- 
bank Soc., Honorary mem.; Internat. 
Cong, on Social Insur., Vice-Chairman 
of Comm. on Orgn.; Wash. Cham, of 
Com. Comm. on Pub., by order of Exec- 
Council; Comm. on Labor Conditions of 
Indus. Econ. Dept. of Nat. Civic Fed., 
Chairman; Advis. Council of Indus. 
Econ. Dept.; "Equity" pub. in Phila., 
Pa., Honorary Counselor; Amer. Socl. 
Soc., Chicago; Chicago branch of Anti- 
Tuberculosis Soc.; Nat. Citizen's Comm. 
for the purpose of bringing about the 
calling of a third Internat. Peace Conf. 
at the Hague; Monday Evening Club, 
Wash., D. C.; Wash. Comm. of One 
Hundred to celebrate 100 years of peace 
between U. S. and Great Brit., and sign- 
ing of the Treaty of Ghent; Consulting 
Board of Peoples' Fish and Game Pro- 
tect. Assoc. (Calif. Assoc. Soc. for Con- 
servation of Wild Life) ; Advis. Comm. 
Nat. Board of Censorship of Motion Pic- 
tures; Nat. Educ. Motion Picture Assoc., 
N. Y. City, Hon. Vice-Pres.; N. Y. Com. 
Tercentenary Commission, appointed by 
Gov. Glynn; N. Y. State Factory Invest. 
Comm.; Nat. Edit. Fac., Phila., Pa.; 
Amer. Peace Centennary Comm., Acad. 
of Pictorial Educ., N. Y. City, Incorp.; 
Advisory Board, Inst. of Educ. Travel, 
No. 1, Madison Ave., N. Y. City; Com- 
mittee on Fed. Const., Brookln, N. Y.; 
Cliosophic Soc. of Princeton Univ., 
Princeton, N. J.; Amer. Educ. and Voc- 
ational Training Conf., N. Y. City; 
Comm. on Vocational Schools of the 
Board of Educ., of N. Y. City; Advisory 
Board of Bronx Open Forum, Bernard 
S. Deutsch, Sec., 1806 Arthur Ave., 
Bronx, N. Y.; Temporary Exec. Comm. 
Joseph A. Holmes Memorial; Women's 
Clinic Aux., Wash., D. C.; "In Her 
Name" Soc.. founded by Hon. W. S. 
Kenyon, U. S. Senate, Vice President; 
Advisory Council, Coun. of Nat. De- 
fense, aopointed by Pres. Wilson; Ad- 
visory Board of Congress of Forums, N. 
Y. Citv; Children of America Loyalty 
League, St. Louis, Mo., Nat. Hon. Vice- 
President: Nat. Comm. to sponsor spec- 
ial auxiliary between Lincoln's and 
Washington's Birthdays. Red Cross Plan 
Honorary mem.; Mich. Press Club, Hon- 
orary mem.: Advisory Comm. to the 
Soo. of Anplied Psycholopv. Warren 
Hilton, Pres.. N. Y. City; Hon. Comm. 
of New Italian Relief with Secretary 
War. Baker, Ideison, Root, Beck, and 
Pabbi Wise: Serve on Executive Comm. 
of the League to Enforce Peace, Hon. 
V. II. T:i't. Pros.; Serve PS or*^ of tho 
Director-Generals of Lincoln Pit not ir 
Army; Nat. Comm., The Talking Marh- 
ine Journal, V. Burnett, N. Y. Citv; 
Acad. of Pol. Sci.. Columbia Univ.. N. 
Y. City; Comm., Intern. Labor Legisla- 


tion, appointed by Premier Clemenceau, 
Jan. 27, 1919; Nat. Inst. of Social Sci.; 
Advisory Comm. for the Restoration of 
the Arsenal Building of the Safety Inst. 
of Amer., Newark, N. J.; Amer. Field 
of Honor Assoc., Atlantic City, N. J.; 
Victory Mountain Park Comm. of One 
Hundred of the Assoc. for the Prot. of 
the Adirondacks; Army, Navy and Civi- 
lian Board of Boxing Control; "Amer- 
ican Central Committee for Russian Re- 
lief," other three Vice-Pres. being, Sen- 
ator Root. John R. Mott, and Prof. 
Samuel Harper, request sent in by 
Princess Julia Cantacuzane, care Metro- 
politan Club, Vice-Pres.; HOME: 318 
West 51st St., New York City; OFFICE; 
A. F. of L. Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

man; born Dudley, Mass., July 31, 
1854; son Warren and Clarinda (Healy) 
G.; educ. Williston Sem.; Nichols Aca- 
demy; Boston Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., D.D., S.T.D.; married Mary F. 
Blair, 1896; AUTHOR: My Mother's 
Bible; The Drillmaster of Methodism; 
The Price of Winning Souls, 1906; The 
Old Darnman; Pathways to the Best; 
Pastoral and Personal Evangelism; Fol- 
lowers of the Gleam ,1911; CLUBS: 
289 Fourth Ave., N. Y. City. 

sor of Greek, Yale University; born 
Ellington, Conn., Nov. 8, 1854; son 
Francis and S. Louisa (Burpee) G.; 
educ. Pub. Sch.; Yale Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., (Yale) 1877; Ph.D., 
(Yale) 1884; married J. Harriet An- 
dross, May 9 1878; AUTHOR: Chapters 
on Greek Metric, 1901; School of Gram- 
mar of Attic Greek, 1902; (in press) 
Athenian Tragedy, a study in popular 
art; The Greek in English, 1886; 
Greek Festival Hymn for Yale U.; con- 
tbr. to mags, on Greek and Greece; 
HOME: 35 Edgehill Road, New Haven, 
Conn.; OFFICE: Yale Univ. 

GORDON, ALFRED: Physician (Neurolo- 
gist and Alienist) ; born Paris. France, 
Nov., 1872; son M. Gordon; educ. Univ. 
Paris (France); Univ. Berne, Switz.; 
DEGREES: M.D., M.A.; married Vic- 
torine Lyon. 1900; AUTHOR: Diseases 
of the Nervous System, 1913; 300 
monographs on neurology and psychia- 
try; CLUB: Physician's; Motor; HOME: 
1812 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

GOSS, WARREN LEE: Author; born 
Brewster, Mass., Aug. 19, 1835; son 
William W. and Hannah (Foster) G.; 
educ. Pierce Acad., Middleboro, Mass.; 
Harvard Law Sch.; married Emily A. 
Torbush, 1871; AUTHOR: Jed; Tom 
Clifton; Jack Alden; In the Navy; Boys' 
and Girls' Life of Grant; Life of a Gen- 
pral Sheridan; Jed's Boy; Boys' Adven- 
tures in the World War; Recollections 


of a Private; The Soldier's Story of 
Captivity at Andersonville; the first 8 
chapters of Recollections of a Private, 
pub. by Century Co. in their war arti- 
cles, and in "Their Battles and Leaders 
of the Civil War"; CLUBS: Sons of 
the Revolution; G. A. R.; HOME: 78 
Chestnut St., Rutherford, N. J. 

Man; born Minn., Feb., 1883; educ. 
Univ. of -Wise.; Columbia Univ.; DE- 
GREES: Ph.B., Ph.M., Ph.D.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: The Executive and 
His Control of Men, 1915; The Selec- 
tion and Training of the Business Exe- 
cutive, 1918; Developing Executive 
Ability, 1919: CLUBS: Economic, Ex- 
ecutive; HOME: 126 West 85th St.; 
OFFICE: 90 West Broadway, New York. 

sor of Romance Languages; born Dor- 
chester, Mass., Nov. 14, 1862; son 
Louis Hall & Lucy L. Grandgent; educ. 
Roxbury Latin Sch.; Harvard College; 
DEGREES: A.B. (Harvard); L.H.D. 
(Univ. Chicago); married Ethel Wright 
Cushing, 1886; AUTHOR German and 
English Sounds, 1892; Dante Alighieri, 
La Divina Commedia, 1909; Dante, 
1916; The Ladies of Dante's Lyrics, 
1917; The Power of Dante, 1918; Old 
and New, 1920; Knight Commander of 
the Crown of Italy; CLUBS: Colonial 
(Cambridge); Colonial Soc. of Mass.; 
American Acad. of Arts and Sciences; 
Accademia della Crusca; HOME: 107 
Walker St.; OFFICE: Harvard Univer- 
sity, Cambridge, Mass. 

GRANT, PETER: Author Poet; born Gran- 
town, Scotland, 1865; son Alexander 
and Jane (Fraser) G.; married Maggie 
Gibson, Princeton, Ontario, Nov. 28, 
1898: AUTHOR: Where Hath Scotland 
Found Her Fame? (poem) Aug. 1, 
1897; One Day of Love, 1916, (poem); 
The Sweet Memory, 1916, (Sonnet); 
That Laird of Glengowan, 1916 (short 
story) ; When the Bloom is on the 
Heather (poem) ; The Spear and the 
Plaid, 1914 (poem); The Hills of Albyn 
1920, (poem); contbr. scores of poems 
to Scottish American, Chicago Inter- 
Ocean, British American, Chicago Re- 
cord, News, Herald, Peoules' Journal, 
Aberdeen (Scotland); at the age of ten 
wrote first verses; at sixteen was ap- 
prenticed to the village shoe-maker; 
worked at this trade four years; was 
active mem. Mutual Improvement Soc. 
and Good Templars Lodge; noted for 
essays and debates; f !885 sailed for 
the U. S.; settled in Chicago, 111.; be- 
came Bard of the Caledonian Soc.; 
whle holding that office won the Kin- 
near Wreath by his poem (Aug. 1, 
1887) Where Hath Scotland Found 
Her Fame?, and thereby became Scot- 



tish-American Poet Laureate the first 
year after the annual prize of the Silver 
Wreath to Scotsmen was established by 
Peter Kinnear of Albany, N. Y.; mem. 


several Caledonian Socs.; served as sec- 
retary, treasurer, historian and director 
Michigan Author's Asso.; HOME: 52 
Vancouver Ave., Detroit, Mich. 

GRANT, ROBERT: Author and Judge of 
Probate Court; born Boston, Mass., 
Jan. 24, 1852; son Patrick and Char- 
lotte (Bordman) G.; educ. Pvt. and 
Pub .Schs.; DEGREES: Harvard, A. B. 
1873; Ph.D., 1876; L.L.B., 1879; mar- 
ried Amy Gordon Gait, 1883; AUTHOR: 
Unleavened Bread, 1900; The Reflec- 
tions of a Married Man, 1892; The 
Opinions of a Philosopher, 1893; The 
Undercurrent, 1904; The Chippendales, 
1909; The High Priestess, 1915; The 
Convictions of a Grandfather, 1912; 
Law and the Family, 1919; The Ba- 
chelor's Christmas, 1896; CLUBS: 
American Acad. of Arts & Letters; Pel- 
low American Acad. of Arts & Sciences; 
HOME: 211 Bay State Road, Boston; 
OFFICE: Court House, Boston, Mass. 

copal Church; born Wells, Vt., April, 
1842; son Daniel and Almira G.; educ. 
Rutland High School; Hobart Coll.; 
General Seminary; DEGREES: S.T.D. 
LL.D.; married Mary Totten Watrous, 

April 3, 1877; AUTHOR: What Think 
Ye of Christ; Vol. Sermons; The Farmer 
Boy Who Became Bishop; Sermons for 
Lay Readers; The Church and Her 
Ways; Took deacon's orders 1870, later 
priest's orders; rector of churches in 
Minn, and Vt., subseq. Miss. Bishop of 
the Platte diocese, now resigned; 
HOME: Sonora, Calif. 

Gynecologist; born Andover, Mass., Jan., 
1870; son William Blair and Luranah 
Hodge; educ. Phillips Andover Acad.; 
Yale Univ.; Harvard Univ.; Medical 
School; DEGREES: Yale A.M., 1891; 
Harvard M.D., 1899; married Alice M. 
Chase, 1900: AUTHOR: Graves Gyneco- 
logy, 1916; 2d ed. 1918; CLUBS: Som- 
erset; Tennis & Racquet; Harvard New 
Riding Club; Brookline Country; Bos- 
ton Athletic, Algonquin, Skull & Bones, 
(Yale); HOME: 244 Marlboro St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

born Reading, Mich.; daughter George 
and Elvira E. (Gaskill) G.; educ. 
Monticello, Minn. High; Munson Busi- 
ness Coll., Minneapolis; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Experimental Object Les- 
sons, 1910; Out of the Mire, 1911; 
The Jericho Road, 1913; The Inn by 
the Sea, 1914; As His Mother Saw Him, 
1917; HOME: Coronado, Calif. 


Major-General U. S. Army, retired; 
born Newburyport, Mass., Mar., 1844; 
son Capt. John Balch and Frances 
(Cobb) G.; educ. Pub. Schls. Newbury- 
port, Mass.; married Henrietta H. C. 
Nesmith (died 1918); AUTHOR: Three 
Years of Arctic Service, 1885; Ameri- 
can Weather, 1888; American Explor- 
ers and Travelers, 1893; Handbook of 
Polar Discoveries, 1906; Handbook of 
Alaska, 1909; True Tales of Arctic 
Heroism, 1911; Sierra; Appalachian 
Mountain; Isothermal Lines of the 
United States; Chronological List of 
Auroras; Diurnal Fluctuations of Baro- 
metric Pressure, 2 vols., 1891; Pro- 
ceedings of Lady Franklin Bay Expedi- 
tion, 1888: Handbook of Arctic Discov- 
eries, 1896; Rainfall of Western States 
and Territories, 1888; Climate of Ore- 
gon and Washington, 1889; Climate of 
Nebraska, 1890; Climatology of Arid 
Region, 1891; Climate of Texas, 1891; 
Sub-marine Arctic Regions; superin- 
tended installation of cables and wire- 
less in Alaska; at coronation of present 
King of Eng. rep. U. S. Government; 
contbr. many government publications; 
CLUBS: Cosmos; Boone & Crockett; 
Chicago Yacht; Mazamus; HOME: Hid- 
den House, Center Conwy, N. H.; OF- 
FICE: care Wr Dept., Washington, D. C. 




Teacher, Head of Normal Schools and 
College President; born Wendall, Mass., 
Aug. 15, 1829; son Thomas and Mary 
Johnston (Carruthers) G.; educ. Heath, 
Portland, Maine; Williams Colleges, 
etc.; DEGREES: (Williams) A.B. and 
A.M.; (Brown Univ.) A.M., L.L.D.; 
married Jane Ashley Bates, Nov. 27, 
1860; AUTHOR: Evolution of the Ele- 
mentary Schools of Great Britain, 1903; 
History of Westfield (in History of 
Hampden Co.; contbr. to periodicals; 
Pres. Historical Soc. Westfield Anth- 
enaeum; Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 30 
Court St., Westfield, Mass. 

born Rockcorry, Ireland, June 17, 1867; 
son George and Margaret Courtney 
Gregg; educ. Pub. Schls.; married 
Maida Wasson, July 3, 1889; AUTHOR: 
Gregg Shorthand .Manual, 1898; Pro- 
gressive exercises in Gregg Shorthand, 
1890; The Gregg Shorthand Dictionary, 
1910; The Gregg Phrase Book, 1901; 
Gregg Speed Practice, 1907; The Gregg 
Reporter, 1909; Gregg Special Studies, 
1917; books and mags. conn, therewith; 
Manual of Gregg Shorthand, more 
than two million copies sold; CLUBS: 
National Arts (Governor & Treasurer) ; 
Cherry Valley Country; Garden City, 
L. I.; Long Island Yacht, (vice-commo- 
dore): HOME: 18 W. 76th St., N. Y., 
SUMMER HOME: Long Island, L. I.; 
OFFICE: 285 Fifth Ave., New York. 

and Dean of Law School; born Unadilla 
Otsego Co., N. Y., Aug. 27, 1851; son 
Hon. J. C. and Charlotte C. (Camp) G.; 
educ. State Univ. Wisconsin; DE- 
GREES: A.B., LL.B., A.M., LL.D.; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Life of Justice 
Miller, 1901; abstract of 4 vols. of 
Prize Cases decided by English Courts 
during present War, 1919; served as 
one of the editors of Am. Journ. Inter. 
Law since its foundation 12 years ago, 
as chrmn. Standing Comm. Am. Barr 
Asso. in International Law for past 12 
yrs.; was dean Iowa State Univ. Law 
School, 1901-1911; dean George Wash- 
ington Univ. Law School, 1911-1914; 
Asso. Dean Univ. of Wise. Law School, 
1894-1901; has written extensively on 
Internat. Law; CLUBS: Metropolitan; 
Cosmos; Chevy Chase; New York Cen- 
tury and Citv; HOME: 2114 Bancroft 
Place: OFFICE: 1502 H. St., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

man, Lecturer, Author; born Philadel- 
phia, Sept. 17, 1843; son John Lime- 
burner and Anna Maria (Hess) G.; 
educ. Pub. and High Schls. Phila.; Rut- 
gers College; Union Theological Sem., 
N. Y.; DEGREES: A.M., D.D., L.H.D.; 


married Katharine Lyon Stanton, June 
17, 1879; 2d Sarah Frances King, June 
28, 1900: AUTHOR: The Mikado's Em- 
pire; Japanese Fairy World; Asiatic 
History; China, Korea and Japan; 
Korea The Hermit Nation; Korea 
Without and Within; Matthew Cal- 
braith Perry; The Lily Among Thorns, 
Honda, the Samurai; Sir William John- 
ston and the Six Nations; Japan In 
History, Folk-lore and Art; Brave Little 
Holland and What She Taught Us; The 
Religions of Japan; Townsend Harris- 
First American Envoy in Japan; Ro- 
mance of Discovery; Romance of Ameri- 
can Colonization; Romance of Con- 
quest; The Pilgrims in Their Three 
Homes; The Student's Motley; The 
American in Holland; America in the 
East; Verbeck of Japan; The Pathfind- 
ers of the Revolution; In the Mikado's 
Service; A Maker of the New Orient; 
Young People's History of Holland; 
Dux Christus, An Outline Study of 
Japan; The Japanese Nation in Evolu- 
tion; The Firefly's Lovers; The Storyof 
New 'Netherlands China's Story in 
Myth, Legend, Art and Annals; The 
Unmannerly Tiger and Other Korean 
Tales; Belgium, The Land of Art; A 
Modern Pioneer in Korea; Hepburn of 
Japan, Pioneer of Science and Religion; 
The House We Live In Architect and 
Tenant; The Mikado Institution and 
Person; Bonnie Scotland and What 
We Owe Her; The American Flag- 
Symbol of a Union of States Forming 
a Nation; HOME: Glen Place, Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

Manual Arts; born Holton, Kans., July, 
1874; son Leander S. and Mary T. 
(Griffith); educ. Eureka Coll.; Bradley 
Polytechnic; Lewis Institute; DE- 
GREES: A.B.; married Florence Rad- 
ford, 1897; AUTHOR: Essentials of 
Woodwork, 1908; Correlated Courses in 
Woodwork and Mechanical Drawing, 
1912: Beginning Projects in Woodwork 
and Mechanical Drawing 1912; Furniture 
Construction, 1912; Carpentry, 1916; 
Woodwork for Secondary Schools, 
1916; Woodwork for Beginners, 1916; 
Teaching Manual and Industrial Arts, 
1920; Woodwork for Amateur Crafts- 
men, 1911; Manual Training, 2 vols., 
1912; Key to Steel Square, 1916; 
HOME: 1904 Jefferson St., Madison, 
Wise.; OFFICE: Main Hall, University 
of Wise. 

GRIFFITH, WILLIAM: Editor; born 
Memphis, Mo., Feb. 15, 1876; son Sam- 
uel P. and Minerva (Downing G.; educ. 
pub. sch.; married Florence Vernon, 
1909; AUTHOR: Trialogues, 1896; The 
House of Dreams, 1898; History of 
Kansas City and the Louisiana Pur- 
chase; Excursions, 1900; City Views, 



& Visions, 1911; Loves and Losses of 
Pierrot, 1916; City Pastorals, 1918; 
Edited: Life; Meaning and Messages 
of Theodore Roosevelt, 1919; The House 
of the Sphinx, 1920; HOME: 16 Cen- 
tral Park, W.; OFFICE: Current Opin- 
ion, 48 W. 47th St., New York. 

GRISWOLD, LATTA: Clergyman; born 
Lancaster, O. ; Feb., 1876; son Samuel 
V. G. and Katherine (Latta) G. ; educ. 
Pvt. Schs.; Princeton Univ.; General 
Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Deering of Deal, 
1912; Deering at Princeton, 1913; The 
Winds of Deal, 1914; Deal Woods, 
1915; The Episcopal Church, Its Teach- 
ing and Worship, 1916; The Inn at the 
Red Oak, 1917; was asst. minister of 
Trinity Church, Newport, R. I., 1906; 
Vicar of St. Columba's Church and Mas- 
ter in St. George's School, Newport, 
1915; asst. minister of Chapel of The In- 
tercession, N. Y. ; 1916, Headmaster of 
Trinity Chapel School, N. Y.; 1917, 
Rector of Lenox; CLUBS: Princeton; 
Lenox; HOME: Trinity Rectory; OF- 
FICE: Trinity Church, Lenox, Mass. 


Writer, Lecturer, Organizer; born Aus- 
tria, June 10, 1882; daughter Idorce 
and Augusta Matsner; educ. High 
School, Hamburg; Ethical Culture 
School and Normal Dept., N. Y.; special 
courses Teacher College N. Y.; married 
Benj. C. Gruenberg, 1903; AUTHOR: 
Your Child Today and Tomorrow, 1913; 
Sons and Daughters, 1917; COMPIL- 
ER: Selected List of Books for 'Children; 
for past few years has zeen Field Secre- 
tary and Organizer for the Federation 
for Child Study; Special lecturer to 
Women's Clubs, etc.; contrb. to mags., 
syndicates, etc.; CLUBS: Federation 
for Child Study; is educ. dir. 
large exclusive Girl's 'Camp; HOME: 
Central Park W; OFFICE: 2 West 64th 
St., New York City.. 

sity Professor; born Fredericksburg, 
Pa., ,May 1, 1869; son Ezra Grumbine 
(M.D.) and Annie Beaver G.; educ. 
Wesleyan Univ.; Univ. Munich; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Ph.B., Ph.D.; married 
Esteile Uhler, 1897; AUTHOR: The 
Misfortunes of Arthur, 1900; Love, 
Faith and Endeavor, 1909; Stories from 
Browning, 1914; Humanity or Hate 
Which? 1919; contbr. to Outlook, Put- 
nam's Mags.; The Unpartizan Review, 
Scribner's Mags., etc.; CLUBS: Chi Psi, 
Phi Kappa Phi; HOME: 76 Prairie 
Ave.; OFFICE: W T est Virginia Univer- 
sity, Morgantown, W. Va. 

neer; born San Joaquin County, Calif., 
Apr. 4, 1855; son Charles and Olotild 
(Camerer) G.; educ. Stockton, Calif. 


High Sch.; Polytechnicum Stuttgart, 
Germany; DEGREES: C.E., Eng.D.; 
married Martha Kate Powers, Mar. 12, 
1884; AUTHOR: Valuation, Deprecia- 
tion and Rate-Base, 1917; Topographic 
Stadia Surveying, 1917; Public Utility, 
Rate Fixing, 1918; CLUB: Pres. Calif. 
Acad. of Sciences; pres. Commonwealth 
Club of Calif.; was City Engineer of 
San Francisco, 1900-04; member of 
Isthmian Canal Commission, 1904-5; 
HOME: 110 9th Ave.; OFFICE: 57 
Post St., San Francisco. 

GUDEMAN, ALFRED: Classical Philo- 
logy; born Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 26, 1862; 
son M. T. Gudeman; educ. Pv. Sch.; 
Columbia Coll.; DEGREE: Ph.D., .Univ. 
of Berlin, 1888; A.B. Columbia Coll., 
18 S3; married Julia Oelsner, Sept. 6, 
1900; AUTHOR: History of Classical 
Philology; Tacitus Dialogus de Oratori- 
bus (Prolegomena, Critical and Exege- 
tical Notes, etc.); Tacitus Dialogus; 
Agricola; A-gricoIa and Germania, in 
College Series; Latin Literature of the 
Empire, Prose and Poetry; Tacitus' 
Agricola; The Sources of Plutarch's 
Life of Cicero; Sallusts' Catilinae; 
Grundiss der Geschichte der Klass. 
Philologie, 2d. edit.; Imagines Philolo- 
gorum; Tacitus' Germania, 1915; con- 
tributed to encyclopedias, philol. journs. 
and reviews; HOME: Franz Josef 
Strasse 12 Munich, Germany. 

Professor; born Paris, France, Nov. 3, 
1880; son Marcel Theophila and Marie 
Collot G.; educ. Univ. of Paris; Travel- 
ing Scholarship, London; DEGREES: 
Agrege, Universite de France; married 
Wilhelmina Macartney, 1907; AU- 
THOR: French Prophets of Yesterday, 
1913; French Civilization in the XIX 
Century, 1914; Five Masters of French 
Romance, 1913; French Civilization 
from its Origins to the Close of the 
Middle Ages, 1920; L'Avenir de Paris 
1920; numerous articles in French, 
British and American mags, and re- 
views; in war service Aug. 19 17- July, 
1919 as interpreter, Intelligence officer 
and liaison officer; CLUBS: University; 
Houston; HOME: Houston, Texas; AD- 
DRESS* Rice Institute, Houston, Texas. 

G1TERRIER, EDITH: Librarian; born 
New Bedford, Mass., Sept. 20, 1870; 
daughter George Pearce and Emma 
Louisa (Ricketson) G.; educ. prvt. and 
pub. schs. and colleges; AUTHOR: 
Wonderfolk in Wonderland; Federal 
Executive Departments as Sources of 
Information to Libraries; also maga- 
zine articles and over 200 pamphlets 
for U. S. Government; head of Child- 
ren's Dept., Public Library, Boston; 
HOME: 80 Nottingham Road, Brighton; 
OFFICE: Public Library, Boston. 



Missionary; born Ebon, Marshall Is- 
lands, Apr., 1860; son Luther Halse 
and Louisa (Lewis) G.; educ. Oakland 
High; Univ. of Calif.; Dartmouth Coll.; 
Union Theol. Sem.; Andover L>em.; 
Mansfield Coll.; Oxford; Marburgh 
Univ.; Germany and Berlin Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; married 
Car a May Fisher, Sept. 14, 1887; AU- 
THOR: The Growth of the Kingdom of 
God, 1896; Evolution of the Japanese, 
Social and Psychic, 1903; The White 
Peril in the Far East, 1905; A Sketch 
of the History of German Theology (in 
Japanese), 1909; Evolution (cosmic, 
terrestrial and biological, also in Japan- 
ese), 1910; Evolution of the Human 
Race (in Japanese), 1913; The Ameri- 
can-Japanese Problem, 1914; General 
Cyclopedia, with Classification of Hu- 
man Knowledge (in Japanese, 1914; 
The Fight for Peace, 1915; Working 
Women of Japan, 1915 ; % America and 
the Orient, 1916; Anti-j'apanese War- 
Scare Stories, 1917; American Demo- 
cracy and Asiatic Citizenship, 1918; 
CLUBS: Yale; Acad. of Political Sc.; 
Am. Economic Assoc.; HOME: Oberlin, 
Ohio; OFFICE: 105 East 22nd St., N. 
Y. City. 

born Burlington, N. J., July 17, 1859; 
daughter Dan Richard F. Mott and 
Susan (Thomas) ,M.; educ. Phila. Pvt. 
Sch.; Friends' Sch., Pro., R. I.; married 
Francis B. Gummere, Ph.D., Litt.D., 
L.L.D., Sept. 14, 1882; (d. May 30, 
1919); AUTHOR: Friends in Burling- 
ton, 1882; The Quaker in the Forum, 
1910; Witchcraft and Quakerism, 1908; 
many arts, and essays; CLUBS: Pa. Soc. 
'Colonial Dames; Pa. Hist. Soc.; Pa. Gen- 
eological Soc.; HOME: 428 Montgomery 
Ave., Haverford, Pa. 

born Burlington, N. J., Aug. 3, 1883; 
son Francis B. Gummere; educ. Haver- 
ford Coll.; Harvard Univ.; European 
Schools; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Christine Robinson, June 30 
1908; AUTHOR: Epistles of Seneca, 
vols. I and II (vol. Ill in prep.); Begin- 
ners Latin; other textbooks and vari- 
ous articles in periodicals; Instr. Latin 
1907-12; asst. prof., 1912-18; asst. to 
the pres. 1915-18; Haverford Coll.; 
headmaster William Penn Charter Sch. 
Phila.. since June 1, 1918; mem. Am 
Philol. Assn. (exec, com.) Classical 
Assn. Atlantic States (v.p.), Haverford 
Chapter Phi Beta Kappa (pres. 1918); 
sch. dir. Haverford Tp., Del. Co., Pa.; 
CLUBS: University; Franklin Inn; 
HOME: Haverford, Pa.; OFFICE: 8 
South Twelfth St., Philadelphia. 



Teacher in Soils; born Joy, 111., Nov. 
24, 1880; son G. A. Gustafson; educ. 
Univ. of 111.; Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: 
B.S., M.S., U. of 111.; Ph.D., Cornell, 
September 30th, 1920; married 
Zora D. M.cUrnber June 30, 1914; 
AUTHOR: Soil Physics and Manage- 
ment, 1917: Soil Physics Laboratory 
Manual, 1912; Buls. 181 and 207 111. 
Agr. Ex. Sta. (all with J. G. Mosier) ; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi; Mason; Alpha Zeta; 
HOME: 106 Irving PL, Ithaca, N. Y.; 
OFFICE: New York State College of 

President of Findlay College; born 
Waterside, Pa., Sept. 2, 1870; son Rev. 
Adam and Mary G.; educ. Enterprise 
Normal, Grove City Coll.; Findlay Coll.; 
DEGREE: A.B., A.M., D.D.; married 
Myrtle Hartsock, 1897; AUTHOR: Our 
Mothers; Memories of Our Old Homes; 
Victors of the Faith; Jarnes Arminius; 
CLUBS: Up -to -Date; Symposium; 
HOME: 1113 N. Main St., Findlay, 0.; 
OFFICE: Findlay College. 

GWYNNE, WALKER: Clergyman, Rector 
Emeritus Elpiscopal Ch.; born Strabane 
County, Tyrone, Ireland, June 7, 1845; 
son Richard and Anne (Walker) G.; 
educ. Strabane Acad. and General Theol. 
Sem., New York; DEGREES: B.D., D.D., 
married Helen Bowers Lee, Jan. 16, 
1877; AUTHOR: Confirmation and Th 
Way of Life; Some Purposes of Para- 
dise; Seven Hundred Stories and Illus- 
trations of Christian Doctrine; Manual 
of Christian Doctrine; Church Lesson 
Books; The Christian Year; Primitive 
Worship and The Prayer Book; The 
Gospel in the Church; The Gospel in 
the Old and New Testaments; also 
instruction books for Church Schools; 
CLUBS: Highland; Canoe Brook; 
HOME: Summit, N. J. 


and Psychologist; born Moorestown, N. 
J., Nov. 4, 1871; son Zebedee and Anna 
Philips Haines; educ. Harvard; Ohio 
State University; DEGREES: A.B. 1896; 
Ph.D., 1901; M.D., 1912; married Helen 
Manley Hague, Aug. 15, 1912; AUTHOR: 
Mental Measurement of the Blind, 1916; 
Specialty Nervous and Mental Diseases; 
prof, medicine Ohio State Univ., field 
consultant for the National Committee 
for Mental Hygiene; helped secure leg- 
islation for feeble-minded in Ky., Tenn., 
also ,Miss., and La. Now going to Mo. 
HOME: 1194 Oak Street, Columbus, O. 

SON: Lecturer and author; born New 
York City, Sept. 11, 1883; daughter Ian 



Forbes Robertson, London, England; 
ednc. St. Leonards School; St. Andrews 
Univ. Scotland; Bedford College, Univ. 
of London; married Svvinborne Hale, 
1610; AUTHOR: What Women Want, 
1914; The Nest Builder, 1915; Little 
Allies, 191S; CLUBS: Women's City N. 
Y., Sesame, London; HOME: Shippan 
Point, Stamford, Conn. 

English; born Boston, Feb. 1863; son 
Edward E. and Emily P. Hale; educ. 
Roxbury Latin Sch; Harvard Coll; Univ. 
of Halle: DEGREES: A.B. Ph. D; mar- 
ried Rose P. Perkins, June 15, 1892; 
AUTHOR: Constructive Rhetoric, 1896; 
Lowell, 1899; Wm. H. Seward, 1910; 
Dramatists of Today, 1905; Life and 
Letters of Edward E. Hale, 1917; 
CLUBS: Century Ass'n, N.Y. HOME: 
Schenectady, N. Y.; OFFICE: Union Col- 

HALE, WILLIAM JAY: Chemist; born 
Ada, O., Jan. 5, 1876; son James T. Hale 
and Emma (Ogle) H; educ. Miami 
University; Technische Hochschule, Ber- 
lin; University of Gottingen; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Miami, 1897; 
A.B., Harvard, 1898; Miami A.M., 1899; 
Ph. D. 1902; (Harvard) married Helen 
Dow, Feb. 7, 1917 (died Oct. 16, 1918); 
AUTHOR: A Laboratory Outline of Gen- 
eral Chemistry, (with Alexander Smith) 
1907; The Calculation of General Chem- 
istry, 1909; A Laboratory Manual of 
General Chemistry, 1917; CLUBS: Univ. 
(Detroit) Saginaw; HOME: West Park 
Drive; OFFICE: Research Laboratory, 
Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich. 

Hale) Journalist; born Liberty, Term. 
Feb. 1, 1857; son C. W. L. Hale and 
Malissa (Overall) H; educ. Common 
Sch, married Lula Louis, 1876; 
AUTHOR: Swayed by Passion (printed by 
the author) ; Poems and Dialect Pieces, 
1895; Showers and Sunshine, 1896; The 
Backward Trail; Stories of the Indian 
and Tennessee Pioneers, -899; Great 
Southerners, 1900; An Autumn Lane, 
and Tennessee Pioneers, 1899; Great 
of Jamestown, Virginia, 1907; History 
of Tennessee, 1913; History of De Kalb 
County, Tenn., 1915; HO,ME: Donelson, 

HALL, ALBERT NEELY: Journalist, Edit- 
or, Author, Inventor; born Chicago, 111., 
May 31, 1883; son Sara N. and Olin 
H. Hall; educ. Chicago Public Schools; 
Lewis Institute and Chicago School of 
May 5, 1916; AUTHOR: The Boy 
Architecture; married Bertha Cassidy, 
Craftsman; Handicraft for Handy Boys; 
Handicraft for Handy Girls; The Handy 
Boy; Homemade Toys; Carpentry and 
Mechanics for Boys; Wonder Hill; 


contr. several Home Magazines and 
Women's 'Journals; Inventor of Put-to- 
gether Handicraft and of Klip Toys for 
Children; HOME: Elmhurst, 111. 

HALL, BOLTON: Land speculator; born 
Hall, 5th ave Presby. Church; educ. 
Ireland, Aug. 1854; son Rev. Dr. John 
Princeton; DEGREES: M.A. 1875; M.A. 
1878; married Susie Scott Hall, 1884; 
AUTHOR: Three Acres and Liberty; A 
Little Land and a Living; Money Making 
in Free America; Things as They Are; 
Life, Love and Peace; The Game of 
Life; The Garden Yard; The New Thrift; 
The Gift of Sleep; What Tolstoy 
Taught; The Halo of Grief; Love Let- 
ters of St. ohn, CLUBS: University; 
HOME: 51 E. 91st St., OFFICE: 29 
Broadway, N. Y. City. 

HALL, JENNIE: Teacher; born Grand Ra- 
pids, Mich., Jan. 1875; daughter of Irv- 
ing and Ella C. Hall, educ. Topeka H. S.; 
Englewood H. S; Univ. of Chicago; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Four Old Greeks; 
Viking Tales; Story of Chicago; Weav- 
ers and Other Workers; Men of Old 
Greece; Our Ancestors in Europe; 
CLUBS: National Arts; HOME: 4926 
North Troy St., Chicago; OFFICE: F. 
W. Parker School, 330 Webster Ave. 

HALL, RANDALL COOKE: ..Clergyman; 
born Wallingford, Conn., Dec. 18, 1842; 
son Francis C. and Elizabeth W. C. Hall; 
educ. Trinity Sch; Columbia Coll; DE- 
GREES: A.B. A.M. S.T.D; married Liz- 
zie Eyland, July 23, 1878; AUTHOR: 
Some Elements of Hebrew Grammar; 
4th ed. 1896; CLUBS: N. Y. Clerical 
Union, N. Y.; Catholic; HOME: 245 
West 48th St., N. Y. City. 

HALL, RUTH: Author; born Schoharie, 
N. Y.; daughter Joseph B. and Margaret 
Hall; educ. private schools; unmarried;. 
AUTHOR: In the Brave Days of Old, 
1899; The Black Gown, 1900; A Down- 
renter's Son, 1902; The Pine Grove 
House, 1903; The Golden Arrow, 1901; 
The Boys of Scrooby; HOME: 118 
Broad St., Catskill, N. Y. 

Professor; born Armagh, Ireland, Sept. 
25, 1858; son Dr. John Hall and Emily 
(Bolton) Hall; educ. Princeton Univ.; 
Berlin Univ.; Gottingen Univ.; Union 
Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., 
D.D.; married Jenny H. Bartling, July 
29, 1884; AUTHOR: The Power of an 
Endless Life, 1893; The Social Signifi- 
cance of the Evangelical Revival in 
England, 1899; The Synoptic Gospels, 
1900; John Hall, 1900; Social Solutions 
in the Light of Christian Ethics, 1910; 
The History of Ethics Within Organized 
Christianity, 1911; Historical Setting of 
the Early Gospels, 1912; Religion and 



Life, 1913; editor from 1884 to 1890 
of the Christian Hour; pastor in Omaha, 
Chicago; prof, in N. Y. Union Theol. 
Sem., and Columbia Univ.; since 1915 
in Europe in educational and philan- 
thropic work; HOME: 4 Reinsgraben 
Gottingen, Germany; OFFICE: Fifth 
Ave. Bank, N. Y. 

fessor; born Chester, Pa., June, 1861; 
son Stephen C. and Mercie E. Hall; 
educ, Chester Acad. and Lafayette Coll.; 
DEGREES: C. E., E.M., M.S.; married 
Rachel Estelle Kline, Aug. 1, 1891; AU- 
THOR: Mensuration; Surveying; De- 
scriptive Geometry; Differential and 
Integral Calculus; CLUBS: Amer. Assn| 
of Univ. Profs.; Math. Assoc. of Am.; 
Assn. of Teachers of Math.; Am. Asso. 
Adv. Science, etc.; HOME: Lafayette 
College, Easton, Pa. 

Teacher, Writer, Lecturer; born Bata- 
via, 111., Jan. 5, 1861; son Albert Nelson 
Hall and Sara Adelia Foote-Hall; educ. 
Northwestern University; Harvard; 
Univ. of Pa., Leipzig and Zurich; DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.S., M.D., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Jeannette Winter, Oct. 11, 
1888; AUTHOR: Text-book of Physi- 
ology; Manual of Experimental Physi- 
ology; Nutrition and Dietetics; Repro- 
duction and Sexual Hygiene; From 
Youth Into Manhood; Sexual Knowl- 
edge; Girlhood and Its Problems; Life's 
Beginnings; John's Vacation; Chums; 
The Doctor's Daughter; Life Problems; 
Life's Story; CLUBS: Am. Med. Assn.; 
Ani. Acad. of Med.; Nat'l. Edn. Asso.; 
HOME: 3136 Ivison Ave., Berwyn, 111. 

Feed Expert; born Boston, Mass., Feb. 
11, 1879; son John and Elizabeth (Mc- 
Cary) H; educ. Pub. Schs. of Boston; 
Boston Mechanic Arts High School; 
Mass. Agric. Coll.; Boston Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S.; married Mable Kettle- 
well, July 17, 1920; AUTHOR: Funda- 
mentals of Agriculture; Elementary 
Treatise on Stock Feeds and Feeding; 
Fertility and Fertilizer Hints; Soil 
Fertility and Fertilizers; and of many 
scientific articles in magazines: HOME: 
Memphis, Tenn.: OFFICE: John Wade 
& Sons, Inc., Memphis, Tenn. 

born New York; daughter Harlan Page 
Halsey; educ. pvt. sch.; spec, courses at 
Pratt's Inst.. Brooklyn and N. Y. Univ.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Blue Robin, the 
Girl Pioneer, 1917; America's Daughter, 
1918; The Liberty Girl, 1919; also 
stories for magazines and periodicals; 
CLUBS: Soc. of the Colonial Daughters 
of the 17th Century; HOME: 245 Jef- 
ferson Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


born Riley, Ind., Mar. 19, 1848; son of 
Reuben and Louisa Halstead; educ. 
Public Sch.; DePauw' Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., D.D.; married Ellen B. 
Pegg, Mar. 9, 1906; AUTHOR: Future 
Religious Policy of America, 1875; 
Civil and Religious Forces, 1880; Life 
on a Backwoods Farm, 1885; Christ in 
the Industries, 1899; A Cosmic View of 
Religion, 1917; The Tragedy of Labor, 
1919; HOME: 1512 South 9th St., 
Terre Haute, Ind. 

of Music; born Providence, R. I., June 
9, 1865; son John A. and Mary Eliza- 
beth Hamilton; educ. Providence Pub- 
lic School; Brown University; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M.; married Ada A. 
Anthony. Nov. 6, 1893; AUTHOR: Out- 
lines of Music History, 1908, 1913; 
Piano Teaching, its Principles and Pro- 
blems, 1910; Sound and its Relation to 
Music, 1912; Music Appreciation, 1920; 
editor (associate) Music Students' Piano 
Course, 1918; pub. anthems, songs, 
piano pieces; CLUBS: Boston Art Club; 
Harvard Musical Assn.; HOME: Welles- 
ley, Mass.; OFFICE: Wellesley College, 
Wellesley, Mass. 

HAMILTON, CLAYTON: Author; Editor; 
Lecturer; born Brooklyn, N. Y.,Nov. 14 
1881; son George A. and Susie A. 
(Corey) H.; educ. Poly. Prep., Brook- 
lyn; DEGREES: B.A., 1900; M.A., 
1901; married Gladys Coates, May 24, 
1913; AUTHOR: Materials and Methods 
of Fiction; On the Trail of Stevenson; 
The Theory of the Theatre; Studies in 
Stagecraft; Problems of the Playwright; 
Seen on the Stage; Music Appreciation 
on the Basis of Literary Criticism; 
CLUBS: Players; Authors; HOME and 
OFFICE: The Players, 16 Gramercy 
Park, N. Y. City. 

born New York City, Apr., 1885; dau- 
ghter J. K. and Caroline A. Creevey; 
educ. Parker Collegiate Inst.; Smith 
Coll.; DEGREES: A.B.; married Capt. 
Arthur Ellis Hamm, Aug. 18, 1917; 
AUTHOR: In White Armor, 1919; 
Fragments, 1920; My War Godson, 
1918; CLUBS: Womens' University; 
HOME: 390 West End Avenue, N. Y. 


University Professor and Dean of the 
University Faculty; born New Athens, 
O., May 20, 1861; educ. Harvard; 
Leipzig; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Carolyn von Utassy, Dec. 12, 
1893 (died Jan. 6, 1906); AUTHOR: 
Characters of Theophrastus, 1902; Aris- 
totle's Psychology, 1902; CLUBS: Town 
and Gown; Ithaca Country; Harvard, 
N. Y. ; HOME: 29 East Avenue, Ithaca, 



N. Y.; OFFICE: Cornell University. 

Author; born Newfields, N. H., May, 
1870; son John C. and Annie L. Hanson; 
educ. Phillips Exeter Acad.; Harvard 
Coll.; DEGREES: A.B.; married Bertha 
W. Flint, 1902; AUTHOR: English 
Composition, 1908; An Introduction to 
the English Classics, 1911 (joint author 
with Professors W. P. Trent and W. 
T. Brewster) ; Two Years' Course in 
English Composition, 1912; Outlines of 
Composition -and Rhetoric, 1915 (joint 
author with Prof. John F. Genung) ; 
ed. Carlyle's Essay on Burns, 1897; 
Representative Poems of Robert Burns, 
with Carlyle's Essay on Burns, 1899; 
Macaulay's Life of Johnson, 1903; 
CLUBS- Boston City; Cambridge; Econ- 
omy; HOME: 28 Linnaean St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass.; OFFICE: Mechanic Arts 
High School, Boston, Mass. 

HANUS, PAUL HENRY: Professor of 
Education; born Germany, Mar., 1855; 
son Gustaf Hanus; educ. Univ. Michi- 
gan; DEGREES: B.S., 1878, Univ. 
of Michigan; LL.D, Univ. of Colo- 
rado; married Charlotte Hoskins, 1881; 
AUTHOR: Elements of Determinants, 
1886; Geometry in the Grammar 
School, 1895; Educational Aims and 
Educational Values, 1899; A Modern 
School, 1904; Beginnings in Industrial 
Education, 1908; School Efficiency, 
1915; School Administration and School 
Reports, 1920; School Efficiency Series, 
1913, (editor); contbr. ednl. and other 
periodicals; dir. of school surveys, 
Montclair, N. J., 1911; New York City, 
1911-12; Hampton Inst., Va., 1917; and 
others; pres. Natl. Soc. Coll. Teachers 
of Edn., 1910; vice-pres. A.A.A.S., 
1914; CLUBS: Boston; Harvard; 
HOME: 39 Kirkland St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; OFFICE: Harvard Univ. 

born London, Eng., 1864; educ. in 
London and Paris; AUTHOR: An Art 
Failure, 1896; The Strolling Piper of 
Brittany; A Conjurer of Phantoms; 
The Gate of the Kiss, (transl. into 
French and pub. in Paris, as La Porte 
du Baiser) ; The City of Splendid Night; 
adaptations of dramas into novels; 
Paid in Full, The Chorus Lady, etc.; 
Translator: Facing the Flag (Jules 
Verne) ; Memoirs (Victor Hugo) ; Sac- 
rifice of Silence (Edouard Rod) ; Amer. 
correspondent of the Daily Chronicle, 
London; CLUBS: Inst. of Journalist? 
(London); Assn. of Foreign Press cor- 
respondents, N. Y.; Was editor-in-chief 
of Galignani's Messenger (Paris) for 
some years, later, on staff New York 
Times; editor People's Mag.; HOME: 
3750 Broadway; OFFICE: Times Bldg., 
N. Y. City. 


thor; Teacher; Lecturer; born Pine 
Bluffs, Ark., Sept., 1884; son Charles 
T. Harding; educ. Univ. of Ark.; Univ. 
of Chicago; DEGREES: B.A., (Ark.); 
M.A., Ph.D., Chicago; married Edna 
E. Nance, Aug. 9, 1905; AUTHOR: 
Plane Trigonometry, 1915; contbr. to 
many math, and scientific journs., such 


as The American Math. Monthly; School 
Science and Mathematics; Proceedings 
of the Royal Soc. of Canada; Giornales 
de Matematiche (Naples) ; Science and 
Invention; also newspapers; CLUBS: 
sev. scientific societies; HOME: Fayette- 
ville, Ark.; OFFICE: University of Ar- 
kansas, Fayetteville, Ark: 

HARDY, MARY EARLE: Author; born 
New Haven, Conn., July, 1846; daugh- 
ter G. W. Earle; educ. Rockford Col- 
lege, 111.; DEGREES: A.B.; married A. 
S. Hardy, June 28, 1870; AUTHOR: 
Hall of Shells, 1899; Sea Stories for 
Wonder Eyes, 1904; The Little King 
and Princess True, 1912; Nature's 
Wonderlore, 1912; Little Tawish; In- 
dian Legends from Geyser Land, 1914; 
Fairy Roads to Science-town, 1917; 
HOME: 222 Oakley Place, Grand 
Rapids, Mich. 

HARE, HORART AMORY: Physician and 
Professor; born Philadelphia, Pa., Sep- 
tember, 1862; son Rt. Rev. William 




Hobart Hare; educ. Episcopal Academy; 
Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: B.Sc., M.D.; 
married Rebecca Clifford Pemberton, 
1884; AUTHOR: A Text-book of Thera- 
peutics (1st ed.); The Practice of Me- 
dicine (3d ed.); Bedside Diagnosis 
(8th ed.); -CLUBS: Philadelphia; Union 
League; OFFICE: 1801 Spruce Street, 

man and Educator; born Phila., June, 
1849; son Joseph Hark, M.O.; educ. 
Nazareth Hall; Moravian Coll.; Theol. 
Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., D.D.; married 
Milla T. Crosta, 1873; AUTHOR: Unity 
of the Truth; Chronicon Ephratense; 
Extempore on a Wagon; CLUBS: Mora- 
vian Historical Society; Cliosophic; Lan- 
caster; HOME: Lancaster, Pa. 

born Shippensburg, Pa., Dec. 31, 1863; 
son William Wylie Harper and N. J. (Mc- 
Lean) ; educ. Shippensburg Normal 
School; Princeton Univ.; Goettingen 
Univ.; Berlin Univ.; DEGREES: Prince- 
ton, A.B. and Ph.D.; married Belle Dun- 
tan Westcott, 1895; AUTHOR: The 
Holy Grail, 1893; Masters of French 
Literature, 1901; Charles-Augustin 
Sainte-Beuve, 1909; William Words- 
worth, His Life, Works, and Influence, 
1916; John Morley and Other Essays, 
1920; also editions of Augier's La 
Pierre de Touche, Hugo's Hernani; 
selections from Sainte-Beuve's Causeries 
de Lundi and stories from Balzac for 
colleges; HOME: Princeton, N. . 


President; born Berkeley, Va., Apr. 27, 
1880; son Joseph H. and Mary (Mc- 
Cloud) Harper; educ. Elon Coll., N. C.; 
Yale Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Litt.D., LL.D.; married Estelle Walker,. 
Sept. 19, 1899; AUTHOR: Preparing 
the Teacher, (Vol. 1, 1909, Vol II, 
1910); The Making of Men, 1914; The 
New Layman for the New Time, 1917; 
The New Church for the New Time, 
1918; Reconstructing the Church, 1920; 
HOME: Elon College, N. C. 

man-editor; born Wardensville, W. Va., 
Nov., 1864; educ. Randolph-Macon Col- 
lege; DEGREES: A.B., 1888; D.D., St. 
John's College, 1915; married Kath- 
arine E. Matthaei, Apr. 27, 1904; AU- 
THOR: Through Palestine with Tent 
and Donkey, 1913; Alpheus W. Wilson 
A Prince in Israel, 1917; pres. South- 
ern Methodist Press Asso. whose perio- 
dicals have a circulation exceeding 500,- 
000; HOME: 4301 Springdale Ave.; 
OFFICE: 218 E. Lexington St., Balti- 
more, Md. 

Physiology and Histology, Dalhousie 
Univ., Halifax, N. S.; born Edin- 
burgh, Feb., 1867; educ. Edinburgh 
Collegiate Sch.; DEGREES: M.B., C.M., 
M.D. (Glas.); B.Sc. (Lond.) ; D.Sc. 
(Birm); married Eleanor Leslie Hunt- 
er, 1902; AUTHOR: The Functional 
Inertia of Living Matter, 1908; Nerves; 
Caroline Park and Royston Castle (a 
monograph on antiquarian subjects) ; 
St. Cecilia's Hall in the Niddry Wynd, 
(a history of the rise of the concert in 
Edinburgh) 1898; LUBS: Authors' 
London; Halifax, N. S.; ADDRESS: 
Dalhousie University, Halifax, N. S. 


Author; Vice President Christian Wom- 
en's Board of Missions; born Grand 
Gulf, Miss., May 9, 1851; daughter Wil- 
liam Temple Withers and Martha 
Sharkey; educ. Patapsco Inst., Md.; 
DEGREES: L.L.D., Transylvania Coll., 
Lexington, Ky. ; married Albert W. M. 
Harrison, June, 1879; AUTHOR: Four 
Little Bridges, 1890; Forty Years of 
Service, 1915; Beyond the Battle's Rim, 
1918; History of the Christian Woman's 
Board of Missions (to appear) ; edited 
the Woman's Page in The Christian 
Century of Chicago for a number of 
years; has written many leaflets for the 
Mission Board with which is connected; 
CLUBS: Pen and Brush, New York; 
Woman's; HOME: 524 Elmtree Lane 
Lexington, Ky. 

English; born Orange, N. J., Feb., 1877; 
son William O. Harrison; educ. Colum- 


. bia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph. 
D.; married Elizabeth Shepard South- 
worth, 1907; AUTHOR: Platonism in 
English Poetry, 1903; The Teachers of 
Emerson, 1910; CLUBS: Woodberry 
Soc.; O.B.B.; Modern Language Assn.; 
HOME: 5633 University Ave.; OFFICE: 
Butler College, Indianapolis, Ind. 

rian; born North Adams, Mass., Oct. 12, 
1862; son John LeRoy and Ellen M. 
(Hawkes) H.; educ. Cornell Univ.; 
Cascadilla Sch., Ithaca, N. Y.; Univ. of 
Heidelburg, Germany; N. Y. State Li- 
brary School, Albany; DEGREES: B.L. 
S.; M.L.S.; AUTHOR: Guide to the 
Study of James MsNeil Whistler (with 
W. G. Forsyth) 1895; Cap and Gown; 
some college verse, 1893; With Pipe 
and Book: a collection of College 
Verses, 1897; In College Days; recent 
'varsity verse, 1901; Camp-fire verse 
(with introduction by Stewart Edward 
White) 1917; Fisherman's Verse (with 
introduction by Henry Van Dyke) 1919; 
Winter Sports verse, (with introduction 
by Walter Pritchard Eaton) 1919; 
CLUBS: Mass. Library; Western Mass. 
Library; Library Art; Northampton; 
Northampton Country; Adirondack 
Camp and Trail; Lake Placid; Ameri- 
can Library Assn.; N. Y. State Library 
School Assn.; Northampton Historical 
Soc.; OFFICE: Forbes Library, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

worker in Social conditions; born Leaf 
River, Illinois, Feb., 1881; son James 
F. and Mary E. Harrison; educ. Evan- 
ston Acad.; Northwestern Univ.; Boston 
Univ.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
1906: married Patti Rodgers, 1910; 
AUTHOR: Social Conditions in an 
American City, 1920; editor Survey and 
Exhibit Series of Books, 1918 and 
1920 numerous mag. articles and pam- 
phlets dealing with taxation, industrial 
and community problems; mem. Nat- 
ional Municipal League; American Sta- 
tistical Assn.; American Public Health 
Assn.; dir. the Springfield Survey, 1914; 
dir. department of Surveys and Exhibits, 
Russell Sage Foundation, since 1912; 
CLUBS: Harvard, N. Y. City; HOME: 
416 W. 118th St.; OFFICE: 130 E. 
22nd St., New York City. 

of Botany; born Philadelphia, Jan. 1, 
1869; son D. A. and June Walk Harsh- 
berger; educ. Phila. Public. Sch.; Cen- 
tral High; Univ. of Penn.; DEGREES: 
A.B., B.S., Ph.D.; married Helen B. 
Cole, June 28, 1907; AUTHOR: Maize: 
A Botanical and Economic Study, 1902; 
The Botanists of Philadelphia, 1899; 
The Vegetation of N. America, 1911; 
The Vegetation of South Florida, 1913; 


The Vegetation of the New Jersey Pine 
Barrens. 1916; Text-book of Mycology 
and Plant Pathology, 1917; Text-book 
of Pastoral and Agricultural Botany, 
1920; also 200 separate articles; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi.; Botanic Soc. of 
America; American Philosophical Soc. 
etc.; HOME: 4839 Walton Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Botanic Laboratory, University 
of Penn., Philadelphia. 

HART, EDWARD: Professor of Chemis- 
try; born Doylestown, Pa., Nov., 1854; 
son Geo. and Martha L. Hart, educ. 
John Hopkins Univ.; Lafayette; DE- 
GREES: B.S., 1874; Ph.D., 1879; mar- 
ried Anna Marasco; AUTHOR: Hand 
Book of Volumetric Analysis, 1876: 
pub. Journal Analytical and Applied 
pub. Journal Analytical & Applied 
Chemistry, 1887-1893; of Journal Am. 
Chem. Soc. 1893-1901; Second Year 
Chemistry; Text Book of Chemical En- 
gineering, 1920; CLUBS: Chemists 
(N. Y. City); Pomfret; Rotary; Easton; 
OFFICE: Easton, Pa. 

born Brooklyn, Oct. 23, 1881; educ 
College City of N. Y.; Columbia Univ.: 
DEGREES: B.S., 1901; Ph.D., 1912; 
married Marie Schwartje, June 18, 
1908; AUTHOR: The Gongu-Hrolfs- 
saga: a Study in Old Norse Philology, 
1912; prof. German Lit., C. C. N. Y., 
1901-19; Editor Soviet Russia (week- 
ly) 1919; CLUBS: Modern Language 
Association America; HOME: 407 W. 
146th St.; OFFICE: Room 304, 110 
W. 40th St., N. Y. 

in Harvard University; born Meadvilie, 
Pa., Dec., 1870; son George W. and 
Rachel A. Haskins; educ. John Hopkins 
University; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 
Hon. A.M., Litt.D., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Clare Allen, 1912; AUTHOR: 
The Normans in European His- 
tory, 1915; Norman institutions, 1918; 
Some Problems of the Peace Conference 
(with R. H. Lord) 1920; CLUBS: Har- 
vard, Boston; Century, N. Y.; ADDRESS: 
53 Francis Ave., Cambridge, Mass. 

HASSE, ADELAIDE R,: Librarian; born 
Milwaukee, Wise.; daughter of Herman 
E. and Adelaide (Trentlage) Hasse; 
educ. tutored at home; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Index to Economic Material 
in Documents of the States of the U. S.; 
(20 vols.) 1904-20; Index to Foreign 
Affairs of the U. S., 1826-1861, (3 
vols.); Various bibliographical publica- 
tions issued by the American Historical 
Assoc., U. S. Government Departments, 
etc.; editor of reprints of colonial docu- 
ments of New York State; now organiz- 
ing the records of the late war; HOME: 
1822 H. St., N. W.; OFFICE: Council 




of National Defense, Washington, D. C, 

born Waterford, Vt., Dec. 31, 1856; 
son Warren and Lydia (Richardson H.; 
educ. St. Johnsbury Acad.; married 
Emilie Hough ton, Aug. 14, 1878; AU- 
THOR: Wed to a Lunatic; The Un- 
tamed Philosopher; With the Plugo- 
lians; Mariah and the Neighbors; 
HOME: Exile Farm, West Glover, Vt 

ister and Educator; born Camden, N. 
J., Aug. 2, 1875; son Adolphus D. and 
Rose M. (Powell) H.; educ. Harvard; 
Episcopal Theol. Sen.; Union Theol. 
Sem., N. Y.; DEGREES: A.B., 1898; 
A.M., 1899; Ph.D.; S.T.B.; B.D.; D.D.; 
married Marion L Townsend, 1906; 
AUTHOR: The Pauline Idea of Faith, 
1917; The Gospel Manuscripts of the 
General Theological Seminary, 191 
(with C C. Edmunds) ; Prof, in Epis- 
copal Theol. School, Cambridge, Mass.; 
CLUBS: Harvard Union (Cambridge); 
HOME: 9 Acacia St.; Cambridge, Mass. 

HATHEWAY, AY. PRANK: Flour and Tea 
Merchant; born St. John, N. B., Canada: 
Sept. 16, 1850; son Thos. G. Hatheway; 
educ. Grammar Sch. and pvt. studies: 
married Ella B. Marven; AUTHOR: 
Cry of Labor; Why France Lost Canada; 
Agent Consulaire de France and Vice- 
Consul for Guatemala; HOME: 21 
Horsefield St.; OFFICE: 16 Ward St., 
St. John, N. B. 

HAA^ILAND, MARY S.: Social Worker; 
born Newark, N. J., Oct., 1875; dau- 
ghter David S. and Sarah C. H.; educ. 
Packer Coll. Institute; Swarthmore 
College; Radcliffe College; DEGREES: 
B.L., A.B.; unmarried; AUTHOR: The 
Most Wonderful House in the World; 
The Play House; The Worker's Tool 
Chest; Character Training in Child- 
hood; CLUBS: Civic; Monday; HOME: 
326 W. 58th St.; OFFICE: Room 1136, 
70 Fifth Avenue, New York. 

ter; -born Fair Haven, O.; Jan., 1864; 
son Edward and Mary (Ware) Hawes; 
educ. Miami Florida Sch.; Washington 
and Jefferson College and Pittsburgh 
Theological Seminary; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., D.D.; married Eva McKean, 
Oct. 15, 1890; AUTHOR: Fresh Air 
Child; Story of Last Shepherd; many 
newspaper stories; pastor of Market 
Square Presbyterian Church of Harris- 
burg; served pastorates in Mercer, Pa., 
Portland, Ore., Braddock, Pa., 1st Pres- 
byterian Ch. Belief onte, Pa.; CLUBS: 
Chamber of Commerce; OFFICE: 127 
State St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

HAAVK, PHILIP BOVIER: ..Professor of 
Chemistry; born E. Branch, N. Y., July, 

1874; son Ransom R. and Ellen M. 
Hawk; educ. Wesleyan Univ.; Yale 
University; Colombia University; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Practical Physiolo- 
gical Chemistry, 1st ed. 1907 (7th ed. 
1921); What We Eat and What Hap- 
pens to It, 1919; an investigator of pro- 


blems importantly related to the food 
and health of man; CLUBS: Merion 
Cricket; ; Overbrook Golf; Cynwyd 
HOME: 6387 Sherwood Road, Over- 
brook, Pa.; OFFICE: Dept. of Physiol. 
Chemistry, Jefferson Medical College, 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

tor; born Templeton, Mass., Dec. 6, 
1872; son George P. and Abigail Eli- 
zabeth (Sparhawk) H.; educ. Yale; 
Gottingen; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 
married Nettie M. Coit, 1896; AU- 
THOR: Advanced Algebra; Higher Al- 
gebra (joint author), 1910; First 
Course and Second Course Algebra, 
1911; Complete School Algebra; contbr. 
home and foreign math, publications; 
prof. of math. Columbia College; 
HOME: 415 West 117th St., New York 

HAAVLEY, GRAHAM: Author; born 

Plainfield, N. J., Dec. 6, 1885; son of 
Frederick B. and Fannie W. (Jenkins) 
H.; educ. Pub. Schs. of Mount Vernon, N. 





Y.; Washington Irving High School; 
Columbia Univ.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
A FrQfd3tmai^-rSet at GoiiBge- - 1%^- 
The tipings of Troop Five, 1914; Troop 
Five at Camp, 1914; The Jack^ Patrol 
of Camp Fiye, 1915; The Norfolk Boy 
Scouts, 1916; .studied architecture; 
helped earn his way through college by 
working as architectural draughtsman^ 
won prize in competition for hotel plan; 
HOME: 23 Sea Ave., Arrochar, S. L 

born West Newton, Ind., Aug. 28, 1876; 
son John D. and Fanny Haworth; educ. 
Indiana Univ.; Columbia Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Martha B. Ackerman, Sept. 1, 1903; 
AUTHOR: The Hayes-Tilden Election, 
1906; The Path of Glory, 1911; Recon- 
struction and Union, 1912; America 
in Ferment, 1915; George Washington: 
Farmer, 1915; On the Headwaters of 
Peace River, 1917; The United States 
in Our Own Times, 1865-1920, 1920; 
also editor of Problems of the Nations 
Series; contbr. to many mags., incl. The 
Youth's Companion, Scribners, Harpers, 
American Historical Review, Political 
Science Quarterly, St. Nicholas; Colla. 
on A History of the United States and 
Its People and wrote several volumes; 
prof. History Mich. Northern State Nor- 
mal Sch.; scholar in History and Fellow 
in History in Columbia Univ.; in 1904- 
07 tutor and lecturer in History in Col- 
umbia, resigning to collaborate on a 
History of the United States and Its 
People; made four trips to Canadian 
wilderness; 1916 went for Scribner's 
Mag. to the headwaters of Peace River 
and penetrated into an unexplored re- 
gion of about 28,000 square miles: 
continued exploration of the same region 
in 1919; on the two trips discovered 
many new mountains, including one he 
named after Lloyd George; the largest 
ice field in the Rocky Mountain system; 
three new lakes; and a waterfall 200 
feet high; Fellow of American Geogra- 
phical Soc.; mem. Indiana House of 
Representatives; CLUBS: Rotary of In- 
dianapolis; HOME: West Newton, Ind. 

HAY, JAMES JR.: Author; born Harri- 
sonburg, Va., Jan., 1881; son Judge 
James Hay; educ. Univ. Virginia; AU- 
THOR: The Man Who Forgot, 1915; 
Mrs. Marden's Ordeal, 1918; The W T in- 
ning Clue, 1919; The Melwood Mystery, 
1920; No Clue, 1920; CLUBS: National 
Press, Wash., D. C.; HOME: "The 
Hayloft," Asheville, N. C. 

HAYES, JOHN RUSSELL: College Libra- 
rian; born West Chester, Pa., June, 
1866; son Win. M. and Rachel '. Rus- 
sell) H.; educ. West Chester High Sch.; 
Swarthmore Coll.: Harvard Univ.; Law 
Sch. of Pa. Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 


L.L.B.; married Emma Gawthrop, June, 
1892; AUTHOR: The Old-Fashioned 
Gardeir -and Oth sr- V-efHSB; 1895; The 
Brandywine, 1898; Swarthmore Idylls, 
1899; Brandywine Days, 1910 J T n Mem- 
ory of Whittier, 1910; Old! Quaker 
Meeting-Houses 1911; Molly Pryce: A 
Quaker Idyll, 1914; Roger MoHand: A 
Sequel to Molly Pryce, 1915 ; i Collected 
Poems, 191G; HOME: Swarthmore, Pa. 

and historian; born Boscobel; son 
George C. and Ellen (Van Antwerp) H.; 
educ. public and high schs., Washington, 
D. C.; Columbian (now George Wash- 
ington) Univ., Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., LL.B., LL.M.; married 
Elizabeth Scholz, 1908; AUTHOR: The 
Declaration of Independence: Its His- 
tory, 1906; CLUB: Assn. of the Bar of 
City of New York; OFFICE: 220 Broad- 
way, New York City; HOME: 446 State 
St., Brooklyn, N. Y. 

sor in Pekin University since 1800; 
born Freedom, Pa., Aug. 16, )8o9; son 
Jacob and Eliza (Smith) H.; educ. Mt. 
Union Coll.; Host on Univ.., Mass.; DE- 
GREES: A.B.. M.A., S.T.B., Ph.D., D.D., 
Lit.D., Phi Beta Kappa; married 
Mariam Sinclair, M.D., June, 11, 
1894; AUTHOR: Court Life in China, 
1909; Home Life in China, 1914; Chin- 
ese Mother Goose, 1900; Chinese Boy 
and Girl, 1901; By-Products of Mis- 
sions, 1912; China's New Day, 1912; 
CLUBS: Wranglers; Authors' (Lon- 
don) ; Authors' League of America; 
HOME: 1696 Arch Ave.; OFFICE: Mt. 
Union College, Alliance, 0. 

born Feb. 17, 1868; son James Ander- 
son Heaps; educ. Pennington Sem., N. 
J., 1890; Farming-ton College, O., 1892; 
Allegheny Col., Meadville, Pa., 1893; 
Taylor Univ., Ind., 1901; Baltimore 
Law School, 1903; Special Student 
(non grad.) Dept. Chemistry, John Hop- 
kins Univ., 1904-08; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L.; married 
Margaret Wright; AUTHOR: The Per- 
fect Man, 1917; Autocracy vs. Demo- 
cracy, 1918; CLUBS: City; Press; Mas- 
onic Bodies; lecturer, patriotic sociolo- 
gic subjects; HOME: 2102 Elsinor Ave.; 
OFFICE: 310 W. Hoffman St., Balti- 
more, Mr. 

HEATON, A. G.: Artist; Painter; born 
Phila., Pa., April 28, 1866; son Augus- 
tus Heaton; educ. Ecole des Beaux Arts, 
Paris; married M. A. Griswold, 1874; 
AUTHOR: Heart of David, 1900; Fan- 
cies and Thoughts in Verse, 1904; Yel- 
lowstone Letters; La Jolie Coiffeuse (The 
Pretty Hairdresser) (comedy) ; Une 
QuantitS Inconnue (An Unknown Quan- 



tity (comedy) ; In Honor of St. Valen- 
tine (comedy); The Mother's Hope 
(verse); Tales of Fair Models; The 
World Before the Flood; Art Lectures; 
lectures on stories, descriptions of Tra- 
vel throughout the U. S., Europe, Cana- 
da, Mexico; Chess Problems; formerly 
professor in sch. Design for Women, 
Phila.; first American to enter L'Ecole 
des Beaux Arts, Paris, Jan., 1864, as 
pupil of Cabanel; from -1879 of Bon- 
nat; several years exhibitor in the 
Paris Salon; Painter of the Recall of 
Columbus at the U. S. Capital and 
many well known pictures and por- 
traits; during his residence abroad met 
many literary, artistic and musical cele- 
brities and leading politicians of various 
royalties; CLUBS: Salmagundi, N. Y.; 
Allied Artists' Assn., London; Playgo- 
ers' N. Y (dir); Actors' Church Alli- 
ance (dir) ; N. Y. Hist. Soc. (life mem) ; 
Penn. Hist. Soc. (life mem); Sons of 
the Revolution, N. Y. Chapter; Sons of 
the American Revolution, N. Y. Chap- 
ter; 27th Dist. Republican, N. Y.; Amer- 
ican Numismatic Soc., N. Y. (life mem) ; 
American Numismatic Assn. Ex-Presi- 
dent) ; New York Numismatic (pres. 
1912-13); The Author's London; Poet- 
ry Soc., N. Y. ; Alliance Francaise, N. 
Y.; Les Precieuses Ridicules, Washing- 
ton, D. C. (Ex-Pres.); Cosmos, Wash- 
ington, D. C.; National Geographical 
Soc., Washington, D. C.; Twilight, N. 
Y. (ex-dir.); Atlantic Union, London; 
Hungry, N. Y. (dir.); The Calif ornians, 
N. Y.; Lotus, N. Y. ; HOME: (summer) 
42 Dayton Ave., New Rochelle, N. Y.; 
(winter) West Palm Beach, Fla. 

sor of Political Economy and Sociology; 
born Clinton, la., July 2, 1861; daughter 
Rev. George and Margaret (Marven) 
H.; educ. State Univ. of la.; 111. Wesley- 
an; DEGREES: B.S., M.A., Ph.D.; un- 
married; AUTHOR: History and Gov- 
ernment of Wyoming, 1904; The Boze- 
man Trail: Sacajawea, Pilot for Lewis 
and Clark, 1907; Pathbreakers from 
River to Ocean, 1911; The First Wo- 
man Jury, 1913; chmn. for public 
speakers (women) for the sale of lib- 
erty bonds, 1917-19; state speaker for 
conservation of food, 1916-18; CLUBS: 
Cheyenne Woman's; Laramie Woman's; 
HOME: 318 South 10th St.; OFFICE: 
Th Doctor's Inn, Laramie, Wyo. 

lege Professor and Author; born New- 
ville, Pa., Nov. 11, 1871; son Samuel 
and Anna Elizabeth (Gring) H. ; educ. 
Pa. College; Luth. Theol. Sem. (Gettys- 
burg); Princeton; Harvard; Leipzig, 
Halle; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; 
married Anna Eaton Hitchins, Sept. 25, 
1902; AUTHOR: The Relation of John 
Locke to English Deism; HOME: 

Carthage, Illinois. 

born N. Y, City, Nov. 14, 1878; son 
Theodore and Frances (Seligman) 
H.; educ. Columbia; DEGREES: 
A.B., 1899; A.M., 1900; mar- 
ried Hilda Emily Josephthal, 1903; AU- 
THOR: The Hudson, and Other Poems; 
Original Drawings by the Old Masters; 
Esther (3-act drama); editor; Letters 
of Irving and Brevoort, 1915; Unpub- 
lished poems by R. L. Stevenson; Mercy 
Argenteau Memoirs; contbr. poems, also 
articles on art history and lit. to mags.; 
well known in N. Y. and elsewhere as 
connoisseur in valuable M.S.S. and 
paintings; Director of Instruction in 
Fine and Applied Arts, A. E. F.; CLUBS: 
Authors, Columbia Univ., Century Coun- 
try, Grolier, Whist; HOME: 366 Fifth 
Ave., N. Y. City. 

ian and Statistician; born Montpelier, 
Vt., Dec. 20, 1856; son Francis Dana 
and Sarah Louise (Bixby) H. ; educ. 
Northwestern Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., M.D.; married Lillie M. Bradley, 
1882 (died 1883); 2nd Victoria S. Taylor 
1885 (died 1910); 3d Garnet Ruth Roe, 
1919; AUTHOR: Healthful Woman- 
hood and Childhood; Legal Principles 
of Public Health Aministration, a 
second enlarged edit, of which is in the 
press; Essentials of Veterinary Law; 
American Public Health Protection; 
writer of numerous articles for scienti- 
fic and legal journals; member A.M. A., 
Am. Acad, of Medicine; Am. Assn. of 
Ry. Surgeons; A.A.A.S.; Am. Statis. 
Assn ; Alpha Kappa Kappa; CLUBS: 
University, Evanston; HOME: 620 
Amos Ave.; OFFICE: State Dept. of 
Public Health, Springfield, 111. 

thor; Lecturer and Demonstrator; born 
Barre, Mass., Jan. 2, 1873; son Chaun- 
cey Columbus and Sarah (Parker) H.; 
educ. Public Schs. of Barre and Mass. 
Agricultural College; DEGREES: B.Sc., 
B.M.; married Myrtle L. Hawley, 1903; 
AUTHOR: How to Make School Gar- 
dens; Hints and Helps for Young Gard- 
eners; How to Make Home and City 
Beautiful; also many papers on beauti- 
fying home and city; community and 
landscape garden specialist;: toured U. 
S. during the war advocating formation 
of national war gardens; extension lec- 
turer in connection with Art Inst. for 
Chicago; pres. Northampton Playground 
Assn. 1910-13; staff lecturer on civic 
improvement, Natl. Soc. for Broader 
Edn., Carlisle, Pa., 1913-15; HOME: 
Holdon, Mass. 

HEMPL, GEORGE: Teaching and Re- 
search; born Whitewater, Wise., June 




6, 1859; son Henry Theodore Hempel; 
educ. Univ. Mich.; John Hopkins; Goet- 
tingen; Tuebingen; Jena; Strassburg; 
Berlin; DEGREES: A.B., Mich., 1879; 
Ph.D., Jena, 1889; LL.D., Wisconsin, 
1904; Michigan, 1915; married Anna 
Belle Purmort, July 3, 1890; AUTHOR: 
Old-English Phonology, 1892; Chaucer's 
Pronunciation, 1893; German Ortho- 
graphy and Phonology, 1897; English 
Nursery Rimes in German, 1898; Phon- 
etic Text of William Tell, 1910; contbr. 
papers on philol., archaeol. and pedagog. 
matters to ednl. journals; past twelve 
years engaged chiefly in deciphering 
prehistoric languages of the Mediterra- 
nean region Venetic, Etruscan, Min- 
oan, Philistine, Hittite, etc.; first exten- 
sive report pub. under title "Hittites and 
Minoans," 1921; HOME: Palo Alto, 

HENDRICK, ELL WOOD: Author, Editor; 
born Albany, N. Y., Dec. 1861; son 
James and Anna (Wand) H. ; educ. Al- 
bany Boys Academy; Albany High Sch.; 
Univ. of Zurich (Switzerland) ; married 
Josephine Pomeroy, Nov. 15, 1897; AU- 
THOR: Everyman's Chemistry, 1917; 
Opportunities in Chemistry, 1919; Per- 
colator Papers ,1919; CLUBS: Century; 
Chemists (pres) ; St. Botolph (Boston); 
HOME: 139 East 40th St., New York. 

HENRY, ALFRED H.; Fruit Grower and 
Author; born E. Homer, N. Y., Apr. 4, 
1865; son James W. Henry and S. M. 
f Irish) H.; educ. Northwestern Univ.; 
Chicago College of Science; DEGREES: 
M.A., Ph.D.; married Lena S. Johnson; 
AUTHOR: By Order of the Prophet; 
newspaper and mag. articles on Indus- 
trial Idealism, Economics, Social Pro- 
gress; HOME: R.F.D. 6, Chareve Park, 
Nob Hill, Yakima, Wash. 

man; Settlement Worker; born Dec., 
1868; son Charles Henry; educ. Pen- 
nington Sem.; Wesleyan Univ.; Union 
Theol.; DEGREES: M.A., D.D., Ph.B.; 
married L. M. Tschetter, 1910; AU- 
THOR: Some Immigrant Neighbors, 
1912: CLUBS: Beta Theta Pi; Clergy; 
HOME: Chappaqua, N. Y.; OFFICE: 9 
2nd Ave., N. Y. 

yer and Teacher of Law; Dean of Ind- 
iana Univ. Law School; born Rock- 
bridge County, Va., Aug. 19 1859; son 
Andrew D. Hepburn; educ. Miami Univ- 
versity; Davidson 'College; VUniv. of 
Va.; DEGREES: A.B., LL.B.; married 
Julia Benedict, 1891; AUTHOR: His- 
torical Development of Code Pleading; 
Cases on Code Pleading; Cases on 
Torts; HOME: Forest Place; OFFICE: 
Maxwell Hall, Indiana University, 
Bloomington, Ind. 

sor of Parasitology, Medical En- 
tomology, Rural Sanitation, Univ. of 
California; born Portsmouth, O., Sept. 
22, 1876; son Carl Julius and Rose 
Emma (Brodbeck) H. ; educ. public 
schs. Portsmouth, O.; Grad. Commer- 
cial Sch. Portsmouth, O.; Ohio State 
Univ. Lake Lab.; Baldwin-Wallace Coll. 
Berea, O.; Western Reserve Univ., 
Cleveland, Ohio; State Univ., Columbus, 
O.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: B.Sc., 
M.A.; married Lillie Magly, June 14, 
1902: AUTHOR: Malaria Cause and 
Control; Laboratory Guide to Study of 
Parasitology, Medical and Veterinary 
Entomology, and many scientific papers 
and bulletins on insects and disease; 
head of Sch. of Commerce and prof, of 
the Theory and Practice of Domestic 
Commerce, Baldwin-Wallace Coll., In- 
str. in Biology, Baldwin-Wallace Coll. 
1904-5; teaching fellow in Zool., Ohio 
State U. 1905-6; Instr. in Experimental 
Zool. and Invertebrate Morphology; 
Ohio State University, Lake Laboratory, 
Acting Head, Dept. of Zoology Ohio 
Wesleyan U. Delaware, 1906-7; Edward 
Austin Fellow in Zoology, Harvard 
Univ., 1907-8; Investigator U. S. Fish 
Lab. Woods Hole, Mass., 1907; Asst. 
Prof. Entomology, Univ. Calif., Berke- 
ley, Asst. Prof. Applied Parasitology, 
same; Asst. Prof. Parasitology, same, 
1913-15; Assoc. Prof. Parasitology since 
1915; Officer in charge of Malaria In- 
vestigations, Calif. State Bd. of Health 
1910-13; consulting Parasitologist and 
Entomologist, Calif. State Bd. of Health 
since 1913; elected School Director of 
Berkeley, Calif., 1914; mem. Natl. Mal- 
aria Committee since 1917; Appt. Cap- 
tain Sanitary Corps, Natl. Army, 1918; 
promoted Major, Aug., 1918; hon'ble dis- 
charge from Army, Feb. 20, 1919; ret. 
to former position with Univ. of Cali- 
fornia; fellow Am. Assoc. Adv. of Sci.; 
Am. Assoc. Economic Entomologists, 
Am. Publ. Health Assoc. Ecological Soc. 
of Am. Corr. mem. Washington Helmin- 
thological Soc. Ohio Acad. Science, 'Calif. 
Acad. of Sciences; Sigma Xi; Alpha 
Zeta, Beta Kappa Alpha; CLUBS: Fac- 
ulty; HOME: 1424 LeRoy Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Agriculture Hall, Univ. Calif., 
Berkeley, Calif. 


Barrister-at-law; born Ameliasburg 
Township, Prince Edward County, Ont., 
July 14, I860: son Stillman Mills and 
Caroline (Morden) Herrington; educ. 
Pub. sch. Ameliasburg; Cobourg and 
Brantford Collegiate Institutes; Vic- 
toria Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., K.C., 
F.R.S.C.; married Mary M. Tilley, 1890; 
AUTHOR: Heroines of Canadian His- 
tory: Martyrs of New France; Evolution 
of the Prairie Provinces; History of the 



County of Lennox and Addington; 
Pioneer Life Among the Loyalists; 
CLUBS: Frontenac Club, Kingston; 
HOME: Napanee, Ont., Canada. 

Lecturer, Editor; born Oxford, Maine, 
Feb., 1855; daughter Dr. A. L. and 
Heloise H. (Keith) Hersey; educ. Vas- 
sar College; DEGREES: A.B.; AU- 
THOR: To Girls A Budget of Letters; 
CLUBS: Boston Women's City; Boston 
College; HOME: 78 Mt. Vernon St., 
Boston, Mass. 

gineer: born New York City, Jan., 
1874; son Simon and Anne Schanzer H.; 
educ. N. Y. Public; C. C., N. Y.; Col- 
umbia Sch. of Mines; DEGREES: S.M.; 
married Florence F. Upmeyer, Oct. 13, 
1917; AUTHOR: Mine Sampling and 
Valuing, 1912; HOME: 215 W. 98th 
St.; OFFICE: 25 Broad St., New York. 

paperman; born Philadelphia, June, 
1875; son William H. and Frances L. 
Hill; educ. pub. sch.; prvt. tuition; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Outlaws of Horse- 
shoe Hole, 1901; Once on The Summer 
Range, 1918; CLUBS: Franklin Inn; 
HOME: 2125 North 17th St.; OFFICE: 
Philadelphia Record, Philadelphia. 

HILL, DANIEL HARVEY: College Presi- 
dent; born Davidson, N. C., Jan., 1859; 
son Lieut.-Gen. D. H. Hill and Isabella 
Morrison; educ. Caroline Military Inst. ; 
Davidson Coll.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Litt.D., LL.D.; married Pauline White, 
July, 1885; AUTHOR: History of North 
Carolina Troops in the Civil War, 1899; 
General Green's Retreat, 1901; Agricul- 
ture for Beginners (joint author) 1903; 
Hill Readers (joint author) 1907; 
Young Peoples' History of North Caro- 
lina, 1907; Corn Book for Young Folk 
(joint author) 1920; prof. English, 
Georgia Military College, 1880-1885; 
Prof. English, North Carolina Coll. of 
Agric. and Engineering 1885-1908; 
Vice-President, 1905; President 1908- 
1916; Historical Writer at present on 
Ricks Foundation of North Carolina 
Historical Commission; HOME: West 
Raleigh, N. C.; OFFICE: Raleigh, N. C. 

Lawyer, Soldier; born Brooklyn, N. Y., 
May 5, 1866; son Edward Hill and Mary 
Hill; educ. Brooklyn, Polytechnic; Yale; 
Columbia; DEGREES: B.A., LL.B., 
M.A. (Hon) ; married Mabel Wood Hill, 
1895; AUTHOR: The Case and Excep- 
tion; The Minority; The Web; The Ac- 
complice; Tales Out of Court; High 
School Farces; Lincoln, the Lawyer; 
Decisive Battles of the Law; The Story 
of a Street; On the Trail of Washing- 
ton; on the Trail of Grant and Lee; 


Washington, the Man of Action; The 
Care of Estates (essays); attached to 
staff of Gen. Pershing as Capt. and went 
with him to France; served 2 years; 
rose to rank of Lt. Col.; awarded Le- 
gion d' Honneur by France; cited by 
Gen. Pershing for exceptional and con- 
spicuous service; twice recommended 
for D.S.M.; CLUBS: Authors'; Down 
Town Assn.; Ardsley (N. Y.); Gradu- 
ates, Elizabethan (N. Haven); HOME: 
Irvington on Hudson, N. Y.; OFFICE- 
56 Wall St., N. Y. 

born Garnavillo, la., , Mar. 14, 1848; son 
James Jeremiah and Sarah Elizabeth 
(Hyde) H.; educ. Grinnell College; 
Andover Theological Seminary; DE- 
GREES: B.D., A.M., D.D.; married Lucy 
B. Dunham, Mar. 28, 1878; AUTHOR: 
The Growth of Government, 1878; Seven 
Sorts of Successful Sunday Evening 
Service, 1904; The Century's Capstone, 
The Immortal Seven; The Worst Boys 
in Town, Formative Influences in Early 
Iowa: Memoir of William Salter; A 
Crowning Achievement; the Scholar's 
Larger Life; Revisiting the Earth; and 
21 other works; contbr. of articles on re- 
ligious history and social topics; govts. in 
states in which he has lived have pub- 
lished works; member Phi Beta Kappa, 
(nomin. by Faculty of College; Grinnell 
Foundation; HOME: 225 Lafayette St., 
Salem, Mass. 

Professor, Author and Editor; born 
Arlington, 111., July 2, 1867; son Elijah 
Justin Hills; educ. Cornell Univ.; 
Univ. of Paris; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., 
Litt.D.; married Metta Vergil Strough, 
June 22, 1898; AUTHOR: De la Orto- 
grafia y Pronunciacion Inglesas, 1900; 
Bardos Cubanos, 1901; Canadian 
French, 1902; Spanish Grammar, 1904; 
New-Mexican Spanish, 1906; Maeter- 
linck's Dramatic Theory, 1907; Spanish 
Tales for Beginners, 1909; Spanish 
Short Stories, 1910; Modern Spanish 
Lyrics, 1913; The Pike's Peak Region 
in Song and Myth, 1913; The Quechua 
Drama, Ollanta, 1914; Spanish-Ameri- 
can Poets, 1915; Speech of a Child of 
Two Years of Age, 1915; First Spanish 
Course, 19 1 1 ?; Catalogue of English 
Translations of Spanish Plays, 1919; 
The Odes of Bello, Olmedo and Herdeia, 
1920; CLUBS: Beta Theta Pi.; Phi 
Beta Kappa; National Arts of N. 
Y.; mem. Amer. Acad. Arts and Sci- 
ences; Hispanic Soc. of America; Am. 
Assn. Univ. Profs. ; Modern Lang. Assn. 
America; Am. Folk-Lore Soc. (1st v-p); 
Am. Assn. Teachers of Spanish; Am. 
Dialect Soc.; corr. mem. Royal Spanish 
Acad.; OFFICE: Indiana University, 
Blooming-ton, Ind. 




HINKE, WILL.IAM JOHN: Professor in 
Auburn Theological Seminary; born 
Dierdorf, Germany, Mar. 24, 1871; 
educ. Gymnasium, Elbefeld; Calvin Col- 
lege; Cleveland; U. of Pa.; Heidelberg 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D., 
D.D. ; married Bertha A. Berleman, 
Nov. 23, 1898; AUTHOR: Minutes and 
Letters of the Coetus of Pa., 1903; New 
Boundary Stone of Nebuchadnezzar I, 
1907; Babylonian Kudurru Inscriptions 
1911; Life and Letters of the Rev. John 
P. Boehm, 1916; History of Goshen- 
happen Charge, 1727-1833, 1920; 
CLUBS: American Oriental Soc.; Soc. 
of Bibl. Lit. and Exegesis; Presby. His- 
torical Soc.; Soc. of American Church 
Hist.; Cayuga Co. Hist. Soc.; made trips 
to Europe in summer of 1897 and 
1898 to search libraries of England, 
Holland, Germany and Switzerland for 
material on history of the Reformed 
Church in U. S.; brought back trans- 
cripts of 4000 pages and 1000 photo- 
graphs of historical documents; now 
under appt. as the next annual profes- 
sor in Am. Sch. of Archaeology in Jeru- 
salem: will probably be called 1920- 
1922; HOME: 156 North St.; OFFICE: 
Auburn Theological Seminary, Auburn, 
N. Y. 

HINSDALE, GUY: Physician; born 
Brooklyn, N. Y., Oct. 26, 1858; son 
Theodore and Grace (Webster) H.; 
educ. Amherst and Univ. of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., M.D.; married 
Mary P. Graham, Mar. 11, 1890; AU- 
THOR: Syringomyelia (Alverenga Prize 
essay, College of Physicians, Phila.); 
Aeromegaly (Boylston Prize essay, Har- 
vard) : System of Physiologic Thera- 
peutics (Vol. IV) ; Hydrotherapy, At- 
mospheric Air in Relation to Tubercu- 
losis (Hodgkins Prize essay of Smith- 
sonian Inst.); numerous other contribu- 
tions to medical literature; member Am. 
Acad. of Medicine, College of Physicians 
of Phila.; Phila. Medical Club; Am 
Climatol and Clinic Assn.; Am. Neurl 
Assn.; A. M. A.; Pa. Soc. for the Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis; Fellow Royal 
Acad. of Medicine (London); CLUBS: 
Racquet; Medical, Phila.; HOME: 
(summer) Kennebunkport, Me.; (win- 
ter) Hot Springs, Va. 


Physician; born Baltimore, Md., Jan 
9, 1877; son Isidore Nathan and Fan- 
nie (Thalheimer) H.; educ. Pub. Sch.; 
Loyola Coll.; Johns Hopkins; DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.A., M.D.; married 
Edna Dalsemer, Nov. 24, 1904; AU- 
THOR: What You Ought to Know 
About Baby, 1910; Secrets of Health 
and Happiness, 1920; CLUBS: Univer 
sity; Friars; Elks; HOME: 200 W. 56th 
St., N. Y. City; OFFICE, S.W. Cor. 7th 
Ave. and 55th St., N. Y. City. 

thor; born Trop, N. Y., May 7, 1868; 
son Rufus Clark and Louisa (St. John) 
H.; educ. Williams Coll.; Dartmouth; 
DEGREES: A.B., 1890; A.M., 1896; 
married Harriet May Thompson, July 
17, 1900; AUTHOR: A Practice-Book 
in English Composition; Theme-Book in 
English Composition; Rhetoric and The 
Study of Literature; New Practice Book 
in English Composition; Over Japan 
Way; English Texts; The Alhambra 
(Irving); Ivanhoe (Scott); Lady of the 
Lake (Scott); HOME: Hartford, Conn. 

Secretary-Treasurer of Proportional 
Representation League; born Lynn, 
Mass., Feb., 1873; son Gilbert Cong- 
don and Louisa Phoebe (Oliver) 
H.; educ. Haverford Coll.; Harvard; 
post-grad, work Univs. Berlin and Zur- 
ich; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; married 
Anna Scattergood, June 5, 1897; AU- 
THOR: A Theory of Interest, 1914; 
Originator of Ashtabula Plan of City 
Govt. in which proportional representa- 
tion is employed in electing City Coun- 
cil; gen. secretary Proportional Repre- 
sentation League since Oct., 1912; 
CLUBS: City (Phila.); Merion Cricket; 
HOME: Haverford, Pa.; OFFICE: 1417 
Locust St., Philadelphia. 

born Evanston, March, 1868; son Thos. 
C. and Maria L. Hoag; educ. Northwest- 
ern: Univ. Mich.; Stanford Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., A.M., ,M.D.; married 
Sara Judd, June, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Health Index of Children, 1910; Health 
Studies, 1909; Health Work in Schools, 
1914; The Defective Criminal, 1920; 
Elementary Technique in Histology and 
Bacteriology, 1895; CLUBS: University 
(Los Angeles); So. Coast Yacht Club; 
HOME: 1127 Columbia Ave., Pasadena, 
Calif.; OFFICE: Hall of Records, Los 

Mayor; born Waukesha, Wise., Mar. 12, 
1881; son Daniel Webster Hoan and 
Margaret Augusta (Hood) H.; educ. 
Pub. Sch.; Univ. Wisconsin; Univ. Chi- 
cago; Kent Coll. of Law; DEGREES: 
B.A.; married Agnes B. Magner, Oct. 9, 
1909; AUTHOR: The Failure of Regu- 
lation, 1914; Socialist Party of U. S.; 
HOME: 3322 Cedar St., Milwaukee; 
OFFICE: City Hall, Milwaukee. 

gist; born Worcester, Mass., July, 1864; 
son Horace Hobbs; educ. Worcester 
Polytechnic Inst.; Harvard Univ.; Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; Univ. Heidelberg; DE- 
GREES: B.Sc., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Sara Kimball Sale, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Earthquakes, 1907; Characteristics of 



Existing Glaciers, 1911; Earth Features 
and Their Meaning, 1912; The World 
War and its Consequences, 1919; Leon- 
ard Wood, Administrator, Soldier and 
Citizen, 1900; prof, geology and dir. 
Geol. Lab. U. of Mich., 1906; Fellow 
Geol. Soc. America; Fellow Amer. Phil. 
Soc.; HOME: 1705 Hill St., Ann Arbor, 
Mich.; OFFICE: University of Michigan. 

sor; born Cleveland, O., Aug., 1873; son 
Dr. William Francis Hocking and Julia 
Carpenter Pratt H.; educ. Iowa State 
College; U. of Chicago; Harvard Univ.; 
U. Berlin; U. Gottingen; U. Heidelberg; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M,. Ph.D.; married 
Agnes Boyle O'Reilly, 1905; AUTHOR: 
Meaning of God in Human Experience, 
1912; Human Nature and Its Remaking, 
1918; Morale and its Enemies, 1918; 
HOME: 16 Quincy St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; OFFICE: Harvard University. 

born Mauch Chunk, Pa., May 25, 1864; 
son J. Aspinwall Hodge; educ. Pub. 
Schs. of Hartford, Conn.; Princeton 
Univ., Princeton Theol. Sem.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., M.A., D.D.; mar- 
ried Alice Austen, 1888; AUTHOR: 
New Testament Authors and Their 
Works, 1909; Historical Geography of 
Bible Lands, 1915; CLUBS: City 
of N. Y.; HOME: 552 West 113th St., 
New York City. 

HOFMANN, JULIUS K.: Preacher; son 
of Peter H.; born April, 1865; educ. 
Univ. of Giessen; Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
DEGREES: Licentiate of Theology; D. 
D.; married Adele L. Chatin, 1890; 
AUTHOR: Poems and Essays; HOME: 
400 E. Lexington St., Baltimore, Md. 


University Professor; born Dresden, 
Germany, Dec. 29, 1865; son Karl Gott- 
lieb and Helene (Libbert) II.; educ. 
Gymnasium at Dresden; Univ. of Leip- 
zig, Paris; DEGREES: Ph.D.; married 
Helen A. Voss; AUTHOR: Die alteugli- 
schen Kollektivmisterien; Frieberren 
von Gemperlien (editor); Deutsches 
Liederbuch (editor) ; contbr. of articles 
and reviews on educational subjects and 
on teaching of foreign languages in 
home and foreign journals; CLUB: 
Univ. of Wis.; HOME: 124 Breesej Ter- 
race; OFFICE: Univ. of Wis., Madison. 

and Lawyer; born Louisville, Ky., Oct. 
16, 1878; son Dr. James W. and Mary 
(Rupert) H.; educ. Wm. Penn Charter; 
Harvard College; Unw. of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., LL.B.; married Mar- 
garet C. Lyon; 1908; AUTHOR: 
Builders of United Italy, 1909; The 
Man in the Tower, 1909: Historic Boy- 
hoods, 1909; Historic Girlhoods, 1910; 


The Boy Scouts of Birch-Bark Island, 
1911; Historic Inventions, 1911; Wil- 
liam Penn, 1914; The Knights of the 
Golden Spur, 1912; Historic Poems and 
Ballads, 1912; Heart of Sallie Temple, 
1913; Historic Adventuies, 1913; His- 
toric Heroes of Chivalry, 1914; The 
Boy Scouts of Snowshoe Lodge, 1915; 
The Blue Heron's Feather, 1917; His- 
toric Events of Colonial Days, 1917; La- 
fayette, We Come!, 1917; The Man in 
the Moonlight; Refugee Rock, 1920; con- 
tbr. fiction to magazines; CLUBS: Univ. 
and Franklin Inn; HOME: 2209 Pine 
St.; OFFICE: 1628 Chestnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

gist and Botanist; born Staten Island, 
N. Y., Feb., 1857; son Frederick and 
Eleanor Eliza (Bailey) H.; educ. New 
Brighton Acal. (Staten I.); Dr. Haas' 
Sch., Weisbaden, Germany; DEGREES: 
Ph.B., Ph.D.; marri.3:l Adeline Augusta 
Talkington, Sept. 19, 1881; AUTHOR: 
Geologic Atlas of the United States, No. 
83, New York City Folio; N. S. Geolo- 
gical Survey; Palaeobotany; Tjhe New 
International Encyclopedia, vol. 13, 
1903; Paleobotany, or Fossil Botany, 
Encyclopedia Americana, vol. 11* 1904; 
The Cretaceous Flora of Southern New 
York and New England, Monographs of 
the United States Geological Survey, vol. 
50, 1906; Studies of Cretaceous Coni- 
ferous Remains from Kreischerville, 
New York, Memoirs of the New York 
Botanical Garden, vol. 3, 1909; CLUBS: 
Richmond County Country; Staten Is- 
land; HOME: Staten Island, N. Y.; OF- 
FICE: U. S. Geol. Survey, Washington, 
D. C. 

HOLLIDAY, CARL: University Professor; 
born Hanging Rock, Ohio, March 2, 
1879; son George Hayes and Lucy H.; 
educ. Univ. of Tenn.; Univ. of Va. ; Univ 
of Chicago; DEGREES: B.S., M.A., 
Litt.D., LL.D., D.C.L.; married Sylvia 
Brady. 1917; AUTHOR: A History of 
Southern Literature, 1906; The Cotton 
Picker and Other Poems, 1907; Three 
Centuries of Southern Poetry, 1908; 
Once Upon a Time Stories, 1909 ;The 
Literature of Colonial Virginia, 1910; 
The Cavalier Poets, 1910; English Fic- 
tion from the Fifth to the Twentieth 
Century, 1912; The Wit and Humor of 
Colonial Days, 1912; The Grammar of 
Present Day English, 1919; English 
for Efficiency, 1920; Woman's Life in 
Colonial Days, 1921; Wedding Customs 
Then and Now, 1920; Editorial Direc- 
tor, Dept. of Education, Y. M. C. A. 
(with A. E. F. France) ; asso. editor 
Am. Library of Reference, Chicago, 
1913; Field Sec. Y. M. C. A., Jackson- 
ville, Fla., during Spanish-Am. War; 
CLUBS: Sigma Phi Epsilon; Philol. 
Assn.; HOME: University of Toledo; 



OFFICE: University of Toledo, Toledo. 

ogist; born De Witte, Neb., May 26, 
1880; son Thomas and Libbie (An- 
drews) H.; educ. Neb. Univ.; Columbia 
Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., Ph.D.; married 
Leta A. Stetter, 1908; AUTHOR: Inac- 
curacy of Movement, 1909; Influence of 
Caffeine, 1912; Advertising and Selling, 
1913; Vocational Psychology, 1916; Ap- 
plied Psychology, 1917; Functional 
Neuroses, 1920; Studies in Judgment, 
1913; Advertising, 191-5; The Sense of 
Taste, 1917; Experimental Psychology, 
1914; Principles of Advertising, 1920; 
CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa; Sigma Xi; 
Alpha Tau Omega; HOME: 417 West 
118 St., New York City; OFFICE: 'Col- 
umbia University. 

HOLMES, ARTHUR: Educator; born Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, May 5, 1872; son Wil- 
liam and Josephine (Williams) H.; 
educ. Bethany College; Hiram College; 
Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: A.B., M.A., 
Ph.D.; married Anna I. Pullen, Mar. 13, 
1898; AUTHOR: Decay of Rationalism, 
1910; The Special Classes for Backward 
Children (joint author), 1912; The 
Conservation of the Child, 1912; When 
to Send for the Doctor and What to 
Do Before the Doctor Comes, 1913; 
Principles of Character Making, 1913; 
The First Law of Character Making, 
Backward Children, 1915; The Religi- 
ous Value of Science, 1917; contbr. to 
magazines, journals, bulletins (see Ad- 
denda, magazine section) ; lecturer; 
member Am. Psychol. Assn.; Pa. Edn. 
Assn.; Ohio Soc. of Phila.; Natl. Geog. 
Soc.; Am. Genetic Assn.; Des Moines 
Chamber of Cemmerce, Y. M. C. A.; edn. 
dir. Pa. Ry. Y. M. C. A.; instr. Psychol. 
Univ. Pa.; Theta Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi (honorary) ; asst. dir. Psy- 
chol. Clinic, Univ. Pa.; Dean of Gen- 
eral Faculty, Pa. State College; pres. 
Drake Univ.; minister and religious 
work director; CLUBS: Univ. of Pa.; 
Rotary; HOME: State College, Pa. 

born Philadelphia, Pa., Nov. 29, 1879; 
son M. M. and Alice H. Holmes; educ. 
Maiden (Mass.) High School; Harvard 
College; Harvard Divinity School; DE- 
GREES: A.B., S.T.B.; married Made 
leine H. Baker, 1904; AUTHOR: The 
Revolutionary Function of the Modern 
Church, 1912; Marriage and Divorce 
1913; Is Death the End?, 1914; New 
Wars for Old, 1916; The Life and Let- 
ters of Robert Collyer, 1916; Religion 
for Today, 1917; Is Violence the Way 
Out?, 1920; Ed. Readings From Great 
Authors, 1918; The Grail of Life, an 
Anthology, 1919; HOME: 26 Sidney 
PI., Brooklyn, N. Y.; OFFICE: 61 East 
34th St., N. Y. City. 


Professor; born Henry, 111., Mar., 1868; 
son .Joseph and Avis F. (Taber) H.; 
educ. Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; married 
Cecelia Skinner, 1910; AUTHOR: Bi- 
ology of the Frog, 1906; The Evolution 
of Animal Intelligence, 1911; Studies 
of Animal Behavior, 1916; The Ele- 
ments of Animal Biology, 1919; The 
Trend of the Race, 1921; contbr. 
of articles on animal behavior, embry- 
ology, regeneration, heredity, eugenics 
to scientific journals; heredity and evo- 
lution, etc., to well known scientific 
periodicals; HOME: 2731 Prince St.; 
OFFICE: University of Calif., Berkeley. 

HOOD, E. LYMAN: Theologian; born 
Ravenna, O., Aug. 18, 1858; son Ed- 
mund Bostwick and Mary (Lyman) H.; 
educ. U. of Minn; Yale; grad. stud. 
Europe; Univ. of Cal.; New York Univ.; 
DEGREES: B.D., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Jessie Raymond, 1886; AUTHOR: Ped- 
agogy in the Middle Ages, 1898; History 
of the National Council of the Congre- 
gational Churches, 1901; History of 
the Greek-Russian Church in America, 
1902; History of the New West Educa- 
tion Commission, 1911; Christ in the 
Church and in Literature, 1911; has 
contbr. articles on rleigious and ednl. 
subjects to periodicals; active in mis- 
sion and ednl. work of Congregational 
Church; HOME: River Edge, N. J. 

turist; Professor of Horticulture; born 
Lancaster, O., July 30, 1886; son James 
T. and Elizabeth Hood; educ. Lancaster 
Pub. Sch.; Ohio State Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.Sc. in Agri., 1910; M.S.H., 
1914; married Mildred May Neimeier, 
July 7, 1915; AUTHOR: Laboratory 
Manual of Horticulture, 1915; Practi- 
cal School and Home Gardens, 1916; 
Farm Horticulture, 1919; Farm Horti- 
culture, (rev. ed. 1920); many articles 
on agriculture and horticulture for 
farm papers and magazines, also bulle- 
tins; horticulture for the press; 
CLUBS: Horticulture; Commercial; 
mem. of Frats Sigma Kappa Zeta; 
Gamma Sigma Delta; HOME: 2738 
Garfield Blvd., Lincoln, Nebr.; OF- 
FICE: Hort. Dept., Univ. Neb. 

lic, Estate and Insurance Agent; born 
Cupar. Fife, Scotland, March, 1880; 
son John Hood; educ. Bell Baxter Acad.; 
Santa Rosa High Sch.; DEGREES 
B.L., M.L., Univ. of Calif.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: The Chivalry of Keith 
Leicester, 1918; HOME: Suite 4 The 
Elcho, 843 Davie St.; OFFICE: 408-9 
London Bldg., 626 Pender St., Vancou- 
ver. B. C. 




Manse'', St. Mary's, Ont., Canada, Mar. 
9, 1885; daughter Rev. John Westland 
Penman, B.A.; educ. Picton Acad. 
Picton, Nova Scotia; married John 
Hope, May 24, 1906; AUTHOR: The 
Ways of the Heart; A Hillside Christ- 
mas; Dr. Paul; Eyes of the Law, 1920; 
active in community enterprises; 
CLUBS: Ottawa Press; Canadian (Otta- 
wa); HOME: 220 Driveway, Ottawa, 
Ont., Canada. 

tical Scientist and College Professor; 
born Franklin, Mass., May 4, 1883; 
son M. D. and Lydia (Kuhl) H.; educ. 
U. of Colorado; U. of Denver; Oxford, 
Eng.; U. of Wisconsin; DEGREES: 
A.B., B.A., Ph.D.; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: (with R. F. Scholz) Oxford and 
the Rhodes Scholarships, 1907; The 
Most-favored-nation Clause in Com- 
mercial Treaties, 1910; Contemporary 
Politics in the Far East, 1916; articles 
on Internat. Law and Politics; has held 
professorships in political science vari- 
ous universities; expert in tariff ad- 
justments; now spl. expert, U. S. Tariff 
Commn.; mem. various societies for 
adv. of political science, Internat. Law, 
etc.; CLUBS: University, (Madison); 
University (Washington); HOME: 2310 
University Boul'd, Denver, Colo.; MAIL 
ADDRESS: c/o U. S. Tariff Commis- 
sion, Washington, D. C. 

Teacher; born Jersey City, N. J., Jan. 
12, 1870; son George E. and Margaret 
A. (Cooper) H.; educ. Coll. City of N. 
Y.; N. Y. Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., 
1889; M.S., 1897; Ph.D., 1905; mar- 
ried Sarah Durham, of Kingston, N. Y., 
Feb. 14, 1896; AUTHOR: The Birth 
of the Novel, 1897; The Story of Ger- 
many and Austria, 1901; The Story of 
France, 1902; The Story of Our Coun- 
try, 1903; Outline Narative of Great 
Events of History, 1905; The Story of 
Turkey, 1906; The Technique of the 
Novel, 1908; Chronological History of 
the United States, 1909; History of New 
York State, 1915; Editor Great Men 
and Famous Women; Story of the 
Greatest Nations, (with E. S. Ellis), 
1901-6; Great Events by Famous His- 
torians; History of the College of the 
City of N. Y.; The Meaning of Modern 
Life; The Bible and Its Story;. Life 
and Works of Jules Verne; Sacred 
Books and Early Literature of the 
East; National Alumni, 50 Church St., 
N. Y. C., have just issued in seven vols. 
The Great Events of the Great War, of 
which Mr. Home has been chief editor 
and written the chief part; contbr. ar- 
ticles to many periodicals; CLUB: City 
College; HOME: 616 W. 148th St.; 
OFFICE: The College of the City of 

New York, New York. 

Professor; born Clayton, N. C., Nov., 
1874; son Hardee and Ida Caroline 
(Harrell) H.; educ. Univ. N. C.; Har- 
vard; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Bessie Worthington, 1901; AU- 
THOR: Jesus the Master Teacher, 1920; 
Jesus Our Standard; Philosophy of 
Education, 1904; Psychological Princi- 
ples of Education, 1906; Idealism in 
Education, 1910; Free Will and Human 
Responsibility, 1912; Story- telling, 
Questioning, and Studying, 1916; The 
Teacher as Artist, 1917; The Leader- 
ship of Bible Study Groups, 1912; Mod- 
ern Problems as Jesus Saw Them; is 
widely known among both educators 
and religious leaders; prof, history 
of educ. and of philosophy at N. Y. 
Univ.; CLUBS: Authors; HOME: 341 
Summit Ave., Leonia, N. J.; OFFICE: 
32 Waverly PL, N. Y. City. 

HOUGH, LYNN HAROLD: Pastor; born 
Cadiz, Ohio, Sept., 1877; son Franklin 
M. and Eunice R. (Giles) H.; educ. 
Scio College; Drew Theological Semi- 
nary; DEGREES: B.D., D.D., Ph.D.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Athenasius the 
Hero; The Lure of Books; The Theo- 
logy of a Preacher; The Men of the 
Gospels; The Quest for Wonder; The 
Mass and Press; The Clean Sword; The 
Little Old Lady; Flying Over London; 
The Eyes of Faith; The Productive Be- 
liefs; pastor Central Methodist Epis. 
Church, formerly pres. Northwestern 
Univ.; CLUBS: Evanston Univ.; Chicago 
Univ.; City Press; Masons; OFFICE: 
Central M. E. Church, Detroit, Mich. 

HOUSE, JULIUS TEMPLE: Teacher; born 
Glenwood, Iowa; son Albert and Ma.ry 
(Sherman) H.; educ. Doane Coll.; 
Univ. Nebr.; Univ. Chicago; DEGREES: 
A.B., Doane; A.M., Doane; Ph.D., Univ. 
Chicago; married Flora Smith, Dec. 25, 
1893; AUTHOR: John G. Neihardt 
Man and Poet; assoc. with the late 
Charles Richmond Henderson in the 
prep, of his volume, Prevention, written 
as souvenir volume for the meeting of 
the International Prison Congress, 
Washington, D. C., 1910; editor school 
edition of The Song of Hugh Glass, 
1919; was first pres. of Kingfisher Col- 
lege; HOME: Wayne, Nebr. 

HOUSE, ROY TEMPLE: University Pro- 
fessor; Author; Poet; born Lexington, 
Neb., May 26, 1878; son Leroy Delos 
and Hulda Jane (Temple) H.; educ. 
Miami Univ.; Univ. of Mich.; Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.. 
married Mary Emma Tuttle, 1907: 
AUTHOR: Three French Comedies, 
1905; Classroom French, 1910; Wie der 
Deutsche spricht, 1912; L'Ordene de 




Chevalerie, 1918; Navarro "Historia 
general de America" (editor) ; Petite 
"Histoire de la grande Guerre" (edi- 
tor); contbr. to educ. periodicals; mem. 
Modern Language Assn.; Modern Hum- 
anities Research Assn. (England) ; 
Societe Academique d'Histoire Interna- 
tionale (Paris) ; Popular Science (Nor- 
man, Okla.); decorated with. Medaille 
du Roi Albert (Belgian) for Services 
with Am. Com. for Relief in Belgium; 
HOME: 317 West Eufaula St.; OF- 
FICE: University of Oklahoma, Nor- 
man, Okla. 

ealogist and Writer; born Fincastle, 
Brown Co., O., Mar. 7, 1863; daughter 
Wm. H. and Catharine (Carey) Wilson; 
ednc. Butler Coll., Indianapolis, Ind. 
and Univ. of Michigan; married Ed- 
ward Maxwell H., June 4, 1885; AU- 
THOR: Maxwell History and Genea- 
logy, 1916; mem. National Historical 
Soc. ; Cal. Historical and Genealogical 
Soc.; Virginia Historical Soc.; D. A. R.; 
Daughters of 1812; Soc. for Hist. Re- 
search; during the war did writing all 
the time for various drives and on 
subjects to instil patriotism into the 
people of Republic; now working on an 
"Anderson-Houston History, Amer. 
which will soon be pub.; CLUBS: Au- 
thor's League of America, N. Y. ; 
HOME: Springfield, Mo., and Walton, 

HOVGAARD, WILLIAM: Professor of 
Naval Construction; born Aarhus, Den- 
mark, Nov. 28, 1857; son Ole Anton 
and Louise Charlotte (Munch) H.; educ. 
Aarhus Latin Sch.; Naval Acad. of 
Copenhagen; Royal Naval College of 
Greenwich, Eng. ; married Marie Eliza- 
beth Nielsen, Sept. 19, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Submarine Boats, 188T; Structural De- 
sign of Warships, 1915; Modern His- 
tory of Warships, 1920; General De- 
sign of Warships, 1920-21; The Voy- 
age of the Norsemen to America, 1914; 
has contbr. articles on military matter 
and naval design to periodicals; CLUB: 
University, (Boston); HOME: 76 Eg- 
mont St., Brookline, Mass. 

ologist; born Rockford, 111.. June 11, 
1857; son Ossian Gregory and Lucy 
(Thurber) H.; educ. Mr. Kinne's Sch.; 
Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., 
Ph.D., M.D., LL.D.; mar. Dora C. Clifton, 
1886; AUTHOR: Mosquitoes, 1901; 
The Insect Book, 1901; The House Fly, 
1911; contbr. to New International En- 
cyclopedia; Standard and Century Dic- 
tionaries (defs. in entomol.) ; CLUBS: 
Cosmos, Bannockburn Golf; Onteora 
Country; HOME: 1705 21 St., Washing- 
ton, D. C.; OFFICE: U. S. Dept. of Agr., 
Washington, D. C. 

HOWE, HENRY MARION: Metallurgist; 
born Boston, Mass., Mar. 2, 1848; son 
Dr. Samuel Gridley and Julia (Ward) 
H.; educ. Harvard; Mass. Inst. Tech.; 
Lafayette College; Univ. of Pittsburg; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., B.S., LL.D., 
Sc.D.; married Fannie Gay, Apr. 9, 1874; 
AUTHOR: Copper Smelting; Metallurgy 
of Steel; Metallurgical Laboratory 
Notes; Iron, Steel and other Alloys; Met- 
allography of Steel and Cast Iron; hon. 
mem. Royal Swedish Acad. of Sciences; 
Russian Imperial Tech. Soc.; Cleveland 
Inst. of Engineers (England) ; Societe 
d'Encouragement pour 1'Industrie Nat- 
ionale (France); Dallas Historical Soc.; 
Am. Iron and Steel Inst.; Inst. of Min- 
ing and Metallurgy (England); Am. 
Soc. for Testing Materials; Am. Steel 
Treaters' Soc.; Chevalier of the Legion 
of Honor of France; Knight of the 
Order of St. Stanislas of Russia (sec- 
ond order with Star of the first order; 
received Bessemer Medal; Eliot Cresson 
Medal; Gold Medal of the Verein zur 
Befoerderung des Gewerbfleisses of Ber- 
lin; Gold Medal of Societe d'Encour- 
agement pour 1'Industrie Nationale of 
France; CLUBS: Alumni Assn. of the 
Sch. of Mines (Columbia Univ.); 
HOME: Broad Brook Road, Bedford 
Hills, N. Y. 

born Roxbury, Mass., Apr. 9, 1846; son 
Bishop M. A. DeWolfe and Elizabeth 
Smith (Marshall) H.; educ. Episcopal 
Acad. (Phila) ; Brown Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; married 
Susan Adams, June 22, 1868; AU- 
THOR: The Creed of the Year, 1887; 
The Call to Confirmation, 1893; Quad- 
regesima, 1895; The -Call of the Master, 
1894; Four Hymns, 1912; Hymns and 
Other Verse, 1917; The Call (Song), 
1917; CLUB: Clericus; HOME: Long- 
wood, Boston. 

alist; born Quincy, Mass., Apr. 10, 
1875; son Reginald Heber and Susan 
(Adams) H.; educ. at home; Noble's 
Sch. (Boston); Harvard Univ.; Univ. 
of Sorbonne; DEGREE: Docteur de 
1'Universite de Sorbonne; married Mar- 
ion Appleton Barker, Sept. 19, 1904; 
AUTHOR: Birds of Massachusetts, 
1901; Birds of Rhode Island, 1898; 
Birds' Highway; Every Bird, 1900; 
contbr. articles on research work to 
leading scientific periodicals; CLUBS: 
Boston Soc. Natural History, Royal 
Societies, London; HOME: Hallowell 
House, Middlesex School; OFFICE: 
Thoreau Museum Nat. Hist. Concord, 

and Educator; born Baltimore, Md., 
Feb. 20, 1860; son George Henry and 


'Virginia Teresa II.: educ. Public Schs.; 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: 4.6. , 
Ph.D., M. I)., LL.D., Sc.D.; married Anne 
Janet Tuclrer, June 15, 1887; AU- 
THOR: Am. text Book of Physiology, 
1896; Text Book of Physiology, 1905 
(n6w in 7th edition); contbr. of num- 
erous articles on physiological science 
to foreign and home scientific journals; 
lecturer on medical education; profes- 
sor of Physiology in Johns Hopkins 
since 1873; Dean of Medical School 
1899-11; Asst. dir. Sch. of Hygiene 
and Public Health, 1916; member 
National Acad. of Sciences; Am. Philos. 
Soc.; CLUBS: Baltimore Country; 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; HOME: 232 West 
Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md. 

Teacher; born Mt. Liberty P. O., Ind., 
June 18, 1860; son John and Elizabeth 
H. ; educ. Valparaiso Univ., Harvard; 
Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; married Cora Olive Cissna, 
Aug. 16, 1881; AUTHOR: The Art of 
Education, 1912; Work and Life, 1912; 
The Art of Education (translated into 
the vernacular of Hindustan) 1920; 
CLUBS: Harvard; University (Berke- 
ley) ; Commonwealth (S. F.); Faculty; 
HOME: Berkeley, Calif. 

HUCKEL, OLIVER: Clergyman; born 
Philadelphia, Jan. 11, 1864; son Dr. 
William S. and Ruth A. H.; educ. 
Univ. of Pa.; Boston Univ.; Berlin; 
Oxford; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; 
married Elizabeth F. Johnson, Jan. 7, 
1920; AUTHOR: Through England with 
Tennyson, 1912; Mental Medicine, 
1913; Parsifal (and twelve other vols. 
of Wagner), 1914; A Dream of Dreams, 
1915; A Modern Study of Conscience, 
1907; Spiritual Energy, 1912; The 
Thorn Tree That Bloomed at Christmas 
Time, 1915; A New Life of William 
Penn, 1916; and articles contbr. to 
magazines; CLUB: Clergy (New York); 
HOME: 24 Maple Ave., Greenwich, 

HUERNER, SOLOMON S.: University 
Professor; born Manitowoc, Wis., Mar. 
6, 1882; son Frederick and Minnie H.; 
educ. Univ. of Wis.; Univ. of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; married 
Ethel Elizabeth Mudie, June 24, 1908; 
AUTHOR: Property Insurance, 1911; 
Life Insurance. 1915; Marine Insurance, 
1920; Stock Exchange Business, 1918; 
Report on Steamship Agreements and 
Affiliations in the American, Foreign 
and Domestic Trade, 1914; Status of 
Marine Ins. in the U. S., 1920; Legislative 
Obstructions to the Development of 
Marine Insurance, 1921; editor of fol- 
lowing vols.: Insurance, Stocks and the 
Stock Market, American Produce Ex- 
change Market, Regulation of Transpor- 

lon b - v Dialer, Modern Insurance 
roblems, Bbnd^ and the Bond Market; 
is expert in insurance to the U. S. Ship- 
ping Board and the Committee on the 
Merchant Marine and Fisheries; in 
charge of the Marine Insurance Investi- 
gation; HOME: 516 South 44th St., 
OFFICE: Wharton School, University 
of Pa., Philadelphia. 

HUGGIXS, ELI LUNDY: Brigadier Gen- 
eral in U. S. A.; born Schuyler Co., 111., 
Aug. 1, 1842; son Alexander Gilliland 
and Lydia (Pettijohn) H.; educ. Private 
Schs.; AUTHOR: Winona, a Dakota 
Legend, and Other Poems, 1890; start- 
ed military life as private, successive 
promotions brought high mil. rank in 
Co. E, 2nd Minn. Infantry, July, 1861; 
was thrice wounded at Chickamauga; 
awarded Congressional Medal of Honor, 
Feb. 27, 1894, for distinguished gal- 
lantry in action against the Ogallala 
Sioux Indians near O'Fallon's Creek, 
Mont., Apr. 1, 1880; was commander 
at various important forts; retired after 
40 years of service; member Loyal 
Legion, Soc. Army of the Cumberland, 
G. A. R.; HOME: 4020 Fairmount Ave., 
East San Diego, Calif. 

and Teacher; born Brooklyn, N. Y., Dec. 
25, 1875; daughter Samuel and Mar- 
garet (West) H.; educ. Barnard Col- 
lege; Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
American Socialism of the Present Day, 
1910; The Facts of Socialism, 1914; 
The Socialism of Today (co-author), 
1916; on editorial bd. of the Intercolle- 
giate Socialist; mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Alpha Omicron Pi; HOME: 378 Grand 
Ave.; OFFICE: George Washington 
High School, New York. 

HUGHES, CHARLES H.; Naval Archi- 
tect and Engineer; born Boston, Mass., 
Sept., 1877; son Mary and Richard 
Hughes; educ. Dwight, English High 
and Mass. Ins Technology; married 
Grace F. Charles, Dec. 25, 1918; AU- 
THOR: Handbook of Ship Calculations, 
Construction and Operation; Standard 
Details; CLUBS: Soc. of Naval Engi- 
neers, and Commercial Associations; 
HOME: 2681 Amboy Road, New Dorp 
Bor. of Richmond, New York City. 

Civil Engineering; Dean of Harvard En- 
gineering School; born Centralia, Pa., 
Oct., 1871; son James H. and Mary 
(Millar) H.; educ. pub. schs. of Wil- 
liamsport, Pa.; Harvard Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., S.B.; married Elinor 
Lambert; AUTHOR: Treatise on Hy- 
draulics; Roads and Toll Roads in 
America; Highway Engineering; Educa- 
tion; HOME: 6 Clement Circle, Cam- 
bridge. Mass. 




HUGHES, JAMES L.; 40 years Supt. of 
Schools, Toronto, Canada; born Cana- 
da, Feb. 20, 1846; son John and Caro- 
line Hughes; educ. Pub. and Normal 
Schls.; DEGREES: LL.D.; married Ada 
Marean, 1887; AUTHOR: Mistakes in 
Teaching, 1874; Froebel's Educational 
Laws, 1896; Dickens as an Educator, 
1898; Training The Children, 1910; 
Adult and Child, 1920; Teaching to 
Read, 1905; Poetry: Son&s of Gladness 
and Growth; Rainbows on Warclouds; 
The Child's Paradise; Love Memories 
(for Christmas 1920); Robert Burns, 
the Poet of Religion, Democracy, Bro- 


therhood and Love, (an edition of 
poems of the great Genius containing 
only his Religious and Ethical, Demo- 
cratic, Brotherhood and his Love Poems 
with 104 photographs of Burns land 
to illustrate it, taken by the editor) ; 
long time Supt of Sch. Toronto;; Cana- 
dian lecturer and author, and has se- 
cured large American popularity and 
patronage; best known among British 
and American readers by his "Rain- 
bows on War-Clouds"; CLUBS: mem. 
Canadian; Empire; Burns Literary; 
HOME: and OFFICE: 47 Dundonald St., 
Toronto, Canada. 

of Law; born Ontario, Canada, Jan., 
1858; son Thomas and Anna Hughes; 
educ. Hamilton Collegiate Inst.; Univ. 

of Michigan; DEGREES: LL.B., LL.M., 
LL.D.; married Jennie Ballah. 1879; 
AUTHOR: Hughes on Evidence, 1908; 
Hughes on Criminal Law and Proced., 
1919; is prof. Washburn Coll. Law 
Sch., Topeka, Kans.; has been prof, law 
20 years; mem. of law faculties of four 
state univs., including Univ. of Michi- 
gan, and Univ. of Illinois; was dean of 
Univ. of Florida Law School for 3 
yrs.; prof, of law in Washburn Coll. 
Law School during the last five years; 
HOME: Topeka, Kans. 

HUNT, EDWARD EYRE: Writer; born 
Bellewood, Neb., Au. 1, 1885; son Ed- 
ward C. and Juliet Sears (Davis) H.; 
educ. Harvard; DEGREES: A.B.; mar- 
ried Virginia Lloyd Fox, May 15, 1920; 
AUTHOR: Sir Orfeo, 1910; War Bread 
A Personal Narrative of the War and 
Relief in Belgium, 1916; Haj, 1916; 
Tales from a Famished Land, 1918; 
CLUB: Harvard (New York); HOME: 
Riverside, Conn.; OFFICE: 27 West 
44th St., New York City. 

HUNT, GATLLARD: Author; born New 
Orleans, La,. Sept. 8, 1862; son Wil- 
liam H. Hunt; educ. Hopkins Grammar 
Sch., New Haven, Conn.; Emerson 
Institute, (Washington, D. C.); DE- 
GREES: LL.D., Litt.D.; married Mary 
Goodfellow, 1901; AUTHOR: The Seal 
of the United States; The Department 
of State of the United States; The De- 
partment of State, its History and 
Functions; The American Passport; 
Life of James Madison; John C. Cal- 
houn; Dis-Union Sentiment in Congress 
in 1794; Life in America One Hundred 
Years Ago; edit. The First Forty 
Years of Washington Society; Journals 
of the Continental Congress; James 
Madison's Journal of Debates in the 
Constitutional Convention; CLUBS: 
Cosmos (Washington, D. C.) ; AD- 
DRESS: Department of State, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

born Sacramento, Calif., Feb. 3, 1868; 
son Dennis Rockwell and Nancy A. (Zum- 
walt) H.; educ. Public Schs.; Napa Col- 
lege; Johns Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: 
Ph.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married Nancy S. 
Stuart, July 24, 1895; AUTHOR: 
Genesis of California's First Constitu- 
tion, 1895; California the Golden, 1911; 
CLUBS: City (Los Angeles); Municipal 
League (Los Angeles) ; Amer. Hist. 
Assn.; Am. EC. Assn.; HOME; Ingle- 
wood, Calif,; OFFICE: University of 
Southern California. 

College of Agriculture (Univ. of Cal.); 
born Ridott, Stephenson Co., 111., Jan. 
1, 1862; son Thomas Marshall and 
Mary A. (Kirk) H.; educ. Univ. of 111.; 




DEGREES: B.Sc., M.Sc., D.Sc.; married 
Juanita G. Campbell, 1888; AUTHOR: 
The Cereals in America, 1914; Farm 
Animals, 1914; The Forage and Fiber 
Crops in America, 1907; How to 
Choose a Farm, 1906; Soils and Crops, 
1913; The Young Farmer, 1912; CLUBS: 
Theta Xi, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Soc. for 
Promotion of Agrl. Science; Bohemian 
and Commonwealth; HOME: 1800 
Bushnell Place; OFFICE: 111 Agricul- 
ture Hall, University of Calif., Berke- 
ley, Calif. 

of Biology; born New York City, Apr. 7 
1873; son George William and Emma 
Louise (Cartwright) H.; educ. Williams 
Univ., Univ of Chicago, N. Y. Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Emily Isabel Jobbins, June 19, 1899; 
AUTHOR: Manual of Biology (joint 
author): Elements of Biology: Essen- 
tials of Biology; A Civic Biology; Lab- 
oratory Problems in Civic Biology; Civic 
Science; Home Science; Community Sci- 
ence; contbr. many pamphlets and papers 
on biological and pedagogical science; 
CLUBS: A.A.S.S., A.A.A.S., Theta Del- 
ta Chi, Galesburg; HOME: Galesburg; 
OFFICE: Knox College, Galesburg, 111. 

Author; born New Haven, Conn., Dec. 
1, 1861; son John Taylor and Elizabeth 
Tracy (Williams) H., educ. Trinity Cal- 
lege, Columbia, Europe; DEGREES: 
A.B., (cum honore in chemistry), Ph.D.; 
married Grace Goodhue, Feb. 22, 1908; 
AUTHOR: Chemical Jurisprudence, 

1900; Chemical Year Book, 1900; "Cui 
Bono?" 1912: CLUBS: Alpha Delta Phi; 
HOME: Windsor Square, Los Angeles, 

perwoman; born Toronto, Can., Nov. 
13, 1869; daughter Geo. H. Leslie and 
Anna (Harrison) L. ; educ. Windsor Con- 
vent; pub. sehs; Bellevue College; 
married Dr. Collister P. Huston, Nov. 
17,1893; AUTHOR: The Towers of Il- 
ium, 1917; Over Hot Plowshares; assoc. 
editor of Brann's Iconoclast; began 
newspaper work on the Westside Star 
in Cleveland; staff of Cleveland Press; 
later wrote for the Chicago Tribune, 
Chicago Record-Herald, and Chicago 
Chronicle, acted as dramatic critic on 
the last; was vice-pres. Independent 
Ppnwoman's Club in Chicago; on Sun- 
day staff of New York Herald; contr. N. 
Y. World Syndicate matter; stories have 
been pub. in Smart Set, Ainslee's and 
other mags; also a writer of verse, in- 
cluding, The Mad Singer and Easter; 
CLUBS: Independent Penwoman's Am- 
phictionic; Western Writers; HOME: 
2287 Cove Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 

and College President; born Brooklyn, 
N. Y., July, 1871; son Robert Grosvenor 
and Harriett (James) H.; educ. Oberlin 
Acad., Oberlin College, Union Theol. 
Seminary, Yale; DEGREES: A.B., D. 
D.; married Anna L. Murch, 1896; 
AUTHOR: The Preacher's Ideais and 
Inspirations, 1916; The Religious Ex- 
perience of Israel. 1919; HOME: 
Berea College, Ky. 

tician: born Bangor, Me., Apr. 12, 1867; 
son Henry H. and Bessie J. (Frank) 
H.; educ. Bates College, Clark Univ., 
Univ. Chicago; Goettingen Univ., Univ. 
of Paris; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; mar- 
ried Genevra Barrett, June 17, 1896; 
AUTHOR- -Differential and Integral Cal- 
culus, 1902; Elementary Text Book on 
Calculus, 1912: chief writings are in 
the form of mathematical memoirs em- 
bodying the result of original investi- 
gations and published in various scien- 
tific journals; contbr. Integral Equa- 
tions and Series in last edition of En- 
cyclopedia Americana; CLUBS: Sigma 
Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, University (Itha- 
ca) vice-pres. (1910) Am. Math. Soc.; 
a^so. editor Transactions (1900-13) 
HOME: 140 Thurston Ave., Ithaca, 
N. Y. 

H1ITTON. MAURICE: Professor of Greek 
and principal of College; born Manches- 
ter Eng., Oct. 1856; son Rev. Joseph 
Henry and Mary (Mottram) H.; educ. 
Magdalen Coll. School,; Oxford and 
Queen's Coll.; DEGREES: M.A., LL.D., 
(hon) ; married Annie Margaret Mc- 
Caul, July 1885; AUTHOR: numerous 
articles in the Univ. Mag. representing 
Toronto, McGill and Dalhousie Universi- 
ties on Classics and on General Topics; 
CLUBS. Univ. of Toronto Faculty Un- 
ion; HOME: 50 Prince Arthur Ave., 
OFFICE: University College, Toronto. 

sician and Surgeon; born Cortland, N. 
Y.. June 22, 1842; son Frederick and 
Elvira (Goodyear) H.; educ. Cortland 
Acad.; Yale College; Geneva. Med. Col- 
lege; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., M.D.,; 
married Julia Elizabeth Boyd, June 30, 
1870; AUTHOR: On Preventing De- 
formity in Certain Fractures of the 
Hand, 1880; The Story of a Day in Lon- 
don, 1888; The One Time Wooden 
Spoon at Yale, 1889; The Girl from 
Mexico, and Other Stories, 1900; Mary 
Markheim--a Novel, 1903: The Con- 
fession and Letters of Terence Quinn 
McManus, 1911; various articles for 
magazines: CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa, 
The Authors' League, The Luther Bur- 
bank Soc. (hon. mem.; HOME: 22 St. 
Mark's Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 



v sor; born Ithaca, N. Y., May 14, 1870; 
son Orange Percy and Eloise (Davies) 
H. ; educ. Cornell Univ., Am. Sen. Clas- 
.'' sical Studies at Athens, Greece, and at 
Rome, Univ. of Halle, Geneva; DE- 
GREES: A..B., A.M., Ph.D.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: De Olympionicarum Statius, 
1902; Thessaly and the Vale of Tem- 
ple, 1912: Mount Etna, 1915; The 
Green Mountains, 1917; Olympic 
Victor Monuments and Greek Athletic 
Art. 1921; The Religion of Greece, 
1918; also about 30 articles and scien- 
tific papers on Archaeology, Law, Geog- 
raphy, Literature; member of Am. 
Oriental Soc.; Am. Anthropol Soc.; Am. 
Philol. Assn.; Sigma Phi; Philadelphia 
Art; HOME: College Hall, University of 

INGERSOLL, ERNEST: Secretary and 
Naturalist; born Monroe, Mich., Mar., 
1852; son Dr. T. Dwight and Eliza 
(Parkinson) I.; educ. Oberlin; Har- 
vard; married Mary Scofield; AUTHOR: 
Upland Game Birds and Water-Fowl of 
the United States (with A. Pope), 1878; 
Nests and Eggs of American Birds, 
1880-81; Oyster Industries of the United 
States, in 10th Census, 1881; Bird's 
Nesting, 1882; Knocking Round the 
Rockies, 1883; Old Ocean, 1883: The 
Ice Queen, 1884; Country Cousins, 
1884; The Crest of the Continent, 1884; 
To the Shenandoah and Beyond, 1885; 
Down East Latchstrings, 1887; The Sil- 
ver Caves, 1890; A Week in New York, 
1892; Guides to the Hudson Valley, New 
York City, Philadelphia, Washington, 
the New England States, the South- 
eastern States, etc., 1893-97; Western 
Canada, 1895; Wild Neighbors, 1897; 
The Book of the Ocean, 1898; Nature's 
Calendar, 1900; Wild Life of Orchard 
and Field, 1902; An Island in the Air, 
1905; The Life of Animals; The Mam- 
mals, 1906; The Wit of the Wild, 1906; 
Eight Secrets, 1906; Animal Competi- 
tors, 1911; Primer of Bird Study, 1916; 
The Raisin Creek Exploring Club, 1919; 
editor of Publ. of Canadian Pacific 
Railway, 1885-87; The Farmer's Prac- 
tical Library, 1909; Publ. Nat. Assoc. of 
Audubon Societies, 1913-18; Publ. of 
the Authors' Club, 1915; member edi- 
torial staff: New York Tribune, 1874- 
76; Forest and Stream, 1875-77; Science 
News, 1878-79; Manhattan Mazagine, 
1883-84; Standard Dictionary (illustra- 
tions)', 1893-95; 1909-12; Montreal 
Star, 1899; New International En- 
cyclopedia (zoology), 1901-04; Nelson's 
Encyclopedia (American edition), 1905- 
06; Encyclopedia Americana, 1917-19; 
CLUBS: Authors, Salmagundi; AD- 
DRESS: Authors Club, New York. 


, FLORENCE: Author and Teach- 
er of Bridge; born Philadelphia, Pa.; 
daughter William H, and Catherine 
(Browning) I. ; educ. private schs.; DE- 
GREES: Doctor of Music; AUTHOR: 
The Fine Points of Auction; The De- 
velopment of Auction; Auction High- 
lights; Nullo Auction; The Road to 
Mecca; The Mask; In Santa Clans' 
House; Poor Dear Theodora; Master 
Auction; The Complete Auction Play- 
er; HOME: Hastings-on-Hudson, New 

IVES, JAMES EDMUND: Physicist and 
Wireless Telegraph Expert; born Lon- 
don, Eng., Sept. 19, 1865; son James 
Thomas Bostock Ives; educ. Highgate 
Grammar Sch., Highgate, Eng.; Clark 
Univ., Worcester, Mass.; DEGREES: 
Ph.D.: AUTHOR: Annotated List of Ex- 
periments in Physics; many papers on 
Wireless Telegraphy, ^Electric Waves. 
Induction Coil, Electric discharge in 
Gases, and other scientific subjects in 
the Physical Review, Philosophical Mag- 
azine, Electrical World, Proceedings of 
the Academy of Natural Sciences of 
Philadelphia, and the Scientific Jour- 
nals; taught physics in the Drexel Insti- 
tute, Phila.; Univ. of Cincinnati; Clark 
University; Scientific Expert f or De 
Forest Wireless Tel. Co., 1903-1905; 1st 
lieut. and Capt. Signal Corps, U. S. 
Army, April, 1918 to July, 1920; in ac- 
tive service on Mexican border during 
this time; Began scientific career as 
assistant to Prof. Angelo Hailprin at 
Academy of Nat. Sciences, Phila.; while 
there described many new species of 
starfishes and brittle-stars in the Pro- 
ceedings of the Academy; later became 
an instructor of Physics in the Drexel 
Institute, Phila., and gave up the 
study of Natural History; took special 
courses in Physics and Mathematics at 
Drexel Inst. and Wagner Inst., Phila- 
delphia and at the Univ. of Pa., Harvard 
and Cambridge, England; CLUBS: Wor- 
cester; St. Botolph, Boston, Mass.; 
HOME: 1030 Main Street; OFFICE: 
Clark University, Worcester, Mass. 


JACKMAN, WILLIAM T.: Professor of 
Political Economy; born Kilsyth, Ontar- 
io, Canada, Jan., 1872; son Mr James 
Jackman; educ. Owen Sound Coll. In- 
stitute; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., Univ. 
of Toronto; married Vera M. Tryon, 
July 6, 1915; AUTHOR: Transporta- 
tion in Modern England, 2 vols.; con- 
trib. to economic journals of Canada and 
the U. S.; subjects: transportation and 
rural economics; three years resident 
graduate study in U. of Penns. and two 
in Harvard Graduate School; many years 



of research in Eagland, particularly in 
field of transportation; special investi- 
gator Labor Dept. Dominion Govt. and 
recently employed by Ont. Govt. to in- 
vestigate, report upon and devise a sys- 
tem of rural credits suited to needs of 
agricultural interests of Province of 
Ont.; mem. American Economic Assn.; 
Am. Academy Political and Soc. Sci- 
ence; Pi Delta Epsilon fraternity; 
CLUB: Canadian; ADDRESS: Dept. of 
Political Economy, University of Tor- 
onto, Canada. 

Consulting Engineer; born Kennett 
Square, Pa., Feb. 13, 1865; son Josiah 
and Mary (Price) J.; educ. Hill School, 
Pottstown, Pa.; Penn. State College; 
Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., C.E.; 
married Mabel Augusta Foss, Sept. 24, 
1899; AUTHOR: Electro-Magnetism and 
the Construction of Dynamos, 1893; 
Lessons on Electricity and Magnetism, 
1894; Alternating Currents and Alter- 
nating Current Machinery (with J. P. 
Jackson), 1896; Elementary Book on 
Electricity and Magnetism and Their 
Applications, 1900; Street Railway 
Fares (with D. J. McGrath), 1916; 
CLUBS: Univ.; Engineers; Brae Burn 
Country; Am. Soc. M. E.; Am. Soc. C. 
E.; A. A. A. S.; HOME: 5 Mercer Cir- 
cle; OFFICE: Mass. Institute of Tech- 
nology. Cambridge, Mass. 


Clergyman; born Ipswich, Eng., Aug 
10, 1855; son Stephen and Catherine 
(Cobbold) J.; educ. Eton, Trinity Col- 
lege (Cambridge Univ.); DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A., B.D., D.D.; married Anna 
Maria Everett, 1895; AUTHOR: His- 
tory of the Christian Church, Biblical 
History of the Hebrews; Beginnings of 
Christianity (with K. Lake; Saint Luke 
and a Modern Writer; Society in Eng- 
land; member Royal Hist, and Lit. 
Socs.; CLUBS: United Univ. (London); 
Century (N. Y.); Am. Acad. Arts and 
Sciences; HOME: Dana Place, Engle- 
wood, N. J.; OFFICE: Broadway at 120- 
th St., N. Y. 

Lecturer; born Gainsborough, Eng- 
land, Sept. 27, 1858; son John and 
Ann (Wharton) J.;* married Emma G. 
Farnsworth, 1895; AUTHOR: The Lick 
Observatory; Tourists' Guide to South- 
ern California; Nature Sermons; Scenic 
Mount Lowe; Picturesque Southern Cal- 
ifornia; The Missions and Mission In- 
dians of California; In and Around the 
Grand Canyon; Indian Basketry; How 
to Make Indian and Other Baskets; The 
Indians of the Painted Desert Region; 
Traveler's Handbook to Southern Cali- 
fornia; Practical Basket-Making; In and 
Out of the Old Missions; The Story of 
Scraggles; The Wonders of the Colo- 


rado Desert; What the White Race May 
Learn from the Indian; Through Ra- 
mona's Country; The Grand Canyon of 
Arizona; The Heroes of California; 
California Birthday Book; Tribute to 
Charles Warren Stoddard; Little Jour- 
ney to Strange Places and Peoples; 
Franciscan Missions of California; 
Translation of Palou's Life of Father 
Junipero Serra; Indian Blankets and 
Their Makers; California, Romantic 
and Beautiful; The Lake of the Sky: 
Lake Tahoe; Living the Radiant Life; 
Out American Wonderlands; Quit Your 
Worrying; Arizona, The Wonderful; 
Picturesque Pala; Winter Sports in the 
High Sierras; Rose H. Thorpe and The 
Story of Curfew; Reclaiming the Arid 
West; Exposition Memories; House 
Blessing and Gift Book; and Delight of 
Power in Speech, with Illust. Selections; 
contr. to magazines and reviews; HOME: 
1098 N. Raymond Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

JAMES, FRANCIS BACON: Counsellor at 
Law, Commerce Counsel and practical 
economist, born Cincinnati, Ohio, June 
10, 1864; graduated at Cincinnati Law 
Sch. with first honors. AUTHOR: Ohio 
Law of Opinion Evidence, (1899); Col- 
lection of Cases on the Construction of 
Statutes (1897); The New Jurisprudence 
1915 (pub. as Senate Document); In- 
troduction to Clark on Interstate Com- 
merce, 1919; also numerous legal and 
commercial addresses, some of which 
published under title Advertising and 
Other Addresses (1907); American Na- 
tional Economics Series. Mem., Am. 
Bar Assn. (chmn. com. on commerce, 
trade and commercial law), Internat. 
Law Assn., Cincinnati Bar Assn., Ohio 
State Bar Assn., Cincinnati Chamber of 
Commerce, Chamber of Commerce of 
U.S.A., Acad. Political Science (New 
York), Am. Acad. Polit. and Social Sci- 
ence, Ohio Soc. of Washington, D.C.; 
The National United Americans (mem- 
ber of executive committee) ; American 
Economic Association; American Pro- 
tective Tariff League; ex-pres. Union 
Board of High Schools and Ohio State 
Commn. Uniform State Laws; del. Uni- 
versal Congress of Lawyers and Jurists, 
St. Louis, 1904, 2d Pan-Am. Scientific 
Congress, 1916. CLUBS: Chevy Chase, 
Traffic (New York and Chicago), Queen 
City, Business Men's Club, National 
Press Club, City Club and Monday Lunch 
Club. RESIDENCE: Queen City Club, 
Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Highlands, 
Washington, D. C. OFFICE: Westory 
Bldg., Washington, D. C. 

of Government; born Philadelphia, Pa., 
Jan. 2, 1887; son Edmund J. and Anna 
Margarete (Lange) J.; educ. Northwest- 
ern Univ.; Univ. of 111.; Univ. of Chi- 
cago; Harvard Univ.; Columbia Univ.; 



DEGREES: A.B., A.,M., J.D., Ph.D.; 
married Genevieve Kuby, Aug. 21, 1912 
AUTHOR: The Introductory Articles of 
the Illinois Constitution, 1911; Princi- 
ples of Prussian Administration, 1913; 
Applied City Government, 1914; Hand- 
book of Civic Improvement, 1915; Mu- 
nicipal Functions, 1917; Editor Nation- 
al Municipal Review; CLUB: Univ. of 
Austin; Phi Kappa Psi; Phi Delta Phi; 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 3001 Wash- 
ington Square; OFFICE: Univ. of 
Texas, Austin. Tex. 

JAMES, JAMES ALTON: Professor of 
History; born Hazel Green, Wis., Sept. 
17, 1864; son John R. and Mary (Al- 
ton) J.; educ. Univ. of Wis., Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: B.L., Ph.D., 
LL.D.; married Jane Thomas, 1892; 
AUTHOR: Government in State and Na- 
tion, 1901; Our Government, 1903; 
American History, 1905; numerous pap- 
ers on American History; member of 
Committee on Rating of Army Officers, 
1918; Am. Hist. Assn.; Am. Political 
Science Assn.; Miss. Valley Hist. Assn.; 
111. Hist. Soc.; Chicago Hist. Soc.; pre- 
sident North Central Teachers' Assn., 
1901; College Sect. 111. State Teachers' 
Assn., 1902; CLUB: University; HOME 
212 Orrington Ave.; .OFFICE: 210 
Harris Hall, Northwestern Univ., Evan- 
ston, 111. 

mist; born Mooresville, N. C., Oct. 9, 
1866; daughter Miles Stanhope and 
Agnes Louisa (Kilpatrick) J.; educ. 
State Normal and Industrial College of 
N. C.; Mrs. Rorer's Sch. of Cookery and 
Diet; Summer Sch. of the South (Knox- 
ville) ; Chautauqua (N. Y.) Summer 
Sch.; unmarried; AUTHOR: (booklets) 
Plans for Community Clubs in Food and 
Home Conveniences, 1915; Methods of 
Saving Wheat, Meat, Sugar and Fats, 
1918; Community Projects and School 
Credits for Home Projects; Inventor of 
a homemade fireless cooker, a commun- 
ity dryer of fruits and vegetables and 
other fuel and labor saving articles; 
head of dent of home economics State 
Normal Industrial College, 1896-1914; 
asst. home demonstrator agent in 
charge of women's rural home econom- 
ics; supervised teaching of home eco- 
nomics in farm schools and high schools 
under State Normal College; conducted 
demonstrations in emergency (war) 
foods; State Dept. of Agriculture, N. C.; 
CLUBS: Woman's Defense League: Fed 
CLUBS: Federation of Women's; Wom- 
an's Defense League; HOME: Greens- 
boro, N. C. 

JAR\ 7 IS,, CHESTER DEACON: Education- 
alist; born London, Ont., March 29, 
1876; son Lyman Gage and Lila (Dea- 
con) Jarvis; educ. Toronto Univ.; Corn- 
ell Univ.; DEGREES: B.S.A., Ph.D.; 


married Marion Smith, Oct. 3, 1901; 
AUTHOR: Trees in Winter, 1912; 
CLUB: Cosmos, Washington, D. C.; 
HOME: 307 Clifton Terrace West; OF- 
FICE: Bureau of Education, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

JASTROW, JOSEPH: Professor of Psy- 
chology; born Warsaw, Poland, Jan. 30, 
1863; son Marcus and Bertha (Wolf- 
sohn) J.; educ. Rugby Academy; Univ. 
of Penn.; DEGREES: A.B., AM., Ph.D.; 
married Rachel Szold, 1888; AUTHOR: 
Fact and Fable in Psychology, 1900; 
Psychology of Conviction, 1918; The 
Subconscious, 1906; Qualities of Men, 
1910; Character and Temperament, 
1916; has occupied chair of psychology 
in Univ. of Wis. since 1888; contribu- 
tor to pop. and scientific magazines on 
psychology, education, and general sub- 
jects; chg. sect. Psychology World's 
Columbian Exposition; lecturer Colum- 
bia Univ. (1910), past president Am. 
Psychol. Assn.; lectured in leading Uni- 
versities of U. S.; CLUB: Univ. of Mad- 
ison; HOME: 237 Langdon St.; OF- 
FICE: Univ. of Wis., Madison, Wis. 

JEFFERS, Le ROY: Librarian; Author; 
born Tpswich, Mass., Aug., 1878; son 
Charles P. and Elizabeth B. (Stalker) 
J.;educ. schs. and libraries of Washing- 
ton, D. C.; married R. E. Miller, 1918; 
Writer on mountaineering, travel, psy- 
chology, library economy; has publish- 
ed lists of books showing comparative 
cost of buying in various editions; Man- 
ager of Booklovers' Libraries in Cen- 
tral West; later devised and instituted 
in leading Eastern cities economic sys- 
tems of book supply and distribution; 
manager Book Order Offices New York 
Public Libraries; Librarian Am. Alpine 
Club; CLUBS: A. L. A.; New York Li- 
brary Club. ; Natl. Inst. of Social Sciences 
Fellow Royal Geog. Soc. Author's (Lon- 
don) ; Alpine clubs; HOME: 65 Central 
Park West; OFFICE: 476 Fifth Ave., 
New York. 


Surgeon and Missionary; born Philadel- 
phia. Pa., July 3, 1871; son Chas. P. B. 
and Elizabeth (Miller) J.; educ. Univ. 
Penn.: London Sch. Tropical Medicine; 
DEGREES: B.A., M.A., M.D.; married 
Lucy Sturgis Hubbard, 1897; AUTHOR: 
The Great Mystery, 1900; Hospital Dia- 
logue, 1906; The Diseases of China, 
1910; Life of Bishop Ingle, 1913; Paper 
Money; Evening Rice, The Real Price, 
Mission Plays, 1913; Fairyland Medita- 
tions; How Can We Know the Way?; 
Surgeon St. Luke's Hosp., Shanghai; 
proessor of surgery, St. John's Univ., 
Shanghai; editor Missionary; president 
Am. Assn. of China; supt. Philadelphia 
City Mission since 1917; CLUBS: 
Thatched House St. James 



(London); Shanghai Coun- 
try; Univ. of Philadelphia Cricket; 
HOME: Cranstoun, Chesnunt Hill; OF- 
FICE: 225 South 3rd St., Philadelphia. 

born Kansas City, Mo., Oct. 2, 1869; 
son Andrew T. and Sarah Henry (Bak- 
er) J.; educ. Bethany College, Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., S.T.B., A.M.; 
married Mattie Hocker, May 23, 1894; 
AUTHOR: Heroes of Faith, 1896; The 
Man in the Street and Religion, 1917; 
Facing the Hindenburg Line, 1917; It 
Happened Over There, 1918; The Pro- 
testant, 1918; Princess Salome, 1821; 
professor New Testament Literature, 
and exegetics, later pres. of Univ. of 
Indianapolis (one year) ; pres., Ky. Univ. 
6 yrs.; pastor Linwood Boulevard Chris- 
tian Ch., Kansas City, since 1907; also 
publisher, Kansas City Post, since 1919; 
HOME: 3520 Charlotte St., OFFICE: 
Kansas City Post, Kansas City. 

JEPSON, WILLIS LINN: Botanist; born 
Vacaville, Calif., Aug. 19, 1867; son of 
William Lemon and Martha A. (Potts) 
J.; educ. University of Calif.; Cornell 
Univ.; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: 
Ph.B., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: Flora of Cali- 
fornia (illustrated), 1909-14; Trees of 
California (illustrated), 1909; Silva of 
California, (illustrated), 1910; CLUBS: 
Commonwealth; Sierra (San Francis- 
co; Faculty (Berkeley); HOME: 2714 
Benvenue Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

lisher; born Fauquier County, Va., Apr. 
3, 1856; son Richard Nutt and Anna 
Miller (Wheatley) J.; educ. private 
schs.; married Lucie Davis, Oct. 7, 1877 
(died 1891); 2d. Blanche T. Wayne, 
July 19, 1892; AUTHOR: Johnson's 
Physical Culture; Johnson's Readers; 
Tripartite Education; Brighter Side of 
Washington; Army and Navy Portrait 
Gallery and Historical Register; mem- 
ber several learned societies esp. for 
historical and genealogical research; 
CLUBS: Hon. mem. Richmond Art; 
Athletic; Arts; Royal Societies (Lon- 
don, Eng.); Business Men's (Rich- 
mond); HOME: 1223 K. St. N. W.; 
OFFICES: 703 15th St. N. W., Wash- 
ington, D. C. and Richmond, Va. 

JOHNSON, RURGES: College Professor; 
Author; Editor; born Rutland, Vt., 
Nov. 9, 1877; son Rev. Jas. Gibson and 
Mary (Rankin) J.; educ. Univ. School, 
Chicago; Amherst College; DEGREE; 
A.B.; married Constance F. Wheeler, 
1905; AUTHOR: Bashful Ballads; 
Rhymes of Little Boys; Rhymes of 
Home; Rhymes of Little Folk; The 
Well of English and the Bucket; 
Youngsters; asst. Editor Everybody's 
Magazine; manag. Editor Outing Maga- 
zine; Editor-in-chief, Judge; assoc., pro- 


fessor of English, Vassar Coll., 1915; 
CLUBS: The Players', N. Y.; Authors', 
N. Y. : Authors' League of America; 
HOME: Vassar College; OFFICE: Vas- 
sar College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

sor of Geology and Geography; born 
Parkersburg, W. Va., Nov., 1878; educ. 
Univ. New Mexico; Columbia; Harvard; 
DEGREES: B.S., Ph.D.; married Alice 
Adkins, 1903; AUTHOR: Geology of 
Cerrillos Hills, 1903; Topography and 
Strategy in the War, 1917; Lettre d'un 
Americain a un Allemand, 1916; My 
German Correspondence, 1917; The Per- 
il of Prussianism, 1917; Shore Processes 
and Shoreline Development, 1919; Bat- 
tlefields of the World War, 1921; prof. 
Geology and Geography at Columbia 
University; CLUBS: Century; Explor- 
ers'; Harvard Travelers'; ADDRESS: 
Columbia University, New York City. 


Teacher; born Jay, Me., Apr. 17, 1870; 
son John and Elizabeth W. Johnson; 
educ. Colby College; Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., L.H.D.; mar- 
ried Carolyn M. Lord, July 15, 1896; 
AUTHOR: Problems of Boyhood; arti- 
cles contr. to magazines; expert in sch. 
and administration; Prof, of Educa- 
tion, Teachers' College, New York 
City; mem. Relig. Ed. Assn.; CLUBS: 
Univ., Chicago; Faculty, Columbia; 
Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; 
HOME: Edgecliff Terrace, Yonkers, 
N. Y.; OFFICE: Teachers' College, 
New York City. 

born Fishbok Hill, Va., July 19, 1859; 
son Thomas and Minerva (Hinchman) 
Johnson; educ. Hampden-Sidney Col- 
lege: University of Va.; Yale; DE- 
GREES: A.B., D.D., LL.D.; married Ella 
Bocock, Dec. 26, 1894; AUTHOR: 
A History of tht Southern Pres- 
byterian Church, 1894; John Calvin and 
the Genevan Reformation, 1900; Life 
and Letters of Robert Lewis Dabney, 
1903; Life and Letters of Benjamin 
Morgan Palmer, 1906; Virginia Presby- 
terianism and Religious Liberty in Col- 
onial and Revolutionary Times, 1907; 
Introduction to Christian Missions, 
1909; Baptism in the Apostolic Age, 
1912; Modern Isms, 1919; mem. Am. 
Hist. Assn.; Am. Geog. Assn.; HOME: 
10 Westwood Ave.; OFFICE: Union 
Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va. 

ist; born Coventry, N. Y., March 25, 
1862; son William and Elizabeth H. 
(Styles) J.; educ. University of Neb.; 
married Lillie M. Trevitt, Dec. 25, 
1886; AUTHOR: Temperance Progress 
in the Century (joint author with John 



G. Woolley) ; Federal Government and 
the Liquor Traffic; The Liquor Problem 
in Russia; Ten Years of Prohibition in 
Oklahoma; Prohibition in Kansas; 
numerous pamphlets and leaflets on var- 
ious phases of the alcohol problem; 
mem. Am. Econ. Assn.; Am. Academy 
Political and Social Science; HOME: 
Westerville, Ohio; OFFICE: 69 Fleet 
St., London. 

man; born Daviess Co., Ind., Aug. 7, 
1867; son Brison Blair and Lydia 
(Overton) J.; educ. DePauw Univ.; 
Johns Hopkins; Ursinus College; James- 
town College; DEGREES: D.D., LL.D.; 
married Jeanette C. Walls, Nov. 21, 
1888; AUTHOR: Abraham Lincoln, the 
Christian, 1913; George Washington, 
The Christian, 1919, contbr. articles on 
religious and edul. subjects to maga- 
zines; prominent worker in cause of 
temperance; lecturer; HOME: 2007 
Iglehart Ave., St. Paul, Minn. 

Social Service Worker; born Manches- 
ter, Eng., April, 1866; daughter James 
Moncrief Goodall; educ. at home; mar- 
ried N. B. Johnston, 1903; AUTHOR: 
John Read, 1898; Life Story (collab. 
with Mary Morgan Dean); EDITOR: 
Canada White Ribbon Bulletin; Wom- 
an's Century, etc., etc.; for years en- 
gaged in rescue, prison, and other forms 
of social service work; member Nation- 
al Council; HOME: Barrie, Ont. 


Author and Realtor; born July 17, 
1877; son William Waring and Esther 
(Dashiel) J.; educ. Lawrenceville, N. 
J.; St. Mark's School, Southboro, Mass.; 
Harvard Univ.; DEGREE: A.B.; mar- 
ried Edythe Marion Newlands, Apr. 4, 
1903; AUTHOR: Famous Cavalry Lead- 
ers, 1908; Famous Indian Chiefs, 1909; 
Famous Scouts, 1910; Famous Privat- 
eersmen, 1911; Famous Frontiersmen, 
1913; Our Little Viking Cousin, 1916; 
Famous Discoverers and Explorers of 
America, 1917; Famous Generals of 
the Great War; Little Pilgrimages 
Among the Women Who Have Written 
Famous Books, 1919; teacher dept. 
English, Harvard Univ., 1901-02; in- 
str. English and lecturer in military 
history, Mass. Inst. Tech., 1904-05; 
CLUBS: Harvard; Chevy Chase; Mili- 
tary Service Legion; HOME: Chevy 
Chase Club, Md.; OFFICE: 1102 Conn 
Ave., Washington, D. C. 

rian; born Essex Center, Vt., June 11 
1871; son Rev. James Arthur and Jean- 
ette (Cass) Johnston; educ. A. B 
Brown Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; Har- 


vard Univ.; Rutgers Coll.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Litt.D. ; married Jean Mc- 
Vicker Browne, July 12, 1895; AU- 
THOR: History of Library of Congress, 
(vol. 1), 1904; Special Collections in 
libraries in the U. S.; U. S. Bureau of 
Education, 1912; CLUBS: University; 
Athletic; HOME: 695 Fairmount Ave.; 
OFFICE: Public Library, St. Paul, 

fessor; born Mar. 6, 1881, Hillside, 
Wis. ; son Enos Lloyd and Eleanor B. 
J.; educ. Univ. of Wis.; Univ. of Penna. 
Berlin; Madrid; DEGREES: B.L., Ph. 
D.; married Caroline Franck Schock, 
June 30, 1909; AUTHOR: The United 
States Consular Service, 1906; The 
Economic History of the Anthracite 
Tidewater Canals, 1908; Readings on 
Parties and Elections in the United 
States, 1912; Statute Law Making in 
the United States, 1912; The Caribbean 
Interests of the United States, 1916-20; 
CLUBS: Univ., Madison; HOME: Madi- 
son; OFFICE: University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis. 

of Education, Northwestern Univ.; born 
Pennville, Ind., May 31, 1876; son Ed- 
mund Davis and Jennie (Harper) Jones; 
educ. Monmouth College; Univ. of 
Colo.; Leipzic; Berlin; Paris; Colum- 
bia; DEGREES: A.B., M.A., Ph.D.; 
married Vera Brown, 1911; AUTHOR: 
Comparison of Mental States in Horizon- 
tal and Vertical Positions of Body; Con- 
tributions to Psychology; CLUBS: Uni- 
versity; HOME: 1115 Church St.: OF- 
FICE: Northwestern Univ., Old College, 
Evanston, 111. 

JONES, JAMES EDMUND: Barrister, Po- 
lice Magistrate; born Belleville, Ont., 
June 24, 1866; son Rev. Canon Septimus 
and Eliza Bruce (Hutton) J.; educ., Up- 
per Canada Coll., (Head Boy); Univ. of 
Toronto; DEGREES: B.A. and Prince 
of Wales Scholarship; mar. E. Florence 
Hooper, Mar. 30, 1898; AUTHOR and 
COMPOSER: University of Toronto 
Song Book; In Fane and Forest: Tuxis 
Manual; Camp Fire Choruses; French 
Canadian Songs; Index to Bible; An- 
notated Book of Common Praise; Think 
on These Things, (series of addresses of 
prime interest to young men) ; Camping 
and Canoeing; has made special study of 
the law of copywright; is an authority 
on work among boys and young men; 
mem. of Can., Natl. Boys Work Bd.; or- 
ganized of worker's camp, Algonquin 
Park, taking courses in woodcraft and 
campcraft; CLUBS: pres. Aura Lee; Na- 
tional; Anglican; HOME: 181 Dawlish 
Ave.; OFFICE: 171 Yonge St., Toronto, 




JONES, JOHN E. : Journalist; born 
Bloomer, Wis., Jan. 25, 1872; educ. 
Bloomer, Wis.; married Estelle Cur- 
tis, Feb. 6, 1897; AUTHOR: Mount 
Vernon, the Home of Washington, 1915; 
founder and mgr., U. S. Press Assn., 
Washington, D. C.; newspaper syndi- 
cate writer: editor "Achievements"; 
CLUB: National Press; OFFICE: Con- 
tinental Trust Bldg., Washington, B.C. 

JONES, JOHN PRICE: Author and Publi- 
cist; born Latrobe, Pa., Aug. 13, 1877; 
son David F. and Leah (Price) J.; educ. 
. Phillips Exeter Acad., Harvard Univ.; 
DEGREE: A.B.; married Frieda B. 
Suppes, Dec. 5, 1905; AUTHOR: Am- 
erica Entangled, 1917; The German Se- 
cret Service in America, 1918; contbr. 
articles to periodicals; asst. director 
publicity and mgr. Press Bureau Liber- 
ty Loan Com., N. Y.; CLUBS: Harvard, 
New York Press; HOME: 195 Clare- 
mont Ave.; OFFICE: 150 Nassau St., 
New York City. 

JONES, LEWIS RALPH: Professor of 
Plant Pathology; born Brandon, Wis., 
Dec. p, 1864; son David and Lucy 
(Knapp) J.; educ. Ripon College; Univ. 
of Michigan; DEGREES: Ph.B., Ph.D., 
Sc.D. (honorary) ; married May Ben- 
nett, June 1890; AUTHOR: Flora of 
Vermont (in collab.) and carious 
scientific papers dealing with applied 


botany, plant diseases and their con- 
trol and especially disease resistance 
in plants; EDITOR: Phytopathology, 
American Journal of Botany; Club Uni- 
versity, Madison; HOME: 146 Prospect 
Ave.; OFFICE: University of Wiscon- 
sin, Madison, Wis. 

JONES, LYNDS: Teacher and Zoologist; 
born Jefferson, Ohio, Jan. 5, 1865; son 
Publius V. and Lavinia (Burton) J.; 
educ. Grinnell College, Oberlin College, 
Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., 
Sc.M., Ph.D., married Clara M. Tall- 
man, Sept. 8, 1892; AUTHOR: Revised 
Catalogpe of Birds of Ohio, 1903; Birds 
of Ohio (joint author) ,1903; member 
A. A. A., A.O.U.; Am. Forestry Assn.; 
CLUBS: Cooper, Wilson, Ornithologists: 
HOME: 352 W. College St.; OFFICE 
Spear Laboratory, Oberlin, Ohio. 

Tiffin, Ohio, June 18, 1860; daughter 
Charles and Martha Maria (Lyttle) C.; 
educ. Toledo High School; Lake Erie 
College; married Thomas McDowell 
Jones, June 4, 1890; AUTHOR: In Days 
of Old, When Knights Were Bold; 
Dolly's College Experiences; Achsah, 
the Sister of Jairus; Rome's Fool, and 
Other Stories; Six of Them; developed 
system of ed. by which daughter read 
newspapers at three and received de- 
gree of A.B. from Univ. of Mich, at the 
age of 13; has contbr. largely to papers 
and magazines; formerly editor of 
Children's Page of Philadelphia and 
Pittsburg pepers; CLUBS: Wednesday 
and Civic; HOME: 105 Locust St., Har- 
risburg, Pa. 

born Boonville, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1882; 
son Thomas Samuel and Mary (Clarke) 
J.: educ. Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B.; unmarried; AUTHOR: The Path 
o' Dreams, 1904; The Rose Jar, 1906; 
From Quiet Valleys, 1907; Interludes, 
1908; Sonnets, 1909; Ave atque Vale 
(in memoriam Arthur Upson), 1909; 
The Rose Jar (2d edition enlarged), 
1909: The Voice in the Silence (3rd 
edition with a foreword by James Lane 
Allen), 1915; The Rose Jar (4th, 5th, 
6th editions), 1915-17-20; The Voice 
in the Silence (4th and 5th editions), 
1917-19; The Poetical Works of Tho- 
mas S. Jon-es Jr. (2 vols.), 1918; contbr. 
of poems to magazines; CLUBS: Poe- 
try Soc. of Am.; Authors' League; Phi 
Delta Gamma; HOME: 411 West 115th 
St., New York City. 

land Stanford University (now Chan- 
cellor Emeritus) ; born Gainsville, N. 
Y., Jan. 19, 1851; son Hiram and Hul- 
dah Lake (Hawley) J.; educ. Cornell 
Harvard, London, Paris, Johns Hopkins 



Univ. of Ind. Med. Coll., Butler Univ.; 
DEGREES: M.S., M.D., LL.D., Ph.D.; 
married Jessie Knight, Mar. 10, 1881; 
AUTHOR: A Manual of Vertebrate 
Animals of the Northern United States, 
1876; Science Sketches, 1887; Care and 
Culture of Men, 1897; The Innumera- 
ble Company, 1896; The Strength of 
Being Clean, 1900; Standeth God With- 
in the Shadow, 1900; The Philosophy 
of Hope, 1902; The Human Harvest, 
Higher Sacrifice, 1908; The Religion of 
a Sensible 'American, 1909; The Fate of 
Iciodorum, 1909; World Peace and the 
College Man, 1914; War and the Breed, 
1915; Alsace-Lorraine a study in con- 
quest, 1915; Democracy and World Re- 
lations, 1918; author of many books, 
also articles on Internationalism and 
World Peace in many publications in 
America, Great Britain and Germany, 
and numerous papers Ichthyology and 
evolution; has been naturalist and ex- 
plorer, teacher, administrator and "Min- 
or prophet of Democracy"; has had some 
hand in all that is going on in America 
and Europe for the last 40 years; 
CLUBS: University and Bohemian; 
HOME: Stanford University P. O. Calif. 

JUETTNER, OTTO; Physician; born Bres- 
lap. Germany, Feb. 3, 1865; son Aman- 
dus and Augusta (Haenel) J. ; educ. St. 
Matthias Gymnasium of Breslau, Grand 
Ducal Lyceum of Karlsruh; DEGREES: 
B.S., Ph.D., M.D., married Estelle Reg- 
ma Bode, 1913; AUTHOR: Modern 
Physio-therapy, 1906; Songs of the 
University of Cincinnati, 1908; Physi- 
cal Therapeutic Methods, 1909; Daniel 
Drake and His Followers, 1910; A Nar- 
rative of Medicine in Ohio, 1912; Life of 
John L. Richmond, 1913; Life of 
Alexander Dunlap, 1913; The Practice 
of Medicine Based on Physical Thera- 
peutic Methods, 1915; A Treatise on 
Medical Practice the Physical Methods 
of Treatment, 1916; member Am. Acad. 
of Med.; A.A.A.S., Royal Acad. of Med. 
(England); Am. Med. Editors' Assn.; 
Am. Hist. Soc.; Western Assn. for 
preservation of Medical Records; Roy- 
al Micros. Soc.; HOME: 2164 Elysian 
Place, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


cultural Consultant; born St. Thomas, 
Ontario, Oct.,. 1868; son John A. and 
Emma E. (Hughes) K.; educ. Mich. 
Agric. College, Cornell Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., B.S. Agric., M.S. Agric., 
married Jean Hickey, June 1st, 1913; 
AUTHOR: Ginseng, 1898. 2d edit. 1903; 
Making Horticulture Pay 

1909; Culinary Herbs, 1912; Plant 
Propagation, 1916; Principles and 
Practices of Pruning, 1917; The Home 


Fruit Grower, 1918; editor New Inter- 
national Cyclo., 1912-3; contbr. Clyco. 
Americana, 1904; horticulture editor, 
American (Agriculturist, New York, 
1904-14; prof, of horticulture and head 
of dept. Pa. State College, 1914-16; 
practising consultant since 1916; lec- 
turer on horticulture, Columbia Univ.; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta; Mason; 
ADDRESS; Pomona, N. Y. 

born Philadelphia, Jan. 19, 1837; son 
William W. and Susan (Budd) K.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., (Brown Univ. 1859), 
M.D., (Jefferson Med. Coll., Phila., 
1862), Sc.D., (1912), LL.D., (Brown, 
1891), Northwestern and Toronto Univs. 
1903; Edinburgh Univ., 1905; Yale 
Univ., 1906; St. Andrews Univ., 1911; 
Univ. of Pa., 1919; Hon. Ph. D., Univ. of 
Upsala, Sweden, 1907; Hon. Sc.D., Har- 
vard Univ., 1920; studied in Europe, 
1864-66; mar., Emma Corinna Borden, 
of Fall River, Mass., 1867, (d. 1886); 
AUTHOR: Keen's Clinical Charts, 1870; 
History of the Phila. School of Anatomy, 
1874; Early History of the Practical 
Anatomy, 1870; History of the First 
Baptist Church of Phila., 1898; Surgi- 
cal Complications and Sequels of Ty- 
phoid Fever, 1898; Addresses and Other 
Papers, 1905; Animal Experimentation 
andv Medical Progress, 1914; The Early 
Years of Brown University, (1764- 
1770), 1914; Ether Day Address, 1915; 
Treatment of War Wounds, 1917; Sur- 
gical Operations on President Cleveland, 
1917; Colver Lectures at Brown Univ., 
on Medical Research and Human Wel- 
fare, 1917; Editor: Heath's Practical 
Anatomy, 1870; Diagrams of the Nerves 
of the Human Body, by W. H. Flower, 
1872; American Health Primers, 1879- 
80; Holden's Medical and Surgical Land- 
marks, 1881; Gray's Anatomy, 1887; 
American Text-Book of Surgery, 1892- 
1903; Keen's System of Surgery, 1906- 
21, (8 vols.); contbr. to medical journ- 
als; in practice at Phila,, from 1866; 
conducted Phila. Sch. of Anatomy, 1866- 
75; lecturer Pathol., Anat., Jefferson 
Med. Coll., 1866-75; prof. Artistic 
Anatomy, Pa. Acad of Fine Arts, 1876- 
89; prof, of surgery, 1889-1907; prof. 
Emeritus, 1907; Jefferson Med. Coll., 
Major Med. R.C., U.S.A., April 1917; 
mem. Natl. Research Council, Trustee 
and Fellow, Brown Univ., since 1873; 
pres. Am. Surg. Assn., 1898; Amer. Med. 
Assn., 1899; College of Physicians, 
Phila., 1900-01, Congress Am. Physi- 
cians and Surgeons, 1903; Amer. Phil- 
osoph. Soc., 1908-18; since 1894; foreign 
corr. mem. Societe de Chirugie, Paris, 
Clinical Soc., London; Soc. Beige de 
Chirugie; Hon. Fellow, Royal Coll. of 
Surgeons of England; F.R.C.S., Edin- 
burgh, Italian Surgical Society, Paler- 



mo Surgical Soc., Amer. Coll., of Sur- 
geons; Assoc. Fellow of Amer. Acad. of 
Arts and Sciences; mem. advisory coun- 
cil Simplified Spelling Board; pres. Fifth 
Internatl. Cong, of Surgery, Paris, July 
1920; "Officer of the Order of the 
Crown," of Belgium; mem. Order of 
Founders and Patriots; asst. surg., 5th 
Mass. Reg., 1861; acting asst. surgeon 
U.S.A., 1862-64; CLUBS: University, 
Brown University, Franklin Inn, (Phila) 
Sigma Xi; ADDRESS: 1729 Chestnut 
St., Philadelphia, Pa. 


Teacher; born Homer, 111., Nov. 1869; 
son Harvey Hamilton and Juliet Carter 
(Hull) K.; educ. 111. State Normal Sen., 
Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: A.B. A.M., 
Pd.D.; married Rebecca A. Foley, 1900; 
AUTHOR: The Nation and the School, 
1920: Elementary Education, 1903; has 
cond. Teachers' training in Normal sch. 
for over 23 years; HOME: Indiana, Pa. 

born Emporia, Kan., Dec. 1867; son 
Lyman Beecher and Abigail (Homer) 
K.; educ., Univ. of Kansas, Cornell, 
Univ. of Leipzig, Univ. of Paris; DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.S., LL.D.; mar. Char- 
lotte Hoffman, 1908; AUTHOR: Com- 
mon Injurious Insects of Kansas, 1892; 
Elementary Zoology, 1901; First Lessons 
in Zoology 1903; American Insects, 1904; 
Darwinism Today, 1907; Insect Sto- 
ries, 1908; In and Out of Florence (un- 
der pseudonym ''Max Vernon"), 1910; 
The Animals and Man, 1911; Beyond 
War, 1912; Headquarters Nights, 1917; 
Joint author: Animal Studies; Elements 
of Insect Anatomy; Animal Life; Les- 
sons in Nature Study; Evolution and 
Animal Life; Scientific Aspect of Luth- 
er Burbank's work; Economic Zoolo- 
gy and Entomology; Losses of Life in 
Modern Wars and Race Degeneration; 
The Food Problem; Fighting Starvation 
in Belgium, 1918; Germany in the War, 
and After, 1919; Herbert Hoover, The 
Man and His Work, 1920; Nuova, the 
New Bee, 1920; numerous papers on 
biology, variation and heredity; editor 
Philosophy of Nature Series since 1911; 
took charge food distribution in Bel- 
gium and Northern France, 1915-16, 
under Am. Comm. of Relief in Belgium; 
Asst. to U.S. Food Administrator, Wash- 
ington, 1917 ; CLUBS: Bohemian 
(San Francisco), Cosmos (Washington), 
Century, (New York); ADDRESS: Na- 
tional Research Council, Washington, 

KENNAN, GEORGE; Author; born Nor- 
walk, Ohio, Feb. 16, 1845; son John 
and Mary Ann (Morse) K.; educ. Pub- 
lic Sens. (Norwalk) and Columbus, 
Ohio, Williams College, University of 
Rochester (N. Y.); DEGREES: Litt.D.; 


married Emeline R Weld.; AUTHOR: 
Tent Life in Siberia, 1910; Siberia and 
the Exile System (2 vols.), 1891; Cam- 
paigning in Cuba, 1899; The Tragedy 
of Pelee, 1902; Folk Tales of Napoleon, 
1903; A Russian Comedy of Errors, 
Misrepresentation in Railroad Affairs, 
1916; E. H. Harriman's Far Eastern 
Plans, 1917; The Salton Sea, 1917; 
explored N.E. Siberia (as telegraphic 
engineer 1865); Mountains of Eastern 
Caucasus, 1870; investigator of System 
of Exile to Siberia; Supt. construction 
of large part of Russian-American 
Telegraph Line; assigned to Cuba, 1898, 
as special corr. for The Outlook, and in 
conn, with Red Cross work later on staff 
of that periodical; lectured on travel, 
Russia, Siberia, etc., in U. S. and in 
Europe; CLUB: Authors'; ADDRESS: 
Medina. N. Y. 

and College President; born Sombra, 
Ontario. Can., July 18, 1860; son Nel- 
son and Hester K.; educ. Sarnia High 
Sch., Cobourg Coll. Inst., Victoria 
Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., D.D.; married 
Emily Spencer, Oct. 11, 1888; AUTHOR: 
The Broken Trail, 1900; Keep a Grip 
on Harry (brochure), 1904; Trustee 
Gen. Hospital, Calgary, 1913-14; prom- 
inent in movement for establishing 
Central Institutional Church, of which 
he held pastorate for eight years; iden- 
tified educ. work in Calgary public schs; 
founded Mount Royal College; CLUBS: 
Rotary, Canadian; ADDRESS: Mount 
Royal College, Alta. Can. 

American antiques; born Chicago, 111., 
Nov. 1865; son Samuel H. and Anna 
(Lawrence) K; educ. Shattuck 
Sch. (Faribault, Minn.); Columbia 
Grammar Sch. (New York City), Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., AU- 
THOR: Broadway, 1911; How to Read, 
1916; literary editor Life and asso. 
editor Camera Work (New York) ; 
HOME: Freehold, N. J. 

Clergyman; born Mifflinburg, Pa., Oct. 
5, 1845; son Rev. Ephraim and Eleanor 
(Spangler) K.; educ. Mifflinburg Acad., 
Franklin and Marshall College, Lan- 
caster Theol. Seminary; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., D.D.; married Mary Eliza- 
beth Mylin, Sept. 2, 1873; AUTHOR: 
The Recollections of a Drummer Boy, 
1883; College Chapel Sermons, 1891; 
The First Settlers of the Forks of the 
Delaware, 1905; It is to Laugh, 1907; 
The Funny Bone, 1910; Laugh Again, 
1912; Short Stories of the Hymns, 
1912; joint editor of the Hymnal of the 
Reformed Church, 1890; member G. 
A.R.; enlisted in the Civil War as 
Drummer Boy at the age of 16, in the 



150th Penna Volunteers the cele- 
brated "Bucktail" regiment; served 3 
years in field, was in all battles from 
Chancellorsville to end, including Get- 
tysburg; HOME: 22 Mt. Vernon Ave., 
Atlantic City, N. J. 

cian; born Chicago, 111., Mar. 1872; son 
Chauncy and Antoinelle (Wendell) K.; 
educ. Public Sens., New York City Col- 
lege,Col-ambia Univ.; DEGREES: M.D.; 
married Angle Ransom, Jan. 5, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Practical Care of the Baby 
and Young Child, 1910; Physical Ex- 
amination of Infants and Young Child- 
ren, 1912; has lectured for Dept. of 
Education on Medical Subjects, also for 
First Aid to the Injured Society; fellow 
New York Acad. of Medicine; HOME: 
165 West 85th St., New York City. 


Educator; born Yale, Mich., Nov., 1860; 
son Sylvester and Sarah Ann (Beards- 
ley) K.; educ. Valparaiso (Ind.) Univ., 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; DEGREES: M.A., 
LL/.B.; married Marie E. Guy, Dec. 
25, 1879 (died 1910); 2d, Laura E. 
Adams, July 15, 1911; AUTHOR: Busi- 
ness Speller, 1905; Business English, 
1908; Commercial Arithmetic, 1910; 
Gaining the Round Above, 1918; editor 
School Record Detroit and Albion Mich; 
HOME: 294 West 4th St.; OFFICE: 
116 West 4th St., New York City. 

KING. ARTHUR SCOTT: Physicist; born 
Jerseyville, 111., Jan. 18, 1876; son Ro- 
bert A. and Miriam (Munson)K.; educ. 
Univ. of Calif., Bonn, Berlin; DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; married 
Louise Burnett, June 21, 1906; AU- 
THOR: numerous papers on spectros- 
copic researches, appearing for the most 
part, in the Astrophysical Journal of 
Chicago; HOME: 925 Topeka St., Pasa- 
dena; OFFICE: Mt. Wilson Observa- 

cian; born Kitchener, Ont., Nov. 1878; 
son John and Isabell Grace (Macken- 
zie) K.; educ. Harbord Collegiate Inst., 
Toronto Univ.; DEGREES: M.B.; mar- 
ried May Wookey, Oct. 18, 1911; AU- 
THOR: The Battle with Tuberculosis 
and How to Win It, 1917; member Natl. 
Assn. for Study and Prevention of Tub- 
erculosis; HOME: 966 Washington St., 
Denver, Colo. 

KING, IRVING: University Professor and 
Ranchman; born Richmond, Ind., July 
1874; son Edward and Mary K.; educ. 
Earlham College, Univ. of Chicago; DE- 
GREES; A.B., PhD., married Alta F. 
Burke, Sept. 1898; AUTHOR: Psycho- 
logy of Child Development, 1903; De- 
velopment of Religion; Social Aspects 
of Education; Education for Social Ef- 
ficiency; High School Age, 1914; 


CLUBS: fellow A.A.A.S.; Phi Beta Kap- 
pa; HOME: Iowa City, Iowa. 

President; born near Zanesville, Ohio 
Dec. 20, 1830; son Jas. and Mariam K.; 
educ., Zanesville High Sen., Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
D.D., LL.D.; married Margaret McKell, 
Aug. 3, 1865; AUTHOR: Reminiscen- 
ces, 1915; became acting pres. of Cor- 
nell College, 1863, and pres. 1865; in 
1906 submitted fourth resignation 
which was then accepted; still member 
of bd. of trustees under title of "Presi- 
dent Emeritus"; endowed college with 
$200,000 in memory of deceased wife 
and daughter; HOME: Mt. Vernon, 

ian; born Independence, la., Feb. 6, 
1877; son John and Jane K.; educ. 
Kan. State Agricultural College, Univ, 
of Chicago, Kansas City Vet. College; 
DEGREES: B.Sc., M.Sc., D.V.S.; mar- 
ried Anna Smith, Sept. 4, 1001; AU- 
THOR: Veterinary Pathology, 1906; 
S\vine Diseases, 1914; member Am. Vet. 
Assn., Mo. Vallev Med. Assn.; HOME: 
616 East 59th St. OFFICE; 400 New 
Centre Bldg., Kansas City, Mo. 

KINSLEY, WILLIAM W.: Retired; born 

Buffalo, N. Y., Oct. 8, 1837; son Wil- 




liam K., educ. Oberlin Ohio; DEGREES: 
A.B.,; married Mary A. Jewell, Oct. 11, 
18 05; AUTHOR: Views on the Vexed 
Question, 1881; Science and Prayer, 
1894; Old Faiths and New Pacts, 1896; 
The Bronte Sisters, 1899; Man's Tomor- 
row, 1911; Does Prayer Avail?, 1911; 
Was Christ Divine?, 1912; forming a 
connected series under the general title, 
"The Three Great Questions"; CLUBS 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: East Falls 
Church, Va. 

cher; born Peoria City, la., Sept. 19, 
1862; son Francis A. and Catherine K., 
educ. Iowa State College, Clark Univ.; 
DBJGREES: B.S., M.Ph.; married Flo- 
rence M. Clifford, Aug. 29, 1895; AU- 
THOR; Fundamentals of Child Study; 
Genetic Psychology; The Individual in 
the Making; The Use of Money; Imag- 
ination and Its Place in Education; 
member A.A.A.S., Am. Psychol. Assn.; 
HOME: 856 Main St., Leominister; OF- 
FICE: Fitchburg Normal School, Fitch- 
burg, Mass. 

KLAPPER, PAUL: Professor of Educa- 
tion; born Roumania, July, 1885; son 
Louis and Rachel K.; educ. The College 
of the City of New York; Columbia; 
Wis.; New York Univ.; DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; married Flora Eyden- 
berg, June, 1911; AUTHOR: Principles 
of Educational Practice, 1912; Teach- 
ing Children to Read, 1915; Teaching 
of English, 1916; Teaching of Arith- 
metic, 1918; College Teaching, 1920; 
member A.A.A.S.; P.B.K.; CLUBS: 
City (New York); HOME: 839 W. 178 
St.: OFFICE: College, City of New 
York; 139 St and Convent Ave., New 
York City. 

KNIGHT, NICHOLAS: College Professor 
(Chemistry); born Mexico, N. Y., Apr. 
2, 1861: son George and Mary (Mac- 
Donald) K.; educ. Mexico Acad.; Cor- 
nell; Johns Hopkins; Syracuse; Har- 
vard and Strassburg Universities; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Anna M. Audas, Aug. 11, 1877; AU- 
THOR: A Course in Quantitative Analy- 
sis, 1899 (revised and rewritten, 1915); 
Blow Pipe Analysis, 1905; Chemical 
Arithmetic, 1906; Chemistry of Col- 
loids, 1915; published about 100 scien- 
tific papers in chemical journals and 
about 100 papers on miscellaneous sub- 
jects; member Am. Chemical Soc.; Ger- 
man Chem. Soc.; Delta Upsilon; pres. 
Iowa Acad. of Science, 1920-21; fellow 
by courtesy, Johns Hopkins; City Chem- 
ist, Mount Vernon, Iowa; Chemist to 
the Oneida, N. Y. Water Com.; CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa; ADDRESS: Cornell 
College, Mount Vernon, Iowa. 

KOCH, JULIUS ARNOLD: Chemist; born 
Bremen, Germany, Aug. 15, 1864; son 

Arnold and Amanda (Wenke) K.; educ. 
Pittsburg Public and High Schs.; Pitts- 
burg College of Pharmacy; Pittsburg 
College; DEGREES: Ph.G., Phar. D., 
Ph.D., Sc.D.; married Albertine Strunz, 
Nov. 7, 1889; AUTHOR: Laboratory 
Manual for Pharmacy Students; Che- 
mical Laboratory Tables; Essentials of 
Glass Making; contbr. to proceedings 
and journals; CLUBS: Pittsburg Ath- 
letic Assn.; HOME: 28 Arlington Ave.; 
OFFICE: 1431 Bluff St., Pittsburg, 

KOESTER, FRANK: Engineer,- City 
Planner and Author; born Sterkrade, 
Rhineland, Germany, Aug. 28, 1876; 
son Johann and Henriette (Trill) K.; 
theoretical and practical training for 
10 yrs. in Europe; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: Steam Electric Power Plants, 
1908; Hydroelectric Developments and 
Engineering, 1909; Electricity for the 
Farm and Home, 1913; The Price of 
Inefficiency, 1913; Modern City Plan- 
ning and Maintenance, 1914; Secrets 
of German Progress, 1915; also sever- 
al brochures, some 200 articles in the 
scientific and technical press and some 
300 articles in the general press; large 
contbr. to new edition of "Encyclope- 
dia Americana"; expert on industrial 
efficiency and civic improvement; be- 
came naturalized citizen of U. S., 1911; 
ADDRESS: Hudson Terminal Big., 
New York City. 

KOLMER: JOHN ALBERT: Pathologist; 
born Lonaconing, Md., Apr. 24, 1886; 
son Leonard and Selina K.; educ. 
Charlotte Hall Acad.; Univ. of Pa.; 
DEGREES: M.Ss. (Hon).; M.D.; Dr. 
D.H.; married Bessie Cecilia Herron, 
1912; AUTHOR: Infection, Immunity 
and Specific Therapy; Clinical Path- 
ology; HOME: Cynwyd; OFFICE: 
Univ. of Penna., Me. Coll. Phila- 

born Chlistovo, Bohemia, Dec. 8, 1852; 
son Marcus and Anna K.; educ. Klat- 
ter Coll. (Bohemia); St. Francis Semi- 
nary, .Milwaukee; { AUTHOR: Readers 
for Bohemian Parochial Schs. (I, II, 
III) : Short History of the Church for 

, Catholic Schools; Prayer Book for 
Adults; Prayer Book for Children; 
priest, 1875; cons, bishop 1908; Dio- 
cese Superior, Wis., 1913; ADDRESS: 
Bishop's House, Superior, Wis. 

gist; Educator; born Syracuse, N. Y., 
Dec. 25, 1875; son John E. and Rosa 
K. K.; educ. Syracuse Univ.; Univ. of 
Munich; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; 
married Lena M. Hoffman, June 24, 
1902; AUTHOR: Essentials of Crystal- 
ogy, 1911; Descriptive Mineralogy, 1911; 



Tables (with W. F. Hunt), 
1911; Mineralogy, 1920; fellow Geol. 
Soc. of Am.; Mineralogical Soc. of Am.; 
(pres. 1920); Am. Assn. for the Ad- 
vancement of Science; member Am. 
Chemical Soc.; Optical Soc. of Am.; 
Am. Inst. of Mining Metallurgical En- 
gineers; Amer. Asn. Univ. Profs., 
Mich. Acad. of Science (president 
1919-20); CLUBS: Univ. (Ann Arbor) ; 
Research (Univ. of Mich.); HOME: 
722 Church St.; OFFICE: University 
of Mich., Ann Arbor, Mich. 


born Brilon, Germany, Nov. 7, 1872; 
son J. R. and Adelheid (Russ) K.; 
educ. Univ. of Marburg; Univ. of Lau- 
sanne; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Margaret Bailey, Dec. 25, 
1901; AUTHOR: G. Hauptmann's 
Treatment of Blank Verse; The Re- 
form Method in America; The Direct 
Method in Modern Languages, The 
Walter-Krause German Series (16 
vols.); CLUB: Sterling T.; HOME: 
1042A Sterling Place, Brooklyn; OF- 
FICE: Hillsdale Ave., and Union St., 
Jamaica, New York City. 

tor and Minister; born Omaha, Neb., 
Dec. 1861; son H. W., D.D., and C. J. 
(Hay) K.; educ. Newberry Coll. Western 
Maryland Penna. College: Gettysburg 
Theol. Seminary; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Litt.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Huss and His Relation to Luther; Con- 
stantine the Great; Luther League 
Handbook; An Army Surgeon's Letters 
to His Wife, CLUBS: Omaha Chamber 
of Commerce; ADDRESS: Saunders Ken- 
nedy Bldg., Omaha, Nebraska. 

KIISSY, NATHAN: Lawyer and Author; 
born Newark, N. J., July 13, 1872; son 
Gustave and Bella K.; educ. New York 
Law School; DEGREE: B.L.; married 
Tennie Levi ; Apr. 25, 1900; AUTHOR: 
Grin mar, 1907; The Abyss, 1916; 
playlets produced: The President 
Speaks: The Diamond Necklace; 
Crooks: The Schemer; practiced law 
in Newark since 1895; member Bd. of 
Education, 1898-1902; asst. City Atty. 
since 1917; CLUBS: Authors' League 
of Am.; HOME: 71 Farley Ave.; OF- 
FICE: 790 Broad St., Newark, N. J. - 



Professor of French Literature, Johns 
Hopkins Univ.; born Richmond, Va., 
Nov. JLO_, 1882; son Robert Alexander 
and " Williamene Cabell (Carrington) 
L.; educ. McCabe's (Richmond); Univ. 
of Va.; Johns Hopkins; DEGREES: 
B.A., .M.A., Ph.D., M.A. (hon. Amherst) ; 
married Helen Converse Clark, June 


11, 1913; AUTHOR: The French 
Tragi-Comedy, 1907; Pierre Du Ryer, 
Dramatist, 1912; Le Memoire de 
Mahelot, Laurent et d'autres decora- 
teurs de 1'Hotel de Bourgogne et de la 
Comedie Francaise, 1920; CLUBS: 
Delta Tau Delta; Phi Beta Kappa; 
HOME: 604 Edgevale Road; OFFICE: 
Johns Hopkins Univ., Baltimore, Md. 

LANCASTER, HEAVES: Author; born 
Lancaster Lodge, Miss., April, 1871; 
son Charles Dunbar and Carrie Gray- 
son (Hewes) L. ; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Marie of Arcady, 1909; The One and 
the Other, 1912; The Wind in the Gar- 
den; The Will, 1914; HOME: Cuevas, 

er and Editor; born Waverly, Mass., 
June, 1883; daughter John Arnold and 
Jenny (Stickney) L.; educ. Cambridge 
Latin Sch., Mount Holyoke; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M.; AUTHOR: Open Road Li- 
brary (7 vols.); Food and Life; Dra- 
matic Readings; editor Our Wonder 
World; HOME: 49 Dana St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

born Fort Riley, Kan., Feb. 12, 1859; 
daughter Surgeon Gen. William A. and 
Helen Nisbet Hammond; educ. by pri- 
vate tutors and at Mrs. Williames' 

Acad. (New York) : married the Mar- 
quis Manfredi Lanza, May 10, 1877; 
AUTHOR: Mr. Parker's Daughter, 1885 
A Righteous Apostate, 1887; Basil 
Morton's Transgression, 1889; A Mod- 
ern Marriage, 1890; The Nestor Tra- 
gedy, 1891; Horace Everett, 1897; 
Tales of Eccentric Life (collaborated), 
1888; The Dweller on the Borderland, 
1910; contbr. fiction to periodicals; 
HOME: 25 East 30th St., New York 

born Fillmore, N. Y., Nov., 1880; son 
Frederick and Elizabeth (Holland) L.; 
educ. Alfred Univ.; Univ. of Wis.; 
Cornell Un.; DEGREES: Ph.B., LL.D.; 
married Mary Clancy, Oct., 1911; AU- 
THOR: Learning to Earn, 1915; Our 
America, 1916; Important Federal 
Laws: Federal Rules and Regulations; 
Social Economics, 1921; The Elements 
of Civics, 1916; dir. Ind. Legislative Re- 
ference Bureau, 1908-17; member Fed- 
eral Com. on Vocational Ed., 1914; 
managing editor Modern Medicine, 
1919; CLUB: City, of Chicago; HOME: 
22 East Ontario St., Chicago. 

Professor; born Franklin Co., Va., Dec. 
27, 1883; son George Washington and 
Mary Elizabeth (Muse) L.; educ. 
Wash. Christian College; Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 




married Nancy Calfee, June, 1913; AU- 
THOR: England and French Revolu- 
tion.; contbr. articles to leading perio- 
dicals; member Am. Hist. Assn.; CLUB: 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: Durham, N. 

man; born Worcester, Mass., June, 1851; 
son Martin and Mary (Putnam) L.; 
educ. Worcester High Sch.; Yale Col- 
lege; Andover Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: 
A.B., B.D.; married Harriett Preble 
Thacher, 1878; AUTHOR: The Chosen 
of God and others; HOME: Cambridge 


Teacher; born Oregon City, Ore., Aug., 
1884; son De Witt Clinton and Ellen 
(Scott) L.; educ. McMinnville College; 
Yale Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., B.A., 
M.A., Ph.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
The Development of China, 1917; Th 
Development of Japan, 1918; The His- 
tory of the Early Relations Between 
the United States and Japan (1784- 
1884), 1917; The Christian Basis of 
World Democracy, 1919; CLUBS: Phi 
Beta Kappa, Alpha Chi Rho; HOME: 
Denison University, Granville, Ohio. 

ogist and Statistician; born Oskaloosa, 
la., Mar. 11, 1880; son George Hamil- 
ton and Deborah (Ross) L.; educ. 
Missouri State Teachers' College; la. 
State College of Agriculture; Prince- 
ton Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., 
Sc.D.; AUTHOR: Eugenical Aspect of 
Sterilization, 1914; Legislative, Admin- 
istrative and Legal Aspects of Eugeni- 
cal Sterilization, 1914; Duration of 
the Several Mitotic Stages in the Divid- 
ing Root-Tip Cells of the Common On- 
ion, 1919; State Institutions for the 
Defective, Dependent and Delinquent 
Classes, 1914; Fellow A.A.A.S.; mem 
Eugenics Research Assn.; Am. Soc. of 
Naturalists; Am. Soc. of Internatl. Law; 
HOME: Cold Spring Harbor, Long Is- 
land, N. Y. 

Editor, Founder Church Organization 
Artist, Musician; born Cleveland, O 
Daughter Henry Cowles and Mary Avery 
(Grant) Chamberlain, Granddaughter 
Rev. Ebenezer Chamberlain; brought up 
and educated in New York City, public 
and private schools; married (Rev.) 
Charles Lorenzo Lawrence (Registrar 
Columbia University) Dec. 26, 1894 
AUTHOR: Travels of Phoebe Ann 
(humorous); Retrospection; Inspira 
tion; The Lure of the Lonesome Coun 
try (in press); numerous magazine 
stories, articles, etc. Edits book revie\\ 
sections of several California dailies 
founder of Strangers' League, an inter 
national organization for the care o 

strangers in churches (undenomina- 
tional) ; descended from long line of 
men prominent in church and state, 
among them General Ulysses S. Grant, 
Dr. Henry Smith, founder and first 
President of Northwestern College, Dr. 
Henry Cowles (Bible Commentator,) 
Thomas Welles who fought at the Bat- 
tle of Bunker Hill, Joseph Chamberlain 
who came to America in the Mayflower, 
Thomas Welles, Second Governor of 
Connecticut, who served four terms as 
Governor of that state, and Hugo de 
Welles, Lord Chancellor of England, 
who prepared the Magna Charta in 1207 
and obtained the signature of King 
John in 1215, the instrument bearing 
the seals of both Hugo and Joscelin de 
Welles. Genealogy of Welles Family 
(Grandmother's family on maternal 
side) dates from 794 A.D. (book form), 
in direct lineage of the de Vallibus, (or 
Vaux) family, one of the most illustri- 
ous known to history, from which date 
they held the highest rank both person- 
ally and by Royal intermarriages. 
CLUBS: Daughters of American Revo- 
lution; National Book Association (New 
York); Southern California Womans 
Press Club; Business and Professional 
Womans Club (Los Angeles); Grant 
Family Association (New York). HOME: 
133 So. Benton .Blvd., Los Angeles, Cal. 

er and Writer; born Philadelphia, Nov. 
1, 1859; son Prof. Philip and Mary E. 
(Maver) L.; educ. by private tutors 
and Friends School (Phila.); unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: The Power of Speech, 
1909; The Lawrence Speaker and 
How to Master the Spoken Word, 1913; 
How to Improve the Memory, 1913; 
How to Speak, 1917; Sidelights on 
Shakespeare, 1918; opened in 1879 
when he played lead in "The Danich- 
effs"; starred in "For Her Sake"; suc- 
ceeded father as director of Lawrence 
School of Elocution and Acting, New 
York; HOME: Athol, Mass. 

Author; born Hamilton, Ont., Mar. 29, 
1852; son Joseph and Charlotte (Dav- 
ison) L.; educ. Osgoode College; Univ. 
of Mo.; DEGREES: B.A.L., LL.D.; 
married Frances E. Chase, 1879; AU- 
THOR: Contracts of Common Carriers 
1880; Usages and Customs, 1881; Con- 
cordance of Words and Phrases, 1883; 
Expert and Opinion Evidence, 1883; 
Principles of Equity, 1884; Leading 
Cases Simplified (3 vols.), 1882; Pre- 
sumptive Evidence, 1885; Insanity as 
a Defense, 1884: Defenses to Crime 
(5 vols.), 1886, 1892; Rights, Rem- 
edies and Practice (7 vols.), 1891; 
American Law of Bailments, 1891; 
American Law of Contracts, 1893; 
Cases on Personal Property, 1896; 



Cases on Quasi-Contracts, 1904; edi- 
tor American Law Reviews, 1910-16; 
asso. editor Journal of Criminal Law 
and Criminology, 1910-14; special com- 
missioner from America, Inst. of Crimi- 
nal Law and Criminology to investi- 
gate administration of Criminal Law in 
Great Britain, 1909-10; HOME: 209 
N. 3rd St., St. Louis, Mo. 

facturer; born Corning, N. Y., Nov. 1, 
1853; son Publius V. and Elizabeth 
(Fleming) L.; educ. Menasha High 
Sen. (Wis.); Univ. of Wis.; DEGREE: 
LL.B.; married Florence J. Wright, 
Aug. 5, 1884; AUTHOR: The Bravest 


of the Brave Charles de Langlade, 
1904; Prince or Creole the Mystery 
of Louis XVII, 1905; Rocks and Min- 
erals of Wisconsin, 1906; Family Gen- 
ealogy, 1903; Life of James Duane 
Doty, 1920; The Potawatomi, 1920; 
Life of Thure Kumlien, 1920; History 
of Winnebago County (2 vols., 1908; 
Rocks and Minerals of Michigan, 1907; 
contbr. of articles to scientific journals, 
public reports and newspapers on geo- 
logical, historical, and antiquarian sub- 
jects; lecturer before important clubs 
and associations of country; originated 
the county system o2 traveling libraries 
incorporated into the laws of Wis. in 
1901; has held many important muni- 
cipal, state and legislative offices and 


been active in promoting spread of edu- 
cational and library facilities through- 
out Wisconsin; member Wis. Archaelog. 
Soc. (v. p.); Natnl. Geog. Soc.; Wis. 
Hist. Soc.; Historic Sites Committee; 
Chamn. Troop Com. Boy Scouts and 
many other assns.; CLUBS: Rod and 
Gun; Nodaway Yacht; University; Phi 
Kappa Psi; S. A. R. Knight Templar; 
pres. Menasha Woodsplit Pulley Co.; 
HOME: Menasha, Wis. 

born Philadelphia, July 3, 1880; son 
Alonzo Lemuel and Jennie (Goddard) 
L.; educ. Princeton; Harvard; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Agnes Lisle Brown, Feb. 20, 1915; 
AU "HOR: Scandinavia of the Scandina- 
vians; editor Scandinavian Review 
Scandinavian Classics; has lectured on 
Scandinavian topics and contbr. maga- 
zine articles on same; CLUBS: Ardsley 
Colonial Wars; S.A.R.; HOME- 170 E 
64th St., New York City. 

sor of Political Economy; born Hants, 
England, Dec. 30, 1869; son W. P L 
educ. Upper Canada College; Toronto 
Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES' 
B.A., Ph.D., LL.D., Litt.D.; married 
Beatrice Hamilton, 1900; AUTHOR- 
Elements of Political Science, 1905; 
Literary Lapses, 1910; Nonsense 
Novels, 1911; Sunshine Sketches of a 
Little Town, 1912; Behind the Beyond, 
1913; Arcadian Adventures with the 
Idle Rich, 1914; Essays and Literary 
Studies, 1916; Further Foolishness, 
Frenzied Fiction, 1917; The 
Hohenzollerns in America, 1919; The 
Unsolved Riddle of Social Justice, 1919; 
Winsome Winnie and Other New Non- 
sense Novels, 1920; OFFICE: McGill 
University, Montreal, Can. 

sionary Teacher: born Canterbury, 
Conn., Oct. 12, 1898; son Robert Coit 
and Sarah Birdsey (Whitney) L.; educ. 
William Seminary; Yale College; DE- 
GREES: B.A., Ph.D., D.D.; married 
Florence Helen Rehard, July 7. 1875; 
AUTHOR: Church History, 1888-1904; 
Commentary on New Testament (in 
10 vols.) 1883-92-1901-9; Elements of 
Economics, 1889; also member of com- 
mittee which made the new version of 
the New Testament in Japanese, 1913- 
16; HOME: Doshisha University, Kyoto, 

born Elizabeth, N. J., Aug. 3, 1877; 
son George S. and Joanna (Gaston) 
L.; educ. Rutgers College; N. Y. Univ.; 
Union Theol. Seminary; McCormick 
Seminary; DEGREES: B.Sc., M.A., 
Ph.D.: married Beatrice E. Knight, 
1904; AUTHOR: The Christmas City, 



1911; The Real Palestine of Today, 
1911; Andorra, the Hidden Republic, 
1912; Syria, the Land of Lebanon, 
1913; CLUBS: Clergy (New York); Phi 
Beta Kappa; HOME: Pelham Manor, 
N. Y. 

LEFEVRE, EDAVIN: Author; born Colon, 
Columbia, Jan. 23, 1871; son Henry 
L. and Emilia (de la Ossa) L.; educ. 
married Martha Moore, Jan. 22, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Wall Street Stories; The 
Golden Flood,; Samson Rock of Wall 
Street; "H. R."; The Plunderers; To 
the Last Penny; frequent contbr. of 
fiction to magazines; HOME: Dorset, 

born Panola Co., Miss., Oct. 26, 1880; 
son Elbrige Gerry and Susie (Gattis) 
L.; educ. Lebanon College; Harvard; 
Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., 
B.S., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D., F.S. Sc.; AU- 
THOR: Tennessee Tales; Gus Ricketts; 
Mississippi Bubbles (poems); Robert E. 
Lee, The Educator; Fesser Phil and Ped- 
agogue Pete; Germany's Camnefaged 
Word Supremacy; Modern Chemistry, 
(in press) ; contributor of many arti- 
cles on chemistry and historical sub- 
jects to periodicals; member Am. 
Chem. Soc.; Fellow Soc. tof Science;, 
Arts and Letters (London); CLUBS: 
Phi Kappa Phi, Sons Ameri. Revolution, 
Sigma Xi; Tau Theta Kappa; Sons of 
Confederate Veterans; OFFICE: Uni- 
versity of Florida, Gainsville, Florida; 
HOME: "Fair Oaks," Gainsville, Florida. 

versity Professor; born Caledon, 
Ont., Dec., 1870; son James and Jane 
(Speers) L.; educ. Toronto Univ.; 
Cornell; Harvard; Ep. Theol. Sch.; 
Tubingen; Berlin; Erlangen; ' DE- 
GREES: B.A., Ph.D., B.D., LL.D.; 
married Victoria Paul, Apr. 4, 1899; 
AUTHOR: Typical Modern Conception 
of God, 1901; Jesus -Christ and the 
Civilization of Today, 1907; The Field 
of Philosophy (2 editions), 1918-19; 
contbr. many articles on philosophy, 
ethics, education and social questions 
to standard journals; member Phi 
Beta Kappa; Am. Philos. Assn.; Am. 
Psych ol. Assn.; fellow Am. Assn. for 
the Advancement of Science; Am. 
Assn. of Univ. Professors; chmn. Ohio 
State Univ. Com. on Univ. Organiza- 
tion; active during the war as public 
speaker and organizer; CLUBS: Col- 
umbus; Scioto Country; HOME: Ohio 
State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

LENNES, NELS JOHANN: Professor of 
Mathematics; born Norway, June, 
1874; son O. M. Lennes, of Hevne, 
Norway; educ. University of Chicago; 
DEGREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; married 
Ruth Buchanan Seaver, 1913, AUTHOR: 


(with others) High School Algebra, 
Elementary Course, 1907; High School 
Algebra, Advanced Course, 1908; In- 
finitesimal Analysis, 1907; Plane Geo- 
metry, 1910; Solid Geometry, 1911; 
First Principles of Algebra, Elemen- 
tary Course, 1912; First Principles of 
Algebra, Advanced Course, 1912; Ele- 
mentary Algebra, 1915; Intermediate 
Algebra, 1916; Plane Geometry, 1918; 
Solid Geometry, 1919; Business Arith- 
metic, Brief Course, 1918; Business 
Arithmetic, Complete Course, 1918; 
Applied Arithmetics (three vols., a set 
of texts for the elementary schools), 
1920; The Story of Columbus, a Book 
for Young People, 1920; OFFICE: 
State University of Montana, Missoula, 


Theologian; born Greifenberg, Ger- 
many, Sept., 1864; son William J. and 
Ernestine F. (Pittelkow) L.; educ. 
Capital Univ.; Theol. Seminary of Capi- 
tal Univ; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; 
married Marietta Young, Feb. 1, 1888; 
AUTHOR: Biblische Frauenbilder, 1895 
His Footsteps, 1898; Eisenach Gospel; 
Selections, 1910 (2d edition 1916); 
Eisenach Epistle Selections (2 vols.), 
1916; New Gospel Selections, 1919; 
HOME: 2273 E. Mound St., Columbus, 

Methodist Episcopal Church; born Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio, Nov. 2, 1874; son Adna 
Bradway and Caroline Amelia (Kais- 
er) L.; educ. Public Schs. of New York; 
Pennington Univ.; New York Univ.; 
Drew Theol. Seminary; Am. Sch. of 
Archaeology at Rome, Italy; DE- 
GREES: A,B., B.D., D.D., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Mary Luella Day, 1901; AUTHOR: 
The Shepherd King; The Roman Cath- 
olic Church at the Fountain Head; 
Evangelism in the Remaking of the 
World; HOME: 3 City Hall Ave., San 
Francisco, Calif. 

sity Professor; born Plainfield, N. J.; 
Jan. 25, 1876; son Rev. William James 
and Martha (Whitcomb) L. ; educ. Bos- 
ton Univ.; Harvard: Columbia; Goett- 
ingen; Bonn; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; married Charlotte Charlton, Oct., 
1914; AUTHOR: Byron and Byronism 
in America, 1905; Sonnets and Poems, 
1906; The Poet of Galilee, 1909; The 
Fragments of Empedocles (translation 
with introduction and explanatory 
notes), 1908; The Vaunt of Man and 
Other Poems, 1912; Glory of the Morn- 
ing (in "Wisconsin Plays"), 1914; 
Parkman's Oregon Trail, 1910; Aesop 
and Hyssop (humorous fables in rhy- 
me), 1913 The Vale of Content (a 
translation of Sudermann in ''Chief Con- 



temporary Dramatists"), 1915; Socra- 
tes, Master of Life (a companion study 
to "The Poet of Galilee"), 1915; Ger- 
many and Belgium (a translation from 
the Dutch), 1916; Lucretius (an entire 
translation in blank verse), 1916; The 
Lynching Bee and Other Poems, 1920; 
Technical Monographs on Old German 
Versification, 1918-20; CLUB: Univer- 
sity; OFFICE: University of Wisconsin, 
Madison, Wis.; HOME: 2015 Adams 

LEUBA, JAMES HENRY: Psychologist; 
born Neuchatel, Switzerland, Apr. 9, 
1868; son Henri and Cecile (Sandoz) 
L.: educ. Neuchatel, (came to U. S. 
1887); Clark Univ; DEGREES: B.Sc., 
Ph.D.; married Bertha A. Schopfer, Jan. 
6, 1896; AUTHOR: The Psychological 
Origin and Nature of Religion, 1909; A 
Psychological Study of Religion, 1912; 
The Belief In God and Immortality, 
1916, revised, 1921; many articles on 
science and philosophy published in Am. 
and Europe; member Am. Psychol 
Assn; fellow A.A.A.S.; HOME: Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 

LEVERE, WILLIAM C.: Author: born 
New Haven, Conn., Oct. 10, 1872; son 
Charles and Mary L. ; educ. Northwest- 
ern Univ.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Im- 
perial America, 1898; Twixt Greek and 
Barb, 1900; The Evanston Poets, 1893; 
The Original Minutes, 1904; The Song 
of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1907; Who' 
Who in Sigma Alpha Epsilon; The 
History of Sigma Alpha Epsilon (3 
vols.), 1911; Leading Greeks, Songs of 
the Purple and Gold; A Paragraph His- 
tory of Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Vivian 
of Mockinoc; decorated by French Gov- 
ernment with Medal d'Officier d'Acad- 
emie; CLUBS: Evanston, Commercial 
and Rotary; Mason; ADDRESS: P. O 
Box 254; OFFICE: 701 Davis St. 
Evanston, 111. 

LEWIS, B. ROLAND: Professor of Eng- 
lish; born St. Mary's, Ohio, Dec. 3 
1882; son Samuel and Catherine (Fox) 
L.; educ., Ohio Northern Univ.; Univ. o 
Chicago; Harvard; DEGREES: B.Sc., 
M.S., M. A.; married Bessie Blanche 
Collins, 1906; AUTHOR: The Techni 
que of the One-Act Play, 1918; The 
One-Act Play in College and High 
School, 1920; CLUB: Bonneville, etc. 
HOME: 1272 East 5th St., Salt Lake 
City; OFFICE: University of Utah. 

born near Painted Post, N. Y., Julj 
18, 1865; son William and Sarah 
Jane (Payne) L. ; educ. Cook Acad. 
Brown Univ.; Rochester Theol. Semi 
nary; Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES 
A.B.. A.M., Ph.D.; married Lena Gar 
rett/Nov. 5, 1896; AUTHOR: The Iren 
aeus Testimony to the Fourth Gospel 


1908; Index to Proceedings of Bap. 
Congress, 1913; Sketch of the History 
of Baptist Education in Pa., 1919; 
How the Bible Grew, 1919; 
CLUB: Photozetetics; HOME: Crozer 
Seminary Campus; OFFICE: Crozer 
Theol. Seminary, Chester, Pa. 

thor and Sociologist; born Boston, 
Mass., Sept., 1873; son John J. and 
Abbie G. Lewis; educ. Boston Latin 
Sch.; Tufts College; University of Mun- 
ich; Sorbonne; Univ. of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Edith Schieffelin Sabine, 1908; AU- 
THOR: Vagrancy in the United States; 
about 12 annual reports and many 
articles, short stories and essays; ed., 
The Delinquent (monthly); inst. New 
York Sch. Philanthropy; mem. bd. mgrs. 
New York State Industrial Farm Colony; 
Natl. Confr. Charities and Corrections; 
Am. Prison Assn., gen. -secy Prison Assn. 
of N. Y. and Am. Prison Assn., Am. Inst. 
Criminal Law and Criminology; Zeta 
Psi, Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Kappa Phi; 
CLUBS: National Arts and Wykagyl 
Golf; HOME: 15 E. llth St., New 
York City. 

TON: Professor of Sociology; born 
Decatur, 111., June 10, 1870; son Con- 
rad H. and Elizabeth (Nesbit) L.; 
educ. Eureka College; Columbia Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; married Mar- 
tha A. Cantrell, June 29, 1892; AU- 
THOR: Divorce, A Study in Social 
Causation, 1909; mem. American 
Acad. of Political and Social Science; 
CLUBS: University; City; Beta Gam- 
ma Sigma; HOME: E. 39 Stoneleigh 
Court; OFFICE: University of Pa., 

LIEBERMAN, ELIAS: Educator; Author; 
born Petrograd, Russia, Oct. 30, 1883; 
son Nathan D. and Sophia L.; educ. 
DeWitt Clinton High School; College 
of the City of New York; New York 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Rose Kiesler, July, 1913; AU- 
THOR: The American Short Story, 
1912; Paved Streets (a collection of 
verses), 1918; CLUBS: The Writers'; 
Poetry Soc, of Am.; Playwrights'; Phi 
Beta Kappa; HOME: 10 Bleeker St., 
OFFICE: Bush wick High School, 400 
Irving Ave. , Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Author; born Warren, 111., June 15, 
1871; son Rev. Isaac and Lucy Ellen 
(Estes) L.; educ. Naperville Coll. and 
Lake Forest Univ., until 1889; law 
student in Paris, France, 1889-92; mar- 
ried Lillian Kirk, 1912; AUTHOR: Our 
Chinese Chances Through Europe's 
War; Miss American Dollars, Latch 
Strings to China, 1914-16; Bugle Rhy- 


raes from France, This Side of France, 
1918; popular lecturer on hist. lit. 
topica; Editor Mid-Nation, pub. Chin- 
ese Nationalist League; admitted to 
bar in Chicago, 1893; lectured for 
Congo Annex. Soc. throughout Bel- 
gium; student U. of Heidelberg, Ger- 
many, 1893-95; Began practice law at 


Chicago, 1895; served as Lt. in Chi- 
cago Hamilton Club Troop, 1st 111. Cav. 
Spanish Am. War; appted. Judge in 
Philippine Islands serving 1901-7; now 
mgr. and chief organizer The American 
Option Company, Shanghai, China; be- 
lieves the time is ripe for the laying 
of the groundwork for future American 
industrial loans to China; CLUBS: Un- 
ion League (Chicago); Athletic (Mil- 
waukee) ; Instituted Archives "Les 
Combatants Francais", publ. French 
Govt. ; 1901, U. S. Govt., 1902; HOME: 
45 Szechuan Road, Shangai, China. 

thor and Poet; born Moorestown, N. J.; 
daughter Jesse and Elizabeth (Holmes) 
L.; educ. Friends High School (Moores- 
town) ; Swarthmore College; unmar- 
ried ; AUTHOR: Visions of Life, 1901; 
has written 3300 poems and songs and 
nearly 800 book reviews; also a number 
of stories and prose articles; HOME: 
Station O, 10th and Columbia Ave., 

LIPPMANN, WALTER; Author; born New 
York, Sept. 23, 1889; son Jacob and 
Daisy (Baum) L.; educ. Harvard; DE- 
GREE: A.B.; married Faye Albert- 
son, May 24, 1917; AUTHOR: A Preface 
to Politics; Drift and Mastery; The 
Stakes of Diplomacy; editor The Poems 
of Paul Mariett, 1913; assoc. editor The 
New Republic for 6 yrs.; CLUBS: Cos- 


mos, Harvard; Players'; HOME: 987 
Madison Ave., OFFICE: The New Re- 
public, 421 West 21st St., New York 

Dorn New York, Nov. 19, 1849; dau- 
ghter Edwin C. and Grace Hill (Hub- 
bard) L.; educ. in Am. and Europe un- 
? a T e ^ A UTHOR: Only an Incident, 

3; The Knight of the Black Forest, 
80; Criss-Cross, 1885; A Hard Won 
Victory, 1888; Little Venice, 1890- Lit- 
tle He and She, 1893; Mimosa Leaves, 
J95; In the Crucible, 1897; The Mov- 
ing Finger Writes, 1900; the Letter D 

4; Vita, 1904; The Supreme Gift, 
Narcissus, 1908; Baldur, the 
Beautiful, 1910; The Burning Ques- 
tion, 1913; Collected Poems, 1913- The 
Song of the Sirens, 1917; HOME: '2010 
Mass. Ave., Washington, D. C. 

born Wilmington, Del., Jan. 7 1870* 
son Rov. Thomas Littell; educ.' Rugby- 
Military Acad.; Trinity College; Genl 
Theol. Seminary; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., D.D.; married Gertrude W T ilson 
Jan., 1900; AUTHOR: The Historians 
and the English Reformation, 1910; 
George Washington, Christian; St. Pat- 
rick and His Followers; The Kingdom 
in Pictures, Some Great Christian Jews; 
The Adz Head (play); HOME: West 
Hartford; OFFICE: 45 Church St., W. 
Hartford, Conn. 

man and Professor; born Madison, Ind., 
May 2, 1839; son Rev. Henry and Sus- 
an N. (Smith) L.; educ. Amherst Col- 
lege; Lane Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: 
A.B., D.D., (Park College Mo.); mar. 
Martha Hart Mitchell, Sept. 3, 
1863; AUTHOR: The Royal Houses of 
Israel and Judah, 1900; HOME: 1363 
Columbia Road N. W., Washington, D. 

born Montclair, N. J., Jan. 3, 1864; 
educ. Montclair High Sch., St. Johns- 
bury (Vt.) Acad.; Harvard; DEGREES 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married Margaret E. 
Crocker, Dec. 28, 1892; AUTHOR: 
Citizen and Salvation; Dynamic Ideal- 
ism; Philosophy of History; The Will 
to Doubt; contbr. to philosophical, psy- 
chological, sociological, historical and 
theological journals; CLUBS: Harvard 
(Mich.); Research (Ann Arbor); Cath- 
olepistemiad; HOME: 1735 Washten- 
an Ave.; OFFICE: University of Mich., 
Ann Arbor. 

LLOYD, JOHN WTLIJAM: Horticultur- 
ist; born St. Charles, 111., Feb. 19, 1876; 
son William B. and Alice (Taylor) L.; 
educ. Wheaton College, Cornell Univ.; 
Univ. of California; DEGREES: B.S., 



B.S.A., M.S. A., Ph.D.; married Margar- 
et Widdis, Jurve 30, 1909; AUTHOR: 
Productive Vegetable Growing, (3 
editions), 1914-15-18; Cooperative and 
Other Organized Methods of Marketing 
California Horticultural Products,, 
1919; HOME:* 1117 South Third St., 
Champaign, .111.; OFFICE: University 
of 111., Urbana, 111. 

born Beamsville, Ont., Mar. 29, 1870; 
son Joseph H. and Elizabeth (Mackey) 
L.: educ. Univ. of Toronto; Victoria 
College; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; mar- 
ried Grace Moore, Aug., 1898; AU- 
THOR: When Canada Was New France, 
1919; member Royal Societies (Lon- 
don); CLUBS: Arts and Letters; 
HOME: Toronto; OFFICE: Public Ref- 
erence Library, Toronto, Canada. 

Educator and Minister; born Chaplin, 
Ky., Aug. 30, 1847; son Joseph P. and 
Elizabeth L.; educ. Butler College; Div. 
College of Ky.; Syracuse Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., LL.D.; Sc.D., 
Litt.D., H.R., G.S., etc.; married Mag- 
gie P. De Baun, July 4, 1882; AU- 
THOR: Struggles and Triumphs of the 
Truth, 1883 (3 editions); The Devil in 
Modern Society, 1888 (9 editions); 
Cultura, the Relation of Culture to 
Christianity, 1889; Microcosmus, or 
Hints Toward the Greatest Problems, 
1902; The Bible Doctrine of the Fu- 
ture, 1907; Thought and Religion, 
1912; Highest Culture and Christian- 
ity, 1915; contbr. to philosophical pub- 
CLUB: Authors' (London); HOME: 
1706 Brazos St., Austin, Texas. 

LOWELL, AMY: Author and Lecturer; 
born Brookline, Mass., Feb., 1874; 
daughter Augustus and Katherine Big- 
elow (Lawrence) L.; educ. Private 
Schs.; DEGREE: Honorary Litt.D. 
(Baylor Univ.); unmarried; AUTHOR: 
A Dome of Many-Colored Glass, 1912; 
Sword Blades and Poppy Seed, 1912; 
Six French Poets, 1914; Men, Women 
and Ghosts, 1916; Tendencies in Mod- 
ern American Poetry, 1917; Can 
Grande's Castle, 1918; Pictures of the 
Floating World, 1919; was Phi Beta 
Kappa poet, Tuft's College, 1918; Phi 
Beta Kappa poet, Columbia Univ., 
1920; was elected lionorary member 
New York Delta Phi Beta Kappa (Col- 
umbia Univ.), 1920; contbr. critical 
articles to various magazines; membe 
Poetry Soc. of Am.; CLUBS: Colony 
of N. Y.; Chilton (Boston); Lyceum 
(London); HOME: 70 Heath St. 
Brookline, Mass. 

and Educator; born Thompsonville 
Wis., Mar. 27, 1858; son Peter Chris- 
tian and Hannah Susanna L.; educ 


public and private Schs.; High Sch. of 
Music of Berlin; DEGREE: honorary 
Degree of Doctor of Music (Syracuse 
Univ.); married Lelah Carman, Oct. 
27, 1885; AUTHOR: Music in the 
Church; composer of church music; 
joint mus. editor of official hymnal of 
M.E. Ch.; CLUBS: Cliff Dwellers and 
Evanston; HOME: 1330 Church St.; OF- 
FICE: Music Hall, Evanston, 111. 

[jYON, MILFORD HALL: Evangelist; 
born Waukon, Iowa, Feb. 10, 1868; 
son Edward B. and Harriett S. L.; 
educ. La Porte City High Sch. (la.); 
Iowa City Acad.; Univ. of Iowa; DE- 
GREES: A.B., D.D.; married Effie C. 
Forest, Nov. 10, 1892; AUTHOR: Lord- 
ship of Jesus for the Life That Now Is; 
on staff on Y. M. C. A. with A. E. F. in 
France; member Interdenominational 
Assn. Evangelists of Am.; HOME: Win- 
ona Lake, Ind. 

sity Professor; born Pittsburg, Pa., Feb. 
16, 1869; son James B. and Anna 
(Lyon) L.; educ. Cornell Univ.; Univ. 
of Gottingberg; DEGREES: B.S.A., 
Ph.D.: married Bertha L. Clark, 1899; 
AUTHOR: Soils and Fertilizers, 1917; 
Soils, Their Properties and Manage- 
ment, 1915; Examining and Grading 
Grains, 1907; member Phi Gamma 
Delta; HOME: 5 Reservoir Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 


MarBRAYNE, LEWIS E.; Executive 
Secretary; Author; born New Britain, 
Conn., Nov. 1 1871; son William S. and 
Mary S. (Slate) M.; educ. High School, 
Lowell, Mass, and Textile School.; mar- 
ried Sarah E. Thurlow, Aug. 27, 1903; 
AUTHOR: An Engaged Position, 
(play); The Men We Marry; One 
Chance (co-author); contbr. to leading 
magazines; CLUBS: Univ. Boston, 
HOME: 6 Belmont St., Lowell, Mass.; 
OFFICE: 6 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

MACCOUN, TOWNSEND: Geographer and 
Cartographer; born Troy, N. Y., May 
1845; son John T. and Angelica Ra- 
chel D. (Lane) M.; educ. Troy Acad., 
Williams College; DEGREES: A.B., A. 
married Anne Dean, 1899; AUTHOR: 
MacCoun's Historical Geography of the 
United States, 1889; Historical Geog- 
raphy Charts of Europe, 1895; Holy 
Land in Geography and History, 1897; 
Early New York History Portrayed in 
Five Maps; member Chi Psi Fraternity; 
HOME: 80 Madison Ave., New York 

Bishop; born Mabou, Inverness Co. Cape 
Breton, July, 1856; son Finlay and 



Catherine (Benton) M.; educ. Univ. of 
St. Francis Xavier's Antigonish; DE- 
Symbol of the Apostles; The Symbol 
in Sermons; The Sacrifice of the Mass; 
Religious Questions of the Day (3 
vols) ; The Holy House of Loreto; 
Meditations on the Blessed Virgin; 


Stray Leaves, or Traces of Travel; The 
Bee and Evolution, (a study in entomo- 
logy) ; A Bit of Autobiography: The 
Mercies of the Sacred Heart; The Sac- 
ramer.ts; Shall and Will; Waiting on 
God; Talking With God; Walking With 
God; Working for God; CLUBS: Cana- 
dian; HOME: 740 View St., Victoria, 
E. C. 

MACDONALD, ARTHUR: Anthropologist; 
born Caledonia, N. Y., July 4, 1856; 
son Angus and Virginia (Dibble) M.; 
educ. Univ. of Rochester, Princeton, 
Theol. Seminary, Union Theol. Semin- 
ary, Paris, Leipzig, Berlin, Zurich; DE- 
GREES: A.B , A.M., docent in Applied 
Ethics, Clark Univ.; married Margaret 
Porterfield, Sept. 29, 1904; AUTHOR: 
Abnormal Man, 1883; Criminology, 
181) 4; Education and Patho-Social 
Studies, 189(5; Le Criminel Type, 1895; 
Emil Zola, 1899; Experimental Study 
of Children, 1899; Hearing on the Bill 
to Establish a Laboratory for the Study 
of the Criminal Pauper and Defective 
Classes, 1902; Plan for the Study of 
Man, etr., 1902; Statistics of Crime, 


Suicide and Insanity, 1903; .Man and 
Abnormal Man, 1905; Juvenile and So- 
cial Pathology. 1912; contbr. to publi- 
cations on criminology, abnormality, hyp- 
notism, mentality, etc.: specialist in 
educ. of abnormal classes, U. S. Bureau 
of Educ., Washington, D. C. 1903 
Anthropological Research, Washington, 
D. C.; member Societie d'Hypnologie de 
Paris, Am. Statis. Assn., etc.,; HOME: 
The Congressional, 100 E. Capitol St., 
Washington, D. C. 


Owner; born Tynemouth v England, Feb. 
7, 1876: educ. privately; married Edith 
Agnes Brown, 1893; AUTHOR: Cheap 
find Rapid Coal Mining in Nova Scotia; 
Nova Scotia as a Manufacturing Field; 
Decline of Iron Mining in Nova Scotia; 
The Last Siege of Louisburg; establish- 
ed the Morien coal mines now operated 
by the Dominion Coal Co.; extended the 
area in which Canadian industrial op- 
erations can be carried on; leader of the 
campaign against truck system of pay- 
ing wages in Cape Breton Coal mines; a 
frequent contbr. . tt> the press; HOME: 
Young Ave., Nova ScoUa. 


Writer: born Clifton, P. E. Island, Can., 
Nov., 1874; daughter Hugh John Mont- 
gomery; educ. Prince of Wales College; 
married Rev. Ewan MacDonald, 1911; 
AUTHOR: Anne of Green Gables, 1908; 
Anne of Avonlea, 1909; The Orchard, 
1910; The Story Girl, 1911; Chronicles 
of Avonlea. 1912; The Golden Road, 
1913; Anne of the Island, 1915; Anne's 
House of Dreams, 1917; The Watch- 
man; Rainbow Valley, 1919; CLUBS: 
Canadian Woman's: Press; HOME: 
Leashdale, Ontario, Can. 


Lawyer, born Chicago, 111. June 2, 
1878; son of Alfred Brunson MacChes- 
ney, A.M., M.D., Lt. Col. U.S.A., educ. 
College of the Pacific, Stanford Univ., 
Univ. of Arizona, Northwestern Univ., 
Univ. of Michigan- DEGREES: A.B., 
LL.B.; married Lena Frost, Dec. 1, 
1904; AUTHOR: Abraham Lincoln, The 
Tribute of a Century; 1910 Philosophy 
of State Legislation, 1917; Uniform 
State Laws, 1915; French Contributions 
to American Life; Challenge to Ameri- 
can Ideals; The Prototype of American 
Citizenship, Significance of the War of 
1812; Race Development by Legisla- 
tion; sen. mem. of law firm of Carter 
and Becker, real estate, banking rail- 
road and corporation lawyers, general 
counsel for Natl. Assn of Real Estate- 
Exchanges, pres. Illinois State Bar Assn., 
director Amer. Judicature Soc. pres. 111. 
com. to Natl. Conference of Commission- 
ers on Uniform State Laws. Trustee of 
Northwestern Univ. has lectured in Col- 




lege of Law in Univ. of Illinois, one of 
founders of Illinois Law Review and of 
Journal of Amer. Inst. of Criminal Law 
and Criminology; Judge Advocate- Gen- 
eral of Illinois; Colonel Illinois Natl. 
Guard; mem. several learned socs. Cen- 
tury, Army and Navy Club, New York 
City; OFFICE: 30 North La Salle St., 
HOME: 568 Hawthorne Place, Chicago, 

born on farm near Lexington, Ind., 
Nov. 27, 1852; son Ira and Nancy John- 
son M.; educ. Ind. State Normal; Univ. 
of Mich.: Ind. Univ.; Cornell Univ.; 
DEGREES: M.L., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; 
married Ida Dodson, 1878; AUTHOR: 
Method in History. 1904; Primary His- 
tory, 1909; Mace-Petrie School History, 
1919; Mace-Tanner Old Europe and 
Young America, 1915; Beginners' His- 


tory, 1914; In Little Lives of Great 
Men Series; George Washington, A Vir- 
ginia Cavalier; Abraham Lincoln, A 
Man of the People; mem. Am. Hist. 
Assn.; N. Y. State Hist. Soc.; S. A. R.; 
N. E. A.; Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Phi; 
trustee Univ. M. E. Church; CLUBS: 
Onondaga County School Masters; 
Billy Sunday Business Men's; HOME: 
127 College Place, Syracuse, N. Y. 


General Secretary, Federal Council of 
the Churches of Christ in America; born 

Boston, Mass., Dec., 1886; son Daniel 
and Sarah Abigail (Crafts) M.; educ. 
Chapman Sen.; E. Boston High Sch.;' 
Yale Univ.; DEGREES: B.D., Ph.D., 
D.D., LL.D.; married Mary Perley Mer- 
rill, Mar. 9, 1904; AUTHOR: The Spirit 
Christlike, 1904; Infinite Affection, 
1907; Jesus and the Prophets, 1905; 
Spiritual Culture and Social Service, 
1912; Christian Service in the Modern 
World, 1915; The Great Physician and 
His Healing -Ministry, 1916; Progress of 
Church Federation, 1917; Christian 
Ministry and the Social Order, 1909; 
Churches of the Federal Council, 1916; 
Christian Unity at Work, 1913; Library 
of Christian Cooperation, Vols. I-V, 
1917; Churches of Christ in Time of 
War, 1917; CLUBS: National Arts; Ro- 
tary: Yale (New York); Cosmos (Wash- 
ington): HOME: Mountain Lakes, N. 
J.; OFFICE: 105 East 22d St., New 
York City. 

MACGRATH, HAROLD: Author; born 
Syracuse, N. Y., Sept. 4, 1872; son 
Thomas and Lillian (Spurlock) M.; 
educ. in Syracuse; married Alma Ken- 
yon, 1905; AUTHOR: Arms and the 
Woman, 1899; The Puppet Crown, 
1901; The Grey Cloak, 1902; The Man 
on the Box, 1903; The Princess Elopes, 
1904; Enchantment, 1904; Hearts and 
Masks, 1905; Half a Rogue, 1906; The 
Best Man, 1907; The Enchanted Hat, 
1907; The Lure of the Mask/1907; The 
Goose Girl, 1908; The Splendid Hazard, 
1909: The Carpet from Bagdad, 1911; 
The. Place of Honeymoons, 1912; Par- 
rot & Co., 1912; Deuces Wild, 1913; 
Pidgin Island, 1913; The Adventures 
of Kathlyn, 1913; The Voice in the 
Fog, 1913; The Million Dollar Mystery, 
1914; The Luck of the Irish, 1917; The 
Girl in His House, 1918; The Private 
Wire to Washington, 1919; The Yellow 
Typhoon, 1919; The Man With Three 
Names, 1920; The Drums of Jeopardy, 
1920; The Pagan Madonna, 1921; also 
short stories; 24 of his novels have ap- 
peared in motion pictures; Adventures 
of Kathlyn and Million Dollar Mystery 
were the first two motion picture serials 
produced; a world traveler and sports- 
map; HOME: 1618 James St., Syracuse, 
N. Y. 


Advertiser and Author; born Liverpool, 
Nova Scotia, Mar., 1879; son Rev. Dun- 
can and Elizabeth B. M.; educ. Syra- 
cuse Univ.; DEGREE: Ph.B., married 
Lillian A. Wood, Aug. 25, 1909; AU- 
THOR: Pushing Your Business; 2000 
Points for Financial Advertising; Bank 
Advertising Plans; The Book of Thrift; 
Bank Advertising Experience; CLUBS: 
Phi Gamma Delta; HOME: White 
Plains, N. Y.; OFFICE: 9 Hanover St., 
New York City. 



sor of History; born Rome, N. Y., July 
11, 1873; son John Brainerd and Susan 
Lucretia (Noble) M.; educ. Cornell 
Univ.; Hamilton College; Columbia; 
Leipzig; DEGREES: C.E., A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Outline 
Maps Greek and Roman History; Out- 
line Atlas for the Study of English His- 
tory and Literature; Visual Representa- 
tions of the Trinity; member several 
fraternities and learned societies; 
CLUBS: Rome; Teugega; HOME: 
Rome, N. Y. 

born Dover Plains, N. Y., Sept. 18, 1872; 
son William S. and Frances Eunice 
(Briegs) M.; educ. Chicago publ. schs.; 
Univ. of Michigan; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: The Achievements of Luther 
Trant, 1910; The Surakarta, 1913; The 
Blind Man's Eyes, 1916; The Indian 
Drum, 1917 (all in collab. with Edwin 
Balmar) ; contbr. fiction to magazines; 
CLUBS: Cliff Dwellers'; ADDRESS: 210 
West 44th St., New York City. 

sor of Political Science; born Storn- 
oway, Scotland, Apr., 1882; son D. Mc- 
Iver; educ. Nicolson's Inst.; Edinburg 
Univ.; Oxford Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., 
M A., Ph.D., married Ethel Peterkin of 
Aberdeen, 1911; AUTHOR: Commun- 
ity, a Sociological Study (2 editions), 
1917-20; Labor in the Changing World 
(2 editions), 1919-20; mem. Soc. of 
Arts and Letters of Toronto; HOME: 35 
Humberside Drive, Toronto; OFFICE: 
University of Toronto. 


Professor of Physiology; bornDunkeld, 
Scotland, Sept., 1876; son Rev. Robert 
and Jane (McWalter) M.; educ. Gram- 
mar Sch. of Aberdeen, Scotland; Univ. 
of Aberdeen; DEGREES: M.B., Ch.B., 
D P H married Mary Watson McWal- 
ter, Sept., 1903; AUTHOR: Diabetes, 
1912- Fundamentals of Human Physi- 
ology (joint author), 1918; Physiology 
and ' Biochemistry in Modern Medicine 
3rd edition), 1920; CLUBS: Yorke and 
Toronto; HOME: 45 Nantou Ave., Tor- 
onto; OFFICE: Toronto University 
Toronto, Canada. 

born Dublin, Ireland; son David and An- 
nie T. M; educ., Brooklyn, New York; 
E>rew Theological Seminary; DEGREE: 
STD.; married Laura E. Neal, June 7 
1899; 'AUTHOR: Captain of Our Faith 
1904' District supt. New York District 
on Bd. of Missions; CLUB: Philothean 
HOME: 329 West 76th St.; OFFICE 
150 Fifth Avenue, New York City. 



Evangelist; born Ontario, Can., Aug. 22, 
1864; son Robert and Elizabeth (Fall- 
is) M.; educ. Canadian Schs.; Morning- 
side College; College of the Pacific; 
DEGREE: D.D.; married Mary Miriam 
Rundle, 1887; AUTHOR: The Art of 
Soul Winning, 1901; The Victory Life, 
1903; The Renaissance of Methodism, 
1907; The Master Workman, 1910; 
Make Jesus King, 1908; The Lost Art 
of Methodism, 1911; Men of Fire, 1920; 
CLUB: Morningside Golf; HOME: The 
Pines, Rapid City, Mich. 

MAIN, HUBERT PLATT: Composer; born 
Ridgefield, Conn., Aug. 17, 1839; son 
Sylvester and Susan (Lobdell) M.; 
educ. Public Schs. of Ridgefield; mar- 
ried 0. Louise De Groff, Sept. 18, 1865; 
AUTHOR: (in collab.) The Victory; The 
Coronation; Christian Songs; Temple 
Anthems; Winnowed Hymns; Book of 
Praise; Songs for Little Folk; Imperial 
Harmony; Glee Circle; Sterling Gems; 
The Alleluia; Harvest Gems; Gems of 
Song for the Sunday School; Leo Hoon- 
ani (Sandwich Islands); Devotional 
Songs; Songs of Alpha Phi; Hamilton 
College Songs; also carols and services 
for Thanksgiving and Christmas, etc.; 
helped to compile several church hymn- 
als; edit. Standard Hymns and Spirit- 
ual Songs; HOME: 12 North 9th St., 
Newark, N. J.; OFFICE: 205-209 19th 
St., New York City. 

born Woodstock, Conn., Oct. 3, 1859; 
son John Milton and Louisa C. (Leon- 
ard) M.: educ. Suffield Acad.; Brown 
Univ.; Johns Hopkins Univ.; DE- 
GREES- A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married Ida 
May Forman, June 30, 1893; AUTHOR: 
Non-Euclidian Geometry, 1900; Irra- 
tional Number, 1905; Geometry of Four 
Dimensions, 1914; The Fourth Dimen- 
sion Simply Explained, 1910; HOME: 
69 Weymouth St.; OFFICE: Brown 
University, Providence, R. I. 

born Montreal, Canada, Sept. 17, 1869; 
son Joseph Marsan; educ. Seminary of 
Three Rivers, P. Q. and Laval Univer- 
sity (Montreal); DEGREES: called to 
Quebec Bar, LL.B., July 6, 1894; K.C., 
1913; Prof. Med. Jurisprudence Mont 
real Univ married Adrienne Brossoit, 
May 11, 1898; AUTHOR: Professional 
Secret of Doctor, 1908; History of the 
75th Anniv of St. John Baptist Society, 
(national assoc. of the French Cana- 
dians) 1909; Medical Fees, 1910; Code 
of the Medical Laws, 1920; CLUBS: 
Denis; Laval sur le Lac Golf; Canadian 
Bar Assoc.; Alliance Francaise; 
FICE- 20 St. James St., Montreal; 
HOME: 717 St. Hubert St., Montreal, 




MARTIN, FRANKLIN H.: Surgeon; born 
Ixonia, Wis., July 13, 1857; son Ed- 
mond and Josephine (Carlin) M.; educ., 
Public Schs.; Northwestern Univ. Med. 
Sch.; DEGREE: M.D.; married Isabelle 
Hollister, 1885; AUTHOR: numerous 
monographs on scientific and surgical 
subjects: editor Surgery, Gynecology 
and Obstetrics a technical journal on 
surgical topics: sec. -gen. Am. College of 
Surgeons; sec. -gen. Clinical Congress of 
American College of Surgeons; mem. 
advisory com. Council of National De- 
fense; CLUBS: Exmoor; Union League; 
Midlothian; South Shore Country; Chi- 
cago; Army and Navy; Washington, D. 
.; OFFICE: 30 North Michigan Ave., 

wood Martin) ; Author; born Louisville, 
Ky., May 3, 1866; daughter Frank and 
Anne Louise (McKenzie) Madden; 
educ. Public Schs.; married Atwood 
Reading Martin, 1892; AUTHOR: "Em- 
my Lou"; Home of Fulfilment; Letitia; 
Selina; Abbie Ann; A Warwickshire 
Lad; "Emmy Lou" Road to Peace; 
Children in the Mist; CLUBS: Woman's 
(Louisville) ; Lyceum (London) ; Natl. 
Arts of New York; HOME: Anchorage, 

MARTIN, HELEN R.: Novelist and Play- 
wright; born Lancaster, Pa.; daughte 
Rev. Cornelius and Henrietta (Thur- 


man) Reimensnyder; educ. Swarth- 
more and Radcliffe Colleges; married 
Frederick C. Martin, 1889; AUTHOR: 
Tillie, a Mennonite Maid, 1904; Sabina, 
1906; Betrothal of Elypholate, 1908; 
The Revolt of Ann Page, 1908; The 
Crossways, 1910; The Fighting Doctor, 
1912; The Parasite, 1913; Martha of 
the Mennonite Country, 1915; Barna- 
betta, 1914; Her Husband's Purse, 
1916; Those Fitzenbergers, 1917; Ger- 
tie Swartz, 1918; Maggie of Migens- 
burg, 1918; The Schoolmates of Has- 
ville, 1920; Erstwhile Susan, in which 
Mrs. Fiske starred as a characterization 
of Barnabetta; HOME: 3201 N. Front 
St., Harrisburg, Pa. 

and Engineer; born Hoboken, N. J., 
Nov. 5, 1880; son Louis Adolph and 
Pauline Justine (Feuerstein) M.; educ. 
Stevens Inst. of Tech.; Columbia Univ.; 
Text-Book of Mechanics, Vol. 1, Statics, 
1906; Vol. II, Kinemathics and Kine- 
tics, 1907; Vol. Ill, Mechanics of Ma- 
terials, 1911; Vol. IV, Applied Statics, 
1913: Vol. V, Hydraulics, 1914; Vol. 
VI, Thermodynamics, 1916; Vol. VII, 
Applied Kinetics, (in preparation) ; 
HOME: 911 Castle Point Terrace; OF- 
FICE: Stevens Inst. of Technology, Ho- 
boken, N. J. 

MARTIN, P. A.: Professor of History 
Stanford University, California; (see 
Addenda Magazine Section.) 

HU.LL: Author; Editor; born Homer, 
Ohio, Sept. 23, 1838; daughter Reuben 
and Rosanna (Hammel) Claflin; educ. 
privately; married Dr. Canning Wood- 
hull, 2d. John Biddulp Martin; AU- 
THOR: The Origin, Tendencies and 
Principles of Government; Social Free- 
dom; Aristocracy of Blood; Garden of 
Eden; Pharmacy of the Soul; Stirpi- 
culture; Rapid Multiplication of the 
Unfit; The Human Body the Temple of 
God; Arguments for Women's Elect- 
oral Rights; active worker for Woman's 
Suffrage; lectured in U. S. and Eng- 
land; nom. for President of U. S. by 
Equal Rights Party; founder of Manor 
House Club for Women Studying Agri- 
culture; CLUBS: Ladies' Automobile; 
Road; HOME: Norton Park, Bredon's 
Norton, Worcestershire, England. 

born Marshallville, Ga., Nov., 1871; son 
Dr. D. W. and Susan M.; educ. Mercer 
Univ. of Ga.; Southern Baptist Theol. 
Seminary, Louisville, Ky.; DEGREE: 
D.D.; married Ola Oliver, June 30, 
1896; AUTHOR: Evangelism in the 
Pew; Men and the Kingdom, 1908; The 
Holy Spirit in Scripture and Experience, 




1915; The Second Coming, 1919; Smiles 
for Tears, a Book of Comfort, 1920; 
Blessed Man, 1920; HOME: 311 Lafay- 
ette Ave.; OFFICE: Baptist Temple, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Artist and Author; born New Brighton, 
Staten Island, May 30, 1854; son Ferdi- 
nand and Frances (Coffin) M.; educ. 
priv. and pub. schs. of New York City; 
married Caroline Augusta Maynard, 
Nov., 1886; AUTHOR: The Golden 
Flower; Familiar Flowers of Field and 
Garden; Familiar Trees and Their 
Leaves; Familiar Features of the Road- 
side; Familiar Life in Field and Forest; 
The Beautiful Flower Garden; The 
Fieldbook of American Wild Flowers; 
Fieldbook of Wild Birds and Their 
Music; Fieldbook of Trees and Shrubs; 
lecturer on bird music and wild flow- 
ers; STUDIO: 17 Frost St., Cambridge, 
Mass.; SUMMER HOME: Compton, N. 

MAVOR, JAMES: Professor of Political 
Economy: born Stranraer, Scotland, 
Dec. 8, 1854; son Rev. James M.; educ. 
Univ. of Glasgow; DEGREE: Ph.D.; 
Fellow Royal Society of Canada; 
married Christina Watt, 1882; AU- 
THOR: Report of Labor , Colonies in 
Germany, Holland, France and Belgium, 
1894: Report on Agricultural Produc- 
tion in Northwest Canada, 1904; The 
Economic History of Russia (2 vols.); 
Report on Immigration, 1900; Govern- 
ment Telephones, 1915; member Soc. of 
Arts and Letters; CLUBS: Savile (Lon- 
don) : New York City; Toronto Citv; 


145 Isabella St.; OFFICE: 

University of Toronto, Toronto, Can. 

MAY CHARLES H.: Specialist in Diseases 
of the Eye; born Baltimore, Md., Aug 
7, 1861: son Henry and Henrietta M.; 
educ. private and public schools; 
York City College; Columbia University; 
DEGREE: M.D.: married Rosalie Al- 
len, 1893; AUTHOR: Manual of Dis 
eases of the Eye, (9th edition) 1920; 
transl. into eight foreign languages 
French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Brit 
ish, Italian, Japanese, Chinese; CLUBS: 
Automobile of Am. and num. opthalmo- 
log. societies; HOME: 698 Madison 
Ave., New York City. 

born Beetown, Wis., May 14. 1863 
ednc. State Normal School; Platteville 

kinson; First Principles of Agriculture 
(with Prof. Goff); Mayne's Sight Spell- 
er; Modern Business English (with Car- 
rie J. Smith) ; High School Agricul- 
ture; A Business Spelling Book; three 
books on Domestic Science under pseu- 
donym; varied educational experience; 
high school teacher ten years; superin- 
tendent and principal eight years; or- 
ganized and conducted summer schools 
and institutes for many years, later 
principal of School of Agriculture and 
instructor in farm mathematics, civics 
and economics; in elements of agricul- 
ture, College of Education; professor 
agricultural pedagogics; ADDRESS: 
University of Minnesota, Univ. Farm, 
St. Paul, Minnesota. 

MAYER, LEO; Orthopaedic Surgeon; born 
Demopolis, Ala., July 6, 1884; son Si- 
mon S. and Rachel M.; educ. Harvard 
Columbia; Univ. of Munich; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., M.D.; married Edith Hei- 
rnann, 1910; AUTHOR: Orthopaedic 
Treatment of Gunshot Injuries, 1918; 
Physiologische Sehnenverpflauzung, '14; 
HOME: 140 West 79th St., New York 

MAYO, AYILIJAM JAMES: Surgeon; born 
LeSeuer, Minnesota, June 29. 1861; son 
Dr. W. W. and Louise Abigail (Wright) 
M.; educ. Rochester High School; Niles 
Acad.; DEGREES: M.D., A.M., D.Sc., 
University of Michigan; F.R., C.S., Uni- 
versity of Edinburgh; LL.D., University 
Toronto, 1906; LL.D., Univ. of Mary- 
land, 1907; D.Sc., Columbia Univ., 
1910; LL.D., Univ. of Pennsylvania, 
1912; F.R., C.S., Royal College of Sur- 
seons of England, 1913; C. E., Societe 
de Chirugie de Paris, 1910; F.A., C.S., 
American College of Surgeons, 1913; 
mar. Hattie Damon, 1884; AUTHOR: 
Colonel and Chief Consultant for all 
Surgical Services during the period of 
the war 1917-18-19, U. S. Army Medical 
Dept., Honorable discharge from Army 
Feb 20, 1919; mem. of Am. Med. Assn. 
rpres. 1905-6); Soc. Clinical Surg. 
fpres. 1911-12); Am. Surgical Assn., 
fpres. 1913-14); Am. College of Sur- 
geons (pres. 1917-18-19); Minnesota 
State Medical Society (pres. 1895-16); 
Am. Assn. Adv. Science: Board of Re- 
gents, University of Minnesota from 
1907' CLUBS: University (Chicaaro); 
University (St. Paul); Century (N^w 
York^i; 'OFFICE: Mavo Clinic, 
Mary's Hospital; HOME: 701, College 

Univ. of Wisconsin; special work under 
Prof. James of Harvard in Psychology 
for Teachers; with Prof. Ely of Wiscon- 
sin in Economics; and President Vin- 
cent in Sociologv; married Nella 
Coman, 1887; AUTHOR: Modern Busi- 
ness Speller; Geography of Wisconsin; 
Parts I and II Office Methods and Busi- 
ness Practice; The Old Fort at Fort At- 

Hill, Rochester, Minnesota. 

and Editor; born Co. Antrim, Ireland, 
Feb 17, 18- r ,7; educ. Knox College; DI 
GREES- A.B. A.M., L.H.D.: married 
Harriet Hurd. Sept. 4, 1883; AUTHOR 
Obstacles to Peace; My Autobiography, 
1914; editor and mgr. of The Wheel- 



man for Pope Mfg. Co., 1882-H; estab- 
the McClurc Syndicate (first newspaper 
syndicate in the U. S.), 1884; pres. S. 
S" McClure Co., 1893; founded Mc- 
Clure's Magazine, 1893; and is now edi- 
tor of same; CLUBS: Union League 
(New York); Cosmos (Washington); 
University (Chicago); HOME: 126 East 
24th St., New York Cit. y 

cist; born Sparta, 111., Jan. 18, 18G6; 
son David and Eliza (Foster) M.; educ. 
Knox College; Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
Cornell Univ.; Univ. of Penna.; DE- 
CREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Martha Marion Fay, Oct. 30, 1909; AU- 
THOR: Congressional Committees, 18- 
98; member editorial staff Nelson's 
Loose Leaf Encyclopedia; contbr. var- 
ious political articles to magazines; 
HOME: Slingerlands, N. Y.; OFFICE: 
521 Capitol, Albany, N. Y. 

McCONAUGHY, JAMES: Editor; born Get- 
tysburg, Pa., Mar., 1857; son David and 
Leona (Mathtws) M.; educ. Penna Col- 
lege (Gettysburg); Union Theol. Sem. 
M.A., Litt. D.; married Eleanor Under- 
bill, Apr. 16, 1884; AUTHOR: Christ 
Among Men, 1890; Great Events in the 
Life of Christ, 1900 (some 50,000 of 
these sold); Beginner's Course in Bible 
Study; Sunday School Teaching and 
Management (some 20,000 of these 
sold) ; editor, since Mar. 1, 1915, Am 
S.S Union; member City Club; HOME: 
447 Hansberry St., Germantown, Phil. 
Pa.; OFFICE: 1816 Chesnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

logist; born Montgomery Co., Va., July 
29, 1873; son Benjamin and Elizabeth 
,M.; educ. Randolph-Mason College; 
Vanderbilt Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
B.D.; married Minerva A. Clyce, 1903; 
AUTHOR: The Open Church for the 
Unchurched, 1905; The Mastery of Love 
1910; edited Call of th,e New South, 
1912; Challenge of Social Service, 1913; 
Human Way, 1913; The South Mobiliz- 
ing for Social Service, 1913; Battling 
for Social Betterment, 1914; The New 
Chivalry Health, 1915; Democracy in 
Earnest, 1918; Distinguished Service 
Citizenship, 1919; HOME: Kensington 
Md.; OFFICE: Munsey Bldg., Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

McCURDY, J. F.: Professor of Oriental 
Languages; born Chatham, New Bruns 
wick, Feb. 18, 1847; son Rev. John and 
Catharine (Thomson) M.; educ., Pres 
byterian Academy (Chatham) ; Prince 
ton Theol. Sem.; Univ. Goettingen; Univ 
of Leipzig; DEGREES: B.A., Ph.D. 
LL.D.; AUTHOR: Aryo-Semitic Speech 
1881; History, Prophecy and the Monu- 
ments, vol. I, 1894, vol. II, 1896, vol 
III., 1891; Life of D. J, MacDonnell, 


1897; edited Lange's Commentary on 
the Bible, American edition; the 
Psalms, Hosea, and Haggai; consulting 
editor of the Jewish Encyclopedia; dept. 
editor New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia; 
HOME: 106 South Drive, Toronto, Ont., 

born Bowerston, Ohio, July, 1859; son 
Peter and Mary (Bower) M.; educ. 
Ohio State Univ. (Med.); DEGREES: 
A M., M.D.; married Susan R. Street, 
Sept. 1, 1887; AUTHOR: Orthopedic 
Manual, 1887; Oral Surgery, 1892; 
Anatomy in Abstract, 1898; Emergen- 
cies in Abstract, 1900; Bone and Joint 
Surgery in Abstract, 1909; Oral Surgery 
(enlarged edition), 1912; Dissector in 
Abstract, 1919; contbr. of about 150 
articles to medical journals; member 
A.M. A.; Am. Orthopaedic Assn.; Inter- 
natl. Med. Congress; fellow A.M., Col- 
lege of Surgery; HOME: 422 Franklin 
Ave., Wilkinsburg; OFFICE: 8103 Jen- 
kins Arcade Bldg., Pittsburg, Pa. 


FYFE: College Professor; born Winni- 
peg, Can., Oct., 1878; son Rev. Alexan- 
der and Lucinda Elma (Yorke) M.; 
educ. McMaster Univ. of Toronto; On- 
tario Normal College; Columbia Univ. 
(New York); DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.: married Mabel Elida Culver, 
July 3, 1907; AUTHOR: Adjustment of 
School Organization to Various Popula- 
tion Groups, 1915; has been responsible 
for developing and directing a Summer 
Session for High School Principals and 
Teachers, nrimarilv for educators in 
service; CLUBS: Phi Delta Kappa; N. 
E.A.; Natl. Soc. for Study of Educ.; 
Lewiston Chamber of Com.; HOME:: 
144 Nichols St.: OFFICE: Bates Col- 
lege, Lewiston, Me. 


born Millersburg, Ohio, Feb., 1858; 
son David A. and Rebecca F. M.; educ. 
Ohio Wesleyan; Boston Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., LL.D., L.H.D.; 
married Clotilda Lyon, 1882; AUTHOR: 
THOR: In the School of Christ, 1910; 
A Man's Religion, 1911; Good Minis- 
ters of Jesus Christ, 1917; CLUI Cos- 
mos of Washington, D. C.; HOME: 
1509 16th St., Washington, D. C. 

Novelist, Song Writer; born London, 
Ky., Feb.. 1859; daughter James Love 
Slaughter; educ. Daughter's College; 
married James I. McKinney, May 7, 
1878- AUTHOR: Silent Witness, 1907; 
The Weed by the Wall, 1911; Katydid's 
Poems, 1887; has written several pub- 
lished songs; contbr. of stories to vari- 
ous magazines; CLUBS: Audub.on Soc- 
iety; HOME: 519. Monroe St., Mont- 



gomery, Ala. 

McKOWAN, EVAH MAY: Author; born 
Hamilton, Ontario, 1885; daughter o 
George Cartwright; educ. Hamilton 
Collegiate Inst. ; married E. A. McKow- 
an, 1907; AUTHOR: Janet of Kootenay 
1919; Graydon of the Windenermere 
1920; HOME: Cranbrook, B. C. 


fessor and Christian Minister; born 
Durham Co., Ontario, Can.; son John 
M.; educ. Owen Sound High Sch.; Vic- 
toria Univ.; Oxford Univ. (England); 
DEGREES: B.A., B.D., D.D.; married 
Emily M. Ginby, 1888; AUTHOR: A 
Course of Reading in O. T. Prophets 
1902; The Old Testament (course for 
S. S. Teachers), 1910; also articles in 
Jewish Encyclopedia; has contributed 
serially to S. S. Publs. for ten or eleven 
years; has written numerous magazine 
articles; prof. Oriental Languages, Vic- 
toria College, since 1893; now Dean of 
the Faculty of Theology in Victoria 
College; HOME: 58 Roxborough St. 
West, Toronto. 

McMURDY, ROBERT: Lawyer; born 
Frankfort, Ky. Mar. 8 1860; son Rev 
Dr. Robert and Marcella (Russell) Mc- 
M.; educ. Univ. of Mich.; DEGREES: 
LL.B. LL.M. married Jeannette S. Lyon 
Oct. 17, 1918; AUTHOR: The Upas 
Tree, 1912; The Modern Chesterfield 
1917; member 111. House of Rep., 1893; 
pres. Chicago Law Inst., 1898; pres. 111. 
State Bar Assn.; CLUBS: Union League, 
founder Hamilton; HOME: 4853 Kim- 
bark Ave.; OFFICE: Title and Trust 
Bldg., Chicago. 

McNETL, EVERETT: Author; born Stou- 
ghton, Wis., Sept. 28, 1862; son of 
David and Eunice M.; educ. Milton 
College of Milton, Wis.; DEGREE: B.S.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: The Hermit of 
the Cnlebra Mountain, 1904; The Lost 
Treasure Cave, 1905; In Texas with 
Davy Crockett, 1908; With Kit Carson 
in the Rockies, 1909; Fighting with 
Fremont, 1910; The Cave of Gold, 
1911; The Lost Nation, 1918; Dickon 
Bend-the-Bow and Other Wonder Tal- 
es, 1903; The Boy Forty-Niners, 1908; 
The Totem of Black Hawk, 1914; Bur- 
ied Treasure, 1919: also author of 
about 300 published short stories and 
other articles and some 75 produced 
moving picture plays; life mem. Au- 
thor's League of Am.; SDanish-Ameri- 
can War Veteran; HOME: 543 West 
49th St., New York City. 

man (Presbyterian); born Norwalk, 
Ohio, son Joel E. and B. Ann (Lewis) 
M.; educ. Oberlin College; Princeton 
and New York University; Union Semi- 
nary; DEGREES: Ph.B., Ph.D., D.D.; 


married Jenny Gladiss Van Oetinger, 
Aug. 4, 1896; AUTHOR: Modern Me- 
thods in Church Work, 1897; Modern 
Methods in Sunday School Work, 1903; 
The Great Menace Americanism or 
Bolshevism?, 1920; ordained ministry 
(Presbyterian), 1894; held pastorates 
New York City, Newport, R. I. and Pitts- 
burg; sometime professor of English 
Literature at Berea College, Ky.; 
CLUBS: Sons of the American Revolu- 
tion; HOME: Bel Air, Maryland. 

MEDICUS, EMIL: Flute Virtuoso and 
Teacher; born Yotingstown, Ohio, May 
26, 1882; son Charles and Theresa 
(Fischer) M.; educ. Public Schs. of 
Youngstown, Danas Musical Inst., War- 
ren, Ohio; Royal Acad. of Music. (Lon- 
don) : DEGREE: A.R.A.M.; married 
,Mary Elizabeth Ragland, June 17, 1913; 
AUTHOR: Systematic Flute Instruction, 
1910; also transcriptions for the flute, 
obligates to songs; staff ed. Jacobs' Or- 
chestra Monthly; e. and Pub. The 
Flutist, the only mag. in exist, dev. to 
the flute and flute-playing; founder 
Medicus School of Flute Playing; pub- 
lisher of flute music especially by Ame- 
rican composers; elected Asso. of Royal 
Acad. of Music (London), 1913; had 
bronze medal presented personally by 
Madam Melba; HOME: 50 Woblsey 
Ave. Ashcville N. C. 

MEEKER, ROYAL: Labor Statistician; 
born Silver Lake, Pa., Feb. 23, 1873; 
son William and Betsy (Hill) M.; educ. 
Iowa State College; Columbia Univ.; 
Univ. of Leipzig; DEGREES: B.Sc., 
Ph.D.; married Dora A. Pierce, July 
26, 1905: AUTHOR: History and Theory 
of Shipping Subsidies, 1905; U. S. Com- 
mr. Labor Statistics 1913 to July, 1920, 
when resigned to take charge of Scien- 
tific Section, Internat. Labor Office un- 
der League of Nations; mem. Am. Econ. 
Assn.; Am. Statis. Assn.; Am. Assn. for 
Labor Legislation; HOME: (domestic) 
The Northumberland, Washington, D. C. 
OFFICE: (foreign) The International 
Labor Office, Route de Pregny, Geneva, 


Professor of Semitic Languages and of 
Egyptology; born Bristol, England, May 
10, 1880; son Samuel and Elizabeth M.; 
educ. Harvard; Nashatah House; Mu- 
nich; DEGREES: B.A., B.D., D.D., 
Ph.D. ; married Genevieve Magee, Aug. 
15, 1910; AUTHOR: Extra-Biblical 
Sources for Hebrew and Jewish History 
1913; Ethiopic Liturgy, 1915; Sumero- 
Babylonia Sign List, 1919; Growth of 
Religious and Moral Ideas in Egypt, 
1919; Religious and Moral Ideas in 
Babylonia and Assyria, 1919; Genesis, 
1919; Ethiopic Grammar, 1920; Allied 
and American Peace Terms, 1918; edi- 



tor of Anglican Theological Review and 
Journal of the Society of Oriental Re- 
search; contbr. to Hastings Encyclope- 
dia of Religion and Ethics; CLUB: 
University of Chicago; HOME: 2738 
Washington Blvd.; OFFICE: 2720 
Washington Blvd., Chicago. 

Director Bureau of Science, .Manila, P. 
I.; son Daniel C. and Mary P. M.; educ. 
Univ. of Me. (Orono, Me.); DEGREES: 
B.S., M.S.; married Mary Augusta 
Sperry, 1907; AUTHOR: A Flora of 
Manila. 1912; An Interpretation of 
Rumphius's Herbarium Ambionense, 
1918; Species Blancoanae, 1919; A 
Biographical Enumeration of Bornean 
Plants (in publication); about 140 
technical papers in scientific (botanni- 
cal) periodicals; fellow A.A.A.S., mem. 
Bot. Soc. of Am., Phi Kappa Sigma; 
CLUBS: N. E. Bot., Columbia (Manila); 
HOME: Manila; OFFICE: Bureau of 
Science, Manila, P. I. 

terian Minister; born Orange, N. J., 
Jan. 1867; son George and Emily (Ab- 
bot) M.; educ., High Sell. New Bruns- 
wick, N. J., Rutgers, College, Union 
Theol. Seminary: DEGREES: A.M., 
D.D.; married Clara Seymour Helmer, 
Sept. 15 1896; AUTHOR: Faith Build- 
ing, 1897; Faith and Sight, 1900; 
Footings for Faith, 1911; Christian In- 
ternationalism, 1917; The Common 
Creed of Christians, 1920; mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa; CLUBS: Century, Dun- 
woodie Country; HOME: 112 E. 36th 
St., OFFICE: 412 5th Ave., New York 

MERRITT, ANNA ..LEA: Artist; born 

Philadelphia, Sept., 1844; daughter 
Joseph Lea; educ. Eaglewood, Agas- 
s'iz: married Henry Merritt, 1877; 
AUTHOR: Memoir of Henry Merritt, 
1879; A Hamlet in Old Hampshire, 
1903; An Artist's Garden, 1908; 
HOME: Hurstbourne-Tarrant, Hamp- 
shire, England. 

Playwright; born New York, Feb. 1867; 
daughter Robert Weeks and Annie 
(Florence) N. ; educ. privately at home; 
DEGREES: Took examinations Colum- 
bia University (before Barnard, the 
Woman's dept. of Columbia was found- 
ed) ; married Dr. Alfred Meyer, 1887; 
AUTHOR: Women's Work in America, 
1891; Helen Brent, M.D., 1893; My 
Park Book, 1898; Robert Anny's Poor 
Priest, 1901; Plays: The Dominant Sex, 
1911; The Dreamer, 1912; contbr. es- 
says and studies of American Art to 
periodicals; active worker in the cause 
of education for women; founded Bar- 
ard College, Columbia University; 


CLUBS: Barnard, MacDowell, Ameri- 
can Pen Women, Lyceum (London) 
HOME: 28 E. 75 St., New York City. 


Teacher and Author; born New York 
City, June, 1883; son Charles B. W. 
and Katherine Marie (Cramer) M.; 
educ. Lakewood (N. J.) High Sen., 
Ph.D.; married Bernadine Susan Beech- 
^r, 3911; AUTHOR: The Essentials of 
Latin Syntax, 1911; The Essentials -of 
Greek Syntax, 1911; Roman Historical 
Literature, 1915; The Gothic History 
of Jordanes, 1915; mem. Am. Philolo- 
gical Soc.; CLUBS: American Classic 
League; Classical Assn of the Middle 
west and South; Rocky Mountain 
Princeton, Colorado Edn. Assn., Clio- 
sophic Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, Kappa 
Sigma, Winter Night; HOME: 216 E. 
Espanola St.; OFFICE; Colorado Col- 
lege, Clorado Springs. 

sor of Law; born Sumter, S. C., Jan. 
1868; son Thomas and Rebecca (Moses) 
M.; educ., South Carolina Military Col- 
lege; DEGREES: B.S., L.L.M.; mar- 
ried Martha McBee, Apr. 12, 1894; 
AUTHOR: Cases on Criminal Law, 
1908; Cases on Criminal Procedure, 
1910; Dental Jurisprudence, 1912; Life 
of Chief Justice Taney in "Great Am- 
erican Lawyers"; ed. 3rd edition of 
Clark's Criminal Law, 2nd edition or 
Clark's Criminal Procedure; mem. Am. 
Bar Assn., Am. Inst. of Criminal Law 
and Criminology; CLUBS: Kappa Al- 
pha, Phi Delta Phi; fellow Order of 
the Coif; University, Castine; HOME: 
229 E. Johnson St., Germantown, Pa.; 
OFFICE: University of Pa., Philadel- 

mer; born Kinderhook, N. Y., Feb. 11, 
1874; son Edmund and Ellen Medora 
(Isbister) M.; educ. Williams U. and U. 
of Strassburg; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., 
Ph.D.; married Elizabeth Morgan Fair- 
weather, June 7, 1911; AUTHOR: How 
to Identify the Stars, 1909; Meteorol- 
ogy, 1912; contbr. to scientific mag- 
azines; fellow of Am. Assn. for Adv. of 
Science and numerous learned societies 
at home and abroad; CLUBS: Phi Beta 
Kappa; HOME: Williamstown, Mass. 


Minister and Editor; born McKeesport, 
Pa., May 17, 1861; son William and 
Ellen C. M.; educ. Central College, Mo., 
Wesleyan College, Ky.; DEGREES: 
A.B , A.M., D.D.; married Elizabeth 
Harwood, June 27, 1887; AUTHOR: 
Twentieth Century Educational Prob- 
lems, 1901; (poem) Together, Yes, To- 
gether, a response to the English 
Laureate's "Together"; (song) My 



Own Loved Arkansas (adopted by State 
Teachers' Assn. for use in the public 
schools) ; editor of the Western Metho- 
dist; HOME: Little Rock, Ark. 

MILLER, DANIEL LONG: Editor; born 
Washington Co. ,Mr., Oct. 1841; son 
Abraham and Catherine M.; educ. Mt. 
Moris College, Halle, Germany; DE- 
GREES' LL.D.; married Elizabeth Tal- 
ley, Feb. 6, 1868; AUTHOR: Europe 
in Bible Lands, 1893; Seven Churches 
"of Asia, 1897; Girdling the Globe, 
1890; Eternal Verities, 1897; The 
Other Half, 1906; Some Who Led, 
1898; chmn. of the com. to Revise and 
compile Church of the Brethren's Hym- 
nal: compiled minutes of the Annual 
Conf. of the Church of the Brethren; 
HOMP:: Mount Morris, 111. 


Consulting Engineer; born Boston, 
Mass., Aug. 1870; son Joseph K. and 
Eliza B. M.; educ. Cornell Univ.; DE- 
GREE: M.S.; married Antha Knowl- 
ton, July 3, 1897; AUTHOR: American 
Telephone Practice, 1905; Telephony, 
1912; mem, Am. Inst. of Electrical En- 
gineers; Union League; CLUBS: The 
Quadrangle Engineers (Chicago), En- 
gineers' (New York), Olympia Fields, 
Westbrok Country; HOME: 431 West 
Third St., Mansfield; OFFICE: Galion, 

Teacher; born Brattleboro, Vt., Aug. 5, 
1848; son Nathan and Hannah (Works) 
M.; educ. Public Schs., Mass., Normal 
Art. Sch.; DEGREES: A.E.D., (Univ. of 
Penna.), LL.D., (Temple Univ), married 
Maria Persons Oct 29 1874; AUTHOR: 
Essentials of Perspective, 1888; also 
num. articles on art and education; 
CLUBS: Art (Phila.), Am. Philos. Soc., 
HOME: Oak Bluffs, mass. 

born Cooke Co., Texas, May 27, 1861; 
son Henry and Ludilla (Osborn) M.; 
educ. pioneer log-cabin schs.; Texas 
Christian Univ.; DEGREE: A.B.; un- 
married: AUTHOR: The White River 
Raft, 1910; A Crooked Trail, 1911; 
Saddles and Lariats, 1912; Fort Block- 
er Boys, 1917; The Branded Oak; 
HOME: Hico, Texas (Route 5, Box 80). 

MILLER, WALTER: Educator; born Ash- 
land Co., Ohio, May 5, 1864; son Samuel 
G. and Harriet (Romich) M.; educ. 
Univ. of Mich.; Leipzig Univ.; Am. Sch. 
of Classical Studies in Athens; DE- 
GREES: A.M., LL.D.; married Jennie 
Emerson, Sept. 13, 1888; AUTHOR: A 
History of the Acropolis of Athens, 
1894; 'The Theatre of Thoricus, 1887; 
Latin Prose for College Use (Part I, 
based on Livy XXI-XXII, Part II, bas- 

. ed on Cicero), 1890; The Old Way and 


the New, 1898; Cicero, de Officiis 
(Loeb Classical Library), 1913; Xeno- 
phon, Cyropaedia (Loeb Classical Li- 
brary), 1914; Excavations of the Acro- 
polis, 1885-6; Pausanias and his Guide 
Book, 1896; Scientific Names of Latin 
and Greek Derivation, 1897; The Rom- 
an Religion, 1898; Early History of 
the Fur Seal the Beast of the Sea 
(transl. from the Latin of George Wil- 
liam Steller) 1899; The Practical Side 
of the Classics, S. E. E., 1907; The 
Classics and Modern Training, 1909; 
editor The Classical Journal, 1905; 
asso. editor Southern Educational Re- 
view; Y. M. C. A. service in France and 
regional dir. Y. M. C. A. in Italy; mem. 
Am. Philological Assn.; Am. Archaeol. 
Inst.; Classical Assn. of Middle West 
and South; Phi Mu Alpha; HOME: 
1516 Wilson Ave.; OFFICE: 211 Aca- 
demic Hall, University of Mo., Colum- 
bia, Mo. 

Geology and member staff New York 
State Museum; born Red Bluff, Cal., 
April 26, 1880; son Henry and Bertha 
Miller; married Eva Pearl Breniman, 
1905; educ. Coll of The Pacific; Leland 
Stanford Junior Univ.; Johns Hopkins 
Univ.: DEGREES: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; 
AUTHOR: Introduction to Historical 
Geology: Geological History of New 
York State; The Adirondack Moun- 
tains; now writing book on Geology for 
P. F. Collier & Son's Popular Science 
Series; Bulletins: Eight New York 
State Bulletins describing geology of 
various parts of Northern New York; 
also written many research papers on 
geological subjects in various scienti- 
fic magazines; mem. Amer. Acad. of 
Arts and Sciences; Geol. Soc. of Amer.; 
Amer. Assoc. Adv. Science; CLUBS: 
Sigma Xi;Phi Beta Kappa; OFFICE: 
Smith College; HO.ME: 50 Dryads 
Green, Northampton, Mass. 

sicist; born Morrison, 111., Mar. 22, 
1868; son Silas Franklin and Mary 
Jane (Andrews) M.; educ. Oberlin Col- 
lege; Columbia Univ.; Univ. of Berlin; 
Univ. of Gottingen; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D., Sc.D.; married Gi^eta 
Irvin Blanchard, Apr. 10, 1902; AU- 
THOR: The Electron, 1917; A Course 
of College Experiments in Physics, 
1898: Theory of Optics (translated 
from the German), 1900; Mechanics, 
Molecular Physics and Heat, 1901; A 
First Course in Physics, 1906; A Lab- 
oratory. Course in Physics for Second- 
ary Schools, 1906; Electricity, Sound 
and Light, 1908; contbr. articles on 
physics to technical journals; CLUBS: 
Cosmos (Washington) ; Quadrangle; 
Univ. of Chicago; Olympia Fields Coun- 
try; OFFICE: University of Chicago, 




MILLIS, JOHN: Colonel of Engineers, U. 
S. Army; born Wheatland ,Mich., Dec. 
1858; son Walter and Jane Clark (Car- 
low) M : educ. country district sen.; 
Union Sch.; West Point Military Acad.; 
married Mary Raoul, Nov., 1893; AU- 
THOR: Safety of Navigation on Great 
American Lakes (for 12th Internation- 
al Congress of Navigation, Phila., 
1912); and numerous papers for Gov- 
ernment Depts. and for technical publi- 
cations; member Am. Soc. of C. E.; 
fellow A.A.A.S.; member Am. Inst. E. 
E.; U. S. Naval Inst.; Am. Physical 
Soc.; CLUBS: University (N. Y.); 
Cosmos (Wash.); Army and Navy and 
others; ADDRESS: care Chief of Engi- 
neers, War Dept., Washington, D. C. 


Botanist; born Ithaca, N. Y., June 20, 
1854; son John Hill (artist) and Mar- 
ion E. (Cornell) M.; educ. Ithaca 
High Sch.; Cornell Univ.; Homepathic 
Medical College; DEGREE: M.D.; mar- 
ried Louisa S. Spaulding, 1877; AU- 
THOR: American Medicinal Plants; 
Repertory to Eczema; Flora of West 
Virginia; Flora of Saint Croix; Flora 
of Yucatan; Flora Sand Keys of Flo- 
rida; Plantae Utowanae; Plantae In- 
sulae Ananasensis; Praenunciae Ba- 
hamenses; The Bahama Flora; editor 
Homoeopathic Recorder; contbr. of 
scientific articles; CLUBS: Explorers' 
HOME: 5526 Blackstone Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Field Museum of Natural His- 
tory, Chicago. 

MIMS, EDWIN: Head of English Dept., 
Vanderbilt Univ.; born Richmond, Ark. 
May 27, 1872; son Andrew J. and 
Sch.; Vanderbilt Univ.; Cornell Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.: 
married Clara Puryear, June 29, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Life of Sidney Lanier, 
1905 (in American Men of Letters 
Series) ; editor Carlyle's "Past and Pre- 
sent", 1918; Stevenson's "Inland Voy- 
age": "Essay on Burns", 1912; South- 
ern Prose and Poetry, 1919; author 
of various articles; lecturer at John 
Horikins*; Univ. of Va.; Univ. of N. C.; 
College; Tulane, etc.; CLUBS: Phi 
Beta Kanpa: D. E. K.; Commercial, 
etc.; ADDRESS: Vanderbilt Univ., 
Nashville, Tenn. 

MINOT, JOHN CLAIR: Editor; born 
Belgrade., Me., Nov. 30, 1872; son 
George Evans and Effie (Parcher) M.; 
educ. Bowdoin College; DEGREE: 
A.B.; married Marion Bowman, 1912; 
AUTHOR: History of Belgrade, Cen- 
tennial History of Augusta, Me.; The 
Bowdoin Pines; History of Delta Kap- 
pa Fpsilon; also noems, addresses, lec- 
tures: HOME: Watertown; OFFICE: 
Boston Herald (literary editor), Bos- 

ton, Mass. 

MITCHELL, CLIFFORD: Physician (spec- 
ialist in kidney diseases) ; born Nan- 
tuckett, Mass., Jan., 1854; son Fran- 
cis M. and Ellen M.; educ. Harvard 
Univ.; Chicago Med. College; Chicago 
Homeopathic Med. College; DEGREES: 
A.B., M.D. ; married Sarah C. Dorland, 
1912; AUTHOR: Students Manual of 
Urinary Analysis, 1879; Practitioner's 
Guide to Urinalysis, 1882; Physician's 
Chemistry, 1884; Dentist's Manual of 
Special Chemistry, 1887; The Practi- 
tioner's Guide to Urinary Analysis, 
1888; Dental Chemistry and Metal- 
lurgy 1890-6; Renal Therapeutics, 1898; 
Diseases of the Urinary Organs, 1903; 
Modern Urinology, 1911; extensive con- 
tributor to medical journals; CLUBS: 
Chicago Literary; Harvard; Am. Inst. 
Homeopathy: Chicago Homeo. Soc.; 
Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 7134 Eggles- 
ton Ave., OFFICE: 25 East Washing- 
ton St., Chicago. 

born Sault Ste Marie, Mich., Mar. 26, 
1900; son Dr. F. J. M.; educ. Lincoln 
Grammar Sch.; St. Mary's (Parochial 
High Sch.); St. Louis Univ. of Ind.; 
Georgetown Univ. of Med.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Real Estate Values in De- 
troit After the War; The Bomb; 
Breathe Through Your Nose; CLUBS: 
Knights of Columbus; American Le- 
gion; Mich. Authors' Assn.; HOME: 
Block, Soo, Mich. 

MONROE, PAUL: University Professor; 
born Madison, Ind., June 7, 1969; son 
Rev. William Y.' and Juliet (Williams) 
M.; educ. Franklin (Ind.) College; 
Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Heidelberg; 
Univ. of Pekin; DEGREES: B.S., Ph.D., 
LL.D.; married Emma Ellis. Aug. 26, 
1891; AUTHOR: Source Book in the 
History of Education in the Greek and 
Roman Period, 1901; Thomas Platter 
and the Educational Renaissance of the 
Sixteenth Century, 1904; A Text-Book 
in the History of Education, 1905; 
Brief Course in the History of Educa- 
tion, 1907; Principles of Secondary 
Education, 1914; also edn. articles in 
tech. publ.; editor dept of edn. Inter- 
national Encyclopedia, International 
Year Book, and Nelson's Encyclopedia; 
editor in chief Cyclopedia of Educa- 
tion; editor Brief Course Series of 
Educational Texts: Home and School 
Series, 1914; Technical Art Series, 
1914; commr. to report on conditions 
in Philippine sch. system, Bur. of In- 
Pular Affairs, War Dept.; Edn. Expert 
Dir of Research of Inquiry Commrs. of 
War Dept. of State, 1918-19; trustee 
Christian Univ. of Shanghai College, of 
Pekin Med. College; HOME: Yonkers, 
N. Y. 



fessor of Industrial Chemistry; born 
Chelsea, Mass., Nov., 1869; son Luther 
and Mary (Sherman) M.; educ. public 
schs. of Chelsea; Mass. Inst. of Tech.; 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: S.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; married Edna Wadsworth, 
1895: AUTHOR: College Text of Quan- 
tative Analysis; Chemistry of the 
Metals; Reactions at the Temperature 
of the Electric Arc; CLUBS: Chemis- 
try of New York; HOME: 63 Hamilton 
Terrace; OFFICE: College of the City 
of New York. 

born Penacook, N. H., July, 1875; 
son John H. and Isabel (Brown) M.; 
educ. Concord High Sch.; New Hamp- 
shire College; Cornell Univ.: DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.E., M.M.E.; married 
Grace A. Mark, Sept., 1902; AUTHOR: 
Text-Book of Eng'g. Materials; Sec- 
tion 4 of Merriman's American Civil 
Eng'rs Pocket Book; CLUBS: Kappa 
Sigma; Sigma Xi; Tau Beta Pi; Univer- 
sity (Urbana); Players (U. of 111.); 
HOME: 803 Indiana A\e.; OFFICE: 
Materials Testing Lab., University of 
111., Urbana, 111. 

born St. Louis, Apr., 1870; son E. An- 
son and Catherine Elmer M.; educ. pub- 
lic schs. of St. Louis; Washington Uni- 
versity; Johns Hopkins: DEGREES: 
B.S., Ph.D;. married Eleanor Herron,, 
1903; AUTHOR: Limitations of Sci- 
ence, 1914; contbr. of technical arti- 
cles to various magazines; prof, of 
physics Univ. of Cincinnati and dean of 
Graduate School: fellow A. A. A. S; 
member Am. Phy. Soc.; Societe de 
Physique; Sigma Xi; CLUBS: Common- 
wealth; Literary; HOME: 317 Pike 
St.; OFFICE: University of Cincinnati, 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 

tor, The Living Church; born Mil- 
waukee, Wis., Mar. >19, 1868; son An- 
drew and Lavinia (Lord M.; educ. pri- 
vate schools; married Lilias E. Macon, 
Jure 24, 1891; AUTHOR: Some Ame- 
rican Churchmen; chmn. Milwau. Chap- 
te Am. Red Cross, 1916-19; mem. Gen. 
Convention P. E. Church 1910-19; Natl. 
Council of Natl. Municipal League, 
1912-17; CLUBS: City; pres., 1910-15 
(Milwaukee); HOME: 617 Hackett 
Lac Ave., Milwaukee. 

cal Engineer: born Brooklyn, N. Y., 
Apr. 15, 1889; son Frederick P. and 
Margaret R. M.; educ. Montclair High 
Sch.; Mass. Inst of Tech.; Boston, Mass.; 
married Angeline E. Gregory, 1917; 
AUTHOR: The Boy Electrician; The 
Boy's Home Book of Science and Con- 


struction; Wireless Telegraph Con- 
struction for Amateurs; Wireless Tele- 
graphy and Telephony; also numerous 
small books, pamphlets and contbr. to 
tech. press: HOME: 69 Brookfield 
Road; OFFICE: Alvin Place, Upper 
Montclair, N. J. 

gineer and Educator; born Cincinnati, 
Ohio, June 20, 1878; son John D. and 
Anna Frances (Wiley) M.; educ. Univ. 
of Colo.; married Urania T. Jones, Sep- 
tember, 1904 (died 1905); married 
2nd Lucy Middleton Griscom, Julv 6, 
1911; AUTHOR: Drainage of the" St. 
Francis Valley, Ark., 1909; The Miami 
Valley and the 1913 Flood, 1918; also 
articles on Education and Engineering; 
President Antioch College, 1920; has 
conducted extensive reclamation works 
in Arkansas and other states and de- 
signed water control projects regulat- 
ing drainage and obviating flood risks; 
pres. Morgan Engineering Co.; mem. 
Amer. Assoc. Civil Engineers; Greater 
Dayton Assoc.; CLUBS: City; HOME: 
743 Superior Ave., Yellow Springs, Chi- 
cago; OFFICE: Ludlow Bldg., Dayton, 

MORGAN, GEORGE: Editor Magazine 
Section, Philadelphia Record; born 
Concord, Del., Oct. 10, 1854; son of 
James W. and Elizabeth Q. M.; educ. 
Concord Dist. Sch.; Laurel Acad. (Del- 
aware); Delaware College; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., LL.D.; married Mary R. 
Churchman, Dec. 25, 1879; AUTHOR: 
John Littlejohn of J., 1896; The Issue, 
1906; The True Patrick Henry, 1909; 
The True LaFayette, 1919; * City of 
Firsts Philadelphia, 1920; member 
Penna. Historical Soc.; Genealogical 
Soc. of Penna.; HOME: 408 South 45th 
St.; OFFICE: 917-919 Chestnut St., 

of Mathematics; born Schleswig-Hol- 
stein, June, 1.868; son Karl Robert M.; 
educ. Hastings College; Univ. of Chi- 
cago: Univ. of Neb.; Univ. of Strass- 
burg; DEGREES: B.Sc., Ph.M., Ph.D., 
Ph.N.D.; married Cassia L. Kennedy, 
1895: AUTHOR: Memorabilia Mathe- 
matica, 1914; Short Course in College 
Mathematics. 1919; Plane Trigonome- 
try, 1911; Spherical Trigonometry, 
1912; fellow A. A. A .S.; CLUBS: 
Sigma Xi; Am. Math. Soc.; HOME: 
4705 21st Ave., N. E. Seattle; OFFICE: 
University of Washington. 

born Philadelphia, Oct. 4, 1856; son 
George W. and Catharine (Haris) M.; 
educ. pub. and priv. schs.; married 
Anna Wharton, June 2, 1896; AU- 
THOR: A Duet, in Lyrics, poems (with 
J. A. Henry), 1883; Tales From Ten 



Poets, 1893; Madonna and Other 
Poems, 1894; Lyrics and Landscapes, 
1908; Masterpieces of the Sea (biogra- 
phy of William T. Richards) 1912; edi- 
tor in the Yule Log Glow, 1892; Where 
Meadows Meet the Sea, 1892; also 
wrote a continuation and completion of 
Lamb's Tales from Shakespeare, 1893; 
member several societies for adv. of 
literature and of a number of yachting 
and other clubs; HOME: Oak Lane P. 
O.; OFFICE: Liberty Bldg., Philadel- 

MORRIS, ROBERT HUGH: Presbyterian 
Clergyman; born Bluffton, Ga., Aug. 9, 
1876; son Rev. William Jefferson and 
Iowa (Singleton) M.; educ. Emory Col- 
lege, Ga.; Princeton Univ.; Princeton 
Seminary; Northwestern; DEGREES: 
M.A., D.D.; married Lydia Arry, Oct. 3, 
1900; AUTHOR: Sleeping Through the 
Sermon, 1916; contbr. 'many pamphlets, 
booklets and poems to religious press; 
CLUBS: Union League; Mason; Odd 
Fellow; HOME: 26 King's Highway, E 
Haddonfield, N. J. 

Sec. of Home Missions; born Abbeville, 
S. C., Dec., 1854; son James Hervey 
and Anna E. (McCaslan) M.; educ. 
Erskine College; Columbia Theol. 
Seminary; DEGRES: A.B., D.D., LL.D.; 
married Ella M. Brice, Oct. 23, 1877; 
AUTHOR: At Our Own Door; The Task 
That Challenges; Christianizing Chris- 
tendom; HOME: 50 Westminster 
Drive; OFFICE: 1522 Hurt Bldg., At- 
lanta, Ga. 

MORSE, HOSE A BALLOU: Author; born 
Brookfield, Nova Scotia, July 18, 1855; 
son Albert Davis M.; educ. Boston 
Latin Sch.; Harvard; Western Re- 
serve; DEGREES: A.B., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Annie Josephine Welsford, 1881; 
AUTHOR: The Trade and Administra- 
tionof China, 1908 (3rd edition 1920); 
The Gilds of China, 1909; The Inter- 
national Relations of the Chinese Em- 
pire, Vol. I, 1910, Vols. II and III, 
1918; joint author, China in the 
series of The Nations of Today (in 
press) ; mem. Council of Royal Asiatic 
Soc.; CLUB: Royal Societies; HOME: 
Arden, Camberley, Surrey, England. 

MORSE, RICHARD C.: Consulting Gen. 
Sec., International Com., Y. M. C. A.; 
born Hudson, N. Y., Sept., 1841; son 
Richard C. M.; educ. Yale Univ. (class 
of 1862); Colgate Univ.; Penna. Col- 
lege (Gettysburg); DEGREES: B.A., 
M.A., D.D., LL.D.; married Jane E. 
VanCott, June 21, 1883; AUTHOR: 
History of Amer. Y. ,M. C. A., 1913; 
My Life with Young Men, 1918; Polity 
of Y. M. C. A., 1904; made many trips 
to Europe and Asia in interest of Y. M. 
C. A.; HOME: 35 Sydney Place, 


Brooklyn; OFFICE: 347 Madison Ave., 
New York City. 

born Livingstone, Ala., Sept., 1878; 
son Adolph and Emma M.; educ. Louis- 
ville, Ky. public schs.; Univ. of Cincin- 
nati; Hebrew Union College; DE- 
GREES: B.A., Litt.D.; married Birdie 
Field, June 4, 1915; AUTHOR: Jewish 
Science Divine Healing in Judaism; 
Jewish Science Applied Psychology; 
OFFICE: The Temple, Mobile, Ala. 

MOSHER, MARTHA B.: Author; born 
Platte City, Mo., June 1857; daughter 
Joseph A. Brown; educ. European and 
Am. Private Schs.; married Arthur A. 
Mosher, June 1, 1875; AUTHOR: Child 
Culture in the Home, 1897-98; Almost, 
(a book of poems), 1918; CLUBS: 
Browning Soc., Parthia; HOME: 1925 
Seventh Ave., New York City. 

MOTE, CARL HENRY: Public Service 
Com.; born Union City, Ind., June 25, 
1889; son Oliver P. and Emma Alice 
DEGREES: A.B.; married Mary Helen 
Hook; AUTHOR: Industrial Arbitra- 
tion, 1913; Learning to Earn, 1914; 
HOME: Claypoole Hotel, OFFICE: 
State House. 

and Civil Engineer; born Morristown, 
Pa., Sept. 1877; son Isaac and Mary 
Grater M.; educ. Pa. Normal Sch., 
Drexel Inst., Harvard Univ., DEGREES: 
S.B., A.M.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Des- 
criptive Geometry, 1904; Steam Tur- 
bines, 1908; Plant Testing, 1912; En- 
gineering Thermodynamics, 1916; Trade 
Mathematics, 1916; Gasoline Automo- 
biles, 1920; contbr. to technical journ- 
als; fellow A.A.A.S.; CLUBS: Author's 
(London), Harvard (Boston), City 
(Boston), Plymouth (Phila.); HOME: 
Morristown, Pa.; OFFICE: State House, 
Boston, Mass. 

MULDER, ARNOLD: Newspaper Man; 
born Holland, Mich., Nav. 1885: son B. 
and J. (Snitzler) M.; educ. Hope Cal- 
lege (Holland, Mich.), Univ. of Mich., 
University of Chicago; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M. married Katherine Ruth Kol- 
len Apr. 4, 1911; AUTHOR: The Dom- 
inie of Harlem, 1913; Bram of the Five 
Corners, 1915; The Outbound Rood, 
1919; The Sand Doctor, 1921; HOME: 
94 E. 14th St., OFFICE: "The Sentinel" 
Holland, Mich. 


Educator; born Moscow, Mich., May, 
1.8GS: son E. C. L. M.; educ. Mich. Agrl. 
College, Albion College, Univ. of Mo., 
Univ, of Leipzig; DEGREES: B.S., M.S.; 
married Jessamine Kennedy, Jan. 30, 
1835: AUTHOR: Breeding of Animals; 
CLUBS: Faculty, Country; HOME: 




University Farm, Columbia, Mo. 

MUNK, JOSEPH AMASA: Physician; born 
Ohio, Nov. 1847; son Jacob and Maria 
M.; edue., Ohio Eclectic Me. College; 
DEGREES: M.D-; married Emma S. 
Beazell, 1873; AUTHOR: Arizona 
Bibliography, 1910; Arizona Sketches, 
1905; Musical Compositions, 1916; 
Southwest Sketches, 1920; donated 
library of Arizoniana to Southwest Mu- 
seum (of which he is trustee) in 1908; 
founded Munk Cattle Co., Cochise Co., 
Arizona, in 1882, in which he still is 
actively interested; founded the Munk 
Botanical Garden and Arboretum for 
testing foreign shrubs, trees and plants; 
Veteran of Civil War, 178th Regt. Ohio 
Inf.: CLUBS: GA.R.; ADDRESS: 74.7 
So. Alvarado St., Los Angeles. 

and Historian; born Bristol, R. I., Aug. 
20, 1849; son John B. M., educ., Brown 
Univ., Freiburg, Heidelberg; DEGREES; 
A.B. A.M. L.H.D. mar. Susan W. Good- 
win, Dec. 28, 1875; AUTHOR: History 
of Bristol, R. I., 1880; Picturesque 
Rhode Island, 1881; The Most Success- 
ful American Privateer, 1913; Legends 
of Mount Hope, 1915; Tales of an Old 
Seaport, 1917; editor Works of William 
H. Prescott; frequent contbr. to mag- 
azines; CLUBS: University, Providence, 
Ends of the Earth, New York; Delta 
Phi; HOME: 115 Butler Ave, Provi- 
dence, R. I. 

ficer; born New Haven, Conn., Dec. 
1868; son Lyman E. and Lucy A. M.; 
educ. Yale Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
M D., A.M.; married Martha J. Schnee- 
loch, May 1893; AUTHOR: The 
Theory and Practice of Military Hy- 
giene; A Study in Troop Leading and 
Management of the Sanitary Service in 
War; The Principles of Sanitary Tac- 
tics; The Soldier's Foot and the Mili- 
tary Shoe; The Management of Men; 
CLUBS: Army and Navy, (Washington 
and Manila), Zeta Psi, (N.Y.); Colonel 
General Staff, U.S. Army, War Dept., 
Washington, D. C. 

MURPHY, EVA MORLEY: Writer; born 
Macomb, 111., Nov. 1856; daughter Wil- 
liam and 0. A. (Hibbard) M.; educ. 
public schs. of Cambridge, 111.; mar- 
ried Eugene F. Murphy, Dec. 30, 1877; 
AUTHOR: The Miracle on the Smoky, 
1910: Lois Morton's Investment, 1912; 
also short stories and poems; CLUBS: 
Kansas Authors'. Kan. Historical, Kan. 
Day; HOME: 524 Center Ave., Good- 
land, Kan. 

Meiji Gakuin Theol. Sem.; born Mont- 
gomery Co., N. Y., March 23, 1861; son 
Andrew K. M.; married Martha Annie 

Louise Foster, Oct. 11, 1905; educ. 
Coe Coll., Monmouth Coll., Princeton 
Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M. (Mon- 
mouth), A.M., (Princeton) D.D., 
(Coe); AUTHOR: Inductive English 
Lessons (Jap. and Eng.); Atoms and 
Energies: Kojin Dendo (Jap.); Ten No 
Tomo (Jap.); Sukui No ,Michi (Jap.) 
Christian Faith and New Psychology; 
The Super-Natural; CLUBS: Amer. 
Assoc. of Tokyo; ADDRESS, OFFICE: 
Meiji Gakuin, Tokyo, Japan; HOME: 
Ottumwa, Iowa. 

MYERS, CORTLAND: Minister; born 
Kingston, N. Y., June 1864; son Abra- 
ham and Martha M.; educ. Univ. of 
Rochester, Rochester Theol. Seminary; 
DEGREES: A.B., B.D., D.D., LL.D.; 
married Estelle J. Williaws, 1890; AU- 
THOR: Making a Life, 1899; Hhe Best 
Place on Earth, 1893; Midnight in a 
Great City, 1896; American Guns, 1898; 
Why Men Do Not Go To Church, 1899; 
Fielding's Dream, 1900; The Last Wed- 
ding Ring, The New Evangelism, The 
Attractive Church, The Boy Jesus, 
1908; The Real Holy Spirit, 1909; Real 
Prayer, 1912; Where Heaven Touched 
the Earth, 1913; The Man Inside, 1916; 
Money Mad, 1917; HOME: Riverbank 
Court, Cambridge, OFFICE: Tremont 
Temple, Boston, Mass. 


Diplomat; born Lewisburg, Va., Feb. 
son of Reverend D. E. Nadal and 
Jane (Mays) N. ; educ. Columbia (N. 
Y.) Yale College; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M.; AUTHOR: Impressions of Lon- 
don Social Life, 1875; Essays at Home, 
and Flsewhere, 1882; Professional Ex- 
ile, 1895; A Virginia Village, 1917; 
one of the secretaries U. S. Legation 
at London, 1870-1 and 1877-83; lectur- 
er on English Comp; Columbia U. 1892- 
93; CLUBS: Century, N.Y. St. James, 
i London); ADDRESS: Century Club, 
New Yor.k 

born Galgozc, Czecho-Slovakia, Nov. 
3867; son Adolphe and Therese N.; 
educ., Lutheran Gymnasium, Budapest, 
College P. S., Columbia; DEGREES: 
A.B., M.D.; married Dolly Rogers, 
1S93: AUTHOR: Diseases of the Mind 
and Nervous System; OFFICE: 106 E. 
38th St., New York. 

\AGLE, JAMES C: Civil Engineer; born 
Richmond, Va., Oct. 9, 1865; son John 
and Ellen Mary (Smith) N.; educ. 
Univ. of Tex., Univ. of Pittsburg, Cor- 
nell, Columbia, Univ. of Va., DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.A., C.E., M.-C.S.; mar- 
ried Emily St. P. Davis, July 1, 1903; 


AUTHOR: Field Manual for Railroa 
Engineers, 1897; mem. Am. Soc., C. K 
Am. Ry. Assn., A.A.A.E., S.P.E.E., etc 
etc.; HOME: College Station, Texas. 

NASON, FRANK LEWIS: Geologist an 
Mining Engineer; born New London 
Wis., May 1856; son Lewis Clark an 
Maria Julia N.; educ. High Sen., Mid 
dleburg, Vt., Amherst, Johns Hop 
kins, Yale; DEGREES: M.A.; marriec 
Thalia Abigail Painter, 1885, (d. 1906 
2d Madeleine Elinor Reynolds, 1909 
AUTHOR: To the End of the Trail 
Blue Goose; Vision of Elijah Beil 
CLUBS: Ounnipiack; ADDRESS: Wes 
Haven, Conn. 

Writer, Genealogist, Magazine Writer 
born Madison, Conn., Oct. 25, 1864 
daughter John Wilcox and Catherine 
N. ; educ. Lee's Acad., Madison, Ne\\ 
England Conservatory of Music; un 
married; AUTHOR: Fifty Puritan An 
restors, 19 02; char. mem. Natl. Geneal 
Soc., Mary Washington Chapter D.A 
R., mem. Soc. for the Preservation of 
New England Antiquities, Equal Suf 
frage League; CLUBS: rep. for Conn 
of the League of Am. Pen Women, las 
8 yrs State Chmn. Conn. Branch Inter 
natl. Sunshine So.; also mem. number 
of other socs. in Washington, D. C. and 
Conn.; HOME: Meadow Brook, Madi- 
son, Conn. 

during 45 yrs. missionary in equatori- 
al West Africa; born Montgomery 
Square (near Philadelphia. Pa.) 
Oct. 11, 1835; son Rev. Charles Wil- 
liam D.D., N. ; educ. Lawrenceville 
High Sch., Princeton Coll., Princeton 
Theol. Sem., Med. Dept., Univ. of Pa.: 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., (Princeton), 
M.D., S.T.D., (Univ. of Pa.): married 
Mary Cloyd Latta, 1862; (d. 1870), 
2d Mary Brunette Faster 1 , 1881 (d 
1884); AUTHOR: Crowned in Palm 
Land; Mawedo; Fetichism in West 
Africa; The Path She Trod: Corisco 
Days; Tales Out of School; The Young- 
est King; Where Animals Talk; In an 
Elephant Corral; .My Ogowe; trans. 
Bible into Benga dialect; resigned 
from foreign missions (after 45 yrs. 
service) ; since then has been active in 
public addresses and authorship; 
HOME: Mercer Home, Ambler, Pa. 

NAYLOR, WILSON 8.; College Professor 
and Dean; born Tecumseh, Kan., Jan. 
1864; son Osborn and Mary E. N,.; 
educ. Washborn College, Boston Univ.: 
DEGREES: A.B. S.T.B., D.D.; mar- 
ried Helen H. Fairfield, 1897 (de 
ceased) 2d, Mrs. A. F. Rich, 1921; 
AUTHOR. Daybreak in the 

Dark Continent; mem. Religious Edn. 
Assn., Wis. Acad. Science, Phi Beta 


Kappa, Tau Kappa Alpha; served two 
yrs. with A.E.F., as follows: one yr. 
Y.M.C.A. Activity Sec. for army div.. 
6 mo. as Chici Sec. for the Am. army 
in Italy, 3 mo. as Chief Sec. for the 1st 
arrny (500.000 men), 3 mo. Gen. Field 
Sec. for entire Am. army; since returu 
has been made officer of the French 
(Officier d'Academie Francaise) ; Sec. 
Epworth Assn.; CLUBS: Rotary 
Wisconsin Acad. of Science;, HOME: 
Appleton, Wis. 

NEARING, SCOTT: Sociologist; born 
Morris Run, Pa., Aug. 6, 1883; son 
Louis and Minnie (Zabriskie) N.; 
educ. Pa. Law Sch., Univ. of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., Ph.D.; married Nellie 
Marguerite Seeds, June 20,1908; AU- 
THOR: Economics (joint author), 
1908; Social Adjustment, 1911; Solu- 
tion of the Child Labor Problem, 1911; 
Wages in the United States, 1911; Wo- 
man and Social Progress (joint author), 
1912: Social Religion, 1913; Social 
Sanity, 1913; Financing the Wage 
Earner's Family, 191 1; Reducing the 
Cost of Living, 1914: Income, 1915; 
Anthracite, 1915; Poverty and Riches, 
1916; contbr. to econ, and o^her publs.; 
Sec. Pa. Child Labor Coraj., 1905-7; 
Chmn. People's Council of Am., 1917- 
1S; HOME: 7 E. 15th St., New York 

born near Sharpsburg, 111., Jan. 8, 
1891; son Nicholas N. and Alice (Cul- 
ler) N. ; educ. Kansas City Sens., Neb. 
married Mona Martisen, 1908; AU- 
THOR: The Divine Enchantment, 1900; 
The Lonesome Trail, 1907; A Bundle 
of Myrrh, 1908; Man-Song, 1909; The 
River and I, 1910; The Dawn-Builder, 
1911; The Stranger at the Gate, 1912; 
The Death of Agrippina, 1913; Life's 
Lure, 1914; The Song of Hugh Glas*, 
1915; The Quest (collected lyrics), 
1916; The Song of Hugh Glass, an- 
notated school edition, 1919; The Soug 
of Three Friends, 1919; The Splendid 
Wayfaring, 1920; winner of the Poetry 
Society prize of $500 for the best book 
of poetry written by an American poet 
and published in 1919; literary critic 
of the Minneapolis Journal since 1912; 
mem. Author's Club (N. Y.), Poetry 
Soc. of Am.; HOME: Bancroft, Ne- 

President; born Doune, Scotland, Mar. 
28, 1869; son David and Mary (.\llan) 
N.; educ. Univ. of Edinburgh, Univ. of 
Harvard: DEGREES: A.M., (Edin.) 
A.M., (Harvard), Ph.D.; LL.D., (Am- 
herst Brown Univ. married 
Elizabeth Muser; AUTHOR: The Orig- 
ins and Sources of the Court of Love; 
Essentials of Poetry; The Facts About. 



Shakespeare; Burns, How to Know 
Him; Edited Milton's Minor Poems; 
Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, As You 
Like It, Twelfth Night, Hamlet, Henry 
V., Midsummer Night's Dream; Shakes- 
peare's Complete Works (for Cam- 
bridge Poets) ; The Types of English 
Literature;; The Tudor Shakespeare; 
The Tempest; Romeo and .In Her; Chief 
British Poets of the 14th and 15th 
Centuries; Assoc. Ed., The Harvard 
Shelf of Fiction, The Harvard Classics; 
contbr. esays and literary articles to 
magazines; pres. of Smith College from 
1917; ADDRESS: Northampton, Mass. 

NEVE, JUERGEN L.UDWIG: Professor of 
Theology; born Stadam ,Schleswig, 
June 7, 3865; son Johann Ludwig and 
Christine N.; educ. Breklum and at Kiel 
University; DEGREES: D.D., Wittenberg 
and Carthage College; married Martha 
D. Fleming, 1895. AUTHOR: The Free 
Church System as Compared With the 
German State Church, 1902; Traits of 
the American People, 1902; Character- 
istics of Lutheran Synods in America, 
1915; History of the Lutheran Church 
in America, 1904 and 1916. The Angs- 
burg Confession, 1920; The Church Fel- 
lowship Question in the Light of Scrip- 
ture Testimony Introduction to the 
Symbolical Books of the Lutheran 
Church; Influence of the Lutheran Con- 
fersion Upon the Christian Life; The 
Union Movements between Lutherans 
and Reformed, 1921; Professor of New 
Testament in Lutheran Theol. Sem., Chi- 
cago, 1887-1902; editor <( Luth. 1898- 
1909; Professor Church History, West- 
ern Theol. Sem., Atchison, Kan; 1898- 
1909 Prof, of History of Doctrines and 
Symbolics Hamma Divinity School, 1909 
-; CLUBS: Am. Soc. Church History. 
N.Y., Luther (Springfield O.): AD- 
DRESS: 1015 North Fountain Ave., 
Springfield, O. 

thor; Teacher, Healer; born Boston, 
Mass. June 22, 1845; son John Jay and 
Mary S. N. ; educ. public schs. of Bos- 
ton; married Ida M. Thomas, 1868 
fd. 1882), 2d Katherine H. Hinchman, 
1SS7; AUTHOR: All's Right With the 
World, 1898; Discovery of a Lost 
Trail, 1900; Principles of Psychic Phil- 
osophy, 1908; HOME: 1470 Beacon St., 
Brooliline, Mass. 

mismatist; born Kenosha Wis., Jan., 
1886; son Frederick S. and Cecelia Bain 
N.; educ. Yale; DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; 
married Andra Nelson Marshall, Apr. 
1909; AUTHOR: The Dated Alexander 
Coinage of Sidon and Ake, 1915; The 
Selencid Mint of Antioch American Nu- 
mismatic Society, 1918; CLUBS: Sal- 
magundi; Yale; Home, Halesite, Long 
Island: OFFICE: American Numisma- 


tic Soc., New York City. 


Artist-Author; born McDonough Co., 
111., Mar. 5, 186-2; son George and 
Louise N.; educ. Public Schs. of Rush- 
nell, 111.; married Leona Dow Ash- 
craft, 1880; AUTHOR: Topsys and 
Turvys, 1894; Shadow Show, 1906; 
The Hole Book, 1908; The Slant Book, 
1910; Rocket Book, 1912; Peter New- 
ell's Pictures and Rhymes, 1906; 
CLUBS: Salmagundi, Illustrators', Au- 
thor's League; HOME: Leoni, N. J. 

ersity Professor; born Alabama, Mar. 
19, 1875; son Albert Henry and Mary 
Univ. of Toronto, Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: B.A., Ph.D., married Iso- 
bel C-irrie Marshall; 1907; AUTHOR: 
The Biology of Twins; Vertebrate Zo- 
ology; also several contr. to magazines 
and monographs; professor Zoology 
and embryology and dean college of 
Science, Chicago Univ. Fellow Am., 
^ssoc. Adv. of Science; mem .Am. Soc. 
of Zoologists; CLUBS: Quadrangle, 
Olympia, Fields; OFFICE: College of 
Science, University of Chicago: HOME: 
5712 Dorchester Ave., Chicago, III. 

A r EWMARK: MARCO ROSS; Wholesale 
Grocer; born Los Angeles, Calif., Oct. 
1.878: son Harris and Sarah N. ; educ. 
private and public schs. New York, 
Univ. of Calif., Univ. of Berlin; DE- 
GREES: A.B.; married Constance Mey- 
berg, June 6, 1906; co-editor (with 
Maurice Harris Newmark) of Sixty 
Years in Southern California; has also 
contbr. to magazines; mem. Native Sons, 
B'nai B'rith; sec. Jewish Orphan's 
Home, Southern Calif.; Pres. Nathan Palestine Adv. Soc ; CLUBS: 
University, Los Angeles Athletic, Ga- 
mut; HOME: Araphoe St., OFFICE: 
1248-64 Wholesale St., Los Angeles. 

sale grocer; born Los Angeles, Calif., 
Mar. 3 1859; son Harris and Sarah N.; 
educ. in America and Europe; married 
Rose Newmark, July 3, 1888; JOINT 
EDITOR: Sixty Years in Southern Cal. 
ifornia, 1916; mem. Southwest Soc. Am. 
Philatelic Soc. Archeolic Soc. Hispan- 
eers' Soc. of Calif. Los Angeles County 
Pioneers' Soc. Southern California Hist. 
Soc.; dir. Inst. of the West; CLUBS: 
Pres. Jonathan, Concordia, Los Angeles 
Athletic, Book Club, of Cjalif. Automo- 
bile Southern Calif.) fifty years a col- 
lector of postage stamps, owns a notable 
collection; HOME: 905 Beacon S.; OF- 
FICE 1248 Wholesale St., Los Angeles, 

and Educationist; born England, Apr. 



1870; son Rev. John N.; educ. Mon- 
treal High Sen., McGill Univ.; DE- 
GREES' M.A., M.D., D.Sc.; married 
Lucia Pomeroy Van Vliet, 1907; AU- 
THOR: Principles of Pathology (with 
Adami); CLUBS: Authors' (London), 
University (Montreal), Halifax; HOME: 
6 Studley St., OFFICE: Dalhousie 
University, Halifax, N.S. 


University Professor; born Leamington, 
Finland, Sept. 14, 1854; son Edward 
Willard and Maria (Watkinson) N., 
(both American) educ. Cornell, Leipsig, 
Berlin, Goettingen, John Hopkins Univ.; 
DEGREES: B. S., Ph. D., L. L. D., 
D.Sc.; married Ida Preston, 1881; AU- 
THOR: The Galvanometer; Laboratory 
S. Franklin); Outlines of Physics Cor- 
nell University; mem. A.A.A.S., fellow 
Amer. Acad. of Arts and Sciences; AD- 
DRESS: Ithaca, N. Y. 

Professor, Supt. -Ranking Major-General 
of Engineers, Virginia Military Institute; 
born Petersburg, Va., June 27 1858; son 
James and Anne (Wynn) N.; educ. Mc- 
Cabe's Univ. School, Va. Military Inst. 
Univ. of Va.; married Evelyn Junkin, 
Rust, Nov. 14, 1905; AUTHOR: Nich- 
ol's Differential and Integral Calculus; 
for some years Prof, engineering and 
mathematics Va. Milit. Institue; CLUBS: 
University, ADDRESS: Lexington, Va. 


University Professor of Ancient Lan- 
guages; born Baltimore, Md., Dec. 
1857; son Albert and Mary N.; educ. 
Univ. of Virginia, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Eliza T. Graves, July 11, 1888; 
AUTHOR: Notes on Latin and Greek, 
1890; Greek Notes Revised, 1896; The 
Book of Revelations; CLUBS: Chi Phi 
(frat), Classical Assoc. of Middle West 
and South; OFFICE: Oglethorpe Univ., 
Ga.; HOME: 459 Spring St., Atlanta, 

NICHOLSON, WATSON: Author (with 
particular reference to the stage and 
drama) ; born near Indianapolis; son 
Abram and Maria (Davis) N. ; educ. 
Indiana: Leland Stanford Jr.; Harvard; 
Yale Universities; DEGREES: A.B., 
M.A., Ph.D.; married Florence Emily 
Beaver, Sept. 1, 1897; AUTHOR: Lec- 
tures on American Literature, with 
Bibliography, 1903; The Struggle for 
a Free Stage in London, 1906; The 
Historical Sources of Defoe's Journal 
of the Plague Year, 1920; Anthony As- 
ton; Stroller and Adventurer, 1920; lec- 
turer in Univ. extension work; mem- 
Phi. Beta Kappa; Harvard Teachers' 
Assn.; CLUBS: Authors' (London); 
Harvard; Yale; Fortnightly; HOME: 
Deer Lodge, South Haven, Michigan. 


tor; born Cincinnati, Mar. 31, 1863; 
son William V. and Isabelle (Black- 
man) N.; educ. Yale Univ. DEGREES 
A.B.; married Helen F. Hull, Nov., 
18 96; AUTHOR: The War for the Is- 
land; Making Good; Safety First Club; 
Safety First Club and the Flood; 
Editor Manchester Union; CLUBS: 
Derryfield: Intervale Country; OF- 
FICE: Manchester Union; HOME: 141 
Russell St., Manchester, N. H. 

NIGHTINGALE, A. P.: Retired Educa- 
tor; born Quincy,Mass., Nov., 1843; 
son Thomas J. N. ; educ. Public Com- 
mon and High Schs.; Newberry Sem- 
inary, Vt.; Wesleyan Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; married Fan- 
ny Orena Chase, Aug. 24, 1866; AU- 
THOR: Requirements for Admission to 
American Colleges, etc.; editor nearly 
100 Books for Secondary Schools, call- 
ed "20th Century Text Books"; 
HOMES: 1240 Oak Ave., Evanston, 
111. ( winter) ; Walworth, Wis. (sum- 

of Physics (Emeritus); born Port By- 
ron, N. Y.. Dec. 10, 1847; son Peter 
and Roxa P. (Tilden) N.; educ. public 
scliF. of N. Y.; State Univ. of Iowa; 
DEGREES: B.S., A.M., LL.D.; mar- 
ried Matilda Aikins, 1873; AUTHOR: 
Electricity and Magnetism, 1895 (2 
editions, all sold); Studies in Electri- 
city and Magnetism, composed of num- 
erous scientific papers; mem. Internatl. 
Congress of Arts and Sciences, 3t. 
Louis; chmn. sect, cosmical physics; 
mem. Physics Soc. of France; Royal 
Soc. Arts, London; Am. Philos. Soc.; 
Acad. Science, St. Louis (pres. 1885- 
90) ; Am. Phys. Soc.; fellow A. A. A. S.; 
CLUB: Authors', London; HOME: 
Kirkwood, St. Louis County and Hessel, 
Mich.; OFFICE: Washington Univ., St. 
Louis, Mo. 

NIXON, PAUL: College Dean; born Des 
Moines, Iowa, Mav 23, 1882: son Wil- 
liam Goodin and Helen (Andrews) N.; 
educ. Wesleyan University, Conn.; Ox- 
ford Univ. (England); DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Rhodes Scholar (1st from 
Conn.); married Dorothea Margaret 
Thomnson July 30, 1907. (d 1917), 
2nd Matilda C. Spengler, July 7, 1919; 
AUTHOR: A. Roman Wit, 1911; trans. 
Plautus, Vols. I and II, for Loeb Classi- 
cal Library; contbr. to literary and 
classical periodicals; professor of Latin 
and dean Bowdoin College: CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa frat.; OFFICE: Bow- 
doin College, Brunswick; HOME: 56 
Federal St., Brunswick, Me. 

NOLEN, JOHN: Town and City Planner, 
Landscape Architect, Public Lecturer 
and Author; born Philadelphia, June, 



DEGREES: A.M., Sc.D., Ph.D.; mar- 
ried Barbara Schatte, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Madison, a Model City, 1910; Replann- 
ing Small Cities, 1912; Greater Erie, 
1869; son John C. N.; educ. Uriiv. of 
Pa.; Oxford (England); Univ. of Mu- 
nich; Harvard Univ.; Hobart College; 
1913; City Planning, 1916; New Ideals 
in the Planning of Cities, 1916; also 
many pamphlets and reports; contbr. to 
magazines and current periodicals; edi. 
Repton's Art of Landscape Gardening, 
1907; Handbook of City Planning, 
1915; has planned or replanned many 
large cities and parks; fellow Am. Soc. 
Landscape Architects; Boston Soc. 
Landscape Architects; mem. exec. bd. 
Natl. Conference on City Planning; 
first vice-pres. Am. Clivic Assn.; 
CLUBS: Appalachian Mountain; Oak- 
ley Country; City; Authors' Twentieth 
Century (Boston); Harvard (Ne\N 
York); HOME: 10 Garden Terrace; 
OFFICE: Harvard Square, Cambridge, 
Mass.; New York Address: Harvard 
Club: Washington, D. C. Address: Cos- 
mos Club. 

NORLIE, OLAF MORGAN: Professor of 
Psychology; born Sioux City, la., Jan. 
11, 1876; son O. H. and Martha K. N.; 
educ. St. Olaf College; Dixon College; 
Univ. of Wis.; Univ. of Minn.; United 
Church Seminary; Augustana Semi- 
nary; Wittenberg College; DEGREES: 


B.S., M. Accts., Ph.D., 

S.T.D., Litt.D.; married Anna Louise 
Bonhus, 1902; AUTHOR: A Guide to 
T.iterarv Stndv. 1901: United Church 
Home Missions, 1909; Norsk-Sondags 
skolesahsbog, 1911; Ness Jubelskrif 
1911; By the Christmas Tree, 1911; 
Lutheran Almanac for 1912, 1911; 
Tlie Church and Her Child. 1911; Al- 
terbpgen. 1912; A Free Text Church 
'Postil. 1913: !;; Den Fornede Kirke, 1914; 
Prestekalend&ren, 1843-1914*15;:: Lu- 
theran Hymnary, Junior, 1916; The 

,, Academy for Princes, 1917; Menighet- 
skalenderen,, 1843 I ,-16,-1918; Principles 
"of Expressive Reading, 1918 ; The O^en 
Bible, 1918; Glasoe's Omsorg for Sine 
FQ-PO, ' 'i<u9: : "' School Calendar, 1841- 
1920, 1920; A Lutheran World Alman- 
ac and. Annual Encyclopedia for 1921, 

'1921. A Christian Psychology, 

also " hundreds p'f articles. ;r ln Church 
;: p,;ress; a.bput 2.0 unpublished .books "on 
church history, religious 

, , 

.education and psychology, intro'ductions 
tip some, published books; statistician. 
church historian, dir. several cfriirch 
purvevs, .nijem. sev. learned societies and 
boards,, chirm. statist, com. Natl. Luth- 
eran Council, 1918; pres. Am. Luth. 

Staiis. Assn., 191 7; Librarian Lutheran 

Bureau. NPW York O'tv. 19.:?0: H,OME: 
Decorah, la.* OFFICE: Luther Col. 
lege, Decorah. 


NORRTS, HARRY WALDO: Professor of 
Zoology; born Pittsfield, N. H., Sept. 
11, 1862; son Moses Leavitt and Lydia 
Ann (Joy) N.; educ. Grinnell College; 
Cornell University; Univ. of Freidburg; 
TJniv. of Nebraska; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M.; married Harriet Victoria Ruliff- 
son, June 14, 1893; AUTHOR: (in 
collab. with M. L. May) Physiology for 
High Schools, 1899; also research ar- 
ticles published in scientific and tech- 
nical journals; Professor Zoology, Grin- 
nell Univ., from 1903, now carrying out 
extensive research work in neuroloav; 
mem. A. A. A. S.; Amer. Soc. Zoolo- 
gists: Amer. Assoc. Anatomists; Iowa 
Acad. of Science; OFFICE: Grinnell 
College; HOME: Grinnell, Iowa. 

XORRIS, HENRY McCOY: Mechanical 
Engineer; born Trenton, N. J., Jan. 21, 
18 38: son John Hurd and Cora McCoy 
(Bunnell) N.; educ. N. J. State Normal 
and Model Sens.; Trenton Academy, 
Lawrenceville, N. J.; Sibley College; 
Cornell Univ.; married Sarah Boyd 
Nixon, Nov. 2 4, 1892; AUTHOR: Fifty- 
six Points of Vantage; Ancestry and 
Descendants of Lieutenant Jonathan and 
Tamesin (Barker) Norris; History of 
the Drilling Machine and about sixty ar- 
ticles under such titles as: "Fundamen- 
tals of Thrift." Depreciation of Plant and 
its Relation to General Expense; The 
Premium Plan of Labor Remuneration; 
An Efficient Routing and Follow-Up 
System, etc.; designer: modern type of 
radial drilling machine, the first to 
double the number of speeds and feeds 
formerly furnished and to supply 
them mechanically; also orig. the first 
high sneed lathe; devised formula for 
ascertaining power required for metal 
drilling at various speeds and feeds; 
mem. Committee for Fourth District of 
Natl. Metal trade, held office; pres. Ohio 
Soc. Sons of the Rev,; gov. Soc. of Colon- 
ial Wars; pres. Cornell Assn. of South- 
ern Ohio; Soc. of Am. Soc. Mech. Eng.; 
chmn. Cincinnati Soc.; lieutenant 
Amer. Protective League; jnechanica,! 
engineer ordnance, Council of 
Natl. Defense: QLUBS: Engineers; 
Cinti.; New England Society; Alvha 
Delta Phi frat,; OFFICE: The Cincin- 
nati Bickford Tool Co., Cincinnati; 
HOME; 2712 Wpodjmrn Ave,, Cincin- 

XORTH, CECIL CLARE : University Pro- 
fessor; born Taylor Co., Iowa, Aug., 
1878; son John W. and Sarah Ann 
(Thompson) North; educ. Univ. of Neb- 
raska; Yale Univ.; Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: A.B., B.D., Ph.D.; married 

Georgia Etta Headley, 1913; AUTHOR: 
Sociological Significance of Ricardo's 
Economics, 1913; Indiana, A Social 
Survey; lecturer on sociology and com- 



munity betterment; professor of socio- 
logy and allied subjects Miami Univ., 
DePauw Univ., Okla. Univ.; now in 
Ohio State Univ.; OFFICE: Ohio State 
University; HOME: 401 West 10th 
Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

Educator; born Buffalo, N. Y., May 11, 
1858; son Charles D. and Jeanette P. 
N.; educ. Buffalo Classical Sen.; Pub- 
lic Schs.; DEGREE: B.A.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: Negotiable Bills and Notes; 
various poems in Buffalo Sunday Ex- 
press; CLUBS: Saturn; Niagara; mem. 
many professional and philantropic or- 
ganizations; ADDRESS: 616 Erie Co. 
Bank Bldg., Buffalo, N. Y. 

and Rug Expert; born Lockport, N. Y., 
Dec. 6, 1864; daughter Col. James D. 
and Helen E. Ames; educ. High and 
Private Schs.; married Thomas H. 
Norton, Dec. 27, 1883; AUTHOR: Rugs 
in Their Native Land, 1910; has writ- 
ten for the London Review and Specta- 
tor, which contributions, as well as the 
book are written under the author's 
nom de plume Eliza Dunn; CLUB; 
Browning, New York City; HOME: 
455 George St., New Haven, Conn. 

NORTON, ELIOT: ..Lawyer; born Cam- 
bridge, Mass., July 1, 1863; son Char- 
les Eliot N. ; educ. Private schs. in Eu- 
rope and Am.; Cambridge High Sen.; 
Harvard College; Harvard Law Sen.; 
DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; married Mar- 
garet P. Meyer, Sept. 2, 1888; AU- 
THOR: On Sales of Securities through 
a Stock Broker; Lincoln, Lover of 
Men; also articles in various publs.; 
CLUB: University, etc.; HOME: 67 
East 77th St.; OFFICE: 2 Rector St., 
New York City. 

Dean; born P. E. Island, Canada; son 
Frederick P. N. ; educ. Prince of Wales 
College; Transylvania College; Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Frances L. Minter, Nov. 9, 
1004; AUTHOR: A Lexicographical and 
Historical Study of Diatheke, 1908; 
Christian Bible School Commentary, 
IP 12; CLUBS: University (Des Moin- 
es); Frontier; HOME: 3120 Cottage 
sity, Des Moines, la. 

born Northfield, Minn., October 29, 
1876; daughter Willis H. and Cather- 
ine Theresa (Rich) N.; AUTHOR: 
Little Gray Songs from St. Joseoh's; 
The Sister of the Wind; Roads, What 
is Your Lt^icm?; ADDRESS: 11, Rue 
Scribe, Paris, France. 

Laboratory; born Suffield, Conn., July 


28, 1877; son John H. and Annie Lord 
(Lombard) N.; educ. West Middle 
Sch., Hartford, Conn.; Los Angeles 
High School; Yale College; New Haven; 
Yale Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., Ph.D.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Statistical Stu- 
dies in N. Y. Money Market, 1901; 
numerous articles in scientific journals 
and magazines; editorial writer Wall 
Street Journal, 1916: vice-pres. Am. 
Assn. on Advancement of Science; 
mem. Conn. Civ. Service Reform Assn.; 
CLUBS- Sigma Chi; Phi Beta Kappa; 
HOML: 461 Ocean Ave.; OFFICE: 
460 Ocean Ave., West Haven, Conn. 


(Mrs. L. M. Norton) : Editor, born Glou- 
cester, Mass., Feb. 25, 1860, educ. Smith 
College, Boston Normal School of House- 
hold Arts (diploma) Graduate work at 
Mass. Inst. of Technology, and Univer- 
sity of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., A.M. 
married Lewis Mills Norton, 1883 (died 
1893); AUTHOR: Food and Diabetics, 
1907; Food for Children; contr. articles 
to magazines and has written leaflets 
(issued by the Home Economics Dept.) 
Editor of Journal of Home Economics 
since 1915; for 12 years assistant pro- 
fessor in University of Chicago, and 
Head of Dept. of Home Economics 
in School of Education, University of 
Chicago; Head of School of Home Eco- 
nomics Chautauqua, N. Y. Summer Ses- 
sion, during war (Aug. 1917 to Dec 
1918 now on leave of absence from 
Journal of H. E. and under appt. as 
Head of Dept. of Home Economics, 
Constantinople College for Girls, (Tur- 
key) ; CLUBS: Chicago Women's Col- 
lege, Smith College, Natl. A.C.A., N.E. 
A.; A.A.A.S. American Acad. of Political 
Science; OFFICE: 1211 Cathedral St., 
Baltimore, Md.; HOME: 5600 Kenwood 
Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

versity Professor; born Edmeston, N. 
Y., July 12, 1872; educ. Cornell Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; married Car- 
rie Louise Myers, July 12, 1898; AU- 
THOR: A Manual of American Litera- 
ture (with others), 1909; Studies in 
Language and Literature (with others), 
1910; Studies in English (with Miss A. 
Blount), 1911-14; Biblioography Phi 
Beta Kappa, 1913-20; Bibliography of 
Thomas Gray, 1917; also many papers 
and Reviews; EDITOR: The Essays of 
Francis Bacon, 1908; Essays and Criti- 
cisms by Thomas Gray, 1911; Represen- 
tative Phi Beta Kappa Orations, 1915; 
Cornell Studies in English (with 
others) 1916-20 Sartor Resartus 
1920; CLUBS: Town and Gown; Cos- 
mopolitan; Unitarian; ADDRESS: 
Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 



cian; born Philadelphia, Jan. 1, 1875 
son Prof. William Fisher N. (M.D.) 
ednc. Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: B.A. 
M.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Studies in 
Cardiac Pathology, 1911; Blood Pres 
sure, Its Clinical Applications, 1917 
Diseases of the Chest and the Princi 
plos of Physical Diagnosis (in collab.) 
2nd edition, 1920; also numerous me 
diral contributions to books and jour 
nals: asst. prof, of Med., Univ. of Pa. 
visiting physician Pa. Hospital, Pliila. 
Col. M. C., U. S. Army, 19 mo. service 
in France during World War; Citation 
from Gen. Pershing, "for exceptionally 
meritorious and conspicuous service 
as senior consultant in Medicine for Di 
visions in Toul sector"; fellow College 
of Physicians of Phila.; mem. Assn. o 
Amer. Physicians, etc.; CLUBS: Phila. 
Racquet; Phila; Barge; ADDRESS: 182 
S. Rittenhouse Sq., Philadelphia. 

NO YES, CARLTON: Author: born Boston 
Mass., Oct. 1, 1872; son Increase E 
and Henrietta (Atwood) N. ; educ 
Post on Latin Sch..; Harvard; Berlin; 
Paris; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; mar- 
ried Charlotte Metcalfe, June 1, 1907; 
AUTHOR: The Enjoyment of Art, 
1903; The Gate of Appreciation, 1907; 
An Approach to Walt Whitman, 1900; 
CLUBS: Boston Art; City, New York; 
Harvard; ADDRESS: Winter Hill 

born Cambridge, Mass., Apr., 1873; 
son Charles and Mary Lucretia N. ; 
educ. Phillips Acad., Andover, Mass.; 
Harvard Univ.; Univ. of St. Petersburg; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Florence Augusta Paine, July 31, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Tolstoy (in series, "Master 
Spirits of Literature" edited by George 
Rapall Noyes and Walter Norris Hart), 
1918; Editor Essay on Burns, by Thom- 
as Carlyle, 1896: The Poetical works 
of John Dryden; Selected Dramas of John 
Dryden; with The Rehearsal by 
Ceorge Villiers, Duke of Buckingham, 
1910; Heroic Ballads of Servia (trans, 
with Leonard Bacon), 1913; Pan Tad- 
eusz: or, The Last Foray in Lithuania, 
by Adam Mickiewiez (trans.), 1917; 
Plays by Alexander Ostrovsky (trans, 
ed.j, 1917: asst. prof. English Univer- 
sity of Wis., 1900-1; on faculty of Univ. 
of Calif, since 1901; prof. Slavic Lan- 
guages since 1919; ADDRESS: 1434 
Greenwood Terrace, Berkeley, Calif. 

born Lyme, Conn., Aug. 8, 1865; son 
Richard and Catherine N. ; married 
Luelia Armstrong, Oct. 22, 1895; AU- 
THOR: Law of Incorporate Relations, 
1901, 2d edition, 1909; American Rail- 
road Rates, 1915; CLUBS: Metropol 
HOME: 405 Park Ave.: OFFITE: 32 
litan; Century; Grolier; Midday; 


Nassau St., New York City. 

born Independence, la., Nov. 6, 1857; 
son Spencer W. and Mary (Packard) 
N.; educ. Grinnell College; John's Hop- 
kins Univ.; Univ. of Munich; Iowa Col- 
lege; Clark Univ.; Univ. of Pittsburg; 
DEGREES: A.B'., B.S., Ph.D., LL.D., 
Chem.D.; married Flora E. Collier 
Dec. 24, 1884 (deceased); 2d, Mattie 
A. Elwell, June 18, 1902 (deceased); 
3d. Katharine H. Macy, Nov. 25, 1915; 
AUTHOR: Qualitative Analysis, 1887; 
Organic Chemistry for the Laboratory, 
IS 97; Organic Chemistry, 1903; Text- 
Book of Chemistry, 1913; College 
Text-Book of Chemistry, 1919; mem. 
Natl. Acad. of Science; Am. Acad. of 
Arts and Sciences; Am. Philos. Soc.; 
editor of Journal of American Chem. 
Soc., 1902-17; pres. Am. Chem. Soc., 
1920; has written many scientific pap- 
ers, etc.; CLUBS: Chemists; New York 
City; Chaos; Chicago; HOME: 1105 
Nevada St.; OFFICE: University of 111., 

Author of Fiction: born Baltimore, 
Md., Dec. 5, 1889; Public Schs.; 
Baltimore City College; Univ. of Mary- 
land; DEGREE: L.L.B.; married Hen- 
rietta Laupheimer, Jan. 9, 1907: AU- 
THOR: The Final Verdict, 1915; The 
Conquest, 1916; The Chosen People, 
1917; The Gate of Ivory, 1920; CLUBS: 
City (Baltimore; Suburban (Balti- 
more); HOME: 2414 Linden Ave.; OF- 
FICE: Union Trust Bldg., Baltimore. 


thor; born Phila., Pa., 1868; son John 
and Sara Louisa (Vickers) A.; 
educ. Univ. of Pa., and German 
Univs.; DEGREES: Ph.D.; AUTHOR: 
The Referendum in America, 1893; Die 
Beziehungen Zwischen dem Staat and 
der Zeitungspresse, 1895; The New 
Man, 1897; The Referendum in Ame- 
rica, 1900; revised edition, 1911; Ro- 
bert Morris, Patriot and Financier, 
1903; Abraham Lincoln, 1904; The Lit- 
erary History of Philadelphia, 1907; 
Jay Cooke, the Financier of the Civil 
War, 2 vols, 1907; Henry Clay (with 
Thomas H. Clay), 1909; Philadelphia, 
the City and Its People, 2 vols, 1911; 
A History of the United States since 
the Civil War, 1917; contbr. to maga- 
zines: CLUBS: Art, Phila.; University, 
(Pittsburgh); HOME: 2113 Tioga St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

cate of School Savings Banks; born 
Uwchlan, Chester Co., Pa., May 20, 
1.841; daughter Paxson and Ann T. 
Vickers,; married John Oberholt- 



zer, Jan. 1, 1862; educ. Friends' Board- 
ing School and private tutors; AUTH- 
OR: Violet Lee, 1873; Come for Ar- 
butus; Wild Bloom, 1882; Hope's Heart 
Bells, 1884; Daisies of Verse, 1886; 
Souvenirs of Occasion, 1892; Mrs. S. 
L. Oberholtzer's Letters from Europe, 
1895; also hymns, dialogues and songs; 
Supt. of School Savings Banks of W. 
C. T. U.; editor Thrift Tidings; author 
of many pamphlets on sch. savings 
banks; leader of sch. savings bank 
movement in U. S. and Canada; HOME: 
2113 Tioga St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

O'BRIEN, SEUMAS: Sculptor, Writer; 
born Glenbrook, Co. Cork, Ireland, Apr. 
26, 1880; son John J. and Elizabeth 
Harding (Aherne) O.; unmarried; educ. 
Presentation Brother's School, Cork; 
Cork School of Art; Cork School of 
Music; Metropolitan School of Art (Dub- 
lin) ; Royal College of Art (London) ; 
AUTHOR- Duty and other Irish Come- 
dies, 1916; The Whale and the Grass- 
hopper, 1916; Blind, 1918; plays pro- 
duced: Duty; Matchmakers; Malichi 
Desmond; ''67"; Failure of Triumph; 
Blind; The Cobbler's Den; instructor in 
Art, Cork Sch. of Art, Mt. St. Joseph's 
Monastery (Cork); Queenstown Tech. 
Sch.; Metropolitan Sch. of Art (Dub- 
lin until 1912; Abbey Theatre drama- 
tist and lecturer, 1913-17; exhibited at 
Royal Hibernian Academy; awarded 
silver medal (sculpture) by Board of 
Education, London, 1912; Amer. rept. 
Irish P^vwrights AFSU.; came to U. S. 
191?,; HOME: 117 West 90th St., New 
York, N. Y. 

born Baraboo, Wis., April 3, 1858; son 
Henry and Judith (Hottinger) O.; 
educ. University of Wisconsin; Univ. of 
Vienna: Rush Medical College; DE- 
GREES: B S., LL.D. (Univ. of Wis); 
M.D. (Rush Med. Coll.); married Mar- 
ion Mitchell, 1888; AUTHOR: Hand- 
book on Appendicitis, 1900; Clinical 
Surgery (6 ed. 1901-20); Surgery of 
the Thvroid and Parathyroid Glands, 
1908; Hospital Organization, Construc- 
tion and Management; Surgical Diag- 
nosis and Treatment (collective work in 
4 vols.) 1920; also contbr. to profes- 
sional journals; practiced in Chicago 
from 1889; prof Clinical Surgery, Med! 
Dept. U. of 111. from 1900; Fellow Am. 
Surg. Assn.; mem. several med. and 
surg. societies; CLUBS: University; 
Lincoln; ADDRESS: 2106 Sedgwick St., 

Education; horn Binghamton, N. Y.. 
July 6, 1877; son James Sherman and 
Beulah Maria (Carter) O.; educ. Cor- 
ripll Univ.: Univ. of Wuenzburg; DE- 
GREES: B.S., Ph. D., married Nellie 


Jouette Dorsey, Sept. 6, 1905.; AUTH- 
OR: An Introduction to General Psy- 
chology; The Problem of Form (trans, 
with Max F. Meyer from the German of 
Adolph Hildebrand); also some 60 ar- 
ticles contr. for the most part to tech- 
nical journals of psychology, but incl. 
a few popular articles publ. in Sewanee 
Review; has held professorships in psy- 
chology and philosophy at various uni- 
versities since 1911; prof of eductation 
at Cornell University; CLUBS: Town 
and Gown; University; OFFICE: Gold- 
win Smith Hall, 246 Cornell University; 
HOME 215 Dearborn Place, Ithaca, N. 

O'HAGAN, THOMAS: Author, Lecturer; 
born near Toronto, Can., March 6, 1855; 
son John and Bridget (O'Reilly) 
O.; educ. St. Michael's Coll., Tor. 
onto; Ottawa U. Ont., Syracuse Univ., 
Cornell Univ., Univ. of Wis. and Chi- 
cago, Grenoble U. of France, Univ. of 
Louvain, Belgium, Univ. of Bonn, Ger- 
many and Univ. of Fribourg, Switzer- 
land; DEGREES: A. B., A. M., Ph. D., 
Litt. D. Laval Univ. Quebec, L. L. D. 
Notre Dame Univ. AUTHOR: A Gate 
of Flowers, 1886; In Dreamland, 1893; 
Songs of the Settlement, 1899; Studies 
in Poetry, 1900; Canadian Essays, 
1901; Essays, Literary, Critical and 
Historical, 1910; Chats by the Fireside, 
1911; In the Heart of the Meadow, 
1914; Essays on Catholic Life, 1916; 
Songs of Heroic Days, 1916; also a 
book of prose not yet published, ''With 
Staff and Scrip." Traveled extensively 
in European countries and well versed 
in their languages. Lecturer at Catholic 
Summer School, Cliff Haven, N. Y., 
Catholic Winter School, New Orleans 1 , 
La. Read paper at Internat'l Eu- 
chartistic Congress, Montreal, 1910, at 
Moore Centenary, Belleville, Ontario. 
Dedication of Memorial Church to Jesuit 
Martyrs, Lalement and Breboeuf, Pene- 
tanguishene and Golden Jubilee of St. 
Michaels College, Toronto. Sent poem 
to King Albert of Belgium in admira- 
tion of his heroic defense of Belgium 
and received letter of thanks from King. 
CLUBS: Author's Leagues of Am., Cana- 
dian Author's Assoc., Baconian Club, 
London, Ontario; Irish Fellowship Club, 
Chicago; National Press Club, Washing- 
ton; Alliance Francaise, Detroit; AD- 
DRESS: 306 Jarvis St., Toronto, Canada. . 

O'HTGGTNS, HARVEY: Author; born 
London, Ont, Ca., Nov. 14, 187f: son 
Joseph O'Higgins and Isabella (Steph- 
enson) O., mar. Anna G. Williams. July 
1901; educ. Public Sens. Toronto Univ.; 
AUTHOR: The Smoke Eaters, 1905; 
Don-a-Dreams, 1906; A Grand Army 
Man, 1908; Old Clinkers, 1909; Thr 
Beast and the Jungle (co-nuthcr) 
1910; Under the Prophet in Utah, (co- 



author), 1911; The Argyle Case, (co 
author), 1912; The Dummy, 1913 
Polygamy, 1914; Silent Sam, 1914; Ad 
ventures of Detective Barney, 191.5. 
Mr. Lazarus (co-author), 1916; OF 
FICE: Martinsville, N. J. 

born, Columbus, O., Nov. 10, 1877; son 
Henry and Catherine (Van de Water) 
married Clifford Hetherington, Dec 
30, 1902; educ. Ohio State univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., M.A., AUTHOR: Injur- 
ious Insects, 1913; Jim and Peggy at 
Mearlowbrcok Farm, 1917; Contbr. of 
many magazine articles; journalist 
connected with Woman's Home Com- 
panion, Farm and Fireside, and Twen- 
tieth Century Farmer; later entomolo- 
gist N. H. Expt. Sta. ; prof. econ. ento- 
mology N. H. Coll. Agr. and Mechanic 
A.rts, 1911-13; dep. commr. of agr. N 
H. Sergt.-Maj. 10th Ohio Regt. Span- 
i:h Am. War; pros. Am. Assn. of Eco- 
nomic Entomologists, 1919; Sec.. N. H 
Acad. of Science; mem.: Entomo 
log.. Soc. of Am. Assn. for the advance- 
ment of Science; CLUBS: Appalachian 
Mountain; HOME: Durham, N. H.; 
OFFICE: Durham, N. H. 

er; born Terre Haute, Ind., Feb. 20 
1864; son John M. and Merrium 
(Brown) O. ; mar. Allie M. Gage, June 
23, 1886;. educ. De Pauw Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M.; AUTHOR: George 
Eliot Scenes and People of Her Coun- 
try, 1910; The Country of Sir Walter 
Scott, 1913; The Lure of the Camera, 
1914; The Life of William McKinley, 
i.916 p Lecturer on literary topics; head 
of Private Library Department of 
Houphton Mifflin Co., since 1891; 
HOME: 71 Babcock St., Brookline, 
Mass.; OFFICE: 2A Park St., Boston, 

Law, born Chicago, 111., Jan 11, 1873; 
son William Marvin and E. Olivia 
(Tyler) O. ; educ. Norwich Free Acad, 
Trinity College, Hartford, Ct., N. Y. 
Law School; DEGREES: B.S., M.A.; 
mar. Clara Eunice Hyde, June 16, 1902; 
AUTHOR: A Field Book of the Stars, 
1907; In Starland With a Three-inch 
Telescope, 1909; Star Lore of all Ages. 
1911: Sun Lore of all Ages, 1913; 
mem.; Am. Astronomical Soc.; Am. 
.Assn. of Variable Star Observers; 
HOME: 62 Church St., Norwich, Conn. 

OLDHAM, G. ASHTON: Clergyman; born 
Sunderland, Eng., Aug. 15, 1877; son 
Joseph R. and Annie E. S. O.; mar. 
Emily Pierrepont Gould, Jan. 14, 1915; 
educ. Cornell Univ., Gen'l. Theol. Sem., 
Fighting Church: CLUBS: Hamilton; 
HOME: 125 Remsen St., Brooklyn, 


N. Y.; OFFICE: 131 Clinton St., Brook- 
lyn, N. Y. 

sity Professor; born Salem, Mass., Dec. 
16, 1871; son Samuel Cook and Mary 
Elizabeth, (Andrews) O.; educ. Har- 
vard Med. Sch., Univ. Leipzig, Univ. 
Heidelberg; also studied Ecole des Hau- 
tes Estudes and the Sorbonne, Paris; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; mar. 
Elizabeth Reinhardt of Strassburg, 
France, June 9, 1904; AUTHOR: 
Jacques Milef s Drama La Destruction de 
Troie la Grant, 1899; editor of Michel- 
Jean Sedaine's Le Philosophe sans le 
scavoir (variorum critical edit.), 1913; 
Moliere's Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme, 
1914; Sedaine's Le Philosophe sans le 
savoir, 1914; Suggestions and Refer- 
ences for Modern Language Teachers, 
1914, 1917; prof. Romance langs. U. 
of 111., since Sept. 1903; CLUBS: Mod- 
ern Lang Assn. America; SocietS Ami- 
cale Gaston, Paris; Phi Beta Kappa, 
Corda Fratres, Assn. of Cosmopolitan 
Clubs (U. of 111. Chapter), The Players, 
(U. of 111.); HOME: (Winter), 1004 
W. California Ave., Urbana, 111., Sum- 
mer Home: Hamlin Lake, Ludington, 
Mich.; OFFICE: University of Illinois. 

OLSEN, JOHN CHARLES: .. Professor 
Chemical Engineering; born Gales- 
burg, 111, July 22, 1869; son Michael 
and Cecelia (Johnson) O.; educ. Knox 
College, Galesburg, Chicago Univ. Johns 
Hopkins Univ. DEGREES: A.B. A.M. 
Ph.D.; married Ella Walker, Aug. 31, 
1898; AUTHOR: Pure Foods, 1911; 
Quantitative Chemical Analysis, 1914; 
editor D. Van Nostrand's Chemical An- 
nual. 4 issues; Transactions American 
Institute of Chemical Engineers; num- 
erous articles in scientific and technical 
jnls; Sec. Am. Institute of Chemical 
Engineers from organization up to pres- 
ent time: CLUBS: Chemists' Club, N. 
Y.; HOME: 316 Argyle Rd., Brooklyn, 
N. Y. ; OFFICE: Polytechnic Institute, 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

born Pittston, Pa., Nov. 30, 1875; son 
William and Catherine (Ward) O.; 
educ. Penn. Acad. of the Fine Arts, 
Phila.; Art Students' League Washing- 
ton, D. C.; Corcoran School, Washing- 
ton, D. C., and Univ. of Notre Dame; 
mar. Grace Edsall Dalrymple, Sept. 1, 
1917; AUTHOR: The War W T hirl in 
Washington, 1918; The Century Co., N. 
Y. C.; The Head of the House (play) 
produced 1909; A Certain Party (play) 
produced 1910; special writer, N. Y. 
Sun, 1906-1919; CLUBS: Dutch Treat, 
N. Y. C.: HOME: The Hitching Post, 
Brielle, N. J. 

Rhetoric; born Victor, N. Y., Dec. 17, 



1881; son John and Margaret (Spelles- 
cy) O'N.; educ. Canandaigua, N. Y., 
Academy, Dartmouth College, Univ. of 
Chicago; Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B.; married Edith Winslow Sept. 17, 
1918; AUTHOR: Argumentation and 
Debate, (co-author), 1917; Manual of 
Debate and Oral Discussion, 1920; 
editor, Quarterly Journal of Speech 
Education, 1915-20; since 1915 prof, of 
Rhetoric and Oratory, Univ. of Wise.; 
CLUBS: University, Madison, Wise.; 
HOME: 2310 Monroe Ave., Madi- 
son; OFFICE: Bascom Hall, Univ. of 
Wise., Madison, Wise. 

OUTRAM, JAMES (SIR); Author; born 
London, Eng., Oct. 13, 1864; eldest son 
Sir Francis Boyd Outram, Baronet; 
married Lillian Mary Balfour, of London 
educ. Haileybury College and Pembroke 
Coll., Cambridge, Eng., DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A.; married Lillian Mary Bal- 
four of London, Eng.; AUTHOR: In the 
Heart of the Canadian Rockies, 1905; 
CLUBS: British Empire, Londtin, Eng., 
Hon. Mem. Canadian Alpine; Fellow 
Royal Colonial Inst. Pres. Cen- 
tral Alherta Agencies, etc; HOME: 638 
Seventh Ave. West, Calgary, Alberta, 

and humorous artist; born Madison 
Lake Co., O., Jan 2, 1857; son Lewis 

and Aurelia, O.; educ. schs. Madison, O.; 
married Nellie Barnett May 18, 1881; 
educ. schs. Madison O.; AUTHOR: The 
Folks in Funnyville, (with his own verses 
and pictures) ; Our Antediluvian Ances- 
tors, 1902; Happy Hooligan, 1902; Al- 
phonse and Gaston, 1902; John Bull, 1903; 
Happy Hooligan Home Again, 1904; Maud 
the Matchless, 1907; illustrator for many 
humorous books, chief work now is 
making pictures for Hearst papers; last 
two books illustrated were Mother 
Goose and Aesop's Fables; CLUBS: 
Players, National Vaudeville, Dutch 
Treat; HOME: 62 Circuit Road, New 
Rochelle, N. Y.; OFFICE: New York 
American. New York City. 

ORR, ROWLAND B: Director Provincial 
Museum; born, County of York, Ontar- 
io, Can., Mar. 17, 1852; son William A. 
and Mary Ann, O.; educ. Toronto Univ.; 
DEGREES: M.B., L.S.A., (London) 
M.C.P.S., (Ontario); married Mary 
Ann Carter; AUTHOR: Arch- 
aeological Report 1911-20; article on 
Pre-Columbian Copper, 1912; repre- 
sented King's and Queen's Division, On- 
torio Medical Council, 1885-1905; Capt. 
12th regiment, 1888-90; CLUBS: Al- 
bany; HOME: 310 Roncesvalles Ave., 
Toronto, Ont., Can.; OFFICE: Provin- 
cial Museum, Ont., Can. 

Engineer; born Greenland, Mich., Dec. 


18, 1857; son Reuben H. and Livonia 
(Chittenden) O.; educ. Rensselaer Poly- 
technic Sch.; DEGREE: C.E.; married 
Annie Paull, Oct. 27, 1880; AUTHOR: 
Osborn's Tables of Moments of Inertia 
and Squares of Radii of Gyration, 5th 
edition in 190 5; CLUBS: Univ. and Cleve- 
land Athletic Club; HOME: 1640 East 
82nd St., OFFICE: 2848 Prospect Ave., 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

born Trummansburg, N. Y., 1848; son 
Rev. David and Annis (Pease) O.; educ. 
GREES: A.M., LL.D.; married Abbie 
Card, Sept. 13, 1876; AUTHOR: Prin- 
ciples of Economics, 1894; Ordained 
Bapt. ministry, 1875; pastor of churches 
in Toledo, O., from 1875 to 1887; edi- 
tor Journal and Messenger, Cincinnati, 
O., to 1920: OFFICE: 422 Elm St., 
Cincinnati, O. 

born North Haven, Ct., daughter John 
M. and Mary A. Ladd, O.; unmarried; 
educ. Oshkosh, Wis., State Normal Sch.; 
private teachers; Univ. Extension work; 
AUTHOR: When Hearts are True, 
1897; Beautiful Bible Stories, 1899; 
Baby Goose His Adventures, 1900; 
Frolics of the A. B. C., 1901; The Gift 
of the Magic Staff, 1902; Little Pixies 
Abroad, 1905; The Goose Family Tales, 
1905; Little White Indians, 1907; The 
Boy Who Won (sequel to Little White 
Indians) 1910; teacher for a few years; 
editor, writer and critic for Chicago 
pub. house, 1899; contrb. of verse and 
prose to papers and magazines; also 
many small books; CLUBS: The Scrib- 
blers, New Haven. 

born Rye, N. H., Oct. 29, 1848; son 
Rev. Israel T. and Olive Morgan (Os- 
good) O.; educ. Phillip Exeter Academy; 
married Marian Faxon, June 6, 1894; 
AUTHOR: Tuberculosis, Its Cause, Cure 
and Prevention, 1909; Pulmonary Tub- 
erculosis, 1917; also series of articles 
on Climatic Reports for Wood's Refer- 
ence Handbook of the Med. Sciences, 
1917; contbr. to med. literature and 
articles on tuberculosis, in Musser and 
Kelly's Practical Treatment, 1911; 
Practiced medicine in Boston, specialty, 
pulmonary diseases; consulting and 
visiting physician to various hospitals; 
formerly prof, of pulmonary diseases and 
climatology in Tufts College, Medical 
School; delegate Congress of Tubercu- 
losis, London, 1901; CLUBS: Harvard, 
(Boston); HOME: 381 Beacon St., Bos- 
ton; OFFICE: 381 Beacon St., Boston, 

OWEN, ORVILLE WARD: Physician and 
Surgeon; born Marine City, Mich., Jan. 
1st, 1854; son Benjamin F. Owen; 
educ. Private School; Mich. State Nor- 



mal; Detroit Medical College; DE- 
GREES: M.D.; married Mabel Van Camp 
1893; AUTHOR: Sir Francis Bacon 
Cypher Story; Tragedy of Robert, Earl 
of Essex, 1893; History of Mary Queen 
of Scotts, 1893; Romance, The Cour- 
tier, 1896; Jimm Jones, Pirate; con- 
ducted a search in Chepstow, England, 
with the Duke of Beaufort, 1911, for a 
complete record of Francis Bacon's 
works, which, according to "cypher" 
clues are supposed to be hidden in the 
river Wye. CLUBS: Wayne Co. Medi- 
cal Assn.; Authors'; HOME: 615 Phila- 
delphia Ave., West Detroit, Mich. 

sionary to the Micmac Indians; born 
Valigny, France, Sept. 7, 1863; son 
Louis Buisson and Marie Ruault; educ. 
College at Poitiers, France; Seminary at 
Orihuela, Spain; AUTHOR: Micmac 
Cathechism; Sacred History in Micmac, 
to which is added a Short History of the 
Church; Prayer Book in Micmac; Base- 
ball Rules in Micmac; mem. The Francis- 
can Capuchin Order; ADDRESS: Resti- 
gouche, P. O., Canada. 

PADELFORD, FRANK W.: Minister; born 
Haverhill, Mass., Apr. 6, 1872; son Rev. 
A. J. P. (D.D.); educ. Colby Coll., Roch- 
ester Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., D.D.; married Grace C. Ilsley, Aug. 
3, 1897; AUTHOR: The Commonwealth 
and the Kingdom, 1912; CLUBS: Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa, Boston 
City and New York Clergy; HOME: 
Newton Highlands, Mass.; OFFICE: 276 
5th Ave.. New York City. 


Prof, of English, Dean of Graduate Sch.; 
born Haverhill, Mass., Feb. 27, 1875; 
son Adoniram Judson P.; educ. Colby 
Coll., Yale Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., M.A., 
Ph.D.; married Jessie Elizabeth Pepper, 
July 6, 1899; AUTHOR: Old English 
Musical Terms, 1900; Essays on the 
Study and Use of Poetry, by Plutarch 
and Basil, 1902; Select Translations 
from Scaliger's Poetics, 1905! Early Six- 
teenth Century Lyrics, 1906; The Politi- 
cal and Ecclesiastical Allegory of the 
Faerie Queene, 1911; Samuel Osborne, 
Janitor, 1913; George Dane Boardman 
Pepper, A Biographical Sketch, 1914; 
The Poems of Henry Howard, Earl of 
Surrey, 1920,; Ed. of the Comedy of Er- 
rors, 1913; The Ring and the Book, 
1917; CLUBS: Faculty, Monday; HOME: 
4710 20th Ave., N. E.; OFFICE: Univer- 
sity of Washington, Seattle. 


Author; born Reading, Mass., Jan. 12, 
1881: daughter Charles Freeman and 
Elizabeth (Harrison) Brown; educ. 


Reading, Boston and abroad; married 
Edwin William Pahlow, 1905; AUTHOR: 
The Gilded Chrysalis; The Cross of 
Heart's Desjre; The Glory of Going On; 
CLUBS: Present Day, Princeton, Law- 
renceville, Woman's; HOME: Kennedy 
House, Lawrenceville, N. J. 

TON: College Professor; born Hamp- 
shire Co., Va., 1852; son Israel and 
Juliana (Wilson) P.; educ. Roanoke 
Coll., Theol. Sem., Salem, Paris and 
Bonn.; DEGREES: A.B., Roanoke; gold 
medal in metaphysics, and first-class 
honors; A.M., D.D., Pa. Coll.; Litt.D., 
Susquehanna U.: married Laura Shick- 
el, 1875; AUTHOR: History of Edu- 
cation; Luther on Education; History of 
Christian Worship (with Prof. Rich- 
ard); Introduction to English Litera- 
ture; Introduction to American Litera- 
ture; History of English Literature; 
Lyrical Vignettes; The Reformation 
Dawn; Poets of the South; Elementary 
Guide to Literary Criticism; Great 
Pedagogical Essays from Plato to 
Spencer; Poets of Virginia; Introduc- 
tion to Bible Study; also contr. to relig. 
and liter, periodicals; prof, of education, 
Roanoke Coll.; CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa 
(Alpha Chapter) ; founder Teachers 
Reading Assoc., Virginia; first pres. 
Greater Salem; ADDRESS: Salem, Va. 

PALMER, A. EMERSON: Secretary Board, 
of Education of New York City; born 
Winterton, Sullivan Co., N. Y., Jan. 13, 
1853; son Daniel W. and Miriam 
(Buchanan) P.; educ. Hudson River 
Inst. (Claverack, N. Y.); Wesleyan 
U.) (Middletown, Conn.); DEGREES; 
B.A., M.A., AUTHOR: The New York 
Public School, 1905; Chapter on What 
America Owes to the Old World (in Fac- 
tors in American Civilization), 1893; 
Chapter on Solar Energy (in Life and 
the Conditions of Survival), 1895; 
1895; The New York Public School, 
an occasional contbr. to prose and 
verse to periodicals; mem. Old Colony 
Club; HOME: 133 22nd St., Elmhurst, 
L. I.; OFFICE: 500 Park Ave., New 
York City. 

ister; born Kansas City, Mo., May 18, 
1879; son Albert W. and Deborah A. 
P.; educ. Univ. of Calif., Yale; DE- 
GREES: B.L., B.D.; married Sara Wedd, 
June 6, 1904; AUTHOR: The Mountain 
Trail and the Message, 1911; The Drift 
Toward Religion, 1914; CLUBS: Univer- 
sity, College Faculty, Alpha Tau Omega; 
OFFICE: Central Union Church, Hono- 

Mathematics; born Michigan, May, 1871; 
son Clark B. P.; educ. Univ. of Mich., 




Univ. of Chicago; DEGREE: A.B.; mar- 
ried May B. Hill, 1897; AUTHOR: Prac- 
tical Mathematics (4 vols.), 1912; Trig- 
onometry, 1914; Plane and Solid Geom- 
etry, 1916; CLUB: National Arts; 
HOME: 6440 Greenwood Ave.; OFFICE: 
Armour Inst. of Technology, Chicago. 

PALMER, FREDERIC: Clergyman., and 
editor; born Boston, Mass., Aug. 6, 1848; 
son Julius A. and Lucy (Peabody) P.; 
educ. Phillips (Andover) Acad., Harvard 
Univ., Andover Theol. Sem,; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., S.T.B., D.D.; married Mary 
Towle, May 22, 1877; AUTHOR: Studies 
in Theologic Definition; The Drama of 
the Apocalypse; The Winning of Immor- 
tality; Poems by Frederic and Mary 
Palmer; The Ring and the Book; 
CLUBS: Clericus, Twenty; HOME: 11 
Quincy St.; OFFICE: The Harvard The- 
ological Review, Cambridge, Mass. 

PALMER, FREDERICK: Writer; born 
Pleasantville, Pa., Jan., 1873; son Amos 
F. P.; educ. Allegheny College; DE- 
GREES: A.M., LL.D.; married Elsie 
Marie Wilbert, 1896; AUTHOR: The 
Vagabond; The Last Shot; My Year of 
the War; My Record Year of the War; 
Our Greatest Battle; CLUBS: Century, 
Players, Coffee House; ADDRESS: 7 
West 43rd St., New York City. 

thor, Poet: born New Orleans, June 2, 


1871; son Francis F. and Celimene 

(Pellerin) P.; educ. priv. schs. of New 
Orleans, Georgetown Univ. (Washington, 
D. C.); Harvard Law Sen.; DEGREE: 
Ph.D.; married Isabelle de Mun Walsh, 
1894; AUTHOR: Rodanthe, or the Rose 
in the Garden of the Soul's Delight; or- 
ganized E. M. F. Automobile Co.; pres. 
Palms Realty Co.; dir. Palms-Book Land 
Co., Mich. Stove Co., Mich. Fire and 
Marine Ins. Co.; in 1912 was decorated 
Officier d'Academie by the French Govt. 
in recognition of his work as president 
of the Alliance Francaise of Detroit; 
charter mem. Detroit Naval Reserves; 
CLUBS: Detroit, Country, Bankers, 
Boat, University, Bloomfield Country, 
Grosse Pointe Riding and Hunting; 
HOME: 20 Lake Shore Road, Grosse 
Pointe Farms, Mich. 

and author; son Auguste Jean Paris 
(deBourgogne) and Anna V. Mercer P.; 
educ. Univ. of Maryland; DEGREE: 
L.H.D.; AUTHOR: Decorative Elements 
in Architecture, 1917; contbr. of various 
magazine articles on architectural and 
other subjects (See Addenda "Ref. to 
Mag. Articles"); CLUBS: Century and 
University; STUDIO: 53 W. 39th St., 
New York City. 

PARK, JOHN EDGAR: Clergyman; born 
Belfast, Ireland, Mar. 7, 1879; son Rev. 
William Park (D.D.); educ. Queen's 
Coll., Belfast; R. U. I. (Dublin); Edin- 
burgh Univ.; Leipzig Univ.; Princeton 
Univ.; married Grace Burtt, 1906; AU- 
THOR: The Keen Joy of Living, 1908; 
The Sermon on the Mount, 1909; The 
Wonder of His Gracious Words, 1909; 
The Man Who Missed Christmas, 1910; 
The Dwarf's Spell, 1910; Parables of 
Life, 1911; How I Spent My Million, 
1912; The Rejuvenation of Father 
Christmas, 1913; The Disadvantage of 
Being Good, 1915; The Children's 
Bread, 1915; The Bad Results of Good 
Habits, 1917; The Return of Our Boys, 
1919: The Bad Result of Good Habits 
and Other Lapses, 1920; CLUBS: Au- 
thors' (Boston); Monday, Winthrop 
(Boston), Wianneo, Newton, etc.; 
HOME: 3 Winthrop St.; OFFICE: Sec- 
ond Church, West Newton, Mass. 

born New York City, Dec. 30, 1863; 
son Rufus and Harriet (Hallock) 
educ. Coll. City of New York, Columbia 
Univ., Coll. Physicians and Surgeons, 
Univ. of Vienna; DEGREES: A.B., M.D., 
LL.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Patho- 
genic Micro-organisms; contributor to 
med. journals articles on bacteriology 
and hygiene; prof, bactermiology and 
hygiene, New York Univ., and consulting 
bacteriologist for State Dept. of Health, 
N. Y.; CLUBS: University, Century; OF- 



FICE: Dept. of Health, Research Lab., 
foot Bast 16th St.; HOME: 315 West 
76th St., New York. 

PARMELEE, MAURICE: Author; born 
Constantinople, Turkey, Oct. 20, 1882; 
son M. Payson and Julia (Farr) P.; 
educ. Yale Univ., Columbia Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: 
The Science of Human Behavior, 1913; 
Criminology, 1918; Poverty and Social 
Progress, 1916; Personality and Con- 
duct, 1918; The Principle of Anthropol- 
ogy and Sociology in Their Relations to 
Criminal Procedure, 1908; prof, of So- 
ciology, Economics and Anthropology in 
the Universities of Kan., Mo., Minn., and 
the College of the City of New York, 
1909-18; "rep. U. S. War Trade Bd. in 
London, 1918-19; Economic Adviser, 
Am. Com., Berlin, 1920; ADDRESS: 
Dept. of State, Washington, D. C. 

PARR, SAMUEL WILSON: Teacher; born 
Granville, 111., Jan. 12, 1857; son James 
and Elizabeth P.; educ. Univ. of Illinois, 
Cornell Univ., Berlin and Zurich Univs.; 
DEGREES: B.S., Univ. of 111.; M.S., Cor- 
nell; married Lucie A. Hall, 1887; AJLJ- 
THOR: Chemical Examination of Boiler 
Waters, Fuels, Flue Gases and Lubri- 
cants, 1916; frequent contr. to Bulletins 
of Univ. of 111. and to scientific period- 
icals, chiefly on Fuels, Calorimeters and 
Alloys; inventor of Parr Calorimeter for 
testing coal and other fuels, of a calori- 
meter to determine heat value of fuel 
gases, and of other scientific test ap- 
paratus, also of a new alloy; Prof, of 
Applied Chemistry, Univ. of Illinois; 
HOME: 1011 W. Green St., Urbana, 111.; 
OFFICE: 107 Chemical Laboratory, 
University of 111. 

ist; born New Marlboro, Mass., Mar., 
1867; son Benj. F. and Leonora (Bart- 
lett) P.; educ. Cornell Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., D.Sc. (Hon.), D. Chem. 
(Hon.); married Alice D. Robertson, 
Dec. 29, 1887; AUTHOR: Mineralogy, 
Crystallography, and Blowpipe Analysis; 
Beryllium: Its Chemistry and Bibliog- 
raphy; CLUBS: Cosmos, Washington, 
Chemists', New York City; HOME: 3414 
Newark St.; OFFICE: 1709 G St., 
Washington, D. C. 

PATCH, EDITH M.; Entomologist; born 
Worcester, Mass., July, 1876; daughter 
William Whipple P.; educ. Univ. Minn., 
Univ. of Me., Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: 
B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Dame Bug and Her Babies, 1913; Little 
Gateway to Science, 1920; ADDRESS: 
Orono, Me. 


Professor of Philosophy; born N. Bos- 
cawen, N. H., Aug. 19, 1857; son John 


and Harriet (White) P.; educ. Univ. of 
la., Yale Univ., Johns Hopkins; DE- 
GREES: A.B., B.D., Ph.D.; married 
Maud Lyall, 1889; AUTHOR: Heraclitus 
of Ephesus, 1889; The Philosophy of 
the Present in Germany (translated by 
Maud Lyall and G. T. W. Patrick), 1913; 
The Psychology of Relaxation, 1916; 
contbr. of many philosoph. and psycho- 
log, articles to journals; a regular 
contbr. to the Scientific Monthly, Popu- 
lar Science Monthly; mem. Am. Phil. 
Assn., Am. Psych. Assn., Western Phil. 
Assn. (f&rmer pres.) ; CLUBS: Phi Beta 
Kappa, Triangle; HOME: Iowa City; 
OFFICE: University of Iowa, Iowa City. 

PATRICK, MARY MILLS: President of 
College; born Canterbury, N. H., Mar., 
1850; daughter John Patrick and Har- 
riet (White) P.; educ. Lyons College, 
Iowa; State Univ. of Iowa; Univs. of 
Heidelberg, Zurich, Leipzig and Berlin; 
DEGREES: Ph.D., Univ. of Berne; 
LL.D., Smith College; AUTHOR: Sextus 
Empiricus and Greek Skepticism; 
Sappho and the Island of Lesbos; Ethics 
of the Koran; also contr. articles to 
Hastings Dictionary of Religion, on 
status and edn. of women in foreign 
countries; pres. American College for 
Girls, Constantinople; OFFICE: Con- 
stantinople, Turkey; HOME: 70 Fifth 
Ave., New York. 

Professor; born Lexington, Ky., June 10, 
1861; son John Wallace and Margaret 
Lightner (Scott) P.; educ. Univ. of Ky., 
Harvard, Univ. of Louisville; DE- 
GREES A.B., A.M., LL.D., Litt.D.; 
married Ellen Harris, Feb. 8, 1893; 
AUTHOR: Lyric Touches, 1893; edit, 
and transl. Medea of Euripides, 1894; 
Cyclops of Euripides, 1900; Bion's La- 
ment for Adonis, 1909; contbr. to vari- 
ous magazines; mem. Internatl. Longfel- 
low Assn.; fellow Am. Geo. Soc.; pres. 
Alumni Assn., Univ. of Ky., 1912-13; 
pres. Assn. of Ky. Colleges. 1915-16; 
CLUB: Harvard (Louisville); AD- 
DRESS: 119 West Broadway, Louisville, 

and lecturer; born Zurich, Switzerland; 
daughter Jacob and Susanna Griesser; 
educ. Primary and Secondary Schs. in 
Zurich; married G. W. Patteson, 1880; 
AUTHOR: Pussy Meow, the Autobiog- 
raphy of a Cat, 1902; How to Have Bird 
Neighbors, 1918; CLUBS: Authors' 
League of America, Cleveland Women's 
Press; ADDRESS: 1505 Rydal Mount 
Road, Cleveland Hts., Ohio. 

of College Library, born Montreal, Can., 
Nov. 1863; son James P. educ. McGill 
University, Wesleyan Theol. College, 



(Montreal), Univs. of Heidelberg, (Ger- 
many), Leiden, (Holland); DEGREES: 
M.A., B.D., Ph. D., D.D. (Hon) married 
Harriet Webster Royan, June 22, 1893; 
AUTHOR: Ahmen ibn Hanbal and the 
Mihna, 1913; Israel's Account of the 
Beginning, 1916; HOME: 401 College 
Avenue, OFFICE: Carleton College Li- 
brary, Northfield, Minn. 

PAYNE, E. GEORGE: College President; 
born Barren Co., Ky., Dec. 25, 1877; 
son Viscount Nelson and Jacynthe An- 
toinette Wheeler P.; educ. Western 
Kentucky State Normal, Kentucky Wes- 
leyan Coll., Winchester, Lebanon U., 
Univs. of Chicago, Paris, Bonn, Berlin; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; married Anna 
Florence Smith, 1910; AUTHOR: Ein- 
fahrung der Chinesen Arbeit in Sud 
Africa; An Experiment in Alien Labor; 
System in German Schools; An Experi- 
ment in Motivation; prof, of psychology, 
Harris Teachers' College, and pres. since 
1917; mem. Amer. Sociol. Assn., Acad. 
of Science, St. Louis, Children's Welfare 
Assn., etc.; CLUB: Contemporary; OF- 
FICE: Harris Teachers' College; HOME: 
5111 Vernon Ave., St. Louis. 

PAYNE, WILL.: Author; born Whiteside 
Co., 111., Jan., 1865; son William A. 
and Caroline (Ferris) P.; educ. publ. 
sens.; married Katherine Whitney, 
1886; AUTHOR: Jerry the Dreamer; 
The Story of Eve; On Fortune's Road; 
The Money Captain; Mr. Salt; When 
Love Speaks; The Automatic Capitalist; 
The Losing Game ;contr. fiction to 
magazines; formerly financial editor 
Chicago Daily News, later Chicago 
Chronicle, Economist; CLUBS: Players, 
N. Y.; Cliff Dwellers, Chicago; HOME: 
Paw Paw. Mich. 

Emeritus, Mass. Inst. of Technology; 
born Burlington, Vt., Aug. 9, 1855; son 
Selim Hobart and Mary E. P.; educ. 
Mass. Inst. Tech.; DEGREES: B.S., Dr. 
of Eng. ; married Sarah A. Knight, 1885; 
AUTHOR: Thermodynamics of the 
Steam Engine; Steam and Entropy 
Tables; Valve Gears for Steam Engines; 
Manual of Steam Engine Indicators; 
Thermodynamics of the Steam Turbine; 
Naval Architecture; Propellers; Compu- 
tations for Marine Engines; Steam 
Boilers; mem. Univ. Club of Boston; 
ADDRESS: Mass. Inst. of Technology, 
Cambridge, Mass. 

PEARL, RAYMOND: University professor 
and statistician; born Farmington, N. H., 
June 3, 1879; son Frank and Ida M. P.; 
educ. Dartmouth, Univ. of Michigan; 
DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D.; 
married Maud M. DeWitt, 1903; AU- 
THOR: Variation and Differentiation in 
Ceratophyllum; Variation and Correla- 


tion in Crayfish (collab. A. B, Clawson) ; 
Poultry Diseases and their Treatment, 
(collab. F. M. Surface and M. R. Curtis) ; 
Modes of Research in Genetics; The 
Nation's Food, 1920; also contr. numer- 
ous articles and papers to scientific 
publs.; has specialized in research work 
on heredity and variation; held several 
professorships at Univs. in biological 
studies; editor Journal of Applied 
Microscopy, Journal of Agricultural Re- 
search, Genetics, Journal of Experimen- 
tal Zoology; mem. Nat. Acad. of Sci- 
ences; Fellow A.A.A.S., Am. Philosoph. 
Soc., Am. Zoologists; CLUBS: Maryland, 
Press (Baltimore), Cosmos (Washing- 
ton, D. C.; OFFICE: 625 St. Paul St., 
Baltimore; HOME: 401 Hawthorne Rd., 
Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 

born Newburyport, Mass., 1880; son Ed- 
mund Carlton and Tamzen Maria (Rich- 
ardson) P.; educ. Harvard U; DEGREE: 
A.B.; AUTHOR: The Old Librarian's 
Almanack, 1909; The Library and the 
Librarian, 1910; The Librarian at Play, 
1911; The Believing Years, 1911; The 
Voyage of the Hoppergrass, 1913; The 
Secret Book, 1914; Theodore Roosevelt, 
1920; ADDRESS: 476 Fifth Ave., New 
York City. 

PECK, ANNIE SMITH: Mountain climber, 
writer, lecturer; born Providence, R. I.; 
daughter George B. and Anne Power 
Smith P.; educ. publ. schs., High and 
Normal Schs., and at Univ. of Michigan; 
DEGREES: A.B., AJVL, also F.R.G.S.; 
AUTHOR: A Search for the Apex of 
America, 1911; The South American 
Tour, 1920; Industrial and Commercial 
South America, 1921; sometime prof. 
Latin Purdue U. and at Smith Coll.; first 
woman student at the American School 
of Classical Studies at Athens; lectured 
on Greek archaeology, later on mountain 
climbing and on South America; has 
climbed Matterhorn, Jungfrau, Funffin- 
gerspitze; official delegate to Interna- 
tional Congress of Alpinists at Paris 
Exposition, 1900: has made six expedi- 
tions to South America, climbed Mt. 
Sorata (to 20,500 ft.), and Huascaran 
(21,813 ft.), the latter is 1,500 ft. 
higher than Mt. McKinley; was present- 
ed with gold medal by the Govt. of 
Peru, and with silver stirrup in slipper 
form by the Lima Geographical Society, 
in recognition of her achievements and 
of her addressing the society in Spanish; 
is close student of South American af- 
fairs and regarded as an expert on South 
American trade; lectures in Spanish 
and Portuguese as well as in her own 
tongue; ADDRESS: 78 Princeton Ave., 
Providence, R. I. 





Bristol, Conn., May, 1860; son Josiah T. 
and Ellen L. (Barnard) P.; educ. Hart- 
ford Publ. High Sst., Yale Law Sch.; 
DEGREE: L.L.B. (Yale); married 
Grace Brownell, 1886; AUTHOR: The 
Property Rights of Husband and Wife 
under the Laws of Connecticut; The Law 
of Persons or Domestic Relations; has 
also contr. monographs to American 
and English Encyclopedias of Law and 
articles on historical subjects to leading 
magazines; CLUBS: Graduate, New 
Haven, Conn.; OFFICE: 170 Main St., 
Bristol, Conn.; HOME: 220 Summer St., 
Bristol, Conn. 

born Lowell, Mass., Sept., 1865; son J. 
O. and Susan R. P.; educ. Yale Univ., 
Union Theol. Sem., Drew Theol. Sem.; 
DEGREES: B.A., B.D, D.D.; married 
Kate Marshall, Oct. 8, 1889; AUTHOR: 
Bible Tragedies, 1901; Ringing Ques- 
tions, 1903; Old Sins in New Clothes, 
1905; Vision and Task, 1906; The 
Method of the Master, 1911; Desert, 
Pinnacle and Mountain, 1914; Men Who 
Missed the Trail, 1917; Side-stepping 
Saints, 1918; Forgotten Faces, 1919; 
CLUBS: Yale, Zeta Psi, Mason, Grad- 
uate, New Haven; ADDRESS: Maryland 

General Hospital, Linden Ave., and 
Madison St., Baltimore, Md. 

PECK, SAMUEL. MINTURN: Author; born 
Tuskaloosa, Alabama, Nov., 1854; son 
E. Wolsey and Lucy (Randall) P.; 
educ. publ. and priv. schs. of 111., Co. 
bia Univ. (N. Y.), Univ. of Alaba 
DEGREE: A.M.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Cap and Bells, 1886; Rings and Love 
Knots, 1893; Rhymes and Roses, 1895; 
Fair Women of Today; The Gold Girl; 
Alabama Sketches, 1900; Maybloom and 
Myrtle, 1910; CLUBS: Author's, New 
York; Phi Beta Kappa; ADDRESS: 
Tuskaloosa, Ala. . 

married Alice Matthews, 1905; AU- 
THOR: Principles of Electric Engineer- 
ing, 1911; Fender's Handbook for 
Electrical Engineers (editor-in-chief), 
1914; Electricity and Magnetism for 
Engineers (2 vols.), 1919; contbr. num. 
articles on Physics and Elec. Engrng.; 
CLUB: Philadelphia Country; HOME: 
South Latch's Lane, Overbrook; OF- 
FICE: University of Pa., Philadelphia. 

born Alexandria, Va., Nov. 6, 1860; son 
James Lanman P. (Yale '53); educ. 
Yale, Franklin and Marshall, Univ. of 
Pa.; DEGREES: A.B., Litt.D.: unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Common Words Difficult 
to Spell, 1891; Prose Dictation Exer- 
cises, 1893; School Poetry Book, 1894; 
Penniman's New Practical Speller, 1900; 
Practical Suggestions in School Govern- 
ment, 1899; Practical Suggestions in 
Success, 1905; Books and How to- Make 
the Most of Them, 1910; George Wash- 
ington as Commander-in-Chief, 1917; 
George Washington as Man of Letters, 
1918; (these two sold at Mt. Vernon 
for the benefit of the Ladies Mount Ver- 
non Assn.); The Alley Rabbit, 1920 (a 
defence of the cat against the attacks 
of the ornithologist) ; member Societe de 

PELL, GEORGE PIERCE: State Corpora- 
tion Tax Commissioner, Lawyer; born 
Raleigh, N. C., June, 1870; son William 
E. and Virginia C. P.; educ. Trinity 
Coll., Columbia Univ., Georgetown; DE- 
GREE: LL.B.; married Mary V. Deshazo, 
May 25, 1892; AUTHOR: Pell's Revisal 
of Laws of North Carolina, 1908; Pell's 
Forms of Pleading and Practice, 1912; 
Pell's Banking and Neg. Inst., Law, 
1912; Pell's Monographs on Law, 1915- 
20; was judge of the Superior Court 
of N. ., 1910; dir. N. C. railroad, 
1900-04; HOME: 108 E. North St.; OF- 
FICE: c/o Corporation Commission, 
Raleigh, N. C. 

PENDER, HAROLD: Educator and Con- 
sulting Engineer; born Tarboro, N. C., 
Jan., 1879: son Robert P.; educ. Mc- 
Donogh Sch. (Baltimore), Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 

Sport de 1'Ile de Puteaux, Paris; Sons 
of the Revolution, Natl. Geo. Soc., Phila- 
delphia Geo. Soc.; fellow Am. Geog. 
Soc., Pa. Hist. Soc.; CLUB: Yale (N. 
Y.); ADDRESS, 4326 Sansom St., Phila- 

. PENNYBACKER, ANNA (Mrs. Percy V.): 

Author; born Petersburg, Va., May 7, 
1861; daughter Rev. Dr. J. B. and 
Martha (Dews) Hardwick.; educ. Classic 
High Sch., Leavenworth, Kansas; State 
Normal Sch., Huntsville, Tex.; studied 
in England and France; married Percy 
V. Pennybacker, Oct. 31, 1884 d. 1899); 
AUTHOR: History of Texas; lecturer 
connected Chautauqua movement for 
many years; pres. General Federation 
of Women's Clubs, 1912-1916; trustee 
Chautauqua Inst., mem. Y.W.C.A., Natl. 
War Board; CLUBS: Chautauqua (New 
York); Woman's (pres.); ADDRESS: 
Austin, Texas. 

sor of Greek (Trinity Coll.); born Balti- 
more, Md., Jan. 16, 1872; son Charles 
and Laura Virginia (Godman) P.; educ. 
Baltimore City Coll., Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Univ. of Berlin; DEGREES: A.B., 
Ph.D.; married Edith Virginia Adams, 
June 11, 1902; AUTHOR: Comic Termi- 
nations in Aristophanes and the Comic 
Fragments, 1902; numerous articles in 
classical magazines and other periodi- 
cals; mem. Am. Philol. Assn., Classical 
Assn. Middle West and South, Phi Beta 
Kappa; HOME: 406 Buchanan Road; 
OFFICE: Trinity College, Durham, N. C. 



PEELE, ROBERT: Professor of Mining 
and Mining Engineer; born New York 
City, July 15, 1858; son Robert and 
Anne (Westervelt) P.; educ. School of 
mines, Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: 
Engineer of Mines (E.M.); AUTHOR: 
Compressed Air Plant, 1st ed. 1907, 4th 
ed. 1920; Mining Engineer's Hand Book, 
1918; Transl. Shaft Sinking Under Diffi- 
cult Conditions (J. Riemer) ; contr. ar- 
ticles on mining to techn. jrnls.; prof, 
mining, Columbia Univ.; has inspected 
mines and studied mining conditions in 
South America., S. Africa and world- 
tour, 1903-1904; CLUBS: Century, 
Columbia University; OFFICE: Colum- 
bia University; HOME: 490 West End 
Ave., New York City. 

PEIXOTO, ERNEST: Artist and author; 
born San Francisco, Calif.; son Raphael 
and Myrtilla (Davis) P.; educ. Publ. 
Schs., San Francisco, and Academic 
Julian, Paris; hon. mention for picture 
"Woman of Rijsoord" awarded by 
Paris Salon; married Mary G. Hutchin- 
son, 1897; AUTHOR: By Italian Seas, 
1906; Through the French Provinces, 
1910; Romantic California, 1911; Pacific 
Shores from Panama, 1913; Our His- 
panic Southwest, 1916; A Revolutionary 
Pilgrimage, 1917; The American Front, 
1920; in addition to literary work as 
above, has exhibited his paintings at 
Paris Salons, and in principal art exhi- 
bitions in America; painter of Le Morte 
d'Arthur (mural frieze) for Cleveland 
Library; mem. Nat. Soc. Mural Painters, 
League of Architects; CLUBS: ' Bohe- 
mian, S. F. Players, McDowell (pres.), 
New York, Interallied, Paris; HOME: 
137 East 66th St., New York City. 

Teacher; born London, England, Mar. 
11, 1863; son Henry E. and Eliza (Jay) 
P.; educ. St. Paul's Sch., Concord, N. H.; 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREE: E. M. (Eng. 
of Mines), Columbia; married Margaret 
W. Chandler, 1886; AUTHOR: Manual 
of Medical and Physiological Chemistry; 
Dyes and Dyeing, for Craftsmen; Labor- 
atory Text Book of General Chemistry; 
prof, of Chemistry, Columbia Univ. for 
14 yrs.; subsequently chemist, Maxim 
Munitions Corp; mem. Amer. Chem. Soc., 
Soc. Chemical Industry, N. Y.; Fellow 
New York Acad.; CLUBS: Century, 
Columbia University, Columbia Faculty; 
OFFICE: New York Society of Crafts- 
men, 65 East 56th St.; HOME: 57 East 
58th St., New York City. 

editor of The Word; born Barbadoes, 
B. W. I., April 15, 1867; son James and 
Elizabeth -Ann (Taylor) P.; educ. New 
England Publ. Schs.; AUTHOR: The 
Zodiac; Consciousness Through Knowl- 
edge; Karma; Adepts: Masters and 


Mahatmas; Shadows; Living Forever; 
Hell and Heaven; Ghosts of Living Men; 
Ghosts of Dead Men; Ghosts that Never 
Were Men; pres. New York Theosophi- 
cal Soc.; ADDRESS: Highland, Ulster 
Co., N. Y. 

Perkins) : Housewife and President Bd. 
of Education; born Danielson, Conn., 
Nov., 1854; dau. Lysander and Marcia 
Warren; educ. Preparatory, Wesleyan 
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M. (first woman to receive de- 
gree of A.B. in New England); married 
Chas. A. Perkins, Sept. 19, 1883; AU- 
THOR: San Diego to Sitka, 1903; Our 
Year Abroad, 1912; pres. Writers' Club, 
Knoxville; chmn. Legislative, Women's 
Press and Authors' Club, Tenn.;'pres. 
Gen. Assn. comprising organizations in 
Second Presbyterian Ch., Knoxville; 
pres. four yrs. Tenn. Federation of 
Women's Clubs; was first Dean of 
Women in Univ. of Tenn.; mem. Ossoli 
Circle (pres. 1896-7, 1907-8); CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa; pres. College Assn., 
Knoxville; HOME: 1547 W. Clinch St., 
Knoxville, Tenn. 

born Cambridge, .Mass., Sept., 1844; son 
Rev. F. T. P.; educ. Yale Univ.; DE- 
GREES: Ph.D., Litt.D., LL.D.; married 
Mary J. Farnham, 1870; AUTHOR: Re- 
ports on Geology of Vermont, twelve 
vols., biennially since 1898; many mag- 
azine articles, papers for scientific jrnls. 
and encyclopedias; head of the Dept. of 
Geol. in Univ. of Vt. since 1870; vice- 
pres. of same instn.; State Geologist of 
Vt. since 1898; mem. Geol. Soc. of Am., 
A.A.A.S., Am. Anthropological Assn., 
Ethnological Assn., etc.; CLUBS: Beta 
Theta Pi, New York City; ADDRESS: 
Burlington, Vt. 

PERRY, RALPH BARTON: Professor of 
Philosophy, Harvard Univ.; born Poult- 
ney, Vt., July 3, 1876; son George A. 
and Susannah Chase (Barton) P.; educ. 
Franklin Sch., Germantown, Pa.; Prince- 
ton Univ., Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B. (Princeton), A.M., Ph.D., Har- 
vard; married Rachel Berenson, 1905; 
AUTHOR: The Approach to Philosophy, 
1905; The Moral Economy, 1908; The 
New Realism, 1912; Present Philosophi- 
cal Tendencies, 1912; The Free Man 
and the Soldier, 1916; The Present Con- 
flict of Ideals, 1918; edited: James's 
Essays in Radical Empiricism, 1912; 
James's Collected Essays and Reviews, 
1918; Annotated Bibliography of the 
Writings of William James, 1920; prof, 
of philosophy, Harvard Univ., since 
1913; OFFICE: Harvard University; 
HOME: 138 Irving St., Cambridge, 




Pratt Institute, Brooklyn; born Stone- 
ham, Mass., Dec., 1855; son Benjamin 
M. and Elizabeth P.; educ. Publ. Sens., 
High Sen., Mass. Normal Art Sen., Eu- 
rope; St. Lawrence Univ.; DEGREE: 
M.A.; married Clara Fairfield, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Egypt: The Land of the Tem- 
ple Builders; In Egypt with Azir Girges; 
Articles on Architecture, Sculpture, 
Painting and the Decorative Arts; sev- 
eral series of drawing books and Applied 
Arts drawing books published; also 
many magazine articles; lectured exten- 
v sively throughout country for 25 yrs. 
on architecture, sculpture, painting and 
the decorative arts; also travel and 
geography; CLUB: Natl. Arts.; HOME: 
56 Cambridge Place; OFFICE: Pratt 
Inst, Brooklyn, N. Y. 

ing Director, Taylor Society (Industrial 
Engineering) ; born Republican City, 
Neb., Feb. 16, 1878; son Rollin H. ana 
Ida M. (Madden) P.; educ. Univ. of 
Michigan; DEGREES: Ph.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; married Mary I. Carson, 1902; 
AUTHOR: Industrial Education; contr. 
articles on educn. subjs. to periodicals; 
editor of Bulletin of the Taylor Society; 
mem. Amer. Economic Assoc., and of 
various societies in adv. of commercial 
and industrial efficiency and education; 
CLUBS: City (New York); ADDRESS: 
29 W. Thirty-ninth St., New York, N. Y. 

born St. Clairesville, Pa.', Feb., 1869; 
son Rev. and Mrs. J. P.; educ. Susque- 
hanna Univ., Gettysburg Coll., Univ. of 
Pa.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., M.D.: mar- 
ried Carrie C. Moser, 1916; AUTHOR: 
The Principles and Practice of Perimet- 
ry; CLUBS: Union League, Old York 
R. Country; Cedarbrook Country; 
HOME: 121 E. Mt. Pleasant Ave., Mt 
Airy; OFFICE: 1529 Spruce St., Phila- 

Clergyman; born New York, Dec. 15 
1852; son Thomas McClure and Alice C 
(Richmond) P.; educ. private tuition 
New York, Hopkins Grammar Sen., New 
Haven; Yale, Berlin, Leipzig Univs. 
DEGREES: B.A., Ph.D. (Yale), Sc.D. 
Univ. Penn.; Hon. D.D. (Yale); mar 
ried Gabriella Brooke Forman, Aug. 13 
1881; AUTHOR: Political History of Re 
cent Times; Scriptures: Hebrew anc 
Christian; Nippur, or Explorations and 
Adventures on the Euphrates; Diary o 
David McClure; The Old Testament and 
the New Scholarship; Labor and Cap! 
tal; Early Hebrew Story; Some Tombs 
in Marissa; Annals of St. Michael's 
Modern Christianity; Jesus Christ anc 
the Old Commandments; The Religion 
of the Hebrews; The Animals' Christma 

Tree; The Psalms as Liturgies, 1921; 
also collab. in The Bible as Literature; 
The Universal Anthology; The Histo- 
rian's History of the World; also contr. 
many articles on archaeological and 
Biblical subjs. to Encycl. Britannica, 
Encycl. Americana, Encycl. of Religion, 
Jewish Encyclopedia etc.; formerly 
minister in charge of St. John's Church, 
Dresden, Germany; canon of New York 
Cathedral, 1904-10; Rector St. Michael's 
New York, 1893-1919; same Rector 
Emeritus'; tutor, Yale, 1876-79; prof. 
P. E. Divinity School Phila., 1884-91; 
in Univ. of Penna. (Hebrew), 1885-93; 
Univ. of the South (New Testament) 
1919; explorer and archaeologist in 
Babylonia; dir. Univ. of Pennsylvania 
Expedition to Babylonia, 1888-95, in 
Palestina, 1890, 1902, 1919, 1920; social 
worker, pres. Independent Club, New 
York; headed struggle for franchise re- 
form; chrmn. of Com. of Fourteen to 
Oppose Raines Law Hotels; CLUBS: 
City; Century, New York; ADDRESS: 
Univ. of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 

Poet; born Faribault, Minn., Mar., 1859; 
son John F. P.; educ. Pub. Sens., private 
tutors, Univs. of Strassburg, Munich, 
Vienna; DEGREES: M.D., Ph.D., LL.D.; 
AUTHOR: Poems and Swedish Transla- 
tions, 1883; In the Shade of Ygdrasil, 
1893; Nervous and Mental Diseases, 
1901-11; American Text-Book of Legal 
Medicine and Toxicology, 1903; A Song 
of the Latter Day, 1904; Chinese 
Lyrics, 1916; CLUBS: Authors', Cen- 
tury, N. Y. Yacht; HOME: 535 Park 
Ave.; OFFICE: 20 West 50th St., New 
York City. 

born Merryoaks, Ky., Feb. 12, 1872; 
daughter Newton M. and Sallie Settle 
Greer; educ. Louisville Pub. Sens., Emi- 
nence College, Eminence, Ky.; married 
K. G. Petrie, July 18, 1894; AUTHOR: 
Angeline Jines the Choir, being first- 
prize winner in short-story contest by 
Louisville Evening Post; Angeline 
Sketches; ex-mem. Lanier Club, Jellico, 
Tenn.; HOME: (temporary) White Star, 
Harlan Co.; OFFICE: Suite 401-3 
Realty Bldg., Louisville, Ky. 

PHILLIPS, CHARLES: Playwright, poet; 
born New Richmond, Wis., Nov. 20, 
1880; son Patrick and Martha (Mac- 
Conaghy) P.; educ. De La Salle College, 
Toronto, Canada; Catholic Univ. of 
America; DEGREE: M.A., St. Mary's 
Coll., Oakland, Cal.; AUTHOR: Back 
Home An Old-Fashioned Poem; The 
Divine Friend (poetic play); The Song 
Bird of the Pines, several poems contr. 
to magazines; edited various Catholic 
jrnls., with American Red Cross from 



1918, at present in Warsaw, Poland; 
cond. relief work with rank of captain; 
ADDRESS: c/o American Red Cross, 4 
Rue de Chevreux, Paris, France. 

of the C. M. E. Church; born Milledge- 
ville, Ga., Jan. 17, 1858; son Washing- 
ton and Nancy Phillips; educ., private 
sens.., Milledgeville, Ga., Atlanta Univ., 
and Walden U.; DEGREES: A.M., M.D., 
LL.D., D.D.; mar. Lucy E. Tappan, Dec. 
16, 1880, 2nd Ella Cheeks, July 31 1918; 
AUTHOR: History of the Colored Metho- 
dist Episcopal Church, 1898; edited the 
Christian Index, official organ of the C. 
M. E., for 8 years; has established the 

C. M. E. in California, Arizona and New 
Mexico, starting in Los Angeles with 3 
members, now has Phillips Chapel and 
a California Mission Conference in which 
Conference, Arizona and New Mexico are 
represented; prior to election as bishop 
was president of Lane College, Jackson 
Tenn., pastor, Memphis, Washington 

D. C., and Louisville, Ky. ; presiding eld- 
er, Mt. Sterling Dist.; ADDRESS: 123 
14th Ave., North Nashville, Tenn. 

tific Staff, Dept. of Agric.; born Hanni- 
bal, Ohio, Nov., 1878; son Rev. T. F. 
and Belle (Hofer) P.; educ., Allegheny 
Coll., Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: A.B., 
Ph.D.; mar. Mary H. Geisler, 1906; AU- 
THOR: Beekeeping, 1915; also scienti- 
fic and practical bulletins on beekeeping; 
subjs. and contr. to scientific journals; 
Fellow JA.A.A.S.; mem. Acad. Natural 
Sciences, Am. Soc. of Zoologists; Wash- 
ington Entomol Assn., Phi Beta Kappa, 
Sigma Xi; founder of Phi Eta (hon. 
grad. frjat.); CLUBS: Cosmos (Washing- 
ton); OFFICE: Bureau of Entomology, 
Washington, HOME; Chevy Chase Sta- 
tion, Washington, D. C. 

- . 

College! of Engineering; born Chicago, 
111., Jurie 1868; son James Mill and El- 
len (Stewart) -p.; educ., Chicago Sens., 
Univ. of 111.; DEGREES :>B.S., Architec- 
ture; mjaiv Clara Moore; AUTHOR: Me- 
chanical Drawing for Secondary Schools; 
Mechanical Drawing for Colleges and 
Universities (With H. D. Orth) ; Elem- 
ents of j| Descriptive Geometry (with A. 
V. Millar) ;~ Freehand L'ettering; co-in- 
ventor of method of removing oxides 
from silver, etc., by, electrolysis; . mem. 
Soc. for Promotion of Engineering Edu- 
cation, Wis., Acad. Sciences, Arts and 
Letters; CLUBS: University, Madison, 

PHILIPSON, DAVID: Rabbi; born Wab- 
ash, Ind., Aug., 1862; son Joseph and 
Louisa (Freudenthal) P.; educ., Hughes 
High Sch., Cincinnati, Univ. of Cincin- 
nati; Johns Hopkins Univ; DEGREES: 
B.A., D.D., LL.D.; mar. Ella Hollander, 


Sept. 9, 1886; AUTHOR: The Jew in 
English Fiction; Old European Jewries, 
1894; The Oldest Jewish Congregation 
in the West, 1894; A Holiday Sheaf, 
1898; Reminiscences of Isaac M. Wise, 
1901; The Reform Movement in Juda- 
ism 1907; Max Lilienthal, American 
Rabbi, 1915; Centenary Papers and 
Others, 1919; has also written many 
pamphlets and contbr. to magazines; 
mem. Bd. of Govs., Hebrew Union Coll., 
Publ. Com. Jewish Publication Soc., of 
America; Jewish Classics Comm.; Jew- 
ish Commentaries; Chm. Comm. on Re- 
vision of Union Prayer Book; pres. Cen- 
tral Conference American Rabbis, 1907- 
09; prof. Homiletics, Hebrew Union 
Coll., 1891-1907; mem. Bd. of Bible 
transl. of New English trans, of Bible; 
consulting ed., Jewish Encyclopedia; 
CLUBS: Literary, University; OFFICE: 
Rockdale Avenue Temple; HOME: 3947 
Beechwood Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Author and Artist; born Smyrna, near 
Old Allendale, S.C., Mar. 7, 1862; 
daughter Thomas H. and Cecelia Matil- 
da (Baynard) Willingham; educ., Wes- 
leyan Female College, (Macon, Ga.), 
,Miss Reynolds' Sch. (Albany), Wo- 
man's College (Richmond, Va.), May 
Baldwin Sem. (Staunton, Va.); in Eur- 
ope; 1st honor Miss Reynolds' Sch., al- 
so 1st honor May Baldwin Sem.; mar. 
William L. Pickard, D.D., LL.D., 1886; 
AUTHOR: The Ides of March, 1904; Be- 
tween Scarlet Thrones, 1919; iCLUBS: 
Writers' Art, Missionary, Alpha Pi; 
HOME: 806 McCallie Ave., Chattanooga, 

man and author; born Upson Cjo., Geor- 
gia, Oct. 1.$-, 1861; son James Lafayette 
and Ann Haseltine (Ross) P.; educ. 
Mercer Univ., Macon, Ga., and ^t South- 
ern Baptist Seminary ; DEGREES: A.B. 
(Mercer), A.M. (Mercer); traveled and 
studied in Europe. LL.D. (iMercer), 
D.D. (Univ. ; pf Ala.); married Florence 
Martha Willingham, June 15L 1886; 
Pastor First Baptist Church, Cleveland. 
Ohio, five years; Pres. Georgia Board of 
Education four years. Now member 
Foreign Mission Board, Southern Bapt. 
Convention; CLUBS: Kiwanis, 'Writers' 
Chattanooga (Hon. mem.), Mason, 
Shriner; mem. State Board of Missions 
AUTHOR: Under the War Flags of 
1861, also contr. to periodicals; ordain- 
ed Baptist ministry, 1883; occupied 
churches in Alabama, in Kentucky and 
Virginia; chancellor Mercer University 
from 1914 and professor of philosophy 
in same; well known as lecturer; mem. 
Assn. Southern Schs and Colleges, Phi 
Delta Theta; HOME: 806 McCallie Ave.. 
Chattanooga, Tennessee. 







PICKENS, WILLIAM: Social Service, N.A. 
A.C.P., born South Carolina, Jan., 1881; 
son Fannie (Porter) P.; educ., High 
Sch., Little Rock, Ark., Talladega Coll., 
Yale Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Litt.D.; mar. Minnie Cooper McAlpine, 
1905 ;>r AUTHOR : Abraham Lincoln, Man 
and jStatesman; The Heir of Slaves; 
Frederick Douglass and the Spirit of 
Freedom; Fifty Years of Emancipation; 
The New Negro; prof, of Greek, Latin, 
and Qerman, Talladega College, later 
Greeli and Sociology, Wiley U., Marshall, 
Texas; Dean Morgan Coll., Baltimore, 
19 15 [now assoc. Field Sec., of the Natl. 
Assn.! for the Advancement of Colored 
People; CLUBS: Civic, New York; OF- 
FICE: 70, Fifth Avenue; HOME: 260 
W. 139th St , New York City. 

PIDGIN, CHARLES F.: Statistician, In- 
ventor, Novelist, Dramatist, Song Writ- 
er; born Roxbury, Mass., Nov. 11, 1844; 
son Benjamin Gordon and Mary Eliza- 
beth (Felton) P.; educ., English High 
Sch., Boston; mar. Lizzie Abbott Dane, 
July 3, 1867; AUTHOR: Practical, Stat- 
istics, 1888; Quincy Adams Sa*wyer, 
(novel), 1900; Blennerhassett (ro- 
mance), 1901; Stephen Holton, 1902; 
The Climax, 1902; The Letter H, 1904; 
A Nation's Idol, 1904; Little Burr, 
1905; Sarah Bernhardt Brown, 1905; 
The Corsican Lovers, 1905; The Hidden 
Man, 1906; The Toymakers, 1907; 
Theodosia, The First Gentlewoman of 
Her Time, 1907; Labor, or the Money- 
God, 1908; The Further Adventures of 
Quincy Adams Sawyer, 1909; Chroni- 
cles of Quincy Adams Sawyer, Detective, 
(with J. M. Taylor), 1912; The House 
of Shame, 1912; The Courtin', comic 
opera, 1913; also musical and statistical 
works, various poems; inventor of "Visi- 
ble Speech in Motion Pictures"; AD- 
DRESS: 99 Sargent St., Melrose, Mass. 

born Pittsburg, Pa., Aug. 28, 1880; son 
Rev. Albert F. and Rebecca (Noble) P.; 
educ. Amherst Coll., Yale Divinity Sch., 
DEGREES: B.A., S.T.B.; mar. Mary G. 
Fairchild, Mar. 9, 1904; AUTHOR: The 
Masculine Power of Christ, 1912; The 
Mystery of His Own Person, 1913; To- 
gether in the Heavenly Home, 1916; 
ord. in 1906, held pastorates in New 
Haven, Conn., Brooklyn, N. Y., Oberlin, 
Ohio Boston; became pastor of the First 
Congregational Ch., Washington, D. C., 
Aug. 1, 1920; during World War served 
in France, Belgium, Germany, as Sen- 
ior Chaplain of the Second Division, A. 
E. F.; now contbr. to Monday Club of 
Boston, which publs. a vol. of sermons 
annually; CLUBS: Boston City, Boston 
Congregational, Monday; ADDRESS: 
First Congregational Church, 10th and 
G Sts., N. W., Washington, D. C. 

PIERS, HARRY: Curator of Provincial Mu- 
seum, Librarian of Provincial Science 
Library and Deputy Keeper of Public 
Records; born Halifax, Nova Scotia, Feb. 

12, 1870; son Henry and Janet L. P.; 
educ. comm. sens., Halifax County Aca., 
special studies; mar. Constance Fair- 
banks, Jan. 7, 1901; AUTHOR: num. 
papers on scientific subjs., in trans. N. S. 
Inst. of Science; papers on artists in 
Nova Scotia, and on other subjs. in Col- 
lections of N. S. Histor. Soc.; annotated 
catalogue of Library of King's Coll., 
Windsor, N. S.; Catalogue of Citizens' 
Free Library, Halifax; mem. N. S. Inst., 
of Science, N. S. Hist. Soc., etc., HOME: 
151 Shirley St., OFFICE: Provincial Mu- 
seum, N. S. Technical College, Halifax, 
N. S. 

PIERSON, DELAVAN: Editor and Author; 
born W T aterford, N. Y.; son Arthur T. 
and Sarah Benedict P.; educ., Detroit 
Home and Day Sch., Lawrenceville ,N. 
J., Princeton Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M.; mar. Emma Belle Dougherty, Feb. 

13, 1895; AUTHOR: For Each New Day, 
1896; The Pacific Islanders, 1906; Life 
of Arthur T. Pierson, 1912; ed. Mission- 
ary Review of the World; CLUBS: 
Princeton (N. J.), Country (upper Mont- 
clair), Montclair Athletic; HOME: 10 
Elston Road, Montclair, N. J.; OFFICE: 
156 Fifth Ave., New York. 

PILLSBURY, ALBERT E.: Lawyer; born 
Milford, N. H., Aug. 19, 1849; son Jos- 
iah W. P.; educ. Harvard (class of 
'YO); DEGREES: Hon. A.M., LL.D.; un- 
.narried; AUTHOR: Webster, the 
Orator, 1903; Lincoln and Slavery, 
1913; also addresses and contbs. to 
magazines and reviews on legal, historic 
and political subjs; CLUBS: Algonquin, 
Harvard, University (Boston); HOME: 
Wellesley Farms; OFFICE: 6 Beacon 
St.. Boston. Mass. 

PINCHOT, GIFFORD: Forester; born 
Simsbury, Conn., Aug. 1865; son James 
W. and Mary J. (Eno) P.; educ. Exeter, 
Yale; DEGREES: A.B., M.A., D.Sc., 
LL.D.; AUTHOR: The White Pine, (with 
H. S. Graves, q.v.), 1896; The Adiron- 
dack Spruce, 1898; The Fight for Con- 
servation, 1909; The Country Church 

(with C. O. Gill), 1913; The Training of 
a Forester, 1913; Six Thousand Coun- 
try Churches (with C. O. Gill), 1919; 
CLUBS: Century, University, (N.Y.), 
Cosmos (Washington D. C.); HOME: 
Milford; OFFICE: Real Estate Trust 
Bldg., Philadelphia, Pa. 

nomist and Botanist; born Victoria, B. 
C., June 16, 1867; son Andrew W. and 
Minna P., educ., Univ. Washington, Har- 
vard; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., (Univ. of 
Washington), M.S., (Harvard); mar. 



Laura Maude Hungate, 1899; AUTHOR 
Forage Plant Culture; Turf for Gol 
Courses; Flora of Washington; Sr. au 
thor, Flora of Northwest Coast; Flor 
of S. E. Washington and adjacent Ida 
ho; Flora of the Palouse County; als 
many reports and pamphlets; CLUBS 
Cosmos, Washington Country; OFFICE 
U. S. Dept. of Agric.; HOME: 149 
Irving St., Washington, D. C. 

and Editor; born Ashby, Mass., Dec 
1879; daughter Henry F., and Rebecc< 
(Boutella) P.; educ., Smith Coll., N. Y 
Univ., Fellow in English, Smith Coll 
1909-10; DEGREES: B.L., M.A., un 
married; AUTHOR: Sylvia's Experiment 
1914; The Princess and the Clan, 1915 
Sylvia of the Hilltop, 1916; The Hous 
on the Hill, 1917; Sylvia Arden De 
cides, 1917; on edit, staff, Natl. Head 
quarters, Boy Scouts of America, 1917 
; CLUBS: Authors', League of Am 
erica, Pen and Brush, National Arts 
HOME: 201 E. 71st St.; OFFICE: 20 
Fifth Ave., New York City, care of B 
S. of A. 

PIRANI, EUGENIO DI: Composer, Pian 
ist, Author; born Ferrara, Italy, Sept 
1862; son Angelo and Giulia (del Vec 


chio) P.; educ., Lyceum (Bologna) 
Univ. (Berlin); mem. Academies of Bo 


logna, Florence, Rome; mar. Clara 
Schonlank, 1870; AUTHOR: High Sch. 
of Piano Playing (now in 4th edition) ; 
Essays on Secret of Success of Great 
Musicians in the Etude; composed great 
number of works, including two grand 
operas; The Witch's Song, (1902), Black 
Blood, (1906); also Fete au Chateau, 
Dream, Woodland, Belshazzar; made 
grand artistic tour through Russia, 
France. Italy, England, and won much 
praise; hon; mem. Royal Music. Acad., 
Florence, Royal Acad. of S. Cecilia, in 
Rome, Royal Acad. of Bologna; Officer 
of the German Crown, Commander of 
the Order of the Italian Crown; has be- 
come Am. citizen since 1915; CLUBS: 
The Bohemians (N. Y.); STUDIO: 915 
President St., Brooklyn, N. Y. ; Summer 
Home: State Line, Mass. 

born Lament, Mich., June 12, 1876; son 
Charles and Adeline M. (Hinsdale) P.; 
educ., Univ. of Tenn.; DEGREES: M.A.; 
mar. Lucy Ayers, Sept. 24, 1905; AU- 
THOR: Chinese Fairy Stories, 1910; 
Chinese Playmates, 1911; The Lady 
Elect (a Chinese Romance), 1913; A 
Chinese Christmas Tree, 1914; A Chin- 
ese Wonder Book, 1918; mem. Chinese 
Social and Polit. Assn.; receive Chia 
Ho decoration by pres. of China, 1915; 
HOME: Peking Higher Normal College, 
Peking, China. 

PL. ANTZ, SAMUEL: President Lawrence 
College; born Gloverville, N. Y., June, 
1859; son James and Elsie P.; educ., 
Lawrence College, Boston Univ., Berlin 
Univ. (Germany); DEGREES: A. B., 
A.M., D.D., Ph.D., LL.D.; mar. Myra A. 
Goodwin, 1885; AUTHOR: The Church 
and the Social Problem; contbr. Hast- 
ings' Dictionary of Christ, also to maga- 
zines; M. E. pastor Detroit to 1892; 
since 1894 has been pres. Lawrence Col- 
lege; ADDRESS: Appleton, Wis. 

PL. ATT, EDMUND: Vice Governor Federal 
Reserve Board; born Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y., Feb. 2, 1865; son John I. and Susan 
Frances (Sherwood) P.; educ. Eastman 
Business College, Poughkeepsie; Har- 
vard Univ.; DEGREES: A.B.; married 
Adele Innis, 1892; AUTHOR: History of 
Poughkeepsie; ed. Poughkeepsie Eagle; 
was member of 63rd, 64th, 65th and 
66th Congresses, resigned June, 1920 to 
become member of the Federal Re- 
serve Board; OFFICE: Federal Reserve 
Board, Washington, D. C.; HOME: 
Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 

of Animal Husbandry, Ohio State Univ., 
born Westfield, Mass., April, 1860; son 
David H. and Helen M. P.; educ., Publ. 
sens., Westfield, Mass.; Mass., Agr. Coll., 
Helen Phelps Gladwin, Oct. 14, 1886; 


AUTHOR: Biographical Directory Am- 
erican Agricultural Scientists, 1889; In- 
Amherst Mass.; DEGREES: B.S.; mar. 
dian Corn Culture, 1895; Little Sketch- 
es of Famous Beef Cattle, 1904; Types 
and Breeds of Farm Animals, 1906 and 
1920; A Partial Index to Animal Hus- 
bandry Literature, 1911; Beginnings in 
Animal Husbandry, 1914; Judging Farm 
Animals, 1916; CLUBS: 32d Degree Ma- 
son, Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Acacia; 
HOME: 1980 Indianola Ave., Columbus, 
Ohio; OFFICE: Ohio State University, 
Columbus, Ohio. 


Professor of Psychology; born Dauphin, 
Penna., Oct. 23, 1885; son Albert Theo- 
dore (M.D.) andLillieJ. (Umberger) P.; 
educ Bucknell Univ.. Columbia Univ.: 
DEGREES: A.B., A-M., Ph.D.; married 
Flossie V. Kauffman, Aug. 27, 1913; 
AUTHOR: Experimental Psychology, 
The Sense of Taste, 1917; Applied Psy- 
chology, 1918; Instr. in Psychology, Col- 
umbia from 1913; mem. Amer. Psycho- 
logical Assn.; Fellow A.A.A.S.; CLUBS: 
Phi Kappa Psi; OFFICE: Columbia Uni- 
versity; HOME: 405 W. 118th St., New 

POOLE, ..ERNEST: Writer: born Chi- 
cago, Jan., 1880; son Abram P.; educ. 
University Sch-, Chicago; Princeton; 
married Margaret Winterbotham, 1907; 
AUTHOR: The Harbor, 1915; His Fam- 
ily, 1917; His Second Wife, 1918; The 
Dark People and the Village, 1918: 
CLUBS: Players, City, Authors', Coffee 
House; ADDRESS: 237 E. 48th St., 
New York. 

gist; born Stamford, Conn., Feb. 6, 
1883; son Timothy Hopkins P.; educ. 
Browning. Yale College, Architectural 
Sch. of Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: B. 
A. B. F. A.; mar. Lucy Bryant Wal- 
lace, June 1, 1912; AUTHOR: Medieval 
Architecture, 1908: Construction oi' 
Lombard and Gothic Vaults, 1911: Lom- 
bard Architecture (4 vols.), 1916; Be- 
yond Architecture, 1918: Seven Who 
Slept, 1919; prof. History of Art, How- 
ard College; hon. mem. Am Inst. of 
Architects; mem. Correspondent, Societe 
Francaise d'Archeologie, Socio Corres- 
pondente, Associazione fra i Cultori 
d'Architettura di Roma; Lombard Arch- 
itecture was awarded the grande med- 
aille fie vermiel bv the Societe Francaise 
d'Archeologie; CLUBS: Union League, 
Yale (New York), Elizabethan Gradu- 
ates (New Haven); HOME: Elmwood; 
OFFICE: Harvard University, Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

PORTER, CHARLOTTE: Author; daugh- 
ter Dr. H. C. and E. E. P.; educ. priv- 


ately; Wells College; Sorbonne, Paris; 
DEGREE: A.B.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Browning Studies, 1900; Shakespeare 
Studies, Macbeth, 1902; Shakespeare 
Studies, The Tragedies, 1912; Shake- 
speare Studies, the Comedies, 1913; Lips 
of Music (poems); Clever Tales, 1897; 
Poetic Translation D'Annunzio's Daugh- 
ter of Jorio, 1907; Poets' Parleys, 
1903; Boston Browning Soc. Papers, 
1897; (in preparation) Shakespeare's 
Stage; The Earth Child, 1916; The Cook- 
less Eater, 1915; edit. Robert Brown- 
ing's Works (with Helen A. Clarke) 12 
vols.. 1898; Coxhoe Edition (with Helen 
A. Clarke) 6 vols., 1900; Shakespeare's 
Works, Pembroke Edition (With Helen 
A. Clarke) 12 vols., 1903; The "First 
Folio" Edition of Shakespeare, 40 vols., 
1903-12; CLUBS: Boston Autnors', New 
England Poetry, vice-president Boston 
Browning Soc.; ADDRESS: 11 Queens- 
berry St., Boston; after June 15 till Oct. 
15, "Ardensea" Isle au Haut, Me. 

PORTER, DELIA LYMAN: Author; born 
Oct., 1858; daughter Prof. Chester S. 
Lyman of Yale; educ. Wellesley College; 
married Frank C. Porter, Prof, in Yale, 
1891; AUTHOR: Calendar of American 
History; The Blues Cure and Other stor- 
ies; Anti-Worry Recipe and other stories 
A Year of Good Chesr; Ideals for Every 
Day Living; Programs for Christian Dis- 
cussion Clubs (widely used), 1914-1915; 
Community Booklets (35,000 used), 
1919; founder of the New Haven Choral 
Union, Lowell House Mothers' Club, 
North End Club; obtained law for first 
woman Factory Inspector of Conn, and 
was chmn. of com. for her apointmpent; 
CLUB: Sat. Morning, etc.; HOME: 266 
Bradley St., New Haven, Conn. 

mologist; born Philadelphia, July, 1866; 
son David Root C.; educ- Episcopal Aca- 
demy, Phila.; Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: 
B.A.^JVl.D.; married Hadassah H. Fel- 
ton, f910; AUTHOR: Nettleship's Oph- 
thalmic Surgery ed. of Fifth American 
edition; A System of Diseases of the 
Eye, Ear, Throat and Nose edited by 
Wm. Campbell Posey and Jonathan 
Wright; The Eye and the Nervous Sys- 
tem, edited by Wm. Campbell Posey 
and Wm. G. Spiller; The Hygiene of 
the Eye; CLUB: U. of Phila.; HOME: 
Radner; OFFICE: 2049 Chestnut St., 

cian; born Sater, Ohio, Sept. 27, 1869; 
son Thomas and Hannah Ellen (Sater) 
P.; educ. public schs.; Otterbein Univ. at 
Westerville, O.; Cincinnati College of 
Medicine and Surgery, New York, Eu- 
rope; DEGREES: Ph.B., Ph.M., A.M , 
LL.D., M.D., F.A.C.P.; AUTHOR: Pul- 



monary Tuberculosis, 1908; Muscle 
Spasm and Degeneration in Intrathoracic 
Inflammation and Light Touch Palpa- 
tion, 1912; Tuberculin in Diagnosis and 
Treatment, 1913; Clinical Tuberculosis, 
1917; Symptons of Visceral Diseases, 
1919; Tuberculosis and How to Combat 
It, a book for the Patient, 1921; 
Tuberculin in Diagnosis and Treatment, 
1913; Clinical Tuberculosis, 1917; 
Symptons of Visceral Diseases, 1919; 
contr. more than 100 papers to Am. and 
foreign medical journals; lecturer on 
Diseases of the Chest and Climatology, 
Med. Dept. Univ. of Southern Calif., 
later prof. Diseases of the Chest, Col- 
lege of Physicians and Surgeons, Med. 
Dept. Univ. Southern Calif.; now medi- 
cal dir. Pottenger Sanatorium, Monrovia, 
Calif.; ex-pres. Los Angeles Co. Med. 
Soc.; Southern Calif. Med. Soc.; Am. 
Therapeutic Soc.; Mississippi Valley 
Med. Soc.; Sec. Assn. for the Study of 
Internal Secretions; mem. Los Angeles 
Co. Med. Soc.; Los Angeles Clinical and 
Pathological Soc.; Southern Cal. Med. 
Soc.; Cal. State Med. Soc.; Am. Med. 
Assn.; Am. Climatological and Clinical 
Assn.; Am. Therapeutic Soc.; Assn. for 
the Study of Internal Secretions; Miss. 
Valley Med. Assn.; Los Angeles, State 
and Natl. Assns.. for the Study of Tu- 
berculosis; CLUBS: California, Univer- 
sity, Gamut, all of Los Angeles; HOME: 
Pasadena; OFFICES: Pottenger Sanitor- 
ium, Monrovia, 1100 Title Ins. Bldg , 
Los Angeles, Cal. 

POTTS, CHARLES S.: Physician; born 
Philadelphia, Jan. 30, 1864; son Fran- 
cis C. and Emma Bilker P.; educ. pub- 
lic schs., Central High Sch. of Phila.; 
Med. Dept. University of Pa.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.D.; AUTHOR: Ner- 
vous and Mental Diseases; Electricity 
Medical and Surgical; CLUBS: Uni- 
versity; Philobiblon; Med. Undine, Bar- 
ge, all of Phila.; Phi. Delta Theta; AD- 
DRESS: 2018 Chestnut St., Philadelphia 

man; born Glenville, N. Y., Oct. 1. 
1874; son Spencer S. P.; educ. Union 
College, Union Seminary; DEGREES' 
A.B., B.D., D.D.; married Jean A. Gil- 
christ, 1898; AUTHOR: The Common 
Faith of Common Men, 1912; various 
sermons; now minister of The First 
Church of Christ in Hartford; CLUBS: 
University (Hartford), Graduates (New 
Haven); HOME: 68 Washington St.; 
OFFICE: Center Church House, Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

born Cedar Grove, N. J.; daughter Hal- 
vor and Ruth Ann (Mitchell) P.; educ- 
publ. and pvt. schs.; work irreg. on ac- 
count of defective sight; DEGREES: 


Graduate, Garland and Weston Kinder- 
garten Normal School, Boston; AU- 
THOR: Finger Plays; In the Child's 
World; Love and Law in Child Train- 
ing; Child Stories and Rhymes; Through 
the Farm-yard Gate; The Runaway 
Donkey; Holiday Songs; Songs of a 
Little Child's Day; The Joyous Travel- 
ers (collab); Father and Baby Plays; 
transl. Johnny Blossom; Top or the 
World Stories; What Happened to Inger 
Johanne; contbr. verse and prose 
to magazines; CLUBS: Women's City; 
Cosmopolitan; Drama; League (Bos- 
ton) ; Natl. Assoc. for Adv. of Colored 
People; HOME: 2 West Cedar St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 


Mgr. Cal. Fruit Growers' Exchange; 
born Ghent, N. Y., Feb. 8, 1872; son 
George T. and Marcia R. (Chase) P.; 
educ. Cornell University; DEGREES: 
B.S.A., M.S.A., (Cornell); married Ger- 
trude E. Clark, July 1, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Co-operation in Agriculture; also 
pamphlets on Agricultural Science, 
chiefly reprints of Reports contr. by 
author to Dept. of Agric.; Top Working 
Orchard Trees; Cold Storage, with spec- 
ial reference to the Pear and Peach; 
The Apple in Cold Storage; Relation of 
Cold Storage to Commercial Apple Oul- 
ture; The Handling -of Fruit for Trans- 
portation; Status of American Lemon 
Industry; Decay of Oranges While in 
Transit from California; Italian Lemons 
and Their By-Products; Prevention of 
Decay in Citrus Fruits; Pre-Cooling and 
Pre-Icing of Oranges by the Shipper; 
Protection of Citrus Fruit Against Frost; 
California Lemon Industry; Italian 
Lemon Industry; Regulation of the 
Perishable Food Industries after the 
War; Fundamental Principles of Co- 
operation in Agriculture; horticulturist 
and entomologist, Delaware Coll., 1896- 
98: horticulturist 1898; asst. pomologist 
1901-04; pomologist in charge fruit 
transportation and storage investiga- 
tions, 1904-09; asst. chief Bureau Plant 
Industry, 1910, U. S. Dept. Agr.; Sec. 
and Mgr. Citrus Protection League of 
California, Los Angeles, 1911; Gen. 
Mgr. Cal. Fruit Growers' Exchange, 
1912-to date; in charge Perishable Food 
Division, U. S. Food Administration, 
Washington, July, 1917-Jan., 1919; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi (Cornell); Kappa 
Sigma; Cosmos (Washington); Los 
Angeles Athletic; Sunset (Los Angeles); 
OFFICE: Box 642 Station C., Los Ange- 
les; HOME: 1610 Marengo Ave., South 
Pasadena, Cal. 

POWELL, LYMAN P.: Author, Editor, 
Lecturer, Educator, Clergyman; born 
Farmington, Del., Sept. 21, 1866; son 




James B. R. and Mary A. P.; educ. 
Dickenson, Johns Hopkins, Wisconsin, 
Pa. Colleges; DEGREES: A.B., D.D., 
LL.D.; AUTHOR: The History of Edu- 
cation in Delaware, 1893; Family Pray- 
ers, 1905; Christian Science The Faith 
and Its Founder, 1907; The Art of Nat- 
ural Sleep, 1908; Heavenly Heretic, 
1910; many others; also some 300 mag- 
azine articles; "The Social Unrest" in 
two big vols, being published; ed. Amer- 
ican Historic Towns, (4 vols.) 189'8- 
1902; Current Religious Literature, 
1902; Devotional Series (3 vols), 1905- 
07; Religion in Our Colleges and Univer- 
sities, 1912; CLUBS: City (New York); 
Phi Beta Kappa; Phi Delta Theta; AD- 
DRESS: Mountain Lakes, N. J. 

POWERS, CALEB: Congressman; born 
Kentucky, Feb. 1, 1869; son Amos and 
Elizabeth (Perkins) P. educ. State Uni- 
versity Lexington; Valparaiso Univ. 
Ind.: Center College, Danville, Ky. ; 
DEGREES: B.L.; married Laura Ra\v- 
lings, Jan., 1896 (died same year) 2d. 
Anna Kauffman, 1912; AUTHOR: My 
Own Story; nominated and elected Con- 
gress, 1911; re-elected each term follow- 
ing for eight years; ADDRESS: 1414 
Mass. Ave., S. E., Washington, D. C. 

Prang): Writer; born Syracuse, N. Y., 
October, 1836; daughter Major Dana; 
educ. Allen Seminary, Rochester; Rad- 
eliffe College; Harvard Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., Radcliffe Ed. M., Har- 
vard, 1921; married Charles E. Hicks, 
Oct. 7, 1856 (d. Aug. 18, 1858; 2d. 
Louis Prang. April 15, 1900, (d. June. 
1909); AUTHOR: The Use of Models; 
The Prang Complete Course in Form 
Study and Drawing; Form Study With- 
out Clay; The Prang Elementary Course 
in Art Instruction; Suggestions for 
Color Instruction (in collab.); Art In- 
struction for Children in Primary 
Schools; contbr. articles to Women of 
America; Women of New England; 
mem. over 20 educ. assns.; Eastern Kin- 
dergarten Assn.; Eastern Drawing 
Teachers' Assn., etc.; CLUBS: Civic, 
Woman's Suffrage, (Roxbury), Winter- 
green (Boston), Social Art (Syra- 
cuse, N. Y.); HOME: 137 Peterboro St., 
Boston, Mass. 


born S. Weymouth, Mass., Feb. 10, 1854; 
son Loring and Laura (Irving) P.; AU- 
THOR: Bye-O-Baby Ballads; Baby's Lul- 
laby Book Mother Songs; Little Peter- 
kin Vandike, 1896; Buz-Buz; Stick and 
Pea Plays; Riddle-Rhymes; contbr. to 
magazines and editor of various child- 
ren's magazines Wide Awake, Little 
Folks; ADDRESS: Warner, N. H. 


born West Cornwall, Conn., Apr. 18, 
1852; son Ezra Dwight and Anna Aure- 
lia (Rood) P.; educ. Williston Seminary 
(Easthampton, Mass.); Amherst Col- 
lege; Hartford Theol. Seminary; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; married 
Martha Augusta Rood, Oct. 11, 1882; 
AUTHOR: A Decade of Christian En- 
deavor, 1892; contbr. more than 1000 
articles and poems to magazines and 
weekly periodicals, anon, editorials to 
prominent religious weeklies, 93 articles 
to Internatl. Standard Bible Encyclope- 
dia; editor and selector Responsive 
Readings, for the Church Hymnal pub- 
lished by Century Co.; author of hymns, 
etc.; pastorates: Higganum, Conn., 1880 
-88; Pueblo, Colo-, 1888-90; Williston 
Church, Portland, ,Me., 1890-97; Stated 
Supply Eliot Church, Roxbury, Boston, 
1897-98; Walnut Hills Congregational 
Church, Cincinnati, O., 1900-14; Hous- 
atanic Congregational Church, Mass., 
1914-19; Field Rep. Congl. demonina- 
^onaJ Socs,, 1919-20; mem. Bd. Direct- 
ors Lincoln Memorial Univ., Tenn., * 
yrs., Western Tract Soc., Cincinnati, 5 
years: Congl. Conf. of Ohio, 12 years; 
sec. Congl. Ch. Bldg. Soc. for Ohio, 14 
yrs.; Moderator of Ohio Congl. Conf., 
1908, South Berkshire Assn., Mass., 
1915-18; ADDRESS: (SUMMER) Mead- 
owedge, West Cornwall, Conn.; (WIN- 
TER) 2041 East 9th St., Cleveland, 

of Biology; born Toledo, Ohio; son of 
Charles and Catherine (Sherring) P.; 
educ., Univ. of Michigan, Harvard, Leip- 
zig, Freiburg, Geneva; DEGREES: A.B., 
(Mich.). A.M.. Ph.D., (Leipzig); mar. 
Agnes Gray, Sept. 1, 1894; AUTHOR: 
Invertebrate Zoology; Vertebrate Zoolo- 
gy; Manual of Common invertebrates; 
also contbr. many scientific articles to 
journals; prof, biology, Haverford Coll.; 
mem. Am. Soc. Naturalists, Am. Soc. Zo- 
ologists, Fellow A.A.A.S., and various 
other learned socs.; OFFICE: Haverford 
College; HOME: 4 College Circle, Haver- 
ford, Pa. 

Philosophy, Williams College; born El- 
mira, N. Y., June 22, 1875; son Daniel 
R. and Catherine (Murdock) P.; educ., 
Elmira Free Academy, Williams Coll., 
Harvard, Columbia, Univ. of Berlin; DE- 
GREES: A.B. (Williams), Ph.D., (Ber- 
lin) ; mar. Catherine Mariotti, Aug. 5, 
1911; AUTHOR: Psychology of Religi- 
ous belief, 1907; What is Pragmatism? 
1909; India and Its Faiths, 1915; De- 
mocracy and Peace, 1916; The Religious 
Consciousness, 1920; Essays in Critical 
Realism (in collab) with six others, 
1920; prof, philosophy, Williams Coll., 



from 1913; spent considerable time in 
India in study of religions of the coun- 
try; CLUBS: Am. Phil. Assn., Am. Psy- 
chol. Assn.; ADDRESS: Williamstown, 

PRATT, LUCY: Writer; born Deerfield, 
Mass., July 29, 1874; daughter James 
Clay and Sarah Anne (Smith) P.;. 
AUTHOR: Ezekiel, 1909; Ezekiel 
Expands, 1914; Felix Tells It, 1915; 
contbr. to many leading magazines; 
CLUBS: Boston Authors' League of 
ica, Authors'; ADDRESS: Deerfield, 

Musician; born Philadelphia, Nov. 10, 
1857; son Rev. Lewellyn and Sarah 
Putnam (Gulliver) P.; educ. Williams, 
Johns Hopkins, Syracuse, Univs.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Mus.D.; mar. Mary 
E. Smyly, July 5, 1887; AUTHOR: Mu- 
sical Ministries in the Church, 1901; 
History of Music, 1907; freq. contbr. to 
music, and musical hist.; ed. St. Nichol- 
as Songs, 1885; Songs of Worship, 1887; 
musical editor Aids to common worship, 
1887; Century Dictionary, 1892; wrote 
article Music, International Encycloped- 
ia, 1891; mem. Music Teachers' Natl. 
Assn.; hon assoc. mem. Am. Guild of 
Organists; mem. Internatl. Soc. Musi- 
cians (pres. North Am. Section 1912); 
exec. sec., dept. art and music, Religious 
End. Assn., 1903-5; lecturer on music 
and musical history; ADDRESS: 86 Gil- 
lette St., Hartford, Conn. 

Engineer; born Lewiston, Me., Sept., 
1873; son Warren E. P.; educ. Colum- 
bian, Mass., Inst. of Tech., George Wash- 
ington Univ.; DEGREES: B.S.. C.E., 
Ph.D.; mar. Pearley Pitch, 1899; AU- 
THOR: Hydrography of the Southern 
Appalachian Mountains; Study of the 
Water Powers of Maine; and numerous 
articles on hydraulics publ. by the U. S- 
Geological Survey; State Water Supply 
Commr. of the State of New York; 
Geological Survey of the State of Mary- 
land; consulting engineer of the Water 
Supnly Commission of the State of New 
York, also of the U. S. Geological Sur- 
vey; HOME: 241 Carmeta Ave., Ruther- 
ford. N. J.; OFFICE: 111 Broadway, 
N. Y. * 

uorn Priceville, Baltimore Co., Md., Feb. 
21, 1854; son Elias Cooper M.D., and 
Martha Ann (Cowman) P.; educ. conn 
ty schs., pub. schs., Friends High Sch., 
ra Univ. of Maryland; DEGREES: 
M.D.; mar. Mary Haworth Ferris, Oct .10 
1877; AUTHOR: A Philosophy of The- 
rapeutics (in collab. with 4 others of A 
Pathogenic Materia Medica; practiced 
medicine Baltimore from 1875; pres. 


Baltimore Homeopathic Med. Soc., 1916- 
18; has edited two journals (Am. Med. 
Monthly and North Am. Journal of Ho- 
meopathy) ; held chair in Atlantic Med. 
Coll. for many years; mem. State Bd. 
Med. Examiners for 4 yrs; one of cen- 
sors of Am. Inst. of Homeop., two terms 
of 5 yrs. each; mem. Md. Historical 
Soc.; mem. Volunteer Medical Service 
Corps of U. S.; CLUBS: S.A.R.; AD- 
DRESS: 1012 Madison Ave., Baltimore, 

Princeton Univ; born Henderson, Ky., 
Jan. 25, 1873; son George M. and Phil- 
ura (Lambert) P.; educ. Hederson Ky., 
High Sch., Princeton, German Univs.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Brief History of Ger- 
man Literature, 1909; Germany since 
1740, 1915; Ebernand von Erfurt, 1907; 
ed. Das Spielmannskind, 1902; CLUBS: 
Nassau, Princeton (New York and 
Phila,); ADDRESS: 10 Nassau St., 
Princeton, N. J. 

PRINCE, L. BRADFORD: Lawyer, Author; 
born Flushing, N. Y., son William R. 
and Charlotte G. (Collins) P.; educ. Col- 
umbia; DEGREES: LL.B., LL.D. Colum- 
bia, Kenyon and Colorado Coll.; mar. 
Mary Catherine Beardsley, Nov. 17, 1881 
AUTHOR: E. Pluribus Unum, or Ameri- 
can Nationality, 1868; General Laws of 
New Mexico, 1881; Historical Sketches 
of New Mexico, 1883; A Nation, or A 
League, 1884; The American Church and 
Its Name, 1886; The Money Problem, 
1896; Stone Lions of Cochiti, 1903; 
Struggle for Statehood, 1910; Old Fort 
Marcy, 1911; Concise History of New 
Mexico, 1912; Students' History of New 
Mexico, 1912; Spanish Mission Churches 
of New Mexico, 1915; Abraham Lin- 
coln, the Man, 1917; and many maga- 
zine articles; has the largest collection 
of Am. stogie idols in existence; prom, 
in Masonry, D.D.G.M., 5 terms in New 
York; mem. Soc. Cincinnati Mayflower 
Descendants, Colonial Wars, S.R. War 
of 1812; hon. mem. Numismatic Soc.; 
mem. Council of Governors, Natl. High- 
way Assn., etc.; ADDRESS: Santa Fe, 
New Mexico. 

born London, England, April 2, 1844; 
son George Palmer and Victorine Hav- 
en P.; educ., Univs. of Columbia, Paris, 
Gottingen; DEGREE: Litt.D., Bowdoin, 
Pittsburg, Columbia; mar. 1st Rebecca 
Shepard, 1869; 2nd Emily James Smith 
1900; AUTHOR: Memories of a Pub- 
lisher, 1865-1915; A Memoir of George 
Palmer Putnam; A Prisoner of War in 
Virginia, 1864-65; Abraham Lincoln; 
The Censorship of the Church of Rome; 
Books and Their Makers During the Mid- 




die Ages; Authors and their Public in 
Ancient Times; The Question of Copy- 
wright; The Little Gingerbread Man; 
The Artificial Mother; Authors and Pub- 
lishers; .Memories of My Youth, 1844- 
65; pres. G. P. Putnams Sons, publish- 
ers, N. Y.; dir. Knickerbocker Press; 
led in org. 1887, the Am. Copywright 
League; became its sec. during the con- 
test for internatl. copywright resulting 
in copywright bill of Mar., 1891; de- 
corated with the Cross of the Legion 
of Honor, France, 1891; contbr. to Ma- 
son and Lalors Political Encyclop. ; En- 
cyclop. Brittanica; pres. Am. Rights 
League, 1915-16; Free Trade League, 
1916; CLUBS: Century, City, Authors' 
(N. Y.), Saville (London); ADDRESS- 
ES: 2 West 45th St., New York, 24 
Bedford St., London, England. 

eer; born Davenport, la., May, 1865; son 
Charles E. and Mary (Duncan) P.; educ. 
Rose Polytechnic Inst; DEGREES: B.S., 
M.S.; mar. Martha M. Wick, 1913; AU- 
THOR: Nautical Charts, 1908; Light- 
houses and Lighting of the United States 
1917; also num. reports and contbr. to 
technical journals; on field service, U.S. 
Coast and Geodetic Survey, 1890; with 
.Mexican boundary, Alaskan, Pribilof Is- 
lands, Yukon surveys; appointed first 
Commissioner of lighthouses, 1910; 
member (past president), American 
Soc. Civil Engineers; CLUBS: Cosmos, 
Chevy Chase; OFFICE: U. S. Lighthouse 
Service, Washington; HOME: 2126 Ban- 
croft Place, Washington, D. C. 

PYLE, KATHERINE: Artist and Writer: 
born Wilmington, Del., educ., local schs. 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Tales of the Bun- 
nies; Counterpane Fairy; Where the 
Wind Blows; Careless Jane; Mothers' 
Nursery Tales; Tales in Prose, and 
Verse; Stories of Humble Friends; The 
Christmas Angel; Nancy Rutledge; 
Where the Goose Flies; In the Green 
Forest; Theodora; Tales of Wonder and 
Magic; Tales of Folk and Fairies; Wond- 
er Tales Retold; Six Little Ducklings; 
Two Little Mice; Three Little Kittens; 
The Black-Eyed Puppy; has painted a 
number of portraits, principally of chil- 
dren; ADDRESS: 2325 16th St., Wil- 
mington, Delaware. 


RADER, WILLIAM: Lecturer and author; 
born Cedarville, Chester Co., Pa., Dec. 
17, 1862; son William and Elizabeth 
(Yocum) R. ; educ. Pub. Schs., Penning- 
ton Sem., N. J.; Andover Theol. Sem.; 
married Sophie R. Wells, Oct. 21, 1887; 
AUTHOR: The Elegy of Faith, a study 
of Tennyson's In Memoriam 1902; 

Shakespearean Studies; For Friendship's 
Sake; Truths for Today, 1902; Uncle 
Sam or The Reign of the Common People 
(in Notable Speeches by Notable Speak- 
ers of the Greater West), 1903; Liberty 
and Labor; Three Hundred Years of the 
English Bible; other publications in es- 
say or sermon form, including "The The- 
ology of Phillip Brooks"; Ordained 
Congl. ministry 1891; editorial writer on 
San Francisco Bulletin and Philadelphia 
Public Ledger; platform lecturer, lec- 
tured from Alaska to Gulf of Mexico, Bay 
of Fundy to Pacific Coast, also Canada; 
Home: 3142 Lewiston Ave., Berkeley, 
Cal.; OFFICE, Antrim Entertainment 
Bureau, 10th and Chestnut, Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Brookhaven, Miss.; dau. James Lafay- 
ette and Martha Louise (Hooker) R.; 
educ. Whitworth College, Dramatic 
Schs., N. Y., courses in Tulane Univ., 
Ner Orleans; unmarried; AUTHOR: Miss 
Dulcie From Dixie, 1917; Next-Besters, 
1920; Miss Dulcie From Dixie screened 
by the Vitagraph Co., featuring Gladys 
Leslie in the title role; has appeared as 
reader of own poems, negro stories, etc. 
throughout La. and Miss.; won prizes for 
short story and poem offered by Federa^ 
tion of Women's Clubs, 1916-17; contbr. 
stories and poems to leading magazines; 
member Peripatetics Club, Brookhaven; 
HOME: Brookhaven, Miss. 

gyman (retired); born Dublin, Ireland, 
Oct., 1850; son Rev. Marcus and Louisa 
R.; educ. Dundalk Grammar Sch. (Ire- 
land), Kensington (England), Cam- 
bridge (England), Trinity, (Hartford, 
Conn.); DEGREES: B.A., D.D.; married 
Emily Alma Green, 1878; AUTHOR: 
Reasonableness of Faith, 1902; Reason- 
ableness of the Religion of Jesus; Bald- 
win Lectures, University of Michigan; 
The Seven Words; The Land of the Lion, 
1911; CLUBS: Century, University, Oak- 
land, Players; HOME: Ridgefield, Conn. 

lurgist; born Colorado Springs, Colo., 
Sept. 6, 1887; son of O. F. Ralston and 
Martha J. (Caldwell) R.; educ. Colorado 
College, Colorado Springs, Colo.; mar- 
ried Lala C. Bartleson, 1912; 
DEGREES: B. S. in Mining; 
AUTHOR: Flotation, 1917; Hydrometal- 
lurgy of Zinc, 1921; and bulletins of U. 
S. Bureau of Mines; assayer, chemist 
and instr. in chemistry, Leadville, Colo.; 
chemist U. S. Bur. of Mines, Pittsburgh, 
Pa.; metallurgist, Salt Lake City, Utah, 
1914-17; was sec. research and inven- 
tions, State Council of Defense, Utah, 
1917; v. p. Sharp Lead Co.; CLUBS: Am. 
Chem. Soc.; Am. Inst. of Min. Eng.; 
HOME: Homer Apts., Seattle, Washing- 



ton; OFFICE: Western Supervisor U. S. 
Bureau of Mines, Berkeley, Calif. 

RAMALEY, FRANCIS: Botanist; born St. 
Paul, Minn., Nov. 16, 1870; son David 
and Louisa (DeGraw) R.; educ. Univ. of 
Minn.; DEGREES: B. S. Ph.D.; married 
Ethel Jackson, June 4, 1906; AUTHOR: 
Wild Flowers and Trees of Colorado, 
1909; Prevention and Control of Dis- 
ease, 1913; articles in techn. journals 
on botany and publ. health; prof, of 
biology 1898-9; prof, of botany 1909, 
Univ. of Colo; dir. Mountain Lab., Tol- 
land, Colo., 1909; pres. Bd. Edn., Bould- 
er, 1911-12; ADDRESS: University of 
Colorado, Boulder, Colo. 

tor Agricultural Extension Service, Ohio 
State University; born Granville, Ohio, 
Jan., 1880; son J. N. R.; educ. Denison 
Univ., Ohio State Univ.; post-grad, work 
College of Engineering, Ohio " State, 
'06-'08; DEGREES: B.Sc., O. S. U.; 
Married Helen Warden Keller, June, 
1909; AUTHOR: Equipment for Farm 
and Farmstead, 1917; formerly prof. 
Agricultural Engineering, Ohio State 
Univ.; present position since Jan. 1, 
1920; HOME: 1124 Wyandotte Rd., 
Grand View Hts.; OFFICE: Ohio State 
University, Columbus, Ohio. 

born Boston, Dec. 20, 1871; son Edward 
Augustus and Mary Frances (Abbot) R.; 
educ. Harvard, Univ. of Munich, Episco- 
pal Theol. Sch., Cambridge, Mass.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Belle Brent Palmer, June 20, 1901; 
AUTHOR: Dante's Alagherii Operum 
Latinorum Concordiae; articles on 
classical and mediaeval subjects to re- 
views and magazines; prof. Latin 1909 
Harvard; Trustee Am. Acad., Rome; an- 
nual prof. Am. Acad., contr. Rome 
Archaeol. Inst. of Am.; CLUBS: Colo- 
nial Soc., Mass., Dante Soc.; HOME: 107 
Lake View Ave.; OFFICE: Harvard 
University, Cambridge, Mass. 

Mass. Agri. College; born Worcester 
Mass., Nov. 8, 1889; son Dr. John Pren 
tice Rand; educ. Williams, Amherst anc 
Harvard; DEGREES: B.A., M.A.: 
mar. Margarita Hopkins, Aug. 17, 1916 
AUTHOR: Tiamat, 1917; Garlingtown 
1918; two others now in preparation 
ed. The Signet, the Phi Sigma Kappj 
quarterly, since 1914; CLUBS: Ph 
Sigma Kappa, Delta Sigma Rho; HOME 
North Amherst, Mass.; OFFICE: Am 
herst, Mass. 

RAND, JOHN PRENTICE: Physician, born 
Francestown, N. H., Nov. 8, 1857; son 
Thomas Prentice and Lydia (Wheeler 
R.; educ. Francestown Acad., New York 


Homeopathic -Medical College, Flower 
Hospital, New York Polyclinic; DE- 
GREES, M.D.; mar. 1st Harriet M. An- 
derson, Jan. 17, 1889; (died May 6, 
1892) 2nd Lena M. Adams, Sept. 4, 
1904; AUTHOR: (with N. W. Rand) 
Random Rimes, 1897, 3rd ed., 1906; 
also occasional poems, after-dinner ad- 
dresses, medical papers, etc; editor 
North American Journal of Homeopathy 
for two years; practiced medicine in 
Monson, Mass., and later in Worcester, 
Mass.; formerly lecturer Boston U. Sch. 
of Medicine, and trustee of the State 
Sanatorium, Mass.; consulting physician 
of the State Hospital, Westborough, and 
of the Hahnemann Hospital, Worcester; 
mem. Amer. Inst. of Homeopathy, Mass. 
Surg. and Gynecolog. Soc. (pres. 1899) 
Alumni Assn. New York Homeopath 
Med. College Natl. Assn. for Study and 
Prevention of Tuberculosis and other 
learned societies; CLUBS: Worcester 
FICE: 78 Pleasant St., Worcester, .Mass. 
Economic Sons and Daughters of N. H.; 
HOME: Phillips Rd., Holden, Mass.; OF- 
FICERS Pleasant St., Worcester, Mass. 

University; born North Stonington, 
Conn., Feb. 28, 1860; son Darius H. and 
Abby P. R.; educ. Westerly High, Brown, 
Technische Hochschule, Charlottenburg, 
Germany, and U. of Berlin; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married Mabel Her- 
bert Goffe of Providence, R. I., June, 
1889; AUTHOR: Directions in Regard 
to the Construction of Plates in Mechan- 
ical Drawing, 1895; Directions in Regard 
to the Construction of Plates in Mechan- 
ical Drawing and in Descriptive Geomet- 
ry, 1902; Shades and Shadows and Per- 
spective, 1902; Elements of Descriptive 
Geometry, 1905; teacher Providence 
High Sch.; later asst., assoc., and prof, 
in Mech Drawing and Mechanics, Brown 
Univ., 1884-5; instructor mathematics 
and civ. engring., 1885-91; CLUBS: Phi 
Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi; ADDRESS: 
Brown University, Providence, R. I. 

professor; born Edgerton, Kans., April 
10, 1872; son John N. and Cordelia 
(Woollen) R.; educ. Park College, 
Princeton Univ., Univ. of Michigan; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M.; married Jennie M. 
Woods, June 19, 1902; AUTHOR: The 
Method and Practice of Exposition, 
1917; American Authorship of the Pres- 
ent Day, 1918; joint author Materials 
for the Study of Rhetoric and Composi- 
tion, 1912; English Literature, 1917; 
American Literature, 1920; also contr. 
to magazines; CLUBS: University Quad- 
rangle; HOME: 605 Oswego St.; OF- 
FICE: Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 

RAY, P. (ERLEY) ORMAN: University 



Professor of Political Science; born 
Winooski, Vt., Dec., 1875; son Orman 
P. and Mary W. R.; educ. Univ. of Vt., 
Cornell Univ., Univ. of Wis.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married Florence E. 
Nelson, 1905; AUTHOR: Repeal of the 
Missouri Compromise: Its Origin and 
Authorship, 1909; An Intro, to Political 
Parties and Practical Politics, 1913-17; 
admitted to Vermont Bar, 1900; fellow 
in Am. History, 1901-2; held professor- 
ships in Amer. History, Govt. Polit. 
Science and allied subjects at Pa. State 
College, Trinity College, Conn. (North- 
am prof.); prof. Political Science, 
Northwestern Univ. since 1915; CLUBS: 
City of Chicago- Univ. of Evanstown; 
HOME: 2036 Orrington Ave.; OFFICE: 
106 Harris Hall, Northwestern Univ., 
Evanston, 111. 

tor and author; born Chicago, Sept. 3, 
1839; son Benjamin Wright and Amelia 
(Porter) R.; educ. Phillips Acad. (An- 
dover, Mass.), Williams College; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Litt.D., L.H.D.; 
married Mary E. Blake, July 31, 1872; 
AUTHOR: Colony Ballads, 1876; Ideals 
Made Real, 1877; Orator's Manual, 
1879; Modern Fishers of Men, 1879; A 
Life in a Song, 1886; Poetry as a Repre- 
sentative Art, 1886; Ballads of the Rev- 
olution, 1887; Sketches in Song, 1887; 
The Genesis of Art-Form, 1893; The 
Speaker, in part, 1893; The Writer, in 
part, 1893; Art in Theory, 1894; Pic- 
tures in Verse, 1894; Rhythm and Har- 
mony in Poetry and Music, 1895; Paint- 
ing, Sculpture and Architecture as Rep- 
resentative Arts, 1895; Proportion of 
Line and Color in Painting, Sculpture 
and Architecture, 1899; The Representa- 
tive Significance of Form, 1900; The Az- 
tec God and Other Dramas 1900; Ballads 
and Other Poems, 1901; The Essentials 
of Aesthetics, 1907; Psychology of In- 
spiration, 1908; Dante and Collected 
Verse, 1909; Fundamentals in Educa- 
tion, Art and Civics, 1911; Suggestions 
for the Spiritual Life, 1912; The Moun- 
tains About Williamstown, 1913; selec- 
tions by M. M. Miller in A Poet's Cab- 
inet, 1914; ord. Presbyn. Ministry, 
1870; prof, oratory Williams College, 
1874-80; prof, oratory and aesthetic 
criticism, 1880-93; aesthetics, 1893- 
1905, Princeton; prof, aesthetics, George 
Washington Univ., 1905-12; lecturer; 
CLUBS: Cosmos, (Washington) Century. 
Authors, National Arts, New York; 
ADDRESS: Stoneleigh Court, Washing- 
ton, D. C. 

RE A, PAUL MARSHALL.: Museum Direc- 
tor; born Cotuit, Mass., Feb. 13, 1878; 
son Rev. John T. and S. Helen R.; 
educ. Phillips Exeter Acad., Williams 
College, Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M.; married 1st Carolyn Morse, 


June 28, 1904 (died); 2nd Marian God- 
dard Hussey, June 25, 1919; AUTHOR: 
Directory of American Museums, 1910; 
published several papers on museum 
administr.; also ed. contr. from Charles- 
ton Museum and Bulletin Charleston 
Museum, from 1905 to 1920; ed. Proced- 
ings Am. Assn. of Museums, 1907-17; 
dir. Charleston, S. C. Museum to Oct. 1, 
1920; later dir. Cleveland Museum of 
Natural History; CLUB: Univ. (Cleve- 
land); HOME: Cleveland; OFFICE: c/o 
Cleveland Museum of Natural History, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

and Geographer; born near Murfrees- 
boro, Tenn., 1849; son John W. and 
Alexandrina (Wardlaw) R. ; educ. pri- 
vately, Univ. of California; married Lil- 
lian von Ebert; AUTHOR: .Manual of 
Geography; Reproduction of Geographic 
Forms; The Natural Series of Geogra- 
phies (joint author) ; The New Basis of 
Geography; Elementary Physical Geog- 
raphy; Commercial Geography; All 
Around Asia; Handbook of Meteorology; 
The Weather and Public Health; At- 
mospheric Dust; dir. the Redway Me- 
teorological Laboratory for the Study or 
Atmospheric Dust; hon. mem. various 
European and South American Socs.; 
HOME: Mt. Vernon; OFFICE, Meteoro- 
logical Laboratory, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

REED, CHARLES BERT: Physician; born 
Harvard, 111., Mar. 7, 1866; son Hiram 
V. and Elizabeth A. R.; educ. Chicago 
Grammar and High Sens., Univ. of Mich., 
Rush Med. College; DEGREE: M.D.; 
Married Clare Osborne, June 23, 1892; 
AUTHOR: Quiz Compend. of Histology, 
1915; Obstetrics for Nurses, 1916; First 
Great Canadian, 1910; Masters of the 
Wilderness, 1912; CLUBS: Cliff Dwell- 
ers. Chicago Lit., Camp Fire; HOME: 
3748 Sheffield Ave.; OFFICE: 31 N. 
State St., Chicago. 

S. Army, retired; born Plattsburg, N. Y., 
June 23, 1844; son Paul A. and Char- 
lotte H. R.; educ. U. S. Mil. Acad., West 
Point, N. Y.; DEGREE: 2nd Lt's Com- 
mission U. S. Army; married Gertru- 
dis Asenjo, July 10, 1899; AUTHOR: 
Topographical Drawings and Sketching, 
1886; Photography Applied to Survey- 
ing, 1886; Spanish Legends and Tradi- 
tions, 1913; introd. science of applying 
photogr. to surveying in U. S.; Gold 
Medallist M. S. F., 1891; served pvt. 
to 1st It. in command of Co. I, 24th 
Wi's. Inf., in Civil War, 1862-5; cadet 
U. S. Mil. Acad. Sept. 1, 1866; apptd. 2d 
It. U. S. Arty., June 15, 1870; by succes- 
sive promotions, Capt., Major, Lt. Col- 
onel, Brig.-General, (retired 1906,) 
served in Mil. Information Div., War 
Dept., 1897-98, and in the field through- 



out Spanish American War; commanded 
Artillery Dist. of San Juan, Porto Rico, 
1902-04; CLUBS: ,M.O.L.L.U.S., G.A.R., 
A.V.N. of Amer. N.Y.C., Am. Pioneers, 
P. Rico; HOME: (temp.) 225 W. 69th 
St., New York City. 

REESE, ALBERT MOORE: Professor of 
Zoology; born Lake Roland, Md., Apr. 1, 
1872; son Henry and Mary Ann R.; 
educ. Friends Sch. (Baltimore), John 
Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Vertebrate Em- 
bryology, 2nd ed., 1908; The Alligator 
and Its Allies, 1915; Economic Zoology, 
1919; Blakiston's "Wanderings in the 
Orient", 1919; chief researches on an- 
atomy, embryology and habits of the 
alligator; traveled in the Orient and in 
South America for zoological observa- 
tion; mem. Am. Soc. of Zoologists, Am. 
Microscopical Soc., Am. Soc. of Herpetol- 
ogists and Ichthyologists, A. A. A. S.; 
Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta 
Pi, Kappa Psi; HOME: Morgantown; 
OFFICE: W. Va. University, Morgan- 
town, Va. 

and producer; born Patchogue, Long 
Island, N. Y., Oct. 15, 1880; son Walter 
F. and Jennie R. ; educ. Brooklyn Boys' 
High Sch.; Princeton, N. Y. Law Sch.; 
DEGREE: A.B.; married Margaret A. 
Wilson, Trenton, N. J., Jan. 31, 1906; 
educ. Brooklyn Boys' High Sch.; Prince- 
ton, N. Y. Law Sch.; DEGREE: A.B.; 
AUTHOR: The Silent Bullet, 1912; the 
Black Hand, 1912; The Poisoned Pen, 
1913; The Adventures of Craig Kennedy, 
Scientific Detective, in Cosmopolitan, 
1910-18; Great Cases of William J. 
Burns, in McClure's, 1912-13; The 
Dream Doctor, 1914; Guy Garrick, 1914; 
The War Terror, 1915; The Exploits of 
Elaine, 1915; The Gold of the Gods, 
1915; Constance Dunlap, 1915; The 
Romance of Elaine, 1916; Social Gang- 
ster, 1916; Ear in the Wall, 1916; 
Treasure Train, 1917; The Adventuress, 
1917; Love Philter, 1918; Black Men- 
ace, 1918; The Film Mystery, 1920; The 
Mystery Mind, 1920; all books acquired 
by Harper & Bros., 1917, and issued in 
12 vols.; collaborated with Chas. W. 
Goddard on the moving picture serial 
of ''The Exploits of Elaine", 1914-15; 
with Chas. A. Logue, 1916-18 in produc- 
tion of moving picture serials, The Hid- 
den Hand and The House of Hate. 
HOME: 419 Clinton Ave., Brooklyn, also 
Northport, Long Island; OFFICE: 229 
W. 42nd St., New York City. 

Engr.; born Dayton, O., Mar. 27, 1866; 
son Dr. J. C. and Emma (Griswold) R.; 
educ. Yale Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.B., M. 
E.; married Leila A. Wellington, Mor- 
rison, 111., Dec. 7, 1893; AUTHOR: The 


Entropytemperature Analysis of Steam- 
engine Efficiencies, 1898; Thermodyna- 
mics of Heat-engines, 1902; Cost of 
Competition, 1906; Energy, 1908; Mod- 
ern Economic Tendencies: An Economic 
History of America, 1921; engaged in 
commercial eng'ring with Westinghouse, 
Church, Kerr & Co., 1887-94; editor 
Progressive Age,* 189 5; since that time 
held professorships and has lectured 
widely on steam engineering, hydraulic 
engring., etc., at Worcester Polytechnic, 
Harvard, Graduate Naval School, An- 
napolis; consult, mech. engr., New 
York, 1908. HOME: New Brighton, 
Staten Island, N. Y.; OFFICE: 280 
Broadway, New York City. 

RHEES, RUSH: Teacher, University Presi- 
dent, born Chicago, 111., February 8, 
1860; son John Evans and Annie M. R., 
educ. Amherst Coll., Hartford, Theo. 
Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M. LL.D., D.D.; 
married Harriet Chapin Seelye, July 6, 
1899; AUTHOR: The Life of 
Jesus of Nazareth, a Study, 1900; St. 
Paul's Experience as a Factor in His 
Theology, 1896; also articles in jours, 
and periodicals. Instr. in Mathematics, 
Amherst, 1883-92; ord. Bapt. ministry, 
1889; pastor Middle St. Ch., Ports- 
mouth, N. H., 1889-92; professorships of 
N. T. Interpretation and of Biblical liter- 
ature, Newton Theolog. Inst., Univ. of 
Rochester (pres.); CLUBS: Genesee 
Valley, University, Country Club, Roch- 
ester; HOME: 440 University Ave., 
Rochester, New York; OFFICE: The 
Univ. of Rochester. 

RHODES, JAMES FORD: Author; born 
Cleveland, ,May 1, 1848; son Daniel P. 
and Sophia (Lord) R.; educ. public schs. 
of Cleveland, New York Univ., Chicago 
Univ.; DEGREES: LL.D., Adalbert, Har- 
vard, Yale, Wisconsin, Princeton, Univ. 
of California, Litt. D. Kenyon, Brown; 
D. Litt. Oxford (England); married Ann 
Card, Jan. 4, 1872; AUTHOR: History 
of the United States from the Com- 
promise of 1850, 1893-06, 7 vols.; His- 
torical Essays, 1909; Lectures on the 
American Civil War (delivered at Ox- 
ford), 1913; History of the Civil War, 
1917; mem. of numerous learned socie- 
ties, incl. Amer. Hist. Assn. (pres. 
1899); Mass. Hist. Assn.; Amer. Acad. 
Arts and Letters; Phi Beta Kappa; fel- 
low British Academy; CLUBS: Authors, 
University, (N. Y.); ADDRESS: 392 
Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

RICE, ALICE HEGAN: Author; born Shel- 
byville, Ky., Jan. 11. 1870; dauglu.M- 
Samuel W. and Sallie P. Hegan; married 
Cale Young Rice Dec. 18, 1902; educ. 
private schools in the South; AUTHOR: 
Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch, 1901; 
Lovey Mary, 1903; Sandy, 1905; Cap- 
tain June, 1907; Mr. Opp., 1907; Ro- 



mance of Billygoat Hill, 1912; The Hon- 
orable Percival, 1914; Calvary Alley, 
1917; Miss Mink's Soldier, 1918; three 
books dramatized and prod, on stage; six 
put on screen; some of the books have 
been translated into French, German, 
Japanese, Danish and Swedish and in 
type for the blind; HOME: 1444 St. 
James Court, Louisville, Ky. 

RICE, CALE YOUNG: Poet, dramatist, 
short story writer; born Dixon, Ken- 
tucky, December 7, 1872; son Laban 
M. and Martha R.; educ. Cumber- 
land Univ., Harvard; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M.; married Alice Caldwell Hegan 
Dec. 18, 1902; AUTHOR: (poems) 
From Dusk to Dusk, 1898; With Omar, 
1900; Nirvana Days, 1908; Many Gods, 
1910; Far Quests, 1912; At the World's 
Heart, 1914; Earth and New Earth, 
1916; Trails Sunward, 1917; Wraiths 
and Realities, 1918; Songs to A. H. R., 
1919; Plays: Charles di Tocca (poetic 
drama), 1903; David (poetic drama), 
1904; also plays and lyrics, including 
Yolanda of Cyprus (poetic drama), 
1906; A Night in Avignon (poetic 
drama), 1907; The Immortal Lure 
(poetic drama), 1911; Porzia (poetic 
drama), 1913; Collected Plays and 
Poems, 1915; Turn About Tales (prose), 
1920; member American Society Am. 
Dramatists and Composers, Natl. Inst. 
Social Sciences; ADDRESS: 1444 St. 
James Court, Louisville, Ky. 

born Albany, N. Y., Dec. 23, 1856; son 
William Rice and Hannah (Seely) R.; 
educ. Albany Academy; mar. Harriet 
Langdon Pruyn, Feb. 10, 1892; AU- 
THOR: Betterment of the Civil Service, 
1895; President Cleveland's First Elec- 
tion, 1912; Tower Music in the Low 
Countries, 1914; Was N. Y. (1884) Vote 
Stolen? 1915; Carillons of Belgium and 
Holland, 1913; The Carillon in Litera- 
ture, 1914; held several important posi- 
tions in Civil Service, including that of 
Commissioner, Washington, D. C., 1895- 
96; CLUBS: Century, N .Y. City; Fort 
Orange, Albany; HOME: Albany, N. Y.; 
OFFICE: Pres. N. Y. State Civil Ser- 
vice Comm., Albany, N. Y. 

poet and club organizer; born Brockport, 
N. Y., Nov. 25, 1883; daughter Dr. John 
and Caroline Atwater (Mason) ; educ. 
Adelphia Acad., Miss Baldwin's Sch. at 
Bryn Mawr, Batavia High Sch., Vassar 
College; DEGREE: A.B.; married Willi 
Ballance Rice, Aug. 27, 1910; AUTHOR: 
The Trailers, 1909 (1st imprint went 
into 3 editions) ; also many articles 
skits, poems, and stories in the popular 
magazines; 1919 was made natl. vice- 
pres. for the State of New York, by 
League of Am. Pen Women, re-elected 



1920; pres. New York Auxiliary (had 
organized same), 1920; has taught mu- 
sic and Italian, done settlement work 
among Italians; did public speaking for 
eight months for the Flying Squadron 
of the National Security League; was ap- 
pointed to "try out" women lawyers and 
actresses for the work; member The 
League of Am. Pen Women, The Au- 
thors League of Am.; ADDRESS, St. 
Cecelia, 49 St. Nicholas Terrace, N. Y. 

sor of Theology; born Berks Co., Pa., 
Apr. 1869; son Dr. Milton and Louisa 
R.; educ. Muhlenberg College, Franklin 
and Marshall College, Theol. Seminary 
(Lancaster, Pa.), U. Berlin; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., D.D., LL.D.; AUTHOR: 
Historical and Doctrinal Studies in the 
Heidelberg Catechism, 1913; Reformed 
What? ; Lincoln the Man and His Work; 
etc., pres. Theol. Seminary of the Re- 
formed Ch. U. S., of Lancaster; pres. 
Gen. Synod of the Reformed Ch. in U. 
S., 1920-23; Gen.-Sec. Assn. of Theol. 
Seminaries of U. S. and Can.; mem. Ad 
Interim Com. Am .Council on Organic 
Union; chmn. com. on Deputations to the 
Supreme Judicatories of Evangelical Cs.; 
editor Reformed Church Review; collbr. 
for vol. on The Great Mystics; also vol. 
on Church Union; CLUBS: City (New 
York), Univ. Philadelphia; ADDRESS: 
Lancaster, Pa. 

Religious Education Northwestern Univ: 
born Bethany, Ontario, Canada, Oct. 15, 
1878; son Alonzo and Sarepta M. Rich- 
ardson; educ. Lawrence College, Boston 
Univ., School of Theology; U. of Ber- 
lin and Marburg, Ger.; DEGREES: A.B., 
S.T.B., Ph.D.; mar. Agnes B. Clough, 
June 12, 1906; AUTHOR: Present Day 
Prayer Meeting Helps, 1910; The Reli- 
gion of Modern .Manhood, 1911; Boy 
Scout Movement (joint author), 1917; 
The Religious Education of Adolescents, 
1918; The Liquor Problem, 1915; Re- 
ligious Education and Reconstruction, 
1919; Pastor ,M. E. Church in Wisconsin 
and later Massachusetts; Prof. Religious 
Psychology and head of Dept. Religious 
Education., Boston U. Sch. of Theology, 
April 1911; CLUBS: Univ., Evanston, 
111.; HOME: 720 Milburn St., Evanston, 
OFFICE: Hatfield Hall, Evanston, 
Northwestern University. 

diplomatist; born Miss., Oct. 8, 1877; 
son Lee R. and Louise (French) R.; 
educ. Lawrenceville Prep. School, 
Southwestern Presbyterian University, 
Clarkesville, Tenn.; married Mabel Me- 
Ginnis, Jan. 6, 1917; AUTHOR: The 
Heart of Hope, 1905; The Lead of 
Honour, 1910; George Thome, 1911; 



The Honey Pot, 1913; The World Shut 1 
Out, 1919; Pagan Fire, 1920; also 
contr. short stories and articles to 
Scribners Magazine and other periodi- 
cals; entered Diplomatic Service in 1009 
and has been apptd. to following places: 
Cuba, Denmark, Italy (Rome), Chile, 
Portugal, first appt. as second secretary 
to the American Legation at Habana, 
Charge d'Affairs in Habana and Copen- 
hagen, Secretary of Embassy in Rome 
from 1913 to end of 1919, last appt. as 
secretary of Class 1 in Diplomatic Ser- 
vice; HOME: Vicksburg, Miss.; OF- 
FICE: American Legation, Lisbon, Por- 

RIDDLE, CARL, BROWN: Editor (Reli- 
. gious Weekly); born Sanford, N. C., 
Dec., 1888; son Kenneth Mack and 
Drucila (Johnson) R.; educ. Elon Col- 
lege, N. C.; DEGREES: A.B.; mar. Su- 
sie Blanche Teague, Nov. 7, 1916; AU- 
THOR: Trailing the Truth; College Men 
Without Money; Thirty-Six; editor The 
Christian Sun; CLUBS: Kiwanis; OF- 
FICE: Burlington, N. C.; HOME: Bur- 
lington, N. C. 

of Supreme Court, Ontario; born Hamil- 
ton Township, Upper Canada (Ontario); 
Ap. 6, 1852; son Walter and Mary (Ren- 
wick) R.; educ. Cobourg Collegiate Inst., 
Victoria Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., B.Sc., 
LL.B., LL.D., L.H.D. (hon.), J.U.D. 
(hon.); mar. Ann Hester Kirsop Cros- 
sen, Mar. 5, 1884; AUTHOR: The Legal 
Profession in Upper Canada, 1916; Con- 
stitution of Canada, 1917; The First Law 
Reporter in Upper Canada, 1916; The 
Rochefoucault Travels, 1917; life of Ro- 
bert Gourlay, 1916; more than 150 arti- 
cles in legal, historical, scientific and li- 
terary mags.; has lectured on British 
and United States forms of government; 
The Courts and the People; many ad- 
dresses before Bar Assn., Univ., etc.; 
CLUBS: York (Toronto), Ontario Jock- 
ey; HOME: 109 St.; OFFICE: Osgoode 
Hall, Toronto, Canada. 

born Calais, Me., Apr. 25, 1877; son 
Samuel Macomber and Ellen Jane 
(Greely) R.; educ. Harvard Coll.; DE- 
GREE: A.M. ; mar. Frances Cecelia Reed 
June 8, 1909; AUTHOR: Beached Keels, 
1906; Admiral's Light, 1907; Dragon's 
Blood. 1909; The Twisted Foot, 1910; 
The Siamese Cat, 1907; White Tiger, 
1915; The Far Cry, 1916; The Key of 
the Fields, 1918; Tin Cowrie Dass, 
1918; The Siamese Cat, 1919; The Foot- 
Path Way, 1920; William Jones, 1912- 
1919; books edited and text books; Let- 
ters of Thomas Gray, 1899; The Prin- 
cess (with C. T. Copeland) ,1899; 
Freshman English and Theme-Correct- 
ing at Harvard College (with C. T. Cope- 


land), 1900; Byron, Wordsworth, Shel- 
ley, Keats, etc., (with C. T. Copeland), 
1909; ADDRESS: Sausalito, Calif. 

RIDGWAY, ROBERT: Author; born Mt. 
Carmel, 111., July 2, 1850; son David 
and Henriette J. (Reed) R.; educ. Com- 
mon Schs., Mt. Carmel; DEGREES: 
(Ind. Univ. Hon.); mar. Julia Evelyn 
Perkins, Oct. 12, 1875; AUTHOR: A 
History of North American Birds, 3 
vols. (in collaboration), 1874; Water 
Birds of North America, 2 vols., (in col- 
lb.); A Nomenclature of Colors for Na- 
turalists and Compendium of Useful 
Knowledge for Ornithologists, 1886; A 
Manual of North American Birds, 1887 
(2d edition, 1895, and several reprints); 
The Ornithology of Illinois, Vol. I, 1889, 
Vol II, 1895; Color Standards and Color 
Nomenclature (53 plates, with 1115 
named colors, arranged scientifically), 
1912; The Birds of North and Middle 
America, Part I, 1901; II, 1902; III, 
1904; IV, 1907; V. 1911; VI, 1914; 
VII, 1916 (2 more in preparation to 
complete work) more than 500 other pa- 
pers published in various scientific 
journals; HOME: Olney, 111.; OFFICE: 
U. S. National Museum, Washington, D. 

born Germany, Aug., 1873; son Karl 
and Agnes R.; educ. Bucknell Univ.; 
Harvard Univ., Berlin Univ., Leipizg 
Univ., Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; mar. Mary Grier Young- 
man, 1901; AUTHOR: Die Adjectiva dei 
Wolfram von Eschenbach, 1906; Wor- 
terbuch und Reimverzeichnis zu dem 
Armen Heinrich, Hartmann's von Aue, 
1912; Transl. Frey tag's Doctor Luther 
1916; CLUBS: Phi Gamma Delta, Phi 
Delta Kappa; HOME: 906 N. 16th St., 
OFFICE: Dept. of Public Instruction, 
Harrisburg, Pa. 

RIL.EY, PHIL, MADISON: Editor and 
author; born Belmont, N. H., Sept. 25, 
1882; son George William and Emma 
Frances R.; educ. Laconia, N. H., Bos- 
ton High Schs.; Burdette Coll.; Boston; 
mar. Caroline M. Sanderson, Dec. 24, 
1910; AUTHOR: The Wood-Carver of 
Salem, 1916; The Colonial Architecture 
of Salem, 1919; The Colonial Architec- 
ture of Philadelphia, 1920; tchr. pub. 
schs. Waltham, Mass., 1904-5; asso. ed. 
Photo-Era, Boston, 1905-10, 1913-16; 
architectural ed. Country Life in Amer- 
ica, 1910-13; edtrl. staff India Rubber 
World, New York, 1916; HOME: 80 
Manemet Road, Newton Centre, Mass.; 
OFFICE: 170 Summer St., Boston. 

RITCHIE, JOHN: Scientist; born Boston. 
Apr. 1853, son John and Mary (White) 
R.; educ. English High Sch-, Boston; 
mar. Hattie Malcombe, 1885; AUTHOR: 



Science Observer Code, 1888; has transl. 
and presented scientific articles from 
sources in different languages as well as 
English for Boston dailies, Philadelphia 
Public Ledger, New York Evening Post, 
Nation, Scientific American, Science, En- 
gineering News, Engineering Record, 
etc.; 25,000 to 30,000 articles and re- 
views; hundreds of special scientific arti- 
cles; CLUBS: Appalachian Mountain 
(past pres.); HOME: Washington Place, 
Maiden; OFFICE: Mass. Institute of 
Technology, Cambridge, Mass. 

ist and teacher; born Columbia Co., Wis., 
Nov. 19, 1856; son Horatio and Leonora 
R.; educ. Normal Sch. (Oshkosh, Wis.), 
Univ. of Cal., Harvard; DEGREES: A.B. : 
A.M., Ph.D.; mar. Mary E. Bennitt' 
1891; AUTHOR: The Unity of the Or- 
ganism, 1919; The Unity of the Organic 
Species; Organismal Theory of Con- 
sciousness, 1919; The Probable Infinity 
of Nature and Life, 1918; The Higher 
Usefulness of Science, 1918; HOME: La 
Jolla; OFFICE: Scripps Inst. for Biolog- 
ical Research of the University of Cali- 
fornia, Berkeley, Calif. 


(Mrs. Post Wheeler) : Author; born 
Kentucky, May 2nd, 1878; daughter 
Colonel Stephen and Mary (Ragsdale) 
Rives; educ. privately, mar. Post 
Wheeler, Dec. 29, 1906; AUTHOR: The 
Singing Wire; A Fool in Spots; Smoking 
'Flax; As the Hart Panteth; A Furnace 
of Earth; Hearts Courageous; The Cast- 
away; Tales from Dickens; Satan San- 
derson; The Kingdom of Slender 
Swords; The Valiants; The Long Lane's 
Turning; ADDRESS, c/o Dept. of State, 
Washington, D. C. 

thor; born Boston, Nov. 10, 1871; son 
Royal E. and Mary E. (Horton) R.; 
educ. Noble's School, Harvard College 
(class 1892) ; DEGREE: A.B. (Summa 
cum. Laude) ; mar. Jane Ruthven Hall, 
1917; AUTHOR: Love Poems, 1903; 
Love Poems (2nd series, 1905; Love 
Poems (3rd series), 1910; Love Poems 
(4th series,) 1912; Earlier Poems, 1913; 
Poems of Personality, 1904; Poems of 
Personality (2nd series), 1907; Poems 
of Personality (3rd series), 1917; Poems 
Domestic, 1920; with Robbins, Appleton 
and Waltham Watch Co., 1892--1910 
(firm member, dir., vice-treas., etc.); 
social service, 1894-1904; comdr. Bev- 
erly Yacht Club, Manchester Yacht Club 
prior to 1900; chmn. finance and advis. 
com. Town of Hamilton, Mass.; trustee 
Public Library, Hamilton; chmn. over- 
seer's Com. on philosophy, psychology 
and social science, Harvard Univ., 1908- 
20; pres. Cecilia Soc., Boston, 1911-15; 
dir. Mass. Audubon Soc., 1905-20.; active 


service: U. S. Naval Reserve, Apr. 3, 
1917, to Feb. 8, 1919; Patrol-Boat 
Comdr. 6 months; Sect. Comdr's Staff, 
Portland, Me., 3 months; staff of Vice- 
Admiral Wilson, Brest, France, 11 
months; sick leave 2 months; ranks of 
Ensign and Lieut., jun. grade; mem. 
Am. Legion, Philos. Assn.; CLUBS: Au- 
thors' (New York), Am. Officers, St. 
Botolph, Union (Boston) , Harvard (Bos- 
ton); HOME: Hamilton, Mass.; OF- 
FICE: North East Harbor, Me. 

born Murfressboro, Tenn., Jan., 1856; 
son Thomas and Elizabeth (Elliott) R.; 
educ. Union Univ. and Univ of Virginia; 
mar. Marion Richardson, 1906; AU- 
THOR: How the Derby Was Won, 1889; 
If I Were a Man, 1899; Red Blood and 
Blue, 1900; The Inlander, 1901; The 
Opponents, 1902; The Pink Typhoon, 
1906; assoc. ed. Louisville, Ky. Courier- 
Journal; contbtr. to leading mags.; 
HOME: 2623 Cherokee Parkway, Louis- 
ville, Ky.; OFFICE: The Courier-Jour- 
nal, Louisville. 

itor and Author; born Salmon Falls, N. 
H.; daughter Rev. Thomas Sargent and 
Virginia Dare (Pendleton) R.; educ. 
Boston Public Schs., Private Art Schs. of 
Boston and Chicago; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: By-Paths in Collecting, 1912; 
Historic Style in Furniture, 1914; The 
Quest of the Quaint, 1916; asso. ed. The 
House Beautiful, 1902-12; ed. same, 
1912-15; dept. ed. Keith's Magazine on 
Home Building, 1917; CLUBS: Chicago 
Woman's, Pen and Brush, New York 
City; ADDRESS: Yarmouth, Me. (sum- 
mer) ; New York City (winter). 

ROBINSON, BEVERLY: Physician; born 
Philadelphia, Mar., 1844; son Moncure 
and Charlotte (Taylor) R.; educ. Fairis 
Sch. (Phila.), Univ. of Pa.; DEGREES: 
A.B., M.D.; mar. Anna Foster, Apr., 
1875; AUTHOR: Essays on Clinical 
Medicine; Inhalers and Inhalants; Nasal 
Catarrh and Allied Diseases; practiced 
Medicine in New York since 1873; lec- 
tured on clinical medicine, 1877-82; 
prof. Bellevue Hospital Med. College; 
Consulting physician St. Luke's and City 
hospitals; CLUBS: University and Cen- 
tury; ADDRESS, 129 East 35th St., 
New York City. 

Archaeology and lecturer on Greek Lit- 
erature; born Auburn, N. Y., Sept. 21, 
1880; son Willard Haskell and Ella 
(Moore) R.; mar. Helen Haskell, Aug. 
31, 1910; educ. Brooklyn Poly., Univ. of 
Chicago, Am. School of Classical Studies, 
Athens, Greece; Halle, Berlin, Bonn; 
DEGREES: A.B. , Ph.D., L.L.D.; AU- 
THOR: Ancient Sinope, 1906; and num 



articles in Am. Journal of Archaeology, 
Am. Jrnl of Philology, Classical Week- 
ly, Art & Archeology, The Art "Bulletin; 
mem. excavating party at Corinth, 1903; 
assoc. prof. Greek, 111. College; later 
prof. Greek lang. and lit. Am. Sch. Class- 
ical Studies in Athens, 1909-10; prof, 
classical archaeology and epigraphy, 
Johns Hopkins U., 1913; lectr. Bryn 
Mawr Coll., 1911-12; assoc. ed. Classical 
Weekly; ed. in chief, Art and Archaeo- 
logy; pres. Baltimore Archaeol. Soc., 
Johns Hopkins Philological Assn., v.-p. 
Archaeol. Inst. America; CLUBS: Johns 
Hopkins, Baltimore Country; AD- 
DRESS: Johns Hopkins University, 
Baltimore, Md. 


Prof, of Theology; born W. Hebron, N. 
Y., Aug. 19, 1864; son William and 
Mary Elizabeth (Archibald) R.; educ. 
Princeton Univ. and Seminary; U. of 
Berlin and Leipzig; DEGREES: Ph.D., 
D.D., L.L.D.; married Lillian V. Mueller, 
Jan. 1, 1920; AUTHOR: Leaders of 
Israel, 1906; The Book of Isaiah, 1910; 
The Abiding Value of the Old Testament, 
1911; contbr. to theol. jours. CLUBS: 
Soc. of Biblical Lit. and Exegesis; The 
Irving; HOME: 2312 N. Halsted St., 
Chicago, 111. 

ROBINSON, LEONIDAS: Clergyman; born 
Prestonsburg, Ky., Nov. 2, 1867; son 
Rev. Nathaniel Green and Dorcas May 
R.; educ. Wesleyan Univ., Oriental Univ., 
Berlitz School of Languages; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; married 
Emma Sparks, Apr. 25, 1894; AUTHOR: 
Gates and Keys to Matthew, 1910; Be- 
tween the Testaments, 1910; Keys to 
Kings and Chronicles, 1911; Marching 
Problems of Childhood, Pulpit and Pew, 
1914; ordained minister, Methodist Epis. 
Ch., 1894; pastorates held, Marysville, 
Lexington, Newport, Harrodsburg, Rus- 
sellville, Ky., and other M. E. churches; 
now at Fourth Methodist Ch., Louisville; 
instructor in Biblical History, Kentucky 
Wesleyan College, 1911; Logan College, 
1916; now Sec'y of Louisville Confer- 
ence; HOME: 526 W. St. Catherine; 
OFFICE: Study of Fourth Ave. Metho- 
dist Church. Louisville, Ky. 

itor; born Geneva, 111.; daughter J. C. 
and Emma J. R.; educ. Rockford Col- 
lege; DEGREE: B.A.; unmarried; 
TRANSLATOR: Spinoza's Short Trea- 
tise; Couturat's Algebra of Logic; 
Leroy's What is a Dogma?; Garbe's Ak- 
bar; Cornill's Music in the Old Testa- 
ment; other miscell. transl.; was asst. 
edit. Monist and Open Court; now 
in charge of publications of the Chicago 
Public Library; CLUBS: Women's 
League, College, Library, Woman's City, 
Millard Ave. Woman's (all of Chicago) ; 


HOME: 2536 S. Lawndale Ave.; OF- 
FICE Chicago Public Library, Chicago. 

cian; born New Canaan, Conn., May, 
1840; son David S. and Betty R.; educ. 
Kenyon College; DEGREES: A.M., M.D.; 
married Susie Landon, Oct. 7, 1868; 
AUTHOR: A Practical Treatise for the 
Medical and Surgical Uses of Electricity, 
1870 (10 edits, .published); The Rela- 
tion of Electricity to Medicine and Sur- 
gery, Nervous Exhaustion, 1901; joint 
author: Sexual Neurasthenia; joint au- 
thor: Rambling Recollections; Asst. sur- 
geon 6th Ohio Cavalry, Brigade surgeon 
with rank of Major, 1864-65; specialist 
in neurology and electrotherapeutics, 
professor New York post-graduate Sch. 
of Medicine, 1888-1892; neurologist and 
electro-therapeutist Flushing Hospital, 
electro-therapeutist, Women's Hospital, 
Demilt Dispensary; retired from prac- 
tice in 1912; HOME: Flushing, New 

born Millbury, Mass., ,Mar. 3, 1860; son 
Henry Ensign and Sarah J. (Hathaway) 
R.; educ., took spl. lit. course; mar. 
Mabel Rose Lewis, Aug. 14, 1882; AU- 
THOR: The Teaching, Practice and Lit- 
erature of Shorthand, 1884; Shorthand 
Instruction and practice, 1891; chief 
clerk various railroad organizations, incl. 
Mobile and Ohio R. R. ; Southern Rail- 
way, Atlanta, Richmond and Banville 
R. R.; secretary South Eastern Passen- 
ger Assn. from 1894 to 1897; since 1902 
has edited the publ. of Bureau of Plant 
Industry; in charge of Peirce Sch. of 
Shorthand, Philadelphia, 1890-2; prin. 
Phonographic Inst., Cincinnati, 1893; 
HOME: 31 S St., N. W.; OFFICE: Dept. 
Agr., Washington. 

ist; born Franklin, Mass., July 4, 1860; 
son William and Laura (Blake) R.; 
educ. Amherst, Goettingen, Strassburg, 
Leipzig, Yale; DEGREES: B.S., A.M., 
M.D., Ph.D.; married Laura Clark, 1894; 
AUTHOR: Chemical Analysis, 1919; ar- 
ticles in physiological and chemical 
jrnls.; HOME: 1011 Woodlawn; OF- 
FICE: Chemical Laboratory, Iowa City, 

ROLFS, PETER HENRY: Dean of Agricul- 
tural College; born Le Claire, Iowa, Apr. 
7, 1865; son Maas Peter and Maria 
Christina (Neimeier) R. : educ. Iowa 
Agric. Coll.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S.; 
married Effle Stone, Aug. 26th, 1892; 
AUTHOR: Vegetable Growing in the 
South; Subtropical Vegetable Gardening; 
entomologist, botanist, bacteriologist, 
connected with Expt. Stations at Fla. 
Agric. Coll., Clemson Coll. S. C., special- 
ist in plant pathology, Subtropical Lab- 




oratory, U. S. Dept. of Agric., Miami, 
Fla.; dean of Agricultural College of 
University of Florida; CLUBS: Rotary; 
ADDRESS: Bello Horizonte, State of 
Minas Gereas, Brazil, S. A. 


Author, lecturer; son Joseph and Amina 
Rolt-Wheeler; educ. Western Theologi- 
cal Semin., Trinity, Dublin, Univ. of 
Chicago, Oskaloosa College; DEGREES: 
B.D., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: The Boy With 
the United States Survey, The Boy With 
the United States Foresters; The Boy 
With the United States Census; The 
Boy With the United States Fisheries; 
The Boy With the United States Indians: 
The Boy With the United States Ex- 
plorers; The Boy With the United States 
Life-Savers; True Stories of Great 
Americans Edison; The Monster Hunt- 
ers; The Boy With the United States 
Mail; The Polar Hunters; The Boy 
With the United States Weather Men; 
Charlotte Corday; The Wonder of War 
in the Air; The Aztec Hunters; The 
Wonder of War on Land; The Boy With 
the United States Naturalists; The Boy 
With The U. S. Trappers; The Boy With 
the U. S. Inventors; The Boy With the 
U. S. Secret Service; The Boys' Book of 
the Great War; The Book of Cowboys; 
Plotting in Pirate Seas; Treasure Hunt- 
ing in the Andes; Romance History of 
America, vols I and II; editor-in- 
Amer. Acad. of Sciences, Writers; AD- 
DRESS: Bee Tree P. O., Buncombe Co., 
N. C. 

ROOT, AMOS IVES: Publisher; born 
Medina, 0., Dec. 9, 1839; son Samuel 
and Louisa Root; married Susan Hall, 
Sept. 15, 1861; educ. Wellsville and 
Medina; AUTHOR: A. B. C. of Bee Cul- 
ture; What to Do and How to be Happy 
While Doing It; Carp Culture; Merry- 
banks and his Neighbor; Tomato Cul- 
ture; ed of Gleanings in Bee Culture 
from 1873 to 1886; since has written 
Our Homes, a religious department in 
Gleanings; HOME: West Washington 
St., Medina, O.; OFFICE: The A. I. Root 
Co., Medina, O. 

ROOT, ERNEST ROB: Manufacturer and 
publisher; born Medina, O., June 23, 
1862; son Amos Ives and Susan (Hall) 
R.; married Elizabeth M. Humphrey, 
1885; educ. Medina public schools; 
Oberlin College; AUTHOR: The A. B. C. 
and X. Y. Z. of Bee Culture, (co-author) 
20 editions of this book, 200,000 coDies 
sold. Editor of Gleanings in Bee Cul- 
ture since 1886; writer also of booklets 
and pamphlets, Bees and Fruit, Winter- 
ing Bees, The Buckeye Bee Hive, Dis- 
eases of Bees; mem. Odd Fellows; 
HOME: Medina. Ohio. 

icine; born Camden, N. J., July, 1879; 
daughter Wilber Fiske Rose and Mary 
Caroline (Whitlock) R.; unmarried; 
educ. Springside; Woman's Medical Col- 
lege of Pa.; DEGREES: M. D.; AU- 
THOR: Cathedrals and Cloisters of the 
South of France, 1906; Cathedrals and 
Cloisters of Midland France, 1908; 
Cathedrals and Cloisters of the Isle de 
France, 1910; Cathedrals and Cloisters 
of Northern France, 1914; CLUBS: New 
Century; Am. Med. Assn., Philadelphia 
Co. Med. Society; Philadelphia Paedia- 
trical Society; Civic Club of Philadel- 
phia; Zeta Phi Fraternity; HOME: 
Northwest corner Twenty-second St. and 
DeLancey PL, Philadelphia. 


(Mrs. William G. Rose): Author and 
social worker; born Norton, Ohio, Mar. 
5th, 1834; daughter Theodore Hudson 
and Harriet (Holcombe) Parmelee; educ. 
Oberlin; married William G. Rose, 1858; 
AUTHOR: The Centennial Album, 1897; 
Travels in Europe and Northern Africa, 
1900; Character Building, Life of a 
College Woman, 1906; The Western 
Reserve of Ohio, Its Pioneers, 1914; 
Cleveland, 1915; CLUBS: founder and 
first pres. Cleveland Sorosis (275 mem- 
bers); Health; HOME: 2084 Connell 
Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

sanitarian; born Philadelphia, Jan. 1, 
1869; son Nathan and Mathilda (Blitz) 
R.; educ. Public Schs. of Philadelphia, 
Univ. of Pa., Harvard; DEGREES: M.D., 
A.M.; married Myra Frank, 1900; AU- 
THOR: Preventive Medicine and Hy- 
giene; The Milk Question; Disinfection 
and Disinfectants; Viability of the Bacil- 
lus Pestis, 1901; Course in Pathology 
and Bacteriology, 1901; Experimental 
Studies in Yellow Fever and Malaria, 
1904; The Immunity Unit for Diphtheria 
Antitoxin, 1905; A Method of Inoculat- 
ing Animals with Precise Amounts, 
1905; The Cause of Sudden Death Fol- 
lowing Injection of Horse Serum, 1906; 
Experimental Gastric Ulcer, 1907; The 
Origin and Spread of Typhoid Fever, 
1907; The Standardization of Tetanus 
Antitoxin, 1908; also articles on public 
health, reports on bacteriological sub- 
jects; CLUB: St. Botolph's; HOME: 65 
Naples Road, Brookline: OFFICE: Har- 
vard Medical Sch., Cambridge, Mass. 

ROSEAVATER, VICTOR: Journalist; born 
Omaha, Nebr., Feb. 13, 1871; son Ed- 
ward and Leah Rosewater; educ. Omaha 
Public Schools, Johns Hopkins Univ., 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.B., 
A. M., Ph.D.; married Katie Katz, Jan. 
27, 1904; AUTHOR: Special Assess- 
ments, 1893-98; Omaha in Historic 






Town? of the Westenr States, 1901; also 
"Laissez-faire in American Political 
Economy" and Palgrave's Dictionary of 
Political Economy (London) ; Omaha 
in Encyclopedia Brittanica and Supple- 
ment (London) ; contr. to many maga- 
zines; CLUBS: Omaha; Omaha Athletic; 
HOME: 3525 Farnam St., Omaha, Nebr.; 
OFFICE: Bee Building, Omaha, Nebr. 

gist; born Virden, Illinois, 1866; son 
William Carpenter and Rachel (Als- 
worth) R. ; educ. Coe College, University 
of Berlin; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., 
LL.D.; married Rosamond Simons, June 
16, 1892; AUTHOR: Honest Dollars; 
Foundations of Sociology; Social Con- 
trol; Sin and Society; Social Psychology; 
Latter Day Sinners and Saints; Changing 
America; Changing Chinese; The old 
World in the New; South of Panama; 
Russia in Upheaval; What is America; 
The Principles of Sociology; The Rus- 
sian Bolshevik Revolution; contribu- 
tor to sociol. reviews, professor of 
sociology, Univ. of Wisconsin, and editor 
of American Journal of Sociology; 
HOME: Madison, Wis. 

STON: Professor of Homiletics; born 
Inverness, Scotland, Feb., 1865; educ. 
Royal Acad. (Inverness), Edinburgh 
Univ.; DEGREES: M.A., Hon. D.D., 
Harvard, Hon. D.D., Knox College 
Toronto) ; married Caroline Sellers 
Barnes, June 14, 1916; AUTHOR: The 
Universality of Jesus; The God we 
Trust; addresses on the Apostles' Creed, 
The Cross, The Report of a Misgiving; 
college preacher at Princeton, Williams, 
Univ. of Pa., Bryn Mawr, Vassar, 
Wellesley, etc.: prof, homiletics Union 
Theol. Sem., New York; CLUB: Har- 
vard; HOME: 606 West 122nd St.; OF- 
FICE: Union Theol. Seminary, New York 

ROSS, JOHN JACOB: Minister and Bible 
lecturer; born Lochaber, Quebec, June, 
1871; son Jacob and Julia (Pellet) R.; 
educ. Baptist College, Woodstock, Ont. 
Baptist College Woodstock, McMaster 
University and Seminary, Toronto, Ont.; 
DEGREES: B.Th., D.D.; married 
Georgina May Graham, 1901; AUTHOR: 
The Underworld of the Dead, 1910; The 
Sign of his Coming, 1910; Some Facts 
and More Facts about the Self-styled 
Pastor, Charles T. Russel, 1913; The 
J^ingdom in Mystery, 1920; Thinking 
Through the New Testament, 1921; pro- 
minent lecturer on Biblical subjects and 
on Bible lands, has studied and traveled 
through the Bible countries; OFFICE: 
1857 Jackson Blvd.; HOME: 3515 W. 
Adams St., Chicago. 


professor of mathematics; born Mill- 
town, Ind., Jan. '81, 1864; son Amos and 
Mary (Burnette) R. ; educ. Northern 
Ind. Normal, Ind. Univ., Univ. of Chi- 
cago; Univ. of Leipzig; DEGREES: 
A.B.; A.,M., Ph. D.; married Grace Shir- 
ley, Sept. 12, 1905; AUTHOR: High 
School Algebra, 1914; Trig, and Tables, 
1910; teacher and prin., Ind. and 111. 
schools, 1881-91; instr. 1892; asst. prof. 
1895; asso. prof. 1900; jr. prof. 1905-8; 
prof, mathematics since 1908, Univ. of 
Ind.; Scottish Rite Mason, Shriner; 
CLUB: Columbia; HOME: Bloomington; 
OFFICE: Indiana Univ., Bloomington, 

born Petersburg, Va., Jan. 1, 1879; son 
James Edward Routh and Sallie (Har- 
rison) R.; married Florence Fischer, 
May, 1917; educ. publ. schs. Petersburg, 
Va.; John Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., Ph. D.; AUTHOR: Two Studies on 
the Ballad Theory of the Beowulf, 1905; 
The Rise of Classical English Criticism, 
1913; CLUBS: Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Beta 
Kappa, Modern Language Assn of Amer- 
ica; Dialect Soc.; HOME: .Oglethorpe 
Univ., Atlanta, Ga. 

BASILE: President of the Court of Ad- 
miralty for the Province of Quebec; 

178 1 


born St. Placide, Prov. of Quebec, May 
8, 1839; son Charles and Angelique La- 
fleur R.; educ. Ste. Therese College, 
Laval Univ.; DEGREES: L.D., LL.D.; 
married Marie Clorinde, 1862; AU- 
THOR: A Travers 1'Europe; A Travers 
1'Espagne; Les Echos, poems; Quebec; 
Conferences et Discours; Le Centurion, 
a novel of the Messianic times, transl. 
into five languages; De L'Homme a Dieu, 
an apology of Christianism; Paulina 
(novel) ; Montcalm and Leyis (drama) ; 
De Quebec a Victoria; La Reine Vic- 
toria et Son Jubilee, Quebec a 1'Aurore 
du Siecle; travels and poetry; called to 
bar, 1861; Queen's Counsel, 1872; 
Judge of the Suuerior Court of the Pro- 
vince of Quebec, 1873; Chief Justice, 
1904; made Knight Commander of the 
Order of St. Gregory by Pope Pius IX; 
Grand Cross of same order by Leo XIII; 
Knight of St. Michael and St. George by 
King George the Fifth; has traveled 
widely; ADDRESS: St. Irenie les Bains, 
County of Charlevoix, Quebec, Can. 

worker; born Dayton, Ohio, an, 1869: 
son Josiah and Ella Mathias R. ; married 
Mary Swain, 1914; AUTHOR: A. B. C. 
of Exhibit Planning (with Mary Swain 
Routzahn) ; Elements of a Social Publi- 
city Campaign; The Health Show Comes 
to Town; Social Worker with Russell 
Sasre Foundation; CLUBS: Advertising 
(New York), Civic (New York) Green 
Mountain: HOME: New York City; OF- 
FICE: Rusell Sage Foundation, 130 
East 22nd St., New York City. 

ROWE, LEO S.: Director-General Pan 
American Union; born McGregor, la., 
Sept. 17. 1871; son Louis and Katherlne 
(Raff) R. : Univs. of Pa., Vienna, Paris, 
Rome, Berlin, Halle; DEGREES: A.B., 
Ph. B., Ph. D., LL. D. (hon.) ; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: The United States and 
Porto Rico; Problems of City Govern- 
ment; manv reports, articles and mono- 
graphs in Econom. journals, reviews and 
Annals Amer. Acad. Political and Social 
Science; assisted in compiling the laws 
of Porto Rico, which in slightly modified 
form were adopted by that countrv; has 
acted as delegate and chairman of dele- 
gates to Pan-American Scientific Con- 
gress (1st) and to 3rd Internal Con- 
ference of American States; mem. U. S.- 
Panama Joint Claims Com., 1915-17; U. 
S. Del. 2nd Pan-Am. Scientific Congress, 
1915-16; mem. Bar Assn., N. Y.; 
CLUBS: Century, Metropolitan, Cosmos, 
Armv and Navv (Washington, D. C.); 
University (Phila.); ADDRESS: Pan- 
American Union, Washington, D. C. 

former law professor; born North Fair- 
field, O., Sept. 6, 1878; son Chas. and 
Elizabeth Rowley; educ. Hiram College, 


Cleveland Law School; DEGREES: Lit. 
B., Hiram; L.L.B., C.L.S., LL.D., Toledo 
Univ.; married Bertha King, 1904; AU- 
THOR: Rowley on the Modern Law of 
Partnership; formerly prof, of law in U. 
of Colo, and Indiana Univ., now consul 
for Peru, S. A. at Toledo, Ohio; mem. 
law firm, Rowley, Rowley and Fisher; 
CLUBS: Toledo Commerce Club; The 
Delti Phi Fraternity; HOME: 625 Col- 
lins St., Toledo, Ohio; OFFICE: Suite 
1038 Nicholas Bldg., Toledo, Ohio. 

teacher and dean; born Wis., Mar. 29, 
1874; son Ernest and Augusta (Heise) 
R.; educ. Normal Sch., Univ. Wis., 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: Ph. B., Ph. 
M., Ph. D.; married Hazel Pietsch, 
Sept. 4, 1906 (died Dec. 22, 1919); AU- 
THOR: Principles of Education, 1910; 
Agencies for the Improvement of Teach- 
ers in Service, 1911; The Field of Dis- 
tinct Vision, 1907; CLUB: Federal 
Schoolmen's; HOME: 2836 28th St., N. 
W.; OFFICE, George Washington Univ., 
Washington, D. C. 

born Davenport, Iowa, Sept. 25, 1860; 
son Edward and Lydia (Rutledge) R.; 
married Theresa Hirschl, July 5, 1909; 
educ. St. Johnsbury Acadamy, St. Johns- 
burg, Vt.; AUTHOR: Such Stuff as 
Dreams; The Twin Immortalities; Great- 
est Trust in the World; The Uprising 
of the Many; Lawless Wealth; Why I am 
a Socialist; Thomas Chatterton, the 
Marvelous Boy; Songs of Democracy; 
Stories of the Great Railroads; The Story 
of Wendell Phillips; These Shifting 
Scenes; Unchained Russia; After the 
Whirlwind; The Story of the Non- 
partisan League; Bolshevism and the 
United States; CLUBS: Authors, N. Y.; 
Arts. Washington, D. C.; HOME and 
OFFICE: Hotel Broztell, New York 

RUSSELL, JAMES EARL: Dean of Teach- 
ers' College, New York City; born Ham- 
den, N. Y., July 1, 1864; son Charles 
and Sarah (McFarlane) R.; educ. Cor- 
nell Univ., Univs. of Jena, Berlin and 
Leipzig; DEGREES: A.B. (Cornell), 
Ph.D. (Leipzig), LL.D., Dickinson, Colo- 
rado and .McGill; married Agnes Fletch- 
er, June 19, 1889; AUTHOR: Extension 
of University Teaching in England and 
America, 1895; Translation of above into 
German, 1895; German Higher Schools; 
History, Organization and Methods of 
Secondary Education in Germany; Edi- 
tor: American Teachers' Series; contr. 
to technical journals of edn.; CLUBS: 
Century Assoc., N. Y. City; ADDRESS: 
Teachers' College, 625 W. 120th St., 
New York City. 




born Winchester, Mass., Dec., 1869; son 
Charles M. and Mary Louise R.; educ. 
High School, Gordon School, Boston; 
Rochester University and Seminary; 
married Bertha W. Smart, Dec. 1893; 
AUTHOR: Personal Religion, 1915; 
Practical Ideals in Evangelism; The 
Church a Field of Service; A Church on 
Wheels; pastor Immanuel Church, 
Scranton, Pa.; CLUBS: County; HOME: 
708 Jefferson Ave.; OFFICE: Study of 
Immanuel Church, Scranton, Pa. 

writer; born McClellanville, S. C., Oct. 
23, 1883; son Henry Middleton and 
Margaret (Hamilton) R.; educ. Porter 
Academy, Charleston; Union College; 
DEGREES: B.S., 1904; A.M., 1906; 
married Florence Hart, Dec. 17, 1917; 
AUTHOR: Under The Pines (poems) 
1907; The Banners of the Coast, 1908; 
Old Plantation Days, 1911; Tom and I; 
also contr. fiction poems and articles to 
magazines; OFFICE: Mercerburg, Pa.; 
HOME: Santee, S. C. 

RUTSTEIN, LEO: Chemist; born Yonkers, 
N. Y., Apr. 13, 1896; son Abraham and 
Bertha (Duneitz) R.; married Lillian 
Puninsky, May 1, 1917; educ. Newark 


Technical School, N. Y. Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., M.A., F.C.S., Asst. Editor 
Technology Cellulose Esters, 1916; asst. 

chemist under Dr. Worden at Clark 
Thread Go's Laboratory, Newark, N. J., 
1911 and 1913; 1917-18 appointed mem. 
Council of National Defense in Wash., 
later attached to Signal Corps; contr. 
articles to "Kunstoffe"; CLUBS: Am. 
Chem. Society; Fellow of Chem. Society, 
(London); HOME: Newark, N. J.; OF- 
FICE: 2 Rector St., N. Y., and Millburn 

Moral Theology; born Minnesota, May, 
1869; son William and Mary R.; educ. 
St. Paul Seminary, St. Paul, Minn. Cath- 
olic University, Washington, D. C.; DE- 
ing Wage; Francisco Ferrer; Alleged 
Socialism of the Church Fathers; Social 
Reconstruction; Distributive Justice; 
The Church and Socialism and other Es- 
says; Socialism Promise or Menace 
(with Morris Hillquit) ; prof, moral 
theology and economics, St. Paul Semi- 
nary, 1902-1915; prof, moral theology 
and industrial ethics, Cath. Univ., since 
1915; HOME: Catholic University, 
Washington; OFFICE: 1312 Massachu- 
setts Ave., N. W. 

Rockford, 111., Dec., 1870; son Henry 
and Esther (Hotchkiss) S.; educ. Uni- 
versity of Iowa; DEGREES: A.B.; mar- 
ried Mary Caroline Nash, 1896; AU- 
THOR: The Making of Iowa; The 
Magic Mashie; Beaufort Chums; When 
You Were a Boy; Bar B. Boys; Range 
and Trail; Circle K., Kit Carson Days; 
Pluck on the Long Trail; Old Four 
Eyes; With Carson and Fremont; Treas- 
ure Mountain; on the Plains with Cus- 
ter; Scarf ace Ranch; Buffalo Bill and 
the Overland Trail; Gold Seekers of 
'49; With Sam Houston, in Texas; Open- 
ing the West With Lewis and Clark; 
How Are You Feeling Now? CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Theta Pi; AD- 
DRESS: La Jolla, Calif. 

ogist; born Sterling, 111., July, 1880; son 
Walter C. G. and Emma L. S.; educ. Uni- 
versity of Chicago; DEGREES: S.B., 
Ph.D.; married L. Margaret Ferguson, 
1905; AUTHOR: Marshall's Microbiol- 
ogy; Chapters on Plant Diseases, (3rd 
edit. 1920), Analyst for Chicago Water 
Supply 1899-1900; later professor nat- 
ural sci., Meredith Coll., Raleigh, N. C., 
spec. Bureau Plant Industry, U.S. Dept. 
of Agriculture; asst. bacteriologist Ex- 
periment Station, Michigan Agric. Col- 
lege, 1904-1908; bacteriologist Experi- 
ment Station, Colorado, since 1908; 
CLUBS: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, 
Alpha Zeta; Gamma Alpha; Soc. Amer. 




Bacteriologists; HOME: 512 W. Laurel 
St.; OFFICE: Agricultural Experiment 
Station, Ft. Collins, Colo. 

SAGE, AGNES CAROLYN: Author; born 
Brooklyn, N. Y.; daughter Robert and 
Caroline O. S.; educ. private and public 
schs., Dearborn Seminary, Chicago; un- 
married; AUTHOR: Christmas Elves, 
1887; The Jolly Ten, 1889; A Little 
Daughter of the Revolution, 1900; A 
Little Colonial Dame, 1898; Boys and 
Girls of the White House, 1910; The 
Girls of Old New Jersey, 1913; many 
magazine contributions; was pres. 
Brooklyn Shakespeare Club 12 yrs.; 
since beginning of war has written in 
interest of women's clubs and the Com- 
munity Kitchens; CLUBS: Woman's, Kit 
Kat (Hackensack, N. J.); HOME: 328 
Union St., Hackensack, N. J. 

SADLER, WILLIAM S.: Physician and sur- 
geon; born June, 1875; son Samuel 
Gavins and Sarah Isabelle (Wilson) S.; 
educ. Cooper Med. College, Am. Med. 
Miss. College; DEGREE: M. D.; married 
Lena C. Kellogg, 1897; AUTHOR: The 
Science of Living; The Physiology of 
Faith and Fear; Worry and Nervous- 
ness; The Cause and Cure of Colds; 
Round Heads and Long Heads; How 
to Reduce and How to Gain; The 
Mother and Her Child; prof, therapeu- 
tics, Post-Grad. Med. Sch., Chicago, 
1908; Senior attending Surgeon, Colum- 
bus Hospital; lectured on hygiene before 
Chautauquas summers, 15 years; establ. 
social insts., dispensaries, etc.; CLUBS: 
Hamilton, Press (Chicago); HOME: 
2748 Pine Grove Ave,; OFFICE: 32 N. 
State St.. Chicago. 

sionary; born Hocking Co., O., Mar., 
1855; son John R. and Rebecca Jane 
(Brimner) S.; educ. De Pauw Univ., 
Drew Theol. Seminary, Indiana Med. 
Sch., Ky. Sch. of Med.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., B.D., M.D.; married Sarah 
J. Smack, Apr. 30, 1884; AUTHOR: 
Cancionero Escolar de Temperencia, 
1900; The American Medical Missionary. 
1901; La Salud, 3 vols., 1914; Plan de 
Dios para el Sost6n de su Obra, 1918; 
Lo que Debemos y Como Pagarlo, 1918; 
Christian Healing, or Medico-Evangel- 
ism, 1919; La Obra Medica Evangelista, 
1919; Medico-Evangelism in Guanaj-ato, 
1920; missionary of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Chs. in Mexico since 1885; pres. 
Escuela Preparatoria y Seminario de 
Teoloi?ia, Puebla, Mex., 1887-89; foun- 
der Guanajuato Sanitarium, 1899, and 
the first modern Training School for 
Nurses in the Republic of Mexico; trav- 
eled in Europe in 1987 and 1913; lay 
delegate for Mexico to the General Con- 
ference of the Methodist Episcopal Ch. 
at Des Moines, la., May, 192; AD- 

DRESS: Guanajuato, Mex. 

ist; born San Francisco, Oct. 3, 1874; 
son David and Matilda S.; educ. Univ. of 
Calif.; DEGREE: A.B.; married Kath- 
eryn R. De Montford, 1914; AUTHOR: 
(plays produced in New York): The 
Conflict; The Wanderer; The Floren- 
tines; also other plays; practiced law 
in San Francisco, 1895-1902; since in 
literary work in New York; CLUB: 
Lambs, N. Y.; HOME: 117 West 58th 
St.; OFFICE: 1451 Broadway, N. Y. 

sor of Rural Social Organization; born 
Clio, Mich., Sept., 1878; son John P. 
and Alice G. (Wright) S.; educ. Mich. 
Agric. College, Cornell University, U. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: B.S., 1897 (Mich. 
Agr. Coll.), B.S., 1898 (Agr. Coll. Cor- 
nell); married Cecilia Blandford, Sept. 
19, 1899; AUTHOR: Insects Injurious to 
Staple Crops, 1902; School Entomology, 
1916; Insect Pests of Farm, Garden and 
Orchard, 1912; Elementary Entomology, 
1911; State Entomologist at Agric. Ex- 
periment Stations, Del., Tex., and N. H.; 
professor at various colls, and univs., 
now prof. Rural Soc., org. New York 
State College of Agric.; Fellow A. A. A. 
S., mem. and past pres. of Soc. of Econ. 
Entomologists; CLUBS: Sigma Xi; OF- 
FICE: New York State College of Agri- 
culture; HOME: 117 Parkway, Ithaca, 
New York. 

professor; born Laon, France, 1851; 
educ. Laon, Alencon, Paris; DEGREES: 
Hon. A.M. (Yale), officier de 1'Academie; 
officier de 1'instruction publique; mar- 
ried Mariamme H. Gaines. 1879; AU- 
THOR: Through France and the French 
Syntax; translator: Balzac (from the 
French of Brunetiere) ; has annotated 
editions of texts for college use: Trois 
Contes Choisis, Daudet; Le Pere Goriot, 
Balzac; Gil Bias, Le Sage; Aventures du 
dernier Abencerage, Chateaubriand; 
HOME: 374 Temple St., New Haven, 

and author; born Marlboro, Mass.; son 
Alvin Peter and Sarah (Brown) S.; educ. 
Marlboro High Sch., Amherst College, 
Columbia Sch. of Political Science; DE- 
GREES: A.B., Amherst, 1887; Litt. D., 
Amherst, 1917; married Marie Perrin, 
Oct. 5, 1904; AUTHOR: Moody 's Lodg- 
ing House and Other Tenement Sketches; 
Meg Mclntyre's Raffle and Other Stories; 
Paris and the Social Revolution; Editor: 
Masterpieces of Prose; Reminiscences>of 
Richard Lathers, Two Centuries of New 
Milford; resident in univ. settlement 
organization, South Bend House for 4 
years; later, correspondent for Boston 



Transcript in Paris, and successively on 
staff of Atlantic Monthly, .Boston Trav- 
eler, New York Times, Saturday Review, 
The Bellman, New York Independent; 
enlisted in French Army Sept., 1914; 
member of several organizations for im- 
provement of conditions for ex-soldiers 
both of France and foreign volunteers; 
HOME: Marlboro, Mass. 

fessor of English Language; born Cov- 
ington, Ga., Aug., 1871; son Charles 
V. and Elizabeth (Steadman) S.; educ. 
Mercer Univ., Univs. of Chicago, Berlin, 
Oxford; DEGREES: A.B., D. Litt.; mar- 
ried Grace McClatchey, 1895; AUTHOR: 
Literature and Composition, 1914, 1920; 
Composition and Grammar, 1914, 1920; 
High School Grammar, 1914, 1920; 
prof. English, Univ. of Ga., since 1913; 
Capt. Co. F, 3rd Regt. Inf., U. S. Vols., 
Spanish-American War, 1898; It.-col., 
A. D. C., staffs of Govs. Brown, Slaton, 
Harris; HOME: 359 Cloverhurst Ave.; 
OFFICE: University of Ga., Athens, Ga. 

born Brooklyn, N. Y., Feb. 9, 1893; 
son William Gary and Mary E. (Raqua) 
S.; educ. St. Mark's Sch., Harvard 
Verse, 1920; CLUB: Harvard, N. Y. 
City; ADDRESS: Springfield, N. Y. 

SANTEE, ELLTS MONROE: Retired physi- 
cian; born Hughesville, Pa., Aug. 13, 
1862; son John Clark and Elizabeth 
(Gray) S.; married Beulah H. Barber, 
Dec. 22, 1883; educ. New Columbus 
(Pa.) Academy, Hahneman Med. Coll. 
(Phila.), Homoeopathic Med. Coll. of 
Mo., Cornell Univ.; DEGREE: M.D.; AU- 
THOR: Repertory of Convulsions; Farm 
Sewage; Santee Genealogy; William 
Moore and His Neighbors: OFFICE: 22 
Groton Ave., Cortland, N. Y.; Home: 
same, and Little River, Fla. 

onel, 'U. S. Army; born Carlinville, 111., 
Sept. 29, 1858; son Jacob True and 
Maria L. (Braley) S.; educ. Blackburn 
Univ., U. S. Military Acad.; DEGREES. 
B S. (Blackburn) ; grad. from Mil. Acad. 
1883; married Alice C. Applegate, 1886; 
AUTHOR: The Campaign of Santiago de 
Cuba (3 vols.); The Campaign of 
Marengo; Napoleon Bonaparte's First 
Campaign; The Strategy on the 
Western Front, 1914-1918; In active 
service from his graduation from West 
} oint in 1883 to retirement in 1911; re- 
called to active duty Juney 1916; widely 
known as military strategist; received 
personal congratulations from late Pres. 
Roosevelt" on history bf Santiago Cam- 
paign; recommended by Gen. Wood and 
0en. Otis for meritorious service in 
Cuba and the Philippines; HOME: Casa 


Grande, Jacksonville, Ore. 


Author; born Milton, Nova Scotia, Apr. 
13, 1861; daughter of Rev. Dr. E. M. 
Saunders and Maria Kisboro (Freeman) 
S.; unmarried; educ. public and private 
Nova Scotia boarding schools, Scotland 
and France, Acadia Univ., Wolfville N. 
S.; DEGREES: M. A.; AUTHOR: Beau- 
tiful Joe, 1894; Daisy, 1894; The House 
of Armour, 1897; For the Other Boys 
Sake, 1896; Charles and His Lamb, 
1896; The King of the Park, 1897; Rose 
of Acadie, 1898; Deficient Saints, 1899; 
Her Sailor, 1899; For His Country, 
1900; Tilda Jane, 1901; Beautiful Joe's 
Paradise, 1902; The Story of the Grave- 
leys, 1903; Nita, 1904; Princess Sukey, 
1905; Alpatok, the Story of an Eskimo 
Dog, 1906; My Pets, 1908; Tilda Jane's 
Orphans, 1909; the Girl from Vermont, 
1910; Pussy Black Face, 1912; The 
Wandering Dog, 1914; Bonnie Prince 
Fetlar; Golden Dickey; essay, Cause and 
Prevention of Crime (awarded $300 
prize by Am. Humane Edn. Soc.), also 
awarded $200 prize by same society for 
"Beautiful Joe," in "Our Dumb Ani- 
mals," Jan., 1906; Hon. M.A., Acadia, 
U. N. S.; medal Societe Protectrice des 
Animaux, Paris, France; CLUBS: Au- 
thors' League of America; Women's 
Press, Toronto; Home: c/o E. M. Saun- 
ders, Canada Life Assurance Co., King 
St., Toronto, Canada; OFFICE: c/o 
George H. Doran Co., 244 Madison Ave., 
New York City. 

man, politician, writer; born Kensing- 
ton, N. H., Jan. 8, 1874; son Stephen C. 
and Phoebe M. S.; educ. Exeter, N. H.. 
High Sch., Revere Theol. Inst., Boston 
Univ.; DEGREE; Ph. B.; married Mary 
L. Palmer, June, 1898; AUTHOR: Mak- 
ing of a Socialist; Walt Whitman; Neath 
Swaying Pines; Henry Thoreau, the New 
England Philosopher; ordained 1900; 
pastorates; Brockton, Hanson, Haverhill, 
Ware (all in Mass.); member Constitu- 
tional Con. Mass. Legislature 1919-1922; 
patron of husbandry; member I.O.O.F., 
L.O.O.M.; ADDRESS: Ware, Mass. 


Educator; born Macon, Ga., Feb. 16, 
1854; son Jeremiah and Frances S.; 
educ. Lewis High Sch., Oberlin College; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., LL.D., Ph.D.; 
married Sarah C. Bierce, Aug., 1881; 
AUTHOR: Greek Lessons; Birds of Aris- 
tophanes; An Autobiography (in prep- 
aration) ; Some Philosophical Papers 
(in prep.); numerous tract's and pamph- 
lets on classical, archaeological, sociolog- 
ical and racial subjects; many papers.f.or 
variops societies to vwhieh he belongs; 
transferred to chair of .Hellenistic Greek, 


Payne Theol. Sem., Wilberforce, Univ., 
1891; re-elected prof. Latin and Greek, 

1897; pres. Wilberforce Univ., 1908 ; 

mem. Am. Philol. Soc., Am. Dialect Soc., 
Am. Social Science Soc., Archaeol. Inst. 
of Am., Am. Spelling Reform, Am. Folk- 
Lore, Am. Modern Language Soc., Am. 
Political and Social Science Soc., the 
Egyptian Exploration Fund Assn., Natl, 
Geog. Soc., Am. Negro Acad., of which 
he is vice-pres.; pres. Afro-Am. State 
League of Ohio.; del. to Natl. Conf. in 
St. Louis in the interest of Negro Edn.; 
only Negro rep. on Bd. of Lincoln Mem. 
Assn. of Ohio; del. to the League to 
Enforce Peace, Chicago, etc., etc.; mem. 
Hepha Phi Alpha, etc.; HOME: Wilber- 
force; OFFICE: Wilberforce Univ., Wil- 
berforce, Ohio. 


Writer; born Doylestown, Pa.; daughter 
Rev. Howard and Alice D. Widdemer; 
educ. at home; married Robert Haven 
Schauffler (q. v.), Aug. 28, 1919; AU- 
THOR: Rose Garden Husband, 1915; 
Why Not?, 1915; Wishing Ring Man, 
1917; You're Only Young Once, 1918; 
Old Road to Paradise, 1917; Factories, 
1917; Broadwalks, 1920; Haunted Hour 
Camp, 1920; Married Marjorie, 1920; 
contbr. stories and poems to leading 
magazines since 1912; ADDRESS: 21 
Larchmont Ave., Larchmont, N. Y. 

thor; born Brunn, Austria, of American 
parents, Apr. 9, 1879; son Rev. Hy. Al- 
bert (D.D., LL. D.) and Clara Eastman 
(Gray) S.; educ. Cleveland Public Schs., 
Acad. Northwestern Univ., Princeton, 
Berlin; married 1st Katherine De Nor- 
mandie Wilson, Dec. 21, 1904; 2nd Mar- 
garet Widdemer (q. v.), Aug. 24, 1919; 
AUTHOR: Where Speech Ends (novel), 
1906; Romantic Germany (travel), 
1909; The Musical Amateur (essays), 
1911; Scum o' the Earth (poems), 1912; 
Romantic America (travel), 1913; The 
Joyful Heart (essays), 1915; Fiddler's 
Luck (novel), 1920; editor: Through 
Italy with the Poets, 1908; Our Ameri- 
can Holidays series (11 vols.), 1907-21; 
sculptor and violinist; played tennis 
Olympic Games, Athens; served as Is* 
Lt. 313th Inf. in World War; wounded 
in action; CLUBS: Poetry Soc. of Am., 
Phi Beta Kappa, Colonial, Princeton; 
ADDRESS: 21 Larchmont Ave., Larch- 
mont, N. Y. 


Writer; born Salisbury, N. C., May 22, 
1870; son Rev. James and Harriet Isa- 
bella (Brown) S.; educ. Roanoke Coll., 
Pa. College; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D., LL.D.; married Bessie Brown, 
1894; AUTHOR: Four Princes, 1902; 
Japan Today, 1904; Young Japan, 
1905, The Holy Grail, 1906; What Is 


Japanese Morality?, 1907; The Japanese 
Crisis, 1915; Cotton as a World Power 
1916; The Nation at War, 1918; pres 
Newberry (S. C.) College, 1904-08; 
Throop College of Tech., Pasadena, Cal. 
since 1908; visited chief tech. schools of 
world, 1909; secured amendment to Cal. 
constitution exempting colleges from 
taxation, 1913; lectured at Oxford and 
Cambridge Univs.; apptd. Cal. del. to 
Anglo-Am. Expo., London, 1914; made 
chief of travel service, State Council 
Sect.; spl. rep. Shipping Bd., 1917; trus- 
tee State Normal Sch.., Los Angeles; 
dir. U. S. Military Training Camps Assn.; 
CLUBS: Sunset, University, Sierra, Twi- 
light; ADDRESS: 1703 N. Fair Oaks 
Ave., Pasadena, Cal. 

Univ. of California; born Saalfeld, Ger- 
many, Mar. 28, 1861; son Ferdinand 
Schilling; educ., College at Saalfeld, 
Leipzig Univ.; DEGREES: A.M., Ph.D., 
(Leipzig); mar. Theresa T. Still, July 
14, 1887; AUTHOR: Konig Alfred's An- 
gelsachsische Bearbeitung der Weltges- 
chichte des A rosins, 1886; also numer- 
ous literary and philological articles in 
American and German periodicals; pro- 
essor German language and literature, 
Univ. of California; mem. Am. Philol. 
Assn., Modern Language Assn. of Ameri- 
ca, and several other learned societies; 
OFFICE: 401 Wheeler Hall, Univ. of 
Calif.; HOME: 2316 Le Conte Ave., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

SCHMIDT, WILLIAM: Clergyman; born 
Hermannsburg, Hanover, Germany, July 
26, 1855; son P. H. and Dorothea (Pet- 
erson) S.; educ. Hermannsburg, Ger- 
many, Capital Univ., Columbus, O.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Litt.D.; mar. Annie 
Haeffner, Sept. 4, 1879; AUTHOR: Blei- 
be Daheim, 1897; Sighard the Centurion, 
1897, (pub. in 5 languages); Aethel- 
burea, or The Victory of the Cross, 1899, 
(pub. in Germ, and Eng.); Ramuldu, 
1903, (pub. m Ger. and Eng.); 
Geschichte der Ohio Synode, 1901; Ster- 
nange, 1906; Goldene Quelle, 1907; 
Landolf, 1910, (pub. in Ger. and Eng.); 
Durch Luther befreit (Through Luther 
to Liberty), 1913; Der Herr ist Gott, 
1917; ord. Evang. Luth. ministry, Aug. 
11, 1878; prof, of history of Evang. 
Luth. Sem. at St. Paul; HOME: 987 E. 
Magnolia St., St. Paul, Minn. 

SCHOENRICH, OTTO: Lawyer; born Bal- 
timore, Md., July 9, 1876; son Prof, and 
Mrs. C. O. Schoenrich; educ. Baltimore 
City Coll., Univ. of Maryland 
GREES: L.L.B.; married Maria Janer, 
June 10, 1902; AUTHOR: Report of 
Nicaraguan Mixed Claims Commission, 
1915; Former Senator Burton's Trip to 
South America, 1915; Santo Domingo, a 



Country with a Future, 1918; also many 
reports and magazine articles in English, 
Spanish and German on legal and Latin- 
American Subjects; practiced law in 
Md. and N. M., 1897-1900; dist. judge in 
Porto Rico, 1901-1910; with law firm 
Curtis, ,Mallet-Prevost & Colt, New York, 
from 1916; HOME: 640 Riverside Drive, 
New York City; OFFICE: 30 Broad St., 
New York City. 

thropist; born Upper Darby, Pa.; daugh- 
ter Thomas and Fanny (Leonard) K.; 
mar. Frederic Schoff, Oct. 23, 1873; 
educ. Mary Anna Longstreet School, 
Phila., Waltham, Mass. School, private 
tutors; AUTHOR: The Wayward Child. 
1914; The Evolution of the Mother's 
Pension; many magazine articles; first 
pres. Pa. Congress of Mothers, 1899- 
1902; pres. National Congress of 
Mothers, 1902-1920; which, with the aid 
of Pres. Roosevelt and Dept. of State, 
held at the White House, Mar., 1908, the 
1st Internat. Congress in America on the 
Welfare of the Child; held 2nd Internat. 
Congress on Child Welfare, Washington, 
1911; chmn. com. on social service, etc., 
New Century Club, 1900-3; organized 
and led a movement JQ obtain juvenile 
ct. and probation sys. in Pa., passed by 
legislature, 1901; led movement leading 
to enactment of same laws, 1903, after 
Superior Ct. had declared the laws 
passed in 1901 unconstitutional because 
of tech. errors; chmn. com. which raised 
salaries and recommended for appmt. 
1st probation officers in Pa.; pres. Phila. 
Juvenile Ct. and Probation Assn., 
for Child Welfare, 1901-11; vice-pres. 
Pennsylvania Juvenile Probation Assn., 
Religious Edn. .Assn, 1911; Chairman 
Child Welfare Dept. Natl Council of 
Women; Represent U. S. in Child Wel- 
fare Dept. Internat. Coun. of Women; del. 
from U. S. Dept. of State to 3d Home 
Edn. Congress, Brussels, 1910; special 
collaborator Home Edn. Div. Bur. of 
Edn., 1914; compiled Laws of Every 
State in the United States Concerning 
Dependent and Delinquent Children, 
1900; CLUBS: New Century, Phila.; 
Society of Mayflower Descendants; 
HOME: 3418 Baring St., Philadelphia, 

professor; born nr. Springfield, O., Aug. 
17, 1869; son Harrison and Catherine 
(Ryman) S.; married Clara Harwood, 
De-3. 20, 1896; educ. Univ. Mich.; DE- 
TREES: A.B., A.M., Ph. D.; AUTHOR: 
Light-Bearer of Liberty, 1899; Social 
Tragedies, 1900; Ode to The Russian 
People, 1907; Hesper-Phosphor, 1910; 
Children of the Sun, 1916; letters and 
articles in the New York Times during 
war, which were transl. into French and 


publ. in a Bulletin for Education through 
History; research work published; prin- 
cipal works being Goethe and Friedrich 
Schlegel, A Study in German Romanti- 
cism, publ. in Publications of the Mod- 
ern Language Assn. of America, 1906; 
August Wilhelm Schlegel and Goethe's 
Epic and Elegiac Verse, Journal of Eng- 
lish and Germanic Philology, 1908; 
Kleist at Boulogne-sur-mer, publ. Mod. 
Lang. Assn., 1914; teacher of modern 
language in Univ. of Mich., having 
taught German before war, and now 
French; lectured during war on Michi- 
gan War Preparedness Board; staff of 
National Security League; since War on 
Extension Course of Lectures for State 
of Mich.; CLUBS: Modern Language 
Assn. of America; Modern Humanities 
Research Assn. of England; Research 
Club of Univ. of Mich.; Michigan Union; 


Phi Beta Kappa; HOME: 917 Forest 
Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich.; OFFICE: 917 
Forest Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 

SCOLLARD, CLINTON: Author; born 
Clinton, New York State, Sept. 18, 1860; 
son James and Elizabeth S. ; educ. Ham- 
ilton College, Harvard University; DE- 
GREES: A.M., L.H.D.; married Georgia 
Brown, July 3, 1890; AUTHOR: Pictures 
in Song; With Reed and Lyre; Old and 
New World Lyrics; Giovo and Giulia; 
Songs of Sunrise Lands; Under Summer 
Skies; On Sunny Shores; The Hills of 
Song; A Boy's Book of Rhyme; Skenan- 
doa; A Christmas Garland; A Man at 



Arms; Lawton; The Son of a Tory; The 
Lutes of Morn; The Cloistering of 
Ursula; Lyrics of the Dawn; Count 
Falcon of the Eyrie; Footfaring; The 
Lyric Bough; Ballads of Valor and Vic- 
tory (with Wallace Rice); Lyrics and 
Legends of Christmas-tide; Odes and 
Elegies; A Southern Flight (with Frank 
Dempster Sherman); Easter Song; 
Voices and Visions; Pro Patria; Chords 
of the Zither; The Vicar of the Marches; 
Songs of a Syrian Lover; From the Lips 
of the Sea; Lyrics from a Library; 
Poems Selected; The Vale of Shadows 
and Other Verses of a Great War; Italy 
in Arms and Other Verses; Ballads 
Patriotic and Romantic; Let the Flag 
Wave and Other Verses; Lyrics from a 
Library (revised edition); Elegy in 
Autumn; -edited: Ford's Broken Heart; 
Ballads of American Bravery; Poems of 
Frank Dempster Sherman; Professor of 
English Literature, Hamilton Coll.; 
mem. National Inst. of Arts and Letters; 
CLUBS: Author's, Century, N.Y.; AD- 
DRESS: Century Club, New York City. 

SCHOONMAKER, \ AX( V M.: Lecturer; 
born Georgetown, Ky., Oct. 30, 1873; 
daughter James F. and Penelope (Bur- 
gess) Musselman; married Edwin Davies 
Schoonmaker, Nov. 30, 1904; educ 
Transylvania Univ., Univ. of Chicago, 
Harvard; DEGREES: A.B.; AUTHOR: 
Eternal Fires, 1910; The Actual Govern- 
ment of Connecticut; popular speaker 
in the campaign for suffrage in New 
York, 1917; called to Connecticut to de- 
velop a Citizenship Dept. for the Conn. 
Woman Suffrage Assn., (the basis for her 
book, Actual Government of Connecti- 
cut) ; She held classes all over the state, 
carrying on the work so successfully it 
attracted national attention; organized 
a New England Regional Dept. of Citi- 
zenship for Conn., R. I., N. H., and 
Vermont; HOME: 25 Charlton St., New 
York City; OFFICE: 55 Pratt St., Hart- 
ford, Conn. 

SCOTT, ANNA MILLER: Author; born 
Rock Port, 111., Jan., 1871; daughter Dr. 
John and Hattie (Marcy) Miller; educ. 
Northwestern Univ., Univ. of Halle, Ger- 
many; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; marr. 
Walter Dill Scott, July 21, 1898; AU- 
THOR: Flower Babies, A Year With 
the Fairies; CLUBS: Alpha Phi, Phi 
Beta Kappa. Woman's Club of Evans- 
ton; HOME: 819 Lincoln St., Evanston, 

born Hillsboro, Ohio, July 8, 1846; son 
William and Elizabeth J. (Parsons) S.; 
educ., private sens., Miami Univ.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., mar. Bessie W. 
Smart, Oct. 10, 1895; AUTHOR: 
Through Spain, 1896; History of the 
Moorish Empire in Europe, 1904; also 


translated many legal works from the 
Spanish, edited Spanish dept. of the Am. 
Bar Assn., for seven years; now on edi- 
torial staff Am. Bar Assn.; practiced law 
previously to devoting himself to litera- 
ture; ADDRESS: Hillsboro, Ohio. 

srOTT, WILLIAM DILL: University pro- 
fessor; born Cooksville, 111., May 1 1869; 
son James Sterling and Henrietta (Sut- 
ton) S.; educ., 111. State Normal Sch., 
Northwestern Univ., McCormick Theol. 
Seminary, Leipzig Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., Ph.D. mar. Anna, Marcy Miller, 
July 21, 1898; AUTHOR: Die Psycholo- 
gie der Triebe, 1900; The Theory of 
Advertising, 1903; The Psychology of 
Public Speaking, 1907; The Psychology 
of Advertising, 1908; Influencing Men in 
Business, 1911; Increasing Human Ef- 
ficiency, 1911; director com. on Clas- 
sification in U .S. Army; mem. Univer- 
sity Club, (Chicago), Evanston Golf 
Club; HOME: 819 Lincoln St., Evanston, 
111., OFFICE: 1106 City Hall Square 
Bdlg., Chicago. 


Physician and surgeon-Major U.S.A., 
(retired); born Newburgh, N. Y., Oct. 
17, 1851; son Valentine and Anna Ame- 
lia (Ferris) S.; educ., district sch. New- 
burgh Acad., Cornell Univ., Univs. of 
New York, Vienna, Berlin, Edinburgh; 
DEGREES: A.B., LL.D., M.D., (gold 
medallist) also F.R.G.S. (London); mar. 
Fannie B. Freeman, 1889 (d. 1895) 2nd 
Mary Stuart Huntington, 1907; AU- 
THOR: The Real Triumph of Japan; 
From Tokio through Manchuria with 
the Japanese; Restoration of the Army 
Canteen; The Soldier's Ration; The 
Hope of the Philippines; The Army Car- 
tridge Belt and other works on military 
science and equipment; has traveled ex- 
tensively, both in Europe and the East 
in the study of contagious and infec- 
tious diseases, and has visited the Euro- 
pean capitals as delegate to the Inter- 
national Congresses; on active service 
through the Spanish-American War, as 
surgeon; with Japanese forces in Man- 
churia, 1905; special corr., The Inde- 
pendent at the front in the European 
War; CLUBS: Autorhs,' University, 
(Cornell), Metropolitan of Washington, 
Royal Society (London); HOME: 247 
Fifth Ave., New York. 

Boston, Mass., Dec., 1863; dau. Knyvet 
Winthrop and Mary P. C. S.; educ. pri- 
vate sch. and governess; AUTHOR: 
Bronson Alcott's Fruitlands, 1915; 
Gleanings from old Shaker Journals, 
1916; The Bellringer (novel); The Un- 
furling of the Flag (poem), 1917; her 
poem, Peace Anthem, 1920, has been 
set to music by Mr. Densmore; compila- 





tions Prentice Mulford's Works, 1913; 
The Power Within, 1914; Three Unpub- 
lished poems by Louisa A. Alcott, 1919; 
purchased all the estate bought by the 
Transcendentalists, in which communi- 
ty A. Bronson Alcott backed by Ralph 
Waldo Emerson, was prime mover and 
has restored the old house, "Fruitlands," 
where Bronson Alcott initiated the 
''New Eden"; CLUBS: Chilton, Boston 
Authors', Mass. Soc. of Mayflower De- 
scendants, Mass. Genealogical Soc., Wo- 
men's City (Boston) ;. HOME: 132 Bea- 
con St., Boston, Mass. 

born Wayland, Mass., April 20, 1852; 
son Edmund Hamilton Sears, D.D., and 
Ellen (Bacon) S., educ., Boston Latin 
Sch., Harvard Coll.; DEGREES: A.B.. 
(Harvard), A.M., (Washington U. 
1897); mar. Hellen Clark Swazey, 1895; 
AUTHOR: Political Growth in the Nine- 
teenth Century, 1900; The Son of the 
Prefect, 1914; CLUBS: Harvard Univer- 
sity, Round Table, Authors' (London); 
OFFICE: Mary Institute, St. Louis; 
HOME: 4, North Kingshighway, St. 
Louis, Mo. 

SEASHORE, CARL EMIL: Professor 01 
Psychology; born Morlunda, Sweden, 
Jan. 28, 186G; son Carl Gustav and Emi- 
ly C. S.; educ., Gustavus Adolphus Acad. 
Gustavus Adolphus Coll., Yale Univ.; 
DEGREES: B.A., G.A., Ph.D. (Yale); 
mar. Roberta Holmes, 1900; AUTHOR: 
Psychology in Daily Life; Psychology ^* 
Musical Talent; also contbr. articles and 
monographs on fatigue reactions, mental 
work, musical impressions; inventor of 
several instruments for recording pys- 
chological tests; dean Graduate Coll., 
mem. Am. Psychological Assn., A.A.A.S. 
Western Philosophical Assn., National 
Research Council, Iowa Acad. of Science, 
Sigma Xi; CLUBS: Triangle, Country; 
OFFICE: 211 Hall of Liberal Arts, Univ. 
of Iowa; HOME: 815 N. Lynn St., Iowa 
City, la. 

SEELEY, LEVI: Prof, of pedagogy, (ret) 
born Harpersfteld, N. Y., Nov. 21, 1847; 
son Levi and Hannah (Thorge) S., 
educ., Albany Normal Coll. Univ of 
Leipzig, Univ. Jena; DEGREES: M.A., 
Ph.D.; mar. Marie Hesse, July 24, 1896; 
AUTHOR: The American Common 
School . 1890; The Grube Sys- 

tem of Numbers. 1SX7; The Grube Idea. 
1890; Th. ormun Common School Sys- 
tem and its lessons to America, ISiif,; 
History of Kduration, 18!!; Tin- Foun- 
dations of Kducation, 1901; A New 
School Management, 1903; Seeley's 
Question Hook, I'JOfi; Elementary Peda- 
gq&y. r.t'Mi; Teaching its Aims and 
Methods, 1915; contt-r. to rdnl publs.; 
ADDRESS: Amherst; Mass. 


SELLARS, ROY WOOD: University profes- 
sor; born Edmontville, Ont., Canada, 
July 9th, 1880; son Ford Willis and 
Mary Arabella (Stalker) S.; educ. Ferris 
Institute, Big Rapids, Michigan; Univer- 

| sity of Michigan, Hartford Theological 
Seminary, Universities of Chicago and 
Wisconsin; studied in France and Ger- 
many; DEGREES: A.B., University of 
Michigan, 1903; married Helen Maude 
Stalker, June 10th, 1910; AUTHOR: 
Critical Realism, 1916; The Next Step 
In Democracy, 1916; The Essentials of 
Logic, 1917; The Essentials of Philos- 
ophy, 1917; The Next Step in Religion, 
1918; CLUBS: Senior Research; Univer- 
sity; HOME: 1044 Ferdon Road, Ann 
Arbor, Michigan. 

and illustrator; born So. Shields, Eng., 
Aug. 14th, 1860; son of Joseph L. and 
Alice (Snowdon) S.; educ. Toronto Col- 
legiate, Royal Academy, London; mar- 
ried Grace Gallatin, 1896; AUTHOR: 
Wild Animals I Have Known; Life His- 
tories of Northern Animals; Trail of the 
Sandhill Stag; Biography of a Grizzly; 
Wild Animal Play for Children, Lobo, 
Rag and Vixen; Lives of the Hunted; 
Monarch; The Big Bear; Wood Myth and 
Fable; Animal Heroes; The Birch-bark 
Roll; Pictures of Wild Animals; Krag 
and Johnny Bear; Two Little Savages; 
Natural History of the Ten Command- 
ments; Biography of a Silver Fox; Life 
Histories of Northern Animals; Scouting 
for Boys; Rolf in the Woods; The Arctic 
Prairies; Manual of Woodcraft Indians; 
Forester's Manual; Woodcraft and In- 
dian Lore; Wild Animals at Home; 
Preacher of Cedar Mountain; Wild Ani- 
mals' Ways; Woodcraft Boys; Woodcraft 
Girls; Sign Talk; CLUBS: Camp Fire; 
American Institute Arts & Letters; 
HOME: Greenwich, Conn.; OFFICE: 
Greenwich, Conn. 


Author, book designer; born Sacramento, 
Calif.; daughter Albert and Nemie 
(Rhodes) G.; educ. Packer Collegiate 
Inst., Brooklyn; married Ernest Thomp- 
son Seton, June 1st", 1896; AUTHOR: A 
Woman Tenderfoot, 1900; Nimrod's 
Wife, 1907; A. B. C. Zoo Sketches, 1901; 
also song ''If You Were I, Sweetheart ': 
journalist in Paris, France, 1894; contr. 
to San Francisco papers and magazines 
in New York, London and Paris; de- 
signer of books covers, title-pages and 
decorations; CLUBS: Lyceum, London, 
Colony, Pen and Brush, Woman's i 
New York; ADDRESS: Greenwich, Conn. 

SIA UK.\N< I,, IMAIIY OKMAL: l.ilr;u iun : 
born Feb. 15>th. 1867; son Charles 
Lamb and Louisa (Korbush) S. 


Michigan Normal College, Michigan Ag- 
ricultural College, University of Michi- 
gan; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., M. Pd.; 
married Anna M. Lane, Jan. 18, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Guide to Current Serials of U. 
S. and Canada, 1907, 4th ed. 1920; 
Books for Farmers and Farmers' Wives; 
Library Primer for High Schools; A 
Standard Library Organization for Mis- 
souri High Schools; Books for Journal- 
ism Students; Care of Free Text Books; 
CLUBS: American Library Assn., Ameri- 
can Library Institute, Amer. Biblio- 
graphical Society; Missouri State His- 
torical Society; Missouri Library Assn.; 
HOME: 117 Edgewood Ave., Columbus, 
Missouri; OFFICE: Librarian, Univer- 
sity of Missouri, Columbus, Missouri. 

song writer; born Corunna, Mich., Jan. 
27, 1858; daughter John and Winifred 
(Gallagher) Kenney; educ. publ. schs. 
Corunna, St. Xavier's Convent, Chicago; 



Professor of Political Science; born 
Elvira, Iowa, Jan. 29, 1871; son John 
and Eva Ann (Ressler) S.; educ. State 
Univ. of Iowa, Univ. of Pa., Univ. of 
Halle, Univ. of Berlin, Germany; DE- 
GREES: A.M., Ph.D.; married Bertha M. 
Horak; AUTHOR: History of Iowa City, 
1893; History of the Constitutions of 
Iowa; edit. Iowa Journal of History and 
Politics; Debates of Constitutional Con- 
vention of 1844 and 1846; Iowa Biog. 
Series; Iowa Economic History Series; 
Iowa Social Science Series; Iowa Applied 
History Series, Iowa and War Series, 
Iowa Chronr'cles of The World War; 
Head of Dept. of Political Science of 
State University of Iowa; Superintendent 
of the State Historical Society of Iowa; 
CLUBS: Amer. Political Science Assoc., 
Amer. Historical Assoc.; OFFICE: 201 
Liberal Arts Building; HOME: 219 
North Clinton St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

clergyman; born Ireland, Oct. 8, 1853; 
son of Michael and Mary (Madden) S.; 
educ. Charleville Private School, May- 
nooth University, Ireland; DEGREES: 
LL.D., Notre Dame Univ., Mt. St. Mary's, 
Md.; ordained 1876, at Pittsburg; 


married Edward Sharpe, d. 1878; AU- 
THOR: By the Shores of Old Killarney, 
1916; Shebeen, 1916 (fiction); The 
Land of which I Dream, 1914; (songs) 
You Can't Keep an Irishman Down, 
1917; Pulse of My Heart (Sung by John 
McCormack, 1914); Plant the Maple 
There, and other verses (poems); 
CLUBS: League of American Pen Wom- 
en; 1st v.-p. Michigan Authors' Assn.; 
ADDRESS: Detroit. 


AUTHOR: Christian Unity, 1895; Social 
Problems, 1896; Briefs for Our Times, 
1906; and contrib. to periodicals, edit, 
of Altoona Monthly; Prof, of Theology 




and History, St. Michael's Seminary, 
Pittsburg, 1876; founded Pittsburg 
Polytechnic Soc.; mem. Acad. of Science 
and Western Pa. Historical Soc.; was 
first president of the Catholic Summer 
School and for years dir. of the Reading 
Circle Union; is now Rector of St. John's 
Church, Altoona, Pa.; CLUBS: Acad. of 
Science, Historical Soc. University, 
Writers'; ADDRESS: St. John's Rectory, 
Altoona, Pa. 

editor, univ. lecturer; born Sheldon, 
Minn., April 15, 1861; son Roland Fuller 
and Mary Adel. (Hassett) S.; educ. 
Doane College, University of Nebraska; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Nebr., Ph.D., 
Columbia; married Jennie A. Denton, 
1884, d. 1897, 2nd Margaret E. Thomp- 
son, 1907; AUTHOR: Semi-centennial 
History of Nebraska, 1904; Nebraska 
Constitutional Conventions, 1905-1907; 
Poems and Sketches of Nebraska, 1913; 
Report on Nebraska Archives, 1910; lec- 
tured on Nebraska History at Nebraska 
Univ.; originated act of Nebraska Leg. 
which forbids sale of school lands, 
and has helped to keep public 
welfare work active in the State; mem. 
num. economic and sociological assns.; 
CLUBS: Commercial, University of 
Nebraska; ADDRESS: University Hall, 
Univ. of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 

SHELDON, HENRY CLAY: Teacher; born 
Martinsburg, N. Y., Mar. 12, 1845; son 
Ira and Fanny M. (Bingham) S.; educ, 
Yale University, School of Theology of 
Boston Univ., Leipzig Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., S.T.D.; married M. Louise 
McLellan, Sem. 16, 1875; AUTHOR: 
History of Christian Doctrine (4th ed. 
1906); History of the Christian Church, 
1894; System of Christian Doctrine, 
1903; Unbelief in the Nineteenth Cen- 
tury, 1907; Sacerdotalism in the Nine- 
teenth Century, 1909; New Testament 
Theology, 1911; Christian Science, So- 
called, 1913; A Fourfold Test of Mor- 
monism, 1914; Studies in Recent Ad- 
ventism, HtK,; Theosophy and the New 
Thought, 1916; The Mystery Religions 
and the New Testament, 1918; Pantheis- 
tic Dilemmas and Other Essays, 1920; 
CLUBS: Amer. Church History Soc.; 
OFFICE: 72 Mt. Vernon'St., Boston, 
Mass.; HOME: 383 Cherry St., W. New- 
ton, Mass. 

SHELFom>, YI< TOR ERNEST: Univer- 
sity protVssor; born Chemung, N. Y., 
Sept., 1877; son A. H. and Sarah E. 
Shelford; edm . W. Va. Univ., Univ. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: S.B., Ph.D., (Univ. 
of Clnni.uo) ; married M. Mabel Brown, 
19d THOR: Animal Communities 

in Temperate America, 1913; contr. ar- 

ticles on nature study, insects, etc., to 
periodicals; prof, of zoology; Biologist 
in charge Research Laboratories, 111. 
Natural History Survey; CLUBS: Univ- 
ersity; HOME: Urbana, 111.; OFFICE: 
Urbana, 111. 

geologist; b. W. Winsted, Conn., May 15, 
1854; son Samuel and Mary Isabella 
(Dennis) S.; educ. Williams College, 
Waynesburg College, Pa.; DEGREES: 
A.M., Williams Coll.; Sc. D., Waynes- 
burg; married Harriet Alma Ohlen, 
June 28, 1881; AUTHOR: Systematic 
Mineral Record; also several articles in 
U. S. Survey and other scientific jour- 
nals; Curator museum, Roanoke, '78; 
prof. biol. and geol. Waynesburg, '78; 
Drury, 1979-80; dean coll. faculty 1903- 
1908; Acting Pres. Drury, 1893-1894; 
mem. board of managers Mo. Geological 
Surv. 1893 to date; Fellow Geological 
Soc. of America, Mem. Aus. Inst. Mining 
and Met. Engineers, Am. Assn. Petro- 
leum Geologists, Seismological Soc. Min- 
ing Congress, Nat. Geographic; CLUBS: 
Authors', London, Eng.; HOME: 1403 
Benton Ave.; OFFICE: Bureau of Geol- 
ogy, Springfield, Mo. 

SHIELDS, G. O. Lecturer; born Batavia, 
Ohio, Aug., 1846; educ.' Common School 
in Iowa; widower; AUTHOR: The 
Big Game of North America; Cruis- 
ings in the Cascades; American Game 
Fishes; Hunting in the Great West; The 
American Book of the Dog; Camping 
and Camp Outfits; The Battle of the 
Bigi Hole; Col. Shields evolved the idea 
of the Camp Fire Club of America in 
1897, and for six years conducted month- 
ly meetings of that body, which is now 
one of the greatest and most important 
game protective organizations in Amer- 
ica. He served in the Civil War, was 
in 13 hard-fought battles and once, on 
a scouting expedition, narrowly escaped 
capture by troop of Mosby's guerrillas. 
Forty years ago he began to seek legis- 
lation for the preservation of wild life 
and during the past 20 years has de- 
voted nearly all his time to this work. 
He has also gone to Washington many 
times in the interest of federal legisla- 
tion, and it was largely due to his efforts 
that the Lacy Bird Law was enacted; 
has been on the lecture platform 20 
years and has devoted the greater part 
of the last nine seasons to Lyceum and 
Chautauqua work; CLUBS: League of 
Amer. Sportsmen, N. Y. Zoo Society, 
American Forestry; HOME: 1110 Simp- 
son St., New York City. 

SHOWKRMAN. (iK ANT: University profes- 
sor (of Classics); born Brookfleld, \Yis.. 



Jan. 9, 1870; son Hiram S. and Ellen 
(Parker) S.; educ. Univ. of Wisconsin, 
American School at Rome; DEGREES: 
A.B., 1896; A.M., 1897; Ph.D.; married 
Zilpha M. Vernon, Aug. 10, 1899; AU- 
THOR: With the Professor, 1910; 
Ovid's Heroides and Amores, 1914; The 
Indian Stream Republic and Luther 
Parker, 1915; A Country Chronicle, 
1916; A Country Child, 1917; contr. to 
periodicals; professor of classics, Univ. 
of Wisconsin, since 1900; CLUBS: Uni- 
versity; OFFICE: University of Wiscon- 
sin; HOME: 410 North Butler St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

ist and author; born New York, Dec. 1, 
1850; son (eldest) Admiral Robert Wil- 
son and Sarah (Abercrombie) S.; educ. 
private tutors, Cornell Univ., George 
Washington Univ.; DEGREE: M.D.; 
married 1st Catherine Babcock, 2nd 
Florence Audubon, 3rd Alfhild Dagny 
Lowum; AUTHOR: Contributions to the 
Anatomy of Birds, 1882; The Osteology 
of Amia Calva, 1885; Outlines for a 
Museum of Anatomy, 1885; Contribu- 
tions to the Study of Heloderma, 1890; 
The Myology of the Raven, 1890; Scien- 
tific Taxidermy for Museums, 1894; 
Lectures on Biology, 1892; Chapters 
Natural History of the U. S., 1897; Oste- 
ology of Owls, "1900; Osteology of Hero- 
diones, 1901; Osteology of Pigeons, 
1901; Studies of the Human Form. 
1907; The Negro, 1907; Osteology of 
Birds, 1909; Folk-lore Tales of Moe and 
Asbornsen (in colb. with present wife) ; 
An Arrangement of the Families and 
Higher Groups of the Mammalia, 1911; 
Racial Types of Beautiful Women as So 
Considered by Their People, 1911; Re- 
view of Fossil Fauna of Desert Region 
of Oregon, 1913; Further Studies of 
Fossil Birds with Descriptions of New 
and Extinct Species, 1913; America's 
Greatest Problem The Negro, 1915; 
has written 1600 papers, memoirs, etc., 
contr. to periodicals, and has illustrated 
them with over 20,000 of his own draw- 
ings; at present actively engaged in 
authorship; Physician-Major, Med. Corps 
U. S. Army; HOME: 3356 18th St., 

SHUPE, HENRY FOX: Preacher and edi- 
tor; born Scottdale, Pa., Mar., 1860; son 
Daniel W. and ,Mary (Fox) S.; educ. 
Mount Pleasant Inst., Pa., Otterbein 
College, Westerville, Ohio.; Bonebrake 
Theological Semin., Dayton, O.; DE- 
GREE: D.D. (York, Nebr.) ; married 1st 
Susan Stoner, 2nd, Ellwyn Billheimer; 
3rd, Margaret Faist; AUTHOR: Effective 
Endeavor, 1915; Hunger of the Teens, 
1917; ordained 1886; edit. The Watch- 
word (Christian Endeavor jrnl.) since 


1893; sec'y Christian Endeavor work 
of U. B. Church for many years; OF- 
FICE: Otterbein Press: HOME: 91 
Fountain Ave., Dayton, Ohio. 

born Samsonville, N. Y.; son Martin and 
Mary Du Bois S.: educ. Cornell Univ 
Stanford Univ.: DEGREE: PhD (Cor- 
nell. 1892); AUTHOR: Public Speaking 
3; ExtemDore Speaking, 1908: Mas- 
teroieces of Modern Oratory, 1907; The 
Rhetoric of Oratory. 1909: How to De- 
bate. 1917: Oral English and Public 
Sneaking, 1918: nrof. of public sneaking 
pt Stanford (1893-4K Cornell (1894-9) 
Texas (1899); ADDRESS: University' 
Austin, Texas. 


Teacher; born Oxford. Mass.. June, 
1872; son Sumner and Maria F. (Miller) 
S.; educ. Brown Univ. and Case Sen.; 
DEGREES: Ph.B., and M.E.: married 
Annabelle Pearson, June, 1910; AU- 
THOR: Elementarv Mechanical Drawing 
(collab.), a Text Book of Pure Mechan- 
ism, 1913; has held professorships in 
mechanical engineering, Case School Ap- 
plied Science, Cleveland, Univ. of Ala- 
bama; professor and head of engineer- 
ing dept. Univ. of Kansas; now Dean of 
Engineering Univ. of Nevada; CLUBS: 
S?'gma Xi, Lions; HOME: 307 W. Sixth 
St.. Reno, Nev.; OFFICE: University 
of Nevada, Reno. 

SIBLEY, ROBERT; Editor, Journal of 
Electricity; born Round Mountain, Ala., 
Mar. 28, 1881; son Robert Pendleton 
and Susie (Boiling) S.; educ. Univ. of 
California; DEGREE: B.S. (Elec. Eng.); 
married Catharine Stone, Sept. 8, 1904; 
AUTHOR: Elements of Fuel Oil and 
Steam Engineering Practice; also 
numerous contr. on travels in the Orient, 
water powers of the U. S., and other 
engineering articles in the technical 
press of America; has been prof, of en- 
gineering in various univs. and from 
1912 prof, of mech. engineering at Univ. 
of California; editor of Jour, of El. 
from 1911; CLUBS: Facultv. Engineers 
(San Francisco), Phi Beta Kappa, Delta 
Unsilon, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi; OF- 
FICE: 537 Rialto Bldg., San Francisco; 
HOME: Le. Conte Ave., Berkeley, Calif. 

SIMMS, PARIS MARION: Minister, lectur- 
er; b. Lawrenceburg, Tenn., May, 1869; 
son A. F. and Martha Ann Simms; educ. 
Cumberland Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
B.D., Ph.D.; mar. Edna Earl Johnson, 
June, 1893; AUTHOR: What Must the 
Church Do to Be Saved? Presbyterian 
minister, Chautauqua lecturer for past 
10 years, one lecture, "The Calf Path," 
advocates community service church, 



fully equipped and open daily; mem. In- 
ternatl Lyceum Assn; CLUBS: Phi 
Kappa Alpha, Mason; HOME: 3815 
Carpenter Ave., Des Moines, la.; OF- 
FICE: 420 Valley National Bank Bldg. 
Des Moines, la. 

born Baltimore, Md., Sept. 23, 1866; son 
of Charles Simon, Jr.; educ. Gymnasium 
of Hanover, Germany; Johns Hopkins 
Univ., Univ. of Pennsylvania, Univ. of 
Maryland; DEGREES: B.A., M.D.; mar- 
ried Lina Stumm, April 19, 1892; AU- 
THOR: Clinical Diagnosis; Physiological 
Chemistry; Infection and Immunity; 
Human Infection Carriers; Syllabus of 
Clinical Pathology; managing editor of 
American Journal of Hygiene; opened 
1st clinic laboratory in Baltimore, 1897; 
formerly prof, clinical pathology and 
physiology chem., Univ. of Md., Balti- 
more; lecturer on animal parasitic dis- 
eases, School of Hygiene, Johns Hop- 
kins Univ.; mem. Am. Med. Assn., Amer. 
Bio-chem. Assn., Med. and Surg. Faculty 
of Md., and numerous other learned 
societies; OFFICE: School Hygiene, 
Johns Hopkins Univ.; HOME: 1734 
Linden Ave., Baltimore, Md. 

SIMS, NEWELL LE ROY: University pro- 
fessor and clergyman; born Jamestown, 
Ind., Dec. 3, 1878; son Charles and 
Elizabeth S.; educ. Tri-State College, 
Univ. Union Theol. Seminary; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D., B.D.; mar- 
ried Florence Anna McNutt, Sept. 25, 
1912; AUTHOR: A Hoosier Village, 
1912; Ultimate Democracy and its 
Making, 1917; The Rural Community, 
1920; ordained 1904, held several pas- 
torates in Congregational churches; pro- 
fessor of sociology and political science, 
Univ. of Florida, 1915; prof, sociology, 
Columbia Univ. Summer Sch., 1920; 
Rural Sociology, Mass, Agricultural 
Coll., 1920; mem. Amer. Sociol. Soc., 
Amer. Country-Life Assoc., Solvey Inst. 
(Russia); contr. to Amer. Journal of 
Sociology, Political Science Quarterly; 
The Survey, etc.; CLUBS: The Faculty, 
Columbia U.; OFFICE: Mass. Agricul- 
tural College; HOME: Amherst, Mass. 

born Union Square, Oswego Co., N. Y., 
Aug. 4, 1844; son Avery and Charlotte 
(Prior) S.; educ. Mexico, N. Y. Acad.; 
Clinton, N. Y., Liberal Institute; DE- 
GREES: M.A. (Hamilton College); 
L.L.D. (Colgate Univ.); Litt. D. (Tufts 
College) ; married Elizabeth Baldwin, 
Oct. 16, 1873, (d. Mar. 8, 1918); AU- 
THOR- Commercial Attractions of Wa- 
tertown. N. Y., 1876; New York Ques- 
tion Book, 1895; Manual of Patriotism, 
1899- Bright Side, 1910; also Bright- 
side Monthly, 1914-15-16; HOME: 228 


Arsenal St., Watertown, N. Y.; OFFICE: 
Capitol, Albany, N. Y. 

SKINNER, ROBERT P.: Consul-general; 
born Massillon, O., Feb. 24, 1866; son 
August T. and Cecelia (van Rensselaer) 
S. educ. high sch. Cincinnati; married 
Helen Wales, June 17, 1897; first consu- 
lar post at Marseilles, France, later appt. 
consul-gen. Hamburg, Berlin, London; 
hon. pres. Amer. Army and Navy Y. M. 
C. A. in Great Britain; hon. vice-pres. 
Amer. Red Cross in Great Britain; AU- 
THOR: Abyssinia of Today, 1906; 
HOME: Massillon ,Ohio; OFFICE AD- 
DRESS: Amer. Consulate-General, 18 
Cavendish Square, London, Eng. 

burgh, Pa. Dec. 9, 1867; son Rev. George 
Slattery and Emma M. (Hall) S. educ., 
Harvard, Cambridge, Theol. Sch; DE- 
GREES: A. B. Harvard, B. D., D. D. 
Cambridge ,1907, Univ. South D. D. 
1918; unmarried; AUTHOR: The Mas- 
ter of The World; The Light Within; 
Life Beyond Life; The Gift of Immortal- 
ity; Why Men Pray; How to Pray; The 
Authority of Religious Experience; The 
Holy Communion; A Churchman's Read- 
ing; With God in the War; (all on prac- 
tical religion) The Ministry as a Voca- 
tion; The Historic Ministry and the Pres- 
ent Christ; Present Day Preaching, and 
several biographies incl. Felix Reville 
Brunot, Edward Lincoln Atkinson, Alex- 
ander Viets Griswold Allen, David Hum- 
mel Greer, Certain American Faces; dea- 
con 1894, priest, 1895, Rector Grace 
Church, New York, 1910 to present 
time; CLUBS: Harvard, Century; AD- 
DRESS: Grace Church Rectory, 804 
Broadway, New York. 

SLATTERY, DR. JOHN T.: Priest; born 
Albany, N. Y.; educ. Christian Brothers 
Academy, Albany, N. Y.; Manhattan 
College, New York City; Theological 
Studies at St. Joseph's Provincial Sem- 
inary, Troy, N. Y.; post-graduate 
studies: New York State College for 
Teachers; Columbia Univ.; Univ. Col- 
lege, Oxford, England; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: Dante, the Cen- 
tral Man of All the World, "A System of 
Mnemonics," "The Virgin of the Miracu- 
lous Medal;" pastor of St. Patrick's 
Church, Watervliet, N. Y.; prof, of Chris- 
tian Apologetics at St. Rose's College, 
Albany, N. Y.; chairman (1910-20) 
Watervliet Branch Amer. Red Cross; 
president Capital District Conference of 
Charities and Corrections; attorney for 
the Catholic Diocese of Albany, N. Y.; 
HOME: 500 23rd St., Watervliet, Albany 
Co., N. Y. 

University prof.; born Watkins, N. Y., 
July 21, 1861; son Abram and Helen 





(Hanley) S.; educ. Colgate Univ., Univ. 
of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; married Mary Laura Davis, July 
23, 1885; AUTHOR: Series of textbooks 
in 'Mathematics for School and College, 
including Elementary Algebra, Plane 
and Solid Geometry (joint author and 
editor); also editor of Plane Trigonom- 
etry and College Algebra; edit. American 
Mathematical Monthly; OFFICE: Uni- 
versity of Chicago; HOME: 5548 Ken- 
wood Ave., Chicago, 111. 

SLrOSSON, EDWIN EMERY: Assoc. editor 
The Independent; born Sabetha, Kans.. 
June 7, 1865; son William B. and 
Louise S.; educ. Univ. of Kansas, U. of 
Chicago; DEGREES: M.S., Ph.D.; mar- 
ried May Preston, 1891; AUTHOR: 
Great American Universities; Major 
Prophets of Today; Six Major Prophets; 
Creative Chemistry; Easy Lessons in 
Einstein; former prof, of chemistry, 
Wyoming Univ., and chemist Agri. Expt. 
Station, Wyoming; edit. Independent; 
Director of Science Service in Washing- 
ton; Fellow A.A.A S. ; CLUBS: Au 
thors; OFFICE: 1701 Massachusetts 
Ave.; HOME: 1739 Lanier Place, Wash- 
ington, D. C. 

SMALLEY, FRANK: Vice-Chancellor Em. 
of Syracuse Univ.; born Towanda, Pa.; 
Dec., 1846; educ. Susquehannah Colle- 
giate Inst., North West Univ., Syracuse 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., LL.D.; 
married Jane Mather, Sept. 7, 1876; AU- 
THOR: Analysis of Latin Words, 1879; 
Latin Verse, 1884; Selections to Illus- 
trate Roman Literature, 1894; Introduc- 
tion and Notes Cicero's Tusculan Dispu- 
tations 1894; Libretto, Plauti Trinumnu 
1895; Syllabus of lectures on Roman 
History, 1895; Latin Hymns, 1888-1895; 
instr. geology, zoology and botany, 1874; 
1877, subsequently prof, of Latin lan- 
guage and literature, lecturer on Roman 
law, Coll. of Law: dean College of Lib 
eral Arts, acting chancellor, 1908-1909; 
vice-chancellor emeritus of Syracuse 
Univ. since 1917; CLUBS: University 
Syracuse, N. J.; Classical; OFFICE: 
Syracuse University; HOME: 607 Uni- 
versity Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

er; born Warsaw. New York, April 
1873; son W. \V. Smallwood; educ. Syra 
cuse Univ., Harvard; DEGREES: A.B. 
A.M., Ph.D.; married Mabel Sarah Coon 
1889; ATT NOR: College Text Book o: 
Biology; Practical Biology; Biology for 
High Schools; (assisted by Beverly and 
Bailey as joint authors); prof, biology 
and geology, Allegheny Coll.; subseq 
asst. prof, zoology, comparative anatony 
Syracuse Univ.; HOME: 525 Euclid 
Ave.; OFFICE: Syracuse University 


Syracuse, N. Y. 

sor of Philosophy; born Benton Harbor, 
Sept. 14, 1873; dau. Rev. Norman Ailing 
Millerd; educ. Chicago Univ., Grinnell 
College; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., (Grin- 
nell) ; Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago; married 
A. J. Smertenko, Dec., 1919; AU- 
THOR: On the Interpretation of Em- 
pedocles; The Uselessness of Art; and 
numerous articles contr. to magazines; 
from 1894 instructor, assoc. prof, and 
professor of Greek and philosophy at 
Grinnell College; now professor of 
philosophy; CLUBS: Woman's, Grinnell; 
OFFICE: Grinnell College; HOME: 1224 
Sixth Ave., Grinnell, Iowa. 

born Hamilton, Mar. 1870; son Joshua 
and Sarah S.; educ. Swarthmore College, 
Colgate Univ.; DEGREES: M.O., D.D.; 
married Minnie A. Chamberlain. 1894; 
AUTHOR: Life of Russell H. Con well, 
1899; The Making of an Ideal Christian, 
1901: OFFICE: 1215 Merchants Na- 
tional Bank Bldg., Los Angeles; HOME: 
El Monte, Calif. 

ary of the American Board; born Conn., 
July, 1845; son Rev. Albert, D.D., and 
Sarah T. (Stoddard) S.; educ. Beloit 
College, Andover Theol. Semin., Union 
Semin., N. Y. College of Phys. and 
Surg., N. Y.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
D.D., LL.D.; married Emma Jane Dick- 
inson, Sept. 8, 1871; AUTHOR: Chinese 
Proverbs, Chinese Characteristics; Vil- 
lage Life in China; China in Convul- 
sions; Rex Christus; The Uplift of 
China (transl. into German, Swedish and 
Danish); China and America Today; 
Manual for Young Missionaries to 
China; edited: A Pioneer in China; Au- 
tobiography of Dr. W. A. P. Martin; first 
went to China for the Amer. Bd. of 
Foreign Missions in 1872; in siege of 
Pekin, 1900; now missionary-at-large, 
during a visit to America in 1886 apptd. 
pastor of the Union Church, Pasadena, 
Cal.; ADDRESS: T'ung Lsien, Chikli, 

professor; born Abbeville Co., S. C. 
June 30, 1852; son Rev. James F. and 
Julia (Forster) S.; educ. Wofford Col- 
lege. Harvard University, Liepzig Univ.: 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M. (Wofford); Ph.D. 
Liepzig), LL.D. (Wofford); married 
Anna Leland Du Pr6, Aug. 21, 1879, 
(d 1893); AUTHOR: Reminiscences 
and Sketches, 1909; trans. Hertzberg's 
Geschichte Greichenlands, 1900; Thucy- 
cides (in press); also numer. articles on 
literary and technical subj. in philologi- 
cal jrnls. and periodicals; pres. of Amer. 



Philological Assn., 1903; Annual Prof 
of Amer. School for Classical Studies, 
1920-21; formerly held professorships 
for Classical studies, Wofford, Williams 
and Vanderbilt Univs.; modern langs. 
Vanderbilt; prof. Greek and Classical 
Philol., Wisconsin, 1894-1907 (now Em- 
eritus) ; OFFICE: Amer .School forj 
Classical Studies, Athens, Greece; 
HOME: 1715 Kendall Ave.~, Madison, 

born Chicago, July 30, 1876; daughter 
George and Laura (Rountree) S.; educ. 
Platteville Normal School, (grad. 1897); 
teacher in public schs., Platteville, for 
some years; AUTHOR: Bunny Cotton- 
Tail Series; Bear Books; Indian Reader; 
Language Reader; Roly-Poly Book; Lit- 
tle Eskimo; Circus Book; Sixty Musical 
Games; The Pixie Books (The Pixie in 
the House, The Pixie Out-Doors, The 
Pixie in School); contr. to several educ 
and juvenile magazines; HOME: Platte- 
ville, Wis. 

iner; born Chelsea, Mass., Mar., 1869; 
son William A. and Emily A. S.; educ. 
Chelsea public schs. and Munroe Acad.; 
married Elizabeth Bateman, 1905; AU- 
THOR: Gus Harvey, The Boy Skipper ol 
Cape Ann; has made a life study of 
marine affairs, learned shipwright's 
trade at an early age; also attended 
ship drafting classes of the City of 
Boston Free Evening Drwing School, 
graduating as naval architect; for many 
years a yacht master, spent six years 
as officer in deep water ships, and 3 
years as captain of the commodore's 
flagship, Katherine, Corinthina Yacht 
Club, Marblehead; ADDRESS: 12 Front 
St., Marblehead, Mass. 

born Troy, Ohio, Oct. 1847; son Pre 
served and Lucy S.; educ. Dayton (O.) 
High Sch.; Amherst College, Lane 
Theol. Seminary, Univ. of Berlin; DE- 
GREES: A.B., D.D.; married Ann? 
Macneale, 1877; AUTHOR: Inspiration 
and Inerrancy, 1893; The Bible and 
Islam, 1897; A Commentary on the 
Books of Samuel, 1899; Old Testament 
History, 1903; The Religion' of Israel, 
1914; CLUBS: Century; OFFICE: 3041 
Broadway; HOME: 606 W. 122nd St., 
New York City, N. Y. 

and teacher; born Sheffield, Mass., June 
16, 1847; daughter of Almeron and Em- 
ily (Curtiss) Dowd; educ. Westfield 
State Normal, Sum. Schs., N. Granville 
Ladies Seminary; married Dr. H. Hadley 
Smith; AUTHOR: Wayside Leaves, 
1879; Wind Flowers, 1887; Flowers 
From Foreign Fields, 1895; The Value 


of the Church, 1898; Ways, to Win, 
904; contr. for years to publs of Natl 
Temp. Soc. and of Publication House; 
has been for many years officer 
in State, County and Local W.C.T.U. 
Societies; Columbia County Humane 
Soc.; Hudson Hive, L.O.T.M.; Hendrick 
Hudson Chapter D.A.R.; and has been 
energetic supporter of Woman Suffrage; 
taught in Village, Academy and High 
Schs. and for nearly twenty years has 
been super, of Sunday School of the 
Universalist Church; Nat. Temp So- 
ciety. N Y.; ADDRESS: 533 Warren 
St., Hudson, N. Y. 


of Old Testament; born London, Eng- 
land, Dec., 1866; son William and 
Anne (Powis) S.; educ. Des Moines Col- 
lege, Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., 
Ph.D.; married Catherine McKlveen; 
AUTHOR: Commentaries on Micah, 
Zephaniah, Nahum and Malachi, 1912; 
Commentaries on Amos. Hosea and 
Micah. 1914; The P^oph^t and His 
Problems, 1914; W. R. Harper's Ele- 
ments of Hebrew, 1920; W. R. Harper's 
Hebrew Method and Manual, 1921; 
Guide to the Study of the Christian Re- 
ligion (with G. B. Smith, et al.) ; Biblical 
Ideas of Atonement (with E. D. Bur- 
ton and G. B. Smith); CLUB: Quad- 
rangle, Chicago; OFFICE: University 
of Chicago; HOME: 5717 Kimbark Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 



newspaper worker; born Philadelphia, 
Pa.; daughter Henry Pratt and Maria 
(Couthouy) S.; educ. private schs., 
chiefly Miss Anable's, Phila; AUTHOR: 
The Road of Life, Doctor Marks, Social- 
ist, Electric Spirit and Other Poems, 
1906; The Final Star, 1917; the lat- 
ter containing the best of the content of 
the previous two volumes; also 
contr. fiction, patriotic articles and 
verse to N. Y. Tribune and other publs.; 
CLUBS: Woman's Club of Orange, Poet- 
ry Society, National Security League, 
American Defense Society: HOME: 484 
William St., East Orange, N. J. 


Author; born Attica, N. Y., July, 1840; 
Daughter Dr. Noah S. and Esther N. 
Wells; educ. Greenfield, Mass. High Sch., 
Miss Draper's Female Seminary, Hart- 
ford, Conn.; graduated from both; mar- 
ried J^d?e Fayette Smith, Apr., 1875; 
AUTHOR: Old Deerfield Series (4 vols.), 
Young Puritan Series (4 vols.), Jolly 
Good Times Series (8 vols.), Summer 
Vacation Series (4 vols.); was first 
woman employed in a savings bank, in 
Mass., entering the Franklin Savings 
Inst.; Hon. Pres. Conn. Valley Assoc. of 
Alliance Unitarian Women; Pres. Hist. 
Soc., Greenfield; CLUBS: Women's, 
Drama, Greenfield; HOME: 33 High St., 
Greenfield, Mass. 

SMITH, OBERLIN: Engineer; born Cin- 
cinnati, Mar. 22. 1840; son George R. 
and Salome (Kemp) S.; educ. West Jer- 
sey Acad. N. J.. Polytechnic, Phila.; 
married Charlotte Hill; AUTHOR: Press 
Working of Metals, 1896; founded Fer- 
racute Machine Co. and was originator 
of several of, its leading products; is now 
president and engineer of the company; 
has patented many inventions in mechan- 
ical engineering; CLUBS: Lotus, Engi- 
neers, N. Y. Art, "Lochwold"; AD- 
DRESS: Bridgeton, New Jersey. 

and educator; born Groveport, O., Apr. 
7, 1863; son Stephen and Abigail S.; 
educ. Ohio Northern Normal, Ada, Ohio; 
Ohio Wesleyan Univ.; DEGREES: M.S., 
A.M., D.D.; rnarried Jennie Patrick, 
1893; AUTHOR: The Spiritual Value 
of Work; The More Excellent Way; and 
many contr. to theological publs.; foun- 
der, and for four years editor Montana 
Messenger; pres. Montana Wesleyan 
Univ. one chancellor same ten- 

four years; pres. Kansas Wesleyan Univ.. 
seven years; prof, of philosophy in the 
same for five years; mem. Methodist 
Ecumenical Conference, Toronto, 1911; 
arcl of riethod'ist General Conference, 
Minneapolis. 1912; pastor First Meth- 
odist Church, Bozeman; CLUBS: Ro- 


tarian, Phi Beta Kappa; ADDRESS: 
Bozeman, Montana. 

prof, of chemistry; born Cyrene, Pike 
Co., Mo., Dec. 7, 1850; son of William 
H. and Isabella (Fullerton) S.; educ 
Pritchett College, Glasgow, Mo.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M.; graduate course in 
chemistry, Yale, 1875-76; grad work 
Univ. Chicago, 1908; grad. work Colo- 
rado, 1919, and Warrenton, Mo.; LL.D., 
Central Wesleyan College, Mo. 1914;' 
married Emma Marvin Newland, Dec 27 
1877; AUTHOR: Studies in Nature and 
Language Lessons, 1890; In Many 
Moods, (verse) 1900; The Pigeon, a 
Study in American Literature, 1903; Let 
Us Make Men, poem, read at Semi-Cen- 
tennial Exercises of Central Coll., 1907; 
History, 1907; also frequent contr. to 
educ. and rel. publs.; several songs 
(words and music); CLUBS: State 
Teachers' Assn.; Secy.-Treas. Mo. College 
Union since 1907; Nat'l Geog. Soc.; AD- 
DRESS: Central College; HOME: 
Fayette, Missouri. 

professor; born Excelsior Springs, Mo., 
Jan., 1875; son Thomas Henry Smith; 
educ. Mo. Valley College; Univ. of Chi- 
cago, 1900-1902; Harvard Univ., 1902-3; 
DEGREES: (Mo. Valley College) Ph.B., 
(Univ. of Chicago) Ph.D.; married 
Grace Woodward, 1913; AUTHOR: In- 
troduction to Educational Sociology, 
1917; History of Louisiana Territory, 
1904; various magazine articles; 
CLUBS: University; OFFICE: Univer- 
sity of Kansas; HOME: Lawrence, 

Science,. Philosophy, Literature, Criti- 
cism; born Stanford, Kentucky, Oct. 26, 
1860; son Jeremiah and Angeline S.; 
educ. private schools, Kentucky and 
Goettingen Univs.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D. (Goettingen); LL.D.; mar- 
ried Kathleen Merrill, Oct. 25, 1882; 
AUTHOR: Der vorchristliche Jesus, 
1906; Ecce Deus, 1911; Articles on the 
Bible, Enc. Amer., 1920; The Color 
Line, 1905; Modern Geometry, 1893; 
also many articles in Hibbert Journal, 
Monist, Open Court, Amer. Journal of 
Theology and others; Mathematical Defi- 
nitions to latest ed. of New International 
Dictionary to appear shortly; Homer's 
Iliad, translated line for line into Eng- 
lish Quantities, Accented Hexameters; 
widely known as critic on tho Continent 
of Europe, also in England and English 
Colonies; was .delegate of the U. S. 
Govt. to the First Pan-American Scien- 
tific Congress, Santiago, Chile, 1908-9; 
CLUBS: Round Table; HOME: 1409 
Calhoun St., New Orleans; OFFICE: 





Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

physician; born New York City, May 27, 
1868; son William Gordon and Henrietta 
Louise (Kruger) S.; educ. Princeton; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; grad. Gen. Theo- 
logical Seminary, 1892; M.D., Columbia; 
New York Dental Coll., followed by 
post-graduating work in hospitals; mar- 
ried Maud Parson Canfield, June 28, 
1905; AUTHOR: Sunday School Teach- 
ing; Doctrines of the Church; The His- 
tory and Use of the Prayer Book; The 
Making of the Bible; The Ageless Hymns 
of the Church; From the Exile to the 
Advent; Religious Education; The Sun- 
day School of Today; The Elements of 
Child Study and Religious Pedagogy; 
The Student's Historical Geography of 
the Holy Land, 1912; Sunday School 
Atlas, 1910; Lessons on the Life of Our 
Lord Jesus Christ, the Hero-King,. 1919; 
mem. New York Churchman's Assn., 
Alumni Gen. Theological Seminary; 
HOME: 10 E. 130th St.; OFFICE: 4i6 
Lafayette St., New York. 

Worcester, Mass., Dec. 24, 1861; son 
William A. S. Smythe and Abigal 
(Bailey) S.; educ. com. schs., Worcester, 
Mass.; married Harriet Bridge, 1882; 
AUTHOR: The Conquest of Arid Amer- 
ica, 1898; republished in 1906; "Con- 
structive Democracy," 1906; "His-tory 
of San Diego," 1906; The Dignity of 
the New Earth (to appear Sept., 1921; 
CLUBS: Cosmos; HOME: 1622 19th St., 
N. W. Washington, D. C.; OFFICE: 
Cosmos Club, Washington, D. C. 

Dean, Ohio Wesleyan University; born 
Baltimore, Md., Sept. 17, 1866; son 
Rev. Martin and Lydia Anne (Hoffman) 
S.; educ. Wesleyan Univ., Middletown, 
Conn.; Johns Hopkins Univ.; DEGREES: 
B.A., M.A., Litt.D.; married Elizabeth 
Arbuckle Craig, June 24, 1890; AU- 
THOR; Spiritual Truth in Poetry of 
Tennyson; contr to magazines and edu- 
cational publications; has lectured be- 
fore educ. inst. on literary subjects; 
prof, of English (from 1900) and dean 
Ohio Wesleyan I'niv., previously prof. 
Eng. at De Pauvv Univ.; CLUBS: Delta 
Kappa Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa; Mod- 
ern Language Assn.; HOME: N. San- 
dusky St., Delaware; OFFICE: Ohio 
Univ., Delaware, Ohio. 

author; born Hookstown, Pa., Oct. 
1852; son of William and Violetta 
Snowden; educ. Washington and Jeffer- 
son Collar. \YVstern Theological Sem- 
inary, Pittsburgh, Pa.;DEGREES: A.B. 
D.D., LL.D.; AUTHOR: Scenes and Say- 
ings in the Life of Christ; A Summer 


Across the Sea; The World a Spiritual 
System; The Basal Beliefs of Christian- 
ity; The Psychology of Religion; Can We 
Believe in Immortality?; The City of 
Twelve Gates; The Coming of the Lord- 
Will it be Premillennial?; Is the World 
Growing Better?; A Wonderful Night 
The Personality of God; The Truth 
About Christian Science: the Founder 
and Faith; formerly prof, political 
economy and ethics, Washington and 
Jefferson Coll.; editor-in-chief Presbyte- 
rian Banner to 1917; CLUBS: Quiz; 
HOME: 723 Ridge Ave., Pittsburgh, Pa. 

SNYDER, VIRGIL: Professor of Mathemat- 
ics, Cornell Univ.; born Dixon, Iowa, 
Nov. 9, 1869; son Ephraim and Eliza 
Jane S.; educ. Iowa State College, Cor- 
nell Univ., Univ. of Goettingen; DE- 
GREES: BS. Sc., Iowa; A.M. and Ph.D., 
Gottingen, 1894; married Margaret 
Giesinger, Dec. 28, 1894; AUTHOR; 
(with James McMahon), Treatise on Dif- 
ferential Calculus; (with John Irwin 
Hutchinson) Differential and Integral 
Calculus; (with Charles H. Sisam), 
Analytic Geometry of Space; edit. Amer. 
Mathematical Soc. Bulletin, 1903-1920; 
HOME: 214 University Ave.; OFFICE: 
Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. 

cian, pharmacologist, medical author; 
born Cob.urg, Germany, Feb., 1874; son 
August and Adelheid (Erckhardt) S.; 
educ. Paris, Western Reserve Univ., 
Strassburg; DEGREES: M.D., Western 
Reserve Univ., 1896; married Alice M. 
Sersall, 1902; AUTHOR: Manual of 
Pharmacology; Laboratory Guide to 
Pharmacology, 1917; Text Book of 
Materia Medica, 1907; Actions of Drugs, 
1917; prof, pharmacology, Western Re- 
serve Med. Coll. from 1904; CLUBS: 
University; HOME: 14327 Superior 
Rd.; OFFICE, 1353 9th St., Cleveland. 

SOULE, GEORGE: President of Soul6 Col- 
lege, New Orleans; born Barrington, N. 
Y. State, May 14, 1834; son Ebenezer 
and Cornelia (Hodgeboom) S., educ. Law 
and Business Colleges; DEGREES: 
LL.D., Tulane Univ., 1918; married 
Mary J. Reynolds, Sept. 6, 1860; AU- 
THOR: Soul6's Intermediate Philosophic 
Arithmetic; Soul6's Philosophic Practi- 
cal Mathematics; Contractions in Num- 
bers; Soul6's New Science and Practice 
of Accounts; Partnership Settlements; 
Gems of Business Problems; Manual of 
Auditing; member of Louisiana His. 
Soc., Nat. Educ. Soc. Science; Inst. of 
Accounts, N. Y. Assoc. Acctnts., New Or- 
leans; Nat. Educ. Assoc., U. S. Fed. of 
Business Colls., Santa Rosa, Cal.; Amer. 
Social Purity Assoc., Assoc. of Com- 
merce, N. Orleans; Southern Soc. Con- 
gress, Washington, D. C. Amer. Red 





Cross Assn., Assn. of Prevention of Cru- 
elty to Children, Conference of Chari- 
,ties, Grand Com. K. T. Louisiana, 
' Grand Encampment of Jerusalem Tem- 
ple, M. S. Munic. Assn., Dir. N. O. Col- 
lege of Oratory and of Metro. Bank; 
HOME ADDRESS: 3103 Charles Ave., 
New Orleans, La.; OFFICE: 603 St. 
Charles St., New Orleans, La. 


Teacher; born Norfolk, Va., Apr., 1871; 
son James Cocke Southall and Eliza 
(Sharp) S.; educ. Richmond College, 
Univ. of Virginia, Harvard Univ., Johns 
Hopkins; DEGREES: B.A. and M.A.; 
married Jeannie Oliver Abbot, Dec. 23, 
1899; AUTHOR: Principles and Methods 
of Geometrical Optics; Mirrors, Prisms 
and Lenses, 1918; Prof, of Physics, 
Columbia Univ.; HOME: 106 Morning- 
side DriVa, New York City; OFFICE: 
Fayerweather Hall, Columbia University, 
N. Y. 

tella Harkness) : Poet; born Raisin Val- 
ley, near Adrian, Mich., Dec. 22, 1881; 
daughter of Flora Terrill Good Murphy 
and David Harkness; educ. publ. schs., 
grad. from Adrian High School in 1900; 
special literary training under Stuart H 
Perry; married Frank V. Keip, Sept. 23, 
1903; AUTHOR: Along the Gypsy Trail 
(poems), and a large amount of verse 
contr. to journals and magazines, some 
of which were included in the Anthology 
of Newspaper Verse for 1919 and 1920; 
in prep, for early publ. in a volume; 
CLUBS: Bookfellows; Michigan Authors' 
Assn.; Delphian Society; HOME: 424 
Comstock St., Adrian, Mich. 

aecologist; born Sangersfield, N. Y., 
Sept. 7, 1859; son Rinaldo Marshall and 
Mary (Porter) S.; educ. Boston Univ. 
Sch. of Medicine, Harvard Medical 
School, Univ. Vienna, Kings College, 
London; DEGREES: M.D., L.R.C.P., 
Lond., M.R.C.S., Eng., F.A.C.S.; AU- 
THOR: Practical Gynecology; Midwifery 
and Diseases of Women; mem. of num. 
medical and Scientific associations; 
CLUBS: Boston Art, Masonic, Medical 
Library Assoc.; HOME and OFFICE: 
433 Marlborough St., Boston. 


Author; born Syracuse, New York; 
daughter Dr. John and Sarah Van 
Duyn; married Edward Franklin South- 
worth, Apr., 1900; AUTHOR: The Story 
of the Empire State, 1902; Builders of 
Our Country, Vol. I. 1906, Vol. II. 
1907; A First Book in American His- 
tory, 1909; Great Cities of the United 
States (in collab.); Bugle Calls of Lib- 
erty, 1917, (in collab.); A First Book 


in American History, With European 
Beginnings, 1917; ADDRESS: 314 High- 
land Ave., Syracuse, N. Y. 

SPARKS, EDWIN ERLE: College Presi- 
dent; born Newark, Ohio, July, 1860; 
son of Erastus Felton and Sarah Erie 
Sparks; educ. Ohio State Univ.; Har- 
vard; Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES: 
A.B., A.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; married Kath- 
erine Cotton, 1890; AUTHOR: Expan- 
sion of American People, 1889; Men 
Who Made the Nation, 1900; Formative 
Incidents in American Diplomacy, 1902; 
United States of America, 1904; Founda- 
tions of National Development, 1907; 
The Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1858, 
1908; CLUBS: Univ. State College, 
Univ. Harrisburg; ADDRESS: Presi- 
dent's Office, State College, Pa. 

versity Professor; born Rochdale, Eng- 
land, Apr., 1893; son John Spealsman; 
educ. Salford Secondary School, Man- 
chester Univ.; DEGREES: B.Sc., 1st 
Class Honors M.Sc. Robert Platt Re- 
search Scholar; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Papers dealing with the production of 
Acetine and entyl alcohol by a fermenta- 
tion process, and the bio-chemistry of 
the fermentation, J. Soc. Chem. Ind. 
1919, J. Biol. Chem. 1920; CLUB 
Lambton Golf; HOME: 6 Trinity 
Square; OFFICE: Toronto University, 

^oreiern Missions; born Huntingdon, 
Pa., Sept., 1867; son Hon. Robert Milton 
and Martha (McMurtrie) S.; educ. Phil- 
lips Acad., Princeton U.; DEGREES: B. 
A. (Princeton), M.A. (Yale), D.D. (Ed- 
inburgh) LL.D, (Rutgers); mar- Emma 
Doll Bailey, Apr. 20, 1893; AUTHOR: 
The Man, Christ Jesus, 1896; The Man 
Paul; Memorial of a True Life; Remem- 
ber Jesus Christ; Studies in the Book 
of Acts; Studies in Gospel of Luke; 
Christ and Life; Principles of Jesus; 
Missionary Principles and Practice, Pres- 
byterian Foreign Missions; Missions 
and Modern History, 1904; Christianity 
and the Nations, 1910; visited Christian 
missions in Persia, India, Japan, Korea, 
China, Philippines, Siam and S. America; 
CLUBS: Princeton; HOME: Englewood, 
N. J.; OFFICE: 156 5th Ave., New 
York City. 

sociology and ethics; born Mass., Apr. 
1851; daughter Francis and Nancy 
(Carpenter) Garlin; edcc. publ. and oriv. 
collegiate schs.; married Rev. William 
H. Spencer, 1878; AUTHOR: Social 
Ideals of a Free Church; Woman's 
Share in Social Culture; Scarlet Woman, 


or Social Nemesis and Social Salvation;] 
and several other works on social and 
religious subjects; assoc. director and 
staff lecturer New York School of Philan- 
thropy, 190~3-1913; special lecturer on 
Social Service and Education, Univ. 
Wise., 1908-1911; Professor of Sociology 
and Ethics, Theological Sen., Meadville, 
Pa., 1913-1918; lectures at Teachers' 
College, Columbia Univ., N. Y., 1920; 
courses of lectures on Social Aspects of 
the Family; Social Aspects of Education, 
Past, Present and Future of Women's 
Organizations; HOME: 7 High St., 
White Plains, N. Y. 

SPERRY, LYMAN B.: Professor and lec- 
turer; born Chautauqua Co., N. Y., Feb. 
1841; son of Henry and Harriett Lyman 
S.; educ. Oberlin College and Univs. of 
Michigan; DEGREES: M.A., M.D.; mar- 
ried Rosa Harris, July, 1870; AUTHOR: 
Confidential Talks with Young Men; 
Confidential Talks with Young Women; 
Husband and Wife; prof, of geology in 
various univs., incl. Carleton, Minn.; has 
delivered many lectures through the U. 
S. and has made a special study of 
mountaineering and of volcanoes and 
glaciers; CLUBS: Proximo Club, Los 
Angeles; HOME: 119 West Ave. 52, Los 
Angeles, Cal. 


Professor of French, Coll. of Wooster; b 


Leipsic, Saxony, July 10, 1891 (of Am- 
erican parents and ancestry); son Dr. 
W. A. Spring; educ. Worcester Acad., 
1909; DEGREES: B.A., (Univ. of Ver- 
mont, 1913), M.A., (Columbia. 1916); 
2 years graduate work Harvard Univ.; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: The Religion of 
Novalis, The Chateaux of Touraine; and 
num. articles in the field of French and 
German literature in monthly and quar- 
terly magazines; in preparation, Sub- 
jectivism in French literature at the 
height of the Romantic Period; one time 
lecturer in French in Trinity Coll., Uni- 
versity of Toronto; prev. instructor 
German at Univ. of Vermont; CLUBS: 
Delta Psi; Harvard of N. Y.; Military 
Order of Loyal Legion; HOME: Phillips 
Manor, Tarrytown, N. Y.; OFFICE: 
Wooster College, Wooster, Ohio. 

STAHL, JOHN MELOY: born Mendon, 111.; 
Aug., 1860; son Elias and Elizabeth 
(Nitzelle) S.; educ. publ. schs. Quincy, 
high school; mar. Mary Constance 
Platt, June 25, 1900; AUTHOR: Peal 
Farmer, 1908; Just Stores, 1916; The 
Battle of Plattsburg and The Invasion 
of the City of Washington, 1918; Presi- 
dent of the Drama League of America; 
President Society of Midland Authors; 
CLUBS: Arts, Atlas, Caxton, Hamilton, 
Quadrangle, Chicago, National Arts, New 
York City, Arts, Washington, Authors', 
London, England; HOME: 6063 Harper 
^ve.; OFFICE: 3401 Michigan Ave., 
Chicago, 111. 

BECH (Mrs. C. E.); Author, novelist; 
daughter, Jacob and Sine i_Bech) Bron- 
dun: educ., privately; mar. Charles 
Emil Stangeland, Feb. 22, 1912; AU- 
THOR: The Child, 1903; Andrea, 1904; 
Dangerous Age. 1930; Elsie Lindtner, 
1911; The School of Happiness, 1915; 
The New Women of Weinberg, 1916; 
Don Juan, 1919; The Governor; also 
many articles in European and Ameri- 
can Journals; has written also under 
pen-names of Karin Michaelis, Trold, 
and Julian Ralph; ADDRESS: Thuro, 
Svenborg, Denmark. 

thor; born Koprivnica, Jugoslavia, Feb. 
14, 1882; son Stoyan and Kupina S.; 
educ. Zajecar College, Belgrade Univ., 
Columbia Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., M.A., 
M.L., Ph.D.; mar. Beatrice L. Stevenson, 
Nov. 15, 1917; AUTHOR: Omladina u 
Sadashnyosti, 1907; Figure u Pesmaina, 
1907; Prevodi u Srpskim Zabavnicima, 
1908; Pessimisme et Optimisme dans la 
Sociologie; Tolstoi's Theory of Social Re- 
form, 1914; Russian Foreign Policy, 
1916- lecturer on Slavonic Institutions 
in Columbia Univ., N. Y.; CLUBS: Soc. 
Adv. Slavonic Study; Amer. Geogr. Soc.; 



HOME: Park Avenue Hotel, New York 

and literary man; born Detroit, Mic.h., 
Mar. 12, 1864; son Stephen K., and 
Mary B. S.; educ., Harvard and Colum- 
bia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D., 
LL.B.; mar. Hedwig Jeanne Quintard, 
Oct. 6, 1902; AUTHOR: The Essential 
Life; Soul and Circumstance; The Hid- 
den Happiness; Foam Flowers; CLUBS: 
University, New York; OFFICE: 1310 
19th St., Washington, D. C. 

STANTON, THEODORE; Author; born 
Seneca Falls, N. Y., Feb. 10, 1851; son 
Henry Brewster and Elizabeth (Cady) 
S.; educ., College of City of New York, 
Cornell Univ; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
mar. Marguerite Berry Paris, 1881; AU- 
THOR: Woman Question in Europe, 
1884; Life of Rosa Bonheur, 1910; 
edit., Life of Thiers; Manual of Amer. 
Literature; Autobiography; Letters and 
Diary of Elizabeth Cady Stanton; acted 
as res. commissioner in Paris for the 
Chicago Exposition; Officier de 1'Instruc- 
tion Publique; ADDRESS: 5 Avenue de 
1'Opera Paris, France. 

sity Professor; born Chagrin Falls, O., 
Aug. 26, 1866; son Horatio Nelson and 
Addie Munn S.; educ. Canfield Normal 
College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Har- 
vard University, Boston University; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., B.D., Th.D.; 
mar. Addie G. McClain; AUTHOR: Man- 
ual of Patrology, 1899; Fragments of 
Graeco-Jewish Writers, 1907; Primers 
of Hebrew History, 1908; Hebrew Lan- 
guage, 1909; Hebrew Private Life, 
1910; A Working Basis in Religion, 
1912; also has contbr. many articles 
on relig. educ. and on ednc. matters 
generally as well as hist, and arch, pa- 
pers to jnls; instr. and asst. prof. Ohio 
Wes. Univ., 1899-1902; Fin. secy. rel. 
educ. Assn., 1903-4; Pres. secy and 
Univ. Examiner Northwestern Univ., 
1904; Univ. of 111., 1904-06; University 
of North Dakota, 1912-1918; Summer 
8t"dv in Chicago University, Oxford, 
Fngland. Berlin; prof. Fargo College, 
N. D., 1912-18; area educ. secy. A.E.F., 
Y.M.C.A. and A. E.G., in Eng. and France 
1918-19; prof. Bibl. literature and His- 
tory and act. dir. rural work, McKen- 
dree Coll., 111.; asst. edit. Quarterly 
Journal, Univ. of N. D.; CLUBS: Au- 
thors (London), S.A.R., Masons; 
HOME: Lebanon, 111. 

ing Engineer; borji New York C'ty, June 
11, 1886; son Louis Kelvin Steinman 
and Eva (Scollard) S.; educ., Coll. of 
City of New York, Columbia Univ.; DE- 
GREES: B.S., (summa cum laude), Coll. 


City of New York, C. E., Scool of Mines 
(Columbia), A.M., Ph.D.; mar. Irene 
Stella Hoffman, June 9, 1915; AU- 
THOR: Suspension Bridges and Canti- 
levers, 1912; Re-inforced Concrete Arch- 
es, 1915; Theory of Suspension Gridges, 
1914; Awarded gold medal of the Am. 
Soc. of Civil Engineers for paper on Hell 
Gate Arch Bridge; prof, in charge of 
civil and mechanical engineering at Coll. 
of City of New York from 1917-20. 
CLUBS: Columbia University; HOME: 
1037 Madison Ave.; OFFICE: 25 Church 
St., New York City. 

STEPHENS, KATE: Professor of Greek; 
born Moravia, N. Y., Feb., 1853; 
daughter of Nelson Timothy and Eli- 
zabeth Rathbone S., educ., Auburn, N. 
Y., Hartford, Conn., Univ. of Kansas; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; unmarried; AU- 
THOR: American Thumb-Prints; Met- 
tle of our Men and Women, 1905; A 
Woman's Heart, 1906; second ed., under 
title "Pillars of Smoke," 1915; Stories 
from Old Chronicles, 1909, Delphic Kan- 
sas, 1911; (privately printed) The Greek 
Spirit, 1914; The Mastering of Mexico 
1916; Workfellows in Social Progres- 
sion, 1916; Life at Laurel Town; In 
Anglo Saxon Kansas, 1920; limited; 
large paper ed; has ed. many series 
of books and is contbr. of articles on 
status of woman to the Am| supp. of En- 
clop. Brit.; the Forum, Atlantic Month- 
ly and several other periodicals; AD- 
DRESS: Peri and Brush, 134 East 19th 
St., New York City. 

of Plant Pathology; born Syracuse, N. 
Y., April, 1871; son H. B. Stevens; 
educ., Hobart Coll., Geneva, N. Y., Rut- 
gers Coll., New Brunswick, N. J., Chica- 
go; DEGREES: B.L., B.S., M.S., Ph.D. 
(Botany and Bacteriology); mar. Ade- 
line T. Chapman, 1897; AUTHOR: Agri- 
culture for Beginners (with C. W. Bur- 
kett and D. H. Hill) ; Diseases of econo- 
mic plants (with J. G. Hall) ; The Fungi 
Which Cause Plant Disease; The Hill 
Readers (with D. H. Hill and C. W. Bur- 
kett) ; The Practical Arithmetic (with 
T. Butler and A. C. Stevens) ; also a 
number of papers contbr. to scientific 
publications, dealing with bacteriology, 
plant path'ology, nature study and botan- 
ical subject-matter; traveling fellow, the 
Univ. Chicago, visiting Bonn, Halle, Na- 
ples. Smithsonian Institution table at 
Naples; prof, plant pathology, Univ. of 
Illinois, Tield similar professorships 
North Carolina and Porto Rico Colls, 
of Agrjc.; MEMBER: Amer. Assn. ot 
Adv Sci. (Fellow) Am. Breeders' Assn. 
Amer Mycol. Soc.; (Pres.); Amer. Soc. 
Bact.; Amer. Nat. Bot. Soc.; 111. Acad. 
Sci Amer Nature-Study Assn. (chart 
er mem. and vice-pres.) North Carolina 



Acad.; (Fellow and charter mem. pres. 
1905) Sigma Xi; Asso. ed. Phytopath- 
ology and Journal of Bacteriology; 
HOME: 1102 Nevaa St., Urbana, OF- 
FICE, 206 Bot. Annex, Univ. 111., Ur- 
bana, 111. 

Professor and Dean; born Aug. 1864, 
Lima, N. Y.; son Henry F. and Emeline 
S.; educ., Wesleyan Seminary, Lima, N. 
Y., Univ. of Rochester, Syracuse Univ., 
Cicago Univ.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., 
LL.D.; mar. Bertha E. Bowerman, Aug. 
1890; AUTHOR: Outlines of General 
Physics; Theory of Measurements; A 
Dramatization of the Book of Job; Chap- 
el Service Book (with K. P. Harrington 
and A. W. Harris); The English Bible; 
contributed several articles to scientific 
literary and educational publications; 
pres. of Nat. Soc. Pi Kappa Phi; HOME: 

. 175 Main St., Orono, Maine; OFFICE: 
200 Aubert Hall, Univ. of Maine. 

born Snowhill, Md., Dec. 6, 1869; son 
Hugh S. S.; educ., Lehigh Univ., Colum- 
bia Univ.; DEGREES: LL.M., D.C.L.; 
mar. Elizabeth JHelson, April 21, 1909; 
AUTHOR: International Regulation of 
Fisheries on the High Seas; The Book 
of the Pearl, 1909; contbr. numerous 
government reports and mag. articles 
relating to fisheries; CLUBS: Detroit, 
Detroit Golf;- HOME: 27 Edison Ave., 
OFFICE: Hotel Stevenson, Detroit, 

born Saginaw, E. S. Michigan, Aug. 18, 
1879; son George Forbes and Katherine 
(Craig) S.; educ., Northwestern Univ., 
and Western Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: 
A.B., (NW. U.), L.H.D. (Kenyon), D.D., 
(NW.U.); mar. Mary Gertrude Clyde, 
Mar. 31, 1902; AUTHOR: Why Baptize 
Babies?; The Colors of the Republic; 
associate editor Diocese of Chicago; 
CLUBS: University (Chicago), Glenview 
Golf; OFFICE: St. Luke's Offices, Evans- 
ton; HOME: 404 Lee St., Evanston, 111. 

Editor; born Boston, Mass.; daughter, 
Alexander Paton and Mary (Davison) 
S.; educ., publ. and private scbs in Bos- 
ton, and in Glasgow, Scotland; unmarri- 
ed; AUTHOR: The Kindergarten, What 
is it?; The Frances Willard Book, 1906; 
The Christmas Book, 1908; CLUBS: 
New Century; HOME: The Kenneth, 
5101 Willard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. 

STIEGLITZ, AIJFRED; Photographer; 
born Hoboken, N. J., Jan. 1, 1864; son 
Edward and Hedwig (Warner) S.; educ. 
publ. and private schs. and City Coll. of 
New York, studying photo-chemistry, 
mechanical engineering and photography 


in Berlin Polytechnic; mar. Emmeline 
Obermeyer, Nov. 16. 1893; AUTHOR: 
Picturesque Bits of New York, 19.17; 
also many essays r u nd articles on Art 
Photography and scientific photography: 
Winner of about 150 medals, the world 
over, for photography; lion. mem. of 
many Auier. and foreign Photographic 
and Art Organizations; founded and di- 
rected the Photo-Secession, leaing spirit 
of "291" and its Gallery at 291, Fifth 
Ave., Ne\v York; for years centre and 
pioneer of modern movements in art in 
various phases, as well as social evolu- 
tion generally; at "291" unique exhibi- 
tions were held for 13 years, devoid of 
business idea, solely to introduce to the 
American public leaiers of modern art. 
Matisse, Picasso, etc., and bringing for- 
word American painters of the advanced 
schools; Camera Work contains the rec- 
ord of the Photo-Secession and that of 
"291;" HOME: 60 E. 65th St., New 
York; OFFICE: 278 Madison Ave., New 

Zoologist; born Spring Valley, N. Y., 
May 15, 1867; son Rev. Samuel M. S.; 
educ., Wesleyan Univ., College do 
France, Univs. of Berlin and Leipsic; 
DEGREES: A.M., Ph.D., D., Sc., M.D., 
LL.D., mar. Virginia Baker, June 23, 
1897; AUTHOR: Numerous government 
documents U. S. Dept. of Agrie. and 
U. S. Public Health Service; CLUBS: 
Cosmos, Cape Fear, Cape Fear Councy, 
Laboratory, Washington, D. C. 

of Gospel, Lecturer; born Pennsylvania, 
Sept. 1853; son Adam F. S.; educ. Pa. 
Coll., Gettysburg Theological Sem., DE- 
GREES: A.M., Ph.D., D.D.; mar. Mary 
Atland, 1880; AUTHOR: Studies on Re- 
ligious Problems of our Country; Win- 
ter Jaunt Through Historic Lands; The 
Niemans; Baron Stiegel, Letters on 
Sights and Places in the Orient; Seven 
Golden Candlesticks; The Devil's Bride, 
etc.; HOME: 307 W. 18th St., Wilming- 
ton, Delaware. 

STOCKING, JAY T.; Clergyman; born Lis- 
bon, N. Y., April, 1870; son Myron T. 
and Elizabeth T. S.; educ., Ogdensburg, 
Acad., Amherst Coll., Yale Divinity Scr; 
DEGREES: A.B., B.D., D.D., mar. Grace 
C. Porter, Oct. 21, 1903; AUTHOR: 
The City that Never was Reached; The 
Golden Goblet; The Dearest Spot on 
Earth; Mr. Friend o' Man; CLUBS: Cos- 
mos, (Washington, D. C.), Clergy, (N. 
Y.), Country and Commonwealth; 
HOME: 160 Cooper Ave, Upper Mont- 
clair, N. J. 

er, born Rotterdam, Holland, Jan. 9, 



1888; son Hon. Richard Stockton; educ., 
Bordentown Military Institute; grad., 
1905; mar. Helen Beryl Gove, 1907; 
AUTHOR: Peace Insurance, Troops on 
Riot Duty; Guardsman's Handbook; 
instr. Mil. Sc. ; apptd. mem. of bd. to 
write officers' manual; Rec. Am. Cross 
of Honor "for Valor" 1914; HOME: 
437 Greenwood Ave., Trenton, N. J., 
OFFICE: Hq. Army Transport Secvice, 
Hoboken, N. J. 

thor and Journalist; born Louisiana, 
near New Orleans; daugnter Thomas J. 
and Fannie (Wright) J.; educ. Van Nor- 
man Institute, Home Collegiate Inst.; 
Rutgers Coll., Columbia Univ., George 
Washington Univ. Sorbonne DEGREES; 
A.B.; mar. Edward L. Stoddard; AU- 
Guaranis; As Old as the Moon (Cuban 
THOR: Myths of Qunichuas; Legends of 
legends) ; has been foreign correspon- 
dent to American journals and contbr. 
articles to leading periodicals; later be- 
came correspondent for New York Even- 
ing Post from South America and Eu- 
rope; on staff New York Tribune; ed. 
McCall's Magazine, N. Y.; ed. Overland 
Monthly, San Francisco; ed. Pictorial 
Review; CLUBS: Founder and president 
National Pen League and later National 
Literary Association; Rutgers College 
Alumnae; Columbian Women, D.C., Nat. 
Shakespeare Federation; HOME: 2019 
N. St., Washington, D. C. 

and Editor; son Theophilus B. and 
Hannah Wharton S.; born Philadelphia, 
Pa., Feb. 12, 1881; educ. Haverford 
Coll., Harvard, Univ. of Penn; Univ. of 
Munich; DEGREES: A.M., A.M., Ph.D.; 
mar. Elizabeth von Pausinger, Aug. 5, 
1908; AUTHOR: Day Dreams of Greece 
1908; Queen of Orplede, 1910; Sea and 
Bay, 1916;~ Edited plays of William 
Rowley, 1910; Selected Poems of Gustaf 
Froding, 1916 (tr. from Swedish); An- 
thology of Swedish Lyrics, 1917; The 
Charles Men, by Vernon von Heiden- 
stain; Sweden's Laureate, Poems of 
Vernon von Heidenstain (tr. from Ger- 
man); Lyrics of Hugh von Hoffmenthal, 
1918; Also a leading translator in the 
German Classics; ed. of Contemporary 
Verse Anthology, 1920; CLUBS: Au- 
thors', Poetry Soc., Phi Beta Kappa, 
Franklin Inn; OFFICE: Logan P. O., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

President; born at Lima, Michigan: son 
Irving and Mary S.; educ. Univ. of Mich- 
iean, Wisconsin; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
D.D., LL.D.; mar. Lovie Laura Whit- 
comb; AUTHOR: Stopping at an Inn, 
1900; The Cool of the Day, 1902; The 
Outlook, 1904; The Master-Secret, 1913; 
freq. contbr, to relig. periodicals; ord. 


M.E. church, 1884; pastor sev. churches 
in Michigan; pres. Iowa State Coll. of 
Age and Med. Arts; supt. Indianapolis 
Dist. from 1915; CLUBS: Masonic; 
HOME: Berea, Ohio; OFFICE: Baldwin 
Wallace College, Ohio. 

STRAYER, PAUL, MOORE: Minister of 
Religion; born Edesville, Md., Dec. 30, 
1871; son Rev. W. ,M. Strayer and Mar- 
tha (Bevan) S.; educ. Univ. of Chicago, 
Yale, Edinburgh; DEGREES: B.D., 
(Yale), D.D., (Univ. of Rochester); mar. 
Emily Betts Loomis, May 15, 1912; AU- 
THOR: The Reconstruction of the 
Church with regard to its message and 
program, 1915; held pastorate in Pitts- 
burgh, Pa., Crouch Hill (London, Eng.), 
South Norwalk, Conn., and has been 
pastor in 3rd Presbyter. Ch. from 1903; 
CLUBS: City, Alphi Chi, Genessee Val- 
ley; Ad; Rochester Athletic; HOME: 91 
Merriman St., Rochester; OFFICE: 
Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, 
N. Y. 

vist, Michigan Historical Cmmission; 
born Hesston, Kansas, Dec. 5, 1888; son 
Frank Elwin and Lulu Ann S.; educ., 
Univ. of Kansas, University of Michiagn; 
DEGREES: A.B., B.S. in Educ. M.A.; 
mar. Ethel Edgcumbe, May 12, 1920; 
AUTHOR: Political Parties in Michigan 
1837-1860; An Historical Study of Poli- 
tical Issues and Parties in Michigan 
from the Admission of the State to the 
Civil War; (in preparation) Michigan 
Bibliography, A Partial Catalogue of 
Books, Maps, Manuscripts and Miscl. 
Materials Relating to the Resources, 
Development and History of Michigan 
from the Earliest Times to July 1, 1917; 
also in prep., Life of William Wood- 
bridge (second Governor of the State) ; 
contbr. articles to historical magazines, 
(see Addenda, Magazine section), Fel- 
low in History, University of Kansas; 
1911-1912; assistant in European His- 
tory Univ. of Michigan, 1912-13; Fel- 
low in American History Univ. of Michi- 
gan, 1913-14; since 1916, on staff of 
the Michigan Hist. Commn; since 1916, 
Archivist since 1917; CLUBS: Amer. 
Hist. Assn; HOME: 518 Logan St., 
Lansing; OFFICE: Michigan Hist. Com- 
mission, Lansing, Michigan. 

STRONG, ANNA LOUISE; Editor; born 
Friend, Nebraska, Nov., 1885; daughter 
Sydney Strong and Ruth M. (Tracy) S.; 
educ., Oberlin, Bryn Mawr, Chicago 
Univ; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D ; 
AUTHOR: Storm Songs, Song of 
City, Kink's Palace, Boys and Girls of 
the Bible, Ragged Verse, Seattle General 
Strike; Psychology of Prayer; 
Home Rule; organizer of the "Know 
Your City' movements in Seattle, For 



land and elsewhere; expert in exhibi- 
tion work, esp. in connec. with child wel- 
fare; CLUBS: Co-operative Campers, 
Mountaineers, Fine Arts; HOME; 508 
Garfield, Seattle, Wash.; OFFICE: 
Union Record, Seattle, Wash. 

fessor of Psychology; born Aug. 18, 
1884; son Rev. Edw. K. and Mary E. 
(Graves) S.; educ., Univ. Calif.; DE- 
GREES; B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; mar. Mar- 
garet Tower Hart, Sept. 12, 1911; AU- 
THOR: Relative Merit of Advertise- 
ments; Effects of Hookworm Disease on 
the Mental and Physical Development 
of Children; Introductory Psychology 
for Teachers; also technical articles on 
psychology of advertising in business 
magazines; CLUBS: Pgh. Athletic Assn. 
Chamber of Commerce and many other 
Psychological and Educational Socs.; 
HOME: 2322 Tilbury Ave.; OFFICE: 
Carnegie Institute of Technology, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

STUCKEY, LORIN: Executive American 
Colortype Co.; born Washington, C. H., 
Ohio, Aug. 16, 1878; son Samuel N. and 
Mollie (Brown) S.; educ., Ohio State 
Univ., Columbus, O.; Miami Univ., Ox- 
ford, O.; Univ. of Chicago, Chicago. 111.; 
Columbia Univ., N. Y.; State Univ. of 
la., la. City, la.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D.; mar. Mae R. Ashton, Dec. 24, 
1907; AUTHOR: The Iowa State Federa- 
tion of Labor, 1914; prof, history, poli- 
tical science and sociology at various col- 
leges; asst. prof, sociol., State Univ. of 
Iowa from 1915-16; pres. Sayre Col., Lex- 
ington, later director of War Camp Com- 
munity service, Hoboken, now executive 
asst. Amer. Colortype Co.; CLUBS: Ne- 
wark Athletic; HOME: 54 Roosevelt 
Ave., E. Orange, N. J.; OFFICE: 207 
W. 25th St., New York City, N. Y. 

STTJMP, JOSEPH: Professor of Theology; 
born, Marietta, Pa., Oct. 6, 1866; son 
Michael and Leah (Hoover) S.; educ. 
pub. schs., grad. Capital Univ. Columbus, 
Ohio, Lutheran Theological Sem., Phil.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., D.D.; mar. Al- 
ice A. Cooper, June 18, 1898; pastor 
Lutheran Church; AUTHOR: Life of 
Philip Melanchton, Bible Story, 1898; 
Bible Teachings, 1902; Explanation of 
Luther's Small Catechism, 1907; tr. and 
ed. of Starck's Daily Handbook, 1904; 
HOME: 3949 Lake Park Ave., Chicago. 

Singer; born Kildare, Ireland, daughter 
of Thomas Serby and Susan (Wilson) 
Shaw (Summerville assumed); educ 
pub. schs Toronto, Canada'; mar. 1st 
Fred Runnels; 2d Eugene Stephan; AU- 
THOR: Why Be Fat? First appearance 
on stage in English Opera Co., at 8 yrs 
old; since then has created many part; 


under leading theatrical managers in 
New York; sang all contralto roles in 
Gilbert and Sullivan operas, and has 
starred in photoplays for Frohman Co.; 
CLUBS: Actors', Equity, New York Wo- 
men's Democratic Political League, 
Roosevelt Co. of New York State Lea- 
gue (vice-pres.) ; ADDRESS: 1999 
Broadway, New York. 


clergyman; born, Yorkshire, England, 
Feb., 1842; son Thomas and Sarah 
(Broadhead) S.; educ., Collegiate Univ. 
and Chicago Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., B.D.; mar. Eliza Reed, Dec., 1871; 
AUTHOR: Origin and Growth of the 
Bible; A College Town Pulpit; Liberal 
Religion in India; A Pacific Coast Pulp- 
it; Travel and Life in Palestine; The 
Spark in the Clod; James Martineau; 
The Cause of Famine in India; The 
Bible and Bible Country; Oh! To Be 
Rich and Young!; The Orient and Li- 
beral Religion; Rising Japan; Travel 
in the Bible Lnds; ord. 1870; has tra- 
veled extensively in India and lectured 
in theologic. colls, on sociological and 
religious problems of that country; ed. 
The Unitarian Monthly, 1886-95; AD- 
DRESS: 423 West 120th St., New York 


Judge of Superior Court; born Mon- 
treal, Can., Mar. 24, 1875; son Louis 
A., and Hectorine F. ; educ., St. Mary's 
Coll. Laval and McGill Univs.; DE- 
GREES: B.A., and LL.D. (Laval) B.C.L., 
(McGill); mar. Elodie Barnard, Oct. 16, 
1906; AUTHOR: Bench and Bar of Mon- 
treal; also contbr. articles in French 
and English to magazines; ed. Quebec 
Practice Reports; mem. Quebec Bar, K. 
>C., 1909; lecturer McGill Univ. on Legal 
Pleading and Practice; pres. of Junior 
Bar Assn; Officer de 1' Academic Fran- 
caise: officer de 1'Instruction Publique; 
CLUBS; University (Montreal); OF- 
FICE: Court House, Montreal; HOME: 
128 Maplewood Ave., Outremont, Quebec 

TASSEIi: Author; editor and literary 
advisor; born Philadelphia, May 10, 
1861; son Rev. Morris Crater and Elean- 
or (Brush) S.; educ., Princeton Univ., 
(class of 1882); DEGREES; A.B.; AU 
THOR: The Golficide, 1898; The Golf 
er's Alphabet, 1899; The Cardinal's 
Rose, 1900; The Golfer's Calendar 1901; 
The Nineteenth Hole, 1901; The Gates 
of Chance, 1904; The Doomsman, 1906; 
CLUBS: The Players', N. Y.; OFFICE: 
Harper Bros., N. Y.; HOME: Morris- 
town, N. J. 

gineer; born San Francisco, Mar. 2, 18*57 



son Robert and Clara Ann (Fillmore) 
S.; educ., Mass. Inst. of Technology and 
LL.D.; mar., 1st Katherine Kendrick 
Wheeler, 1891; 2d, Mary Hayden Lord, 
1904; 3d, Mary Augusta Rand, 1914; 
AUTHOR: Notes on Hydraulics, 1885; 
Conservation of Water by Storage, 1915; 
also articles on engineering and hydrau- 
lics to periodicals; mem. Boston Transit 
Com. 1894-1918; mem. sev. state com- 
mns. and engineer cons., for appraise- 
ment for state; prof, of civil engineer- 
ing, Tech. Inst., Mass., 1887-1909; from 
that time to date prof, civil engineering, 
Harvard; CLUBS: Art, Commercial, Bos- 
ton City, Harvard, Engineers; OFFICE: 
Harvard Univ.; HOME: 1574 Beacon St. 
Brookline, Mass. 

President; born Winchester, Va., Oct. 
12, 1874; son Edward Pendleton and 
Laura Bertram (Clowe) S.; educ., Uni- 
versity of Virginia; Univ. of Chicago; 
DEGREES: M.A., Ph.D.; mar. Ger- 
trude Dora McBrian, May 21, 1902; 
pres. Woman's Coll., of Alabama from 
1916; AUTHOR: Personal and Dramatic 
Characteristics of the Old in the Dramas 
of Euripides, 1910; Typical Analysis of 
Latin Verb" 1906; also articles for per- 
iodicals; CLUBS: Rotary, University, Pi 
Kappa Alpha, Phi Beta Kappa; AD- 
DRESS: Woman's College, Montgomery, 


old, N. Y., Oct. 10, 1869; son Amos 


Louis and Sarah Elizabeth (Benedict) 
S.; educ., Hobart Coll., Auburn Theol. 
Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., S.T.B., 
Ph.D. (N. Y. Univ.); mar. Margaret 
Stuart, 1895; AUTHOR: Birth and In- 
fancy of Jesus Christ, 1906; Self-Por- 
trayal of Shakespeare, 1906; Study of 
the English Bible, 1914; The Verifica- 
tion of Christianity, 1920; contbr 25 
articles to Interest Standard Bible En- 
cyclopedia, 1915; Prof, of Chris. Theol.. 
and Apolog., Bible Teachers' Training 
School; OFFICE: 541 Lexington Ave., 
New York; HOME: 112 S. 3rd Ave., 
,Mt. Vernon, N. Y. 

Astronomy, Univ. of Nebraska; born 
Jan. 10, 1851; son Lewis S. and Sarah 
(Cook) S.; educ. Beloit Coll., Yale, An- 
dover Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., 
B.D.; mar. Mary Hill, Aug. 1884; AU- 
THOR: New Elementary Agriculture, 
(in collab.) 1903; Practical Exercises 
in Astronomy, 1904; lecturer summer 
schs., Univ. of 111. and Ind.; prof, of 
astronomy and meteorologist, Univ. of 
Nebraska, since 1896; mem. various as- 
tronom. soc. ; CLUBS: Phi Beta, Sigma 
Xi; OFFICE: Univ. of Nebraska, Lin- 
coln; HOME: 2600 R St., Lincoln Ne- 

SAVIFT, EDGAR JAMES: Psychologist; 
Univ. Prof.; born, Ravenna, Ohio, July 
1860; son Charles Edgar and Emily 
(Folger) S.: educ. Phillips Exeter Acad., 
Amherst Coll.; DEGREES: Ph.D., A.B.; 
mar. Claire M. Coburn, Dec. 22, 1908; 
ANTHOR: Mind in the Making, 1908; 
Youth and the Race, 1912; Learning by 
Doing, 1914; Psychology and the Day's 
Work, 1918; lecturer in psychology and 
educn., summer session, Peabody Coll., 
for teachers, and at other univs.; prof, 
psychology and educn. since 1903 at 
Washington Univ.; contbr. articles to 
scientific journals; CLUBS: Algonquin, 
University, Contemporary, Town and 
Gown; HOME: 5560 Gates Ave., St. 
Louis, Mo.; OFFICE: Washington Uni- 
versity, St. Louis, M. 

SWIFT, IVAN: Author; born, Wayne Co., 
Michigan, June 24, 1873; son John and 
Jennie (Birge) S.; educ. Harbor Springs 
High Sch., Petoskey Normal Acad. Art 
Institute, Chicago 3 years; unmarried; 
fought in Spanish War, (1st. 111. Cav.) 
has founded Chippewa Cove Artist Col- 
ony, and is himself a well-known artist, 
exhibiting in New York and Penn. 
Acad.; AUTHOR: The Blue Crane, Fag- 
ots of Cedar; contbr. to magazines; 
SUMMER ADDRESS: Chippewa Cove 
Woods, Harbor Springs, Mich.; WINTER 
ADDRESS: Loft Studios, 48 Adams Ave., 
W. Detroit, Michigan. 



SWIFT, LINDSAY: Editor and Librarian; 
born Boston, Mass., July 1856; son John 
Lindsay and Sarah Allen Swift; educ. 
Roxbury, Mass., Latin Sch., Harvard 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B.; mar. Katharine 
Agnes Jackson, July 19 1881; AUTHOR: 
Brook Farm; Literary Landmarks of 
Boston; William Lloyd Garrison; Ben- 
jamin Franklin, 1910, 1903; contbr. to 
several magazines and historical publi- 
cations; Massachusetts Election Ser- 
mons, 1897; The Great Debate between 
Hayne and Webster; CLUBS: Boston 
City, Loyal Legion; HOME: 388 Park 
St., West Roxbury; OFFICE: Public Li- 
brary, Boston, Mass. 

SYKES, M'CREADY: Lawyer and Editor- 
ial Writer; born Isleham, Va., Dec. 25 
1869; son Rev. Charles L. Sykes; educ. 
publ. schs., Princeton Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B., (Princeton) ; mar. Beatrice M. 
Evans, Oct. 2, 1912; practised law in 
New York and was editorial writer for 
Boise Daily Statesman; edit, staff Brook- 
lyn Institute Arts and Sciences; studied 
practical fruit growing in Boise Valley, 
1916 and 1917; AUTHOR: Poe's Run 
and Other Poems; contbr. to several 
journals; editorial staff of Commerce 
and Finance; LUBS: Authors', Play- 
ers' (N. Y.), Cottage (Princeton); 
HOME: 113 Putham Ave., Plainfield, 
N. J.; OFFICE: 45 Wall Street, New 
York City. 


TABER, STEPHEN: Geologist; born Vic- 
tory, N. Y., April, 1882; son George A., 
and Caroline (Crowell) T.; educ. Stan- 
ford Univ. and Univ. of Virginia; DE- 
GREES: A.B., and Ph.D.; mar. Bessie 
Ray, 1914; AUTHOR: Geology of the 
Gold Belt in the James River Basin, Vir- 
ginia, 1913; also author of over 40 
articles and reports pertaining chiefly 
to earthquakes and the origin of min- 
eral deposits; also Jamaica earthquakes 
and the Bartlett Trough; HOME: Uni- 
versity of South Carolina, Columbia, S. 
C.; OFFICE: Same. 

TALBOT, ELLEN BLISS: College Profes- 
sor; born Iowa City, Iowa, Nov. 22, 
1867; daughter Benjamin and Harriet 
(Bliss) T.; educ., Columbus Ohio publ. 
schs., Ohio State Univ., Cornell Univ., 
Univ. of Chicago, Berlin, Heidelberg; 
DEGREES: A.B., (Ohio State Univ.), 
Ph.D. (Cornell); AUTHOR: The Funda- 
mental Principles of Fichte's Philoso- 
phy; contbr. various articles to phil- 
osophical and psychological journals; 
teacher in Dresden and, Troy high schs.; 
Emma Wil lard Sch., Troy; Sage scholar 
in Philosophy, Cornell Univ.; 'prof, of 
philosophy and head of philosophy and 


psychology dept., Mount Holyoke Coll.; 
mem. Amer. Psycholog. Assn.; Amer. 
Philosoph. Assn.; CLUBS: Kappa Kap- 
pa Gamma, Phi Beta Kappa; OFFICE: 
Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, 

Boston, Mass., Jan. 1878; son George 
N. T.; educ. Brookline High Sch.; Harv- 
ard Univ. and Med. Sch.; DEGREES: 
A.B., (Harvard, 1900); M.D. (Harvard, 
1905); AUTHOR: Diseases of Nutri- 
tion; Infant Feeding, 1915; 2nd ed. 
1920; The Gaseous Metabolism of In- 
fants with Special Reference to the Pulse 
Rate; Muscular Activity, 1914; The 
Physiology of the New-Born Infant, 
Character and Amount of the Katabol- 
ism, 1915; Metabolism and Growth 
from Birth to Puberty, (in hands of 
printer); CLUBS: University, St. Bot- 
olph, Harvard, Union and Brookline 
Country Club; HOME: 311 Beacon St., 
Boston; OFFICE: Cottage Farm Road, 

fessor; born Paterson, N. J., Dec., 
1874; son Robert J. and Emma C. 
(King) T.; educ. Columbia Coll., Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., (1897); 
A.M., (1898) Ph.D., (1908); AUTHOR: 
The Province of New Jersey, 1908; Col- 
umbia University Studies; The Story of 
Old Europe and Young America, 1915 
(joint author with W. H. Mace); 
CLUBS; University Club of Syracuse; 
HOME: 524 Ostrom Ave., Syracuse, N. 
Y.; OFFICE: Syracuse University. 

Professor of Liturgies and Latin Litera- 
ture: born W. Greenwick, R. I., Jan. 
21, 1834; son Joseph and Amy Kinnie 
(Gates) Tanner; educ., comm. schs. 
Plainfield Acad., Plainfield Conn., Brown 
Univ., Providence, R. I., Seabury Divi- 
nity Sch., Fairbault, Minn.; DEGREES: 
A.M. (1857), B.D., (1860) D.D., 
(1904); ord. deacon, 1860, priest 1862; 
mar. Emma Campbell of Vohmtown, 
Conn., Oct. 17, 1857; AUTHOR: Gen- 
ealogy of William Tanner, Jr., of North 
Kingstown, R. I., 1905; and The Gen- 
ealogy of William Tanner, Sr., of So. 
Kingstown, R. I., 1910; also sundry 
unpublished ms., in Registrar's Library; 
HOME ADDRESS: Faribault, Minn. 

TANNER, JOHN HENRY: ..Professor of 
Mathematics, Cornell Univ.; born Ft. 
Plain, N. Y., Mar. 1861; son Charles F. 
and Minnie (Lenz) T.; educ. Clintonj 
Liberal Inst., Cornell Univ., Univ: "of 
Goettingen, Germany; DEGREES: B.S., 
Ph.D.; mar. Clara Martha Williams, 
June, 1903; AUTHOR; /Various mathe- 
matical works; CLUBS: Town and 



Gown; Ithaca Country Club; HOME 
Ithaca, N. Y.; OFFICE: Cornell Univer 


TAPP, SIDNEY C.: Author; born North 
Carolina, Sept., 1870; son Ruffin am 
Malisa T. ; educ. Furman Univ., Chicag( 
Univ.; DEGREES: Ph.D., LL.D.; un 
married; AUTHOR: The Story of Anglo 
Saxon Institutions, or the Developmen 
of Constitutional Government, 1902 
The Struggle, 1905; The Story of th< 
French Revolution; The Truth Abou. 
the Bible the Law of Spirit and the 
Law of Sex;" The Secret of the Confes 
sional; Why Jesus Was a Man and not '< 
Woman; Duality of the Bible; Wha 
Every Man and Woman Should Know 
About the Bible; Sex, the Key to the 
Bible; Inner Secrets of the Bible; The 
Sex Force of the Bible; Why We Die; 
ADDRESS: Box 710, Kansas City, Mo 

TARBELL, MARTHA: daughter Horace S 
and Martha A. (Treat) T.; educ. Indian- 
opolis High School, DePauw Univ., 
Brown Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.] 
Ph.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: Tarbell'_ 
Teachers' Guide to International Sunday 
School Lessons, 1906-22; Geography of 
Palestine in the Time of Christ, 1907; 
In the Master's Country: A Geographi- 
cal Aid to the Study of the Life of Christ' 
1910; also language textbooks ana geo- 
graphical works for schools; CLUBS: 
Kappa Kappa Gamma, College, Woman's 
University, (N. Y.), L' Alliance Fran- 
caise (Orange); ADDRESS: 84 Beach 
St., East Orange, N. J. 

Professor of Economics, Harvard Univ.; 
born St. Louis, Dec. 28, 1859; son Wil- 
liam and Adele (Wuerpel) T.; educ. 
Harvard Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D., 
A.M., LL.B., Litt.D.; married Edith 
Thomas Guild, June 29, 1888; Henry 
Lee prof, of Economics, Harvard, 1901- 
1917; AUTHOR: Principles of Econom- 
ics, 1911; Inventors and Moneymakers, 
1915; Tar'ff^ History of the United 
States 1888; Some Aspects of the Tariff 
Question, 1915; The Silver Situation in 
The United States. 1892; Capital, and 
Wages, 1896; ADDRESS: 2 Scott St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

of English in Ohio State University; 
born Circleville, O., July, 1868; son 
Thomas Russell and Mary (Shoemaker) 
T.; educ. Ohio State Univ., Columbia 
Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; married 
Esther Stafford, 1897; AUTHOR: The 
Overture, (Poems) 1903; Composition 
in Narration, 1909; Wintergreen, 
(Poems) 1911; Columbia Verse, 1897; 
edit. Stedmaji and Hutchinson, Library 
of American Literature, 1882-1902; 
Burton Stevenson's Home Poetry Collec- 


tion contains several of later poems; 
contr. to periodicals; OFFICE: Ohio 
State University, Columbia; HOME- 155 
Thirteenth Ave., Columbus, Ohio. 

TAYLOR, MARY L,. PEARE: Poet, song 
writer; born New York; daughter R. M. 
Peare; educ. Chicago and Cook Co. Nor- 
mal; mar. Charles J. Taylor (divorced); 
AUTHOR: Echoes From Girlhood, 
1904-8; Reaping, 1915; wrote verse at 
very early age, has delivered patriotic 
recitations during the World War to 
large audiences; lodge corr. for Masonic 
papers; CLUBS: Eastern Star, True Kin- 
dred, League Amer. Pen Women; HOME: 
2126 Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

TEELE, RAY PALMER: Economist; born 
Minnesota, Oct. 23, 1868; son Edwin 
and Sarah (Dearborn) T.; educ. publ. 
schs., Iowa, University of Nebraska- 
DEGREES: A.B., 1897; A.M., 1899; 
married Mary B. Hazard, Nov. 11, 1897; 
AUTHOR: Irrigation in the United 
States, 1915; Review of Irrigation Leg- 
islation for New York State Library; 
bulletins for U. S. Dept. of Agriculture 
(See Addenda magazine articles, reports, 
etc.) ; Economist, U. S. Dept. of Agr., and 
special agt. Irrigation, U. S. Bureau 
Census; CLUBS: Delta Tau Delta, Cos- 
mos, Washington; OFFICE: Bureau of 
the Census, Washington; HOME: Cha- 
tham Crt., Washington, D. C. 

and educator; born Exeter, R. L, July 
15, 1833; son Jonathan and Mary 
(Gates) T.; educ. Conn. Literary Inst., 
Suffield, Brown Univ., Rochester Theo. 
Seminary; DEGREES: A.M., D.D.; mar- 
ried Susan Mabel Ham, 1860 (d. 1870), 
1873 2d Emma Thurber Brown (d 
1894); AUTHOR: Curiosities of Heat, 
1870; Institutes of Moral Philosophy, 
1899; ordained 1862; at conclusion of 
Civil War, entered upon educational 
work for the Freedmen from 1874 to 
1883; educ. in Nashville Normal Sch. 
and Theological Ins.; founder and for 
nearly 30 years pres. of Hartshorn Me- 
morial College, Richmond, Va., for col- 
ored young women; HOME: 221 Oak- 
lawn Ave., Meschanticut Park, R. L 

EMPLE, EDWARD LOWE: Author; born 
Winnebago, Wise., May 12, 1844; son 
Charles Temple; educ. Rutland High 
Sch., Vermont, Middlebury College; DE- 
GREES: Hon A.M., Vermont, 1886, Mid- 
dlebury, 1887; married Lucy Graves; 
AUTHOR: The Church in the Prayer- 
book, 1893; Old World Memories, 1898; 
Shakespeare The Man and his Art, 
1913; Twentieth Century Outlook Upon 
Holy Scripture, 1913; One Hundred 
Years of Church Life, 1894; HOME: 
1617 Swan St., Washington, D. C. 





TEMPLE, MARY BOYCE: Welfare worker; 
born Knoxville; daughter of Judge Oliver 
Perry Temple and Caledonia (Hume) T.; 
educ. Vassar; DEGREES: A.B.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR; Margaret Fuller Ossoli, 
1886; and Margaret Fuller Ossoli in 
"Notable Women of Tennessee," 1911; 
biogr. sketch of Judge Perry in Notable 
Men of Tennessee; has taken important 
part in developing rural, ednl. and 
patriotic movements founded by father; 
estab. Plant Foundation at Univ. of Tenn. 
to improve grains, only one in U. S.; 
promoter and contr. to work on educa- 
tional lines, especially agricultural and 
patriotic; State Regent D.A.R. of Tenn.: 
mem. Archeol. Inst. of Amer; vice-pres. 
for life of Tennessee Farmers' Conven- 
tion and Institute; charter mem. George 
Washington Memorial Assoc.; mem. of 
council of Geo. Washington Univ., Au- 
thors' League; CLUBS: Tennessee Press, 
Authors, Knoxville Writers'; HOME: 
316 West Cumberland Ave., Knoxville, 

ogist; born Johnson Co., Ind., Jan. 15, 
1877; son James William and Martha 
(Cutsinger) T.; educ. Central Normal 
Coll., Danville, Indiana Univ., Clark 
Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
fellow in psychology and educ. Clark 
Univ.; married Anna Belle Minton, 
1899; professor psychology and peda- 
gogy, State Normal Sch., Los Angeles, 
1906-1910; asst. prof, and subseq. prof. 
S^a^ord Univ.; AUTHOR: The Teacher's 
Feiltl\ 1913; The Hygiene of the 
Schccl Child, 1914; collab. Health 
Work in the Schools, 1914; Measure- 
ment of Intelligence, 1916; Stanford 
Revision of Binet-Simon Scale of Intel- 
1'gence, 1916; OFFICE: Stanford Uni- 
versity, Calif. 

lor at Law; born Albany, N. Y., Sept. 
16, 1867; son Griffith P. and Eleanor 
(Lasher) T.; educ. Williams College. 
Uriv. of Berlin, Columbia Law Sch.; 
DEGREES: A.B., LL.B.; married Kath- 
erine Lansing Hendrick, June, 1898; 
AUTHOR: Corporation Minute Book, 
1910; Uniform State Laws in the U. S., 
and contr. sev. articles to periodicals; 
three years pres. of the National Con- 
ference of Commrs. of Uniform State 
laws; five years Alumni Trustee of 
Williams College, formerly vice-pres. for 
New York of Amer. Bar Assn.; mem. 
of Executive Committee of same; Dwight 
Prof, of Law, Columbia Univ.; CLUBS: 
University, Union League, Fort Orange, 
(Albany); Oakland Golf, Albany Coun- 
try Club; Phi Delta Phi, Phi Delta 
Theta, Bankers' of America; OFFICE: 
100 Broadway; HOME: 59 East 80th 
St., New York. 


Emeritus of Law, Imperial Univ., Japan; 
born Hartford, Conn., Sept. 19, 1847; 
son Roderick and Sarah A. (Pierson) T.; 
educ. Yale Univ. class of 1869 DE- 
GREES: A.B., LL.D.; married Emily 
Verbeck, July 12, 1872; became prof, 
of law, Imp. Univ., Tokyo, Japan; decor, 
by Emperor 2nd order of the Sacred 
Treasure, and 3rd class order of the 
Rising Sun; twenty-five years prof, of 
law at Tokyo Univ.; AUTHOR: First 
Principles of Anglo-American Law, 
1884; The Common Law, 1898; CLUBS: 
City (N. Y.); HOME: 240 Riverside 
Drive, New York. 

author, scientific fruit-grower; born 
Wilmington, O., Nov. 10, 1857; son 
Joseph and Deborah (Hadley) T.; educ. 
Wilmington College, Union Theol. Sem., 
Univ. of Berlin, American Schools of 
Classical Studies in Greece and Rome, 
DEGREES: A.B. and Ph.D.; unmarried; 
AUTHOR: A Sketch of the History of 
the Apostolic Church, 1894; Europe in 
the Middle Ages, 1896; A Short History 
of Medieval Europe, 1897; A General 
History of Europe, 1898; Studies Con- 
cerning Adrian IV., 1892; Europe in 
The Middle Age (with Prof. E. H. McNeal) 
1920; editor-in-chief of Library of Orig- 
inal Sources, setting forth the ideas that 
have influenced civilization, (10 vols. ), 
1903-05; mem. of Legislature for two 
terms, 1893-1916; chairman of Ohio 
State School Survey Comm., 1912-1913; 
HOME: Beaumont, Calif. 


cian, Professor of Medicine: born New 
York City, Dec., 1856; son Joseph Par- 
rish T.; educ. Yale Univ.; DEGREES: 
Ph.B., M.D.; married Harriet Howard 
Pomeroy; AUTHOR: Practical Dietetics, 
1881; Practical Medicine, 1902; The Oc- 
cupational Diseases, 1914; CLUBS: 
University, Century; ADDRESS: 142 
East 62nd St.. New York City. 

Montreal, Canada, June 6, 1869; 
United States citizen at 21; son F. 
Stuart Douglas and Elizabeth Ryder 
(Ferris) T.; educ. Presbyterian College, 
McGill Univ.; unmarried; AUTHOR: 
Estabelle, 1897; A Day's Song, 1900; 
The Chinese, 1909; China Revolution- 
ized, 1912; Bud and Bamboo, 1913; Fil 
and Filippa, 1917; Chairman, vice-pres. 
and assoc. edit, of "Gateway Magazine," 
for which he does most of the writing, 
especially dealing with Labor-Capi- 
tal, international and constitutional 
subjects; manager of Pacific Mail and- 
T. K. K. trans-Pacific mail lines, 
1901-04; resided in Hong Kong for 
several years, and has traveled widely 
in China and Japan; CLUBS: Transpor- 



tation, New York; HOME: 361 Bergen 
Ave., Jersey City, i\. J. 

gist; born Wiliamsburg, Mass., Aug., 
1874; son Edward R. and Abby B. 
(Ladd) T.; educ. Wesleyan, Harvard, 
Columbia Univs.; DEGREES: A.B., 
A.M., Ph.D.; married Elizabeth Moulton; 
AUTHOR: Educational Psychology, 
1903; Mental and Social Measurements, 
1904; Elements of Psychology, 1905; 
Principles of Teaching, 1905; Animal 
Intelligence, 1911; The Original Nature 
of Man, 1913; Psychology of Learning, 
1914; Education, Educational Adminis- 
tration; CLUBS: Century; OFFICE: 
Teachers' College, Columbia University; 
HOME: Montrose. N. Y. 

Marine Corps; born Northfield, Minn., 
Jan. 17, 1875; son George Carleton and 
Adelaide T.; educ. Carlton Acad., Univ. 
of Minnesota, U. S. N. A., N. Y. Univ., 
Brown Univ., Naval War College, Gen. 
Staff College; DEGREES: A.B., B.S., 
A.M., LL.B.; married Cora Wells, May 
8, 1908; AUTHOR: Pure Logistics, 
1917; Recruit Manual, 1918; CLUBS: 
N. Y. Yacht, St. Nicholas, Wash., Army 
and Navy, Chevy Chase, Phi Beta Kappa, 
Delta Chi, Theta Nu Epsilon; OFFICE: 
General Staff College; HOME: 2843 
Connecticut Ave., Washington, D. C. 

born Theron, N. Y., Mar., 1860; son 
Charles Grandison and Harriet (Corbin) 
T.; educ. Northwestern Univ., Univ. of 
Bonn; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; 
married Lucy B. White: AUTHOR: 
Exercises in Physical Measurement, 
1896; Elementary Physics, 1900; has 
held chair of physics Knox College, Syra 
cuse, and engaged in research work and 
invention in metallurgy, electricity and 
pyrometry; publ. scientific papers on: 
Relation Between Specific Inductive Ca- 
pacity and Chemical Composition of Die- 
lectrics; Internal Temperature Gradient 
in Common Materials; A New Radiation 
Pyrometer; A New Water Battery; A 
Photographic Method of Mapping the 
Magnetic Field; Color Photography by 
the Lippman Process, etc.; CLUBS: En- 
gineers, Phila.; OFFICE: 3339 Lancas- 
ter Ave.; HOME: 45 W. Talpehocken St., 
Phila, Penn. 

President; born New Sharon, Maine 
Nov. 9, 1853; son Joseph P. and Hannah 
M. (Hopkins) T.; educ. Phillips Acad. 
Harvard Univ., Andover Theol. Sem.; 
DEGREES: A.B., D.D., Hon. Litt.D 
married 1st Carrie F. Butler, Sept. 18 
1879, (d. Apr., 1898); 2nd, Mary Gar- 
diner Dunning, Dec. 22, 1906; AUTHOR: 
American Colleges; Their Students and 

Work, 1878; The Reading of Books, 
1883; The Working Church, 1894; 
Within College Walls, 1894; The Col- 
lege Woman, 1894; The American Col- 
lege in American Life, 1900; College Ad- 
ministration, 1900; The Best Life, 1900; 
The Choice of a College, 1901; God in 
His World, 1902; The Youth's Dream of 
Life, 1902; If I Were a College Student, 
1902; A Liberal Education and a Lib- 
eral Faith, 1903; College Training and 
the Business Man, 1906; Higher Educa- 
tion in America; A History, 1906; Ed- 
ucation in the Far East, 1909; History 
of Education in the United States Since 
the Civil War, 1910; Universities of 
the World, 1911; Letters from a 
Father to His Son Entering College, 
1912; Letters from a Father to His 
Daughter Entering College, 1913; The 
Co-Ordinate System of the Higher Edu- 
cation, 1913: The Family: An Historical 
and Social Study, (in collab. with Carrie 
Butler Thwing), 1886, revised 1913; 
The American College: What it is and 
What it May Become, 1914; Education 
According to Some Modern Masters, 
1916; The Ministry, 1916; The Training 
of Men for the World's Future, 1916; 
The College Gateway, 1919; The Ameri- 
can Colleges and Universities in the 
Great War, 1920; CLUBS: Union, Uni- 
versity; OFFICE: Western Reserve 
University; HOME: 11109 Bellflower 
Road, Cleveland, Ohio. 

versity prof.; born Henderson, N. C., 
Aug. 25, 1854; son Rev. John and Eliz- 
abeth (Wyche) T.; educ. Randolph- 
Macon College, Princeton, Wesleyan, 
Northwestern Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., 
LL.D., D.D., S.T.D.; married Kate O 
Schoolfield, Nov. 15, 1888 (d. Sent., 
1889) ; 2d Laura McLoud, Jan. 24, 1894; 
AUTHOR: Our Hymns and Their Au- 
thors, 1889; Discussions in Theology, 
1890; Personal Salvation, Studies in 
Christian Doctrine Pertaining to the 
Spiritual Life, 1902; The Doctrines of 
Methodism, 1906; Hymns and Hymn 
Writers of the Church, 1911; ordained 
minister Meth. Euis. Ch., 1883; pastor, 
Danville, Va., 1880-82; chaplain and 
instr. in Vanderbilt Univ., 1882-1883; 
Ad.iunct Prof. Christian Doctrines, 1883- 
1884; prof., since latter date; dean of 
Theological Faculty, 1886-1919; Dean 
Emeritus since 1919; vice-chancellor 
Vanderbilt Univ. 1886-1920; mem. 
Quadrennial Gen. Confer, of M. E. 
Church, South, 1902, 1906, 1910, 1914; 
ADDRESS: Vanderbilt University, Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 

er, writer and lecturer; born Rhiriebeck, 
N. Y., June 24, 1861; daughter Rev. 
Heman R. and Martha (Bigelow) T.; 



educ. priv. schs. and special courses 
Wellesley and Cornell Univs.; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: Cricket, 1895; Cricket 
at the Seashore, 1896; Cricket and 
Eunice, 1897; What Came to Winifred. 
1898; Dorothy Dot, 1899; A Nest of 
Girls, 1900; The Opportunity of a 
Teacher, 1907; April Fool Twins, 1908; 
and many contr. to leading magazines; 
principal of The Misses Timlow's School, 
Washington, D. C.; CLUBS: D.A.R.; OF- 
FICE: 1600 Scott Circle, Washington, 
D. C. 

born Conegliano, Venice, Italy, May 5, 
1858; son J. B. and Elisabeth (Sartori) 
T.; educ. Conegliano; grad. Conservatory 
of Music, Milan, Italy; studied music in 
Vienna; DEGREE: Prof, of Music; 
COMPOSER: Songs, violin pieces, or- 
chestra symphonies; married Margherita 
Rebecci, June 3, 1896; teacher, Conserv. 
of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio; dec. Chev- 
alier of the Crown of Italy; ADDRESS: 
Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

TOBENKIN, ELIAS: Author; born Russia, 
Feb. 10, 1882; educ. Univ. of Wisconsin; 
DEGREES: B.A., M.A.; married Rae 
Schwid, Sept. 20, 1907; AUTHOR: Witte 
Arrives, 1916; The House of Conrad, 
1918; reporter and editorial writer on 
several San Francisco journals, and 
Hearst newspapers; contr. to magazines 
chiefly articles on sociology; ADDRESS: 
C/o Frederick Stokes Co., New York 
City; HOME: 710 Walnut St., Mil- 
wa 1 kee, Wis. 

TODD, ARTHUR JAMES: Professor of so- 
ciology, Univ. of Minnesota; born Peta- 
luma, Calif., May, 1878; son Hugh and 
Clara (Trller) T.; educ. publ. schs. of 
Calif., Univ. of Calif., and Univs. of 
Aix, Marseilles, Paris, France, 
Munich and Yale; DEGREES: B.L. and 
Ph.D.; married Martha Gaddis, Sept. 
14, 1904; AUTHOR: The Primitive 
Family as an Educational Agency, 1913; 
Theories of Social Progress. 1918; The 
Scientific Spirit and Social Work, 1919; 
co-author, Democracy and Reconstruc 
tion, 1919; and of College Teaching, 
1920; Prof. Sociology Univ. Minn, since 
1915; dir. of training course for social 
pnd civic activities from 1917; pres. 
Central Council of Social Agencies, Min- 
neanolis; CLUBS: Chicago City, Minne- 
apolis City, Six O'clock, Campus, Social 
Workers: OFFICE: 415 So. Franklin 
St., Chicago, 111.; HOME: 616 10th Ave., 
S.E. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Clinical Pathology; born Shreve, Ohio, 
Mar. 17, 1874; son Joe H. and Ophelia 
C. T.; educ. Swarthmore College, Woos- 
ter College, Univ. of Pennsylvania; DE- 
GREES: Ph.B., M.D.; married Edith B. 


Brownfield, Apr. 15, 1902; AUTHOR: 
Clinical Diagnosis (rev. edit. 1908-12- 
14-18); prof, pathology, Univ. of Colo- 
rado; HOME: 848 Tenth St., Boulder; 
OFFICE: University of Colorado, Boul- 
der, Colo. 

TODD, MABEL LOOMIS: Author, musi- 
cian; born Cambridge, Mass.; daughter 
Prof. E. J. Loomis and Mary Alden L.; 
educ. Waverly Seminary, Washington, 
D. C., and N.E. Conservatory of Music, 
Boston, Mass.; married Prof. David 
Todd, Mar. 5, 1879; AUTHOR: Foot- 
prints, 1883; Emily Dickinson's Poems, 
3 vols., 1890, 1891, 1896; Emily Dickin- 
son's Letters, ed. with notes, 2 vols., 
1894; Total Eclipses of the Sun, 
1894; A Cycle of Sonnets, edited, 1896; 
Fourteen Weeks in Astronomy, steele, 
edit, to date, 1899; Corona and Coronet, 
1898; A Cycle of Sunsets, 1910; Tripoli 
the Mysterious, 1912; has traveled ex- 
tensively with Prof. Todd to observe 
eclipses in various parts of the world, 
Japan, Chile, East Indies, etc.; founder, 
pres. for twenty years and now hon. pres. 
Amherst Historical Society; founder, 
regent for ten years and now hon. reg. 
Mary Mattoon Chapter, D.A.R., Amherst; 
CLUBS: Cosmopolitan, Springfield, 
Mass.; Boston Authors', Connecticut 
Valley Historical Society; hon. mem. 
Amherst Woman's Club; HOME: Win- 
ter, Matsuba, Cocoanut Grove, Fla. ; sum- 
mer, Mavooshen, Muscongus, Me. 

TOLAND, EDWARD DALE: Schoolmaster; 
born Philadelphia, Dec. 11, 1886; son 
Edward Dale and Charlotte Graham 
(Rush) T.; educ. St. Paul's Sch., Con- 
cord, N. H.; Princeton Univ.; DEGREES: 
Litt.B.; married Esther R. Howell, June 
26, 1917; AUTHOR: Aftermath of Bat- 
tle; bus. mgr. Morgan Harjes & Co.; 
Field Hospital, Paris, France, 1914, 
1915; spl. agt. Amer. Relief Clearing 
House, Paris, 1916; active service 64th 
Inf. A.E.F.; teacher St. Paul's School; 
CLUBS: Racquet, Phila; Cricket; AD- 
DRESS: St. Paul's School, Concord, 
N. H. 

and Prof, of Greek; born S. Scituate, 
Mass., Nov. 4, 1865; son James and 
Mary T.; educ. Yale Univ. and Univs. 
of Berlin and Munich; DEGREES: B.A., 
Ph D. D.D., S.T.D., LL.D.; married Mary 
W. Wells, Aug. 26, 1891; AUTHOR: 
Christi Imago, or The Christed Life; Via 
Crucis, Lessons of Holy Week; Urbs 
Beata, or the Perfect Life; The Art of 
Translating; Harper and Tolman's Cae- 
sar's Gallic War; Harrington & Tolman's 
Greek and Roman Mythology; Kerr and 
Tolman's Greek Gospel of Matthew; Tol- 
man and Stevenson's Herodotus and Em- 
pires of the East; Tolman and Scoggin's 



Mycenaean Troy; Tolman's Ancient Per- 
sian Lexicon and Texts; Tolman's 
Ancient Persian Language and Cunei- 
form Supplements; editor Vanderbilt 
Oriental Series (9 vols.); co-editor: 
World's Progress, (10 vols.); also 
contr. articles on philological and 
archaeological subjs. to reviews; prof, 
of Greek since 1894, Vanderbilt Univ., 
since 1914; dean of College of Arts and 
Science, Vanderbilt' Univ.; CLUBS: 
mem. of various learned societies; 
HOME: Vanderbilt University, Nash- 
ville, Tennessee. 

man; born New York City, Feb. 7, 1850; 
son Floyd Williams and Eliza (Dunham) 
T.; educ. Charlier French Inst., New 
York, Harvard, Univ. of Pennsylvania, 
Temple College, Univ. of the South; 
DEGREES: B.A., D.D., LL.D., S.T.D.; 
married Ann Maria Grant Cutter; AU- 
THOR: The Christian Life, 1896; Fol- 
lowing Christ, 1900; My Best Friend, 
1901; Beacons on Life's Voyage, 1904: 
Helps Toward Nobler Living, 1908; The 
Faith and Life of a Christian; 1909; 
Prayers for the Quiet Hour, 1910; Sun- 
shine on Life's Way, 1912; contr. week- 
ly articles for the Phila. Public Ledger 
on the S. S. Lesson, for many ears; 
CLUBS: Union, League of Phila.; City; 
ADDRESS: 1904 Walnut St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

and publisher; born New Brunswick, N. 
J., Feb. 8, 1888; son Everett Titsworth 
and Anne (Greene) T.; educ. Newark 
Acad., Princeton Univ., New York Law 
Sen.; DEGREES: A.B., L.L.B.; married 
Gabrielle Prout, Jan. 10, 1917; AU- 
THOR: To the Land of the Caribou, 
1914; The Camp on Bass Island, 1915; 
The Strange Gray Canoe, 1916; The 
Trail of Black Hawk, 1916; The Trail 
of Tecumseh, 1917; Bob Cook and the 
German Spy, 1917; Bob Cook and the 
German Air Fleet, 1918; Bob Cook ana 
the Winged Messengers, 1919; Bob Cook 
and the Bomb Plot, 1920; CLUBS: Ivy 
Nassau, Princeton of New York; AD- 
DRESS: Princeton, N. J. 


Museum Curator; born Philadelphia 
Pa., May, 1873; son Charles E. and 
Zetta E. T.; educ. Central Manual Train- 
ing High Sch., Phila,; taking many 
special courses; married Martha T. Me 
Candless, 1904; AUTHOR: Commercia 
Raw Materials, 1905; since 1904 hai 
been curator of Philadelphia Museum! 
with superintendence of exhibits and o 
ednl. work of museum in connectior 
with schools throughout State of Pa. 
lecturer on commercial geography 
CLUBS: Schoolmen's; OFFICE: Com 
mercial Museum; HOME: 4008 Spruce 


St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

born Hoboken, N. J.; son Reuben Slay- 
ton and Elizabeth A. (Swift) T.; educ. 
Yale, Univ., studied Leipzig and Erlan- 
gen, Germany; one time supt. of Moody 
Bible Inst.; toured England, Scotland. 
Ireland, Australia New Zealand, Tas- 
mania, France, Germany, China, Japan 
and India, evangelical mission work 
1902 and 1903; has since revisited 
Great Britain, 1905; AUTHOR: How to 
Bring Men to Christ, How to Obtain 
Fullness of Power; The Baptism with 
the Holy Spirit; What the Bible 
Teaches; Divine Origin and Authority 
of the Bible; How to Work for Christ; 
How to Promote and Conduct a Success- 
ful Revival; Revival Addresses; How to 
Study the Bible for Greatest Profit; 
Talks to Men; How to Pray; Vest-Pocket 
Companion for Christian Workers; Ten 
Reasons Why I Believe the Bible is the 
Word of God; Ought Christians to Keep 
the Sabbath; Real Salvation and Whole- 
hearted Service; The Bible and Its 
Christ; How to Succeed in the Christian 
Life; Anecdotes and Illustrations; Les- 
sons in the Life and Teaching of Our 
Lord; Difficulties and Alleged Contradic- 
tions in the Bible; Practical and Perplex- 
ing Questions Answered; The Person 
and Work of the Holy Spirit; The Return 
of the Lord Jesus; The Wondrous Joy 
of Soul Winning; The Voice of God in 
the Present Hocr, and many others; 
HOME: Montrose, Pa., and South Pasa- 
dena, Calif. 

of Mathematics and head of Math. Dept., 
Univ. of Illinois; born Litchfield, Mich., 
Feb. 22, 1865; son Warren and Henriette 
(Crocker) T.; educ. Albion Coll., Mich- 
igan Univ., Chicago Univ., Gottingen 
Univ. (Germany); DEGREES: Ph.B., 
Ph.M., Ph.D., LL.D.; married Belle Mil- 
ler, June 24, 1891; AUTHOR: Founda- 
tion of Geometry, trans. German of Hil- 
bert, 1902; First Course in Calculus, 
with Prof. Goodenough, 1910; Essentials 
of Calculus, 1910; Theory of Functions 
of a Complex Variable, 1915; asst. prof, 
of maths. 1893; assoc. prof. 1895-1905; 
prof, since that date, Dean College of 
Science of Univ. of 111., 1905-13; CLUBS: 
Delta Tau Delta, Sigma Xi, University; 
OFFICE: 334 Nat. Hist. Bldg., Urbana, 
111.; HOME: 510 John St., Champaign, 

TRACY, JOHN CLAYTON: Professor of 
Civil Engineering; born Willimantic, Ct., 
Nov. 3, 1869; son John Theodore and 
Annie (Downer) T.; educ. Hillhouse 
High Sch., New Haven, Yale Univ.; DE- 
GREES: Ph.B. and C.E., Yale; married 
Elizabeth Blakeslee, Oct. 23, 1894; AU- 




THOR: Introductory Course in Mechani- 
cal Drawing, 1898; Aesthetic Elements 
in Engineering Design; Plane Surveying, 
1907; Some Experiments in Reading 
Leveling Rods and Stadia Rods, 1908; 
Bridge Design, 1900; Exercises in Sur- 
veying, 1908; Descriptive Geometry, 
1914; prof. civ. engineering, Yale Univ., 
since 1915; mem. Soc. for Promotion 
of Engineering Educ., Amer. Soc. Civil 
Engineers; CLUBS: Graduates; OF- 
FICE: Winchester Hall, Yale University; 
HOME: 345 Winthrop Ave., New Haven, 

TRACY, FREDERICK: Professor of Ethics, 
Toronto University; born Claremont, On- 
tario, Canada, May, 1862; son Alfred 
Tracy; educ. Pickering College, Univ. of 
Toronto, Clark Univ.; DEGREES: B.A., 
Ph.D.; married Charlotte Haines, 1893; 
AUTHOR: Psychology of Childhood; 
Psychology of Adolescence; The Teacher 
and the School; OFFICE: University of 
Toronto; HOME: 173 Walmer Road, 
Toronto, Canada. 

sician; born Richmond, Va., Apr., 1874; 
son Jno. Randolph and Fannie Booth 
(Crump) T.; educ. publ. schs., High 
Sch., Va. Military Inst. and Medical 
College of Virginia; DEGREES: M.D.; 
married Elsie Boyd, Apr., 1907; AU- 
THOR: Sketch of Life of Weir Mitchell, 
1914; Nervous Children, 1915; acted as 
asst. Dr. Weir Mitchell, later as adj. 
prof, nervous and mental diseases, Med. 
Coll. of Va.; prof, same from 1912; pres. 
and founder of Tucker Sanatorium, Inc., 
physician in charge; contr. verse and 
scientific articles to periodicals; CLUBS: 
Writers' of Va., Westmoreland Country, 
and University of Rihcmond; OFFICE: 
212 W. Franklin St., Richmond; HOME: 
2700 Monument Ave., Richmond, Va. 

TITLE Y, HENRY ENOS: Physician; born 
Louisville, Ky., Jan. 11, 1870; son Enos 
Seth and Mary (Sneed) T.; educ. com- 
mon, High schs., Univ., Louisville; DE- 
GREES: A.B., M.D.; married Ethel 
Brown Engelbach, June 26, 1894; AU- 
THOR: Obstetrical Nursing, 1902, 
1912; Pediatrics, 1904; Diseases of 
Children, 1905, 2nd ed. 1913; ex-edit. 
Journal of Medicine and Surgery, Miss. 
Valley; dean and Prof. Pediatrics of 
Med.Dept. of Univ. of Louisville; CLUBS: 
Miss. Valley Med. Assn. (secy.), Pen- 
dennis, Country, Elks. ADDRESS: 
Supt. City Hospital, Louisville, Ky. 

itor; born "Echo Hill," Antlers, Va., 
July, 1867; daughter Edward Henry 
and Petronella (Lee) Turpin; educ. 
Hollins Collese; AUTHOR: The Lee 
Readers; History of the American Peo- 

ple; Honey Sweet; Happy Acres; 
Abram's Freedom; Peggy of Round- 
about Lane; Treasure Mountain, 1920; 
The Old Mine's Secret, 1921; Whistling 
Jimps (to appear 1922); joint author 
of textbook on Agriculture (with A. M. 
Soule) ; editor of school textbooks, etc; 
mem. Amer. Hist. Assn., Farmers' 
Union; HOME: "Echo Hill," Antlers, Va. 


Clergyman, M. E.; born Bordentown, N. 
J., Feb. 28, 1844; son Rev. James M. 
and Marararet (Dickerson) T.; educ. Pen- 
nington Seminarv, Wesleyan Univ., Drew 
Theol. Sena.: DEGREES: B.A., M.A., 
B.D , Ph.D., D.D., S.T.D.; married Char- 
lotte Gamewell, 1872; AUTHOR: The 
Jew, 1889; Analysis of Romans, 1892; 
The Young Man, 1901; The Living 
Word, 1904; Safe and Sure, 1906; Life 
of Mary Porter Gamewell, Missionary 
in China, 1907; Letters from Palestine 
and Egypt, Nathan Bangs, 1909; The 
Exodus, 1911; Egypt to Canaan, 1912; 
contr. articles to Met. Review; HOME: 
149 William St., East Orange, N. J. 

ney-at-Law; born Ann Arbor, Mich.; son 
Daniel Sawin and Delia (Scott) T.; 
educ. Univ. of Kansas and Univ. of 
Michigan; DEGREES: LL.B.; married 
1st, Margaret O. Collins, 1885, (d. 
1899); 2nd, Estelle Bennett, 1916; AU- 
THOR: Military Occupation of New Mex- 
ico, 1846-1851, 1909; Leading Facts of 
New Mexican History, 1910; Spanish 
Archives of New Mexico, 1914; editor 
and publr. of Old Santa Fe, a Historical 
Quarterly; author of historical mono- 
graphs dealing with southwestern, early 
Spanish and Mexican history; vice-pres. 
and dir. of Historical Society of New 
Mexico; has taken prominent part in 
direction of reclamation and irrigation 
projects: 1st vice-ores. Natl Irrig. Con- 
gress; CLUBS: Santa F6; OFFICE: 
Salmon Bldg.; HOME: 107 Bower Place, 
Santa Fe, New Mexico. 


Clergyman; born Penllyn, Pa.; son Her- 
bert Benezet and Mary (Stuart) T.; 
educ. Hamilton Sch., Harvard, Oxford, 
(Eng.) ; DEGREES: M.A. (Oxford) ; mar. 
ried 1st Katherine Emily Rosengarten, 
(d. 1915), 2nd, Anna Gertrude W. 
Mullins, 1917; AUTHOR: The Teaching 
of Our Lord as to the Indissolubility of 
Marriage, 1909; dea:on, 1894; priest, 
1897; special prchr., Oxford, 1899-1903; 
prof. New Testament, Univ. of South, 
1908-1913; lecturer and preacher, New 
York, since that year; CLUBS: Colum- 
bia, Oxford Union; HOME: Princeton, 
N. J.; OFFICE ADDRESS: Cathedral of 
St. John, New York. 




of Latin, Univ. of Iowa; born Chicago 
111., Aug. 18, 1882; son Louis and 
Eleanora (Fried) U.; educ. Chicago High 
Schs., Univ. of Chicago; DEGREES 
A.B., Ph. D. ; married Mary L. Bates 
Sept. 1, 1909; AUTHOR: Identification 
of the M.S.S. of Catullus, cited bj 
Statius, 1908; Aims and Methods o 
High School Latin, 1913; numerous ar 
tides in "Classical Philology" and in 
''American Journal of Philology"; assoc 
edit. Classical Journal; prof, of Latin in 
Iowa Univ.; mem. of Amer. Philol 
Assn., Archeol. Inst., America; Classica 
Assn., Pittsburgh and vicinity; Am 
Assn. of Univ. Profs.; OFFICE: Univer 
sity of Iowa; HOME: 112 S. Governor 
St., Iowa City, Iowa. 

novelist, translator, short-story writer; 
born Phillips, Maine, 1873; daughter Al- 
bert and Alice (Howard) Worthley; 
educ. private tutors, high sch., Garfielc 
Univ., Wichita, Kansas; Univ. of Mich- 
igan; married Earl Underwood, 1897; 
AUTHOR: The Book of Dear Dead 
Women; The Whirlwind, A Novel of the 
Russian Eighteenth Century; An Orchid 
of Asia, (fiction) ; Songs from the Plains; 
The Garden of Desire; Love Sonnets to a 
Spanish Monk; The Book of the White 
Peacocks; (verse); Evenings in Little 
Russia; Gogol; Songs of Hafiz; Sonnets 
from the Crimea; Adam Mickiewicz; 
Short Stories from the Balkans; Moons 
of Nippon, Translations from Poets of 
Old Japan: Famous Stories from Foreign 
Countries; (translations); The Dance 
of a Thousand Veils (ballet, produced 
in Paris many years ago) ; Letters From 
a Prairie Garden, (letters to a great ar- 
tist) ; contr. verse, prose and transla- 
tions to periodicals; has introduced many 
new poets and prose writers of South 
America to American readers, transl 
from Portuguese and Spanish; reade 
eleven modern languages and one ancient 
one; is descended from Lady Mary Wort- 
ley Montague and from John Alden 
cousin of Madame Nordica, late prima 
donna of grand opera, Metropolitan Op- 
era House,; mem. Society of Arts and 
Sciences, Modern Language Assoc. of 
America, Modern Humanities Assn. of 
England, (formerly Modern Language 
Research Assn. of England); D.A.R.; 
CLUBS: Authors' League; OFFICE: 54 
Hamilton Grange Station, N. Y. City; 
HOME: 644 Riverside Drive, New York 


UNTERMEYER, LOUIS: Author and Jew- 
eler; born New York City, Oct., 1886; 
son Emanuel and Julia (Michael) U.; 


educ. De Witt Clinton High Sch.; mar- 
ried Jean Starr, 1907; AUTHOR: The 
Younger Quire, 1910; First Love, 1911; 
Challenge, 1914; "and Other Poets" 
(parodies); These Times, 1917; trans, 
and selec. Poems of Heinrich Heine, 
1917; contr. magazines and reviews; 
edit. The Masses; mgr. jewelry factory, 
Newark, N. J.; OFFICE: 71 Nassau St., 
New York; HOME: 310 W. 100th St., 
New York City. 

born Briston, R. I., Nov .21, 1862; son 
Samuel Foster and Lucy Graves (Smith) 
U.; educ. Boston Latin Sch., Wesleyan 
Univ., Drew Theol. Sem., Syracuse Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M., B.D., D.D.; mar- 
r'ed Fannie Williamson, Apr. 28, 1891; 
AUTHOR: Simon Peter, Fisherman, 
1903; Thomas Coke, 1909; Simon Peter, 
Shepherd, 1910; ordained 1888; held 
several pastorates, incl. Summer Ave. 
Church, Brooklyn, 1917; pres. Martha's, 
Vineyard Camp Meeting Assn.; pres. 
Union Missionary Training Inst., Brook- 
Ivn; CLUBS: Phi Nu Theta, Phi Beta 
Kappa; OFFICE: 150 Fifth Ave.; 
HOME: 37 Barry Ave., Monaroneck, N. 

cian; born Norfolk, Va., Feb. 14, 1848; 
son George Littleton and Sarah And- 
rews (Parker) U.; educ., Norfolk Mili- 
tary Acad., Va. Milit. Inst., Med. Coll. 
of Va.; DEGREES: M.D.; mar. Lucy T. 
Whittle. Nov. 9, 1873, (d. 1876); 2d 
Elizabeth S. Peterkin, Dec. 11, 1879; 
AUTHOR: Disorders of Menstruation 
and numerous papers; Chapter on Dis- 
eases of Children Supplem. vol. Keat- 
ings Encyclopedia; Veteran of Civil War; 
Surgeon General, retired; Division Con- 
federate Veterans Army of Northern Va., 
was mem. of New Market Corps, Va. 
Milit. Inst.; represented the 
New Market Corps at unveiling of Mem- 
orial Statue, "Virginia Mourning Her 
Dead," 1903; del. address; Hon. Fellow 
State Medical Soc. of West Va.; Ex-pres. 
and Hon. Fellow State Medical Soc. of 
Virginia; Tri-State Med. Assn. of The 
Carolinas and Virginia; mem. American 
Medical Assn.; ADDRESS: 1103 Frank- 
lin St., Richmond, Va. 



S.T.D; Priest and Writer; born Cameron 
Feb. 16, 1870; son Daniel D. and Fran- 
ces (Holland) V.; educ., Syracuse Univ. 
Hobart Coll., St. Stephen's Coll., Univ. 
of Bishops Coll., Quebec; Alfred Univ.; 
DEGREES: Ph.D., Ph.M., M.A., S.T.D., 
L.H.D., D.C.L., LL.D.; unmarried; Eng- 
lish tutor, Rutger's Coll. 1890-91; rec- 



tor Ch. of the Epiphany, Trumansburg, 
New York, 1896; Grace Parish, Elmira, 
New York, 1897; Rector of Parish of 
the Advent, Boston, Mass., since 1902; 
AUTHOR: has contbr. to several per- 
iodicals under-pen name "Presbyter Ig- 
notus;" editor staff Living Church and 
also Constructive Review; CLUBS: Au- 
thors' (London), Boston Authors', Bos- 
ton City, Players' (New York), Clergy, 
Twentieth Century (Boston); AD- 
DRESS: Rectory of the Advent, 28 
Brimmer St., Boston, Mass. 

VANCE, JAMES ISAAC: Presbyterian 
Minister; born Arcadia, Tenn., Sept. 25, 
1862; son Charles R. and Margaret 
(Newland) V.; educ., King Coll., Union 
Theol. Sem.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
D.D., LL.D.; mar. Mamie Stiles Currell, 
1886; AUTHOR: Young Man Four 
Square, 1894; Church Portals, 1895; 
College of Apostles, 1896; Predestina- 
tion, 1898; Royal Manhood, 1899; Rise 
of a Soul, 1902; Simplicity in Life, 
1903; A Young Man's Make-up, 1904; 
The Eternal in Man, 1907; Tendency 
1910; Life's Terminals, 1917; Silver 
and the Iron Cross, 1920; ord., 1886; 
pastorates, Wytheville, Alexandria, Nor- 
folk, Va., Nashville, Tenn., North Ref 
Ch., Newark, N. J., Nashville, Tenn.; 
OFFICE: 154 Fifth Ave., HOME: \ 18 
21st Ave., S. Nashville, Tenn. 

Professor, born Lexington, 111., May 21, 
1875; son Rev. Samuel Elbridge and 
Kate (Frame) V.; educ., Lake Forest 
Univ., 111., Princeton Theol. Sem., Mc- 
Cormick Theol. Sem., Univs of Mar- 
burg, Berlin, Jena; DEGREES: A.B., 
(Lake Forest Univ.) B.D. McCormick 
Theol. Sem.; Blackstone Fellowship, Mc- 
Cormick Theol. Sem.; Ph. D. (Jena); 
mar. Elizabeth M. Wood, 1906; AU- 
THOR: Beitraege zur Byzantinischen 
Kulturgeschichte, 1907; ordained minis- 
try (Presbyterian) 1903; prof. Bible In- 
struction Coll. of Wooster O.; CLUB: 
Century Wooster; HOME: 918 Bever St., 
Wooster, Ohio. 


Author; born Louisville, Ken., Jan. 12, 
1877; daughter Joel Mayo and Nannie 
(O'Bannon) Womack; educ., publ. and 
private schs., Louisville; mar. John 
Vandercook, 1900; AUTHOR: Ranch 
Girls' Series, 1910; The Loves of Am- 
brose, 1913; Camp Fire Series, 1913; 
contbr. to magazines; HOME: Winter, 
Gramercy Park, N.Y., No. 9; Summer, 
Leonardo, N. J. 

orian; born Tecumseh, Mich., Oct. 16, 
18G9; son Lawrence M. and Helen V. ; 
educ., Univ. Mich., Leipzig, Univ. of 
Pennsylvania; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 


Fellow of Royal Hist. Soc. mar. Belle 
Josselyn, 1896; AUTHOR: The Loyal- 
ists in the American Revolution, 1902; 
Guide to the Archives of the Govern- 
ment of the United States in Washing- 
ton (collab. W. G. Leland), 1904; The 
American Revolution (collab. Prof. A. 
C. McLaughlin), History of the United 
States, 1911; ed., The Letters of Dan- 
iel Webster, 1902; contbr. to several 
encyclop. on historical subjects; lec- 
tured in French univs. on the Founda- 
tion of Harvard, 1914; contbr. news- 
paper syndicates while bicycling over 
the Rockies, and through Europe, canoe- 
ing down the Danube, 1300 miles; 
mem. Amer. Hist. Assn. Natl. Inst. of 
Social Science; ADDRESS: Ann Ar- 
bor, Michigan. 

VEBLEN, THORSTEIN: University pro- 
fessor; educ., and graduated Carleton, 
College, Johns Hopkins; DEGREES: A. 
B., (Carleton), Ph. D. (Yale), fellow eco- 
nomics (Cornell); AUTHOR: The 
Theory of the Leisure Class; The Instinct 
of Workmanship; Imperial Germany and 
the Industrial Revolution; An Inquiry 
Into the Nature of Peace; The Higher 
Learning; The Vested Interests; The 
Place of Science in Modern Civilization; 
taught in Chicago, Leland Stanford 
and Missouri Univs.; manag. ed. Journal 
of Political Economy, 1898-1918; AD- 
DRESS: The New School for Social 
Research, 465 W. Twenty-third St., New 
York City. 

VECKI, VICTOR G.: Surgeon; born Agram, 
Jugoslavia, Dec. 8, 1857; son John and 
Katherine Vecki de Gjrkovecki; educ., 
Agram Imp. and Royal Univ., Vienna; 
mar. Minnie A. Schroeder; AUTHOR: 
Pathologie und Therapy der maenlicli 
Impotenz. 1897; Warum Tolstoy Aertze 
hasst und Liebe verachtet', 1892 (cen- 
sored): Pathology and Treatment of 
Sexual Impotence, 1915; Prevention of 
Sexual Diseases, 1910; ADDRESS: Phy- 
sician's Bldg., San Francisco, Calif. 

VIAL.Ii, ETHAN: Editor; born Kalamazoo 
Mich., Aug. 17, 1873; son Ethan and 
Mary Ophelia (Conklin) V.; descendant 
of John Viall, Boston, Mass, colony 01! 
1630; educ., Bloomington Grammar and 
high schs., and Chicago night school; 
unmarried; AUTHOR: Machine Shop 
Catechism, 1913; Manufacture of Artil- 
lery Ammunition, 1916; United States 
Rifles and Machine Guns, 1917; 
Broaches and Broaching, 1917; Welding 
and Cutting, 1920; also numerous arti- 
cles on technology of metal working; 
assoc. ed. "Machinery," New York 1909- 
11; subseq. assoc. ed., American Machi- 
nist, New York, 1911-17; manag. ed., 
1917-19; editor-in-chief, 1919 to date; 
Onward Mfg. Co., 1893-98 as foreman; 



Ford Motor Co., tool maker in experi- 
mental shop, 1903-04; supt., Whelpley 
Payson Co., Chicago, 1904-05; later in- 
dep. tech. writ, for Amer. Machinist; 
Machinery; Power; American Black- 
smith; Foundry; Mo ifrn Machinery 
and other journals; m;m. Am. Soc. of 
Mechanical Engineers; Soc. Automotive 
Engs; Franklin Ins; Am. Assn. for 
Advancement of Science; Am. Assn. for 
Testing Materials; Am. Welding Assn.; 
Am. Soc. for Steel Treating; Natl. Geog 
Soc.; CLUBS: Masonic (32 deg.), Kt. 
Templar and Shriner; OFFICE: 36th 
St. and 10th Ave., N. Y.; HOME: 19 
Lenox Ave, East Orange, N. j. 

and Editor; born, Munich, Germany, 
Dec. 31, 1884; son Louis and Laura V.; 
educ., City of New York Coll., DE- 
GREES: A. B.; mar. Margaret Edith 
Hein; AUTHOR; A Game at Love, and 
Other Plays, 1906; A Litany of Na- 
tions, 1906; Nineveh and Other Poems. 
1907; (German edit., 1906); House of 
the Vampire, 1908; Confessions of a 
Barbarian, 1910; Candle and the 
Flame, 1912; Songs of Armageddon, 
1916; Viereck-Chesterton Debate, 1915; 
Roosevelt, 1919; ed. The Fatherland, 
now known as the American Monthly, 
for years, ed. of the International, and 
assoc. ed. of Current Opinion; OFFICE: 
202 East 42nd St., HOME: 30 West 
90th St., New York City. 

and Teacher; born Sandwich, N. H., 
1855; son Stephan and Ruth (Tappan; 
V.; educ., Dartmouth and Yale Univ., 
Grinnell; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., B.D., 
D.D.; mar. Annie Griswold, May 16, 
1889 (d. 1903); AUTHOR: Church 
Festivals in a Meetinghouse, 1888; 
Faith on the Frontier, 1890; Head of 
he Firm, 1891; Cheesehopper and His 
Dogs, 1892; A Modern Dreamer, 1920: 
CLUBS: "33" of Muscatine, la., Phi 
Beta Kappa; Summer ADDRESS: North 
Sandwich, N. H.; Winter, 212 W. 3rd 
St., Muscatine, Iowa. 

VON MACH, EDMUND: Author and Publi- 
cist; born Aug. 1, 1870; son Edmund 
tnd Melanie von Mach; educ., Stolp, 
Schulpforts, Harvard Univs.; DE- 
GREES: A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; mar. Mary 
Ware Pierce, June 23, 1903; AUTHOR: 
Greek Sculpture, Its Spirit and Princi- 
ples; Handbook of Greek and Roman 
Sculpture; Outlines of the History of 


June 1919 to June 1920 in Viereck's 
The American Monthly; The German 
Viewpoint in the Boston Evening Trans- 
cript, Oct. 1914 to May 1915; HOME: 
Little Gaffert, West Brooksville Me. 


Painting; The Art of Painting in the 
39th Century; What Germany Wants; 
Germany's Point of View; Dinlomatic 
Documents Relating ,lo the Outbreak 
of the European War; Why Europe is 
at War; (the chapter on Germany) ; 
Am. ed. of the Allgemeines Kunstler- 
Lexicon (Leipzig) Historical Leaflets 

and Organist; born Buffalo, N. Y., 
daughter Franklin Abernethy and Eli- 
zabeth (Flint) W.; educ., Buffalo Sein., 
and Bufialo Central High Sch,; unmar- 
ied; AUTHOR: A Garden in Pink, 
1905; The Stained Glass Lady, 1906; 
The Island of Make-Believe, 1914; 
Anne, Princess of Everything, 1916; The 
Magic Stone, 1917; Organist of the 
Christ Church (Ep'scopal) Westport, 
125, Norwalk, HOME: 2 Eversley Ave., 
Norwalk, Conn. 

1875; son Joseph Bennett and Mary 
Bradford (Gooding) W.; educ., New 
Bedford publ. schs., Wesleyan Univ., 
Conn.; DEGREES: B.S.; mar. Ethel A. 
Nicholson, Aug. 19, 1908; AUTHOR: 
Diamonds, A study of the Factors that 
Govern Their Value, 1916; A Text 
Book of Precious Stones, 1918; How 
to Buy Diamonds Wisely, 1920; Foun- 
dations of Chemistry (with Prof. A. A. 
Blanchard), 1914; A Teachers' Hand- 
book (with Prof. A. A. Blanchard), 1915; 
A Laboratory Manual (with Prof. A. A. 
Blanchard), 1916; ed. (chemistry) 
School Science and Mathematics; Fel- 
low Indiana Acad. of Science; CLUBS: 
Psi Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa; Presi- 
dent Indiana section Am. Che. Soc.; 
OFFICE: Shortridge High School; 
HOME: 729 Congress Ave., Indianapolis, 

born Sunderland, Eng., Nov., 1858; son 
Samuel John and Mary (Sweeten) W.; 
educ., private schs., Glasgow Univ., 
Calif. Univ.; DEGREES: M.D.; mar. 
Emma M. Uren, 1886; AUTHOR: The 
Thompson Country, 1907; The Found- 
ing of Kamloops, 1912; contbr. short 
stories and articles to magazines; prac- 
ticed as physician to 1904; now Police 
Magistrate and Judge, Kamloops; 
CLUBS: Vancouver Press; HOME: 
Kamloops, B. C., Canada. 

WADE, MARY HAZELTON: Writer; born 
Boston, Mass., March, 160; daughter 
Charles H. and Caroline Cecilia Blan- 
chard; educ., publ. and private schs., 
Maiden, Mass.; mar. Louis Francis 
Wade; AUTHOR: Little Japanese Cous- 
in, 1901; Little Brown Cousin, 1901; 
Little Indian Cousin, 1901; Little Rus- 



sian Cousin, 1901; Little Eskimo Cous- 
in, 1902; Little African Cousin, 1902; 
Little Philippine Cousin, 1902; Little 
Hawaiian Cousin, 1902; Little Cuban 
Cousin, 1902; Little Porto Rican Cous- 
in, 1902; Little Italian Cousin, 1903; 
Little Swiss Cousin, 1903; Little Siam- 
ese Cousin, 1903; Little Norwegian 
Cousin, 1903; Little German Cousin, 
1904; Little Turkish Cousin, 1904; Ten 
Little Indians, 1904; Little Armenian 
Cousin, 1905; The Coming of the White 
Men, 1905; Ten Big Indians, 1905; Old 
Colony Days, 1905; Indian Fairy Stor- 
ies, 1906; Building the Nation, 1907; 
Ten Indian Hunters, 1907; New Little 
Americans, 1908; Little Folks of North 
America, 1909; The Wonder Workers, 
1912; White Bird, the Little Indian, 
1912; Dolls of Many Lands, 1916; 
Swift Fawn, 1916; Timid Hare, 1916; 
Leaders to Liberty; Twin Travelers in 
the Holy Land; ADDRESS: 44 E. Mans- 
field St., Hartford, Conn. 

WAGNALLS, MABEL: Author, Pianist; 
born Kansas City, Mo.; daughter Adam 
Willis and Anna W. ; educ., entirely at 
home until she took up the study of 
music abroad, at Paris, Vienna, Berlin; 
married Elmer E. Hull, (divorced in 
1900); first appearance (Europe) Ber- 
lin, first American Appearance with 
Theodore Thomas Orchestra, New York, 
Jan. 1891; AUTHOR: Miserere, 1892; 
Selma the Soprano, 1899; Stars of the 
Opera, 1899; The Palace of Danger. 
1908; The Rosebush of a Thousand 
Years, 1908; these works have been 
translated into German, Polish, Swed- 
ish and Esperanto; originated the "Im- 
agery of Music" series of piano recitals, 
1917; ed. of musical terms in New 
Standard Dictionary; CLUBS: National 
Arts, Poetry Society of America; HOME: 
1 Lexington Ave., New York City. 

born St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 29, 1870; son 
Hugh Kiernan and Mary Ann (Elliott) 
K. ; educ., publ. schs. of St. Louis, Cen 
tral High School; mar. Annette Elliott 
Hill, June 7, 1893; admitted to bar, 
1897; AUTHOR: The Relations of Ses- 
sion and Trustees, 1906; Damages, Pro- 
fits and Accounting in Patent, Copy- 
wright, Trade-mark and Unfair Com- 
petition Cases; annot. edit. Revised Code 
of St. Louis, 1914, 1918; Trade-marks; 
Suffer Little Children and Forbid them 
not to Come unto Me, Bibliotheca Sac- 
ra., Oberlin, O.; mem. Missouri Legisla- 
tcre, formerly chairman of Finance Com- 
mittee of Republican State Com- 
mittee of Missouri; mem. American 
Patent Law Assn.; Chicago Patent Law 
Assn., Life mem. Soc. of Authors, Lon- 
don, England, mem. Sons of Am. Rev., 
Assn. of Amer. Soc. of Mechanical En- 


gineers; mem. Soc. of Pat. Ing. of Paris, 
France; CLUBS: St. Louis, Century, 
Sugar Tree, Missouri Athletic Assn.; 
OFFICE: 211 Calumet Building, HOME: 
Hotel Statler, St. Louis, Mo. 

sor of Philosophy; born Lincoln, R. I., 
Aug., 29, 1869; son Charles Stuart ana 
Mary Katherine (Leary) S.; educ. Wor- 
cester, Mass., Acad., Brown Univ., Col- 
umbia Univ., Union Theol. Sem.; DE- 
GREES: A.M., Ph.D., B.D.; unmarried: 
AUTHOR: The Kantian and Lutheran 
Elements in Ritschl's Conception of 
God, 1904; Tsing Hua Lectures on 
Ethics, 1919; prof. Greek and Latin, 
1904-05; Philosophy and Greek, Dean 
Blackburn Coll., Carlinville, 111., prof, 
psychology and lecturer on ethics, Tsine: 
Hua Coll., Pekin, China; CLUBS: Delta 
Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa; HOME:* 1489 
W. Minnehaha St., St. Paul, Minn. 

WALD, LILLIAN D.; Social Worker, Au- 
thor and Lecturer; born Ohio, March, 
1867; daughter Max and Minnie W.; 
educ. private schs., New York Hospital 
Training Sch., Women's Med. Coll., Hoi- 
yoke Coll.; DEGREES: L.L.D.,; unmar- 
ried; AUTHOR: House on Henry Street; 
M. A. and G. R. ; founded Nurses 
Henry Street; also several magazine ar- 
ticles and govt. reports; founded Nurses 
Settlement, Henry Street; organized 
district nursing in connection with it; 
originated sch. nursing under municipal 
control; orig. Fed. Children's Bureau; 
mem. Gov. Hughes' Immigration Comm.; 
first delegate rep. U. S. Govt. at Internat. 
Conference Red Cross, Cannes; mem.; 
Pres. Wilson's Industrial Rel. Comm.; 
Rep. of Public on joint Board of Sani- 
tary Control of Needle Industries; mem. 
numerous socs. for promotion of public 
welfare partic. for children; has worked 
for better conditions for the children of 
great cities; esp. New York; mem. exec, 
com. and council of Charity Organization 
Soc.; Assn. of Neighbourhood Workers; 
pres. of Social Halls Assn; vice-pres., 
New York Assn. for Parks and Play- 
grounds; mem. Red Cross Committee 
for Town and Country Nursing; CLUBS: 
Cosmopolitan, Women's City, New Club 
for men and women, New York; AD- 
HOME: Westport, Conn. 

Professor; born Columbia, S. C.; May 
23, 1874; son William Henry and Al- 
ice (Lomax) W.; educ., Newberry S.C., 
Public Sch., Newberry Coll., Wofford 
Coll., Vanderbilt Univ.; DEGREES: 
A.B. A.M., Ph.D.; mar. Sophie Willis 
Adam, Jan. 10, 1900; AUTHOR: Con- 
stitutional History of South Carolina, 
1725-1775-1899; Civil Government of 
South Carolina and the United States, 





1915; Life of Henry Laurens, 1915; 
Government of England, 1917; AD- 
DRESS: Spartanburg, S. C. 

WALLACE, DILLON; Author: born 
Craigsville, N. Y., June 24, 1863; son 
Dillon and Rachel Ann (Ferguson) W. ; 
educ. publ. and private schs. New York 
Law School; DEGREES: L.L.B.; mar. 
Jennie E. Currie, 1897; (d. 1900); 2d 
Leila Greenwood Hinman, 1907; AU- 
THOR: The Lure of the Labrador, 
1905; The Long Labrador Trail, 1907; 
Beyond the Mexican Sierras, 1910; Sad- 
dle and Camp in the Rockies, 1911; 
Packing and Portaging, 1912; Ungava 
Bob, 1907; The Wilderness Castaways, 
1913; The Gaunt Gray Wolf, 1914; The 
Pur Trail Adventurers, 1915; Bobby of 
the Labrador, 1916; The Arctic Stow- 
aways, 1917; Grit-a-Plenty, 1918; John 
Adney, Ambulance Driver, 1919; The 
Ragged Inlet Guards, 1920; Troop of 
One of the Labrador, 1920; practised 
law until 1918, then retired; mem. of 
Leonidas Hubbard, Jr., exploring expe- 
dition into Labrador, 1903-4; Leader 
of exploring expedition into Labrador 
in 1905-6; led a third expedition in*o 
Labrador, 1913, CLUBS: Ex- 

plorers, Camp Fire of America; HOME: 
101 Union St., Beacon, N. Y. 


Clergyman, born Canaan, Nova Scotia, 
Nov.. 28, 1856; son William John and 
Rachael Louisa Harris (Witter) W.; 
educ., Horton Acad., Nova ScoMa, Wor- 
cester Acad. Mass., Acadia Univ., Nova 
Scotia, Newton Theol. Sena., U.S.A., 
DEGREES: B.A., M.A., LL.D. ; mar. 
Leonette Crosby, May 30, 1885 (d. June 
1902) 2d Frances Moule Wells, June 
30, 1904 (d. May 20, 1917); 3d Helen 
Moore, March 2, 1919; AUTHOR: Life 
of Jesus, 1894; What Baptists Believe, 
1913; From Montreal to Vimy Ridge 
and Beyond. Contributor to papers 
in Canada and U. S. A.; for many 
yrs. a writer for the American Baptist 
Publication Society; Chancellor 1895- 
1905 of McMaster Univ., Toronto, Can.; 
official visitor to Canadian troops over- 
seas, in 1918, representing the Bap- 
tist churches of Canada; CLUBS: Beac- 
onsfleld Golf; HOME: 4831, Western 
Ave., Montreal, Canada. 

versity Professor; born Georgetown. 
Ont., Canada, June 1884; son Rev. W. 
G. Wallace, D.D.; educ. Univ. College 
of Toronto, Balliol College, Oxford; DE- 
GREES: B.A., M.A.,; married Isobel 
Dora Graeme Robertson, 1913; AU- 
THOR: The United Empire Loyalists, 
1914; The Family Compact, 1915; The 
Maseres Letters, 1919; Manag. ed. 
previously assoc. ed. of the Review of 
Historical Publications relating to Can- 


ada; OFFICE: University of Toronto 
Library: HOME: 59 Poplar Plains Road 
Toronto, Canada. 

in Holy Orders; Principal and Professor; 
born London England, Feb. 6, 1869; 
son Rev. Charles Henry (D.D.,) and 
Arabella Maria (Stubbs) W. ; educ. 
Highgate grammar sch., London, SL 
John's Coll., Cambridge, Ridley Hall, 
Cambridge, McGill, Univ. Montreal, 
Western Univ. ; London; DEGREES: 
M.A., M.A., D.D.; Tutor Diocesan Coll., 
Montreal, 1890-97; mar. Susanna Jane 
Gertrude Jerdon; AUTHOR: The Dat-3 
of the Epistle to the Galatians, 1910; 
composed song, "Canada, Land for Me"; 
pres. Canadian Club, London; OFFICE, 
Huron College, London; CLUBS: Lon- 
don, Overseas. 

LACE) : Clinical Psychologist; born Page 
Co., Iowa, Jan. 21, 1876; son C. Henry 
and Emma M. (Johnson) W. ; educ., 
Stanton, la., publ. sch., Augustana Coll., 
111., Yale, Univ. Clark Univ.; DE- 
GREES: : B. A., M.A., Ph.D.; mar. Fran- 
ces Geraldine Tinsley, June 21, 1913; 
ANTHOR: Researches on the Rhythm 
of Speech, 1902; Optical Illusions of Re- 
versible Perspective, 1905; Spelling Ef- 
ficiency, 1911;; Experimental Studies of 
Mental Defectives, 1912; The Mental 
Health of the School Child, 1914, 2d ed. 
1917; Psychomotor Norms for Practical 
Diagnosis, 1916; Problems of Subnor- 
malty, 1917; Measurements of Mental 
Traits in Normal and Epileptic School- 
children, 1918; has conducted many in- 
vestigations into conditions leading to 
delinquency and to defectiveness among 
children; lecturer at clinics of psycholo- 
gy, Univ. of Pittsburgh and others; con- 
ducted psychological clinic at Interna- 
tional Congress School Hygiene, Panama 
Expos. San Diego, 1915; CLUBS: St. 
Louis, Yale and many learned societies; 
OFFICE: 1520 S. Grand Ave.; HOME: 
711 Goodfellow Ave., St. Louis Mo. 

ist, Teacher and Author; born Switz- 
erland Co., Ind., Aug., 1862; son Fran- 
ces Marion and Mary (Wiseman) W. ; 
educ., Vevay High Sch., Indiana Univ., 
Chicago Univ., DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Opt.D.; mar. Jennie E. Horning, June 
1887; 2d Emma M. Ethmueller, 
June 4, 1919; AUTHOR: Physiology 
and the Teaching of Hygiene in schools; 
HOME: 412 College Ave., Warrensburg, 

Priest; born Cambridge, Mass., Feb. 
24, 1867; son James and Hannah 
(Shea) W.; educ., Boston sch., Boston 
Coll Harvard Call., St. John's Seni., 



Brighton, Mass.; ord. 1892; AUTHOR: 
A Modern Martyr', 1907; Choral Sodali- 
ty Handbook, 1900; Thoughts from 
Modern Martyrs, 1908; Stories from the 
Field Afar, 1913; Field Afar Tales, 
1915; Observations in the Orient, 1918; 
publ., The Field Afar monthly 
magazine, The Maryknoll Junior; 
Leader in Mission Organization for R. 
C. Church in America; Superior of For- 
eign Mission Sem. (American); HOME: 
Maryknoll, Ossining, N. Y. 

WALSH, JAMES JOSEPH; Physician, lec- 
turer, writer; born, Archbald, Pa., Apr. 
12, 1865; son Martin and Bridget (Gold- 
en) W. ; educ., St. Mary's sch., St. John's 
Coll., N. Y. C. Med. Stud., Univ. of Pa., 
graduate studies, Paris, Vienna, Berlin; 
DEGREES: A.B., M.D. (Univ. of Pa.). 
Ph.D., Litt.D., Sc.D. (Nbtre Dame); 
mar. Julia Freed, 1915; AUTHOR: 
Makers of Modern Medicine, 1904; The 
Popes and Science, 1906; Education, 
How Old the New, 1910; Modern Prog- 
ress and History, 1911; Old-Time Mak- 
ers of Medicine, 1912; The Thirteenth, 
Greatest of Centuries, and the Century 
of Columbus, 1907; Medieval Medicine, 
1919; Health Through Will Power, 
1919; Religion and Health, 1920: Suc- 
cess in a New Era, 1919, (in collab. 
with Dr. O'Malley), Pastoral Medicine, 
1906; Brother Potamian, Makers of 
Electricity, 1909; Psychotherapy, 

1912; History of the New York State 
Medical Society, 1906; History of Medi- 
cine in New York (5 vols.), 1918; be- 
sides some 300 articles for magazines: 
some 200,000 copies of Dr. Walsh's 
books have been sold; med. director of 
Sch. of Sociol., Fordham Univ., prof, 
of Physiological Psychology. Cathedral 
College, N. Y.; CLUBS: National Arts, 
N.' Y., Acad. of Medicine; OFFICE: 
HOME: 110 West 74th St., New York- 

WALSH, THOMAS; Author; born New 
York, Oct. 14, 1875; son Michael and 
Catherine (Farrell) W.; educ. George- 
town Univ., Columbia Univ., of Notre 
LL.D.; unmarried; AUTHOR: The 
Prison Ships, 1909; The Pilgrim Kings 
1915; Eleven Poems of Ruben Dario, 
1916; Gardens Overseas, and Other 
Poems, 1917; Hispanic Anthology, 
1920; freq. contbr. of prose and poetry 
to leading periodicals; read ode at de- 
dication of Monument to Martyrs of 
the Prison Ships, Brooklyn, Nov. 18, 
1908; CLUBS: Columbia University, 
Authors'; ADDRESS: 227 Clinton St., 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 

New York, March 30, 1856; son Henry 
and Sophie W.; educ., Columbia Univ., 
Heidelberg and Leipsic Univs., Germany; 
DEGREES: Litt.D., Ph.D., L.M.D.: 


mar. Florence, daughter of D. I. Ein- 
stein, wid. T. Seligman; AUTHOR: Ex- 
cavations at the Heraion of Argos, Bal- 
ance of Emotion and Intellect, 1878; 
Essays on the Art of Phidias, 1885: 
The Work of John Ruskin, 1894; The 
Study of Art in Universities, 1895; The 
Surface of Things, 1899; The Jewish 
Question, 1899. The Expansion of 
Western Ideals and the World's Peace, 
1899; The Argive Heraeum, 1902^ Art 
in the 19th Century, 1903; Hercula- 
neum, Past, Present and Future. 1908- 
(in collab); What May We Read, 1811; 
Greek Sculpture in its Relation to Mod- 
ern Art, 1913; Aristodemocracy, etc., 
'16; What Germany is Fighting For, 
1917; Patriotism National and Inter- 
national, 1917; The Next War Wilson- 
ism and Anti-Wilsonism, 1918; Truth 

an essav in Moral Reconstruction; 
The English Speaking Brotherhood and 
the League of Nations, 1920; Hvgienics, 
Civics and Ethics, 1920; lecturer in 
classical archeology, Cambridge Univ., 
later director of Am. Archeological Sch.! 
Athens, retaining Readership at Cam.; 
excavated site of ancient Plataea, 1899- 
1900, tomb of Aristotle, Ereteria, 1891; 
the Heraion of Argos, 1892-95; decor. 
Kt. Commander of the Order of The 
Redeemer, Ernestine Saxon Order, 
Knight of the Daneborg; fellow of 
King's Coll., Camb., since 1894; Vice- 
pres. Hellenic Soc., CLUBS: 

Athenaeum, Marlborough, Bath; HOME: 
Newton Hall, Cambridge, Eng. 

born Newton, N. J., Nov. 1866; son 
Joseph and Harriet Northrup W.; educ., 
Columbia Univ., Univ. of Gottingen; 
mar. Agnes Dyer, 1903; AUTHOR: 
Medical Sociology, 1908; Conquest of 
Disease, 1910; Surgical Treatment, 
1919; contbr. to International Text 
Book of Surgery, and other text books: 
chief surgeon German Hospital,, Brook- 
lyn, 1906; ed. New York State Journal 
of Medicine for 3 yrs., later Am. Journ- 
al of Surgery, OFFICE: 70 Fifth 
Ave., New York; HOME: 384 Washing- 
ton Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. 


Teacher, Author; born Dorchester, On- 
tario, june 17, 1851; son Samuel and 
Eunice (Varnum) W. ; educ., Hillsdal 
Coll., Harvard, Berlin, Leipsic Univs.; 
DEGREES: A.B., B.D., A.M., (Hills- 
dale) A.M. (Harvard) Ph.D., (Leipsic); 
mar. Zuba A. Corss, 1875; (d. Oct. 1, 
1889); 2d. Lizzie Adams Cheney, Dec. 
31, 1890; AUTHOR: How Religion 
Arises, 1889; The Classification of Re- 
ligions, 1894; Government Ownership 
1906; The Human Races, 1906; A Re- 
ceivership for Civilization; ed. and 
publ. Up The Divide; (ma- 



gazine, 5 vols., 1909-14); also numer 
ous articles and pamphlets dealing with 
historical, archeol., and religious sub 
jects; spent 10 yrs. in college and univs 
includ. 2 as Traveling Fellow of Harv- 
ard in Europe, 5 yrs. as instr. and prof 
in univs., and 18 yrs. as minister wit! 
orthodox and liberal churches; CLUBS: 
Ben Franklin; OFFICE: 1736 Champt 
St., HOME: 958 Acoma St., Denver 


Charge Extension Work With Women 
U. S. Dept. of Agric.; born Mauston 
Wis., daughter Lemuel J. and Elizabetr 
(Herrington) W. ; educ.. Kindergarten 
College, Chicago; AUTHOR: The Mon- 
tessori Method and the American Schoo 
1913; The Farm Woman's Problems, 
Survey of Farm Homes, Bulletins of 
the U. S. Det. of Agriculture; lecturer 
on rural life and the betterment of con- 
ditions for women on farms, CLUBS: 
League of American Penwomenp, Wo- 
man's City, Washington, D. C.; OF- 
FICE: U. S. Department of Agriculture, 
HOME: 22 Jackson Place, Washington 
D. C. 

and Journalist; born Waltham, Mass., 
June 20, 1861; son William Hayes and 
Ellen M. (Dickinson) W.; educ., And- 
over Acad., Amherst Coll., Union Theol. 
Sem., Andover Theol. Sem.; mar. Eli- 
zabeth Stuart Phelps, Oct. 20, 1888; 
2d Edna F. Jeffress. Dec. 27, 1916; 
New Senior at Andover, the Master of 
the Magicians, The Captain of the Kitti- 
wink; The Republic without a Presi- 
dent, and other short stories; The 
White Crown; The Burglar Who Mov- 
ed Paradise; A Lost Hero (with his nrst 
wife), 1899; Come Forth (with first 
wife), The Light of the World; A Dash 
for the Pole; Love Letters of An Ameri- 
can Girl; CLUBS: Natl. Press. Club. 
Wash. D. C., University, Washington, 
D.C., Brae Burn County, West Newton 
Mass.; HOME: 133 Dudley Road, New-- 
ton Centre, Mass. 

WARNE, EMMA; Author and Publisher; 
born Brighton, 111.; daughter John and 
Alma (Jackman) W. ; adopted daughter 
Abel C. Burnham, M.D.; educ. town 
schs. and Mount Holyoke Coll.; AU- 
THOR: The River of a Hundred Water- 
falls; The Contoocook; contbr. to ma- 
gazines; teacher in public schools and 
lecturer; OFFICE: 64, Hanover St., 
Manchester, N. H.; HOM12: 71 Main 
St., Hillsborough, N. H. 

WARE: MARY S; Author; born Raymond, 

Miss., Dec. 1842; daughter Judge Au~ 

nv,-;l Elizabeth O. (Smith) 

Dabney; educ,. Girls' Private Boaruing 


School, Jackson, Miss.; AUTHOR: The 
Old World Through Old Eyes; mar. 
William L. Ware, 1864; when 70 yrs. 
of age took tour of the East lasting 
over three yrs.; HOME: 1536 Calhoun 
St., New Orleans. 

fessor of agricultural economics and 
farm management; born Harvard, Ne- 
braska, Feb. 16, 1874; son G. F. and 
Julia Colista (Stanley) W. ; educ., Univ. 
of Nebraska, Cornell Univ.; DEGREES: 
B., S., M.S.A., Ph.D., mar. Mary Whit- 
son, June 21, 1906; AUTHOR: Elements 
of Agriculture, 1909; Farm Management 
1913; Laboratory Exercises in Farm 
Management, 1910; Dairy Farming, 
1916; professor agricultural economics 
and farm management, Cornell Univ.; 
CLUBS: Sigma Xi; ADDRESS: R. D. 2, 
Ithaca, N. Y. 

born Mankato, Minn., Oct. 3, 1883; son 
Jed. L. and Alma P., W. ; educ. Rollins 
(Winter Park, Fla..) Phillips, Andover, 
Harvard; DEGREES: A.B. (Harvard), 
1905; mar. Ive Gowen, Nov. 18, 1911; 
AUTHOR: Pages from the Book of 
Paris, 1910; Gerald Northrup, 1914; 
Order, 1920; since graduating has lived 
largely abroad in France, in Italy: 
when European war broke out was in 
Italy, offered services to the Military 
Attache American Embassy, Rome, and 
served as Chief Translator from Nov. 
1917 to March 1919; previously con. 
with American Hospital in Florence; 
CLUBS: Harvard (New York); HOME: 
Hunter's Park, Duluth, Minn. 

WATERMAN, LEROY; Professor of Sein- 
itics, Univ. of Michigan; born Pierpoint, 
Ohio, July 4, 1876; son Hadley ancl 
Louisa (Lombard) W.; educ., Hillsdalo 
Coll., Divinity Sch., Hillsdale, Oxford 
Univ., England., Univ. of Berlin, Univ. 
Chicago; DEGREES: A.B., B.D., Ph.D.; 
mar. Mabelle A. Walroth, July 24, 
1907; AUTHOR: Some Konjun.ifk Let- 
ters and Related Text, 1912; Business 
Documents of the Hammurapi Period, 
1916; ed. Harpers Assyrian and Baby- 
lonian Letters, Vol. XIV; prof. Semitics, 
Hillsdale, Univ. of Michigan; CLUBS: 
University, Research, University of Mi- 
chigan; OFFICE: University of Michig- 
an; HOME: 1835 Vinewood Blvd., Ann 
Arbor, Mich. 

!i<: Speaking, born Deavertown 
Ohio, Jan. 7, 1878, son Edmund Daugh- 
erty and Mary Augusta (Malster) W. 
educ., Univ. of Michigan, Harvard Univ.; 
DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; mar. Ada Grace 
Lennox, April 4, 1906; AUTHOR: Pub- 
lic Speaking for High Schools, 1913; 
The Forum of Democracy, 1917; contbr. 



to ednl. publs., formerly prof., publ. 
speaking; Knox College, Galesburg, and 
has condccted classes in summer schools 
at Columbia and Univ. of Calif.; CLUBS: 
Masonic; OFFICE: University of Calif- 
ornia; HOME: 2962 Piedmont Ave., 
Berkeley, Calif. 

and Poet; born Dixie, Ontario, Can- 
ada, Jan 8th, 1859; son William and 
Mary Ann (Aldred) W.; educ., Toronto 
Univ., Royal Coll of Physicians, Edin- 
burgh; DEGREES: M.D., F.R.A.S.C., 
mar. Sarah Clare, Sept. 1885; AUTHOR- 
Sovereignty of Ideals, 1904; The Sov- 
ereignty of Character, 1906; The Wing 
of the Wild Bird, 1908; Love and The 
Universe, 1913; Heart of the Hills, 
1917; The Twentieth Plane, 1918; 
Three Comrades of Jesus, 1919; Birth 
Through Death, 1920; also several pap- 
ers read before the Royal Astronomical 
Soc., of Canada; Reformation of the 
Calendar; The Scientific Thermometer; 
The Greatest of Amateur Astronomers; 
Horrox; Halley's Comet; Companions 
of the Sun; Astronomy in Canada; pros, 
of R.A.S., of Canada, 1917; CLUBS: 
Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, 
Poetry Society of England; HOME and 
OFFICE: Euclid Ave., Toronto, Can. 

WATSON. ROBERT; Expert Accountant; 
born Glasgow, Scotland; educ., Pollok 


Acad., and Shawlands Acad., Glasgow; 
mar. Anna McNaught Johnstone, May 


1911; AUTHOR: My Brave and Gallant 
Gentlemen, 1918; The Girl of O.K. Val- 
ley, 1919; Stronger than His Sea, 1920; 
also fugitive poems and ballads that 
have appeared in leading periodicals; 
and humorous stories of Scottish life; 
has lived in Western Canada for 13 yrs, 
formerly well-known as short distance 
athlete in Scotland; CLUB: Vernon 
City; OFFICE: The Hudson Bay Co., 
Vernon, B. C.; HOME: 7th and Gore av- 
enues, Vernon, B. r. 

cian; born Newport, R. I., Jan 2, 1843: 
son Benjamin and Lucy (Willard) W.; 
educ., Rectory Sch., Conn. Univ., of Pa.; 
DEGREES: M.D. (Univ. of Pa.); mar. 
Georgiana Lester French, 1870; 2d De- 
lia Arthur Knipe, 1900; AUTHOR: 
(Poems) Today and Yesterday, 1898; 
Songs of Flying Hours, 1900; Old 
Lamps and New, 1910; If Love Were 
King, 1916; also contbr. technical ar- 
ticles to medical journals; practising 
physician; CLUBS: Franklin Inn, Phil- 
adelphia; ADDRESS: 38 S. 19th St., 

born Delaware Co., O., Nov. 4, 1868; 
daughter John Rathbone and Anna 
(Martin) Stanbery; educ., Convent of 
Sacred Heart, Clifton, O., Univ. of Cin- 
cinnati!; DEGREES: M.A.; mar. Miles 
Taylor Watts, 1891; AUTHOR: The 
Tenants, 1908; Nathan Burke, 1910; 
The Legacy, 1911; The Rise of Jennie 
Cushing, 1914; The Rudder, 1915; 
P.oardman Family, 1917; HOME: 2722 
Cleinbin Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 

WATTS, RALPH L..; Dean of School of 
Agriculture, Pa. State Coll.; born Lum- 
ber City, Pa.; son Martin and Marion 
Elizabeth W.; educ., The Penn State 
College; DEGREES: B.S., M.S., D.Agr.; 
mar. Hattie M. Searle, Jan. 1, 1895; 
AUTHOR: Vegetable Gardening, Vege- 
table Forcing, The Vegetable Garden; 
also several bulletins; contbr. to per- 
iodicals; OFFICE: School of Agriculture 
State College, Pa. 

fessor; born Sheboygan Falls, Wis., July 
1869; son Albert Freeman and Made- 
line (Biehler) W. ; educ., Kansas State 
Agricultural Coll. Cornell Univ. and Ger- 
man technical schools; mar. Alice Vail, 
1893; AUTHOR: American Apple 
Orchard, 1908; American Peach Orch- 
ard, 1913; Beginners' Guide to Fruit 
Growing, 1912; Dwarf Fruit Trees. 
1906; Fruit Harvesting, 1901; The 
Landscape Beautiful, 1910; Landscape 
Gardening, 1899; Plums and Plum Cul- 
ture, 1901; Rural Improvement, 1914; 
Systematic Pomology, 1903; Kemp's 
Landscape Gardening, 1911; The Natur- 



al Style in Landscape Gardening, 1915; 
Outdoor Theaters, 1915; prof, landscape 
gard.; ADDRESS: Amherst, Mass. 

and Writer; born Mount Jackson, Va., 
son John Wesley and Anna M. (Kagey) 
W. ; educ., Bridgewater Coll., Univs. of 
Va. and Tenn.; DEGREES: A.B., Ph.D.; 
mar. Mattie Virginia Fry, 1898; AU- 

. THOR: Paul, the Herald of the Cross, 
1901; The Twelve Apostles, 1905; Poli- 
tical Opinions of Thomas Jefferson, 
1907; The German Element of the 
Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, 1907; 
Sidney Lanier at Rockingham Springs, 
1912; A History of Rockingham County, 
Virginia, 1912; ^ T ow to Teach American 
History, 1914; History Stories for Pri- 
mary Grades, 1919; Christ as a Teacher, 
1919; A History of Virginia for Boys 
and Girls, 1920; OFFICE: State Normal 
School, Harrisonburg, Va; wrote song 
"Old Virginia" sung all over the state 
in schools; History of Virginia for Boys 
and Girls has been adopted for use in 
all the public schools of the state. 

WEBB, JAMES A VERY: lawyer; born 

Memphis, Tenn., July 2, 1868; son M. 
D. and Minerva Caroline (Meadows) W. : 
educ., Lauderdale Inst., Vanderbilt Univ. 
DEGREES: L.L.B.; mar. May Folk, 
June 21, 1907; AUTHOR: Webb on 
Interest and Usury; Webb on Passenger 
and Freight Elevators; Webb's Pollock 
on Torts; assisted in compilation of 
Digest of Tennessee Decisions; AD- 
DRESS: 15 W. 82nd St., N'ew York 

WEBSTER, HUTTON; University Profes- 
sor and Author; born Malone, N. Y.. 
Mar. 24, 1875; son David and Helen 
(Hutton) W.; educ., Stanford and Har- 
vard Univs.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
(Stanford), A.M., Ph.D. (Harvard); 
mar. Winifred S. Fry, Aug. 14, 1903; 
AUTHOR: Primitive Secret Societies, 
1908; Ancient History, 1913; Readings 
in Ancient History, 1913; Rest Days, 
1916; Early European History, 1917;' 
Readings in Medieval and Modern Hist- 
ory, 1917; Modern European History, 
1920; Historical Source Book, 1920; 
World History, 1921; prof, of social 
anthropology, Univ. of Nebraska; mem. 
of several learned societies for historic- 
al and anthropological studies; CLUBS: 
Phi Beta Kappa; ADDRESS: Station A., 
Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Professor of Physics; born Cresco, la., 
March, 1880; son Le Roy Tryon and 
Nancy Rose (Dougherty) W.; educ.. 
Univ. of la.; DEGREES: B.S., M.S.; 
mar. Lulu A. Graff, 1903; AUTHOR: 
Theory cf Errors a~d Least Squares, 
1916; prof, physics Coe Coll., Cedar 


Rapids, la.; mem. Amer. Phys. Soc, 
Sigma Xi, Engineering Soc., etc., OF- 
FICE: Coe College; HOME: 1531 B. 
Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 

sulting economist; mgr. commercial re- 
search dept., meat packing industry; 
born Hyde Park, Mass., April, 1882; 
son Stuart F. and Anna (Harvell) W.; 
educ., Bowdoin Coll., Univ. of 111., Col- 
umbia Univ.; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., 
Ph.D., in Economics; mar. Barbara 
Applegate, 1909; AUTHOR: Private 
Cars and American Railways, 1908; 
Marketing of Farm Products, 1916; 
specialized in market distribution and 
selling methods; has written many ar- 
ticles in this field for both scientific 
and popular journals; mgr. Commercial 
Research Dept. of Swift and Company, 
1917; prior to this, prof of Business 
Administration Sheffield Scientific Sen., 
Yale Univ.; OFFICE: Swift and Com- 
pany, U. S. Stock Yards, Chicago; 
HOME: 5513 Cornell Ave., Chicago, 111. 

gist; born, Boston, Mass., April 22, 
1884; son Benjamin Willis and Lena 
(Lyman) W.; educ., Columbia Univ., 
DEGREES: Ph.D.; mar. Gertrude 
Smart, Sept. 21, 1915; AUTHOR: Mental 
Adjustments, 1917; lecturer in psycho- 
logy, Columbia Univ., 1907; asst. patho- 
logical psychology, Columbia, 1910-11; 
commd. Signal R.O.C., Sept. 1917; ac- 
tive duty Boston, Sept. 28, 1917; Fel- 
low A.A.A.S., and several assns. for 
study of psychology and psychiatry; 
CVUPS: A.F.A.M., Appalachian Mount- 
ain; OFFICE: 74 Fenwood Rd., Boston; 
HOME: 19 Bowdoin St., Newton High- 
lands, Mass. 

WELLS, JOHN EDWIN: Professor of Eng- 
lish,,; born in Philadelphia, Pa., Feb. 12, 
1875; son John Crouch and Sophie 
Katie W. ; educ., Swarthmore Coll., Col- 
umbia Univ., Yale Univ.; DEGREES. 
B.L., M.L., M.A., Ph.D.; AUTHOR: A 
Manual of the Writings in Middle Eng- 
lish, 1050-1400; First Supplement to a 
Manual of the Writings in Middle Eng- 
lish, 1050-1400-1916; First Supplement 
to a Manual of the Writings in Middle 
English, 1919; contbr. to Anglia Eng- 
lische Studien, Modern Language, Notes, 
Journal of English and Germanic 
Philology; Studies in Philology; Publi- 
cations of Modern Language Assn; 
Modern Language Review; ed. Middle 
English Poem, "The Owl and the Night- 
ingale," 1907; OFFICE: Connecticut 
College, New London; HOME: 77 Vaux- 
hall St., New London, Conn. 

cian; spec, in laryngology and otology: 
born Bladensburg, Md., March, 1876; 



son Dr. Charles and Mary Lucretia 
(Hyatt)- W. ; educ., Georgetown Univ.; 
DEGREES: M.D., F.A.C.S.; mar. Fran- 
ces Gibson, 1899; AUTHOR: Thesaurus 
of Medical Words and Phrases (with 
Dr. W. M. Barton), 1903; contbr. to 
medical periodicals num. articles on 
laryngological and otological interest; 
mem. Am. Acad. of Ophthalmology and 
Oto-laryngology, Washington Acad. of 
Sciences, S.A.R., Soc. Colonial Wars; 
CLUBS: Chevy Chase, Cosmos, Army 
and Navy, Riding; OFFICE: The Ro- 
chambeau; HOME: Wardman Park 
Hotel, Washington, D. C. 

WELSH, HERBERT: Artist and Publicist; 
born Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 4, 1851; 
son John and Mary Lowber W.; educ.; 
Protestant Episcopal Acad., Univ. of Pa., 
studied art in Paris, studio of Bonnat; 
DEGREES: B.A., LL.D.; mar. Fanny 
Frazer, April, 1873; AUTHOR: Civili- 
zation among the Sioux; Four Weeks 
Among some of the Sioux Tribes; A 
Visit to the Navajo, Pueblo and Hual- 
pais Indians; The Other Man's Country; 


1901; Pirates of the Sea, and of the 
City; A Song for the People, (poem) ; 
in preparation, A new Gentleman of the 
Road; ed. and publ. City and State, 
weekly 1905-1904; organizer and for 34 
yrs. corres. secy., Indian Rights Assn., of 
which he is now pres.; has worked for 


recognition of the duty of the American 
people to the North American Indians 
and for the adoption of the principle 
of arbitration in international disputes; 
strongly opposed to the methods of 
American rule in the Philippines; suc- 
cessful in securing the preservation of 
Sunapee Park, an area of 700 acres of 
forest land; OFFICE: 995 Drexel Bldg., 
Philadelphia; HOME: 5335 Baynton St., 

cator; born Ukrainia, Nov. 1865; son 
Johann C. Wenzlaff and Johanna C. 
Heinzelmann, educ., Yankton Coll., S. 
D. ; Leipsic Univ., Univs. of Chicago, and 
Berlin; DEGREES: A.B., A.M., LL.D.; 
mar. Susie Caroline Rice, 1894; AU- 
THOR: A Book of Dakota Rhymes 
(with others), 4th ed., 1910; The Mental 
Man, 1909; Sketches and Legends of the 
West, 1911; Teacher's Handbook of 
Psychological Principles, 1910; AD- 
DRESS: Yankton, S. D. 

TIAN; Professor of History. Pomona 
Coll.; born Buffalo, N. D., Feb. 4, 
1882; son Jacob and Kirstine (Ander- 
son) W. ; educ., Univ. of N. D., Univ. of 
C^lif., Cornell Univ; DEGREES: A.B., 
M.L., Ph.D.; married Viola Minor, 
Aug. 21, 1917; AUTHOR: Danish West 
Indies Under Company Rule, 1917; 
head dept. of history, Pomona Coll. ; 
Calif., from 1916; member. Amer., Hist. 
Assn.; Fellow Amer. Geog. Soc.; OF- 
FICE: Pomona College; HOME: Clare- 
mont, Calif. 

cator; born Verona, N. Y., Feb. 28, 
1869; son William and Lottie (Fry) 
W.; educ.. Syracuse N. Y. High Sch., 
and Univ. Yale; DEGREES: A.B., A.M.; 
mar. Mabel Ballantine, Aug. 1901; AU- 
THOR: German Declensions Simplified 
and Symbolized; Occupations, (with E. 
B. Gowin); 1916, The Good Citizen; 
Sticking to the Main Issue; prin. City 
High Sch., and Supt. of Schs., Middle- 
town, Conn., 1907-17; War Dept. 
Commn on Training Camp Activities dur- 
ing the war; organized community 
amusements for soldiers at Camp Greene, 
N. C.; CLUBS: University, Hartford; 
HOME: 49 Oxford St., Hartford, Conn. 


Lawyer; born New York City, Mar. 
10, 1840; son David Everett and 
Elizabeth (Jarvis) W. ; educ. public 
sens. New York City; College of City 
of N. Y.; DEGREES: A.B., M.S., M.A. 
Dartmouth; LL.B., Harvard; married 
1st Lydia Loraine, 1866 (d. 1902), 
2nd Alice Gilman, 1904; AUTHOR: 
Wages and the Tariff, 1888; Mod- 
ern Law and Carriers, 1890; Real 



Bimetallism, 1895; The Harter Act, 
1899; The Knowledge of Faith, 1904; 
Daniel Webster: Expounder of the Con- 
stitution, 1905; Sixty Years of Ameri- 
can Life, 1916; A Lawyer's Study of the 
Bible, 1919; CLUBS: Century, Reform, 
City College; OFFICE: 15 William St., 
New York City; HOME: New Hamburg, 
N. Y.; 

WHEELER, HOMER JAY: Agricultural 
chemist; born Bolton, Mass., Sept. 2, 
1861; son Jesse and Martha Ann 
(Sykes) W.; educ. Bolton High Sch., 
Agric. Coll., Mass. Univ. Goettingen 
(Germany); DEGREES: B.Sc., Ph.D., 
Sc.D.; married Frieda H., F. Ruprecht, 
May 15, 1891; AUTHOR: Manures and 
Fertilizers; asst. chemist, Mass. Agrc. 
Expt. Station; chief chemist, R. I. Agr. 
Exp. Stn.; prof, geology, 1893-1912, 
agr. chemistry, 1903-1907, R. I. State 
Coll., now manager Agric. Service Bu- 
reau., The Am. Agr. Chem. Co.; CLUBS: 
Boston City, Neighbours, Newton Center; 
OFFICE: 92 State St., Boston, Mass.; 
HOME: 111 Grant Ave., Newton Center,